this did not turn out the way i wanted


they say that when two people kiss, they can feel sparks flying. I’d always wondered what that would feel like. would I feel like a whole new being? would I feel completely different? some things I always wondered.

it was always a feeling I wanted to experience. it seemed so extravagant and special. everyone gets their first kiss at a point in time, and I was just waiting my turn. what if it never came?

I didn’t mean for things to turn out the way they did but then you kissed me and it felt like a firework show on the fourth of july

The Lesser of Two Evils

Request: “I was wondering if I could put a request in for something with Demon Dean and Soulless Sam? And also thank you for the follow btw I love your blog” @leenasleena-blog

A/N: I hope that this turned out the way you wanted! This is AU ish in that Sam never got his soul back, but everything else progressed the same, maybe with a little more bitterness and coldness from Sam…. ALSO OMG THIS IS LONG.

Characters: Soulless!Sam x Reader, Demon!Dean x Reader, Cas

Warnings: swearing, violence, references to sex/talking about sex so I guess maybe some smut? Not in detail? I’m sorry, angst, possessive Sam and Dean

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You loved Sam. You really did. Even when he came back from the dead. Even when he dragged you along with him, his cousins, and his grandfather who somehow came back to life. Even when he was a lot colder to you. Even when he told you that you couldn’t tell Dean that he was alive. Even when, after Dean found out he was alive, you found out he was soulless. You still loved Sam. You weren’t sure that anything could ever make you stop. Except maybe his brother…

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I just had to rant abt people bashing on Yoonbum and calling him a dick b/c of how he treated the girl from his school days and what not. But like I obvs don’t condone him doing what he did to Jieun(of course in that moment that isn’t who she was…he was seeing the girl from school) but like ya’ll need to remember he has borderline personality disorder and as someone who suffers the same thing like…I get it. I understand why he acted out like he did.

When you have BPD you kind of see things as black and white. Either someone loves you or they hate you. And your mind influences these things. Before getting treatment I obviously needed, if I was hurt by someone I would turn and hurt them back in any way I could. When Bum went off on the girl for not replying to him and avoiding him, he was hurt and angry and he wanted to make her feel as bad as she made him feel. He felt discarded and used and thats why I don’t think he’s as much of a dick as everyone is making him out to be. Untreated, BPD can be very harmful to not just yourself but the people around you.

I’m not saying what he did was right, because its not. He shouldn’t have spread rumors and I feel bad that his illness has gotten as bad as it has to the point he killed Jieun and didn’t feel anything towards it.

I’ve felt this way in the sense I’ve hurt someone back by just cutting them from my life because I felt so hurt and betrayed by them. When you become attached to someone and they just…start ignoring you, spending less time, to a person with bpd, they don’t see it as you’re just busy with life, they see it as you tossing them aside. 

One of the biggest red flags was in my best friend started dating when we were in high school and she didn’t want to spend time with me anymore. I felt hurt and betrayed because I was the best friend. I was the person she was supposed to spend all her time with. I remember I wanted to cut myself over it and i called her and told her I was going to and hung up on her. I waited to see if she’d call me back and when she didn’t I called her back and accused her of wanting me to hurt myself and die. It was a really shitty thing to do and my behaviour ended our friendship for several years before we started to talk again.

Bum isn’t innocent, I understand that, but seeing people call him names and stuff just kinda strikes something in me because while I may not be a stalker or anything(though in the past I have…had stalker like tendencies WHICH I OVERCAME WITH HELP) I do have borderline personality disorder. I have had episodes close to Bum’s before and it fucking SUCKS. I would never wish this disorder on anybody because it can really fuck things up if its untreated(Bum’s case is an obvious severe sign of this)

But yeah. I’m sorry, I hope this makes sense.

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Hcs for a mc who can turn into a cat?

So, I’ve literally never done HC’s I’m going to make them short paragraphs. Hope that’s ok. Not sure who you wanted these for so I just did the RFA and Saeran, because, I freakin love Saeran and can’t leave him out. Plus, I can’t do HC, I have to make up a scenario, hope you are satisfied with it.

And by the way, I think you are trying to kill Jumin and Seven, maybe even Zen since his is allergic. Possibly Jaehee? Since she hates cat fur? Wait a minute, are you trying to take out the entire RFA except for Yoosung? SAERAN?


Seven groggily enters the kitchen after spending hours hacking. He heads to the fridge for some milk when he hears a soft “meow”. At first he assumes it’s meowie, but he should be in the bedroom with you. Then he feels something slide across his leg, looking down he sees the cutest tabby in the world. He doesn’t even think about how the hell did this cat get into my fortress. The boy is stricken. He picks you up and nuzzles your face. His stubble tickles you and you sneeze. “Oh my god, that was the cutest little sneeze! You are the cutest, wittle, thing, yess you are!” You continue to purr and enjoy the attention until his hug gets a little too tight and he starts to yank at your whiskers. You’ve had enough. You begin to transform back into a human while still in Seven’s arms. He is surprised and lets you go almost immediately. His eyes are as round as saucers as he views this cute little tabby turn into the love of his life. What…just…happened. You stand in front of him, naked, and he watches in amazement as the last few whiskers fade from your adorable round cheeks. “Surprise!” you giggle, a little embarrassed. “You’re, you’re a cat?” he asks a little dazed. “Well, technically I’m a woman who can turn INTO a cat.” His face breaks out into the widest, goofiest grin. He grabs you and twirls you around, “Best girlfriend ever! Do it again, do it again! I want to pet your fur.” And the boy actually begins to purr himself he is so happy. He can now combine his love of you with his love of cats.


