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Can I ask why you like Severa? I try to like her but she's so mean and such a downer. Negativity makes me sad and I'm wondering if I'm just missing something.

Heh, well, that’s an understandable perception. Personally I love her because I see so much of myself in her. Her meanness is a defense mechanism because shes scared of people seeing her true self or getting too close, and boy oh boy do I relate to that. Not necessarily that I’m mean to people but I’ve built up other methods. 

I personally love her snark and sarcasticness, and I like how she doesn’t hold back in taking self-important people down a peg. I find her attempts to project confidence and prove her self-worth very endearing and relatable. She has many very believable insecurities, and is flawed and human. 

And I like how underneath all the layers she genuinely does care about people, wouldn’t actually want to hurt someone, and when she goes too far she feels bad about it. I look at the way she treats Noire, or tracks down Owain in their A support in awakening after legitimately making him upset about himself and see someone very sweet. 

Plus, with all the queer baiting IS involves her in, there’s just enough there for me to latch onto her as gay ;p 

So basically that’s my two cents on the character. Her meanness being offputting is super understandable but due to my own experiences I can’t help but see past that, myself.


Do you know what DYAD’s done to her? What she’s become?
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Destiel Superhero AU

I still want to read/write a story (hint: writing is unlikely to happen) where superhero “Hunter” aka Dean Winchester is called to a crime scene and comes across a super villain he has never encountered before. This creepy guy is all shadows and oozing black slime and he calls himself “Leviathan”. He’s very clearly very evil and Dean is elated because ‘lo and behold, he’s finally found his arch nemesis. His parents will be so proud.

But it turns out not everything is all that clear cut. Hunter and Leviathan play a game of cat and mouse (it’s not all that clear who the mouse is in this scenario though Dean would like to believe he’s the cat, I mean hunter, hello) and Dean slowly starts to realize that something is weird about Leviathan. Weirdly familiar too. It’s those inkly black eyes that sometimes show a glimmer of bright blue. It’s how Leviathan’s crazy muttering sometimes sounds so tortured and pleading. It’s the way Leviathan somehow seems to shy away from actually killing people.

Then there’s that encounter where a rooftop chase ends on a high building and their fight takes them to the very edge and then Dean makes a fatal mistake - he missteps and looses his balance. He’s about to drop from a very great height, and not even Hunter will be able to survive that. A split second before he plummets to his certain death, however, he finds himself suddenly caught in tendrils of black goo that catch him and yank him back from inevitable doom.

Looking up in surprise, Hunter sees Leviathan’s shape as the man clings to the edge where he must have flung himself in order to catch him. What surprises Dean most are the skeletal wings unfolding from the black goo that is always surrounding Leviathan like a living thing.

As soon as Hunter is safe, Leviathan vanishes like a shadow and Dean is left with a myriad of questions. He can’t help but remember the mysterious winged superhero who pulled him and his brother from the house fire threatening to engulf them, who then proceeded to save Dean’s mother too before vanishing into the night, never to be seen again. Dean had been searching for this man for his whole life, becoming a superhero in the process, but no one ever saw “Angel” (that’s the nickname Dean had given to the unknown superhero whose face he never saw) again.

Turns out the Raza aren’t a race of aliens. “The Raza” is the name of this ship.

“So I heard you got me some flowers.” Zig appeared to be sitting on Atsuro’s couch, said bouquet in hand. From the cup of tea already on the coffee table, he had to have been waiting for a decent amount of time. “I thought you’d get me red ones, ‘cause… y’know.” He pulled at his jacket, trimmed with red in about every spot imaginable. Funny how of all the uniforms he could have gotten, his turned out to be red (and it proved pretty fitting for someone like him too). 

“But that aside, I wanted to thank you in person for the gift. It’s hard to believe, but I don’t really get many gifts. My friends in Ghandoar just aren’t the type for that stuff.” The same could be applied to Zig himself, though it was mostly due to learning about these holidays pretty recently. Cantalera didn’t follow any kind of “regular” holiday schedule. 

“So… Thank you, Atsuro.”

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Peridot has never felt comfortable in her proverbial skin; never quite felt okay with the form that her gem projected, the form that all peridots shared. Getting limb enhancers had changed that and made her feel, well, big. They made her feel like her physical form matched the limitless possibilities that her mind had.

Naturally losing them had been devastating. But she was nothing if not capable and she does her best to make up for their lost. As it turns out she was just as impressive with or without her limb enhancers; she could engineer a geo-transactional drill with the best of them.

But being small was inconvenient at best and mortifying at worst. Especially when you’re entirely too aware that the gem you might, maybe, possibly, sort-of, wanted to ‘make out with’, Amethyst’s terms not hers, often had to hand you the box of cereal from the top of the fridge because you can’t reach.

It didn’t help that Pearl was so- statuesque, elegant, altitudinous -tall. And it certainly didn’t help knowing that Pearl seemed to prefer gems that were larger than herself. In fact it made her, again according to Amethyst who was her touch point for earth terminology, incredibly ‘salty’ about the whole affair. Peridot isn’t young by gem standards, isn’t even that small by gem standards, but on earth she feel like a child.

