this did not turn out how i expected it to

“You’re high above us, all alone in the sky, and you understand everything except how to land.”

Despite the criticism, I loved Eurus and Sian Brooke’s portrayal of her. She was a bit overpowered, I’ll concede, but never has an episode kept me so on the edge of my seat. Her performance was chilling and Brooke is a talented and beautiful actress. I’m glad Eurus did get a happy ending, in her own way. So here’s my tribute to her. Hope you guys like!

Daily Doodle #21 - January 21, 2017


This took about 5 or so hours today, all done on a single layer in SAI. I didn’t expect it to turn out this well; this is probably the best one of my paintings has ever looked. I do have a lot to improve on, but I’m happy with how far I’ve come.


Requested: yes, this sweetie did

Words: 1294

A/N: I hope it’s okay! If not, request again ;) It turned out longer than I expected, but it happened.

check out the soulmate!Michael story i’m writing

It wasn’t like you hated Hey Violet. You weren’t allowed to hate them – they’re were 5SOS’ experiment. That’s not what the boys said, but that was how you saw them. They wanted to make a band famous and help them out, just like 1D did with them. So you could easily hang out with HV – as long as they were all there. Because hanging out just with Nia or being alone with Rena was weird and scary to you. So going out them Hey Violet and 5SOS shouldn’t be a problem. But even though all you wanted was a nice, calm conversation with all of them, you couldn’t help but notice the way Nia laughed at Calums’ jokes. You all sat around a table at a rather big coffee shop. You sat beside Miranda and Luke, so far away from Calum.

They were all talking in over each other, so nobody really got the idea. Maybe there was too many people, but it was nice anyway. Sometimes you would actually laugh at Michaels dumb jokes or talk really quietly with Luke, so only you and him could hear the conversation. But in the middle of the fun, Nia almost died from laughing – and you more or less wished she would have. She hit Calum’s arm playfully, making Calum’s eyes crinkle and shine.

“I’m gonna get some more water. “ You said getting up from your chair. The table you were sitting at was pretty close to the window, so you could see fans starting to notice the bands.

“I’ll come with you. I need more coffee. “ Nia said, her voice full of happiness and her smile wide. “I didn’t get any sleep yesterday. “ She whispered. Nia was sweet… She really was, so it shouldn’t be a problem being with her alone for a small minute. You walked both walked towards the counter – unfortunately there was a queue, hinting that you’d be alone with her for longer than you thought. There was no awkward moments, but every time she smiled, you couldn’t help but think about her flirting with Calum. They had been together quite a lot lately and you didn’t really see any harm in that. Until now – Calum wouldn’t cheat on you, but maybe he had a thing for Nia? You just were done telling a small story about the time you went to Disneyland and you puked after trying the teacups. Nia chuckled.

“Yeah! It was like this one time where we went to a small concert – me and Calum-“ Your face changed at Nia’s words, but she clearly didn’t notice. “I don’t even remember who was playing. I took a couple of shots before the concert. “ You moved forward in the queue.  “But anyway, I puked at the girls bathroom and Calum laughed at me. “
Somehow the fact that all Calum did was laugh at her calmed you down a bit.

“But then he helped by holding my hair and buying me something to drink. He’s really sweet. “ Nia said, clearly trying to compliment you and your choice of boyfriend, but you couldn’t see it as anything else, but her smearing it in your face.

“Yea, you probably know how sweet he is. “ You mumbled, because it had become a bad habit of yours to whisper your thoughts. But obviously, Nia heard – because what else could happened?

“You don’t want me to be friends with Calum? “ Nia asked. All of a sudden the sweet, funny, innocent person was gone and instead a very angry and irritated Nia was standing in front of you.

“I don’t want you flirting with him. “ You said, crossing your arms and lifting your brow.

“I’m not flirting! “ Nia raised her voice, so the people behind you looked up from their phones to see what was going on. “Are you really that type of girl? “

You didn’t know what to answer, because you knew what she meant. You weren’t the jealous, controlling, clingy girlfriend, but today you were just getting tired of Nia. You didn’t mind Calum being friends with her, but the fact that she was flirting with him made you mad – and when she didn’t want to admit it made it worse.

