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desim42 said: Hey Cassie! Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of people who have read Lord of Shadows notice that Julian seems to be headed down a dark path, maybe even one similar to Malcolm. Despite his ruthlessness, I don’t want to believe he could be evil or cruel, I feel that even despite his at times ruthless heart, his heart is the most caring of all. What is your take on the subject of Julian’s ruthlessness and the limits he will cross when under difficult circumstances.

ontheroadtodisaster said: Hi Cassie !!!! I love your writing and it did change my outlook on the world. Are we going to see the dark side of Julian in Queen of Air and Darkness even more than we already did in the first two books and will it ever, under any circumstance be directed at Emma? And please assure me that QoAD will end in a nicely, wrapped up way and definately not with a cliffhanger . (I would love you even if it doesn’t :-) )

It’s hard to answer this question without entering Ye Olde Realm of Spoilers. I will tread carefully and say what I can.

My take on Julian and his ruthlessness is that when we meet him at twelve, he isn’t like that. He’s a pretty gentle and ordinary boy. We watch him change due to the incredible stress and trauma of the Dark War, and the first time I think we see him do something ruthless, or at least something that requires some real steel and emotionlessness, is when he kills his Endarkened father to save his siblings.

Having the care of those siblings for so many years and basically raising them has made him ruthless in the sense that he’ll do anything for them. And though he may be overprotective sometimes, he’s stood between them and the world to good effect for a long time. Without him, his siblings would have been split up and scattered to the winds. They would all be deeply unhappy and shattered to one extent or another, especially Ty.

So unfortunately what Jules has learned is that ruthlessness is effective: it protects the ones you love. And what he’s learned from his losses in Lord of Shadows is that he should be more ruthless … not less.

Absolutely Julian has a caring and loving heart. It’s just that the circle of those he loves and trusts is small and he’s very very careful about giving love or trust to those outside it. He’s very clear to Emma that the world is us versus them as far as he’s concerned because that’s what his experiences have taught him. Would he turn off every parabatai bond in the world to protect his siblings? Would he kill, and what would it cost him: would he only kill the guilty, or also the innocent? 

Julian will definitely be faced with incredibly difficult choices. But keep in mind how his story differs from Malcolm's—Malcolm loved one person above all others, and in some ways isolated himself, even from his friends. Julian has never been able to do that. He’s too full of love for his family, for Emma, for Diana. He’s connected to his community in a way Malcolm wasn’t. Whatever paths Julian takes in the future, he has to reconcile those decisions with the love he has for his family and friends. Is Julian capable of cruelty and manipulation? Absolutely. But he’s also capable of great love and gentleness.

As for his ruthlessness being directed at Emma, he would never be violent or cruel to her or his family. It’s just not his nature, or the nature of his darkness.

QoAaD is a work in progress, so I can’t speak to specifics about the ways in which Julian’s ruthlessness comes out or how it affects the story. What I will tell you is that Julian uses some…unorthodox methods to deal with his emotional state.

Queen of Air and Darkness will wrap up the plot of TDA and be a satisfying end to the series. Some mysteries will be left unresolved and taken up again in the Wicked Powers, but TDA is written as a trilogy, and will be self contained as such. 

purpleeggspy  asked:

Clingy sasuke are so cute, please mke another story about cligy sauce 🙏🏻😩💜

when sasuke is only a little bit better, he insists that he go out to train or have lunch with naruto or partake in his limited number of hobbies. sakura tells him not to but he says he’s fine and so she let’s him do what he wants, waiting at home for him to come back whining that his head hurts and that he feels terrible and admitting that he shouldn’t have left, just like she said. 

“so what did you learn?”

trying to get back on her good side, sasuke tries to look pathetic under the blanket drawn up to his chin. “that my wife is the smartest woman in the world?” he replies, his voice scratchy.

“wrong answer. that’s common knowledge.”

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hatakefran  asked:

RFA + V + Saeran breakup with MC? Make it as angsty as possible, yes?

Name spoiler in 707′s


  • You noticed him becoming a bit more distant with you, but you never thought he’d actually dump you.
  • “MC… I just…… It’s not working out. I don’t feel the same way about you now that I did when we first met.”
  • “What…?”
  • He was quiet for a moment, but then he said those words that you were so scared to hear.
  • “We should break up.”
  • “A-Are you sure…?”
  • He brought his arms closer to the rest of his body, then nodded.
  • “Yes. This relationship isn’t working. I don’t love you like I used to and I think you deserve better than that. It’d be better for both of us if we stop seeing each other like this.”
  • When he saw the tears in your eyes, he added, “I hope we can still stay friends.”
  • You gasped. You love him. You love him so fucking much. You’d never want to loose your best friend, but he just broke your heart without any regret? And? He wanted to stay friends??
  • “Hyun….” You couldn’t think of what to say. You were too focused on not crying, but failed in the end. Once the tears started coming, they didn’t stop.
  • “B-But…..” For a little bit, you both sat there. “I love you….” You said quietly, knowing how pathetic you must sound to him.
  • “I know.. I ju-”
  • “You know!? Then how the hell are you so emotionless while saying this? If you want to ‘stay friends,’ how the hell can you break my heart and not care?!”
  • Zen only stared at you. You’d never yelled at him before, and he’s never seen you cry so hard. Sometime during your outburst, your hands ended up on top of the table. Zen’s fingers lightly brushed against yours after he saw that your hands were shaking, but you quickly jerked away from him.
  • “If you wanted to be my friend, you wouldn’t hurt me like this.”
  • When you got back to Rika’s apartment that night, you couldn’t stop crying. You never really liked staying there in the first place, but now that you were there because you couldn’t sleep in Zen’s bed, it felt even worse.
  • Jumin let him have it.


  • You weren’t about to let some sloppy kiss Yoosung shared with some random at a party destroy your relationship with him.
  • You knew he was a lightweight, so he got drunk pretty quickly. People do stupid shit when they’re drunk. You remember Zen telling you about one time you got really drunk and gave him a lap dance.
  • But one night as the two of you sat together to eat your takeout, you asked him about it.
  • “MC, you know I’d never try to hurt you, right?”
  • “Yoosung…. Of course, but-”
  • “Then you know that I didn’t kiss them to hurt you… and I’m not trying to hurt you with what I say next.”
  • “Wha-”
  • “MC, I want to break up.”
  • “O-oh.”
  • He refused to make eye contact with you for a bit, but when his hands balled into fists and he brought his face up to look at you, your face was blank. You were too shocked to react.
  • “MC…?”
  • “Why?”
  • “We’re different people than when we met. We don’t get along as well anymore and… I don’t know… I just don’t feel like we work out together. I’m not happy like this.”
  • Your thumb began to play with the ring on your left hand.
  • “You don’t love me anymore..?”
  • “No, MC. I just-”
  • “It’s fine.”
  • He wasn’t able to say what he wanted, because for some reason, his brain wouldn’t attach to his mouth. He just sat there stuttering as you cried.
  • “I’ll be back in a while I guess.”
  • “MC, I’m not kicking you out. You should s-”
  • “Trust me, you don’t want to be under the same roof as me for a while.”
  • You knew there was a limit to your calmness, and you preferred to not let him see you when that limit was reached.
  • You slowly unlocked the front door, but turned around to grab his hand before you walked out. You slipped the ring that you’d taken off of your finger into his hand, and closed his fingers around it.
  • You didn’t want to burden anyone, so you figured that going back to Rika’s apartment was your best bet.
  • You couldn’t stop wondering what you did wrong. What you could have done to make him so unhappy with your relationship.
  • When you looked down and saw the naked part where your ring was for so long, the tears started up again. You had a tan line where the ring sat; that’s how long you were engaged. How long would it take for it to go away?
  • When you woke up in the morning, you didn’t have the energy to do anything besides stare at the ceiling.
  • After a few hours of not moving, you finally reached for your phone.
  • Nobody was online, so you figured it’d be best to see what you missed now, rather than have to talk to people.
  • As soon as you logged on, Yoosung did the same
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC! I’m so glad you’re on!”
    • Yoosung ☆: “When are you coming back home?” 
    • MC: “No.” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “No?” 
    • MC: “No.” 
    • ~707 has entered chatroom~ 
    • 707: “…” 
    • 707: “Why are you at the apartment, MC?” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC, can you call me please?” 
    • MC: “No.” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “No?!” 
    • MC: “No.” 
    • 707: *??? emoji* 
    • 707: “Lover’s quarrel?” 
    • 707: “Is MC back on the market? lolol” 
    • MC: “Ya”
    • 707: *shocked emoji* 
    • MC: “I got dumped lolol” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC, it wasn’t like that!!” 
    • MC: “lol it doesn’t matter whether it was “like that” or not.” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “???” 
    • MC: “You shouldn’t have proposed to me if you ever had any doubts about it. If you were ever going to take it back,” 
    • MC: “You should have thought about it a little better.” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC…” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “I’m going to call you… Please answer” 
    • MC: “lol” 
    • MC: “No.”
    • MC: “If you weren’t ready to try to talk it out and fix it last night, I’m not sure that a couple hours is going to make a difference.”
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC, please.”
    • ~MC has left the chatroom~
    • Yoosung ☆: *angry emoji* 
    • Yoosung ☆: “Seven, I messed up.”