You watch as Jumin absently pets Elizabeth the 3rd while reading the morning paper. You have decided that you will tell him today and you’re fairly sure he will still love you. You walk over to the sofa and sit on the coffee table, facing Jumin and Elizabeth. He puts the paper down and smiles at you, “Good morning kitten, ready for breakfast?”. You smile back and shake your head. “Is something wrong?” he asks, leaning forward and taking your hands as he drops the paper by his side. “Not, not really, I just have something to tell you. Or, rather, something to show you.” “Oh?” his eyebrows knit together questioningly. “Now, don’t freak out ok? Just, just remember that it’s still me.” His eyebrows furrow even deeper but he says nothing. You stand up and take your robe off, underneath you are completely naked. His eyebrows go up, assuming this is a sexual thing, a small smile plays around his lips, but then he sees fur springing from all over your body and you shrink all the way to the floor. He jumps up and scoots away a little, blinking his eyes at the tawny fluffy cat that you have become. A few seconds tic by, you walk towards him and purr. “MC? Is that you?” you meow and nod. Elizabeth meanwhile hisses at first but then comes over to investigate. Jumin kneels and pets you, “What do you think Elizabeth? Isn’t she beautiful? I’ll have to buy you a diamond collar to go with those beautiful amber eyes!” the man is already planning everything he is going to need to buy (excluding the cage because he knows you won’t like that). You purr louder and jump into his arms. His eyes are warm and welcoming, he sits back down with you on his lap and now pets you and Elizabeth, could he get any happier?


He’s been raging all night and you haven’t gotten any sleep! You’ve thrown pillows at him but he just absently yells over his shoulder he’s sorry, but you know good and well that he is not. Finally, you’ve had enough. You jump out of bed, hissing so loud that even through his headset Yoosung heard you. Startled at the odd animalistic sound, he turns in his chair just in time to see you jump in the air from the bed at him, only, mid jump you changed, landing as a pissed off Russian Blue on his chest. He is so freaked out he pushes you off and falls off his chair. You hiss at him again, your ears laid back, stalking your prey. This boy better recognize you need your sleep! He scoots back on his ass until he hits the dresser. Through his headset, you can hear the rest of his party screaming at Yoosung to get the fuck back into the game! We’re getting killed out here, where’s my heals? You jump on his chest again and bare your teeth, digging your claws into his shirt and yes, into his skin. His eyes are wide and confused. “M…MC?” he asks finally, seeing your eyes and recognizing them. You stop hissing and sit on his chest, your eyes droop and you begin to lick your paw. Slowly he raises his hand and pets your head, that actually feels good, you begin to purr and lay down, he is very comfy. You knead his shirt underneath you until it’s perfect and you fall asleep on him. Not knowing what else to do, Yoosung stays in that awkward position, letting you sleep. He doesn’t want to wake you up again, the boy has learned his lesson. He wonders if you’ll want milk in a bowl when you wake up.


“I just don’t understand it! Where does this fur keep coming from? I’ve had to vacuum twice today, and it just keeps showing up.” You feel guilty, because, well, you can’t help but shed. But Jaehee looks so stressed and OCD about keeping the place clean. She never says anything, but you know that you don’t keep up your part of the work. You have to tell her before she thinks she is going crazy. “I’d swear Mr. Han was sneaking Elizabeth in here when I’m not looking but this fur is dark brown.” “Uhm, Jaehee?” “Hmm?” she answers absently. “It’s, well, it’s my fault about the fur.” She stops the vacuum and turns to you. “What do you mean? Did you get a cat without telling me?” she was calm, but you could see that she was upset by the idea that you would do such a thing without consulting her. “Not exactly.” She pushed her glasses up and blinked at you, confused, “What do you mean, ‘not exactly’?” “I’m the cat.” She huffed and turned back to the vacuum, “That isn’t funny MC, did Seven put you up to this?” You put your hand on hers and pulled her away from the vacuum. She sighed but let you take her other hand. Looking into her eyes you said, “I’m telling the truth Jaehee. I should have told you before I moved in, but, I was too scared and embarrassed.” “To tell me you were a cat?” Jaehee’s lips formed a tight line, she was becoming annoyed. She was all about facts, not fiction, and this was clearly fiction. “I guess I’ll have to show you.” You kissed her lightly and smiled when her lips softened from the white line of irritation. You began to undress. “What are you doing?” she gasped. You just laughed and said, “Relax, it’s just easier this way. I don’t want to get trapped in my blouse again.” Once naked you transformed. Jaehee gasped louder this time and took several steps back. You didn’t move but just sat and stared at your girlfriend with the most pathetic eyes you could muster, and mewled, swishing your tail back and forth slowly. “Oh…my…god…it really is you!” You reverted back quickly and redressed. You couldn’t look at her. “Are you very upset with me?” you asked, tears stinging your eyes. Suddenly you felt arms around you and Jaehee’s head resting on your shoulders. “You’ve done the impossible MC.” “Huh?” “You’ve made me love cats. Well, one cat anyway.” And she kissed your neck and nuzzled into it. This cat she could live with.


