this definitely needs a sequel


in Spider-man Homecoming the scene where Peter’s mixing his new web fluid stuff, in the background you can hear the science teacher make a fucking bohr science pun i s2g

“today we’re going to learn about Niels Bohr, and trust me there’s nothing BOHR-ING about his contributions….”

Music Series: Moving In Slow Motion by The Sweet Remains (sequel to Sorry by Halsey)

I’ve been trying to figure out an imagine for this song for quite awhile, so I took a short break from requests to write this. I LOVE this song! I looked back through some of my music series to see what ones still need sequels and if the song would work with it.

Sorry by Halsey definitely needs a sequel, and I think this one will be perfect. I hope you like it! This is “Moving In Slow Motion” by The Sweet Remains, which can be heard HERE, via my Spotify playlist called ‘Rainy Saturday Morning’.

p.s. I omitted the stanza about the country wife, it just didn’t fit in. Sue me…except for The Sweet Remains…please, don’t sue me…




Oh, when you’re gone

The night is cold as it is long

And the hurt that made you humble wanna write about

Is the love that made you crumble from the inside out

For weeks after you disappeared again, Harry looked for you, tried contacting you, asking around to all of your friends if anyone knew where you had gone, but nobody had. Harry would have never imagined that his lucky break would be your unfortunate day.

Harry quickly made his way through the front doors of the Emergency Department, only moments after your mutual friend had called, saying you had been brought there. Harry looked around and saw her, walking to her and hugging her.

“She okay?” Harry asked her, losing his mind with worry.

“She will be,” the friend replied. “She’s in surgery now.”

She filled Harry in on what had happened, your car being totaled by a drunk driver. You had a broken leg and some cuts and bruises, but you were lucky to survive the hit-and-run.

And I believe in a new day to come, that is

Always darkest before the dawn

Moving in slow motion baby

Still I’m moving on, yeah, yeah

Moving in slow motion baby

Still I’m moving on

After time spent being repaired, and recovering in a hospital bed, you heard the sound of the door of your room open and turned your head. Your mind still spinning and in disbelief over what had happened, you closed your eyes and rubbed them as you thought you saw Harry walk into the room.

“God, how high am I?” you said to yourself, thinking you must still be full of anesthetic gases.

But as you heard a familiar giggle come closer to you, having heard your comment, you tried to focus and see Harry towering over you, leaning down and kissing your forehead.

“You alright, love?” he asked you, concerned.

You looked down at your casted leg then back at his worried face.

“Guessing my leg isn’t, but think I survived,” you answered, a bit groggily. “What are you…how…?” you sputtered, your head still a little loopy from the medication and events.

“Doesn’t matter, anyway,” Harry grinned. “As long as you’re okay,” he said, taking your hand.

Oh, I can see

Ain’t no magic words to set you free

Still I’m hoping you are gonna take me as I am

Even though I am a fool and such a stubborn man

“You left me again…ran from me and disappeared…” Harry finally said after small talk, taking advantage of your disadvantaged state.

You looked away from him, unsure of what to say.

“Love, if you tell me you aren’t interested in me, don’t want to date me, aren’t attracted to me, whatever…I’ll try to back off,” Harry said, honestly. “But if it’s only because you’re scared, because for some crazy reason, you think you aren’t good enough for me, that I deserve better than you…well, that’s just not true, babe.”

You shook your head and sighed, still not looking at him.

“It’s what you said that night, isn’t it?” he asked. “Baby…you told me that you don’t know how to love someone, that you’ve never experienced that before, because all of your experiences have been bad ones. I want to show you…how to love…how to be loved. Show you how love is meant to be. You are beautiful, and amazing, and I think about you all the time. Never stopped since the first day I laid eyes on you and we became friends.”

Harry saw you wipe a tear and squeezed your hand.

“You’ve been hurt, and I understand that, this is why you build those walls.” Harry turned your face to look at him. “Maybe it scares you that I want to pull those walls down from around you. That I want to be with you…kiss you…become closer with you. But, it’s only because I love you.”

And I believe in a new day to come, that is

Always darkest before the dawn

Moving in slow motion baby

Still I’m moving on, yeah, yeah

Moving in slow motion baby

Still I’m moving on

Your heart was suddenly in your throat but you swore you could see it pressing rhythmically against your chest.

“Harry…” you started, but he interrupted.

“Just tell me you don’t want it, and I’ll try to move on,” Harry said, the backs of his ringed fingers gently caressing your cheek. “But, if deep inside of you, that part of you that I think you keep pushing down, if that part of you also wants to be with me, then…we can take it slowly, so you aren’t afraid, if that’s what you need. As long as we’re moving forward, even slowly, we’re still moving on together, right? I know this is something you have to work out inside of you, but I want to help you, if you’ll let me.”

You looked him in the eye as a tear rolled down your cheek and hit the pillow under your head. Harry leaned toward you, his lips gently pillowing yours, grateful for your returned kiss. You felt a sense of security simply from his words and his kiss, and wondered how that happens. You’ve never felt that with anyone else.