  • About a year after you started your business with Jaehee, your cafe stopped doing so great.
  • Every time you wanted to buy something that wasn’t food or some other 100% necessary thing, it was “not in budget.”
  • You understood Jaehee’s logic, but if it was going to create so much tension, maybe you guys should just cut your losses and close the cafe.
  • “Ugh, MC….” Jaehee sat with you at a table, surrounded by papers and a calculator. “I think we need to end this.”
  • You let out a soft sigh and began to get up from the table.
  • “You’re right. We can come back to this in the morning with fresh minds.”
  • “No, I mean permanently.”
  • You immediately put your butt back into the chair. “Oh.”
  • “And,” She sighed and pushed some hair out of her face. “Not, just, the business….”
  • “What…. What are you trying to say?”
  • “I think we need to cut our losses with this business and with this relationship.”
  • “Ah… I understand the cafe, but… I personally thought the relationship was going pretty well.”
  • “Well… MC, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to try to repair this relationship. I’ve lost interest in you. I hope you can find someone better suited to you.”
  • You let out a little laugh, trying to cover up your devastation.
  • “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me! Jaehee, we’ve been through so much shit together and you’re dumping me? Like nothing? Regardless of what state our business is in, we started it together! Does all of that mean nothing to you now?”
  • “MC, I’m not undermining anything you’ve done for me or anything we’ve been through together. I’m just no longer interested! Please understand what I’m trying to say.”
  • “What you’re trying to say is that once things stop working out for you, you want to drop it all and run. I thought that I was important to you.”
  • “That’s not-” She brought her hands up to rub against her temples. “You’re taking this to an extreme that I never meant for it to come to. Perhaps we should just get some rest and come back to this when we’re not so tired and frustrated.”
  • “Do you think that you’ll feel differently about it when we do come back to this?”
  • “Uh,” She wanted to entertain the idea to avoid seeing you too hurt, but she didn’t want to lead you on and hurt you worse. “no, MC. This is something I’ve thought about. I wouldn’t say something like this without having given it a lot of thought. It’s not anything that we can repair. I’m simply not interested in being with you anymore.”
  • “Shit. Alright. Okay. That’s- That’s bullshit, but okay. We can figure out what to do with the cafe and everything else in the morning.” You leaned back in your seat, rubbing your eyes, trying to keep your tears in.
  • “MC-”
  • You quickly wiped a tear off your face. “I’m fine.” You sniffed a bit. “Go to bed. I’ll sleep out here.”
  • You made your bed on the couch, but you couldn’t stop the tears.
  • After about an hour, you got desperate. You opened up the alcohol cabinet, grabbed whatever had the highest alcohol percentage, and went to town.
  • At some point during the night, you got too hot and wanted to go outside for some fresh air, but ended up calling Seven in a drunken haze.
  • He listened to you cry for half an hour before you fell asleep on the floor outside.
  • Jaehee had to literally pick you up and drag you back inside after she realized that you weren’t sleeping on the couch.


  • Jumin started reverting to the way he used to act when you first met him, but it felt like such a severe change because of how quickly it happened.
  • He just sort of dropped it after dinner one day.
  • “MC, I’m breaking up with you.” were his exact words.
  • “W-what?”
  • “Do I really have to repeat myself?”
  • “N-no. I just… Why?”
  • “I think we can both find better people. People who better suit our needs.”
  • “Are you saying that I don’t suit your needs?” He only shrugged. “Fuck, are you serious??”
  • “Of course I am. Why would I say something like this if I wasn’t serious?”
  • “What- Why are you being like this??”
  • “Being like what,MC?”
  • “Like… Like a cold, emotionless douche! Jumin, I know that you’re not a robot and I know that you’re not an asshole, so why are you acting like this?”
  • “MC, I’m still a bit lost.”
  • “Jumin, you know damn well that you’re breaking my heart.”
  • “That was not my intention-”
  • “Shut the fuck up. You knew what you were doing the moment you even thought about breaking up with me.”
  • He started to talk over you, probably just to try to get you to lower your voice. He only made you louder in the process.
  • “You know that you can’t force me to love you, MC?”
  • “Obviously. But would it kill you to show some emotion?! Or at the very least stop acting like you don’t understand what’s going on!”
  • “I’m being completely honest with you, MC. I don’t know why you’re making this such a big deal.”
  • “You don’t know wh…. Did you ever actually love me? I guess I’d understand if your feelings just faded, but is there not even a little sliver of emotion you still hold for me, Jumin?” He didn’t say anything.
  • “Oh my god.” You let out a laugh as tears began to stream down your face. When he saw you crying, his frown became a bit more genuine, but he did nothing to try to comfort you. “Oh my god.”
  • You grabbed your coat and started walking towards the door.
  • “Where the hell are you going?”
  • “Do you really care, Jumin??”
  • “Of course-”
  • The door slammed in his face.
  • You couldn’t help but sob as you passed the security guards and completely dismissed Driver Kim as he offered you a ride to wherever you were set on going.
  • You stopped by a gas station and grabbed a bottle of cheap Vodka, then went over to Rika’s apartment in hopes that you could crash there for a bit.
  • You already had a six missed calls from Jumin when you finally got around to checking your phone, and the chatroom notifications were going off like crazy.
  • You took a couple of drinks straight out of the bottle, immediately hating yourself for it.
  • After an hour, you lost a game of will and went into the chatroom that was currently going.
  • Zen and Jumin were fighting, presumably over the current situation involving you. 
    • ~MC has entered chatroom~ 
    • MC: “You two aee really goin at it huh?”
    • ZEN: “MC, you’re okay!” 
    • Jumin: “I presume you got to your destination safely?” 
    • MC: “Safely” 
    • MC: “Ya” 
    • MC: “Like u rly care tho lol” 
    • Jumin: *… emoji* 
    • ZEN: “So now that you’re both here and we know that MC is okay… An explanation please?” 
    • Jumin: “I already told you. MC took something I said too far. It’s just a case of her being overly dramatic.”
    • Jumin: “Everything will be okay again in the morning, I’m sure.” 
    • MC: “I got fuvkign dunped lolol” 
    • MC: “That’d what happpened” 
    • MC: “I’m not beinh overly dramatic,” 
    • MC: “Cold n douchey Jumin is bavk. Zen, u reserve the right ti complaain.” 
    • ZEN: “MC are you drunk?” 
    • MC: “lol ye” 
    • Jumin: MC, you are safe, right?” 
    • MC: “ye” 
    • ZEN: “Seriously MC, you’re safe?” 
    • MC: “I’m at hte apartnrnt.” 
    • MC: “RikAs” 
    • ZEN: “Good. Don’t leave. If you’re too drunk to type properly, I don’t want you around men like that.” 
    • Jumin: “MC, please don’t do anything stupid.” 
    • MC: “sh.” 
    • MC: “If u nevr cared abt me before, u don’t get to stary now” 
    • ZEN: “Dude” 
    • ZEN: “Did you seriously say that you don’t care about her?” 
    • ZEN: “Of course I didn’t.”
    • MC: “I asked n he didn’t answr” 
    • MC: “Silence = confirfmantion” 
    • MC: “Anyway” 
    • MC: “I’m feelinf a liiitle sleepy” 
    • MC: “See u later”
    • ~MC has left chatroom~
  • Chatrooms and RFA parties were definitely awkward after that because you two never actually made up.
  • The whole thing just hovers over everyone’s shoulders and they try their best to ignore it.


