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Hello! Could I have a fluffy request about what the RFA crew does with MC on a lazy rainy day? I didn't see it in your masterlist, sorry if I overlooked it and you've done it!

I have not done it yet so I will do it. I love rainy days so lets do this !

I hope you enjoy this anon.

Gender neutral

spoiler free


  • It is raining so bad that Zen can not go out and do his morning run it makes him uneasy.
  • You wake up from Zen walking around in the apartment you see how bad it is raining outside.
  • You know that will make Zen really unhappy so you get up and look for Zen who is looking outside the kitchen window.
  • Zen feels so bad that he woke you up specially when it is your free day.
  • You don´t mind tough now you can spend more time with him when was the last time he ever just relaxed on a day ?
  • Zen can not remember that and so you tell him that then today you two will relax together.
  • You make breakfast for you two Zen is helping you with it.
  • Then you eat together and move on to the couch to cuddle and watch some movies.
  • Zen enjoys this time with you a lot he talks to you about all his roles and his plans for future roles.
  • You talk about your hobbies and what happened at work to you.
  • You both really enjoy the quality cuddle time together its almost sad when the rain stops the next day.


  • You come home and you are soaked you see Yoosung who just came in as well he just finished to  dry himself off.
  • He gets you a towel and some dry clothes you change your clothes and dry yourself off but you still feel a bit cold.
  • Yoosung is worried that you will catch a cold so he wraps you in a blanket and makes you some hot soup.
  • You get comfortable on the couch and then you eat the soup what really helps you to warm up.
  • Yoosung is still a bit cold him self so you offer him to join you under the blanket he blushes and agrees to it.
  • You play some video games together while cuddling under the blanket.
  • Yoosung defiantly likes rainy days more now.


  • On a day where both of you had finally off you wanted to go out with her but then you saw the terrible weather and had a much better idea.
  • You two would just be lazy all day you make breakfast and eat with Jaehee you talk about your plan and she agrees.
  • You spend the entire day in you pajamas and watch movies and talk about what ever is on your mind.
  • You cuddle up with her on the couch and enjoy the feeling of being close to each other.
  • Jaehee really enjoys to be lazy for a day she feels really relaxed from her day off.
  • Later you order pizza and then you take a nice relaxing bath.
  • Jaehee thinks you should spend all your free days like that with her her and you are agreeing.


  • He had actual plans for that day for you two to go outside in a park but that plan fell into literally water.
  • It was raining really hard outside you found Jumin standing at the window and staring outside to the dark sky.
  • You know what he is thinking and you know how you can turn the day into something better.
  • You get comfortable on the couch and tell Jumin to join you and just be lazy today together.
  • He is curios and agrees.
  • You watch some random TV Jumin finds some of the random soap operas interesting even when neither of you have a idea what is going on.
  • Its funny to make some plots up for how they ended up like that.
  • You have some lunch together and then you watch some movies you wanted to show Jumin but never really got a chance to do so.
  • Its a really relaxing day and its sad to Jumin when he rain calms down by the evening
  • But you just keep cuddled up to him and tell hi you can make that more often even when its not raining.


  • You heard the rain outside and it made you a bit gloomy you really wanted to get out today but now you can´t .
  • You sigh a bit and then you see seven behind you and he sees how sad you are and wants to make you better.
  • He tells you to get on the couch he will join you in a bit and so you do.
  • Seven comes with chips and soda but also a good chunk of board games you play with him he wins in chess of course but you can beat him in monopoly.
  • You have fun with that after you played enough you just spend the rest of the day cuddling and talking about all kind of thinks mostly seven tells you made up adventure stories but they are really fun to listen too.
  • Seven loves rainy days with you and you end up looking forward to that too

