this day just gets worse and it just began

Montgomery x Reader

Request- “Monty and Alex fight but the reader steps in.” (I changed up the whole car hit thing, it just made more sense to me.)

Getting to school early was a blessing for you. It gave you the opportunity to get in a hot cup of coffee, and time to collect your thoughts away from people. Usually people started to filter in at around the same time as each other, noisy and distracting, and pulling you back down to reality.

Today, someone was really bothering you. Or rather, it sounded like a group- a rather large group. Heck, maybe it was a mob?
Unable to continue on in your little bubble, you decided to go out and check what all the ruckus was about. As you started out of the large double doors, the visual was majorly blocked by crowds of people surrounding and jeering at whatever was going on. You used you elbows and the occasional sharp fingernail to push your way to the front of the crowds, earning a few “Oi!”’s from the clump. Pushing past the last people, you could make out a figure on the floor, bloodied and angry. A figure which turned out to be Alex Standall. Towering above him was Montgomery De La Cruz, barely a scratch on him except from his crimson fists.

The sight made you mad. More than mad. It made you fucking furious. Although you’d never had the displeasure of knowing either boy very well, it was obvious that Monty was far larger and far more powerful than Alex, and that this fight was just plain unfair. Monty was a jock, Alex was in band. You and Alex had Maths together, and sometimes he helped you out, so you thought he seemed a nice enough guy. Monty however, was in your Chemistry, and you’d been partners a few times. You’d always found him attractive, and if you were completely honest with yourself, had a little crush on him, but knew when it came down to it he was a lads lad. On the odd occasion, the gentle, caring Monty would show his face, but not too long before the facade was forced back up.

Before you even knew what you were doing, your feet were carrying you into the middle of the fight. You were shaking slightly from anger, you hated violence more than anything, and these boys were going to know about it.

“MONTY!” You shouted as you stepped between him and Alex. He faltered, pulling his fist back from its previous punching position.

“Y/N? What is it?” His face had softened ever so slightly. You looked pointedly at Alex, perched up on his elbows and breathing heavily, and then back to Montgomery.

“What the hell do you think?” You laughed slightly.

“He nearly ran me over!” He was angry, but there was no where near as much heat in his tone as previously. You looked back at Alex.

“It’s true.” He coughed.

“Well obviously that was dumb. Doesn’t mean you gotta beat him to a pulp.” You accused, crossing your arms. You weren’t shy, per-se, but it was uncommon that your school peers would see this side of you. You squinted your eyes- neither of you breaking eye contact from the other.

“I got angry.” He was blunt, but no longer mad. His fists had un-balled.

“You think I just punch up some guy when I get mad?” You chuckled again. “If so I’d be punching you up right now De La Cruz.”

The crowd began to dissipate, to make way for Mr Porter. Shit. This wasn’t going to be good.

“De La Cruz. Standall. What are you doing?” He boomed. “And L/N, this is very unlike you.”

“I was stopping them, sir.” You explained.

“If I recall hearing correctly, you were just threatening to hit Montgomery.” He crossed his arms. You sighed. Why did you even bother.

“No sir-”

“All of you to my office please.”

Great. This day was just getting worse.
Porter gave the three of you detention, but was sure to keep Monty and Alex separated- just in case. Alex was put by himself, while you got stuck with Monty.

“I know it’s stupid, but I feel like I should explain myself.” Monty started. You exhaled.

“Honestly, don’t worry, I’m sorry I got so pissy. I shouldn’t have got involved.” You revealed.

“I’m glad you did, Y/N. If you hadn’t been there, i don’t know how far I would’ve taken it.” He avoided eye contact, contrastingly to the previous day.

“Mr Porter still would have turned up, I didn’t do anything, really.”

“You did, Y/N. Mr Porter wouldn’t have helped me calm down. You did, for some reason.” Monty seemed smaller then, less intimidating.

“I’m glad, I guess…” you trailed off, not quite sure how to react. Monty turned his seat so that he was facing you, and his knees were nearly touching your seat. He hummed to himself quietly.

“You’re really something.” He seemed as though he was searching for something in your eyes, studying you, purveying you. You blushed, feeling as though he was undressing you. Not in a sexual way, but pulling away all the layers of your personality. You saw through him.

“Monty, I’m not just your next conquest.” You rolled your eyes, facing forward to the chalkboard. He seemed taken aback, and scooted his chair closer to yours.

