this didn't turn out as well as i had hoped but whatever

Imagine: making Tom relax on his birthday

To say Tom was a bit on edge would have been an understatement. With the recent GQ article talking about his previous girlfriend, and more rumors about how long the two of you would last or when you’d break up, he desperately needed a ‘lazy day’. So, you took it into your own hands, and made sure Thomas had nothing planned on his birthday until the night, when he could celebrate with family and friends.

The two of you had been long time friends, and after Thomas recovered from Taylor, you surprised each other by realizing you had buried shared emotions. You avoided the media as a couple, but the important people in your lives knew, and thanks to them, Tom Hiddleston got to have a relaxing birthday.

Said actor was currently in bed, boxers only, well past his normal waking time. His eyes eased open to the soft golden glow coming through the windows, and when he saw your heavenly smile at his side, he knew being 36 was going to be enjoyable.

“Good morning, love… What time is it?” He asked groggily, as he shifted to wrap his arms around your loosely clothed torso. You had taken to wearing Marvel pajamas as a joke with him, and currently, you just had undergarments and his Thor shirt, which was certainly oversized for you.

“9:26am.” You responded, after glancing at the clock. You heard Tom take in a sharp breath as his eyes widened, but you wrapped your arms around his neck and held him close, interrupting his worried thoughts. “Thomas, today is your birthday. You have earned a break, so don’t worry… That’s my job.” You joked lightly, running your fingers through his soft hair, letting your nails massage his scalp. He hummed contentedly at the feeling, letting his eyes close.

“Wh-What about-” he began, but soon felt your soft lips against his, prompting him to react in kind. His hands drifted to your waist and hair, but before he could lose himself in your embrace, you pulled back and smiled sweetly.

“Tom, it’s fine. Everything will be okay.” You reassured, before shifting so you straddled his waist and looked down at him, planting your hands to the sides of his head. “You deserve the world, but today, rest should do the trick. I’ll make some tea, pop in a movie or find a nice record, and we can while the day away doing whatever you want… except working.” You explained, your voice low and silky. Tom stared up at you with wonder in his eyes, as he let out a string of soft chuckles and reached his hands up to brush back your curtain of hair.

“What did I do to deserve you?” He asked, his voice wistful and loving. You chuckled lightly and leaned down, pressing your soft mouth to his in slow kisses. After a few seconds, you parted, but remained a breath away.

“You didn’t have to do anything… Now, any ideas for the day, birthday boy?” You asked with a growing grin. Thomas knew you were determined to give him a relaxing day, so he happily accepted that gift. However, he did have some plans of his own for you.

“Oh, darling… this is going to be the busiest day off we’ve ever had.”


When I started Stargate, I got the part, I was sooothrilled to have this incredible character, to be playing someone in the military and I had so much respect, to be playing someone who’s so smart and so liberated and… I thought, “Yes!”

I had two weeks to move from Toronto to Vancouver. I flew out there, I had my first wardrobe fitting. And one of the things that was in… the thing that was in the wardrobe room was a very low-cut tank top and a push-up bra…

And I turned to the costume designer - whom I’ve worked with since, who’s wonderful - and I said, “What… What is this?”
And she said “Well, they wanna see what you look like in it.”
And I said, “…but this… nobody in the military, no captain in the US airforce would wear this… while her male counterparts are wearing crew neck T-shirts and… I c… I… I can’t do it!”
And she said, “Well, they just wanna see what you look like and take a picture and…”

I was like “…”

And I panicked because I thought I have just been given this amazing opportunity - I didn’t know it would last 10 years but I knew it was gonna be a kick-ass show - and I was like… “I can’t do it…”

And I started to cry and I said, “You have to go upstairs and tell them I’m not doing it. And if it means that they recast the part then recast the part but you’ve cast a smart woman and you’ve cast somebody who’s never tried to get a job based on her looks or her body. I’ve always played strong, smart women, I… I can’t do it. So if they wanna recast the part I totally get it but I’m not playing that version of this character.”

But I’m saying this while I’m blubbering because I’m suffering that I’ve just lost maybe the best job of my career…

And so she said, “Okay” and I said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ve never been difficult, I don’t… but I can’t do that!”

So she went upstairs and she came back down and she said, “Okay, no problem.”
And I said, “Okay, so what’s my costume?”
And she said, “Well…”
And I said, “Just… What are the guys wearing?”

So she handed me a black T-Shirt and the BDUs, which is what my character would wear in the field with her male counterparts, and that’s where we went from there.

But that to me was the defining moment of…

And I still cry about it because I still remember that young woman on the verge of breaking into the… new something big, being petrified that she was gonna loose it, but… I knew that I couldn’t play the TNA version of Sam Carter.

And to the powers-that-be, great credit, I don’t think that it was Brad or Jonathan or Rob or any of those guys who were asking for it, I think it might have been, you know, much higher up.
But to their great credit they were like, “No, absolutely not. She’s… okay, whatever she’s comfortable in.”

And… thank God that they went that route.
But that was… that was one of the defining moments.

~ Amanda Tapping ~
Shore Leave 2013

The Care and Keeping of Your Alien Baby

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG
Summary: portrait of an alien baby baby mama and alien baby baby daddy

With Scully on maternity leave and Mulder with all the time in the world, the only thing he could think to do was show up at her apartment early in the mornings and leave late into the night.  She didn’t seem to mind…much.  He made excuses for it, called it boredom, but the truth was, since her brief little hospital stint, he was terrified of not being there if something went wrong.

Scully was hellbent on what the pregnancy books he’d been reading called “nesting.”  She cleaned cupboards, or tried to, but her belly always seemed to be in the way and since Mulder kept insisting he was there to help, not to be a nuisance to her, she put him to work.  So, he cleaned cupboards and emptied the little spare room under her scrutiny and supervision, boxing up books and knick knacks to take to goodwill later in the week.  He painted the walls a soft eggshell, questioning why it wasn’t pink or blue or seafoam green or sunshine yellow, but she shook her head and insisted on eggshell.

The crib she ordered came in a box, the instructions with it came in French.  Mulder sat on the floor in the freshly painted, sparsely furnished spare room and metaphorically scratched his head as he studied the drawings of little wooden pieces that didn’t seem to fit where they were supposed to.  

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jigglejaggle  asked:

Prompt: so remember episode 2 season 1 where pidge shocks lance with her bayard and he fell over? Well i was thinking what if he didn't just pop back up and continue training. What if that like triggered him to start having a seizure, everyone starts panicking, crying etc... (some klance in there too)maybe some lance accidentally spewing his insecurities after since people are usually confused coming out of a seizure. You can add some more angsty stuff.(like maybe puking too) Langst is great man

This, my friend is amazing! <3 

“Awe you got a cute little bayard~”  Lance leaned slightly forward to get a closer look at Pidges bayard. 

Pidge swiftly shocked Lance with her bayard, resulting in him falling on the ground. “Yeah it is pretty cute.” A smirk growing on their face as everyone laughed. 

It only took a few seconds before those laughs turned into panicking screams. Lance was still on the floor shaking, his muscles tense, eye slightly opened.

Everyone stood in shock for a few moments before Keith bolted towards Lance, falling down to his knees and grabbed his shoulders. 

“Lance! Lance! Can you hear me?” Keith frantically spoke and he attempted to stop Lance from whatever he was doing. 

By then the entire team had rushed over and was kneeling beside Lance. 

“I think he’s having a seizure.” Shiro spoke and started to push Keith’s hands away from Lance. “Try not to hold him down, this will pass.” 

Kieth nodded quickly and shifted to Lances head so he was laying on his lap, and Shiro shifted his body so he was on his side. A puddle of drool quickly forming.

Keith attempted to remember how to help someone during a seizure. One of his foster homes had a daughter with epilepsy so he had seen seizures before, but could only remembered that touching helped sometimes. He tentatively started to run his fingers through Lance’s hair.

