this didn't turn out as well as i expected

I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale recently and I think I fell in love, thanks again for showing me this shit @silversatori! xD

I got curious if there was any fanart of him and checked out the tumblr tags (in hindsight maybe not the best idea, I might have spoilered myself a little lol) but I wanted to draw Cecil as well at least once and since for all I know he has little to no taste in fashion (like me) I crammed up some imo shitty looking clothes and threw them together in this doodle
And yes, that is a friggin Jat (jeans+hat)

My overall design for him as it is now isn’t really mine though, I just kind of threw together all kinds of designs I saw and liked and crammed it all up into this out of both lazyness and tiredness :’D

I know I’m hanging behind on things, but I hope that you’ll (after a too long period of not posting any art lmao) like it~

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Tobirama as a dad? Throughout the years i guess

Tobirama Senju

•Ridiculously overprotective father, doesn’t matter at what age. Babyproofs the shit out of his house. Watches his baby like a hawk. Literally, the second the baby starts crawling, Tobirama loses it. There are so many ways a baby can hurt themselves??? Every little possible situation just gives him anxiety. He would rather keep the baby in the crib all day to completely avoid any potential accidents. Or when he’s holding his baby, he doesn’t let them crawl 2 feet away from him before pulling them back into his lap. He just worries too much. He’s not that good with babies tbh

•He’s always going to be busy with work, whether he’s Hokage yet or not. So it’s likely he won’t have much time for his newborn baby. It sucks, but that’s just how it is. It’s a big downside to Tobirama starting a family, because he’s married to his work at times. Which he quickly regrets, because he knows he needs to be there for his baby during their early years, and can’t leave everything to his s/o. His baby needs a father

•A lot of the time spent with his baby is Tobirama helping them learn to walk or talk. Basically helping them grow. Imagine Tobirama walking with his baby around the house, holding their arms up as they slowly stroll around. So cute

•As they grow older, Tobirama still tries to be there for them, but duty calls. The village is paramount. He’ll have his child with him at the office on slow days though, but they have to be careful not to mess with his paperwork or he gets annoyed

•It’s around this age that Tobirama will train them, if they wish to be trained. He’s just as hard on them as he would be one of his students, maybe even harder

•Tobirama can’t stand their “rebellious” teenage years. Or the phase where they might be distant and isolated, refusing to talk to their parents. Tobirama is so used to being on top of everything that the moment he thinks he’s not keeping thorough tabs on his kid, he gets all paranoid. HE JUST HAS TO MONITOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE THAT’S HOW HE IS. But his child can’t really get away with sneaking around anyway, since Tobirama supervises them at all times, even when he’s in his office. You’re not likely to get away from a sensor like Tobirama. He follows their movements wherever they go in the village because he knows their chakra so well. Is it a little maniac? Sure. But Tobirama gets that way when it comes to his family

•Oooo Tobirama would get into soooo many arguments with his kid if they really were the rebellious, stubborn type. If they have his genes, they’re bound to inherit that personality anyway, and they’re also prone to arguing. “Just like your father,” people would probably say. But Tobirama denies it. Would blame it on his s/o tbh, like “They get that from your side of the family”

•At the end of the day though, he knows he can’t be too hard on his kid. He wants them to grow up strong and rational, and to know how to make the right decisions, hence why he’s so tenacious with their upbringing. But you’ll often find him coming home from a long day at work, and wanting nothing more than to spend time with his child. When they’re younger, it’s picking them out of their crib and holding them in his arms. When they’re older, it’s coming into their room to check up on them, ask about their day, offer to train or spar. Which means a lot, since Tobirama rarely has free time. The fact he’s willing to spend that free time on family, and not catch up on work, says a lot


Sketches from the Fukigen na Mononokean Fanbook | Ashiya & Fuzzy Part

Quick translation of Wazawa-sensei’s comments in the bottom right pic: 

As I was wondering “What are fancy clothes like?!”, I drew Ashiya as an idol with some references from the magazines. Although as a casual practice, I would try doodling things in a way that I’ve never done before when I read magazines, (Ashiya) turned out looking like a completely different person that it wasn’t what I wanted. *laughs* Since changing the outfit will twist the image of the character, there isn’t any clothes I want him to wear in particular. But if I have to say… Maybe yukata?

