this dialogue is getting a little surreal

herr-kroenen  asked:

What are your favorite non-giant monster horror films?

Thanks for the question!! In no particular order: 

  • The Call of Cthulhu (2005) A black and white silent cosmic horror film with stop motion special effects a la classics like The Lost World. The warped architecture of the sets and lack of dialogue make it feel like a surreal nightmare come alive. The only Lovecraft movie that does it right imo. The DVD is out of print so it’s a little  hard to get ahold of, but it’s totally worth it. 
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968) A classic! Up there with Planet of the Apes as one of the best twist endings in a movie ever. It shocked the shit out of me the first time I saw it. Also really good are the sequel Dawn of the Dead (1978) and the “spiritual successor” Return of the Living Dead (1985). 
  • Attack the Block (2011) This counts as a horror movie, yeah? Well no matter what it’s brilliant and I love it. Starring my fookin BOY John Boyega, this movie is fast paced and exciting. It has a great sense of humor and some really ambitious camerawork. 
  • Dracula (1931) I watch this and the Thriller video every Halloween without fail. It puts me in exactly the right mood. Halloween is a big thing for me. Speaking of which… 
  • Halloween (1978) The immortal classic! Carpenter can do no wrong. It’s aged incredibly well, I think. I still think it’s pretty terrifying and I don’t recommend watching it alone.
  • The Evil Dead (1981) To make such a creative, exciting movie with such a small budget is really inspiring to me. Dead by Dawn and Army of Darkness are great too and the remake is fun to watch with big groups, but the original is very nostalgic to me. 
  • The Thing (1982) Some of the most amazing effects work ever. I’m not even a big fan of blood or body horror, but something about the way they’re done in this film is just so captivating. Again, Carpenter can do no wrong. I’d say this is my favorite horror film of all time if it wasn’t for… 
  • Alien (1979). This the only movie that I’ve seen dozens of times that still freaks me out. The suspense is perfect and the special effects are mind-blowing. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Sigourney Weaver is my all-time favorite actress!