“No, Y/N! I wasn’t- I mean-” something switched on him and his tone became low and angered again,
“You really think I’m that type of guy, huh?”

“I know you are! You, Justin, Bryce, Zach, your whole damn group is the same. I see you around De La Cruz, I know what you’re like.” You took a breather, but not leaving long enough for Monty to butt in. You turned toward him, your knees were touching.

“If you’re not like that then what the hell happened with Stephanie Parker? She broke her own heart?” You laughed bitterly.

“No you’re getting this all wrong. Maybe…I’m not the best guy. I’ve made a hell of a load of mistakes. But I’m genuine. I’m honest. I tell people what they’re getting into - Stephanie was fully aware of what was happening, she just didn’t realised how much it would affect her.” He was less angry, more pleading.

“I don’t know why it matters to you, anyway. What I think of you. You can get any girl to believe your sweet nothings, why are you bothering with me.” Your face was close to his. He chuckled, revealing an unfathomable smile. It was one of the most beautiful things you’d ever seen. Not to mention adorable. It could light up a whole football stadium.

“You’re really quite clueless, aren’t you L/N?” He drew a light circle on your knee.
Your eyebrows remained furrowed.
“The truth is. I’ve always thought you were very intriguing. Pretty. Smart. And you always helped me out in chemistry.” He was drawing a variety of shapes, now.

“I didn’t realise you paid that much attention.” You scoffed, but the sass from your voice had somewhat left. He bit his lip. He leaned in slowly. He smiled, before softly placing his lips on your own. You had no intention of pushing him away. You’d decided- if this be all you get of Montgomery De La Cruz, then let it be. The kiss was slow, and passionate. You tangled your fingers up into his hair and he chuckled slightly at the sensation. His hands began cupping your face, before moving to your legs and pulling your chair towards him, so that your legs were around him, and finally placing his hands on your waist. He tasted like sweet kiwi, an unexpected flavour.
After exploring each other for what felt like hours, you spilt.

“So,” Monty breathed. “Let me take you out tonight?” He grinned, his hands still around your waist. You scoffed.

“How about tomorrow? I’ve got to make you wait at least a little.” You giggled, smoothing your thumb pad over his cheek.

“I’d expect nothing less of you, Y/N L/N.”

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Can you do one where lance gets extremely bad migraines all the time and he gets one one day and he goes to go lay down but the alarms go off? Shklance please!

Oh yes. My friend used to have migraines so i know they suck super bad.


Lance usually had migraines when he was super stressed out. It just happened and it made him absolutely sick. Sometimes vomiting when it was a really bad migraine. At times he would just take a nap for about three hours after vomiting up what he had eaten and crying until he was exhausted.

The tears just came out without him wanting them to, the pain forcing a reaction out of him. After breakfast with the team a migraine hit him hard. He gagged at the feeling of the throbbing and stinging pain. Lance barely coherently made it to his room and threw up in a small bin.

Groaning he crawled into bed, curling up as his head throbbed. He had dimmed the lights and kept his eyes shut. His head began pounding as the alarm for a mission went off. Crying out he sat up, the sound and light making his head feel crushed. Sighing he somehow managed to drag himself out of bed and into his armor.

As he stumbled along the way to the control room he tried to collect himself. Allura’s booming voice only made his situation worse. “Lance! You’re late again! Even longer today. If this had been a real mission imagine how bad that would have been for the universe, to be missing an essential part of Voltron!”

Lance groaned and pressed the heel of his hand to his eye. It hurt but somewhat alleviated the throbbing when distracted by other pain. “Sorry Princess,” he said in resignation, unable to find the energy to be sassy.

This surprised the team and Allura but she brushed it off. “Don’t let it happen again,” she said and turned around and pointed to a small area of floating rocks in the holographic space map. “You’ll be maneuvering through here today, as a unit,” She said, beaming proudly at her plans.

“Got it, lets go team,” Shiro said, not wasting a moment to slow down just a little bit. Lance groaned underneath his breath, somehow managing to find his way to Blue. She purred sweetly but that just made Lance’s head pound even more. “Sorry baby, today isn’t a good day, got a migraine again..” he whispered, dimming the lights the best he could in Blue’s cockpit.

Sighing he felt his head throb as the team began speaking through the comms as they took off. Blue sent waves a comfort through him, not daring to try and talk with Lance as to not hurt him more. Lance could feel himself getting worse and worse with each passing moment they flew. His hands were sweaty and slippery on the controls and bile kept rising up his throat.