“Maybe I am. Butat least I’m not going for boys who’re taken! “ You yelled, not caring about the people behind you and the people in front of you. They could mind their own business.

“Bitch, you’re just scared that I might actually fuck your man! “ Nia hissed. And just like it couldn’t get any worse, Calum turned up.

“Hey, you guys are slow. “ Calum smiled. You loved his smile – it was one of the many reasons you fell in love with him. And you kept falling in love with him every day who saw him.

“Hi Calum. “ Nia said in a tone that clearly showed she was gonna tell him. “Did you know that Y/N is a jealous, idiotic prick? “

“Bitch. You just can’t handle the fact that I have it better than you! “ Nia stuck her tongue out while grinning devilishly.

“You can’t handle the fact that Calum would rather be with me than you. “ She said it slowly, making every word longer. Her tone was quietly teasing and she didn’t even look at you. She looked at Calum behind you.

You stormed out of the coffee shop, pushing Calum aside and sneaking in and out between people. You squinted your eyes, as you closed the coffee shop door. Normally you weren’t like this. You wouldn’t storm out of rooms because someone insulted you, but today was the first day where you did exactly that.

“Y/N! “ Someone yelled. You looked at the source of the sound and found about 5 teenage girls, standing with their phone and taking pictures of the boys from the window. You smiled, knowing that you had to put up a face and walked towards the fans.

“Oh my god. “ A girl with red hair and cute little freckles smeared over her cheeks mumbled. “You’re like really pretty. “

“What are you guys doing? “ Another girl asked. She had platinum blond hair to her shoulder and she was standing with her phone pointed towards you, filming you.

“Getting something to drink and eat. It’s rare they have time for that. “ You smiled and looked at the girls. You actually loved meeting fans, because they were usually always so sweet and curious. And it made you feel special in some sort of way. But just as you were having a very cool and casual conversation with the fans, they started whined.

“OMG! CALUM! “ You looked down on your feet, well-knowing that you couldn’t avoid him. And you knew he was getting closer, because they were being louder with every step he took.

You felt Calums arms being wrapped around you and his scent hit your nose and you instantly felt like it was dumb – the whole thing was dumb and idiotic. You were generally surprised. The brown-haired girl was clearly still filming and she wasn’t even trying to hide it. The other girls were awing at the two of you. Calum would normally not be much for PDA when there were cameras around, but this time he just kissed your temple and hugged you from behind.

“I love you and only you, babe. “ He whispered in your ear, making the girls aweing and one of them snouted “GOALS”. Calum kissed your lips and took your hand, before he started talking with the fans.

Next day on twitter, you saw the video from the brown-haired fan’s perspective. And you had to admit, you pretty damn cute together.

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(…) “How did you feel about him before being akumatized?” She turned the recorder to you. “It’s for scientific purposes, so please try to answer truthfully.”

You looked at the expectant eyes staring at you. (…) “I think he’s pretty hot.”

Adrien made a strange sound in his throat and then quickly put a hand over his mouth. The shocked look on the boys’ faces was priceless, but Alya didn’t seem surprised at all.

The Muse, Chapter 10

okay this has really been bugging me, so i just wanna get it out of my system

this scene feels romantic to me


well, look at her face! i dont know about the rest of y’all but id expect something that was like “whoa! uncle qrow?! how did you-” or other similar expressions of shock

i mean it was like that at first but then she like dismisses the initial shock and it turns to THIS


look at her

its like

shes looking at him like

“i knew you’d always come through for me”

“i knew you wouldnt leave me”

shes looking at him like hes the most wonderful thing in the world (which he kind of is.. right now,.. given their current situation.. he just saved their lives.) like if hes around, then everything will be okay (which it kind of is now.. hes like really strong) but like in a totally GAY way, you know what i mean, its- 

-its so fond

and, and-

the SOUND she makes 

its like this happy little fond, adoring sigh ive only ever heard in shoujo anime when the girl and the guy are alone together and the guy does or says something cheesy and the girl makes that little sigh like ‘oh what am i to do with you’



and qrow replies with his own little smile, and his totally casual ‘hey’ like a guy trying to play it cool around his crush

h looks and sounds so relieved

fuck. this. shit.

anonymous asked:

I would love a fic about Alec and Magnus interacting/being at Pandemonium

Hey, so… it’s done, but probably not at all how you imagined it, sorry, it did turn out different than expected, but that usually happens… 

Come Closer  ao3

The sounds of his feet pelting along the wet asphalt are ringing in his ear, the smell of rain, blood and ichor in his nose, traces of adrenaline ebbing in a slow hum as he has one goal in mind.

