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Friendly reminder that Will Solace can calm down an angry Ares kid with a single touch.

Friendly reminder Nico described Will as a lanky sun cat in canon.

Friendly reminder Nico not only was aware of Will in the Last Olympian, but was impressed by his skill and bravery. 



Yuzuru Hanyu dancing to the Ex’s of his co-skaters during practice/Gala.

May I introduce?

0:14 CowboyYuzu

0:42 CowboyPooh (featuring Misha)

1:06 FunkyYuzu 

2:05 UnstoppableYuzu (featuring air guitar)

(Thanks to the uploader for sharing this hilarious video with us, but I noticed it’s not the original owner of the video parts. So if they belong to you or you know to whom, please tell me so I can give them proper credit, thanks)


Co-workers and friends praising the shit out of Jensen <3

Idk where this stereotype of lesbians being mean comes from (it’s probably mysoginistic) but it’s so ridiculous. Lesbians are so nice and loving. Lesbians are some of the most supportive and loyal people I’ve ever met. If you feel like a lesbian is being mean to you, you were probably being a dick in the first place, because lesbians have had enough of your crap. I love every single lesbian y'all are beautiful and pure whether your butch, gnc, femme, woc, mentally ill, and esp trans lesbians. I just really love lesbians

(Also terfs can fuck right off this post ain’t for you)

  • Take a shower.
  • Wear that outfit that you look amazing in.
  • Make a cup of hot tea or coffee.
  • Clean. Seriously, go clean. That clean space will make you feel amazing. 
  • Join a club. Go to a museum. Wander around a new city or town.
  • Work out. No, this one doesn’t have to be scary. Honestly, you can even watch Netflix on your phone while you are on the elliptical or do some sit ups in front of the tv. 
  • Go to that coffee shop or restaurant. Go with friends. Go alone.  
  • Treat yo self. 
  • Treat others. 
  • Do those small things to feel happy. You deserve the best. 



hi !! i’m amy & hosting this meetup !! i just want to thank everyone for spending time to participate and spread positivity, you all deserve the world. hope everyone’s having a nice weekend !! (i also speak 6 languages ay)



2 episodes into Supernatural, you had fallen asleep on NamJoon’s lap. He didn’t realize until he heard a little noise come from your soft, slightly opened lips. He stares down at you watching the cute quirks you have while sleeping. How your mouth slightly parts open to breath in and closes to breath out. How you twitch occasionally when you’re fast asleep. How you curl your hands up to your face when you’re cold. He continued to stare thinking to himself how he could have ever deserved someone as amazing and special as you. A smile spreads across his face.

“Why is she so perfect” he thought to himself as he reached his hand forward and started massaging his hands through your hair.

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“Y/N watch this!” Jin said as he grabbed you and pulled you into his chest as he places his phone in front of you. It was a focus of him during BS&T abd you can tell he was super into himself by the “yes look at me go” and the “you have the best boyfriend ever, look at his moves” but you were so tired you ended up falling asleep after watching the video for 30 seconds. Jin noticed right away and put his phone down to silence the room of any noise and pulled the covers on top of the both of you so you wouldn’t freeze throughout the night. He slowly wrapped his arms around you ever so carefully not to wake you up and whispered “goodnight my love” before giving you a peck on the forehead and falling asleep himself.

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“Can we cuddle and take a nap”

Your boyfriend yoongi yells as he steps into your shared apartment after a long day of work.

“All you ever want to do is nap oppa” you yell back at him.

“But I like falling asleep next to you” he says as he plops himself on the bed next to you head first into the mattress.

“You’re too cute” you say pushing him off the bed.

Yoongi gets up and attacks you by jumping back into the bed and grabbing you into a tight hold. He calms down after a little bit because his muscles are tired from practicing all day. You both lay there in silence until you slowly felt yourself falling asleep. You didn’t want to sleep because you knew it would mess up your sleeping schedule but you couldn’t help it. Being wrapped up in his arms, breathing in his scent, hearing his heart beat at a steady pace and feeling his chest rise and lower from his breathing knocked you out. Yoongi realized you were asleep and laughed to himself

“I thought I was always the one who fell asleep first.” He says. He pulls you in tighter into his chest before falling asleep right next to you and where he always wants to be. In your arms.

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You and Hoseok have been driving back home from a weekend getaway trip for your one year anniversary. You went to this local beach that no one knows about and camped out in a terrible made tent on the sand. Yes, it wasn’t the ideal camping trip, but that’s what made it special to you. Hoseok and you didn’t have the perfect ideal relationship with him being gone all the time promoting BTS and their newest comeback. But that’s what you loved about it. You’re relationship wasn’t what everyone else’s relationship is like, it was specific to you and Hoseok.

You have been driving for 2 hours now and it was late at night and Frank Hamilton was playing in the radio, it was the perfect image. You didn’t get much sleep last night because of the poorly made sleeping area. You slowly drift off to sleep and lay your head on the window and bring your knees up to your chest. Hoseok looks over at you and smiles the biggest smile ever.

“Why are you so adorable Jagi.”

He says poking at your side knowing how ticklish you were.

“Stop hoseok” you say as you swat his hand away from you but he just grabs it and intertwines his fingers into yours like a perfect puzzle piece.

He brings your hand up to his mouth and places a gentle kiss on it before bringing it back down to allow you to cuddle yourself around his arm and fall back to sleep wrapped in his scent and warmth.

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“AISH! Don’t sneeze on me!”