Pidge tried not to but they started crying, Hunk wrapped his arms around them as he watched Lance spasm. 

After, what felt like the longest minuet of anyone life, Lance finally stopped convulsing. His eyes closed, then opened slowly, not evening focusing at anything in particular. 

Everyone surrounded his, asking a million questions a second. Lance couldn’t focus on any of them, he could barely feel the fingers that were moving through his hair. He felt a pit in his stomach form and thank heaven that he was rolled to his side and released all of the contents that his stomach had. He attempted to murmur an apology but was cut off by his stomach lurching again. 

Shiro was rubbing his back talking about anything, but his words fell on closed ears since Lance only heard ringing. 

After a few minuets Lance regained his bearings and quickly found the first two words he needed to say “I’m sorry.” 

Silence filled the room as everyone process what he said. 

“Why are you apologizing?” Hunk asked. 

“If anyone needs to apologize its me.” Pidge wiped their face and attempted to calm themselves. “I don’t even know why I did that? I didn’t think that it could, god I’m so stupid.” 

Hunk hugged them tighter and Shiro looked at them with his dad™ expression letting them know that they would have a talk later. 

Lance sluggishly shook his head, “No, I always bring people down, I always mess up. Now I ruined the floor.” Lance was still shaking slightly. 

“Where is this coming from?” Kieth asked hesitantly.

Lance slowly turned his head towards Kieth, he took a moment until he realized who it was.  Lance took a shaky breath an closed his eyes “Back at the Garrison I was always compared to you. You were always better. I could never please anyone.” 

Lance started to sit up feeling his head start to clear, he looked around at everyone. “That’s why I don’t know why I was chosen to even be a part of Voltron. I’ve never been able to do anything right or be at the top of anything. Just ask my parents.”

“Stop!” Kieth screamed, his fist shaking. 

Lance looked at his and narrowed his eyes “You didn’t even remember me.” 

Kieth started at him, and looked at Shiro for support but Shiro adverted his eyes knowing that this wasn’t his battle. 

Lance started to stand and Hunk rushed forward to help him. Pidge started o apologize once more but lance silenced them 

“Lets just forget that all of this happened and go get the lions.” Lance reached down and picked up his bayard and shook the rest of confusion out of his head. Hopefully they will forget everything I said. 


After the mission nobody brought up what he said, and Lance was grateful. Nobody would question him on that matter, and he would simply remain under Kieth's shadow, just like back at the Garrsion. Just like home. 

I am very sorry that this took me so long to post, I’ve been swamped with work. 

I hope you like it!!! 

Let me know if anything is wrong.

Thank you once again!! 

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Black Honey: Pt. 6 [conclusion]

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Summary: Starfire and Robin are officially an item, but what does that mean when the resident empath is stuck living between their respective bedrooms? Finding a new bunk buddy in Beast Boy was certainly not her first choice, and when she engages in a strange, night time activity, how long before the changeling notices what she’s up to?

His first instinct was to stop her.

There were so many questions running through his hazy mind, it was staggering.

Nonetheless, it was pure impulse that he acted on, knowing that he had to get to her before she vanished. He needed answers, and they needed to work through this, neither of which would happen if Raven fled the scene, like he knew should would.

“Raven, wait-” His voice was choked up and distant, even as he tried to reach out to her.

The expression on her face betrayed the horror she was no doubt experiencing, the numbing fear. She’d been caught, and so had he.

Beast Boy was shaken, but no where near as jittery and paranoid as the cowering empath. The earth beneath them seemed to come to life, the objects in his room skittering across his floor. The frame of his bed moved, his oak dresser creaked against the tiles in response to an otherworldly force, his toys and figurines clattering to the floor. A few candle jars smashed to the ground in pieces, the glass shards splaying out like dangerous, glittering gems. The candle wax would no doubt stain the wooden panels.

None of it mattered.

He couldn’t bring himself to care, not when the girl responsible for so much chaos was so violently distraught. The blood seemed to have drained from Raven’s already pale face, all the while she clutched at the sides of her skull, her fingers digging into the roots of her violet hair.

Even now, he could hear the others rushing to his room, the heavy, echoing footfalls of both Cyborg and Robin as they raced down the hall.

The lights in his room flickered on and off, until she burnt them out entirely, the bulbs bursting into an ear-splitting smattering of glass.

He tried to get to her, but some invisible force was stopping him, pushing him back.

The Titans banged on his door, their voices muffled by the whirlwind of catastrophe now contained in his bedroom.

She was spinning out of control, and the more damage she did, the worse it became. Bit by bit, she was overwhelmed with a surge of emotion and, thus, her powers raged on in an endless storm of electricity and malevolence.


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anonymous asked:

Can you please write how story will turns out (after the party) if MC actually is a favourite daughter of the head of the most powerful criminal organization and even Saeran didn't know it, bc it was hidden very well? And her dad actually lost her for that 11 days. For RFA + Saeran +V. Hope, you'll like this idea. Love your writing!

I love requests like this, I’ve read them on other imagines blogs and it was so hard not to go the same way they did, so I tried to keep it soft. Like, her dad is very angry, but he can be very sarcastic and more passive aggressive than really violent and intimidating, and MC is the only one who’s not scared of him. And I think I just made this clear on Saeran one, but MC doesn’t have a mom here, which probably made her father even more concerned, since she’s the only one he has.

Hope you like it! ^^

TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of a panic attack on Saeran one

RFA + V and Saeran meeting MC’s criminal father


  • You tell him your gangsta boss dad wants to meet him
  • He thinks is a joke at first, but when you two come to your father’s house and he sees the guns… boy
  • He was nervous just because he had to meet your father, now he’s pretty much scared.
  • “Sweetie, is this your new bodyguard? If you wanted a pretty one, you should have asked me instead of looking for one on some stranger’s apartment. You roll your eyes.
  • “Oh, I’ve seen the news, isn’t that the guy accused of sexual harassment?” “Which he already proved being innocent, dad. Something that would never happen if you went to trial. “
  • Zen is scared of seeing his delicate and sweet princess so feisty, but thinks your interaction with your father is kinda funny.
  • Not so funny when your father brings up everything he found about him. School dropout, former member of a biker’s gang and those promo pictures for “Promiscuous Jalapeno”…  your father doesn’t even know what to think.
  • But the worst is the fact that you disappeared from his sight for 11 days and came back with this guy… “Oh, she wasn’t with me for 11 days, sir. She’s been at my house for 2 nights, well, one and a half, technically…” ZEN, SHUT UP!
  • By that point you’re pretty much done with your dad’s passive aggressive threats and Zen’s brutal honesty, so you snap: “Daddy, listen to me. I was staying at this apartment for a couple of days, then he broke his leg and I went to his house to help him, but he kicked me out during night, which I must say… not cool, Zen! I got back to the apartment, which had a bomb on it, and then there was this weird punk guy talking about taking me to paradise or whatever, and Zen saved me, dad! I love him and I never felt safer like I feel around him!”
  • “You… saved her?” “Of course! She was left on her own at this apartment with a bomb! Can you believe it, sir?” and then the two of them started talking about your safety and… well, you were relieved they found something in common.
  • In the end, your father is very impressed about his fast healing and the fact that this isn’t his real name. “We work with fake names around here too.”
  • “You look very strong, son. If you ever consider changing careers, I might have something for you…” you refuse before Zen can say anything.