Zen would be at work all day so you decided to roam the apartment in your cat form. It had been so long since you were able to transform, you hadn’t wanted to trigger Zen’s allergy. It was so difficult for you being with a man who was allergic to you. Thankfully only in cat form. You reminded yourself to make sure and clean up before he came home. But it was so satisfying to curl up on his pillow, with the smell of him still on it. How you longed to have his delicate fingers run through your fur. You fell asleep and lost track of time, before you knew it, Zen was opening the bedroom door. “Babe? You in here? I’m….what the hell?! Where did you come from!? Get out, get out!!” You hissed as Zen chased you off the bed screaming, then he was stopped dead in his tracks by a bout of sneezing, shit! Poor baby, you ran back to him only to have him kick at you and drive you towards the kitchen. He grabbed the broom and started swatting at you. Ouch, that hurt! He had you cornered and was trying to swat you towards the door. You quickly transformed so that he wouldn’t hit you again and you sat there, on the floor, in the kitchen, tears in your eyes, wrapping your arms around your head as the broom came sweeping in again (see what I did there). Zen stopped just before connecting with you and dropped the broom. “Princess?” his nose was stuffy and he still couldn’t stop sneezing, but he knelt by you and wrapped you in his arms. “I’m sorry Zen, I didn’t know how to tell you. I wasn’t going to, I didn’t want to cause an allergic reaction. I fell asleep, I was going to clean up, I swear.” “Shhh, shhh.” He soothed you, even though he was the one who sounded miserable. “I’m sorry I hit you, and kicked you! OMG I kicked you, MC I’m so sorry, did I hurt you?” he asked and inspected her body just in case. “No, I’m fine, but you’re not. I won’t do it again, I swear, I’ll never become a cat again.” You cried. “Don’t be silly! I’ll go to the doctor’s tomorrow and get some allergy medicine. I want to see every side of you my princess. I’d love to snuggle with you as a cat.” “Really?” you sobbed. You couldn’t believe he would do that for you. “Of course! Just, well, don’t tell Jumin, I’ll never hear the end of it!” you both laughed until Zen began a sneezing fit that wouldn’t stop. You pulled him into the shower and made his stay there until you had cleaned up the rest of the apartment and removed all the cat hair. Then you joined him, where he asked you to purr for him. Cats weren’t so bad.


“Want to see something weird?” you asked Saeran. “Sure.” Was his quick answer, he never wasted words. He stared at you with those mint colored eyes, he was always so calm, cool, and collected. At least, when he wasn’t having one of his anxiety attacks. You kinda hated how cool he was in most situations, especially when you were angry and he just looked at you with those eyes, like you were overreacting and he had to coddle you, or placate you. It was infuriating. The boy had plenty of emotion in bed, but try getting anything out of him otherwise and you were just hitting your head on a wall. You were wearing one of his t-shirts and sitting on his bed watching a movie. His attention was all on you. Eye contact was not something he struggled with when it came to you. You shivered a little, what if he freaked for real? Maybe you shouldn’t, but you were in too deep now, you had to. Facing him, you were on your knees sitting on your heels. You took off the t-shirt and you felt him stir on the bed. He probably thought you were going to show him some new position, or technique, he liked learning new things about you in bed. You held out your hand to him and shook your head. He did look disappointed, it made you blush, knowing how much he wanted you. You closed your eyes and imagined yourself as a soft ball of fur. You imagined he would shoot out of bed and freak out before accepting the fact that you had just turned yourself into a checkered tabby. But when you opened your eyes his face was right above you. There was a questioning look in his eyes, but he wasn’t that fazed by what he had just seen. Damnit! You pouted and hissed at him. “Someone’s a little cranky.” He said, before smiling at you and picking you up. You growled loudly but he just chuckled and rubbed behind your ears. Oh that felt good! Before you knew it, you were purring and putty in his hands. Damn that boy! He kissed the top of your head and nuzzled your nose. You licked his cheek and were gratified by his laughter. Well, you wanted emotion, you got it, you just had to turn into a cat to get it.

Sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting. :/

Joker x Harleen: Goodbye Kiss

Harleen grinned, “Look out, the Joker’s back!” She giggled, sitting up off his lap. Harleen had just been applying Joker’s makeup for the day. He didn’t have a chance to get it done otherwise as he was only ever allowed out of his straight jacket in his cell. Harleen hadn’t yet figured out how to get his lipstick, hair gel, and eyeshadow back to his cell with him without the guards noticing.

Mr. J stood up out of his seat, walking with her over to the dirty old mirror above the sink in the therapy room.