  • He started acting really weird out of nowhere.
  • Just, one day he wasn’t comfortable with you touching him and he stayed as far away from you as possible.
  • It scared the shit out of you because everyone remembers the last time he tried to push you away, 
  • One day, he told you that he thinks you should move back into Rika’s apartment, just for a little while. He said he wanted to “take a break.”
  • “For… how long?”
  • “I don’t know.”
  • “So… You’re just.. Kicking me out and you don’t know for how long?”
  • “MC, don’t make it like that.”
  • “I’m not making it like anything. I’m asking for clarification. Is this a permanent thing?”
  • “If it is?”
  • “Then I’d like to fucking know, dude!”
  • “God, okay. I was trying figure out if we should separate permanently. That’s why I wanted something temporary; so I could think! But with the thinking I’ve gotten done lately, a permanent breakup is what it’s looking like.”
  • “You…. You’re fucking kidding?”
  • He didn’t give much of a response. He only shrugged.
  • “Are you…. Is this not even difficult for you?! Why have you been so desperate to get away from me lately??”
  • You could tell that he was struggling with something and trying to keep his emotions under lock, but he wasn’t doing very well at it.
  • “Don’t you want to try to work this out instead of pushing me away?? What we have is too valuable to just throw away!”
  • “I agree with you, MC. That’s why I said I wanted time.”
  • “Saeyoung, we have to talk this out and work together. Pushing me away for the sake of ‘more time’ is not going to help…. But you should know that.”
  • “Why are you trying to fight me on this?”
  • “Why am I trying to…..? Saeyoung!? Because I love you! I don’t want you to push me away again!”
  • “I don- Too bad. Go home.”
  • “Home? This is home.”
  • “No it’s not.” His tone got firmer and he turned away from you. “Go. Home.”


  • The relationship the two of you established together was never the best.
  • He was too caring to tell you that he wasn’t satisfied with you, but you could always tell. 
  • During an argument one night, he let it slip that he could never love you as much as he loved Rika.
  • Your expression went blank and he was suddenly scurrying to fix his mistake, but you weren’t having it.
  • “I just can’t believe that you’re really that dissatisfied with me… If you could really never love me as much as I love you, why did you ever lead me to believe it?! Why didn’t you ever decide that maybe giving me this false hope was a bad idea??” You were on the verge of tears and you’d forgotten what you were arguing about before.
  • He kept trying to climb out of this hole that he’d dug himself into, but there was no way to fix this.
  • “You’re right…. You’re right and I’m so sorry.”
  • “You can’t apologize your way out of this one, V.”
  • “Then I won’t. MC, I’ve lead you on for too long already. I hope you understand that I never meant to do this maliciously; I really hoped that stronger feelings would develop. I’ll stop leading you on right now.”
  • “So, are you breaking up with me?” He nodded. “Thanks. It took long enough.”
  • You left his house before you started crying too hard, after he was done trying to convince you to not do anything regrettable, and thought of where to go. Your actual home was a good option, but there was so much to do in Rika’s apartment.
  • Once you got to the apartment, you entered the chatroom currently going with Seven, V, and Yoosung.
    • MC: “Seven, do me a favor?”
    • 707: “What can I do for you, MC?”
    • MC: “Turn off the special security system for me.”
    • V: “MC? Come back to my place. We can talk. I told you not to do anything you’d regret.”
    • MC: “I kept out of the shit in this apartment out of respect for you, Jihyun.”
    • MC: “I’m sick of the secrets and I’m sick of the lies.”
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC, you should stay out of Rika’s stuff. She had the security system put in place for a reason.”
    • 707: “Yeah. MC, I can’t turn off the special security system. You know that.”
    • MC:“Well I’m not gonna let that stop me.”
    • 707: “MC, you know what happens if you open the drawers.”
    • 707: *explosion photo*
    • MC: “Yes.”
    • MC: “Are you turning it off or not?”
    • 707: “MC, I can’t.”
    • MC: “Okay.”
    • V: “MC, just come back. I’m sorry. I’ll come pick you up.”
  • Seven immediately got an alert on his phone and computer, stating that the Special Security System had been activated.
  • A few seconds after that, he heard an explosion come from a few miles away, and then emergency vehicles after that.
    • 707: “I can’t believe she actually did it.”


  • “You’re boring. You can’t give me what I want. I don’t know why the Savior wanted you here. Why did I want you here?”
  • As he began to walk past you, tears began to well up in your eyes. You’d gotten used to the emotional abuse by now, but something about this was different.
  • “You used to be exciting, MC. You used to be obedient and beautiful, but now…. I have no use for you now, MC.”
  • “W-what? What is that supposed to mean?” Your hands were shaking.
  • “Ah, now that’s what I like to see. Too bad you waited this long….”
  • “Saeran, what are you talking about?”
  • “I’ve grown tired of you. But don’t look so sad. I’m sure The Savior will have some use for you. You may still prove to be a great asset to Mint Eye.”

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Data and Geordi hanging with a Science officer that cracks jokes all the time. Geordi laughs a lot, obviously, but Data is confused. Until one day, he gets his emotion chip… and then he starts laughing out of the blue, because “the banana was a-peel-ing, Geordi!!” and “They wanted to go on a Date-ah, haha! Oh.” 

Requested by Anon~

“Y/N, tell me when the plasma temperature exceeds the recommended limits.” Geordi said, his attention never wavering from the console.

You gave a short nod. “It’s still well under the-”

The explosion of laughter from the next console over interrupted your sentence. Both you and Geordi looked over, only to find that Data was the one laughing. His head was thrown back, nearly cackling with a hand on his belly. It wasn’t until Geordi said his name did Data sober up, looking over with a grin. “A-peel-ing!” He exclaimed.

Geordi frowned while you cocked your head. “Data…?”

“The joke you told two years, four months, and eleven days ago.” He replied, holding back more laughter. “The banana was a-peel-ing. I understand it now!”

Daehyun is just amazing okay!

During the Vlive he did in Washington he was talking about how he wants to work hard to become a better musician, and how it’s not fun for him unless he pushes himself to the limit. Daehyun works so freaking hard! He’s now got three solos under his belt(possibly four if you count dark light from his Instagram…five if you count that “You” also has a k version)! His voice continues to improve as do his live performances! I’m honestly so excited to see how far he’ll go. I’m also waiting for a solo album….gimme dat!

Crutchie, Cursed: Chapter 1

So, here’s the first chapter of an Ella Enchanted AU that I accidentally fell in love with. A couple people seemed interested, so here’s the start of it. Basically, what happened is I started rewatching that movie last night and kept thinking how Newsies characters could fit in here. And then I texted my roommate and she just said, “Go for it, Ostrich.” I went for it. 

Also, as a side note, I have read the book, but back when I was in elementary school or junior high, so I have no memory of it. In other words, this will mostly be based around the movie. Which, also means that there will be some movie quotes in here because some of that dialogue is just too perfect to neglect. Plus, I have changed a couple of the scenes, settings, etc. It will all make sense, trust me. Do tell me how you like it, though! Reblogs and comments will encourage me to finish the next chapter sooner!