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"american beauty" sentence starters
  • "I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me... but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world."
  • "Well, you have absolutely no interest in saving yourself."
  • "Lose my job? I didn't lose it. It's not like, 'Whoops! Where'd my job go?' I QUIT."
  • "I figured you guys might be able to give me some pointers. I need to shape up. Fast."
  • "You're right. I suck dick for money."
  • "Well, what do you say I throw in a little sexual harassment charge, to boot?"
  • "Management wants you gone by the end of the day."
  • "Your father seems to think this kind of behavior is something to be proud of."
  • "It's like God's looking right at you, just for a second, and if you're careful... you can look right back."
  • "When I was your age, I flipped burgers all summer just to be able to buy an eight-track."
  • "All I did was party and get laid. I had my whole life ahead of me."
  • "I rule!"
  • "She's not your friend. She's just someone you use to feel better about yourself."
  • "It's never too late to get it back."
  • "I have lost something. I'm not exactly sure what it is but I know I didn't always feel this... sedated."
  • "You think you're the only one who's sexually frustrated here?"
  • "Both my wife/husband and daughter/son think I'm this gigantic loser and they're right."
  • "I'm looking for the least possible amount of responsibility."
  • "You should see me fuck. I'm the best piece of ass in three States."
  • "Can you prove that you didn't offer to save my job if I let you blow me?"
  • "Are you just looking to lose weight, or do you want increased strength and flexibility as well?"
  • "I don't think we can be friends anymore."
  • "Just don't fuck my dad, all right? Please?"
  • "You're way too uptight about sex."
  • "I want to look good naked!"
  • "Someone really should just put him out of his misery."
  • "I'm not paying you to do... whatever it is you're doing out here."
  • "You don't really think [name] and I were..."
  • "Want me to kill him for you?"
  • "I need a father who's a role model, not some horny geek-boy who's gonna spray his shorts whenever I bring a girlfriend home from school."
  • "I quit. So you don't have to pay me. Now leave me alone."
  • "Remember those posters that said, 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life'? Well, that's true of every day but one - the day you die."
  • "She hates me. She hates you, too."
  • "There's plenty of joy in my life."
  • "Go fuck yourself, psycho!"
  • "My parents are coming tonight. They're trying to, you know, take an active interest in me."
  • "Gross. I hate it when my mom does that."
  • "Fuck me, Your Majesty!"
  • "I was hoping you'd give me a bath. I'm very, very dirty."
  • "You ungrateful little brat! Just look at everything you have."
  • "I'm so sorry for the way things look around here."
  • "I think using psychotropic drugs is a very positive example to set for our daughter."
  • "Who are you looking for?"
  • "This isn't life, it's just stuff. And it's become more important to you than living."
  • "There's nothing worse than being ordinary."
  • "Everything that's meant to happen does."
  • "You're one to talk, you bloodless, money-grubbing freak."
  • "Welcome to America's weirdest home videos."
  • "Oh well, all right, let's all sell our souls and work for Satan because it's more convenient that way."
  • "I'm sensing a real distance growing between you and [name]."
  • "My job consists of basically masking my contempt for the assholes in charge, and, at least once a day, retiring to the men's room so I can jerk off while I fantasize about a life that doesn't so closely resemble Hell."
  • "Don't you mess with me, mister, or I'll divorce you so fast it'll make your head spin!"
  • "Your mom's the one who's embarrassing. What a phony. But, your dad's actually kind of cute."
  • "If he just worked out a little, he'd be hot."
  • "You don't get to tell me what to do ever again."
  • "I'm serious. He just pulled down his pants and yanked it out."
  • "Never underestimate the power of denial."
