this didn't go well but i really loved this scene

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aww those prom scenes omg poor jimin :( do you think you might draw more to that? i'm really curious about where jimin or jungkook ever told yoongi how it made jimin feel bad, and if/how yoongi tried to apologize for that. i love your art style so much ;u;

Jimin: Didn't you have a date?

Jungkook: I did but she didn't seem interested when we got there so she left.

Jimin: ah..well that makes two of us.

Jungkook: So what are you going to tell hyung?

Jimin: I’ll see…

Jungkook:…..I’ll help…

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I think Jonerys is going to be one of the most well developed romances in the history of this show. They are actuallh sharing vulnerable scenes together and talking about meaningful things. Seriously Dany didn't even have these upcoming intimate convos with Daario or even Drogo. They really are true love.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s so beautiful in every way and it means the world to me that the writing is taking the time to set it up. They are showing the objections to the relationship right out of the gate from the beginning, showing the negatives and pitfalls and tension so that they have to get over those hurdles. 

And then once those are behind them it only strengthens what they have and makes it more beautiful and meaningful. 

I love it. 

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: why did they kill off paul so soon? why didn't we get to see how jacob took care of paul? was it really necessary to kill one of them off before we saw their true love? do you think it was okay to kill off paul before jacob said he loved him? was it really necessary to make paul's last words be "i love you"? did you realize how much pain this was going to cause people? and why didn't jacob ever tell emma that he loved paul? why was it never specifically said? why did we only get two kiss scenes between them? why did you make me love them when they both had to die??????

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you have such a cute! if requests are open, may I request kageyama and his female s/o having a toradora moment? like that moment when taiga and ryuuji have their first kiss and taiga kept saying 'one more' so they kept kissing? may I request the same scene from that anime? (I'm really sorry if this is really really confusing! and if you didn't watch the anime Toradora you don't have to do this request!)

Okay, listen. If any of you haven’t watched Toradora yet, please do! It’s really fucking cute and you NEED TO WATCH IT. Like, don’t even read this. Go to some sort of website and watch it. Right. Now. Bless you, anon. I love that scene so much. I hope you don’t mind if I tweek it a little, just so it fits. I hope I did it justice!

The emptiness of the classroom as well as the orange haze from the sky made the room feel really nice. The silence was soothing, but at the same time embarrassing. You sat down on one of the desks. Kageyama stood in front of you with his fingers curled into his palms.

His lips shifted every so often, trying to make words come out. His cheeks flared a bright pink.

“Tobio, are you going to ask me yet?” you asked.

He was honestly a little shocked at how blunt you were, but responded with a stern look. His nature immediately calmed.

“I told you I would. Just– Just give me a second…”

You looked off towards the window, admiring the outside and it’s scenery. The both of you were two floors up, so you had a nice view of the campus, as well as the buildings outside of it. There were barely an clouds in the sky.

“Oi, pay attention,” Kageyama stepped closer.

You turned your head, his expression still trying to force a serious demeanor. You couldn’t help but laugh. It made him crack, his body stiffening.


“Yeah, I’m listening,” you spoke sweetly.

Kageyama took his time to speak. He breathed in slowly, then out, his eyes now focused onto your’s.

“(Name)-chan… I think we should get married.”

You couldn’t believe it.

“Married? We’re still in school, Tobio,” you murmured.

“I know that! But… There’s no other person I want. There’s only you… And I love you so much, (Name)-chan.”

The words were struggling to escape from his lips, but he pushed himself and even choked a little. You scooted a bit closer to where he was. The proximity of you was enough to cool him off.

He breathed again, placing a hand on your cheek. He really meant it, and you could tell by the look in his eyes. That little sparkle of interest, the intensity. Things you picked up after being around him for so long.

“Okay then,” you said bluntly.

“Huh? You’re okay with it?”

“I love you too, Tobio.”

“Don’t say that so carefree.”

“But you just did!” you pouted.

Another break of silence. This one seemed a little more unsettling. Maybe he was backing off his thoughts? You bit your bottom lip in the agonizing silence, finally relieved to hear him speak again.

“I did… Yeah,” he muttered.

His thumb pressed against your bottom lip, feeling it.

“We haven’t been dating for long… But I feel so strongly about this. Just… Just promise me, (Name)-chan?” he could barely speak now.

The nervous feelings were settling in, and it wasn’t just for you. Both you and Kageyama were in some sort of panic, as if you didn’t understand that the both of you wanted the same thing.

“I… I promise,” you whispered.

“Can I?”

You nodded your head, closing your eyes shut. You were squeezing them so tight, he figured you thought he was going to hit you or something. None the less, he leaned in, his lips pressing softly against your’s.

Kageyama’s lips were soft and almost girl like. He took good care of them. Lots of chapstick. Your face burned as you leaned in for more, but he was already gone.