Lance managed to swallow it back down but when Blue collided with an asteroid, he couldn’t hold it anymore. He threw up without warning, tears streaming down his cheeks as he gagged and dry heaved when he was done. The smell made Lance scrunch up his nose and he looked at the controls blearily. “Fuck,” he said and just then Keith had to talk.

“Lance what the hell!? You’re supposed to stay in formation!” Keith called out, making Lance’s head throb more. He rubbed his fingers underneath his eyes, pain behind his eyes and on his neck. His nose felt like it had been stuffed with cotton.

“Shit, man I can’t,” he croaked out somehow, theist burning from the stomach acid he had heaved up.

Keith’s tone turned worried and concerned. “Lance are you alright?”

“Just peachy my man…” Lance managed out as tear kept running down his cheeks. “I can’t breathe through my nose, my head is pounding to no end and I just love the smell of throw up,” he remarked, irritated like usual during his migraines.

“Damn, Lance lets go back,” Shiro said, not liking the idea of seeing Lance like that. Lance just hummed and leaned back in his chair, head pounding. “I’ll just take a nap here real quick..” he mumbled.

He was exhausted, he had barely even managed to train due to his migraine. Lance hates holding back the team usually but today he just couldn’t anymore.

“Lance? Lance!” Keith cried out, not getting s response. “Damn, Shiro we’ll have to drag him back. I think he passed out,” he commented and helped Shiro carry Blue back to the castle.

Keith helped bring Lance out, the smell inside Blue making him wanna get sick himself. “We’ll have to clean that up, or else it’ll dry and stain, Hunk commented offhandedly. The other paladins groaned at the idea of having to clean that up.

“We’ll figure that out but for now Lance needs to be cleaned up and a comfortable place to sleep,” Shiro said in a comforting voice. They agreed as Keith carried Lance away to get him cleaned up. They felt a bit guilty that they hadn’t caught the signs of Lance not feeling well, but when Lance woke up he didn’t blame any of them.

Though over the next few days he had a pressure behind his eyes and he felt hungover and sluggish. Everyone tried to help him the best they could but Lance didn’t accept the help easily. Lance tried to teach them to know when he had a migraine or when he was going to get one and they began to make sure they didn’t have to clean up vomit from Blue’s cockpit again. Let’s just say Pidge was not happy after getting stuck with that job.

Negan Imagine ~ New Neighbor

Negan moves into the house next to the reader and her husband who’s mistreating her.
As she decides to finally leave her husband, she isn’t as alone as she thinks..


Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

The wind shook softly onto the windows as you watched it swinging the branches of the trees.
You heard the heavy footsteps of your husband walking the stairs up while you hoped that he wouldnt come down again for a good while.
That wasnt quite what a wife should wish for her husband to do, but looking at your marriage, that was no wonder.
For one and a half years you were married to him now and for one and a half years this marriage had turned more and more into hell.
That worse, that you didn’t even know why you had fallen for him anymore.
Sure you had married him young, but you had always somehow been a good judge of character.
Well, except that one time and this one time brought you into the situation you were now.
A fucked up marriage.
A marriage with a husband that yelled at every opportunity at you, cheated without any guilty conscience on you, brought you to the point where all you wanted to do was to crawl into a hole and cry and who just made you feel like the last person worth to care for or even love.
You would have left him earlier but you were trapped.
The house you lived in was his house, to be clearer the house he inherited.
It was pretty but in the end it had bothered you from the very beginning that it only belonged to him and you both had nothing you shared, but you didn’t have the financial means to be picky at that point and that was some kind of doom for you now. 
Next to that it was also far away from where you originally lived, where you had your friends, your family.
You had nothing and no one here.
As if it wouldnt already have been worse enough, you had lost your job a few weeks ago because your workplace had to reduce the personal.
In short: You had nothing, no friends, no family, no job and with that no own money.
And the great man your husband was, he used all this against you, knowing that you were involuntary dependent on him.
And now you hung over your job applications, somehow trying to get a job and to just get yourself out of this misery.
Hell, you didn’t want to depend on him anymore and you just didn’t want him to have that as a tool to use against you.