  • "Are you trying to look unattractive today?"
  • "How dare you speak to me that way in front of her."
  • "Jesus, what is it with you?"
  • "I am sick and tired of being treated like I don't exist."
  • "Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can't take it, and my heart is just going to cave in."
  • "See the way the handle on her pruning shears matches her gardening clogs? That's not an accident."
  • "Don't interrupt me, honey!"
  • "[Name]'s a pretty typical teenager. Angry, insecure, confused. I wish I could tell her that's all going to pass, but I don't want to lie to her."
  • "I had always heard your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the second before you die."
  • "You better watch yourself, [name], or you're going to turn into a real bitch, just like your mother!"
  • "I marvel that you can be so contemptuous of me, on the same day that you lose your job."
  • "You're boring. And you're totally ordinary. And you know it."
  • "You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry... you will someday."
  • "Uh, whose car is that out front?"
  • "Your mother seems to prefer that I go through life like a fucking prisoner while she keeps my dick in a mason jar under the sink."
  • "In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times."
  • "She's... she's really happy. She thinks she's in love."
  • "I think you just became my personal hero!"
  • "Man, you are one twisted fuck."
  • "The only way I could save myself now is if I start firebombing."
  • "You know, this really doesn't concern you."
  • "I mean, how's her life? Is she happy? Is she miserable?"
  • "I'd really like to know, and she'd die before she'd ever tell me about it."
  • "Your wife is with another man and you don't care?"
  • "It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself."
  • "In less than a year, I'll be dead."
  • "[Name], today I quit my job. And then I told my boss to go fuck himself, and then I blackmailed him for almost sixty thousand dollars. Pass the asparagus."
  • "I wish I could tell her that's all going to pass, but I don't want to lie to her."
  • "We've met before, but something tells me you're going to remember me this time."
  • "I can't believe you don't know how beautiful you are."
  • "Well, at least I'm not ugly."
  • "This will be the high point of my day; it's all downhill from here."
  • "[Name], are you masturbating?!"
  • "If people I don't even know look at me and want to fuck me, it means I really have a shot at being a model."
  • "In a way, I'm dead already."
  • "You are so busted."
  • "I feel like I've been in a coma for the past twenty years. And I'm just now waking up."
  • "Well, congratulations. You've succeeded admirably."
  • "The car I've always wanted and now I have it."
  • "God, it's been a long time since anybody asked me that..."
  • "Makes you wonder what else you can do that you've forgotten about."
  • "I'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose."
  • "Our marriage is just for show. A commercial for how normal we are when we're anything but."
  • "It would be nice if I was anywhere near as important to him as she is."
  • "Gotta spend money to make money."
  • "I refuse to be a victim!"
  • "I was filming this dead bird."
  • "Do you party?"
  • "Oh, what? You're mother of the year? You treat her/him like an employee."
  • "Could he be any more pathetic?"
  • "I think it's sweet."
  • "You need structure... you need discipline."
  • "He's just so confident, it can't be real."
  • "So, you're fucking psycho-boy on a regular basis now? Tell me, has he got a big dick?"
  • "He didn't even look at me once!"
  • "I don't think you'd fit in here."
  • "It seems unfair to presume I won't be able to learn."
  • "Excuse me for speaking so bluntly, sir."
  • "Oh, I'm in trouble."
  • "I didn't mean to scare you. I just think you're interesting."
  • "This country is going straight to hell!"
  • "[Name], when did you become so joyless?"
  • "I'm not obsessing. I'm just curious."
  • "What is this? The fucking Gay Pride parade?"
  • "Sorry about my dad."
  • "To you, he's just another guy who wants to jump your bones."
  • "This is my first time."
Age Gap - Requested (Ashton)