  • He’s so scared when you tell him your father wants to meet him
  •  And you didn’t even mention he is the head of the mafia
  • When you do… poor thing, he keeps saying he’s fine, but you can see him shaking.
  •  And all those guns on the dinner table aren’t helping at all…
  • “Hi, sir… I’m Yoosung Kim, I’m a vet student at Sky University, I’m 21 years old and this isn’t my natural hair color!” What the fuck, Yoosung?
  • “Oh,I see… sweetie, I thought you were bringing your boyfriend to dinner, who’s that girl?” “Very funny, dad.” He’s so terrified at the guns he doesn’t even hear this comment.
  • “So, sweetie… long time no see, what you’ve been up too? I mean, besides going to stranger’s apartments and dating guys who could come across as your younger brother?” Now Yoosung listens, how mean…
  • “Nothing much, dad. I’ve been trying to get away from your overprotective care and dating a guy who hasn’t a criminal record, for a change. What about you?” Yoosung couldn’t believe the way you treat each other, if he ever talked with his mother like that… well, he wouldn’t be here to tell the story.
  • Your dad keeps throwing these shady comments during all dinner, and you know Yoosung didn’t say anything yet because he’s trying to be respectful, not because he is a coward, so you let it out:
  • “Yoosung, don’t worry, I love you and I’m not going anywhere, no matter what my father says. And as for you, dad, I… do you really want to know what happened in those 11 days? I’ll tell you! I was trapped with a bomb on his dead cousin’s apartment, may god rest her soul, and this guy  here did anything he could to find who led me there. See his eye? It’s MY fault! And it’s completely unfair to him to be treated like that when all he’s done to me is caring and loving me. So, please… just stop being this prick to the MAN I chose!”
  • “What happened to your eye, son?” “Oh, I… I was just gaining some time for my friend to run away, a guy… tortured me and…” “And you lived to tell? That guy was an amateur…” “Or maybe I’m stronger than you think, sir.” OH WOW!
  • In the end, your father really appreciates Yoosung’s devotion to you, since loyalty is something very important in his… business.
  • He also likes how despite all that, he seems like a very innocent guy… oh, father! If he only knew the things you are gonna do with your boyfriend after seeing him so confident like that…


  • When you tell her your father wants to meet her, she seems fine?
  • Then you tell her about his… job, and she’s… not even impressed? Okay…
  • It looks more like you’ve never been here before, she… feels so calm…
  • “Hi, sweetie, you brought a friend for dinner?” “Girlfriend, daddy.”
  • “Oh… I see…” his tone is so monotone and cold, neither of you can tell what he’s thinking. Honestly, you can live with your father being a criminal, but he being a homophobic? That’s another story!
  • “I should have seen it coming, all these guys who work for me on this house every day, and you never showed any interest on any of them.” “I like guys too, daddy, But the mafia thing, you know… is not really my type.”
  • “Well, sweetie, you should make up your mind before you hurt this poor woman…” “Bisexuality is a real thing, sir. And I won’t be hurt since I’m bisexual as your daughter.” “Jaehee?” you look at her surprised, she’s not even looking at him and just calmly drinks her water.
  • “Okay, Ms. Kang. But should I be worried about you hurting my daughter, then? You seem a little older than her, maybe a little more experienced, my daughter is a immature naïve girl who disappeared from me for almost two weeks and came back thinking she’s bisexual… you are not using her, are you?” “Daddy, come on…”
  • “You should think higher of your own daughter, sir. She’s younger, but she’s smart and if you must know, she’s the one who’s been showing a lot more of knowledge in life helping me through my change of careers.” “Oh, really? Tell me more about that.”
  • And then she tells everything about leaving C  & R and opening her own business, and then she tells a little about her life, how was growing up at a house where she wasn’t wanted, graduating early in college and being a black belt in judo. sometimes I forget how baddass she is, Ilove her so much
  • When she finishes, your dad is enchanted, and you fell in love with her all over again.
  •  “I apologize, Ms. Kang. You are a very amazing woman who does justice to another amazing woman. If you ever want some help with your business, I’ll be more than glad to take down the competition…” “I would rather do that providing a good service, sir, but thanks…”
  • “Marry her, or I will…” your father whispers to you.


  • You tell him about dinner with your father.  He’s glad, he’s been longing to make your relationship official to both the families.
  • When you tell him about  the mafia, he’s… curious. How come a sweet and innocent girl like you grew up at such a violent environment?
  • He promises he’ll try not to be judgmental, but as soon as he sees the henchmen in position and the guns… he’s legitimately worried about you.
  • “Hello, how is your father?” “He’s fine, thank you for asking. Do you know each other?” “Well, his company has been a pain on my ass for a while now…” “It’s my company too, as it is very likely I’ll be the next CEO.” Jumin, shut up!
  •  “I see… maybe we can do business pretty soon.” “Right now, I would rather focus on getting to know my future father-in-law.” Uhh, Jumin, so smooth…
  • “Oh, so you’re the one who kept her trapped at your house for two days?” “I believe it was three days, sir.” WHAT THE FUCK, JUMIN? YOU’RE GONNA MENTION THE CAGE TOO?
  • “Daddy, I was completely fine with him there. And I must say I felt way safer with him than I ever felt here with all these… guns… and your… employees…” both of the men feel really flustered with your response.
  • “Now, sweetie, don’t be ungrateful. You might see me as overprotective, but I’m always concerned for your safety. And don’t let yourself be fooled. He looks like a gentleman, but if he is anything like his father, you might be in trouble.” Oh boy…
  • “I’m sure you mean well, sir. But I should warn you I’m nothing like my father. And I must say I understand very well why would you be overprotective of such a adorable lady, but you should let her be free to make her own decisions. That’s… something I’m learning by myself as well…” both you and your father feel very thrilled right now.
  • “Well, I suppose she was safe with you after all, much better than being by herself at some stranger’s apartment…”
  • Your father is very impressed about Jumin’s respect for you, he feels as reliable as any of his henchmen, and most importantly, you seem so happy… how can he fight against your happiness?
  • Dinner is over, and you accompany Jumin to his car where Driver Kim is waiting. “Jumin, be honest…” “Yes, MC?” “How many times you held yourself of answering everytime I said ‘daddy’?” “More than you would like to know, MC…”


  • He’s pretty nervous about meeting your father when you tell him.
  • But when you tell him about his job, he’s surprisingly more relaxed?
  • Oh come on, he’s been dealing with shady people his whole life! Why would he be worried?
  • “Oh sweetie, you brought a clown with you, when is your boyfriend coming?” Saeyoung has a comeback involving “coming”, you almost can read his mind and just glare at him, so he gives up.
  • “So… you must be the boy who got trapped with my daughter at some stranger’s apartment, then took her to this secret cult organization, huh?” “Yeah, and don’t forget the bomb!” Goddamit, Saeyoung!
  • “Well, if it makes you feel any better, daddy, he really tried to push me away, but I was very insistent.” “Push you away how, sweetie?” “The same things you used to tell my mom…” oh, that explains a lot…
  • “I see, so you were a jerk to her…” shit, you though it would be enough… it only made it worse!
  • “Yes, but if it is the same case here, I’m sure you were only thinking about your wife’s safety…” “And yet she ended knocked up, are you trying to imply it’ll be the case here?” SHIT SHIT SHIT!
  • Saeyoung sees his confidence fading away. This man is different, he’s not just some thug, he’s you father, the man who raised you. Why did he think he could be okay with all this? Your father is absolutely right about hating him, he put you in big danger!
  • You see your boyfriend conscience splitting, it’s too much for you to handle, so you vent: “Daddy, don’t be like that! Mom always told me how much you suffered acting like that around her, he suffered the same way, daddy! Even worse, because the person who was after me it’s his own brother who he didn’t see for a long time and… daddy, if you only knew what kind of hell the two of them grew up….” You couldn’t help but cry, Saeyoung hugs you, he doesn’t even care your father is watching this.
  • “Tell me, son. I want to hear your story.” And then Saeyoung tells him everything, always holding your hand.
  • “And your father is the current prime minister? I never liked that guy, anyway. He’s always been a despicable little man!” that coming from the mafia’s head…