You were engrossed in writing as you heard the door bell ringing and your head snapped up.
“I’m going”, you growled as you made your way over to the door.
You opened seeing the man from next door standing before you with a package in his arm while he smirked slightly.
He was new here, you had seen him moving in about a week and a half in the house directly next to you even though you didn’t really know why a single man, like he seemed to be, would move alone into a house.
You had seen him only a few times since then, mostly just carrying cartons into the house but now he stood right before you and he looked even better close than from afar.
“Hello, guess you’ve noticed that I moved in next door. Well, I wasn’t able to introduce myself till now but here I am. I’m Negan”, he said smirking while stretching out his hand to you.
“(Y/N)”, you said smiling before letting your hand slide into his feeling a little shiver running up and down your spine.
“Now that’s a beautiful name. Listen (Y/N), I got this package, but the postman fucked shit up and got it to me, even though I’m pretty sure my name isn’t (Y/N)(L/N)”, he said looking chuckling at the label on the package.
“Who’s there?”, you heard the growling voice of your husband ask.
“Our new neighbor”, you said turning around before you saw him walking around the corner towards you and Negan.
“And what does the new neighbor want?”, he asked still in that growling undertone before you heard Negan replying.
“The new neighbor just wants to introduce his damn self like a decent human being and give her the package that somehow landed at my house and not yours”, Negan said a little tensed but still with that smirk on his lips.
“Negan”, he said stretching his hand now out to your husband who shook it reluctantly and nodded with a pissed off face expression, that made some anger boil up in you.
That man hadn’t done anything to him and all he did was being the usual asshole.
You heard him muttering his name as response before you looked friendly smiling back to Negan who now held the package in front of you.
“Well then have fun with whatever the heck is in here”, he said before you took the package and you saw him looking from you testing to your husband before he raised his voice again.
“See ya”, Negan said before looking slightly smirking at you as he began walking back.
“Yeah, and thanks”, you said before he turned finally around walked back to his house.
You shut the door and walked back to the table as you heard your husband’s voice.
“Does he fuck you good?”, you heard your husbands voice growl as your head snapped over to him.
“What the-…no!”, you called bewildered out while you saw him glaring at you, the way he always glared when he was shortly before yelling.
”Really? ‘Cause it didn’t seem to me like you’ve met him the first time..that damn way you looked at that asshole”, he growled while he came closer.
“Listen I never talked to that man before and I’m not gonna begin a dumb fight with you about something that is not even a tiny bit true”, you said beginning to put the package away.
“No, you listen to me!”, he yelled grabbing your wrist you pulled hastily away.
“Don’t touch me”, you growled looking into his with anger gleaming eyes.
“Oh yeah right, my wife gets rather touched by the neighbor”, he yelled breathing heavily.
“I’m not the cheating one in our marriage”, you growled while you saw his anger boiling over the top.
“Watch your mouth or-”, he yelled before glaring heavily breathing at you.
“Or what?”, you asked having to keep yourself that much unter control that your voice trembled.
He just stood panting before you, clenching his jaw while his eyes still gleamed dangerously before he rushed out of the house, hitting the door with a loud bang in process.
You huffed stressed, while looking at the closed door.
Fights like that or even bigger were a daily fare, there was almost no day he didn’t yell at you or started a fight and that argument you had have a few moments ago was nothing compared to the usual fights.
All you wanted to do was escape and never see that man again and the only opportunity you had laid on the table and waited for you to continue writing.
And thats what you did the rest of the day, writing applications and somehow trying to forget that he would come back in some hours.

Hours later you laid in bed, trying desperately to fall asleep before you suddenly heard the door opening and soon after that how the bed slightly bended as he let himself fall into it while a shiver run down your back.
And the shiver intensified as you suddenly felt him pulling you over and beginning to kiss your neck as you pulled yourself away from him.
“Dear wife you still got some connubialities”, you heard him growl before you moved even more away from him while turning around.
“Come over”, he said in a tensed tone while you looked disgusted at him.
“No”, you growled while you slipped out of the bed.
“Listen you can be glad enough that I still want you”, he hissed looking at you before he stood up and walked over to you while all you did was glaring into his eyes.
“I’m being more patient with you than you deserve after a day like this, so begin being a bit more grateful”, he growled while you huffed.
You kept glaring before you grabbed your pillow and shoved yourself past him.
You would neither have sex with him nor sleep with him together in that bed now.
You kept walking while you heard him keep on talking, trying to goof you off and make you feel worthless as always.
You heard his words while you walked down the stairs trying to blank them out before you heard him finally stopping.
You let yourself fall onto the couch as you felt the lump in your throat becoming bigger and finally felt how tears fell down your cheeks.
You just didn’t want that anymore, you didn’t want to be here with him or even close to him.
Your glance wandered out of the window, seeing still some lights burning in the house next door where your new neighbor lived while your thoughts overpowered you.
You had always tried to keep going, somehow fighting yourself through everything and standing up after you fell but you were almost at the end of your rope.
You just wanted to finally feel loved and wanted again and not treated like the most worthless person on earth.

