this describes it perfectly

macdennis maurice au?

ok listen i can’t decide which combination i like better because

mac as maurice, dennis as clive:

- clive is the one who initially makes advances on/professes his love for maurice which causes him to get over his internalised homophobia in the long run while clive slowly shrinks back into the closet for the sake of Societal Appearance - perfectly mirrors dennis’ flirtation followed by mac’s coming out followed by dennis’ closeted panic

- also maurice/clive is the couple that i rlly wanted to end up as endgame despite full knowledge that their relationship is weird & toxic & repressed and if that doesn’t perfectly describe my feelings toward macdennis idk what does

- they were roommates…….ohmygod they were roommates

mac as alec, dennis as maurice:

- listen i love alec as confident out! mac not least bc u get the class disparity dynamic that u would have in a realistically translated edwardian au (à la electioneering)

- also dennis would absolutely bang a stranger who climbed through his window

- and they have the Almost Leaving moment 2 argentina……dennis’ double life?

- idk man

madidrawsthings  asked:

Bishounen Beast. A Beastshounen, if you will.

lmfao mADi dON’T-!

omg i think i remember seeing a post like that floating around but i’m not pinpointing where i saw it haha;;;

yep, “mixed feelings” would perfectly describe how i feel about the movie too

eirianerisdar  asked:

Luke, Leia, both senators AU (you'll have to do some tinkering with Luke's last name but oh well)

Generally, he views the phrase “their eyes met across a crowded room” as cliché, but Luke Kryze can’t deny that it perfectly describes what just happened; he had looked up from his conversation with the Senator from Pantora to look straight at a set of warm brown irises fixed quite insistently on him from across the gallery hosting the political talk.

And he knows instantly - that’s her; Princess and Senator Leia Organa, the girl Ben told him to find, their contact in the Rebellion…someone Ben wanted trained alongside him, maybe even by Fulcrum.

His sister.

This took me all day. I was rolling in “Satine Lives and Adopts Luke as Her Son and Obi-Wan Stays on Mandalore and Everyone is Happy as They Can Be Under the Empire” theories. Consequently that led to a lot of plotting.

And a possible series of shorts because I kinda want to do this now. Luke Kryze has captured this fangirl’s heart. Seriously, he was the only thing I could think of when you said “both senators” - in this case, both Jedi as well, though there are some small differences I can’t get into right now.

Hope you enjoyed!

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little happy things:

  • seeing someone who is equally as excited to see you
  • when you’re somewhere beautiful, away from things that stress you out
  • actually completing your homework quickly without procrastinating too much, and then sleeping on time
  • when your friend shares a generous amount of food with you
  • reading something that perfectly describes what you’ve struggled to put into words
  • starting a new journal with new stationery
  • waking up in the morning and feeling happy for no reason
  • discovering a new favourite tv show, song or person that makes you excited again
  • making food or art and then feeling proud of your creations
  • realizing that you don’t care anymore about something that made you sad or anxious before
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Okay, but Allura never got to finish saying what the Blue Lion's qualities are? Why would she just skip over Lance?! Okay, yeah, he interrupted her, but what was she going to say? Will we ever know? Will the characters ever know? What if she was going to say something about how attached/close the blue paladin can get to people? What if it had something to do with Lance's insecurities? Maybe the blue paladin is supposed to be the confident one, so Allura felt like she didn't need to explain herself? I HONESTLY NEED TO KNOW LIKE IF THIS IS NOT ADDRESSED IN SEASON THREE I WILL RIOT because I need a scene where someone (preferably Keith because Ship™) asks Allura all casual, "oh yeah, what were you about to say?" and it ends up being this extremely deep thing that they all realize describes Lance perfectly and I just hate that Lance got completely glossed over about why he should pilot the blue lion and mAYBE IF ALLURA TOLD HIM WHY HE WAS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE HE WOULDN'T DOUBT HIMSELF SO MUCH. I think about this way too much. I am so distressed.

— favourite One and Only lyrics (ft. Sehun)

  • Jumin Han: Luciel taught me a new word today.
  • ZEN: Oh. Which one?
  • Jumin Han: Tsundere.
  • Jumin Han: I think it describes you perfectly.
  • ZEN: Wtf?!
  • Jumin Han: If you say so~ :3
  • ZEN: Stupid trust fund jerk.
  • Jumin Han: Ah, I have to go now. I have a meeting in 10 minutes.
  • ZEN: Like I care.
  • ZEN: ...
  • ZEN: Don't skip lunch, okay?
This song is dedicated to the giant orange idiot who’s getting a lot of screen time in the US at the moment.
—  Dan Smith before playing “Power”