He quickly sheds his gear, scrubs himself down in the shower and grabs the first nice clothes he spots in the closet. He sprays his favorite scent and rushes off to get to the part of the city that’s bustling with life, neon lights and music.

He slips into the building past the queue of people and bouncers who barely acknowledge his appearance, well-acquainted with his standing with the club’s owner.

He’s careful to avoid moving bodies that are all around him, dancing to the beat of the music blasting from every corner. He doesn’t care for the song, the dancing, the drinks. He doesn’t care for anything or anyone, except the tingle starting in his belly, spreading through his entire body, buzzing with anticipation and desire to lay eyes on him.

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Saviors of Christmas?

Been a while since i’ve touched mp100! I actually wanted to make a more “domestic” fanart, like a christmas dinner or something, but then i remember that one official art of genos and saitama being santas, so this happened.

Merry christmas and happy holidays everyone!

Ah, yes

The “let’s see how fast I’m going to die in fire” -boss fight

Ended just as expected

give ‘em something to talk about

anon asked for SoMa + seductive kiss

This is set in an Actors AU. It also kind of made a weird turn near the end I wasn’t expecting, but I actually really like how this came out ^u^

Soul had expected a chaste kiss in the back of the limo.

Maka was never one for show of exposure especially after leaving extravagant events. The most they ever did on the way home was hold hands and cuddle while Soul brushed kisses along her temple. She had always told him paparazzi might follow them and try capturing a candid photo of them since they rarely did anything on the red carpet save for standing close to each other. A picture of them doing anything remotely racey would have sold for millions in their industry, and Maka didn’t want to be labeled a whore like her papa. It was one of the reasons Soul respected her wish to keep their relationship under the radar and the public to speculate what went on behind closed doors.

So when Maka pressed her lips to his, the last thing he expected was it to be anything more than chaste.

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Wish I could say someone’s/no one’s there.

Yeah so remember that post a while back I made about how much I loved FNAF the Musical? Turns out, I loved it so much that I made fanart for it! I chose the fourth night because that’s my favorite song (but in terms of story my fave would have to Night 5). And lemme tell ya, this picture was WAY harder than it should’ve been. HOLY S**T. These men, as charming and as amazing as they are, have IMPOSSIBLE hair to draw. Other than that, I ADORE how this came out. I did not expect this picture to come out this good. Anyways, hope you like!


Part 3 - Psycho

“baby please, baby please no promises…”

His ass was lucky I waited until the next morning before storming over to his house and confronting him about how he had left me hanging the night before. Niall had never done that. Not once in the three years that we had been hooking up did he ever turn me down. I didn’t even think I would have wanted him to stay when I had first let him into my apartment, but with the way the night had gone, I more than expected it. I knew how he looked at me when he wanted me, how he touched me and talked to me, and he had been giving me all the signs. What was so different now? Why didn’t he want me?

My car screeched to a halt outside his drive and I let out a huff as my wedge sandals slapped to the warm pavement. Brushing my slightly wind blown hair off my face as I made my way up his driveway, I stepped up to his door and rang the doorbell. Dave answered and I barely gave him time to move out of the way before I hastily pushed my body past him. “Where is he?” I asked, Dave knitting his brow as he closed the door behind me.

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SECRET SANTA FOR ASHTON [ @poorlydrawnkira ]

I hope you like it ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ 

This was my third attempt at this picture lol, but I’m happy with how it turned out. The first attempt was too big to finish in time, and I didn’t expect to be this busy after finishing school.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did doing this, and Merry Christmas!! Also, I wanted to do some jojo chibis, so if anyone has any requests for characters, message me~!