It wasn’t as if Crutchie hated his life. No, that wouldn’t be fair to say. There were lots of aspects of his life that he absolutely loved. His godmother, Medda, for one. His best friend, Katherine, of course. The fact that he was passing all his community college classes and had even managed to be recognized in his speech and debate class—although that was probably due to all of Katherine’s help—were definite pluses. Really, everything made his life just fine, all added together.

“Hey, crip! Get down here!”

Except, no, his life was not all that great, despite the smiles he faked. Years ago, Crutchie’s father died and his mother, a rather forgetful, hapless woman, never seemed to truly understand the impact of his death on her son. Sure, she had held him close and promised that everything would be okay. Crutchie wondered if she ever meant the promise, or if it had just been something nice to say to her hurting son. Only a couple months ago, she had remarried to a small, shriveled man by the name of Wiesel. She had explained that he had the money that their family needed, and, as much as Crutchie appreciated the full cupboards and the warm, plentiful meals, he almost wished they could go back to the time when he had gone to bed hungry, but had been happy. When it was just the two of them. Or, rather, when it was the three of them, and Crutchie had never foreseen the dark storms and heavy grief ahead of him.

“Move slower, ya stupid crip, I dare you!”

Wiesel had brought his two sons along with him: Oscar and Morris. While Morris tended to be quiet and brood in the corner of the room, a small black book in hand—Crutchie suspected it to be a collection of Poe’s poems, after he heard Morris mutter something about a sepulchre by the sea—and a quick frown for Crutchie whenever he entered the room, Oscar was more vocal with his dislike towards his new stepbrother. Both stepbrothers looked remarkably similar. They had dark brown hair and sported twin sneers, especially whenever Crutchie was present.

“I’m coming,” Crutchie said, trying to force his suddenly leaden limbs to move faster.

That was the other problem. Upon his birth, a benevolent—though, Crutchie wasn’t sure he quite agreed with that terminology—fairy granted him the gift of obedience. Which meant that Crutchie was stuck obeying every small command uttered around him. It had led to all sorts of unfortunate experiences, including, but not limited to, the time he punched a bully, the time he ate a worm, and the time he couldn’t tell anyone about the mean kids that teased and bullied Katherine for her big books and owlish glasses.

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I know this is hella weird but it's the same anon as the don't die on me or (something along those lines) WHICH WAS AMAZING AGSFDHDJE B U T,,, Can I request RFA + V + Saeran reacting to an MC who killed someone purposely and they see the bloody body or something,,, (omg and she asks if they could help her out) like would they be scared and still call the police or would they stick to MC? Its fine if you feel uncomfortable with this request it's pretty out there. ~Dylan

oh, hey again, thank you for coming back! ahhh I’m glad you liked the last drabble thingy\ ˚▽˚ / 

and yeah, this is a pretty out there request, but hohoho i’m gonna do it! I hope you like this one too^^ feel free to ask for as many as you want!!

[tw: mentions of death and blood  ]

….ok so, loopholes. ¯\_(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯  also seven’s is short, i apologize;;


  • the label director zen was signed under got to mc’s last nerve 
  • he had to go, they were going to limit him so much! not only in their relationship but his acting! and they were going to leak more about his past?? no on mc’s watch 
  • but then they call zen over because Regret 
  • “i’m sorry, what did you do? was it an accident?” when they say no he’s literally about to have a mental breakdown 
  • but mc looks like they regret it and are about to start crying, “zen, help”
  • zen is so thankful he doesn’t believe in god right now 
  • here comes a plan! it wasn’t at the apartment, but near the sidewalk between these two buildings 
  • he pulls mc into a hug and whispers “just let me do all the talking, okay babe?” 
  • calls 911 and puts on his Actor Voice™ on and tells the operator he and mc found a dead body 
  • when the police come and ask about the blood mc, zen tells them she tripped and fell on it, which is how they found out 
  • oh look, they bought it
  • they don’t leave the house for at least 2 days and they both have nightmares for almost a month..they also cuddle a lot 


  • this one panics understandably 
  • they were in the parking lot of a convention and this one asshole who had been both picking on yoosung and making advances towards mc got in the way of their car (mc: :)) ) and by advances i mean the rly bad kind
  • “oh no~ yoosung, i need your help” “how am i going to help here, mc? i can’t call the police-” 
  • mc, who somehow is still calm, tells him yes, he can. 
  • “listen, just give me the phone when you call” “..ok mc”
  • when they get an answer, mc switches their tone to nervous and scared
  • yoosung is lowkey impressed 
  • they hang up eventually and give yoosung’s phone back
  • “we’re not in trouble, the police are going to ask a bit of questions, but it was an accident”
  • now he’s terrified because did mc just…get away with murder? 
  • decides to repress it 


  • mc really thought they weren’t going to get caught
  • but jaehee went out to the back of the cafe to check them and almost screamed
  • mc covered her mouth 
  • “mc!” she whisper-yells “what did you do?! why did you? oh my god-”
  • “wait, jaehee, look who it is.” 
  • “is that….that same person who threatened to destroy the cafe and us last week?” geez ams, what are you putting the cafe through?
  • they nod
  • “oh my god” 
  • eventually decides to help
  • is the one who rearranges the scene to make it look like they had no idea
  • both she and mc talk to the cops and its like a mad libs story they have the same plot to 
  • this is never going to happen again


  • mc totally snapped at this reporter who was following around for a month
  • so they were like “i’m just going to kill them”
  • but then it worked
  • they panic and tell jumin when he gets home
  • he is Shocked but also immediately has a plan 
  • tells all the guards to leave he and mc alone for like an hour 
  • they’re used to this and leave asap its usually for ~sexy times~
  • but this is not sexy
  • they position the body at the end of some stairs (turns out jumin has like a trapdoor in the penthouse and they put it there for it to lift up when mc passes by 
  • mc acts like the reporter was still following them until they reach the end of those stairs it was really only like a few minutes, they pretended to leave them and jumin’s room
  • the police are called and it was determined the reporter fell 
  • no reporters are allowed near mc anymore 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • so it was for this one guest who was…making mc uncomfortable
  • this guy was probably there when it happened and came up with a plan in advance 
  • he doesn’t even call the police, he just hacks into the person’s records and now their dead
  • died from a heart attack, apparently
  • he and mc act surprised along with the rest of the rfa when word gets out 
  • no one has to know
  • no one else knows
  • they “celebrate” with honey buddha chips

v / jihyun

  • why would you put this man through this?
  • some weird mint eye supporter that wasn’t saeran was going after mc
  • they broke into mc’s apartment and mc had no choice really
  • no question would stick by mc and take blame for them if they ask
  • but they don’t 
  • they ask him for a story they could tell
  • he was surprised, but also…has the perfect idea
  • jihyun “i don’t know how to explain this so the body is in the ocean now” kim 
  • they tell no one 
  • seven found out, though because of the camera 
  • “you know you could have just…vouched for self-defense, right?”
  • yeah, ok smarty-pants, but when you’re in a panic, the body goes into the ocean
  • please don’t do this to him again, mc


  • it didn’t matter who it was to saeran
  • it didn’t matter what they did, either
  • he probably gave mc the tools they needed
  • also knew the perfect place to hide a body
  • and came up with the perfect story
  • no, he didn’t force mc to do anything, but he does have all the details covered
  • cops? what cops?
  • not when saeran also hacked into the person’s records 
  • take that, dead person
  • if mc feels guilty afterwards, he shares a blanket with them and tells them that if they felt like they needed to do that, the person deserved it
  • and that if anything really did come up, he’d take the blame for them 
  • so mc doesn’t bring it up again
What IS Black Face?

This is a (loose) transcript of my youtube video

Hey Guys, it’s Kat and I’m here to talk to you about BLACK FACE.

In light of recent controversies, the YouTube community has taken to calling out problematic youtubers. I’m a huge fan of this as I’ve seen very popular youtubers profit from the perpetuation of things like sexism, racism and transphobia.

Now, let me start out by saying this: I don’t blame most people for not understanding the implications and the history of black face. Growing up being taught a whitewashed version of history a lot of the atrocities that came from racism in this country have been down played and in a lot of cases completely removed from text books.