  • He’s freaking out about meeting your dad, because he doesn’t really feel comfortable around, well… people
  • Then you tell him about your father’s job, and he thinks it’s kinda cute you trying to joke to make him relax
  • You tell him is not a joke, he doesn’t believe it because he did a whole background check on you before deciding you should be the one to stay at Rika’s apartment, and there wasn’t no mention about this.
  • But, come to think of it, this kind of information shouldn’t be easy to find out, right? Oh shit…
  • But your father being a criminal doesn’t really bother him, he would be terrified about him even if your father were a geologist or whatever.
  • The guns and the whole atmosphere on the house is very familiar to him… it reminds him of… oh no! He can’t go there on a moment like this!
  • “So… if this isn’t the one who kidnapped my daughter. Seriously, sweetie? Stockholm Syndrome? I thought I taught you not to fall in love with criminals…”
  • “W-Well, sir, there’s also Lima Syndrome, when the kidnapper is the one in love…” oh no, Saeran… please keep quiet…
  • “How romantic, huh?” your father scoffs, Saeran feels the air escaping from his lungs for a moment, no… no no! Stay calm, Saeran…
  • Dinner is being a disaster, your father keeps glaring and insulting Saeran on his usual passive aggressive manner. You look at Saeran, you’ve seen him like this before, he’s…
  • “He’s having a panic attack!” you jump out of your chair and go to him, your father never seen you move so fast.  He observes you helping this kid telling him to inhale and exhale like he learned in therapy… what’s going on?
  • “Thanks a lot, daddy!” “MC, calm down… I’m okay…” “No, Saeran, he has to listen! Dad, if you can live in peace with your own crimes, good for you, but not everybody is capable of. You see this guy here? He tells me everyday how much he regrets the things he did. I’m able to forgive the men I love, I did it with you, why wouldn’t I do for him?”
  • “You’re… in love with me?” “I already told you that, Saeran…” “Yeah, but if you’re saying in front of you father, you really mean it…” “Well, yeah, I meant before too…”
  • Then your father realize this is just a very lost kid, like he used to be when we was younger. Your mom passed away very young, so he always wondered if she would be able to make him regret it and have a normal life. He’s so glad your mother’s kindness lives through you and if you’re so willing to heal this guy, who is he to get on the way?


  • He’s very happy when you tell him your father wants to meet him.
  • And he doesn’t seem to mind your father’s job. “If he was able to raise such a wonderful person like you, he’s not bad at all. Who am I to judge him, anyway?” This guy…
  • And he doesn’t even flinch when your father shower him with threats disguised as questions. “Do you know what people like me do when their loved ones disappear?” “Are you really that insane to show up here like nothing happened?”
  •  “Daddy, please stop…” “I’m just trying to understand what’s gotten into you, sweetie. This older blind guy and… you? I’m sorry to say, but I never knew you had so much daddy issues…” “What are you even saying, dad?”
  •  “With all due respect, sir, daddy issues most of times implies that the daughter seeks for his father features on men she falls in love with. For what I can tell, you and I are nothing alike.” Oh no… V being passive-aggressive gives you the creeps more than all these henchmen…
  • “You’re right, I’ve never put her in dangerous on purpose. You, on the other hand, allowed her to stay at a place where I know it happens to have a bomb, correct?” “Yet, she claims she’s never felt safer, that says a lot about your own household, no?”
  • This polite fight is driving you insane. How can they discus about you like if you were not even there? “SHUT UP YOU BOTH! Dad, you have every right to be mad, but you should know this man here was doing his best to make sure that, whatever was happening, I wouldn’t be hurt, and he didn’t even know me that well… and V, please don’t talk to my father like that, he’s just as scared and worried as you were, and please, don’t ever talk about me or my life as if I couldn’t speak for myself.”
  • “I’m so sorry, love, I had no idea I was acting like that!” he rushes to hug you and keeps apologizing, your father wonders if this man is real…
  • “Sir, I sincerely apologize for my behavior. I know exactly how it feels wanting to protect someone you cherish this much. Just know you raised an amazing woman with the most beautiful soul and I deeply respect you for that.” Your father thought you were the one in danger? Now he feels sorry for this poor man having to handle your temper… and nah, he can’t possibly be real, can he?
What’s in France

Request: Hello! I have a request, how about reader is in love with newt, but she thinks newt loves leta(when they were in hogwarts)(and newt had been distant) which is why she lost contact with him after he got expelled. Angst!! They meet years later and turns out newt realised he loved reader when he lost her. Pls a happy ending! Im sorry if its too detailed, I’m just really excited about this one. Love u!

Word Count: 2,665

Pairing: Newt x reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt twists in his bed, kicking the sheets from his chest and running a hand over his face. The moonlight streaks illuminate the small clock hanging crooked on the room’s wall. 2:53. Groaning, he flips onto his stomach, coming face to face with a picture of you breaking into a shy smile.

The familiar tears prick his eyes as he watches it happen over and over, falling back asleep and into a restless dream of you smiling.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come? It’ll be fun. Come on, we can go to The Three Broomsticks and split a glass of butterbeer like we used to.”

“I have too much studying to do.”

You groan and fall onto the couch next to your friend. “Newt, we haven’t had time to hang out in ages.” You deepen your voice to sound like his. “It’s always ‘I’m studying’ or ‘I have to write notes.’ Why don’t you take one break to go with me?”

Newt tears his eyes from the book in front of him, smile forming on his lips. “I’m busy. I need to pass this next potions exam. We’ll go next month, I promise.”

“Newt.” You whine, drawing out his name until he raises his eyebrows at you in false annoyance.

“Fine. You win.”

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anonymous asked:

I will seductively lie next to you on your couch and aggressively whisper figure skating terms into your ears

It’s a common proverb, to think before one speaks.

(Perhaps Yuuri’s issue is that he speaks, then thinks.)

“Please forget that I said that,” he begs Victor, burying his face in his hands in a desperate attempt to keep his coach from seeing his flushed cheeks. “That was… It made sense in my head, I didn’t mean it… Um, I didn’t mean it like you think that I meant it.”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” Victor promises. “I’ve been told that before, you know. Plenty of times.”

Yuuri peers at him between his fingers. “You have?”

“No,” he admits, then chuckles. “At least, not so directly.”

If Yuuri could shrink, could disappear, then he would. He considers making a beeline for the door, but that might only worsen the situation, so he stays where he is, hopes that Victor will drop the subject.

Victor puts a hand on his shoulder and the touch is so unexpected that Yuuri jumps, but doesn’t move away, meeting his eyes and searching desperately for any sign of mercy. He knows by now, though, that Victor seems to have a selective memory, and that he’ll never forget this. “I’m flattered, though. That you think my accent is so sexy.

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Cuddles are the best remedy

Words: 691

Genre: Fluff (that’s all I know how to write apparently)

Warnings: Dan swears a bit, but what’s new

Description: Dan wakes up feeling unwell, and it’s way too early for him to deal with this

Read on AO3

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Easily Bewildered

Bewildered; the first time someone used the word, I nearly laughed aloud.
There was a group of varied students sitting across the lawn, grouped together in the shade of a tree, all decked out in weird jewelry and with circles around their eyes, hurried pen ink on their wrists. I was at a picnic bench, sitting with my friends from lab, working on some report or something. There was a lull in the conversation, and the hushed voices, filled with awe, scattered across the grass of the lawn towards us. I was looking absentmindedly at my phone, and when I heard the strange phrase, I burst out laughing. Their voices were so quiet, almost afraid, and like so much else at this school, I didn’t take it into account. I instantly lumped them in with the other students, overly superstitious and quiet, clinging to their iron and their salt like this was some episode of Supernatural.
The first time I heard bewildered, I laughed. 