See Ashiya & Abeno Part here

Please do not repost my scans~ 

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chalk art for bokuaka please?

“Akaashi, pass me the blue chalk?”

Wiping sweat from his forehead, Keiji complies. He’s been sitting out here under the sun for the better part of the afternoon, keeping Bokuto company. Bokuto insisted that they take advantage of the good weather, and managed to drag most of the team into it, too. Nobody knew where Bokuto got the chalk from, and none of them were invested enough to ask. So here they are, sweating and chalky, making a mess of the concrete by the nearest playground.

Keiji almost feels bad for the little kids that usually play here.

“Bokuto-san,” he says. “I think we should take a break.”

“I’m almost done!”

“You said that half an hour ago. Everyone’s already retreated under the shade.”

Bokuto makes a whining sound, head still bent over his drawing. His body is covering most of it. Keiji wipes his face again, glancing over the rest of the drawings. There’s a reason most of them stuck to sports instead of art clubs. Sarukui didn’t even try, he just wrote a poem from class. At least his handwriting isn’t half-bad.

“You’re going to get heatstroke, Bokuto-san.”

“Okay, okay! I’m done!”

Bokuto lays down the chalk, leaning back with pride. Despite himself, Keiji is curious, so he shuffles closer.

His captain has used almost all the colours they had, and his drawing stretched at least a couple feet. It’s slightly crooked, and some of the earlier corners are smudged, but it’s loads better than anything Keiji can ever do. His eyes widen. It’s a picture of a volleyball court, but more significantly, it’s a picture of them. The owls, mid-flight, on the battlefield they’ve dedicated most of their high school career to. Keiji swears he can see the volleyball moving.

“Bokuto-san,” he breathes. “This is beautiful.”

Bokuto grins up at him, eyes sparkling. “Yeah? I want everyone to know about us. Because we’re going to Nationals! And we’re going to win! We’re incredible!”

“I’m pretty sure only children that pass by on their way home will see this, Bokuto-san,” Keiji says, but he has his phone out, snapping a picture. For posterity. 

Because even he can’t deny the pride and relentless want to win, to be able to stand on that court, to follow Bokuto to victory. He’s going to make this picture a reality, whatever it takes.

Dating Jung Hoseok...

❝Next up, Hobi! ^^ based on this post by the lovely weaxedanger  ♥
►3167 words | scenario, fluff, this turned out longer than expected
© (photo credit)

More than often, when people ask hey, what do you love about him, anyway? There is a line-up choice of answers for you to choose from. Sometimes when you’re playful you’d answer I don’t know, when you’re contended and don’t really want to think much, everything, just all of him. But then when you’re staring at the wall in front of you, trying to export what’s in your mind to the papers sprawled out on the desk, one thing after another comes and soon, you have a list of what you love from the love of you and Jung Hoseok.

It would include a lot of laughing; and many, many kinds that you’re unable to make up sometimes but hey, you’re trying.

There’s the kind that makes you breathless, without a word to say because when you try to speak, all that comes out is laughter and it continues on for God knows how long. It could be something silly like how that actress looks like on screen, it could be Taehyung slipping and falling because of Jimin’s little tricks—anything. Your cheeks are red from the laughter, heated up from how hard you’re trying not to laugh and it’s harder when Hoseok’s grinning at you as he’s not too far from your situation and once more, you’re laughing again.

There’s the shy ones that makes you feel like a little high school girl. Maybe he didn’t do much or maybe he’s painted a night sky full of stars for you but either way, it leaves you chuckling quietly, giggling out of habit when he laces his fingers with yours or when he uses his forefinger to tuck strands of your hair behind your ear and then he can only chuckle in return after he whispers you’re pretty.

There’s the oh-fuck-I’m-screwed ones that usually, Hoseok’s emitting them. There are many possible scenarios to this but relating this to the latest one, it’s when he’s lazy and hungry, storming off to the kitchen with a soft cry of I’m hungry! He decides to break the kitchen apart just to find what he wants, he pulls out most of the snacks from the cabinets and places them onto the island, a mindset of I’m going to make the best snack ever and when he realizes it’s way too many items for him to combine them, it’s the wrong time for you to walk in when—“Jung Hoseok!”