As Harry began to pull away, you cupped his jaw with your hand and kissed him again, tender and sweet, before hearing the door of the room open again, a nurse walking in.

“Okay, my dear, you are doing well enough to go home now,” the nurse stated with a smile. “Would you like me to call someone to come pick you up?”

“That won’t be necessary, thanks,” Harry answered for you, still looking at you. “I’ll be taking care of her now.”

Oh, I can see

Ain’t no magic words to set you free

Still I’m hoping you are gonna take me as I am

Even though I am a fool and such a stubborn man

I believe in a new day to come, that is

Always darkest before the dawn

Moving in slow motion baby

Still I’m moving on, yeah, yeah

Moving in slow motion baby

Still I’m moving on

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Can I get some more of that Neil and biology reader? It seems like there is some unfinished business there

Agreed! Definitely in need of a sequel. Also, question to all my beautiful raindrops, is there something you want to see in my writing that I’m not doing. I try not to but lately I just haven’t been feeling the best about it, especially looking at other amazing imagine blogs. Please tell me if there is something I can do! Beside from that, I hope you enjoy this!- Rain

           “So, you doing okay?” Y/n asked Neil, a smile on their face. They had helped him back to his and Max’s tent, luckily the latter nowhere in sight. Neil had been sat down on his cot, now being fussed over by Y/n. He still wasn’t over how angry they had been, normally they were just quiet and anti-social (why the two had made such good friends in the first place). Only he would hear their snide remarks and dry humor when no one else was around.

           He hissed, going to clutch his blackened eye, but Y/m stopped him. “I know it hurts, just let me help.” They placed a damp washcloth on the swell, applying pressure. The boy flinched for a second, but didn’t back away.

           “You know, this happens a lot back home.” Neil sighed, recalling the countless times of being beat by his peers. “All the idiots in my class hate me, I’m probably too smart for them and it makes them feel bad.” He smiled when he got a snicker from his caretaker, before wincing as they pressed the cloth onto his eye again.

           “Amazing classmates you have there.” Y/n rolled their eyes, taking the cloth away. Their glanced at him, almost grim. They paused for a moment, thinking. “Neil?”


“I need you take off your shirt.”

           Neil spluttered, shoving himself back, his eyes wide as saucers. “Excuse me?!? I am a man of standards, a man of-

           “Neil.” Y/n sighed, covering flushed cheeks, “One, you’re not a man. You’re 10, I’m 10! And Two, don’t make this weirder than it has to be, okay? Would you rather have our counselors look at you? It would just be easier for me to do it now, I know how to deal with bruises alright? My brother’s always injuring himself.” They stared at him waiting.

           They were right, he didn’t want to have to deal with David and Gwen fretting over him. Y/n wasn’t too flustered about all this. And it was y/n for crying out loud, they saved him! I’m doing this because it’s easier, not because I like them. He told himself as he began to take his shirt off. Of course-

This was a lie.

           Y/n looked him over, finding the most serious bruises were on his stomach and shoulder. They wet the cloth once again, pressing it to his stomach. He flinched, clenching his eyes shut. “I’m sorry, just let me finish this up and then you’ll put your shirt on and we’ll both walk out and pretend like this never happened, does that sound good?”

           Neil nodded, letting them continue. “So…your books are still back at the cabin…Thanks for that by the way. I mean, I’m used to it and all, but-

           “Well you shouldn’t be!” They snapped, glaring at him. They were silent for a moment, eyes softening. “No one should be hurt like that. I hate it when you get hurt like this, when any of my friends get hurt like this! Everyone here is always hurt, or ignored, or made fun of, and it sucks!” Y/n stood, throwing the rag on the ground. “I mean, let’s take you for example, okay? Nurf always beats you up, all the time!” They touched Neil’s cheek, rubbing their thumb against it. “Just because Nurf has problems doesn’t mean that you should suffer! And yeah, I like you a lot, like hardcore crushing on you, but that does-”


           Y/n stared at him, covering their mouth. Both of them watched each other, faces red. Neil was both ecstatic, and terrified. He had liked them for what seemed like forever now, and here they were, suddenly confessing to him. Neil was so shocked, he nearly missed them trying to leave entirely.

           “W-Wait, Y/n!” he grabbed their arm, pulling them towards him and doing something he had no idea that he’d be doing today.

He kissed them.

           It was quick, awkward and childish like how a first kiss should be. Both were stuttering tomatoes at the end of it. Neil also realized that he still didn’t have a shirt on, that he was still bruised and beaten, and-

“Sweet jesus what the hell happened here?”

Max was here.

           The cynical boy stared at the two, eyes wide. He was drinking his coffee, eye bags prominent as always. “Did…Did you guys? Why is Neil-” he groaned, running a hand down his face. “You know what? I don’t even care anymore, go, do what you guys were doing. Just let me suffer alone, okay?” Max plopped down on his cot, sipping from his mug, still watching them.

“…So are we a thing now or?”

“Uh, I guess? Do you want to be a thing Y/n?”

Just say yes and get out of here!