The second time, it was coming from the mouth of my Hall Advisor, in the longest informational lecture I’d gotten that year. I was sitting on a couch in the overly cramped common room, squished in-between two of my closest friends from bio lab, and we were already bored and over dramatically rolling our eyes at one another before it even began. They were talking firmly, as if they believed in everything they were saying, reminding us very sternly of the “advice” from the beginning of the year. Every year. It was about the third or fourth time I’d heard this lecture, despite not having been here that many years. Sometimes, I wondered if the weirdness would ever end, and just leave me to do my labs and lose my mind in peace.
“Don’t go out late at night, if you have to, make sure you stay on the path.” Well, duh. I looked to my right, and met the eyes of my lab partner, who was just perishing of boredom. I could tell she wanted to be on her phone, but we’d managed to be polite this far, so maybe we could make it to the end of the meeting. Our HA would appreciate it.
“Don’t go near the woods. We’ve had way more kids get bewildered this year, it’s not normal and you all really need to step it up.” I snickered. The friend to my left said something under eir breath, and my other friend suppressed a laugh, and we tried, really hard.
Our HA didn’t appreciate it. They stared us down for a moment, while some other students clutched their iron necklaces or slipped hands into pockets, making fists around what was probably salt, if I knew this floor well enough. I elbowed my lab partner in the side, and she shut up, em quickly following suit. Shockingly, we managed the rest of the meeting, finally slipping out and snickering, finally sharing all of the snide comments that had built up the whole time. Other students walked out glumly, faces pale, shoulders slumped.

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War Ficlet Series Part II (Part I) (Part III) (Part IV)

Draco was writing a proposal for the new Minister for Magic, the fourth one in three years, when the owl arrived. At first he thought it was just one of many inquiries he’d received from Nott Sr. regarding his son’s place in the ranks, but when he saw his name scrawled across the top his heart stalled. He’d recognized the handwriting anywhere.


I hope this letter finds you well. It’s been so long since I’ve written you, and for that I’m sorry, but I’m sure you are very much aware of the dangers that come with our correspondence so I hope you don’t begrudge me for it.  I didn’t want to jeopardize your position and I couldn’t afford my location being exposed if the letters fell into the wrong hands. I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t contact you until this whole mess was over, but I have no other choice. I’ve run out of options and I need your help. I know it’s rather unfair of me to ask anything of you, after all, I turned down your offers in the past, but I am in a desperate situation. If this letter reaches you, and you can find it in your heart to forgive me, please meet me in the back room of the place that used to be Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes at 10 o’clock in the evening on the fourth of March. I can’t disclose any more information than this. The rest will have to wait until our meeting. I truly hope to see you there.

  1. G.

He stared at the parchment and reread it until all the letters blurred together. There were no traces of enchantments, curses, or spells on the letter itself so he knew he could trust what it said.

It had just been so long since he’d heard from her. Sometimes he’d wonder if she was still alive, but then he’d remember that if she were dead The Dark Lord would most likely be holding a celebration revel in her honor. But this was the absolute and undeniable proof that she was alive. She was alive and she needed his help.


He showed up to their meeting place two days later, and twenty minutes early. The blonde had tried to go about his business like usual and he mostly succeeded, but he hadn’t been able to curb the nervous energy inside of him. He’d have thought his feelings for her would have waned, but obviously that wasn’t the case. As soon as that letter dropped into his lap all the thoughts and feelings he’d ever had for the woman flooded back.

Despite their history, meeting with her still posed a risk, he knew that. It could possibly be a ploy to get him alone, allowing him to be ambushed. but he highly doubted that. He was more worried about being tailed on his end. He’d been extremely thorough in covering his tracks and making sure no one knew what he was doing tonight. He couldn’t afford to get caught fraternizing with the enemy, not when he finally had a foot in the Inner Circle.

When the sound of a back door alerted him to another presence, he turned around and stood perfectly still, wand at the ready just in case he’d fucked up and had been followed. There was a soft click and then the shuffling of feet on the floor. His heart raced in anticipation. This was it. He was going to see her for the first time in years.

When the witch finally rounded the corner, wand also raised and as cautious as a mouse, he had to stop himself from rushing forward and taking her into his arms. She looked so….small…and tired, so unlike the vibrant Hermione of the past. The woman in front of him wasn’t the shining book lover, the spirited fighter and spellcaster he’d come to know and love, this woman was war torn and defeated.

Her hair was shorter than he’d ever seen it, her curls tangling just below her ears, and her cheeks were a bit sunken in as if she was half starved. Which….she probably was. The very thought of her hiding somewhere cold and starving made his heart twist uncomfortably.

“Hermione?” He winced at how gravelly his voice sounded.

She gave him a tiny forced smile. “Hello, Draco.”

He pocketed his wand and raked his eyes back over her body, cataloging how thin she was. “I’d ask how you’ve been, but it seems that it would be incredibly pointless.”

“The same could be said about you.” She replied simply.

He knew she would have been keeping tabs on him. She was one of the very very few that knew where his true allegiance lied, so she would know most of the things he’d been doing. The sometimes despicable things he’d been doing in the best interest of this long con. It still made him feel dirty when he thought about it too long.

“So, what’s this about, Granger? Your note indicated that you seemed to be in some trouble.”

“It’s something like that, yes. I just….” She paused and bit her lip, something she always did when she was thinking about what to say. “This is extremely hard to ask. We…we are estranged,”  When he opened his mouth to protest she threw up her hand to stop him. “And that is my fault. You tried….you tried to help and I didn't….I ignored your worries and spit on our relationship and….I’m sorry for that.”

“Don’t do that.” He said, frowning down at her. “You have nothing to apologize for.”

She gave him an incredulous look but didn’t respond to his statement. “This is a big request, Draco. One you may not be able to, or even want to, fulfill, but I’m desperate.” She closed her eyes tightly and breathed through her nose. “I’m so desperate.”

“What is it?” He hated how eager he sounded but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to help this woman. He had loved this woman and wanted to just reach out to her and tell her he would take care of everything. His fingers twitched uncertainly; he had not been within touching distance to her since that last day. “I will do whatever I can.”

She regarded him with an expression somewhere between hopeful and heedful. “Wait here.”

He did as she asked and watched her walk out of the room. A moment later she was back, but he was surprised to see that she wasn’t alone. She held the hand of a small child. He couldn’t see them clearly because of the, most likely Weasley made, knitted hood with bear ears concealing their head, but something strange settled in his gut.

“This is my daughter Rhea.” She told him quietly.

Eyes widened. “Your…daughter…” A spike of jealousy ran through him at the admittance, but he quickly schooled his features, not wanting to give himself away. Of course she’d have moved on. It had been years.

The witch nodded. “She’s the reason why I’m here. I’m sure you know the state of things in the city, in the slums. It’s worse for those of us in the resistance and I can’t just wait around for something bad to happen to her….or me when I’m with her…” She patted the child’s shoulder. “So, I swallowed my pride and came to you. You’re the only one that can help her.”

Confused, he rubbed the back of his neck. “Me? How am I the only one that can help? What is it, exactly, that you want me to do? Smuggle her out of London? I can’t say it would be easy but it is possible.”

Hermione shook her head. “No, I don’t want you to smuggle her out, at least not at this time. There’s no one outside of the city that could take her yet and I honestly don’t trust she’d be any safer out there than by my side.”

He furrowed his brow in confusion.“Then I really don’t know what we’re doing here.”

Again she bit her lip. “I was hoping you would take her. You’re the only one I could trust to do it. Just take her with you and protect her. Watch over her. Eventually take her to France, make her your heir, or whatever it is you have to do to keep her safe.”

What?” The request was even stranger than he’d first assumed and it left him blinking with his mouth hanging open, all pretense of calm completely gone. “Have you gone barmy? I can’t…it would be one thing to sneak her out do that?  I haven’t the foggiest clue what to do with children and don’t you think it will seem incredibly suspicious if I just show up with a child? Besides, why in Salazar’s name would I even want take your daughter into my home, risk everything, and pass her off as mine?”

Hermione sighed in that way of hers that always made him feel like he was being scolded, and pulled off the girls dark hat, causing a cascade of curly blonde hair to tumble out of it. “Because she is yours.”