And all those thoughts stayed and got even stronger over time.
The daily fights didn’t stop, to be honest they just got worse and worse and all you could somehow do was defending yourself against him and trying to write applications to get a job and somehow be able to not give him more power over you.
The only things that somehow began to lighten up your day were actually, as bizarre as it was, greeting Negan and having some small chats with him that somehow made you a little forget that as soon as you’d tell him goodbye you would have to walk back into this house to your crappy husband.

Some weeks passed until the day of the annual street fair came and like last year that only meant for you to play the happy wife that you clearly weren’t and you were pretty sure that the most people or at least the ones with a house in earshot knew that.
“Put something pretty on, you hear me? I don’t wanna have to be ashamed of you”, you heard your husband calling from downstairs.
You scoffed before you pulled a summer dress over and walked annoyed huffing downstairs as you saw him already waiting for you.
“A smile wouldn’t be wrong”, he scoffed before you glared at him.
“Being a little more friendly to your wife wouldn’t be wrong as well”, you growled before you saw him building himself up right in front of you.
“You better listen now, you do not say things like that outside”, he growled before he walked outside followed by you as you already saw the people on the street grilling, some people drinking some beer and laughing together.
You felt your husbands hand on your waist as he pulled you closer while a cold shiver run down your back before your glance wandered over to the house next door where Negan just walked out of it and got over to a few other people he greeted.

The next time outside you spend next to your husband, hearing him talking to other neighbors while you somehow tried to get into a conversation with other people here.
They were all friendly to you and you could talk to them about vague stuff but it had never in that one and a half year gone that far that you could count even a single one nearly your friend, not even acquaintance to be honest.
While your husband was deep in a conversation with another man you could finally move away from his side and walk a bit around before you decided to get some food.
“Can I help you?”, you suddenly heard a deep voice behind you.
You turned around seeing him smile at you while he pointed at your empty plate while raising his brows.
“No thanks Im just looking around”, you said smiling back.
“Well then I hope you find what you fucking desire. My personal pro-tip would be some fucking pasta from over there, mostly ‘cause I made that shit”, he said grinning.
”I guess I’ll give it a try it then, gonna tell you if your “shit” was worth the work”, you said chuckling before you made your way over to the table with the food.
You couldn’t lie, the spaghetti were awesome and as you looked up you saw Negan looking over, raising his brows and waiting for a feedback as you raised your thumb chuckling up.
For some moments you finally felt a bit better again, somehow a bit free and without that pressure on your chest you mostly had.
But even that vanished at the moment the day ended and you got back into your house and the usual fight started again and your life turned back into the hell it was before you left the house this morning.