“I hope you like it.” Harleen was suddenly nervous.  

Joker looked into the mirror at himself for a long while. He examined his makeup, closing one eye and looking at the eyeshadow and then closing the other eye and doing the same. Harleen smiled at him fondly. She could feel his vibe changing. It was like he realized that the Joker was back. His shoulders stood up straighter, broader. His voice dropped a few octaves and his purrs and grows grew dark.

She couldn’t look away from him, he was so mesmerizing to watch. Her mouth hung open slightly as he checked himself out.

“You’re right,” Joker looked down at her with a smile, “I am back.”

“2 minutes.” The guard tapped on the door from the outside.

She sighed disappointed, saying goodbye to him everyday was the worst part about their sessions. Harleen walked back to the table and cleaned up his folder, grabbing her gifts to him as well. Her mind raced, trying to come up with some excuse to have to keep him with her longer.

“Chin up, Doctor.” Joker strolled towards her and smiled, “I’ll be back tomorrow. 2 o’clock sharp.”

“Don’t be late.” His smile was contagious, so pure and adorable.

“I never am.” Joker growled as they walked towards the door. Harleen was taking steps slowly, as if she could prevent the inevitable from happening. She missed him so much when he was away.  

Harleen put a hand on the door to open it for the guards. But just as she turned the knob, Joker leant his body against it to stop her.

“Do I get a goodbye kiss?” His voice had changed again, this time to his seductive purr that he knew she couldn’t resist. He angled his head downward towards her, his eyes beautiful. She blushed, his lips were only inches from hers. Every time they kissed he would stop his face a bit away from her, to make her make the last move to kiss him.

Quickly, Harleen stood up on the tips of her toes, placing a hand on his shoulder to steady herself. A soft smile danced across their lips as she leant in to kiss him. Joker purred as soon as her lips touched his and she could’ve moaned. The fire between them was evident. It was slow, sweet when their lips first met. They moved against each other, exploring.

Then, Joker pushed his lips dominantly against hers. Harleen dropped Joker’s folder file to the floor when his tongue met hers in her mouth. She wrapped both her arms around his neck and pushed her body against his. Harleen’s back was against the door before she knew she was stepping back. Her hands grasped his face, keeping his lips on hers, refusing to let him leave. Joker’s purrs were lost against Harleen’s mouth, their breathing quickly becoming gasping. Harleen didn’t care, he was her oxygen mask and she needed air.

A part of her knew she was desperate, but she couldn’t help it. Didn’t care in the slightest. Wasn’t everyone a little desperate in love? Joker’s body was pressed up against hers tightly, she could feel his arms moving from within his straight jacket. Like he wanted to break out and ravage her. Harleen couldn’t wait until he could. She ran her fingers down his neck, down his chest, over his concealed arms, and bravely down to the area between his legs. The large area between his legs. Harleen moaned again.

“Doctor Quinzel,” He smiled breathlessly, his lips still against hers, “Naughty, naughty.”

“Says the Joker.” She giggled, cupping the area. Feeling him stiffen against her.

Joker growled against her lips, “Won’t you wait until I can have my hands on you too?”

“When will that be?” Harleen moved her arms back up to wraps around his neck.

“Soon enough, my sweet.” He promised pecking her lips one, two, three times.

The guards opened the door suddenly. Harleen and Joker almost fell back against them as Harleen scrambled away from Joker, turning away from the door and trying to wipe off her mouth and slow her breathing. Joker’s growl turned annoyed at their interruption. The lipstick on his mouth was smudged and smeared, his hands not free to disguise it.

“C’mon crazy,” The guard said to Joker, “Back to your cell.”

“On my way,” Joker smiled largely. He turned back to Harleen, “Nice appointment, Doctor, you know I’m really feeling a break through.”

“That’s great to hear, Mr.J. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Harleen felt herself blushing as she turned to face him. She winked at him, breathing heavily.

Joker’s eyes flashed as he smiled at her, “Tomorrow it is.”

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TPM AU where after Obi-Wan promises Qui-Gon he’ll train Anakin, he realizes he can’t stay in the Order to do it, because:

1) The Council already turned Anakin down for training and Obi-Wan’s not like Qui-Gon, he can’t just bulldoze his way through them and do what he wants anyway (I mean, he can, obviously, because that’s what he did in canon but he doesn’t think he can do it).

2) More importantly, there are Sith out there. Apparently. And they managed to track down him and his Master on Tatooine and Naboo. If his Master’s right and Anakin is the Chosen One (or even if he’s not and Anakin’s just a really strong Force user), making him a Jedi will just put a tracker on him because Jedi have assigned missions, there’s always a record of where they’re going and what they’re doing. What if the Sith try to find them again?

3) Lastly, he’s pissed at the Council. They didn’t take the threat of the Sith seriously enough and sent them back out without any reinforcements and now his Master’s dead.