           Y/n grasped Neil’s hand, smiling at him. “I would like to be a thing.” They giggled, glancing at Max. “Maybe we should kiss again or-


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Hey, so I absolutely loved the au where Dick could see colors after seeing back from dead Jason. Was wondering if you would continue with it. And as much as I love JayDick, and I want them to be together in this au, I was wondering maybe you could write Jason's POV to seeing the colors of the world, and Dick's too with reaction and support from the rest of the family. I feel like both of them should not go through this alone. Just a thought. Great fic, as all of the rest of yours are. :)

DEFINITELY need a sequel to the colorblind soul mate story w like Jason and dick coping with these new circumstances

Ask and you shall receive! But also don’t send me asks for like 24 hours so I can have a prompt free inbox for five minutes and relish in the accomplishment of completing this several months long task of writing all the prompts. 

Part One

The Colors in You 

Dick had tried his hardest to hide the fact that he saw colors when he went to the manor. As far as he knew, no one else there had met their soulmate yet, so Dick would be the only one to see the colors Thomas and Martha Wayne had used to decorate the manor. 

He was surprised by just how light everything was when he saw it all in color. Usually, he wandered the hall in the early mornings and late evenings, but with the afternoon sun shining on everything, Dick could see how bright the spaces really were. 

He stopped when he saw delicate colors out of the corner of his eye and he stepped out the french doors to the garden. He’d always been used to smelling the flowers, touching their petals, and taking them in that way, but the colors were so much more unique. Dick sat down on one of the cobbled paths in the middle of the flowerbeds and looked at everything. The bright purple and yellow of the pansies, the deep blood red roses, the shifting shades between blue and pink of the hydrangeas. All of it cradled in a mess of green leaves and vines. 

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Okay, but I have an idea if there is ever a Ghostbusters sequel. 

I feel that there were a few throw away lines that made me wonder about Holtzmann when concerning the sequel. Simply the lines “She’s very loyal” and “Ahh, ya hate to see the smart ones turn bad”. I just feel that this pointed towards what could happen, and then I had the idea about Gorin potentially being a bad guy and then Holtzmann having the difficult choice of which side to choose? (Since Gorin just had to be introduced and because they both shared the same ‘Screw U’ symbol) It may be just me clutching at straws, but it was definitely something I noticed and felt needed saying.

Anywhere But Here. - L.H./M.C.

Summary: Y/N gets unpleasant news from a few people about her boyfriend, breaking her heart. Thankfully, her best friend comes through to comfort her.

Pairing: Luke x Female Reader (relationship), Mikey x Female Reader (best friends)

A/N: I wasn’t sure if I should put this as a Michael imagine or a Luke imagine, so this will be under both of their tags. This will also MOST DEFINITELY have a sequel, so no need to request one if you were going to. This is also long as fuck, prob the longest thing I’ve ever written, so I’m adding a read more.

Luke told Y/N he was going out with the guys that night, leaving her alone in the house yet again. At first, she didn’t care. She intended on using her time alone to unwind, take a bath and maybe binge watch Parks and Recreation. As she made her way up the stairs of the house she shared with Luke, her phone started buzzing.

Mikey !!!: y/n I’m so bored what are you doing let’s hang out

Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed as she read the message, pausing halfway up the stairs to text back.

Y/N: aren’t you out with the guys right now?

Mikey !!!: no…? should I be?

Now Y/N was starting to grow suspicious. If Michael had no idea what was going on, then where the hell did Luke run off to?

Y/N: Luke left two hours ago… said he was hanging out with you and the guys…

Michael responded a little slower this time, but his message made Y/N grow worried.

Mikey !!!: just texted ash and cal, they’re not with him.

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There are posts complaining about people being interested in Kylo Ren, “the white villain guy” instead of the diverse main cast, but of course people are going to be interested in the “white villain guy”- so far he is the only confirmed “Skywalker heir” in the story, he is Han and Leia’s son , he began to show an attraction to the dark side even before he was sent to train with Luke, “he had too much Vader in him”, there’s hints of conflict between him and Han, he literally broke both Luke and his parents, he has a weird relationship with his grandfather Darth Vader ( which is intriguing as hell because we know what happened to Anakin by the end), his internal conflict was more explored than Anakin’s in 6 movies, and his backstory will be interesting as hell. To put it in less words, Kylo Ren is the link between the original trilogy and the new one, he represents those unknown years between them.
But all I’ve seen is an equal interest in Rey’s backstory (is she a Skywalker or not?)  and a huge amount of love for her( far more love than I’ve seen for Kylo tbh), as there is for precious cinnamon roll Finn, and people are also hugely interested in why he could break the brainwashing, and there’s a ton of love for Poe as well, even if he had less screentime than Kylo Ren ( which will hopefully be fixed in the sequel because I definitely need to see more of him and Finn and BB-8). Being interested in a character doesn’t automatically mean loving them or supporting them or excusing all of their actions ( I certainly haven’t and I will probably never forgive Abrams for this), it just means being interested, and the fact that the actor who plays the villain is a white dude doesn’t take any of the character’s depth, Adam Driver was ten times better than Hayden ever was. And stop policing people’s character choices, it’s almost 2016.