“H-How was that?”

You wanted to respond, but your lips could barely move. The feeling you wanted back was too much for you to think properly. It was all you wanted.

“One more,” you pleaded.

He looked at you in surprise, but he wasn’t one to say no to you. He moved back down, the feeling of his lips against your’s coming back. Then gone.

“One more…” you could feel your heart beat out of your chest.

Kageyama came back faster this time, and kept it longer. His hand cupped around your cheek, moving stray hairs out of the way. His other arm curled around your waist and pulled you up from the desk.

You complied and grabbed at his shoulders to help keep your balance. Your mind becoming cloudy as your body tense and heat up with each soft kiss.

“One more… More…” you murmured against his mouth.

And he continued, now cutting you off with more of what you wanted.

“I love you, (Name)-chan,” he whispered.

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i really liked your meta for ep12, and you seem to understand the themes very well, so i thought maybe you could answer a question ive been having. why did victor choose to tell yakov he was going back to competition even though he still didn't know if yuuri was going to retire or not? like, why wasn't victor willing to retire alongside yuuri in order to stay by his side? it doesn't make any sense to me... victor loves yuuri so much but he's willing to choose skating over him????? help

He tells Yakov that because he’s trying to make a scene in front of Yurio to naturally spur the conversation into being about Yuuri, which is what he wants to get through to Yurio. Otherwise, there’s no reason he wouldn’t wait and bring it up after the competition. He says “get me in at nationals”, and Yurio’s natural reaction is, “wait you’re competing now, does that mean Yuuri is not?”  

Victor doesn’t want Yuuri to retire because he knows that it’s not what would make Yuuri truly happy. He knows that what’s speaking there is Yuuri’s anxiety and lack of self-worth and self-sacrificial nature and NOT that he thinks he’s really happy to be done with skating. Yuuri’s gone on about how he’s NEVER had fun skating like he has this season. Yuuri is at the top of his game. He’s never been a better skater. He’s so, so good now. He’s getting better. He’s enjoying and loving skating so much. He’s not ready to retire. He has so much more to do. He knows this. Victor knows it. But he’s Yuuri, and his mental illness is loud and strong and it overpowers him sometimes. 

Yuuri wants to retire because he thinks he’s holding Victor back from his competitive career and that he’s not good enough, doesn’t have much more to give the skating world, which is not the case. Victor is hoping that by implying he’ll come back after Yuuri completes the free skate he can fire up a competitive spirit in Yuuri, but when it doesn’t really seem to work, he goes to Yurio. 

Yuuri has just turned twenty-four and he’s only now really coming into his best skating, whereas Victor is about to turn twenty-eight. It’s absurd for Yuuri to give up his competitive career for Victor, and it wouldn’t make Victor happy anyway (and really is there any point in the episode where Victor shows actual excitement about returning to competitive skating? He’d absolutely not have done it if not for trying to get Yuuri back in it). But Yuuri sees his career as intrinsically less worthy than Victor’s. 

It’s not that Victor wouldn’t be willing to retire alongside Yuuri. I think episode ten made it clear that he was perfectly ready to give up competitive skating. It’s that he knows Yuuri well enough to know that retirement isn’t actually where Yuuri’s happiness lies, and that it’s only the dark, negative part of Yuuri telling him that it is. 

sing until your lungs give out - a collection of the coolest live bands and artists from this year

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01. action cat - gerard way 02. why do you hate me? - marmozets 03. smooth sailing - queen of the stone age 04. brainfreeze - decade 05. let’s kill tonight - panic! at the disco 06. i want out - young guns 07. figure it out - royal blood 08. ignorance - paramore 09. citizen erased - muse 10. run - the maine 11. tick tick boom - the hives 12. cold - blood red shoes 13. crying lightning - arctic monkeys 14. underdog - you me at six 15. this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race - fall out boy

a one time thing (and other untruths) (23/24)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

“She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: I submitted my grad school app and finished this fic so it’s been a pretty good week, I’d say? One chapter after this, then the epilogue. Probably be posting that stuff within the next couple of days? Endings are a Big Deal so I might sorta stare at it for a bit and move around commas and parentheses before posting, so I dunno when, exactly, it’ll be up. But I hope you guys like this chapter, at least. (Side note: I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time researching baby development, reading articles like ‘your baby at 6 weeks’ and whatever, but I know there are possibly, probably some inaccuracies and I apologize.)

(Shout out to swallowedsong for looking over this and stuff.)

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            She thinks she forgot this part.

            No, scratch that. She didn’t forget.

            It’s just that last time, she was so worried about everything else when it came to having a newborn that his not sleeping through the night was hardly the largest of her concerns.

            And boy does Aidan hate sleep.

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