Which makes it all the more satisfying when she gets her limb enhancers back. The first thing Peridot does once they’re fastened to her extremities is make her own bowl of cereal on her own. The second is find Pearl.

The once servant gem is in the barn muttering to herself and tinkering away on a troubling circuit board when Peridot tracks her down.


When Pearl turns around her first glance is about a foot too low to catch her gaze. Her second glance has her taking a step back in surprise sending her flush against the barn wall, her final glance has her meeting Peridot’s smug expression with a surprised look of of her own.

Peridot doesn’t really make a conscious decision to invade Pearl’s personal space and lean a robotic arm near her head, but she definitely doesn’t mind it now that she’s there. She really likes the fact that Pearl and her are at eye level, likes that her cheeks are blooming with blue, likes the foot that she props between her legs.

“How on earth-? Your limb-enhancers, you’re-” Pearl is visibly flustered by her height, looking her up and down several times to take it all in. Peridot briefly remembers how in most human sitcoms people that wind up in this kind of physical proximity usually end up doing that ‘making out’ thing. Not that she has any real knowledge on initiating that.

“Why yes Pearl, I have gotten taller. How correct of you to notice.”

Then again, Peridot has always been one for setting the learning curve.

Kissing is…odd, just a press of lips against lips, she’s not entirely sure why humans did it so much. But it’s kinda nice, tolerable. Being with Pearl on a level playing field is nice at least. Not being looked at like a human child is the nicest thing of all. Stars, she really missed being tall.

Peridot is riding so high on the confidence that her limb-enhancers provide her with that she never notices the long fingers that suddenly grip at her shoulders until they they are twisting her around and pushing her against the wall.

It’s Peridot’s turn to blush blue when Pearl smugly retorts, “Well, you know how I love to be correct.” and nudges a bony knee between her legs and nudges her mouth open with her lips and tongue and-


This was definitely more than tolerable.

Even if she still ends up looking up to Pearl.

“Catharsis” - collab fic with ectoimp

Vivi could barely contain her excitement.

Lewis was out for the day. Arthur was at work. Mystery was sleeping. She was alone and she had the whole house to herself.

Since they all got their own apartment together, Lewis didn’t have much of a reason to manifest his mansion anymore. And even when he did, Vivi found it was almost always different than the first time she had been inside. She and Mystery had done a lot of exploring but the mansion was always changing with Lewis’ whim.

With Lewis gone, the mansion was vanilla, and she had the whole day to explore it how it was meant to be explored. Now the only question was where did she start?

She had memorized where the kitchen was pretty quickly and their room was even close to it. Lewis knew her all too well and it made her smile. There were so many other rooms in this place though, and it made Vivi wonder why Lewis made them in the first place. Maybe he just liked the way it looked? She made a mental note to ask Lewis when he got back.

The suits of armor were completely still without the master of the house to make them move. The paintings however were a different story. Vivi had been extremely fascinated with them since she first saw them. Haunted paintings weren’t anything terribly new to her but the fact that they were in Lewis’ mansion made them all the more special. What did they have to say?

Some of them were loud, some of them were proper, some were incredibly excited to see her while others were nonchalant. There seemed to be no shortage of interesting people to talk to around here.

It made Vivi feel slightly relieved. At least Lewis hadn’t been completely alone before he rejoined them. He had these paintings to talk to.

Even without Lewis here controlling the mansion, there were still so many twists and turns. Every corner held a new room, though most of them were guest rooms. Turning one hallway though, suddenly things felt eerie.

Well, this was a haunted house, it was supposed to feel that way. But this wasn’t like the rest of the house. This particular hallway felt almost…isolated. Alone. Vivi peered down to the end and only noticed one lone door as if hiding away from the rest of the house. Dilapidated and completely forgotten.

What in the world was all this? Vivi couldn’t help but be curious as she got closer. Was it just her or did the door have a slight orange tint to it? She jiggled the knob on the door to find it locked. That…was weird. She had never found a locked door before in this place. Lewis had no reason to lock any of these doors; he could just phase through the walls, right?

She jiggled the knob a few more times and was about to give up before the lock gave way and the door creaked open as if its hinges hadn’t been used in ages. Vivi hesitated. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. This door had to have been locked for a reason; obviously Lewis didn’t want anything or anyone going in. The last thing she wanted was for Lewis to get cross at her for snooping around.

The state of the room had Vivi pause her thoughts. One lone light barely lit up the room and it was just as broken as the hallway, if not more so.

Without thinking, Vivi took a few steps into the room. Torn and rotted wallpaper (also suspiciously orange) seemed to be the only decoration, otherwise it was completely empty.

“What are you doing in here?”

The voice made her jump slightly. It wasn’t Lewis. In fact it almost sounded kind of like…Arthur. But that couldn’t be right. He wouldn’t be home for another few hours.

“Behind you, genius.”

It wasn’t Arthur but what she saw was pretty damn close. It seemed this room had one more decoration. 

“You aren’t supposed to be here.”