So yeah, he’ll train Anakin like he promised, and he’ll train him in the ways of the Force. But he’s not gonna do it within the Order, not while there’s still Sith out there. He’s not gonna tie them down anywhere and put a target on their backs. So he packs up his and Anakin’s things, gives Padme his farewells, accepts her thanks for his and Qui-Gon’s assistance, and takes Anakin and leaves.

They move around a lot, Obi-Wan picking up odd jobs and bringing Anakin along as his “younger brother.” Part of it is that they’re trying to save enough to go buy Shmi’s freedom (the only thing Anakin cares about now that being a Jedi is off the table, thanks to the stupid Council….it doesn’t take him long to get over it though because you learn to roll with the punches and take what life gives you when you were raised a slave on Tatooine; plus Obi-Wan is still going to teach him anyway so whatever, he doesn’t need to be a Jedi to be a hero). Obi-Wan’s also keeping an ear out for any signs of further Sith activity but it gets quiet on that front. He hears that Palpatine was elected to be the new Chancellor but that’s it.

Some things I wanted to include here but haven’t fully fleshed out:

- Dex is one of Obi-Wan’s primary contacts.

- Obi-Wan and Anakin spend some time as part of Hondo’s pirate crew.

- They do manage to free Shmi and sooner than she was freed in canon. She goes with them, because it’s not like any of them have money for her to buy property on Tatooine to settle down in. Obi-Wan teaches them how to use all kinds of weapons. Anakin is wide-eyed. “How do you how to fight with so many different weapons? That’s wizard.” “Ahaha, well, I had a tendency to lose my lightsaber a lot and had to make do with what I could get my hands on…and if you listen carefully to the Force, it’ll guide you in learning how to use a weapon. Especially if it’s a life-or-death situation.” (Basically the Force loves Obi-Wan and will pull all sorts of tricks to make sure he stays alive.)

REQUESTED: “Credence has a praise/attention kink, like to start off with it’s just him needing it but after a while he discovers it stirs something in him(?) You can go wherever you want to go with this!“

Warnings: Unprotected sex (wrap up, everybody)

Word Count: 1,554

A/N: I went smutty.

Credence did not know that things would turn out this way. He had been starved for positivity and love, and Newt and his friends—especially you—had given him those things when he had most needed them. And the thing was, he still needed them, the praise and the kind words; it gave him bursts of confidence and feelings of self-worth to hear you tell him that he did a good job or that he was such a good boy. However, he had begun noticing that hearing you say things like that also did…other things to him. His breaths would come out in little puffs and the tell-tale tightening of his pants would send a furious flush to his cheeks, and he had no idea how to tell you this.

Things, however, reached their climax on one fateful Friday night when Credence, who was more confident now but just as reserved, had declined an invitation to go out with Newt and his friends for a well-deserved break. What he hadn’t realized was that you had also decided to stay in for the evening in favor of some silence and calm. So, hiding his surprise when you emerged from the kitchen and asked for some help with dinner, he got up from the couch to assist you.

You had asked him to reach the spices in the top cupboard for you and add what he wanted into the broth you had cooking, and really, it wasn’t hard a hard task. You were still happy he was helping though, and you were used to giving him compliments now—you loved seeing him share a small smile with you and blush—so you did what you always did. Only, this time it was too much for Credence.

You had tasted the broth from the spoon Credence had held out to you gently, cupping your hand underneath. Maybe this was what had him so off-guard for the compliment, because he was so busy noticing how beautiful you were smiling at him as you swallowed the liquid, which had him gulping at the sight of you. Regardless, you reached around to place a soft hand on the small of his back, gazing up at him with a warm glow in your eyes, and said, “This tastes great!! Better than what I would have put together. You’re just so good, Credence.”

Normally, he would have blushed and said thank you and turned away to hide exactly how much those words affected him, but somehow the “Thank you” got caught in his throat and a whimpering moan came out instead. His cheeks warmed, and he shuddered, turning away as he heard you click off the stove top. He couldn’t look you in the eyes because of all the shame he felt trapped in him until you had reached up gentle hands to cradle his face and turned him to look at you. “Credence?”

He finally dared meet your eyes and was shocked to find…curiosity, and maybe some hunger in there, if he could properly place what that look was. “Yes, Y/N?” Oh, that soft, rasping voice had always been too much for you even though you kept your distance, but you hadn’t realized your want for him had been mutual. And to see him now, trying to angle his hips away to hide his hardening… You couldn’t even speak, could only look up at him questioningly. “When you…tell me that I’m…good… It makes me…” He couldn’t finish his sentence; it was too shameful.

What you did next shocked him. Slowly, you brought a hand to his hip, turning him toward you and pulling him by a belt loop against you. He shuddered violently and couldn’t help the way his body curved in toward yours. You angled your face up toward his, letting your lips graze just slightly as you said, “You like it when I tell you that you’re my good boy?”

At your words, something woke up in him that he hadn’t realized had been so dormant until now. He breathed out a harsh and raspy “Yes” as he leaned down to catch your lips before they could pull away. He didn’t really know what he was doing, but the hum you released against his mouth seemed to tell him that he was doing it right. So he kept kissing you and brought a tentative hand to your neck, gasping when you reached up to curl his fingers more securely there. You kissed like this for a while, dragging lips and aching breaths, before you placed your hand against his now fully erect member, eliciting a shuddering gasp from him. “Please” was all he could manage to say as you pushed him back to living room and onto the couch before straddling him.