Yes. I am going there. I am so fired up about how these two universes are judged unfairly and I just need to rant so bear with me. 

I recently just got out of Doctor Strange. Going into this film I had very low expectations because it truly did not look that great to begin with. It started out with the whitewashing of The Ancient One and I know that, that character is a main plot point so I was turned off immediately. I went into this film expecting Marvel to prove me wrong and they didn’t. Doctor Strange was horrendous and I am in shock at how well-received it is. 

Now, as I was watching Doctor Strange I noticed many problems, I noticed that people are blindly following Marvel and are not paying close attention to the repetitive nature of these formulaic structures. I literally predicted everything that was going to happen and I was bored. I was dying of boredom watching this that the visuals were not enough to captivate me about half way through the film. 

The visuals were great for like 5 minutes and then it became overused and uninteresting. How many times can the same thing happen over and over again for it to lose its flair? Well Doctor Strange managed to answer that question and it was far too many. 

So you are probably wondering why I entitled this the way I did. Well, I’m going to tell you. Doctor Strange got me so fired up that I needed to vent. 

Guess what? Doctor Strange, too had a villain (wasted in Mads Mikkeslen) that used a relic from another galaxy to unleash a rampaging monster which then leads to CGI monster mayhem that was in your face and pointless that left the door open wide enough for the next instalments. Hmm? Sound familiar guys? 

Stop praising Marvel for having the exact same flaws that every damn superhero movie has. Critics trashed Batman v Superman and people continue to trash Batman v Superman, really look at what the movies are.  I’m tired of this constant battle. I will say that the story structure of Batman v Superman was way better than Doctor Strange, it was more entertaining and the visuals were more aesthetically pleasing than Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange was a mess in its own way and Batman v Superman also had their own problems. Do with this what you will, it won’t ever change but please start looking deeper into Marvel and expect better than their sugary, surface value of characters and formulaic, predictable story structure. We as fans deserve more than this. 



My FF7 doujin is complete!  I wasted half my ink messing up, but once I figured everything out I was still able to make seven copies. I’ll be selling at a loss again… XD;  But that’s okay because loooooooook how cool it turned out!  28 pages bursting with comics, fic, 4koma, and art.  No pairings, so anyone can enjoy it! (There are hints, but they’re varied and balanced.)

If you want one of these bad boys, come see me at Ushicon this weekend - it’s the only convention I have set in stone so far this year.  Obviously, quantities are super limited.  (But if I go to any more cons this year, I promise to make more!)

Slow Healing

A request from an anon (I wanted to post it as it’s own post instead of reply to the ask cause it’s harder to reblog older asks) for me to write something for @meldy-arts picture of Hera and Ezra. Only after I wrote it did I read the description again, so…it doesn’t follow that description, but I’m still really happy with how it turned out. Maybe writing those short little drabbles helped me past my block after all!

This is basically just some space mom and space son fluff because I love me some fluff…though some of it might qualify as angst too?

Fic below the cut:

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I had a request for Anakin/Padme Historical AU portraits! (from @ultracomicfan)

*turns up “Across the Stars”*

Tudor court (mid 1500s) - a princess and a young gravely injured knight? (I couldn’t figure out why it was so easy to picture Padme in this style of costume and then I remembered that The Other Boleyn Girl happened. Anakin’s attire is …er… timeless?)

American Civil War (~1865) - Union officer Anakin who grew up in the West and New England abolitionist Padme (they should probably live happily with the twins in some AU, right?)

WWI (~1918) - Of course Anakin is a pilot.  I mean.  Of course.