This was requested by Anon (hello, i was wondering if you could do an Ashton imagine where you’re almost 3 years younger than him so he likes to take care of you and make sure you’re still with him and ok when walking through crowds and just being like really cutely overprotective) ENJOY!!!

‘I don’t wanna move’ you whine, lying on the made bed with your eyes closed. You feel the bed dip and hear Ashton moving about, then a pressure on your belly, you open one eye to see him resting his head on you.

'You don’t have to come, I could meet you after’ he offers.

'No, no I want to come, let me just wake up a little’ you tell him closing your eyes again and you hear him chuckle, then his head moves again, you feel his hot breath on your face. You open one eye to see him smirking above you, he comes closer his lips brushing your. 'I have a way to wake you up’ he whispers before pressing his lips to your, you arts you lips right away to allow his tongue in, he moans into your mouth and you fist his hair. There is a knock, you both ignore it, you bit down a little on his lip and he moans again, until there is another knock.

Ashton drops his head into your neck and sighs, ‘that’s all the waking up we have time for’ you laugh and he chuckles as he climbs off you. And heads straight for the door, you see Michael and give him a small wave. ‘Morning’ you smile as you walk past and he ruffles your hair a little.

You head down the elevator with Ashton and Michael. ‘I swear I’m never gonna find a girl that will wake up with me at five in the morning to watch me at the studio’ Michael bursts out; you smile a little at his comment.

'Probably not mate cause you spend all your time with mine’ Ashton teases and you playfully glare at him and slide your arm around Michael waist and cuddle into his side, 'don’t be mean to Michael’ you kiss Michael cheek, making Ashton glare at the both of you as you and Michael laugh, the elevator doors open and Ashton grabs your hand, holding it tight.

'Luke and Calum are already out with fans there are loads of them’ Michael cheers skipping off towards the door, Ashton pulls you a little closer. 'You okay babe?’ He whispers as he kisses your temple, you nod and smile up at him as you step out, the screams filling your ears, Ashton pulls you over to the fans, they greet you and are lovely but as soon as Ashton let’s go of your hand you walk ahead to the car.

’(Y/N)’ you hear your name called and turn to see a guy, he is wearing a band shirt and as two other girls with him and a little girl. You smile and step towards them. You spend a couple of minutes chatting, when you look up you notice the nice group of fans has turned into a huge, loud, dangerous crowd of fans, you can’t see the boys or any of the security, you’re not far from the car, actually only a couple of feet away so you excuse yourself and turn to walk to the car, knowing it would be the safest place but you freeze hearing a huge shout.

'STOP!’ The crowd slowly grow quieter and you hear Ashton shout 'THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL, CAN ANYONE SEE (Y/N)!’ you close your eyes and shake your head a little what the hell is he doing, you stand on your tiptoes and wave your arm 'Here’ you shout, fans start to move a little and Ashton comes into view he starts to rush over bit you shake your head. 'I’ll wait in the car’ you tell him and slide into the back seat.

That was the most embarrassing thing in your life; he made you look like you can’t look after yourself, Jesus he makes you look like a little kid. Maybe that’s how he does think of you, as a little kid. You try not to think about it too much; age gaps have never meant anything to you until dating Ashton. All your friends are dating guys a little older, three years really is nothing but the media and fans have been making it a huge part of our relationship and it’s starting to bug you.

The boys start to pile in the car, Calum and Luke first they are talking about something until Calum slides over to sit next to you and smile a little. ‘You okay?’ He asks and you nod, ‘Lier what’s up?’ Luke adds in.

'Did you guys not find that whole, can find (Y/N) thing a little over the top?’ You ask, Luke shrugs and looks out the window and you see Calum try go look away. 'So you did?’ You pressure.

'We were just saying it was a little too much, and to do it in front of all the fans, we never know how some will react to that you know, you could get more hate from it, they might feel like he cares more about you than them which of course he does but when he is with them he should you know be with them, plus it make you look like a little ch…’

'Guys’ Luke whispers and you both look to see Ashton coming towards the car, and stop talking about it, Calum goes to move seats but you hold his wrist to tell him to stay and he does.

'Babe are you okay? Why did you walk off? I was so worried, when the crowd got bigger, I dunno what could have happened to you, don’t do that again’ he rambles, you want to tell him you’re not a child but you know he is only doing it because he cares well that’s what you hope.

'I can look after myself Ash’ you chuckle a little to make it light but he shakes his head, 'Not against all them you can’t’ and again you feel like a kid being scolded, you don’t reply, don’t nod, you do nothing but turn and watch the fans as we drive past.


'She’s super sweet, I like her, I mean sure she’s a little different but the boys don’t judge’ you try to reassure Michael but he still looks worried.

'It’s not them I’m worried about, it’s the fans. I dunno if she would want to deal with it’ he explains, you nod a little 'and she could do so much better, she should be getting wined and dined by some upcoming lawyer, someone one who will be there when she needs them’ you shake your head.

'Michael just because you’re not there doesn’t mean you’re not there’ you tell him but laugh at your own words and he chuckles too. 'As happy as I am that make you smile, you know what I mean’ you tell him and he nods. 'I guess’.

'What you two talking about?’ Ashton asks as he flops on the sofa next to you, his fingers entwining with yours. 'She’s helping me with some girl things’ Michael chuckles.