“Does my precious boy need me to touch him?” You hardly recognized yourself, but the way his eyes were screwed shut and the way his hands scrambled to hold onto anything affected you in the most arousing of ways. So you kept going. “You sound so good for me like this, Credence.” You were teasingly dragging your lips across his neck, savoring his breathy noises.

He let out a whining moan that had you rolling your hips onto him and gasping at the feel of him against your clothed center and had him throwing his head back, revealing the long, white column of his throat so that you could press sloppy kisses there. “Y/N…” Your name escaped him in a breathy prayer that had you whimpering against him.

“You feel so good, baby, so, so good. You’re all I can think about, Credence. You’re all I’ve been thinking about…” He let out a loud, drawn out groan as he bucked his hips up against you, pulling one of your own moans from your throat at the feel of him. You couldn’t undress fast enough before gently pulling his pants down, asking him if it was okay and nearly exploding at the desire in his eyes as he nodded desperately at you.

You positioned him carefully against your entrance as you slowly lowered onto him, never looking away from his face, taking in every twitch and gasp he released. His eyes were still screwed shut as he gasped “Please” one more time before you were rolling your hips again. The pleasure was intoxicating, and the feel of him inside of you was incredible; but his face was what had you completely wrecked. His head was still thrown back, showcasing his long neck now covered with love bites, hands fisted against the couch, mouth hanging open helplessly. “You feel so good inside of me, Credence. Does this feel good?”

Another twist of your hips had him moaning and nodding as he pressed his face sideways into the couch. One of your hands brought his to your hip, which caused him to snap his eyes open at the contact. He couldn’t take his eyes off the way his scarred hand looked holding onto you. Your other hand came to rest on his face, bringing his eyes up to yours, as you continued to ride him and capture each of his moans in open-mouthed kisses.

You could feel him start to twitch inside of you and knew he was close, even as you were taking in every one of his pants and pressing kisses to every inch of him you could reach. You knew the push he needed as you leaned in and moved his face to look at you—“Are you going to be a good boy and cum for me?”

You watched his eyes roll back before he shuddered, closing his eyes and releasing without warning. The look on his face tipped you over, the swollen red lips, the way his mouth hung open, the moan that so desperately filled the room… So you joined him, orgasm hitting you hard and fast. You both clung to one another, shaking from the force of it, and panted quietly for a few minutes as you waited for your heartbeats to calm down.

When you managed to pull away, you could have sworn Credence’s eyes were glowing white, holding something delicate inside, thinking and alive and…aware. He was always so very aware of everything. “Did you…mean it?”

You furrowed your eyebrows and placed a soft kiss to his eyebrow. “That I’ve always thought of you like this?” You traced a finger down the slope of his face, transfixed with the way his eyes fluttered shut, as he nodded. “Of course I meant it, Credence.”

His answering smile was blinding, an expression you weren’t used to seeing but were absolutely delighted to have been shown, and when his eyes opened, you felt your breath leave you at how bright they were, and how intelligent. “I like being good for you,” he felt himself whisper and blushed deeply, thinking that his filter must have been weaker after such intimacy.

You couldn’t help but smile devilishly back at him, placing a kiss to the corner of his mouth before saying, “I like how good you are for me.”

At that, he blushed scarlet, he knew it, but he also knew that you meant it, and that you cared deeply for him. And he couldn’t help but wonder how much better he could get for you.


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{Reaction} Being in the Mood with Monsta X

Note: I wanted to write for Monsta X, so I did. This turned out way longer than I expected, but oh well, I hope you enjoy it anyway. This is written as if the reader is female, I’m sorry I didn’t make it as gender neutral as I intended.

Masterlist ~ Monsta X Masterlist

  • NSFW - includes themes of sex and swearing, please read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by trainingpanda

You and Minhyuk had tried to do it a while ago, but since you hadn’t been together very long, you stopped him before things got too intense because you didn’t feel as though you were ready. But now, as you thought about it with your bottom lip between your teeth needing him, you weren’t sure how to approach the situation as you’d never been good at talking about your feelings, or having a heart to heart. You figured the best way to get this kind of attention from him would be to tease him until he finally snapped. You took one final check of yourself in the full length body mirror of the bedroom.. You were wearing laced underwear and one of Minhyuk’s button up shirts, except the buttons were all undone, exposing everything beneath. You let out one final deep exhale before exiting the bedroom and following the sound of the TV where Minhyuk would be.

In the room, his attention was on you instantly. He smiled at you - still so sweet, he’d never want to do anything with you that you didn’t want to. Except this time, you did want to. You sat next to him, placing your hand dangerously high up his thigh, making his breath hitch. After a few moments of teasing his upper thigh with your fingertips, Minhyuk was on top of you, your back pushed against the sofa.