Welp apparently I read that prompt as “chop off Anakin’s arm throughout history,” but at least Padme is blocking the pinned up sleeve in the second pic?

see also Obi-Wan/Satine historical AUs


Lucifer (Casifer) x Reader
Plot- Reader is the Greek goddess Persephone and Lucifers wife. After she is kidnapped, Lucifer gets Sam and Dean to help get her back.
Warning- Cursing, hinting to sex, thats basically it, mostly fluff


You sat curled up on the couch in your pajamas, reading your favorite book while the tv provided some background noise. It was late, the only light came from the lamp next to you and the tv. You weren’t expecting anyone, you never were, and that’s why you where almost surprised when you heard what you did. Almost.
The flutter of wings made you look up and a smirk stretched across your face.
“How many times do I have to tell you, you can’t sneak up on me anymore. I always hear you.” You spoke out into the apartment without looking back, waiting for a response.
When you didn’t get one, you looked up again. Before you could turn around you suddenly felt arms grabbing you and a bag was pulled over your head. You didn’t even have a chance to fight back before something hard slammed against your head. You slumped forward, only being held up by the unseen arms. Dark spots danced in your eyes, before you lost consciousness.

*12 hours later*

It was very unlike him to be nervous. Not that he was nervous. He was Lucifer, the devil himself, what did he have to be nervous about? Absolutely nothing. He loved you and you loved him. At least, you did before…
He appeared in an unfamiliar hall outside of apartment 666. Smirking he reached up and gave a quick knock, but the door creaked open on its own.
That was never a good sign.
“(Y/n)?” he called.
Walking in he found the tv was on, a commercial for some show playing quietly. The lamp next to the couch was on, despite it being noon, and upon further inspection he found your favorite book lying on the floor.
“Fucking hell.” he hissed before disappearing and reappearing in a familiar bunker.
“Where the hell is she?” he yelled, catching the attention of the boys before him.
Sam and Dean where sat in the library doing research on a potential case.
“What are you talking about?” Sam asked.
Lucifer stalked forward, grabbing the man by his shirt collar and pulling him out of the seat.
“Don’t play dumb with me.”
Dean shot up and pulled out an angel blade, “What the hell Lucifer.”
Sam stood up straight, easily towering over him, and gave him one of his bitch faces.
“Seriously, what are you talking about?”
“You know who I’m talking about and I have to say its pretty stupid of you two to try and use her against me. You never mess with a man’s wife.” he all but growled
“What? Wife? What the hell are you talking about?” Dean shouted, placing the blade back into his jacket.
“My wife has gone missing and I don’t think its just a coincidence that you two need a bit of leverage to make sure I don’t hurt your angle boy toy. Try and use her to keep me in line.”
“Mhm, ok two things. One we didn’t take your wife, we didn’t even know you had a wife. And two, who the hell is your wife?” Sam asked.
“Well shit.” Lucifer mumbled, more to himself.
The sound of a phone ringing brought all of their attention to Dean. He pulled it out of his pocket and raised a brow.
“Unknown number.” he said to Sam before answering it and putting it on speaker.
“Hello, is there a Satan that we could speak to?”
“This is he.” Lucifer leaned over the table towards the phone.
“We have got a message for you here. Speak bitch.”
“Fuck you, you ass hat. I swear when I get the chance I am gonna take that phone and shove it so far up you ass that when someone calls you’ll feel it in your stomach-”
Then the call ended.
“Well it’s definitely her. At least I know she’s alive.” he sighed.
Reaching over, he grabbed the two by their arms and they were suddenly standing in an empty field.
“What- where the hell are we?” Dean cursed, looking around.
“Middle of nowhere Missouri. This is where (Y/n) was living last. I heard an echo on the call. But really, can they be more cliché? An empty warehouse?”
Turning around, they saw there was indeed and empty warehouse sitting in the field.
“Come on. You two are gonna help me get her back.”
“Why would we want to do that?” Sam asked.
“Cause I feel like this is somehow your fault, everything is really. So you could help, or find your own way back to your dungeon. Your choice.”
That’s how the boys and Casifer ended up sneaking around the empty warehouse. They could hear voices and with every step closer the got, the angrier Lucifer became.
How dare someone even think about laying a hand on (Y/n). His (Y/n).
They rounded a corner and found a group of suited men standing around with a familiar (h/c) in the middle. You were tied up with a gag in your mouth, sitting in a chair with the look of someone that was simply being mildly inconvenienced, not kidnapped.
