this did not come out the way i ~envisioned~ it

Yuuri, Victor, and their Chain of Surprises

Victuuri Week 2017 – Day 1 – Victor Prompt – Surprises

As a kick off to Victuuri Week 2017, let’s take a look at one of the biggest themes in Yuri on Ice: Surprises! Specifically, all the times that Yuuri and Victor surprise each other within the course of the show.

More below the cut because this ended up much longer than I had initially planned. :’D

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Dragon Lady (Natasha Romanoff x reader)


1. A Natasha x reader where you’re a shield agent with a huge crush on Nat and you also hiding a huge secret that you’re a dragon and can turn into one and when you accompany the team on a mission and Natasha is in danger you reveal your true nature to save her and the team but afterwards you fly away afraid that they’re no longer going to accept you and Nat finally tracks you down a week later to tell you to come back with a fluffy ending please 

2. Can you write a dream I had? I was Natasha’s long-term girlfriend going to an avenger’s party, I had got this little, kinda revealing, red dress to wear for her but was nervous about it and the party, it was the first time I would meet the team. She encouraged me to have confidence to wear it, everyone was a bit shocked she had been dating someone for so long and how comfortable, sweet and almost flirty we were. 

You had worked with Natasha Romanoff before, back during her days at SHIELD and before she became an Avenger.  Back when she and Barton were the team to find yourself working with, if not only because they always won their battles, but because they were far and away the most fun to be around even in the midst of extreme danger. There were a few times when your lives hung in the balance, and you worried that the secret of your mutant powers would be given away out of pure necessity, but so far, you had managed to keep it from both SHIELD and the Avengers.  The most important of them all, however, was Natasha; you feared the loss of her in your life more than the rest.

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The Langst I Want to See

(This is all written with the recognition of the fact that my opinions don’t mean jack shit and I continue to expect the creators to create in whatever way they envisioned and I will continue to headcannon in whatever way enhances the content for me, OK?) (Crap when did this become a necessary thing to say in fandom)

I’m not a langst fan. Like at all. Because, as @radioactivesupersonic pointed out (though I cannot for the life of me find the exact post), Lance and all the Paladins are really a hell of a lot more resilient than fandom gives them credit for (which is not to say they don’t have breaking points. But come on, most voltron angst doesn’t get there). And LBR, people are more resilient than we give them credit for. I’ve been talking to friends over drinks and been honestly flabbergasted like “how the shit did you survive that??” and they look at me in confusion and say “I dunno…I just did?” And I’ve done the same thing, to the point where a licensed therapist looked at me and went, “and you did  what?” and I’m like, “I dunno, I just kept going?”

I’m not saying that to sound special. Because so many people, maybe not a majority, but a damn plurality for sure, have had some experience in their life that they just get through because there’s no other option and people look at them in disbelief in the aftermath and say “how????” and they’re like “I just kept going.” (And yes, the fucked-upedness comes later, but for a lot of people when you’re in the middle of it you just…keep going.)

Anyway. So that’s why most langst does nothing for me.

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Y/N walked into Leo’s room with a piece of equipment that needed fixing…again. The darn thing was constantly breaking and only Fitz could seem to fix it. Y/N scanned the room before they could hear a noise coming from the connecting bathroom. Fitz was singing! Y/N sat down on the bed, pulled out their phone and hit record. Ten minutes later, Fitz came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.
“Y/N! What are you doing here?”
“It needs fixing again,” Y/N said before holding up their phone with a mischievous grin. “By the way, you have a pretty singing voice, Fitz.”
“You didn’t.”
“I did.”