It would include I love you—lots of ‘em, in different ways. If someone had to tell you that it’s impossible for a person to love you this much, you’d laugh because it’s happening to you. With Hoseok, there’s variations to the way he says he loves you to the point where there are too many to choose from to say which is your favorite.

It could be the one when he’s in overseas, somewhere across the globe, maybe in the country next to yours but regardless, he’s not home. He’ll ring you up sometime during the night, counting approximately as the clock strikes eleven at where you’re at before your phone rings. You’d answer after the second, he sighs before the third arrives and the conversation takes over from there. Exchanged words of I miss you, just a bit more, hang in there and the topics roll in once more. Then it’s time to hang up—he dreads for it, you do too—but it has to happen sooner or later. He hears you whispering something that makes his heart flutter and he does the same to you and it assures you a goodnight sleep—I love you.

It could be the one when he’s trying to coax up to you, maybe, after he’s made you mad? He’ll be following you everywhere and literally anywhere just to get you to notice him. He pokes your cheek, he tickles your sides, he whines into your ear, he presses his chest to your back and he leans in to whisper I’m sorry… but it doesn’t work just yet. He tries some more, saying that he’s wrong, he shouldn’t have said that and he seals the deal with those three words—and you return it with a kiss.

It could be the one when he’s done crushing your heart, the tears rolling down your cheeks before you can hold them back, your feet bringing you far, far away from him and his words before they hurt you even more. He only notices what he’s done when you’re running away from him, creating a bigger distance between the pair of you that it snaps in him before a voice says run after her, you fucking idiot and he does. He chases you down the block, he ignores the stares he’s possibly getting and he pins you in the alley before you can make another run for it. You’re crying when he pulls you in for a hug, he locks his grip around you when you try to escape and he presses against you tighter when you’re saying I hate you, I hate you, I fucking hate you but he mutes them out because his heart can’t take it—he’s not too sure which is paining him more, the fact he’s caused this, the fact you’re saying those words you’d never say or the fact that you’re having a hard time breathing but to prove a point, you’re still speaking. He gives you a few minutes, maybe five, maybe seven, maybe ten but when you’re quiet and at least you have your arms around him, he dips down to kiss the crown of your head, saying that he’s sorry and in the end, it’s I love you so much, I love you, please don’t run away from me.

It would include kisses; again, too many for you to pick which is the one you fancy most.

Ones on the neck; when it’s in the morning and you’re feeling lethargic despite waking up. You don’t make any effort to move from your spot, remaining motionless as you think what do I have to do today? You could get up and prepare breakfast, you could run some errands today but they’re all washed off from your mind when there’s a pair of lips against your neck, before his words are mumbled against your skin, “Good morning, beautiful lady.”

Ones on your cheek; when it’s time to say goodbye and he’s reluctant to let you go but you’re the one pushing him away. “You have to go,” You say, telling him that it’s for his own good before Namjoon comes with an irritated face again but he whines, clinging onto you, “But… but I…”

“You’ll see me later,” You assure him, poking his cheek and he sighs, hesitating to release his hold on you but then he does after you plant a kiss on his cheek and he does the same to you, over and over again until you’re smiling as bright as the sun and he’s satisfied before he bids you goodbye.

Ones on your hand; when the both of you are lazing on the sofa, not paying too much on what’s on the screen but it does let out some sound that acts as a background music from time to time if either of you has something to say. When no words are being exchanged except for the ones on the screen, he has the tendency to lift your hand up to his lips, pressing the back of your hand closer before he plants a kiss. Then it’s another conversation breaker when you ask what was that for? And his reply is casual, just felt like it.

Ones on your lips; when it’s departure time and neither of you can bear to let go of one another just yet. He hears the announcement being made through the speakers, blaring into his ears but he tries to hold it down for a bit more. He knows his members are about to use this against him sooner or later and he’s prepared for that, especially when you’re clutching onto him like he’s about to disappear and the fact that he is, it’s making your heart crumble. The second announcement is being made and it makes you conscious, stepping back and away from him that it’s unexpected as he blinks down on you. He frowns when you’re trying to smile, it aches him to see you fake something but it’s hard when you look beautiful.