Black face is something that not only manifested on small back alley southern stages, It was and still is international. It was on Broadway, The Silver Screen and even has a long history in Music.

It’s a part of our culture a lot of people want to ignore, but I believe we need to talk about because it DOES still impact black people to this day.

Blackface is something that was so popular that there are several children’s cartoons that feature black face characters.

In this video we’ll be focusing on Warner Brother’s Snow White Parody, Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs.

Bob Clampet’s Coal Black and Sebben Dwarfs is 1 of 11  Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies films that were censored in 1968 called the censored Eleven

I’ll be using characters in this film to frame racist some archetypes commonly found in Black Face productions.

First we’ve got the Evil Queen. The evil Queen in this film portrays the most popular of the black stock character,The Mammy.

The Mammy archetype is morbidly obese and often portrayed with large breasts. Despite these breasts she is seen as sexually undesirably, in fact she’s regarded as quite traditionally masculine in her demeanor.

In Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs she is in fact voiced by a man.

The Mammy is illiterate, loud and violent towards her own children, yet welcoming and warm towards the white children she was made to wet nurse.

The mammy will bake a plate of warm pancakes for white soldiers but feed her children scraps.

Then we’ve got So White who in the title is referred to as Coal Black. So White is the Jezebel.

The Jezebel is hypersexualized. She is seen as the polar opposite of a proper white woman. She exemplifies the idea that black women are more sexually available. She is portrayed as immoral, ditsy and willing to accept and appreciate any sex that comes her way, be it by her own will or by force.

So White is lusted after by every man in the film and never quite settles for one.

Then we have Prince Charming who in this story is Prince Chawmin. Prince Chawmin is the Zip Coon.

The Zip Coon adorns himself with proper clothing and is arrogant in his demeanor. Despite dressing like a wealthy man, his lack of intellect undermines him. He is portrayed as essentially a man who is putting on airs. Not quite being able to maintain an air of high class, he is seen and treated like an animal in man’s clothing.

Finally, we have the Sebben Dwarves.
They are the Sambo.

The Sambo are pickininines, unkempt black children usually depicted as having knotted hair and large lips that can often be seen gulping Watermelon.

Sambo are often depicted as foolishly placing themselves into dangerous situations. Most popularly hanging from trees playfully as tigers roar at them from below. They’re also popularly seen near swamps near alligators and affectionately referred to as “alligator bait”.

This is only scraping the surface of black face characterizations overall. At the time this film was produced (1942), it was considered to be quite progressive considering the inclusion of black voice actors as well as musicians.

You can watch the full version of the film here

So why is blackface harmful?

Blackface is harmful because these characters and these stereotypes were created by white people as a means of defining and dehumanizing black people.

Blackface is to African Americans as Traditional Shakespearean theater was to women. Black people were not allowed to perform on the same stage as white performers.This means that whenever there was a black character in production, black actors were not cast. Instead they opted for white actors in black face.And these black characters were never meant to be portrayed as sympathetic characters. They were always either comedic relief or villains.

The archetypes I described have been reproduced and perpetuated to the point where when black actors were eventually allowed to portray themselves they almost never veered away from these stock characters.

Hattie McDaniel was the first black woman to win an Oscar for her Role in Gone with the Wind in 1940. What was her role?

Her character was literally named Mammy. She was a phenomenal actress whose roles in film were almost exclusively that of the Mammy archetype.

So what happens when a white comedian dawns dark makeup in order to portray a black character for laughs?

It conjures old feelings  and perpetuates the history of white actors darkening their skin to dehumanize black people.

Black Face has been used to make arguments for slavery and why African Americans should have limited human rights.

These are narratives created by white men that were made to oppress and dehumanize an entire race. So when white men are still perpetuating these tropes in 2014 and getting paid for it, it’s not going to sit well with many people in the black community.


You literally can’t compare white face to black face because white face has never limited the options of white actors nor did it seek to represent them in a world that under represents them.

White face is generally criticism, while black face is degradation.

When Dave Chapelle dawns light makeup and does the hip hop news break he’s making commentary on race and class. He’s parodying racist white men who will passively make racist comments, while not wanting to be seen as racists.

When the Wayans Brothers went undercover as two white blonde twin sisters it was, again, a commentary on race and class. Half of the jokes in the film depend on the idea that these two black men are from a lower income and class and they’re trying to maintain the air of women who are from a higher income and class and they often fail.

What needs to be understood is that this isn’t a “two wrongs don’t make a right” scenario because we are at a point in society where we are equal.Equality doesn’t come with one black president out of the 43 white ones before him. Keep in mind, America is only 248 years old.

Black face, demonstrably has been used to dehumanize black people and has subsequently lead to perpetuation of institutionalized racism. What are the repercussions of white face? What rights were denied to white people because Chapelle or the Wayans brothers wore white face?

The best comedy punches upwards towards the established structure of power, not downwards at oppressed classes.There’s a reason why black people object to black face and it’s because of it’s history. It’s not just the makeup, it’s what happened and continues to happen because of it.

When your only exposure to black narratives are white men in dark makeup, your understanding of black people, let alone the racism black people face is going to be very distorted.So in this conversation, please understand that white people do not get to decide whether or not something is offensive or oppressive to people of color.

At the end of the day, I, as a black woman have to live with these stereotypes. So you can of course have an opinion about black face, but honestly if you don’t live with it then realize that that’s privilege and that the opinions of people who live with racism are going to give you a better understanding of this issue at hand.

Honestly, I hate being that angry black girl. I would love to feel like I’m over reacting but I feel like people need to understand why these conversations and altercations occur. I don’t want to live in a world where these things are still issues. But these conversations are so important and will help us get there one day.

We all make mistakes and like I said, I almost don’t blame people for not understanding the implications of black face. I just hope that these conversations will make people a bit more aware.

We have to accept that there are certain things that we’ve been socialized to accept that are problematic. We need to make the conscious decision to more forward and do better.

So on THAT note thank you guys so much for watching. I put a lot of effort into this video so if you liked it, please share it. And as usual, Always remember and never forget that YOU are beautiful and you are loved. <3

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It really sucks that people disregard all of Yuuri's talents and ability to make own choices. Phichit and victor have to force him to go out or dress him in fics. Yuuri designed his FS costume - he has style. And I don't think its a stretch that he would go poledancing by himself if it was in a dance studio he frequented. I would've liked to not deal w/ this but at least when he wins 5 world & olympic gold and super popular(which he will now be aware of) it will be more satisfying.

Yeah I wish people would realize that Yuuri’s behavior in the first episode is very clearly not normal for him. He’s in a huge slump; he’s depressed, anxious, and feels like a failure. 

We don’t see much of Yuuri in Detroit, but from what we do see he’s content and functional. He certainly would have had his ups and downs there, but he’s not going to hide himself away unless he’s in a really bad place. That’s not Yuuri. Yuuri doesn’t LIKE being inactive. He likes to be moving and doing things, and even in the first episode, we see that!! Until the situation where he’s hiding when the video is posted; he’s skating, he’s working out, he’s outside, all despite this huge slump he’s in.

That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t occasionally not want to go out or want some alone time. I do think he’s not a hugely social person (he can be very reserved), but he certainly had a life outside of sitting in his dorm moping and skating and he didn’t have to be dragged into that by Phichit. 

I also agree that the pole dancing was probably something he did himself. Keep in mind that when Yuuri left Detroit, Phichit was nineteen. Most pole dancing classes either have an age limit or require parental permission if you’re under eighteen, so while there’s a chance he could have gone with Phichit, I think it’s pretty likely he went by himself. Yuuri is motivated, and I don’t think he’d have much trouble reasoning with himself to do it considering how much it helps core strength and your legs and how that could assist his skating, ESPECIALLY since he wasn’t doing ballet with Minako any longer (not to say he didn’t take other ballet classes but). 

So maybe he did take a class with Phichit, but I don’t think Phichit had to drag him there. 

