this def just looks like a calvin klein ad or something

Model AU
  • The AU no one thought they needed but they deserve
  • Yuuki: like my previous hc, younger Yuuki is a Calvin Klein underwear model and as he grew older he now models suits for old men that fit in the right places ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Sakuma: definitely underwear model. He will trap you with his abs and biceps. Hook, line and sinker. He mostly gets featured on fitness magazines bc #BODYGOALS, rarely does runway bc he's too stiff
  • Miyoshi: COMMERCIAL MODEL. A smirk and a fucking wink is all he needs to win everyone over. Also shampoo model bc of his perfect hair. he also fits romance shoots or any shoot that needs him to seduce the audience
  • Kaminaga: I picture him as a fashion magazine model. can def rock any kind of clothing. sometimes models swimsuits
  • Tazaki: RUNWAY MODEL TBH. SUITS SUITS SUITS. imagine him wearing a fine ass suit. Looks fucking good right? He also does commercials for perfumes. He's the perfect guy if you want something exotic for a shoot
  • Fukumoto: fashion editorial model!!! you'll see him in catalogues and promo ads. his tall stature gives him absolute advantage bc he has an arsenal of poses. imagine him modeling for rolex? good.
  • Hatano: since he practices martial arts then FITNESS MODEL. he may be shorter than the others but his bod does not fall flat. He specializes in action shoots and unusual poses. Also models for eyewear. Also #bodygoals
  • Amari: HATS. also does runway. an easy model to work with. photographers have no problems in his shoots bc he's sooo good?? mainly gets featured for magazines for the rich. he also does commercials with father roles
  • Jitsui: HIS FACE HIS FACE. despite being babyfaced, he uses that to his advantage. models men's facial beauty products bc he has soft skin. also, he doesn't hesitate and does more mature shoots (dont think about it, you'll have a nosebleed)
  • Odagiri: editorial and runway. He caters the professional demographic. does his work well. can also do commercials that requires no lines. imagine a commercial where he walks in slow mo in a fucking suit and he gives this small smile? Bye im dead