For The Time Being l ch.2

this story is set in an alternate universe where time has become the universal currency and people, born with a digital clock on their forearm, stop aging at the age of 20 

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2

Pairings: Jungkook x reader

Word: 3617

Genre: dystonian au / fluffy fluff / angst / maybe a bit of smut idk

Summary: where you fall into Jungkook’s grasp and there is no time for excape

A/N: A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL YOU LOVELIES WHO ENJOYED READING CH.1 AND ASKED FOR MORE <333 tbh it was my first time writing fics so knowing a lot of you actually liked it means the world to me i’m flattered :D btw go watch nirvana in fire so gooddd

Being Jungkook’s personal assistant is like pioneering ventures up the same drastic slope over and over again, each step undermining aged old perseverance, only to find yourself tripping over a certain boulder and falling on your knees repeatedly, bruised and lone. The harder you try, the further away you are from the mountain peak, where he looks at you in haughty disdain as a display of the superiority naturally embroidered within the rich.

As far as you are concerned, there is nothing amicable about Jeon Jungkook. He speaks with a trained lifeless tone, his words laced with authority. He is always one step ahead of you, oblivious of your endeavour to catch up both in actions and in time. Eventually, you give up trying and succumb to this forced isolation. If he is not to pour his heart out to you and make your days easier, you need not ferret behind cold steel bars, risking your life for an unfeeling boy.

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The Wedding: Part 4

Summary: The boys reach the wedding to find you with Max.

Warnings:  fluff, language, Original Character, no smut (NEXT PART, I SWEAR for real this time), angst?? Idk… Reader beware

Pairings: Dean x reader, Reader x OC Max, Sam

Word Count: 2811 (It’s getting out of hand… I know.. I’ll slim them down)

NOTE:  I am new to Fanfic. This story has really taken off for me. I really love to characters I’m writing, so therefore, sorry for the crazy amount of detail. Thank you and be sure to follow me and/or reblog to stay up to date on the story!!!

You had a short conversation with the handsome stranger in your cottage. He told you they put up a tent for the reception and that you’d be having the rehearsal dinner and bachelor/bachelorette in there. He had hired a dj, dancers, and bartenders for the event. When you insisted on paying half he resisted and said he could afford it.

“Ok fine, money bags. I’ll just have to return the favor tonight. I’ll be the hostess. It’ll be fun.

"Or you could make it up me a different way…” His voice sounded so serious but flirty. It was difficult to not smile. You must’ve blushed because he immediately said “no, no, not like that. I meant by going with me to pick up the tuxes from the tailor. I don’t really know the area and your sister said you were from around here.”

“Oh yeah, sure, no problem. Can you give an hour to shower and get changed?” Trying not to seem too eager.

“Absolutely, take all the time you need. Give me your number and I’ll text you.”  You give him your number and follow him to the door. “See you soon.” He says winking as he turns to walk away. You stand with your back pressed up against the door, your knees weak from the excitement you felt. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be so bad without Dean.

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anonymous asked:

Hey my dog is being put down tomorrow and I was wondering if you could write some fluffy college au fic to cheer me up. It would mean so much, you're one of my favourite authors ever

[oh noooo :( :( :( i hope this cheers you up a little in this difficult time, i know how you feel, my childhood dog was put down years ago and it still makes me sad every now and then. /hugs]

Stiles zips his duffel bag closed, humming happily to himself. No more finals, no more class for another three blissful weeks. He’s looking forward to being back home in Beacon Hills, hanging out with his dad, seeing Scott and trading stories about their first school year apart from each other since kindergarten. 

Stiles flips his hood, the rain falling down around him as he heads to the campus bus circle. He misses his Jeep, but it wouldn’t have made sense for him to pay for a parking spot at the dorms when there are shuttles that depart regularly every weekend (Beacon Hills is one of the last stops on the H line). 

It’s cold, and he gets soaked to the skin immediately but it’s all fine now that he’s under the scanty protection of the bus stop. Stiles waits awkwardly for ten minutes in the freezing wet wind before he reads the sign. Oh no. The last H bus left an hour ago? Stiles keeps reading, face dropping in horror when he realizes that the bus schedule for the winter holidays has made it so that there will be no H buses running at all until next quarter. After the break. 

Stiles curses, walking all the way back to the dorms, in a foul, foul mood. The floors are mostly empty, so Stiles has no problem singing a messed up version of “Let It Go” at the top of his lungs.  ”Fuck it all, fuck it all… I don’t give a shit anymore…” Stiles rages, thumping down the hallway, undressing as he goes. His wet sweatshirt, ugh, wet t-shirt gets cast off as he tries to get warm. Maybe he’ll just take a hot shower and get on Netflix and contemplate his sad winter break all by himself. 