Minhyuk: “Is this what you want Jagi?” *Hands already gliding up and down your bare stomach with his other hand gently pushing strands of hair away from your face.*

{y/n}: *Nods*

Minhyuk: *Moans before pushing his lips into your neck - be ready for him to send you to complete ecstasy*

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by babywoon

Kihyun kept rolling his head back, hitting the wall behind him as though he’d lost the will to live. You and him had been stuck in this goddamn room for half an hour now after being sent in for a game of‘seven minutes in heaven,’ it seemed as though the other members had either abandoned you both on purpose or have simply forgotten you were both trapped inside of there. Based on Monsta X’s intelligence levels, you decided it was probably the latter that was more likely. You turned to look at Kihyun, who was still hitting his head and rolled your eyes. Seemingly, this action didn’t go down to well in his head, because next thing you knew, you were pushed back against the floor with Kihyun hovering above you. He looked as though he was about to give you a piece of mind until you pressed a kiss against his lips.

When you pulled away, he looked dazed, then, like the switch of a light, lustful. He stood up, pulling you with him before pushing you up against the door of the room, no one was going to be coming in anytime soon. Then, he pushed his lips to your again, passionate and open mouthed as his hand wandered down to the place you were starting to ache for his touch.

Kihyun: “If you were this horny for me, you should have just said so earlier.” *Smirking as he can literally feel how turned on you are.*

{y/n}: “Just shut up and kiss me”

Kihyun: “Oh {y/n} I’m going to have done much more than kissing when I’m done with you.”

Wonho/ Shin Hoseok

Originally posted by wonhobe

Wonho can get you in the mood very easily, let’s be honest here. This is the kind of man that smirks when you call your real father ‘Daddy’ because God knows your father isn’t the only man you call by that name. But you, yourself, can be rather shy when it comes to intimacy, and while you’re more than happy to engage when Wonho suggests it, you’re hardly ever the one to hint that you want to even if you need it. But when you finally pluck up the courage to take the first step, you finally learn what magic really works with the simplicity of you taking the lead.

You lay in bed beside Wonho, your head leaning on his chest with his arm around you as you nervously took a deep breath before climbing on top of him. He grumbled for a moment, his muffled words saying something along the lines of ‘what are you doing?’ until you start kissing down his chest and his words turn to groans of encouragement.

Long story short, Wonho gave back all you gave him and more. You should definitely initiate passion when you need it, because however turned on you may feel, Wonho will always feel it more.

Son Hyun- Woo/ Shownu

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Shownu was away from the Monsta X dorms house-sitting for his parents for a week while they were away on holiday. For his week out of practice, he decided to take full advantage of his week off and invited you, his partner, over to his parent’s house to spend the week with him. He decided that he wanted to take you out on dates and spend as much time as he could with you for the week. Except, when you finally reached the empty house, a sense of excitement rolled in your stomach as he showed you around the house and his old bedroom.

On the second night of the stay, you found yourself getting in the mood as Shownu turned the channels on the TV, talking about how he used to watch it a lot between practicing when he was trying to get onto a traineeship with the company. Suddenly, you pressed your lips against his, and he finally got the idea as the remote slipped completely out of his fingers so he could pull you onto his lap and run his fingers along your upper thigh.

Needless to say, the rest of the week consisted of the two of you using every corner and surface of the house to make up for time lost to his practices.

Shownu: “I can’t believe we just did that on the kitchen table - my parents eat at that table”

{y/n}: “They aren’t the only ones that eat at that table” *winks*

Shownu: “{Y/N}!”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M.

Originally posted by livelovelunch

Since you’re usually rather shy when it comes to this kind of thing, it took him a little while to finally understanding what you were hinting at as you ran your fingers over his whole body. With each hitch of his breath, you smirked, making a side comment on how it was informative to find out where his sensitive spots are. You soon became frustrated as he kept acting clueless, so you jumped straight into the deep end, latching your lips onto his neck and letting your hand slide down his chest to the place you knew he’d seen your intentions with touch.

His eyes rolled back, moaning before grabbing your hips and pulling you onto his lap.

{y/n}: *innocently* “What about the film?”

Changkyun: “Fuck to film”  *pulls you in for a kiss*

Chae Hyungwon

Originally posted by wonhontology

It was a hot summer’s day, so hot even the air conditioning wasn’t making it seem any more bearable. You, and your best friend Hyungwon were sat in the living room, all windows wide open as you sat in shorts and a blouse with as many buttons undone as you could get away with and the sleeves rolled up. But Hyungwon was in less clothing, literally sat in his boxers because he could, little did he know how much you yearned to see him in even less. It was wrong for you to have these feelings for the man you considered your best friend for the past several years, but you couldn’t help yourself, and it wasn’t helping when you’d been crushing on him heavily for the last few months. You decided it was time to take action.

You stood up, unbuttoning the rest of your buttons to reveal a purple laced bra, Hyungwon scoffed at you, telling you that it being so hot wasn’t an excuse to strip. You laughed, tossing the shirt aside before unbuttoning your shorts before him. It became clear very suddenly how the atmosphere changed.