'Ohhh relationship guru are you?’ Ashton teases and you flash him a goofy smile. 'How can you give relationship advice when you have only had one relationship?’ Ashton asks, you know he is just teasing but it reminds you again on your inexperience but you stick out your tongue and he kisses you.


'So boys a question that has come in a few times from your fans is asking if you would date a fan or a girl younger and if so how much younger?’ The male interviewer asks you pull your knees up under your chin; you’re sat on the floor in the room with the security and could of crew members watching the boys do their interview.

'We get asked this so much’ Michael laughs 'I would date a fan, I guess I mean as long as they aren’t screaming in your face then they are just girls you know’ he explains.

'Yeah I think it’s the same, but it could be a little weird if they know everything about you when you meet’ Luke adds.

'Yeah you’d have to play catch up’ Calum laughs 'I would date someone younger too, I dunno I hate these questions cause I think you date people because you like them it doesn’t matter if they are a little younger or a fan you know?’ He explains and the female interview coos.

'Very good answer Calum, Ashton your girlfriend is younger than you right? What that like?’ She asks, you see Ashton shrug.

'I mean it’s the same I guess, I don’t reply think about it. It’s weird sometimes when I talk about something I did when I was a kid or something I watched and she looks at me blank and I realise like she doesn’t know them or something’ Ashton explains and you feel yourself get a little annoyed that he labelled it as weird.

'But she’s the nicest girl in the world and she’s so go damn innocent’ Michael cuts in 'Yeah I feel like we have corrupted her’ Ashton laughs.

'Sometimes if we do something like overly weird in front of her or if Ashton is in like his grumpy mood he let shouts at us for swearing around her or something’ Calum explains.

'Oh one time we were shopping, and there were loads of fans outside so Ashton was on like high alert and (Y/N) went to look at video games with Michael and Ashton couldn’t find her he was like shouting her name and this guy asked if he has lost his daughter, it was hilarious’ Luke tells the story Calum and Michael laughing but Ashton shakes his head.

'And we got back and he was like pulling his hair out and she was just like, we got new games’ Michael finishes.

'It wouldn’t happen if you didn’t run off with her’ Ashton glares at Michael but chuckles at the same time.

'She sounds like quite the girl. So you would all date younger girls?’ The male interviewer asks.

'Yeah’ they answer and nod.

'So you’re happily in a relationship Ashton, and the age doesn’t freak you out, cause it’s like three years right?’ The woman asks and you roll your eyes.

'Yeah it’s three years, when I like over think it I feel like a bit of a creeper when I think I was three and she wasn’t born or when I was eighteen she was only fifteen but I try not to think of it like that’ he explain and you done, heard enough you stand up and slip out without anyone noticing, you get in the first taxi you see and head back to the hotel. You shower and climb in bed not wanting to do anything for the rest of the day you grab your iPad and go on netflics, popping your ear phones on.

Your half way through your film when you notice Ashton come in, you don’t look at him or purse your film you just ignore him, he takes off his jackets and throws it over the chair and then he watches you, you can feel his eyes on you as you try to concentrate on the film, but he rips a bud from your ear.

'Where did you go?’ He looks annoyed and you throw the iPad on the bed beside you and sit up on the edge of the bed.

'I came back Ashton, is that I problem, should I have waited for you to hold my hand while I crossed the road’ you snap.

'What the fuck is wrong with you today, I don’t know what I have done wrong’ he shouts throwing his arms up.

'You’re always treating me like a fucking kids Ashton, this morning with the fans, shouting me like that it was embarrassing, I get enough shit from them without you making me look like a complete useless piece of shit’ you yell.

'If I embarrass you so much why are you here?’ He screams.

'Because I thought I was touring with my boyfriend not my fucking dad’

'What’s that meant to mean?’

'You treat me like a kid all the fucking time. I don’t get my three years is so strange for you. The fans, the media I can handle them going in about it but for you to agree it’s weird I hate it’ you explain, your started with a shout but the more you spoke the quitter you got.

'I don’t think about it..’ He starts but you cut him off 'I know you don’t, because when you do you feel like a creeper right.’ You snap, he doesn’t speak and neither do you the only sound in the room coming from your heavy breaths.