A door opens, and an annoyed voice calls out, ”Noise ordinances during the winter break still apply—” 

Derek Hale steps into the hallway, freezing when he sees Stiles standing there wet and shirtless.

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A Possible Ending.

Summary: Papyrus really didn’t see it coming. He didn’t expect to have Sans there while he made a terrible mistake. Sans never looked so… Broken. It was his fault dust covered his hoodie, and Sans was like this.

Underswap, Edgeberry, OoC, Papyrus PoV.

Warning(s): Hints of Major Character Death. Fontcest. Incest. Bittersweet Ending.

Pairing(s): One-sided Underswap Fontcest. Hints of Edgeberry ( Underswap Sans/Underfell Papyrus ).

Note(s): I’m still New to Undertale. Please be as harsh as you could.

I’m sorry, this is just a story comin’. If you haven’t read “Corrupted” by Sososhady, then this is just random for you.

She just posted chapter 6 by the time I post this, and this is apparently an ending I envisioned would happen. I mean, this was in my head. Sorry–It came out a bit more bittersweet then anything.

I’m sorry if I got any spelling wrong. The only spelling corrections I have are google. So, if I made any mistakes, tell me.

Criticism is welcome.

Enjoy! xD x3

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anonymous asked:

What do you think the ep will look like when Caryl goes canon (officially)? I mean, a kiss? *dies from that alone* Then more as time/the season goes on? Like another slow burn? Or will it be like Richonne where they have sex the same episode? Do you know what I mean? I kinda feel like they won't sleep together right away based on their history and the way Norman describes Daryl (which I agree with 100% btw) but then again idk it's been building forever lol... how do you see it playing out?

This is a great question, nonny, thank you!! I have envisioned this scenario far more than I care to admit, more than is probably healthy.

I do not think Caryl will go canon the same way R!ck and M!chonne did.

Because there has to be the awkwardness! There has to be the clumsiness, what comes after the first kiss and before the sex to make it authentic for Carol and Daryl. Because they’re less “adept” when it comes to love, and because they’ve both had traumatic experiences in area. I picture their first kiss being really awkward and messy (because it’s them) and they’ll be so overwhelmed by just that alone, that nothing more will happen that day/night – other than maybe some blushing and flustered giggling, and more awkwardness.

I like to imagine that before their first kiss happens, Daryl’s being all sweet and taking care of Carol, and then he kisses her forehead and she just has one of those epiphanies, where she falls in love with him all over again, so before he can pull away, she pulls him to her and kisses him.

Now even if this isn’t how it goes down, as there are a million other delicious possibilities, I think that it will take Daryl – hell, Carol too – about twenty-four hours to “recover” from the first kiss. All the feelings will be marinating, and he’ll be so overwhelmed, that it will take him hours before he realises he wants to kiss her again.

I think Gimple is going to milk this for as long as he possibly can; Carol and Daryl will kiss, then a little while later, they’ll kiss again. And it will go on like this for a few episodes – where they’ll share awkward, clumsy, adorable kisses before it dawns on them that they want more. Then the sexual tension starts killing them, the build-up from all those years… So they start testing the waters; Gimple gives us one scene of them making out in every episode (because that will keep the ratings high and the money in their pockets).

My bet is that this will go on for at least a whole season. Carol and Daryl will be running around the Kingdom or Hilltop or wherever they’re living at this time, and they’ll try to find places like closets or small secluded rooms where they can have some alone time. (Yes, this will be their storyline for season 7; no pain, no suffering, no existential crisis’ – just struggling to find a place where they can finally consummate their relationship in peace.) Daryl will slip his hand underneath Carol’s shirt, or Carol will begin unbuttoning his vest, and just when you think it’s going to turn into more, Constable Cockblock finds them. No matter what hiding place Carol and Daryl find, and no matter how much they (and us) are dying from the inconceivable sexual tension – Constable Cockblock always finds them. (The role of Constable Cockblock will probably be played by ever-changing characters, not just Rick, because everyone has to have a turn in cockblocking Carol and Daryl for an entire season.)