His world stopped for a moment as he stared down at the little girl. He’d been so focused on Hermione that he hadn’t taken a second glance at the child. She looked to be around four years old which would definitely line up and when he met her eyes it was like he was staring at his mother. She had sharp features that were associated with his family too and the only thing that looked like the woman behind her was her curls, her nose, and her mouth, which was now turned downward in a frown.

The little girl, no Rhea, he chastised himself, did not make a noise as she regarded him suspiciously.  “She’s…” he swallowed, “mine?”

“Yes, Draco, she’s yours. And I realize how confused and angry you might be at me for hiding it from you, but we really don’t have the luxury of time to have a good row about it right now.”

The urgency in her voice reminded him that she needed his cooperation and help. He had no interest in the “why’s” before, but now? She needed him to protect her ch-…to protect their child and he needed to know why. “What happened, Hermione?” He asked, taking a tentative step forward. “Why come to me now?”

Her frail looking hands gripped the girl’s shoulder. “That's….people are being snatched off the street. People not in the resistance. Harry’s sources in the city have been concerned. Children have been disappearing too, at a rapid rate. We’re scared of what that means.”

Draco frowned. As far as he knew nothing like that had been sanctioned, at least not in an official sense. He knew there were plenty of things that happened under shady circumstances but he couldn’t keep track of them all. He should look into that.

“Mummy?” The soft, fairy like voice nearly startled him as it filled the silence. She’d been quiet this whole time. “What’s wrong? Who is that?”

He watched, mesmerized, as Hermione dropped down in front of her daughter and ran her fingers through her curly hair. “Grown up stuff, baby. You remember mummy telling you that we were leaving Uncle Harry’s?”  The girl nodded. “And that we were going to meet your daddy?” Blue eyes shot up from her mother’s face to stare at him, mouth parted in awe. Hermione nodded. “Yes, Rhea. That’s your daddy.”

Hearing the words out loud was jarring and he felt something inside him crack. He was a father. Honestly, The whole world could have crumbled beneath him in that moment and Draco wouldn’t have noticed.

An Episode I didn't Hate {TVD 8x13 Review}

You guys know the drill, I write everything in real time so if there’s something I got mistaken it will probably be made up for later on in the post. This will have anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon, anti-Bonenzo sentiments and may include mentions of misogynoir and other TV shows. If you do not like, you do not have to read. This was done on my phone so bear with me. You ready? OK. Let’s go.

1. Y’all are so mean. I titled my last review 8x13 review and tonight’s episode was the 13th episode and none of you told me. Petty.

2. The show was smart starting with Kai because I have such a huge ass grin on my face. I swear only Kai could make getting out of hell comedic. “No no, two beers, three burgers” I mean, does the show know that I have a thing for burgers? Like I literally go around my city trying to find the best cheeseburgers and that little tidbit is something I always put on dating profiles if I choose to go on tinder or something so like I’m not saying me and Kai belong together, I’m just saying there are certain compatibilities.

3. Also Matt’s hair in that bell scene was stupid af.

4. Those rings on Kai’s fingers though … omg I missed him.

5. I mean I would freak out if I couldn’t taste food either and probably kill the waiter too. But this just reminds me of The Black Pearl.

6. Alaric is actually pretty calm coming face to face with his fiancee’s murderer.

7. “I think I’m on the waitlist to heaven but they’re not returning my calls” aww, something funny for once.

8. I don’t know why Caroline couldn’t say this to Bonnie face to face? Like why does no one just GO to her. Leave a fucking casserole or basket of muffins on the doorstep, a letter, something.

9. So when a vampire turns human then their compulsion wears off of their victims? I mean I guess.

10. I don’t understand how Bonnie opened a door to hell but she has no magic.

11. OMG. Bonnie on the phone with Damon and Kai in the backseat mouthing “Let me say ‘hi’, let me say ‘hi’!” YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I mean obviously it’s fanbaiting but I don’t give a shit, that was hilarious and adorable and so very Kai.

12. AND he drew a heart on a fogged up window. If I had access to gifs right now, tho.

13. But seriously, Damon legitimately called Bonnie because he needed something from her. Honestly, that’s like 80% of their relationship. And if I felt like he was lying about Kai so as to not worry her and let her grieve then I’d be like I guess but this just Damon being Damon.

14. Bonnie sensing Kai is awesome.

15. I like how we focus on the fallout of Stefan’s victims but with Damon, we focus on him being Damon and everything Dorian tells Stefan is fair but Damon never gets anyone to tell him that. Whatever.

16. “Better question, why are you still following him?” “DAMON!” LOL, this episode is ACTUALLY funny at times. Who wrote this? “Oh good, you roped Bonnie into this, I was HOPING you would maximize the collateral damage.”

17. I find it ironic that Damon is going after a sexual predator.

18. New to the gift? WHAT?

19. So Bonnie is learning from the devil.

20. Gorgeous close-up of Kat.

21. I just don’t believe BE enough for it to warrant her learning from the devil on how to contact him. Also please note every time I say devil it’s in quotations.

22. Cade is such a petty devil. It’s one soul. You have no other workers?

23. Why can’t Caroline compel Dorian to leave, call an ambulance and get them to where he is?

24. Oh look, it happened.

25. Good.

26. I feel like I should be moved by that SC scene. I mean I guess.

27. Seriously Chris looks really hot.

28. “I hate this already.” Lol Kai.

29. Damon your forgiveness means shit, get the fuck out of here.

30. Lol I love Stefan but this whole Dorian can either lock Stefan up in prison or work on building a better future aren’t mutually exclusive. He can do both.

31. Why are they acting like Caroline hasn’t killed a whole bunch of people? She killed 12 people ina single episode.

32. I actually liked the SC scene in the hospital because Candice actually showed emotion. They’ve become DE where I only believe them when they’re confronting the issues in their relationship.

33. I really can’t get into Bonenzo, like I can’t, I want to feel for them in this scene with the candles and the kissing and the reunion but it’s SO muted.

34. “I missed you girls so much” did you though?

35. That Calaric stare has so much chemistry compared to Steroline.

36. LOL this twin was literally going to set her sister on fire for hurting Caroline. Is it wrong that I find it hilarious?

37. I love it when Damon gets tricked because he always thinks he’s got the upper hand and he NEVER DOES.

This was literally the best episode in two seasons. Because of Kai. And the writers clearly like writing for him because there were actual funny moments this episode and there was energy and a pace and things were more cohesive although the mythology around Bonnie and Cade still doesn’t make sense to me, I think that Stefan’s punishment and his inability to figure out who he is and what to do and meeting his ghosts and pasts was well done but it’s still irksome that Damon never really has to face any of that and Damon’s “let’s get Elena back” is like, I guess, sure, it’s only entertaining because it involves Kai.

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 12 – Road Trip To Embarrass… Who Again?

In which the squad goes to a talk show, wake-up calls go wrong, Neil goes live on national television, shipping goes well, and I go nuts, just a little bit.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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Tell Me That You’ll Stay (Oliver/Felicity; T)

Ships: Oliver/Felicity

Summary:  Set post-5x17. After being patched up by Felicity, Oliver comes to in the loft. There, he and Felicity confront some home truths.

A/N: So I’m back, with another Olicity fic after the last one went down so well :) I can’t believe I’m getting back into writing these two but my muse isn’t complaining! Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Read at AO3

Read at FFN

“Oliver… Oliver,” Felicity says softly, “I - show me where it hurts. And I’ll make it okay.”

Oliver reaches out, hand scrabbling until he finds her wrist. “Just… tell me that you’ll stay. With me. For now.”

“I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

“I love you,” he murmurs before he can stop himself. “I love you,” he says again.