'I don’t need looking after Ashton, I don’t need you to remind me of how shit I was without you, I can’t be with someone that treats me like I kid. I can’t walk to a car by myself, I can’t do anything alone. I hate that you feel like you have to protect me from everything..’

'I do, that’s my job, not because your younger but because your my girl, it my job to protect you, and I do it because I live you so fucking much that thinking of you getting hurt kills me. I don’t care that your three years younger, I wouldn’t care if it was four years or if you were older because I love you so much. And I’m sorry if you feel like I treat you wrong but that’s me, I’m over protective, I’m a little too much sometimes bit it’s all for you’ he explains, you stand frozen, your eyes locked with his from across the room.

'Did you say you love me?’ You ask, your voice strained, he smiles a little and nods. 'Cause that’s the first time anyone ever said that too me so it’s gonna be another first’ you laugh a little.

'Well it’s a first for me to say it, I love you’ you smiles and you run over, jumping into his arms and wrapping your legs around him, to crash your lips to him as his hands hold the back of your thighs. 'I love you too’

From Chelsea

403. Dirty little secret
  • Author's Note: I changed it a little I hope that's okay! I didn't want them to be repetitive and I felt like magazines were kind of outdated.
  • Harry: It was late and you were waiting for Harry to get out of the shower, so you decided to check your emails. When you opened your laptop you were greeted with a strange surprise. "Hey babe?" You yelled to the bathroom. A towel clad Harry emerged from the bathroom with beads of water dripping down his torso, "yeah?" "Did you uh use my laptop?" You struggled to keep a straight face. "Yeah mine was downstairs. Is that okay?" He was genuinely confused. "No yeah that's fine, just maybe next time close out of the porn," you finally cracked a smile. His face was covered in scarlet splotches, but he quickly tried to play it off. "I did that on purpose, thought we could watch it together"
  • Liam: Liam had the day off, but unfortunately you just couldn't get off work. You felt terrible but there was no way around it. You did however manage to get off earlier than you told Liam. You snuck into the house and quietly made your way upstairs. Your bedroom door was cracked and the lights were dimmed. At first you thought Liam had fallen asleep but when you got closer you could here the grunts and profanities spilling from Liam. You stepped closer to the door frame, startled by the creak in the floor board. Liam sprang forward, relieved it was only you, letting a cocky grin grow on his face. "You gonna come give me a hand or what?"
  • Louis: It's a rainy Sunday morning and you and Louis both have the day off, so you decided on a movie day. Lou was making his famous tea while you picked out the movie. You hovered over the bookcase full of movie searching intently, when you came across a blank case. You were more than intrigued, so you decided to slip it into the player. Louis made his way to you and sat the mugs on the coffee table. "What'd you pick love?" He came up behind you. "Not quite sure," you flashed the case. Louis jumped forward but intercepted his path to the tv. "(Y/N) c'mon!" The title "deep throat" flashed across the screen. You bursted out laughing. "I was sixteen and curious!"
  • Niall: Yours and Niall's house was on desperate need of some spring cleaning. Most of it was actually Niall's, you never realized how much junk he saved. You agreed to help Niall with all the boxes in his office after 20 long minutes of him convincing you that no one organizes better than you. You agreed to split the boxes in half but that lasted for all of five minutes before he sat back and told you what to keep and what to throw away. You opened the last box and pulled out a calendar full of naked women hanging on cars. "This is definitely trash..." You chucked it at him. "I was looking for that. You always need a calendar." He was obviously trying to get under your skin. "Well maybe if you're good, I'll make a calendar of my own"
  • Zayn: Zayn had been gone for almost two months and to say that you were lonely would be a complete understatement. You missed him so much it physically hurt. Your body ached all over, only getting worse when thoughts of him washed over you. One spot partially ached for his attention. You couldn't put it off any longer. You turned on the video you and Zayn watch together, when you're in the mood for something different. You started to tend to you needs, letting the waves of euphoria take you. "Plan on saving any for meh?" You practically jumped out of your skin but decided not to waste any time. "Get over here then."
  • Written by: Anna