(But yes it’s true maybe when Yuuri retires with the eight million gold medals he deserves they will stop underestimating him.) 

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Going anon here because the ask is sinful lols can we get a aizawa nsfw moment turning bodage-y with fem s/o?

It’s alright, anon-san! XD I hope you enjoy this!

Word count: 1228.

NSFW Warning.

Aizawa Shōta:

In contrast to his usual relaxed nature, he was frustrated. She knew it from the tight atmosphere that surrounded him wherever he went, the soft curses that left his lips upon the smallest of domestic failures, or the overall fact that he hadn’t shown eagerness to talk to her, not even after weeks for being separated by work and villains.

[Name] had tried to talk to him countless times, but the conversations would end quickly as his only answers would be mere grunts and sighs. She was honestly worried, but given the situation, there seemed to be nothing she could do until he calmed down.

That, however, she could manage.

That’s why she found herself sitting by the edge of the bed, anxiously tapping her fingertips against her bare thighs; she was clad in just a matching set of lingerie that, she hoped, would spur Aizawa to relieve his stress with her.

He said he would go to bed soon, even though that was hours ago, but she knew better, after years of partaking in the relationship. The only fear she had was the possibility that he could simply turn her down and go to sleep without a hint of sexual urge; the scenario made her heart clench.

The door opened, and she jumped, her hands clenching into fists as she stood up, too anxious to try a sensual stance, too stiff to act as natural as she wished. Her husband stepped into their shared bedroom and, opposite to the usual sight of his wife cuddling the sheets, found a nervous [Name] that made his tired eyes wide mere inches in slight shock.

“[Name]?” He questioned, voice rough and tired, more so than usual at least. She bit her lower lip, managing a small smile as he approached her. Her heart was thumping against her ribcage and fear crippled her from the core of her soul, but it all melted away – her muscles relaxing and the smile looking more sincere – when he pressed the palms on his hands atop her shoulders, tugging at her bra straps.

Like previously that day, Aizawa barely muttered a word as he pushed her onto the mattress, watching her form as she retreated towards the other end of the bed, following her slowly, removing his usual baggy clothes.

Hovering above her, he pressed his head down to capture her lips slowly, almost apologetically is she were to guess a feeling other than the love he always poured on his kisses. She smiled against his lips, content, her arms wrapping around his neck.

But as he pulled away, he took her wrists in his hand, and [Name] watched him pull one of his bands closer and he swiftly wrapped it around her hands, bounding them together and then tied them up into the headboard, everything in mere seconds and under her puzzled expression.

She had expected him to turn more dominant when he was frustrated, but she wasn’t expecting him to tie her up.

Not that she was complaining.

“Um, Aizawa?” He hummed, his head buried in her neck as he kissed and nibbled on her skin, her voice coming out as a quiver under his tickling ministrations. “Is it really okay for you to use your bands?”

He paused, pulling back and staring at her with the same stoicism in his dark eyes.

“You don’t want to?” His voice rumbled, surprising her after seconds of thoughtful silence. She quickly nodded her head, actually not shocked that he showed himself caring about her limits.

“It’s okay,” she smiled. “Keep going, please.”

And so he did. He didn’t stop again, eager and almost impatient to explore her body, his touches ranging from feathery to rough in seconds, having her breathing caught in her throat. She would often tug at her restraints, and he would always tell her to stop; they both knew the bands were strong, and he didn’t need her hurting herself.

His fingers soon reached her waist, and [Name] remained with as much clothing as when they started. The lingerie probably had some effect on him but, then again, it could have been just his impatience giving the best of him.

Aizawa pulled the cloth down her legs prior to parting them, watching her dripping core with wide eyes, never missing a sole fold as his eyes roamed blatantly. His wife blushed above him, feeling her whole body coated in goosebumps as his fingers slowly ran up and down her slit.

His pacing was slow, agonizingly so, and soon got her writhing for more, silent whimpers escaping, muffled, through sealed lips; however, and much to her relief, his fingers turned brutal as they entered her without a warning, and it was then that she couldn’t hold back the moans of pleasure upon his fast digits. The squelching sounds echoed in the room and into her ears, lewd and embarrassing, but she could only focus on the bliss, everything else was to be ignored; even the slight sting of her wrists when she tugged too hard.

But everything stopped as suddenly as it had started, and [Name] looked positively confused. She barely managed to keep a whine at bay when she saw him reach into the drawer next to her to retrieve a condom. She yelped, surprised, when he turned her around, arms slightly twisted in an uncomfortable way as she struggled to lie on her stomach without minding the slight pain.

As her butt stuck in the air, Aizawa rolled the condom on and reached to part her legs, waiting some seconds in search of any signs of discomfort other than the strange position his wife found herself in, before sheathing himself into her warmth in one thrust that made her holler.

Her continuous moans urged him to pound into her, the tightness in his chest fading away with each deep thrust, his hands on her hips and his chest pressed against her back to keep her in the position she was. He panted into the dips of her back, pressing his forehead against the sweaty skin and feeling himself lose control of the movement of his hips, pleasure overwhelmingly mind-blowing, thrusts becoming sloppier.

Within instants, [Name] was struggling to jerk freely on the bed, lips releasing the loudest moan, walls clenching around him. Biting his lip, Aizawa quickly pulled out, taking himself in his hand and giving a couple of fast pumps before emptying himself atop her lower back with a low groan in his throat.

He sighed in relief and slight exhaustion, knowing that it was pretty late and that he had to get up early the following morning; reaching for a tissue, he cleaned [Name]’s back from his thick spurts and turned her around in a comfortable lying position before untying her. Upon seeing the red marks on her wrists, he brought them to his lips and kissed them tenderly, bringing himself close to her and embracing her quivering body.

“I’m sorry for giving you the cold shoulder,” he mumbled into her hair, fingertips soothing the sting of the sore skin of her wrists. “It was a stressing week.”

“I bet,” she chuckled, nuzzling into his neck, breathing finally returning to being the usual rhythm; calm when he was around and safe in her arms. “But next time just try to talk to me about it, okay?”

“Yeah, will try.”

HummingBird (part 1/?)

Peter Parker X Reader

Summary: reader is the adoptive child of Tony and Steve who send her to highschool. 

word count: 1253 

“I don’t need to go to school tony, you know this, Friday is a lovely teacher.” I rolled my eyes. He and Mr. America had been trying to get me to go to a school since last year. Something about people skills?

“No, Tony is right. You need to go to school. Its not about learning science and math, its about working in a variable environment and working around it. In fact, its what you need to be included on the team,” The captain retorted.

“So, what you’re saying is that I can’t be given mission privileges until I go to highschool?” I tried not to whine but this was so unfair.

“Um, yes, that is what we are saying.” Tony tried to be fatherly, “and you are going to listen.”

“Fine, I’ll go…” They prematurely smiled in accomplishment, “on a few conditions. First of all, I get to have my own place close enough to the school that I can walk or bike. I don’t want to have to take a bus back to Stark tower every night. That’s not gonna happen,” they both nodded in agreement, “ Secondly, I’d like to be mostly independent, I’ll check in once a week and make sure to give you updates, visit monthly, all that jazz. Just please don’t send Happy to babysit, please. Neither parties enjoy it. Finally, I’d like to keep my suit and use it in my spare time.” To my last request both Tony and Steve disagreed.

“You are not going to bring your suit with you. Absolutely not.” Steve said, “You aren’t out to the public and you won’t be for a while.”

“Why not! It’s a good idea. I’ve been training my whole life, getting out there as a local hero is good practice! I’ll be able to get in some new variables that may come in handy! And,, and!! By the time you let me join ;) the ;)Avengers;) for ;)realsies I’ll already have a popular rep with the public.” I said, lawyering the fuck outta them.

Neither of the two said a word, which was what I took as a yes.

It was finally moving day. Tony had signed the lease for a studio apartment not five blocks away from the school he had signed me up for. Midtown High School. Everything was ready to go. Of course, the school year had already started for them, but that was none of my concern. I honestly wasn’t there for school.