“Angels.” he turned and hissed to the brothers, “Fucking angels.”
The boys exchanged looks before racing out, each targeting their own. They had the element of surprise and easily took down the first three.
Easily finishing off the others they turned to you, only to find the last angel standing behind you with an angel blade pressed to your neck. Your annoyed expression had not changed.
“One more step and she gets it.” the angel threatened.
Everyone stood stiff for a moment, not knowing what to do.
“Oh come on?” you huffed rolling your eyes.
Suddenly, your hands where free from behind you and you ripped the blade from the angles hand. Whirling around, you plunged it into his stomach.
He fell to the ground as you dropped the ropes from around your body.
Lucifer was too shocked to say anything. He didn’t know how he could’ve expected any less from you. You often left him speechless.
“How did you get untied so fast?” Sam asked finally.
“I’ve been untied for 9 hours. I was just waiting for someone to distract them. I may be reckless but I’m not stupid enough to go 7 to 1.”
“God I missed you.” Lucifer finally stepped forward with his arms out.
You stepped back facing the blade to him, “Watch it. Who the hell are you?”
“Good to see your still faithful. Oh come on baby, I don’t look that different do I?”
You stared for a moment before realization took over your features. You smiled brightly, “You ass.” you breathed out, pulling him into a tight hug.
He buried his face into your hair, breathing in your familiar scent.
He had missed you so much.
“Sorry to ruin the moment, but is anyone gonna tell us what is happening?”
Looking up from your lovers shoulder, you found two unfamiliar boys looking at you, “Who are you two?“
“We could ask you the same thing.” the shorter, angrier looking one said.
“Fair enough. Lets get out of here. These used to be my favorite shoes.” you sighed looking down at the now blood covered shoes.
Walking up to your apartment, you huffed at the fact that the door was still open and Lucifer hadn’t even bothered to turn off the tv.
There was the sound of barking and nails scratching on the floor. Sam and Dean couldn’t see the three hell hounds, but they could sure as hell hear them growling.
“Hey, stop it. Go lay down.” you commanded, “Sorry, they don’t take too well to strangers.”
You and Lucifer sat on the couch while the two boys, Sam and Dean, sat on the love seat to your right.
“So, you’re his wife?”
“You know he’s the devil, right?”
You scoffed, “Ya, I know all about that. I’m Persephone, though I usually go by (Y/n).”
“Persephone, you mean the Greek goddess?” Sam asked.
“The one and only. When Lucifer was cast from heaven he grabbed me and tried to use me as leverage to keep himself out of the cage. But God didn’t give a shit about some Greek goddess like me, so he send us both into the cage. I thought we would be in there forever until you two started the apocalypse and set us free. Then he got trapped again with Michael and I was left out here on my own. So thanks for that.”
“And your still with him? Why? You’re free now.” Dean asked. He couldn’t seem to understand why someone as hot at you would stay with the devil.
“Ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? Well I got it bad.” you smirked, cuddling into Lucifer.
“Damn right you do.”
He pulled your face up and pressed his lips to yours in a passionate kiss. You wrapped your hands around his neck and his slid down to rest on your waist. It was a bit strange, making out with him in this body, but you could feel in his movements it was still the man you fell in love with.
“Hey, hey! We don’t need to see any of this. Save it for later.” Dean said, as Sam awkwardly looked out the window.
“Oh we will.” he winked at you and you blushed, thinking if the night that was sure to come. You couldn’t wait to show him just how much you missed him. 6 years was a long time for humans, and even though it was merely a blink in your existence, you still missed Lucifer terribly while he was gone. You moved from town to town to keep yourself from being followed or found, and it got lonely fast. But you were always true to you husband, no matter how long he was gone.
“Well seems like you two are gonna be busy. Mind taking us back now?” Dean grumbled.
“Ya, about that. (Y/n), pack your things, your gonna come live with us.”
“What?” the boys said together.
You groaned, “Why? I was just starting to like this little place. And the local coffee barista remembers my order now.”
“You got kidnapped today. There’s no way I’m letting you out of my sight again.”
“Promise?” you hummed before pulling him down and kissing him, ignoring the groaned of disgust from the boys


I have been craving some Lucifer/Casifer stuff for days. Hope you liked it, I feel like I should do a part two (maybe some smut?) if anyone wants it. Thanks for reading, send in some requests!