I’m sure Gimple is going to pull some royal fuck-up in the season 7 finale – something that will have nothing to do with Carol and Daryl because they’ll be too busy hiding from the cockblockers. But Caryl’s first time will probably be used as a salve, a bandage for said royal fuck-up that will most likely piss the audience off just as much as the S6 cliffhanger did.

“Oh no, I’ve upset you with [insert bad arc here] have I? Here, have a full hour of Carol and Daryl saying they’re going on a supply run but really just using the opportunity to get away from Team Family, and then they just sneak off to have sex and come home with absolutely no supplies.”

I wouldn’t be complaining.👌👌

anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered taking the screenplay for one of the Hobbit/LotR movies and rewriting all/a portion of it the way you would have envisioned it - or doing something to that effect?

That would be an enormous project, but a lot of fun! I can’t say that I’ve ever seriously considered it. Maybe when the third Hobbit movie has come out I will try cutting all three Hobbit movies together into one Hobbit movie which I wholeheartedly approve of. No promises, though.

If I did a screenplay for the LotR movies, here’s what I would like to change:

  • I assume Haldir was thrown into Helm’s Deep in order to emphasis the (valid and underrated) heroic role of the Elves of Lothlorien and Mirkwood during the war. But why not achieve the same thing by, you know, directly showing that? We could see Galadriel sing down Dol Guldur, Celeborn coordinate the defenses of Lothlorien and grapple with the fear the One Ring will be recovered and he’ll lose her at any moment, Thranduil’s involvement…  I like my Elves heroic and awesome, and there is so much potential here without deviating much from canon.
  • The Grey Company needs to make an appearance. I think it’s thematically really important that Aragorn’s not the Lone Ranger; even if they’re small in numbers, the northern Dúnedain are significant politically and to Aragorn’s personal character development and…
    who am I kidding? I just want to actually be emotionally invested in the nameless mooks dying on the Pelennor. 
  • … on the same note, Imrahil? Pretty pretty please? Five minutes of Gondor internal politics (with a competent Denethor, so help me Eru) would be to die for, but I’d settle for a banner glimpsed on the corner of the screen as we go to war.
  • The role of the Dead makes lots more sense in the books, and reduces the movies’ problems with making each country have exactly one city in it (Gondor is Minas Tirith in the movies, right down to the inexplicably-not-evacuated civilians).
  • *elitist snarking about the Eye of Sauron*
  • *even more elitist snarking about mispronunciation of Eärendil*
  • Faramir and Denethor’s character assassination is both irritating and unnecessary. It’s not like they’re unsympathetic in the books. Just changing the one scene where Denethor sends Faramir off on a suicide mission would be a good start. ‘Tragic and broken’ shouldn’t look anything like ‘cringeworthy’, and ‘noble man of his convictions’ isn’t unrealistic or unsympathetic or tedious. 
  • Aragorn and Arwen’s romance being played up? Well, actually, I am completely in favor of Aragorn and Arwen’s romance being played up. But you have canon material to work with! Flashback to their actual first meeting, to her sight of him in Lothlorien, to the moment that they pledged their troth, to his confrontation with (a criminally underappreciated) Elrond. You don’t have to invent anything to make me ship this. 
  • I thought the whole point of the Extended Editions was that you could ignore general filmmaking concerns about length and pacing in order to include everything of thematic significance? Scour my damn Shire. 

… but writing this out makes me realize it wouldn’t be so much a re-edit as a remake. Fixing the dialogue would fix very little of this.  If it’s something you’re interested in, I could try to write a pseudo-screenplay of my dream LotR movie (though keep in mind that I am a First Age junkie with occasional drunken hookups with the Second and only a passing familiarity with the Third)…

… and I’m sure I missed stuff. Anyone else care to weigh in?