And then everything goes black.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Val, could you possibly write about what would've happened if Mike and El had kissed in the beginning of episode 7 please? 💜💜

Anon! 💜  I loved this request and I’m so sorry it took forever for me to get to it! Thanks so much for sending it my way—hope you enjoy! (Special thanks to @stevemossington for her help in thinking this through) 

As gently as he could manage, Mike wiped away the dirt that streaked Eleven’s face, making a conscious effort to keep his hands from shaking.

“That’s better,” he smiled, setting aside the damp washcloth. He watched as El turned back towards the mirror, her eyes wide with disappointment, her hand coming up to touch her bare head. Mike gulped, suddenly wondering how he could take Eleven’s mind off of the lost wig.

“You don’t need it,” he assured her, and though he sincerely meant each word, his heart told him that it they weren’t quite enough. El blinked and looked at him, still sad. Silence hung in the air between them and Mike pursed his lips.

“Still pretty?” she asked quietly, almost defeated.

“Yeah,” Mike replied without hesitation. “Pretty. Really pretty.” Mentally, he berated himself. Surely he could have thought of something better to say. He was relieved, however, to see that his comment seemed to work. Eleven returned to her reflection and smiled softly. As Mike’s gaze lingered on her lips, he felt his chest fill with pride and something else that he didn’t quite recognize—a forceful desire to hear the sound of her voice again. His mind worked rapidly, rifling through practically every word in his vocabulary, searching for something to say.

“El?” Her name fell off his tongue before he had settled on something to tell her. 

“Yes?” She turned in his direction once more and Mike’s mouth opened. For a moment, no sound came out. Say something, Wheeler.

“I-I’m happy you’re home.” Well. That wasn’t so bad.

“Me too,” she whispered, another small smile on her lips. Mike’s thoughts were racing again, elation bubbling in his stomach. This was El’s home now—here, with him. The thought very nearly made him dizzy with happiness. Mike chanced a look up at El and met her eyes, so round and bright, looking at him with unquestioning trust.

Mike felt as though he had a brain freeze in his chest, suddenly nervous, excited, happy, and terrified all at once. How had this happened? When had he developed a crush on this girl standing in front of him at that moment? Did it even matter? And was it just him, or was she getting closer?

Mike became vaguely aware that his hands were shaking and he could practically hear his heart beating heavily in the otherwise silent washroom, certain that El would hear it too. His eyes darted to her lips again and his throat suddenly felt parched. Mike couldn’t remember the last time he had felt such strong and exhilarated anticipation.

Quickly, he closed the distance between himself and Eleven, afraid he would lose his nerve.

His lips brushed against hers, gently and for just a moment the lights in the small room dimmed, the soft yellow lightbulbs overhead humming audibly.

And then it was over. He had shared his first kiss. Mike felt his cheeks get warm as he rocked into the balls of his feet. El looked at him with wide eyes before her face lit up into a bright smile. Mike let out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding in, glad that she didn’t think he was a creep.

“El,” he began, tripping over his words, “I—that was—”

Mike was interrupted as the washroom door flew open, a very distressed looking Dustin urging them out into the basement.

“It’s Lucas! I think he’s in trouble!”

Perhaps, if it hadn’t been a life or death situation, Dustin would have commented on the blush colouring Mike’s face or on the closeness between his best friend and his newest friend. Because, even though he didn’t say anything, Dustin certainly noticed.

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Hidden (Part 4)

It’s been two months since Youngjae has been here and I get to see so many sides of him that I never knew he could be. He is so silly and joyful all the time so when he gets serious about trying to figure out my situation, it almost ruins me.

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barmy-owl  asked:

ron eats a shoe and hermione is like "why did you eat a shoe? i didn't sign up for this?! is this our marriage?!"

It’s been a while, eh? Thanks for the prompt, barmy, I got around to it eventually.


Of Shoes and Stings

“Um, hi?” he waved uncertainly, with a half-eaten shoe in one hand as Hermione stared at him in utter bewilderment.

A half-eaten shoe.

A half-eaten shoe!

A half-eaten shoe!

It was the hardest thing Hermione had ever had to comprehend. Clearly, he had simply gone mental. There couldn’t possibly be a rational explanation for eating a shoe! What would she tell the children? Fighting back tears and struggling for composure, she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Hi, Ron,” she replied slowly. He had gone back to munching on the hard sole.

“So, I see you’re eating a shoe…” she trailed off uncertainly when it was clear there was no justification forthcoming.

“Uh, yeah. I am.”

“Right. So you eat shoes now.”

“Nah, just this one time. I hope I won’t have to eat a shoe ever again,” he shuddered.

“Ron, you do know, don’t you, that you don’t have to eat a shoe at all?”

She was talking to him like he was a five year old. He looked up at her with a flash of irritation.

“No, you do know that I do have to, don’t you, Hermione?” he replied, sardonically.

The gentle approach wasn’t working, and she was never one to hold in her temper for long.

“No, I most certainly do NOT know that! And how on earth have you managed to eat over half of it? It’s leather!” she asked half desperate, half crying.

“I-coghed-et-fst,” came the unintelligible reply, as Ron spoke with his mouth full of shoe.

Hermione was sure she would lose her lunch if she continued to view this spectacle.

“What? Don’t speak with your mouth full, Ron!”

Having heard this reprimand over a thousand times in his lifetime, Ron made it a point to look her in the eye as he slowly chewed and swallowed, as Hermione looked on, repulsed, but unable to look away.

“Sorry. I said I cooked it first. To make it softer.”

Hermione didn’t quite know what to say to that.

“Oh,” she replied faintly, flopping down on a chair, resigned to her fate. This was her marriage now. Her husband cooked and ate shoes, and seemed quite unaware of how completely insane it all was. She hadn’t signed up for this, but Hermione has never been known as someone who gives up. She would stand by him regardless, she decided. It’s simply a new challenge. And dammit, she was the Minister of Magic. Besides, there were worse things than eating shoes. Like books, for example. After all, what would she do if Ron started eating books? So yes, she can deal with shoe-eating husbands, she convinced herself.

Nodding determinedly, she spoke.

“Are you enjoying it then?”

He paused his savage chewing and looked at her incredulously.

“Of course not!”

“Oh, so, uh-why-?”

“RON!” a soot covered Harry stumbled into their immaculate living room. “Are you done yet?”

“Shap, ‘Arry!”

“No, I will not shut up! Will you be the tiniest bit quicker?” he practically screamed at Ron.

“Harr-“ Hermione’s attempt to get their attention was overridden by Ron’s incensed reply.

“You’re quite welcome to eating a bloody shoe, Potter! I’m trying my fucking best here!” he waved the shoe about furiously, the laces still dangling off the last shoe holes left.

“Well, whatever you do, eat it within the hour!”

“Um, hello?”

“Oh hey Hermione. What’re you doing back so early?” Harry turned and addressed her amicably, as though he hadn’t just screamed at his best friend to hurry up and eat a shoe.

“Never mind that! Why are you encouraging my husband to eat a shoe?”

“Oh, um…you haven’t told her?”

“I’ve been busy, haven’t I?”

“The poor woman probably think you’re barmy, Ron! For fuck’s sake!”

“Will someone please tell me what on earth is going on?” Hermione put in, indignantly.

“He was poisoned, Hermione.”

“Wh-what? Merlin, are you okay? Oh, of course you’re not! You’re eating a shoe! Why did you take him to St. Mungo’s? Who did this to you? Who turned you insane?”

“Cam-own-Hemminy,” he replied all the while chewing the last vestiges of the shoe.

“Swallow! And I won’t calm down! Not as long as you’re eating that, for Merlin’s sake!” she said, sharply even as tears pooled in the corners of her eyes..

“Right. Calm down. I’m fine. I’ve been to Mungo’s already. The healer told me to eat the shoe I was wearing when I was poisoned. I’m not mental. And it was an accidental poisoning.”

“An accidental poisoning? How does that happen?”

Ron shrugged.

“Billywigs” Harry decided to answer her. “In the shop.”

