this deserves to be in hd

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Walking Dead Couple Collab - Angels by The XX (Remix) -watch in hd-

I am so beyond happy with how this video turned out, it is definitely one of my favourite collabs. The editors all did beautiful jobs and deserve a round of applause for their amazing work. I linked all their channels and tumblr accounts. be sure to subscribe to these gorgeous people.
muchmoxie @saviorswaan
DeadFan52 @cluelessinseattle
gracefull mess @gracefull-mess


HD Please

This a Tribute for what Girl Meets World is really about: FRIENSHIP
I love the show way too mcuh and i love you guys way too much!
I just want to say that GMW deserves better and it deserves a 4 season but besides that i enjoy every minute of the last episode and every minute of the show, GMW was amazing AF and i’m glad i found it.

Show: Title
Song: Good Life
Coloring: Mine
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13


The Artistry Of ‘Samurai Jack’

If you were watching Cartoon Network in the late '90s and early 2000s, you probably have Genndy Tartakovsky to thank for some of your favorite cartoons.

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might as well write my will for me. might as well print these out on that HD glossy paper, frame them, and hang them up over my deceased body. might as well project these on my tombstone. might as well clip these on to the medics cause of death report. might as well ask God when i get up there what i did to deserve such a beautiful view in the last fleeting seconds of my life. might as well

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There's a new backstage video of NCT Dream's first win and oh my God, Haechan doesn't even let himself cry because his mom told him not to. He already said that in the short clip SM uploaded but wow, even backstage? What a dutiful son.

yes I saw that too I’m searching for the HD ver of it so I can gif it while crying proud tears of our shining prince who deserves the world adfsdgdfhfdsgsdf *already cries*

If you happen to find the HQ link pls tell me asap :((((((((


HD + small screen for the best quality!

Fandom: Criminal minds;
Characters: Spencer Reid, Maeve Donovan;
Pairing name: Raeve;
Song: What hurts the most by Rascal flatts.