“I-I’m sorry, I… you have to go,” You say, trying your best to sound stable but the both of you know, you’re not. He steps forward and frames your cheeks, lowering himself down to cover his lips with your own and it’s all you’re getting; five seconds of paradise before he pulls away. “You’ll see me later,” He says, stroking the under of your eyes in hopes you won’t cry but… no.

“In a few months is not later,” You argue, slapping his shoulder and he laughs when you do because now you’re genuinely smiling. “It is in my dictionary. So… later?” He questions, his eyes staring you down and you’re left to reply with “Later.”

It would include dance practices—and no, not because you dance; but because he knows you like staring at him when he dances. The way he moves to the beat, his arms and legs coordinating as one when the music plays and let’s not even mention to how he knows he’s the shit when he’s dancing. He’ll invite you in the moment you’re standing by the door and he makes sure you have the perfect view to see all of him to the point when he looks at the mirror to see your reflection, you’re trying hard not to break out into laugh because he knows you’re possibly staring at his butt.

It would include random yelling—really, with just, “Babe! Watch this!”

Or even, “Baby! Look at me! Hey… at me!

Probably, “I need your love! I need your time! Oh, you were listening? Okay—“

Including, “Please give me your attention before I go out and do something stupid…please!”

And then, “Babe!”

So you finally respond, “What?!”

“I love you.”

It would include smiles; discrete ones when he’s out with the members and you, for a meal, for a nice gathering out and let’s just say, he calls for the seat beside you whenever and wherever. Even in the restaurant when Taehyung has something to tell you and Hoseok’s in the bathroom, he magically appears out of nowhere to return to his seat and makes Taehyung sit on his lap as he listens along as well. As all of you are waiting for the food, he casually slips his hand in yours on the table and the rest of them are used to it but you’re not so you’re looking away in hopes he doesn’t notice that smile threatening to form but your red cheeks give it all away.

Happy ones when he puts his arm around you when the both of you go out for a stroll. Out to the park, down by the beach, in the shopping mall—it comes naturally and he does it all the time. It’s a sense of protection, safety and when you meet with his eyes, it’s love. He smiles at you when you do, you’re smiling wider when he says you’re pretty and he’s smiling the widest because he’s happy.

Threatening ones when he spots a guy, someone he doesn’t know talking to you in a way he shouldn’t be while he’s away. He only left for five minutes to get some cotton candy for you and this is what happens? He walks up to the pair of you, noticing how he’s shocked the latter and he wraps one arm around your waist before pulling you close, looking into your eyes as he asks, “Who is this sweetie? A friend?”

“N-No, he’s just—“

“Leaving, right?” Hoseok answers for you, turning to smile at the fellow who had just asked for your number, name and now, nothing when Hoseok looks like he can rearrange his face in five seconds. The guy swallows hard and says something between the lines of ‘look man, I didn’t know she was taken’ and Hoseok replies with something that makes his stomach churn to the point where he just runs and he runs fast.

Silent ones when it’s just the both of you, doing nothing and absolutely nothing. It’s him playing with strands of your hair, twirling it around with his fingers and you drawing shapes on his chest as he lets you use an arm as a pillow for you to rest on. He asks if you want to do anything today and you answer with a question like what do you want to do? And he says that he asks you first and you tell him so what that he gives up in asking. It’s lying down on the bed that becomes the activity and when he looks down on you the same time you look up to him with a shared smile—that’s enough.

It would include aegyo—a-oh my god-really; and he does it whenever he wants without hesitation. He could be surrounded in a room full of coordinators, his members, his manager but it doesn’t matter at all. He does something that’s worth a million toe curls and it makes the rest of the members feel alienated but you can handle it. He either puts both hands by the sides of his cheeks, rolling them a few times with an overdone squeaky voice to hook your heart or he pulls out the song, that freaking song that one plus one is—and the rest is getting comments from the boys that oh, it’s funny.