You had been sick with the flu for the past two weeks and Jimin at first was a very nice boyfriend, making sure you were always comfortable, made you soup, brought you flowers, all the cute things. Now he’s just there, not being cute anymore, he’s just sitting around with you to keep you company. You didn’t mind it at all, you just wanted him to be around and here with you and that’s all it took to know that he cares for you.

“Are you cold y/n” you hear Jimin mumble under his breath while looking up memes on his phone.

“A little” you reply

“I’ll be back” he throws his phone onto the chair he was just sitting on and goes to the front closet to grab you a few more blankets. He walks over to you and carefully starts to unfold the blankets and places them on top of you. He starts to walk back to his previous position but you grab his arm and pull him back to you where he’s on his knees in front of you.

“Lay with me” you say with your eyes watering and nose bright red from rubbing it with tissues.

“I’m not laying with you on the couch” Jimin says as he stands up and wraps his arms around your body as he lifts you up wrapped in blankets and all and carries you over to your bedroom and carefully placed you onto the cold bed. You curl back up into a comfortable position as you feel his arms wrap around you. As soon as his warmth hits your skin you’re knocked out cold finally sleeping peacefully for the first time in two weeks. Jimin looks down at you and places a few kisses all over your head before whispering “how are you so irresistible even with snot coming out of your nose”

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Taehyung and you were at a drive in movie. You had pulled the seats down in the back of his minivan and turned the back into a makeshift bed so you two could cuddle and watch the movie together. Taehyung was off getting snacks for the two of you and with it being 11pm already you kept yawning and finding yourself drift into a deep sleep. You are awoken by taehyung throwing candy in your face. You look up and see a smiling taehyung jumping into the back with you yelling “ITS STARTING ITS STARTING!”

He scoots down to meet you laying on the blankets and pillows. You slowly curl up into his chest and try to focus on the movie. Which was hard. The movie was extremely boring and predictable, you thought you would just close your eyes for a few seconds but ended up going into a deep sleep. You slept through the entire movie.

“You ready to go home?” Taehyung says

No response

“Y/n?” He says again, he quickly realizes you have fallen asleep on top of him. A smile spreads across his face as he carefully maneuvers his way out of your hold and picks you up to carry you into the front seat. As he buckles you into the seat you curl up into a ball and place your head on taehyung’s arm.

“You’re too perfect” he says before getting out of your grip and driving you both home to make sure his little angel sleeps in a real bed.

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“Y/N you need to stay awake!” You hear your boyfriend Jungkook yell into your ear as you’re trying to rest a little.

“Hey! Give me like 10 more minutes!” You yell back from under the covers. Suddenly you feel a cold, swift air hit your bare legs as Jungkook rips the covers off of you and throws them on the floor.

“You’re getting up now and we’re going to go sit on the couch and be a perfect couple and watch a movie and you’re going to like it” Jungkook says imitating NamJoon when he’s trying to get the boys settled down.

You moan and groan as you pick yourself up from the comfortable warm bed and go to the living room. Your bare feet hits the cold wooden floor and send shivers all over your body as you poop yourself onto the couch in the same position you were just in in your bed. You feel your legs get lifted and placed on jungkooks lap.

“Now what movie are we watching”

Before he knew it, you were passed out. Snores escaping from your mouth as your breathing gets heavier. There’s no waking you up from this. Jungkook laughs to himself.

“This girl can really pass out anywhere she wants.”

He lifts your legs up from his lap. Reaches down and places a kiss on your little head before going to grab a big blanket and laying it on top of the two of you as he falls asleep next to you.

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SO I JUST FOUND OUT YOU CAN BUY EYEWITNESS ON AMAZON VIDEO. I know you can in the USA and GERMANY, not sure about other countries. So, please, if you’re in a country where you can buy it, if you have enough money to buy it, or can watch it on usa network’s website, please watch this show legally. Please let the producers and the actors and everyone involved and above all the industry know that this show is loved, that the concept of this show works, that this show is doing well, so that in the future we get more shows like “Eyewitness” that do representation and do it well. A Tumblr fandom is great, but numbers are what counts for the industry, and they don’t get them when everyone streams it illegally.

I’ve been doing daily tarot readings for myself for the last several months now. When I started, I was using just a basic three card spread I’d run across on Pinterest… but when I received a new deck for Samhain, I decided a new deck deserved a new, personalized spread. I’ve found that this spread has been extremely accurate and has also helped me reflect on the meaning of the cards throughout the day (which has helped so much with learning the meanings of each card and fine-tuning my reading abilities)! I hope this spread is as helpful to you as it has been for me over the last several weeks! Enjoy! 😘

1. Daily Overview Card
2. What to be aware of
3. What to take action on
4. What to let go of

Shuffle your deck while focusing your intentions for the reading. When you’re ready, draw four cards from the top of the deck with your power hand (left). Happy reading!

Rant incoming

Okay okay so I have a friend..Let’s call her Janet. So Janet suddenly like BTS and Jimin. That’s great that Kpop is getting the recognition it deserves and spreading. The thing that bothered me is not too long ago she said things like ‘Kpop idols are gay. Why do they wear makeup? They look like girl’s? Shut up about your Chinese music?’

I think it’s so sad that 16 year olds have this mentality and think it’s okay. Why can’t people just appreciate music and culture for what it is? It’s Kpop so it’s different and unique which attracts so many fans. Why put it down because you don’t like it and others do?

If you’re one of these people, please stop. It’s annoying, unecessary and damn disrespectful. Those idols didn’t work their butts off just to he shat on by some ignorant teenagers.