“I’ll kill George,” she replied grimly. “Rest assured, I will. But for now, doesn’t that cause uncontrollable levitation? How’re you…well, sitting? As far as I know there’s no cure for it!”

“Uh, yeah, not technically,” Ron replied sheepishly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“The healer had some, uh- unconventional remedies to offer.”

“He said that when his great-grandmother had once been stung by a billywig, she ate her left shoe and cured herself. So, uh, he suggested we try that.”

“And he said I should eat it within the hour or the effects will be permanent.”

Hermione listened half-patiently to their jumbled explanations.

“And you decided to believe this fraud?”

“Well, it does seem to be working,” Harry pointed out.

“Yes, I- I suppose it does. But why a shoe?”

“Merlin knows,” Ron shrugged. “And I’m nearly done too. Don’t you worry your pretty head, Hermione.”

“Don’t you think that it would perhaps have been easier to blend and drink the shoe?” she replied, disgusted with the tongue that was hanging out of Ron’s mouth.

“That’s why you’re the brilliant one, Hermione,” Harry replied, staring at her in amazement.

Just then, a flash went off in the fireplace, signaling another entry.

“RON!” George exclaimed breathlessly. “Oh, thank Merlin! It was a bit touch and go for a while there, wasn’t it? But you seem to be all done.”

He turned his beaming, relieved face towards Harry, only to notice a silently fuming Hermione standing between the two.

“Oh bollocks,” he muttered to himself.

“Ta, then. I’ll leave you be. To, uh- recover and such,” he was already turning away. “No need to come in tomorrow, Ron. Take a day off!”

He swiftly pinched some floo powder and stepped into the fireplace.  

“A week even! Or two! Whatever you need. Bye!” he stammered before vanishing with another flash, before Hermione could get a word out.

“Auror Potter, you have a new task now. Straight from the ministry. Drop all projects, and track down Mr. George Weasley and bring him to me. Dead or alive,” said Hermione, determined to not let him get away so easily.

“Hermione, I’m fi-“

“No, Ron. Not this time,” she replied dramatically and swept out of the room, her robes trailing after her.

“Take care, mate,” Harry replied, commiserating, before he took his leave too.

Ron sighed and took off upstairs to his bedroom, trying to string together words that will convince his wife not to kill his brother.

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Hellooooo! can i request a scenario with jealous yoongi?? ❤❤❤ I looooooove your stories btw💖


I’m so sorry that you had to wait another week knowing it was done but finally it’s here! I really really hope I won’t let you down omg I’m actually scared of posting it 😳 I have literally no idea how I did and I portrayed him a little differently that some of what I’ve read ah idek but here it goes 💕 

If you don’t like it I’ll redo it promise! I’m still practising to write after all ❤️


Yoongi x Reader
Words: ~1,700
Keywords: jealousy, male best friend

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“Congratulations on the new place, Y/N!“ 
Namjoon said while entering your brand new apartment.

You had just recently moved from your old shared flat into an apartment in central Seoul and today was the day of your house warming party.

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Shadowhunters Sentence Starters
  • “How could someone as smart and perceptive as you not realize the person sitting right there is in love with you?”
  • “I'm turning 18. It's not like I'm heading on some epic journey.”
  • "Remember your fake ID sucks!"
  • “I'm miraculously healed and all you stunning people have magical powers?”
  • “It's a shame, really, denying them all this.”
  • “Why are you naked in an abandoned church?”
  • “Is there a meth problem we need to talk about?”
  • “What's a G.I. Joe?”
  • “Are you kidding? I was born afraid,....which sounded a lot better in my head.”
  • “For someone so old, you're not too wise, are you?”
  • "I've seen every horror movie ever made, and the funny best friend who gets left behind? Dead man."
  • "You're not that funny."
  • "____ is kind of nerd hot."
  • "Your family always welcomed strays."
  • "I don't need a spokesman. I need a plan."
  • "Are you that desperate to get laid that you'd risk killing us?"
  • "The living are so exhausting."
  • "Vampires have pay grades?"
  • "No human bond compares to what ____ and I have."
  • "What was in your coffee?"
  • "You know you'd be a lot happier if you weren't so fricken repressed."
  • "I couldn't live without you, _____. You're all I have left."
  • "They'll just turn into a bunch of fried eggs out here."
  • "I know you can color outside the lines. You're just not letting yourself think that way."
  • "Well, that was a window to the weird."
  • "Life is not what you want to do; it's about what must be done."
  • "Emotions are nothing but a distraction. You're ruled by them."
  • "There's nothing to be ashamed of ____."
  • "Does he normally lay like that without moving?"
  • "With a body like yours, everything's your color."
  • "Someone's looking badass."
  • "You don't get to talk to me, Captain America."
  • "Considering I'm the one with the weapons, I can say what I want."
  • "You have an interesting effect on people."
  • "You're like a yippy dog nipping at ____'s heels."
  • "Never trust a people who can't lie. They find much more inventive ways to stab you in the back."
  • "Playing hard to get? I love a challenge."
  • "I haven't taken my eyes off her."
  • "If I listened to my heart, I'd never be able to do my job."
  • "The only thing worth falling in love with is the word itself."
  • "I was raised a good Catholic."
  • "Honey, you look like you're dying."
  • "I'm dying to get out of this conversation."
  • "Your friends have the habit of turning up dead. I can't even imagine what your Facebook page looks like."
  • "It would be like Beyonce riding on a dinosaur in the middle of Times Square. People would notice."
  • "Passion makes you dangerous."
  • "Maybe that's supposed to mean something, but you're still you, and I'm still me. Sort of. Enough, anyway."
  • "Well, I don't want to bite you anymore."
  • "Maybe what I did was wrong and selfish, but my heart was breaking."
  • "Even starvation can't shut you up."
  • "You wanted to sweep history under the rug."
  • "I'm nothing more than a monster."
  • "I'll take care of _____ you have my word."
  • "It's love that makes you fight harder for what you want."
  • "Remind me why we couldn't do this at my place? At least there we could have had cocktails."
  • "Emotions are never black and white. They're more like symptoms."
  • "I didn't betray you, ____. I saved you from yourself."
  • "What kind of people sacrifice justice for law?"
  • "Maybe that's my destiny, to bring your family and mine together."
  • "People said I was mad. So I owned it."
  • "Visionaries are quirky crazy."
  • "If anyone catches us, we're dead."
  • "Right now, I just really need my mom."
  • "Whatever you do, don't lose hope."
  • "You're immortal. Time is on your side."
  • "I don't know who I am anymore. There's darkness in me. It's always been there."
  • "I came with you to escape my relationship drama, not get a front row seat to yours."
  • "You never cease to amaze me."
  • "Don't misread this as friendship."
  • "Rumour has it you're looking to settle down- get married."
  • "It's like my whole life has been a lie. Everything i have ever known..."
  • "Your bedside manner is abysmal."
  • "Is he always so charming?"
  • "I will never stop needing you."
  • "I'm glad you brought everybody here to witness your demise."
  • "Does this mean I'm not one of you?"
  • "I swear if that kid ruins one more jacket."
  • "Baby's first words."
  • "Yeah, this place isn't creepy. Not at all."

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“you’re my friend, of course i fucking care.” taako & magnus ?

Magnus had been weirdly distant ever since their mission in Refuge, and Taako absolutely did not care.

And really, why should he?  Magnus was a tough guy.  He could take care of himself.  He was probably just a little out of it after all those time loops – hell, Taako was.  No, Taako didn’t care that Magnus wasn’t inviting him in on elaborate pranks at stupid hours of the night or showing him new “tricks” he’d taught his goldfish.  Taako had his own shit to worry about: namely, where to have a date with death now that he had, by some miracle, managed to ask a literal grim reaper out.

Still, though.  It was weird.

He sighed, opening his eyes and staring at the dark ceiling above his head.

It wasn’t as if he was getting anything accomplished right now, beauty sleep or otherwise.

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