“Hey, guys, I’ll facetime you on sundays, see you once a month, it’s not goodbye forever!” I comforted. Steve and Tony were a little sad that I was leaving but I mean it was their idea.

“I know, its just that my little girl is gonna go and get socialized!” Steve exclaimed, a sad smile on his face.

“Oh my god there are going to be boys there, maybe this is a bad idea-” Tony continued to ramble as I attempted to cut him off.

“Hey, hey, Pops!” calling him my father got his attention, “I’ll be fine. I won’t do anything you wouldn’t do… or anything you would for that matter. I love you guys. I gotta go, Happy is getting impatient.”

I waved goodbye to the two men who had raised me for most of my life and began to daze off, observing the people and buildings we drove past. We soon arrived at an old tall apartment complex. All of my things were already there so I told Happy that I was fine to go in alone and that he could go. He gave me the key and drove off almost immediately.

I lived on the 28th and final floor of this nearly deserted complex. Appartment 28C. Apparently the elevator only went to the 26th floor, so I had to climb the final two. I could tell by the yellowing walls and musky smell of the hallway that Tony really had paid no expense getting me this place.

Entering my room I had expected to see a room along a similar theme to the rest of the building. However, the apartment’s design was more similar to that of Stark Tower. Everything was high tech and clean. The kitchen was fully equipped and stocked. The living room looked magnificent despite its rather small area. There was just enough room to have a couch, coffee table, and tv without being too crowded. My room was gorgeous, my twin sized bed from my old compact sitting in the corner, my own desk and laptop along with a lot of cool other gadgets, and my bathroom had a tub. It was like a d r e a m.

Later on, before I was going to go to bed, I opened the laptop and called up Tony.

“Hey Guys!!” I greeted smiling from ear to ear.

“Hey Bird! How are you? Do you like the apartment?” Steve answered.

“It’s amazing, thank you guys so much. Is Tony there?” I asked, wanting to say hello to him as well.

“Yeah he’s in the lab working, he left his phone here.” He replied.

“Can I talk to him?”

“Yes ma’am” Steve responded, making his way to the lab, “Tony! Your daughter wanted to talk to you!” I could hear crashes of sound coming from a distance and Tony yelling back a few curses to Steve about not calling me that. Soon enough he appeared on my screen.

“Pops, were close enough that I can call you pops and you can call me daughter, if you want to.” I replied, smiling back.

“How’s the apartment, do you like it?” He asked, a genuinely nervous look on his face.

“I love it, I especially love the bathtub.”

“OO Oo!! There are bathbombs under the sink!” Spangles squealed, “Also, did you get our envelope?” My face clearly said no. “Check the coffee table.”

I did as he said and checked. Inside the envelope was a wad full of cash money, probably somewhere around tenthousand dollars.

“Guys you didn’t!” I sighed a loving smile on my face.

“That money is for emergencies. I expect you to keep in the vault in your closet. Your card is limited to enough for groceries. If you want to buy anything else with it you’re going to have to ask me first. Agreed?” Tony lectured. He really was a father to me.

“Sir, yes sir!” I saluted. “Um, what vault though? You said the one in my closet but the only thing in my closet is clothes.”

“Oh, you see that weird screw on the doorhinge– no the other door- yeah that one. Press on it” The wall on the back of my closet did a weird turn taking my clothes with it and presented a small vault and more importantly my supersuit (and some cool weapons).

“I totally forgot about the suit!” I said as I put the money in the vault, using my “birthday” as the code.

“No using it tonight young lady, your first day of school is tomorrow. Do you have all your things prepared” Stark ordered.

“Yes sir.”

“Now go to bed kiddo” Tony said.

“Right away sir. Goodnight i love you two” i said as i hung up.

I put away the suit and got into bed, looking out at the magnificent view of new york. I could still see the tower from where I lay and yet it was still so far off. My brain began to wander to other things as I fell asleep.

Part 2

07: I’m Running From Myself

Andy shivered as another round of chills hit him. Every muscle in his body was throbbing, and his throat felt like he’d swallowed sandpaper. His head spun as he tried to push himself up off the bathroom floor. The singer leaned over the toilet dry heaving for the millionth time. There was nothing left in his stomach anymore, and there hadn’t been for the past two hours. He’d woken up around five in the morning with the worst hangover of his life. 

He couldn’t remember anything after the first bar they went to. All he remembered was how free and great he felt, which was the exact opposite of how he felt now. He’d overdone it but one drink just led to another, and before he knew it, he was wasted. 

“Andy you still alive in here?” Ashley’s voice broke the silence. 

“Barely..” Andy’s voice was hoarse. 

“That’s what you get for going overboard last night.” the older man chuckled, offering the singer a couple of painkillers and a glass of water. 

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Can’t seem to make it right  Part 2

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: The Avengers team

Words: 1695

Warning: swearing

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Request: Hii! I just wanna request something. I really like the idea of bucky has a big ass crush on reader and he obviously doesnt know the fuck to do so he always ends up making her angry & messing with her and she loves messing back. Idk theres a lot this kinda imagine but i fucking love your work sooooooo can you can you can you can you? I need some angsty fluffy shit and if you make a series out of this i will donate you my goddamn kidney. KISSES KISSES 💕💕


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It had been some days since the team had come back from their mission. As usually, they didn’t have much to do now. Just one-day-missions but nothing dangerous. Luckily, the world didn’t need salvation every single day. And for you, life was the same. You went to college every day and went back home when it was already dinner time.

That was the only thing you didn’t like of living at the complex: yeah, you were closer to college than you would be if you were living at home with your mother, but you had so many lessons and things to do through the day that you didn’t have the time to go back to the complex to have lunch. But most of days Steve, or Natasha, or Wanda went to have lunch with you. That Friday it was Wanda.

“So… how are things with Bucky?” She asked before taking a bite from her sandwich. Since they were your best friends, both she and Nat knew about your crush on the soldier.

“I don’t know…” you mumbled looking at your salad. “There are times when he is so nice to me, but the next second he is already getting on my nerves”, you sighed.

“I’ve seen that”, she chuckled shaking her head. “It was hilarious when you threw him to the pool the other day”, she added.

“He was been an idiot about my kick-boxing skills, I just proved him I could throw him into the pool in less than five seconds. And I did it”, you shrugged smiling proudly.

“I think he has a thing for you as well”, she told you. “If it wasn’t like that he wouldn’t be so annoying and so sweet at the same time”

“You’ve said that a million times and I still don’t think it’s true”, you sighed.

“Have you ever seen how he looks at you when you’re not looking?” She asked. You looked at her raising an eyebrow. “Ok, if you’re not looking you haven’t see him but c’mon! He looks at you like you’re the brightest start on sky”

“First, he doesn’t look at me like that; and second, I’m going to be late so I’m sorry but I gotta go”, you said getting up and taking all your stuff. “I’ll see you at dinner?” You asked. She nodded getting up as well. “Great, thanks for coming Witch”, you winked at her and hurried to the building where you had your next class.

You only had two lessons left but you decided to stay in the library afterwards to start the new assignment. It was about Virginia Woolf and her book The Waves and since she wasn’t your favourite author it was a tedious work to do.

“I didn’t know this place was so big”, you looked up when you heard that familiar voice and almost choked on your own saliva as you saw Bucky.

“What are you doing here?” You asked looking around as he took a seat in front of you.

“I had to run some errands here in the city and I thought it would be a good idea to come and pick you up”, he shrugged.

“Tony is coming to pick me up”, you commented looking down at your book.

“I already talked to him”, he replied. You looked up narrowing your eyes slightly. “C’mon, I didn’t mess it up with that, right?”

You chuckled a little due to his tone and sighed shaking your head. But it was still too soon to leave.

“But I still want to be here for another hour at least”, you said.

“Ok, I’ll grab a book and wait”, he said getting up.