Hyungwon: “If you remove any more clothes I won’t be responsible for my actio- wait, are you smirking at me? Are you teasing m-”

{y/n}: “I’m still not satisfied, maybe I should take the rest off too-”

Hyungwon: *pulls you in and does that job for you*

Lee Jooheon

Originally posted by wonyeols

You had experienced blow of emotions, from jealousy, to anger and then to lust. You had caught Jooheon talking to one of the backup dancers after his earlier show, she had confessed to him, and even though he had respectfully turned her down, you couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated. It was that moment that it hit you how popular Jooheon was with the female (and male) population, and how quickly he could get over you is someone better came along. Of course, this was all rubbish, and Jooheon was more than pissed off that you even suggested that he’d leave you for someone else. That’s where the anger kicked in, the two of you shouted as you entered the front door of the apartment. You groaned frustrate as you tore your coat off, practically throwing it aside carelessly before attempting to leave the kitchen and sulk upstairs.

No chance. Jooheon grabbed your waist and pulled you in before setting a hot, passionate kiss upon your lips. And then, more clothes were coming off, and before you knew it, the anger had turned to lust.

Jooheon: “How about I show you how much I really love you?” *speaking in between kisses on your neck*

{y/n}: *moans in acceptance*

It’s this idea of, you hit your 30s, you did everything right– you went to college, you had the good grades, you worked really hard– and yet somehow life isn’t turning out the way you wanted it to turn out. And because the world is changing so quickly I think that’s something a lot of very well educated [thirtysomething] kids are going through. They’re turning around going, ‘I did it. I did the homework. I did the finals. I did the whole thing. I know the shit. Why am I not going where I need to go?’

“Did you figure it out yet?” Jasper asked as he made his way into the room. “Jasper, I’d rather you step outside for a few moments please” Carlisle asked of him. Jasper nodded understand why before quickly turning on his heels exiting the room just as Edward got to the door. “Not allowed in yet” he explained before Edward could ask. Twenty minutes passed before Jasper and Edward both made their way back towards the room where you and Carlisle were. “Carlisle?” Edward asked from the door wanting to know if he’d figured anything out. “Yes we’ve worked it out boys” he informed them. “Y/N has the ability to lure others. Lurers can make people doing anything she wants because they are infatuated with pleasing her. It’s a really powerful ability that you must learn to control Y/N. Doing it subconsciously can be dangerous even if not intended” Carlisle explained.


So here’s what came out of my hands, last night 🌹🌻🌱

I’m glad I was finally able to make red roses. Went a little experimental here, and did some french knot accents with wool. For a winter-esque effect. 

On top of that, I also made some sunflowers. Took me a couple of tries, to get them the way that I wanted. The colors aren’t ideal, but I felt like they needed more contrast. And I still quite like how they turned out ^^


Nirvana in Rotterdam, Netherlands. September 1st, 1991

Photographs by Niels van Iperen

They were pretty difficult kids, fooling around, especially Kurt didn’t feel like doing anything. Once outside Dave suggested as a joke to go into the fountain in front of the hotel. It seemed like a good idea to me, I praised it, but Kurt didn’t want. The other two did like they said after which Kurt had to join too. He sat down on the fountain and it turned out to be a nice session. Strange guy: not really unpleasant, but distant in some way. First moaning, then cooperating and finally enjoying it all.” - Niels van Iperen

So I just wanted to say some thoughts on recent developments with several youtubes turning out to be pretty shitty people, or at least making it way more obvious than it was in the past, such as basically anything and everything JonTron’s been saying and PewDiePie (although did anyone like him THAT much now?) 

It’s okay to have some level of nostalgia for their videos and to enjoy their old work, if that’s your cup of tea, for whatever reason. Those videos have nothing to do with their political or moral beliefs, and watching them could give you a completely different feeling from whatever you’re feeling now.

I haven’t really given a shit about PewDiePie in years, but I was a fan of JonTron. I never made myself a twitter, and I wasn’t enough of a fan to go searching his tag on Tumblr or anything to find out about the things he’d said, until a friend showed me recently and I went deeper down the rabbit hole. There are still videos of his that I enjoy, because they’ve had a lot of value to me, helping me cheer up in some really hard times. I feel betrayed that I never knew we had such wildly different beliefs, I never got that from any of his videos. He was just some guy talking about video games.

I don’t feel comfortable supporting JonTron not just because of his beliefs, but because he seems to be very defensive of them and resistant to criticism, I don’t have any confidence that he’ll change.

But if you enjoyed his content, and can still get those same feelings of comfort and joy that helped you through those hard times, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I’m not going to enjoy Edward Scissorhands or Sweeney Todd any less because I hate Johnny Depp, and while I wont support him in the future either, this is basically my long way of saying that your feelings aren’t suddenly invalid just because you no longer agree/like the person who made something that made you feel good.

If you wanna enjoy those videos and use them to laugh off a bad day, that’s all on you, life is tough and shitty and do what makes you feel good, but it’s also important to ask yourself if you feel comfortable supporting them now. Those good memories are yours, they don’t belong to whoever hurt you, enjoy them if they still offer you comfort.