It would include feed me, please? Like how he displays it on television, videos, anything, it’s the truth and you’re the one confirming it when it’s reality at its best. When he’s hungry, he’s upset because he can’t eat but when he’s hungry around you it’s different. He appears over your shoulder when you’re trying to season the meat properly and you’ve not even begun in cooking yet that he puts his arms around you with, “Hobi’s hungry…”

So you try to nudge him off nicely, telling him, “I’ll be done soon, sweetie,”

But then it’s, “But… Hobi…”

“Here,” You hand him a bowl of grapes that are fresh and washed before he directs himself to the stool to sit as he eats, popping some into your mouth as well as you prepare dinner and when it’s done, he bursts out with, “Feed me meat!” And it’s those moments where you feel that you’re dating a five year old.

It would include hugs, his hugs; whether when it’s after a long day of work and you’re returning home. The bags drop from your hands when his arms meet your waist, his chest is smooth against your back and he lures you away from the door far enough until you’re settled on his lap and he kisses you to brush the stress and tension away that it works. Whether when it’s him feeling all tired and worn out as he crawls into bed to enter your embrace and you gladly feel his arms pulling you close as he buries his face in the space between your neck and shoulder. Hey, he says, hoarse and croaky from everything. Hey to you too, you say, warm and full of love that it feels like a million kisses are being peppered all over him. Whether when it’s out of pure joy as he sees you ahead of him that he runs up to you, picking you up and spinning you around to hear that beautiful laugh and when he does, he’s laughing because you’re really here and he continues to do so until crap, you’re wearing a dress. Whether when it’s for a temporary separation and he engulfs you with his hug, pressing his chin on top of your head and you grin, inhaling his scent as he whisper words of love and promises he’ll keep when he returns that altogether, it’s paradise.

It would include tears of joy as he lays his eyes on you after months of not being able to see you in full form, feel you around him and now when he is, his vision is blur and the grip he has on his bags loosen. He drops them within a heartbeat as you’re in front of him, looking fucking gorgeous and he’s at lost for words—not because he didn’t have them planned out, he forgot them the moment he saw you. You’re making the first move to approach him, holding his face in your hands as the tears fall from his eyes and he closes them because no, he can’t cry now, not now, not here in the airport but he is. He shivers under your touch as your fingers rubs his tears away and he can’t stop himself from crying as he yanks you for a hug and he hides his face in your neck. I miss you he confesses, crying. I miss you too, you admit, comforting.

It would include his voice when the aftermath arrives and God he sounds undeniably sexy. His skin is slick and sweaty against yours as he decides to roll you over, trapping you between his legs as he clamps you in and makes sure you feel his bare chest against your naked back. He decides to talk about anything and everything that pops into his mind and it makes you blush when in the middle of his speech, his voice changes and it’s suddenly deeper than usual. He feels you tense in his arms that he smirks, hovering over your shoulder to ask what’s wrong and you say nothing, before ushering him to continue. But then his hand slips somewhere that he previously was and he asks a question that acts like a switch just with—does my voice turn you on?

It would include good morning, goodnight when he’s not there to physically tell you that himself. In the morning when you wake there’s no one there to shower you with kisses, the bed is cold and there’s no reason for you to make breakfast because he’s not there to pester you to. But what does make you get up is when there’s a ding and you reach for your phone faster than you thought you would. ‘Good morning to my precious girl; here’s a picture of my beauty for you to appreciate!’ and it’s a picture of him posing beside a sculpture that you just know Taehyung’s the one taking the picture when it slips down to the right a bit. ‘Good night to my love; here’s a voice message and make sure you listen to this every night.’

And when you press play, he says nothing but I love you.

MikaYuu AU

Okay so MikaYuu AU.

Yuu and Mika meet on the battlefield where they first found out they were both alive. Yuu is still stunned that Mika is right in front of him, and a vampire as well. Yuu keeps questioning Mika “did you turn into a vampire because I left you behind?!” While Mika denies the accusations, he will ask Yuu, with glistening eyes showing how much pain he’s been through, “Yuu chan, please, abandon everything and escape with me!” Sounds common, right? Nope. Yuu says yes, “okay, but where will we go?” Mika replies: “uh… I.. I don’t know I didn’t think I’d get this far”

I thank @mikaxyuukittycats for helping me come up with this