You raised an eyebrow as you watched him disappearing between the aisles. Chuckling, you shook your head and paid attention to your assignment once again. Some minutes later he came back with a history book. It kind of made you laugh when you saw it was about the Second World War.

“This is all wrong”, he said after thirty minutes. “The troops didn’t just retired¸ they got scared when they saw us with Steve”

“Go ahead and rewrite it”, you teased him.

“Steve and I would make a better job than these assholes”, he said making you laugh. “It’s true!” He exclaimed.

“Shhhh!” You shushed him. “I believed you, soldier, but control it. It’s not allowed to speak out loud here”, you whispered.

“Sorry”, he whispered back and then kept on reading but you still could hear him mumbling under his breath which was hilarious.

After an hour you decided you were done for the day. You still had much more research to do but your head was starting to ache and you were hungry and wanted a shower so you closed your books and looked at Bucky.

“We can go”, you said. He looked up and smiled closing the book.

“Are you taking those?” He asked pointing at the books you had in your hand.

“I am”, you smiled. “They’re useful for this thing”, you said.

You two walked out of the library silently. It was quite awkward since it was the first time you two spent so much time together without a single fight. It was a nice change but you couldn’t help wondering if it would last.

“This was nice”, you told him as you walked out of the library.

“Indeed”, he smiled at you. “I can come and pick you up every day if you want me to”, he added. The idea made you blush but you just couldn’t say yes. This was just a moment. Probably in less than 30 seconds some of you would say something and everything would blow up again.

“I’ll think about it”, you chuckled. “How did you come?” You asked looking around the parking lot for any of the cars.

“There”, he pointed at a black motorbike.

“Really?” You asked looking at him.

“Yes”, he smiled at you.

“That’s awesome!” You jogged to the vehicle and rubbed your hand over it. You had always wanted to ride this thing but, again, your over-protective daddy was against it.

Bucky stood next to the motorbike and gave you a helmet from under the seat. You put it on and made sure it was adjusted while he hopped on it, waiting for you. Once you were ready you hopped on it as well and bite your lip placing your hands by his sides.

“You can wrap them around me if you want to”, he suggested. The idea made you blush under the helmet.

“I think I’m ok for now”, you said.

But the moment he ride to the highway you weren’t ok anymore. He wasn’t going over the speed limit but still, it was fast. So slowly, you wrapped your arms around him and rested your head on his back biting your lip. You two had never been so close and it scared you how much you liked it.

And it wasn’t being different for Bucky. The moment he felt your arms around him all he did was smiling widely, he loved the feeling of your arms wrapped around him, and he loved how you draw small circles on his stomach without even knowing what you were doing. He loved the warmth you irradiated. All he wanted to do was kept on driving forever so you never let him go.

But the ride was shorter than what you two wanted and soon he was slowing down as he rode onto the way that led to the complex. When the building appeared you slowly pulled away from him and placed your hands back on his sides, letting him feeling the cold of your absence even when you were just behind him.

“Thanks for the ride”, you said once you hopped down the motorbike and took off your helmet.

“Your hair is a mess”, he chuckled. You rolled your eyes at him and handed him the helmet.

“Always so nice, Barnes”, you said trying to keep your hair in place.

“Sorry”, he smiled at you.

You looked at him and bite your lip before shrugging. It was true. Your hair was a complete mess so you wasn’t going to make a big deal out of his comment. He hopped down of the motorbike as well, looking at you the whole time.

“I think we’re good as friends”, he smiled.

“As long as you get to behave…” you shrugged smiling back at him even when you hated the word friend.

“Me? C’mon, you’re the one who cannot take a single comment about anything”, he laughed rolling his eyes. And there went the mood.

“So now it’s me? You’re the one coming to me for no reason and getting to my nerves!” You exclaimed.

“It’s not my fault that you get mad at absolutely everything I say or do!”

“I don’t get mad! You drive me crazy!”

The way you two were screaming at each other was just too stupid and too loud so without you being aware of it, the whole team was watching you from the door or from the windows.

“I drive you crazy!?” He yelled taking a step towards you. “You drive me crazy!”

“I don’t drive you crazy! You’re just crazy!” You yelled back at him.

“And you’re fucking insane!” He mumbled under his breath.

You two looked at each other breathing deeply, like you wanted to kill each other at that moment, but instead he suddenly grabbed your face and pressed his lips against yours, not allowing you to move as he kissed you. Not like you were fighting back. Instead, you placed your hands on his waist and kissed him back.

When he pulled away you two looked at each for a moment. What were you supposed to do now? Probably it wasn’t the smartest move, but you stepped away and walked to the complex ignoring everyone’s looks on you, except your father’s. You looked at him biting your lip.

“What was that?” He asked crossing his arms.

“I don’t know”, you replied truthfully before you finally walked in the complex and went to your room. You really needed that shower now.

So Superman finds out Billy Batson is a homeless super-powered pre-teen and, you know, panics a little. Clark also somehow adopts the kid. It was an accident. He didn’t mean to! All the paperwork just filled itself out over six months of prep-time and vetting. Total accident. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Billy doesn’t mind. a03

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Fuck, this is long. I put way too much effort into this. 

133. “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.” 

Midterms, while not nearly as agonizingly awful as finals, still left Neil feeling like he’d been run over. It was just more like he’d been hit by a small car instead of a semi truck. 

He’d barely slept all week, between studying and practice. And Andrew, although that was less Andrew’s fault and more Neil’s, because Neil had a tendency to use Andrew as a distraction or an excuse to procrastinate.

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Could you maybe write how BTS Yoongi, Jungkook and Jin would react to the gf wearing short shorts/showing bare legs?

Sure can! Sorry for the delay!

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Jin: He would try his hardest to be respectful. He wouldn’t want to stare and make you feel uncomfortable, and he definitely wouldn’t want to come off as a pervert. I do get the feeling though that he can’t resist a beautiful pair of legs, so he’d more often than not catch his eyes slipping to your legs, admiring the way he could see your muscles delicately rippling under the smooth surface of your skin. He’d admire the shape, he’d admire your complexion. His mind would start to wander a little higher up your legs and under your shorts, but he prides himself on being a gentleman so he’d try his hardest not to let it get very far. 

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Yoongi: wow he has nice legs himself….getting distracted….FOCUS. OKAY. Well, he would be the touchiest of the batch. He really strikes me as a leg man, and I think he’d be admiring with his eyes, his hands, giving you compliments. He wouldn’t have the same reserves as the other two about wondering if he’s coming across as perverted or not. He knew what he liked, and he didn’t think he should limit himself with fears of being seen as weird. He’d have his hand on your thigh whenever possible, just lightly rubbing it. Every so often he might tease by slipping his fingers under the hem of your skirt, smirking at you, and then stopping before he really did cross a line.

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Jungkook: I can tell you right now that his eyes would be going up your legs and end up right on your ass. He wouldn’t want to be obvious, but he’d be way less successful at hiding it than Jin was. You’d know he was staring, and you’d probably tease him about it. He, of course, would try his hardest to deny doing anything wrong. He wouldn’t be brave enough to get handsy with you though, not like Yoongi would. He’d love your legs too, but I really just think his focus would be on your ass.

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how do you headcanon the batboys? like they're all described with black hair and blue eyes but like how do you really tell the difference? as an example, i always thought jason would be more muscular than his brothers with a square jaw and kind of more roguishly handsome while dick would be more classically attractive, etc? i just wanted ur opinion on this

I actually did make a post about that here… but I’m going to expound on it because I think it’s important and very interesting. Because not only are people (especially people of different backgrounds who aren’t related and Dick wasn’t even from Gotham) very different looking but also personalities create/are created by the physical limitations of the individual so it’s basically impossible to stress the many differences between the boys when they’re all the same height, weight, expression. Like… come one artists, you had one job. Gonna put this under the cut because wow I talk a lot and I clearly have put way too much thought into this.

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Loosely based on Justin Bieber’s single ‘Sorry’; here is part three to my two part text au “I’m still in love with my ex”. Enjoy, like and follow please!!!!

If you missed the text au, click below.

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