A week later you found yourself packing groceries into the car while you saw the sun already going down.
By the thought of finding your husband back home your stomach dropped already on your drive back and that feeling in your stomach just got stronger with every mile you came closer to your house.
It had already began to become dark as you pulled into the driveway and saw how Negan walked out of his house, kneeled before the porch of it and began to repair something at the stairs.
Sometimes you wondered if he heard the fights you and your husband had.
If he heard him yelling and screaming at you.
You opened the door of your car and saw how Negan looked up, while a smirk flashed over his face.
”Hey neighbor”, he said chuckling as he waved over.
”Hey, still working?”, you asked nodding over to the stairs before he stood up and walked a few steps over to you.
”Yeah, I’m gonna break my damn bones one day if I’m not finally repairing those fuckers”, he said chuckling as he stroke over his salt and pepper beard.
”Well then good luck with that”, you said grinning slightly while you pulled your bag over the shoulder and closed the door as you saw him somehow seeming like he wanted to say something else but didn’t know how.
”Bye”, you said friendly before you heard him saying the same and you walked over to your house.
”I’m back”, you said loudly as you closed the door behind yourself but got no response.
Irritated you looked into around downstairs while you didn’t find your husband. But to be honest, you just hoped that he was out with friends and wouldn’t come back for a good while until you heard some suspicious noises coming from upstairs.
You slowly walked up, swallowing with the noises becoming louder while deep down you exactly knew what they were and who made them.
You finally stood before your bedroom door, swallowing before moving the handle just to see your husband on top of a moaning woman, thrusting into her before the loud screech of the woman stopped him.
She stared as shocked at you as you at her before your husband looked over his shoulder and saw you standing in the doorframe.
You stood there for a moment, completely frozen and with muddled feelings next to complete emptiness before you saw him pulling on his shorts and walking over to you.
”You digusting pig”, blustered out of your mouth as you somehow slowly came back to reality.
“Oh come on (Y/N), what did you expect me to do since you’re not fucking me anymore”, you just heard him say before you felt your hand slapping his face and an adrenaline rush flowing through your whole body.
“You damn whore”, he growled holding his cheek before you shoved yourself past him, ignoring the woman laying in your bed as you walked over to the wardrobe to pull clothes into a bag still somehow in trance.
You pulled the bag hastily over your shoulder before you turned around and saw him directly before you.
“What are you doing there?”, he asked growling.
“Leaving you”, you growled back clenching your jaw.
It was just enough, you didn’t care anymore, you couldn’t stay with that man anymore and in this moment you didn’t think about any consequences, you just knew that the only right thing now was to leave him if you wouldnt want to go insane.
“You wanna leave me? Really? Where do you wanna go? Huh? You got no job, no friends, I’m the only one you got here and believe me, as soon as you leave this house I’m gonna make your life the living hell”, he growled looking at you.
“Can’t be worse than being with you”, you growled before you shoved yourself past him and rushed out of the house as fast as you could.

Still paralyzed you sat onto the front seat of your car, staring into the darkness before you felt your emotions overpowering you.
Tears streamed down your face while you felt your body trembling uncontrollably as you tried to catch your breath.
You felt humiliated like so many other times, were mad at yourself for getting yourself into this shitty marriage, for being at this point of your life now you never wanted to be even though you felt relieved that you had finally freed yourself.
The tears kept falling down your cheeks as you suddenly you heard someone knocking at the window.
Your head snapped up, fearing to see your husband behind the glass but it wasnt him, it was Negan.
He looked concerned at you, saying something you couldn’t hear until you let the window down as you hastily wiped away your tears.
”Shit, you don’t need to wipe them away, its fucking alright, I’ve seen them…fuck you don’t wanna drive now do you?”, he asked still with that concern in his eyes while you struggled.
“I-..”, you mumbled not really knowing what you should say, because all you wanted was just to somehow get away from that house.
“Listen you can’t fucking drive now”, Negan said looking down to you while you still sat swallowing there.
“It’s okay, I’m gonna make it somehow”, you said grabbing a tissue to get the rest of your tears from your face as you heard him sigh.
“Then tell me a better plan”, you said still with a lump in your throat as you saw him silently thinking for a moment before he sighed.
“See, I don’t wanna be fucking intrusive or anything but you shouldn’t be alone right now, I don’t know what shit just happened to you and I’m not trying to sleaze up to you, but if you want you can come over to calm down”, he said looking at you.
You looked at him, waited a moment trying to sort your mind.
He was probably right.
You couldn’t drive if you didn’t want to end up killing yourself and other people in process.
“Alright”, you said after a short moment of waiting before you opened the car door, grabbed your bag and stood up while you felt how weak your knees were.
You still felt Negan’s glance on your body while he walked with you over and opened the door while he waited till you walked in before he followed you.
You stood directly in his living room, that was surprisingly nicely done up for a single man.
“You can sit wherever you want down, you want some tea or something?”, you heard him ask as he walked over to the kitchen.
“Tea is good”, you said before you slowly sat down on the big leather couch still trying to somehow digest what had happened
Not more than a few minutes later you saw how Negan placed a cup with tea in front of you on the coffee table before he sat down next to you.
“Listen, you don’t need to tell me ‘bout anything if you don’t fucking want to, but in case you feel like you need to tell someone, I’m right here”, he said while you nodded with a slight smile on your lips.
You couldn’t even really remember the last time someone had just somehow cared about you or was interested in what bothered you.
You swallowed, not really knowing what and how to tell as your glance wandered a bit around in the room until it got stuck onto a baseball bat that leaned next to a few ping pong balls and paddles against the wall.
“Oh right I never told you, I’m a gym teacher”, you heard his voice say before you looked at him while he smirked softly.
“A fucking good one if you ask me”, he said chuckling managing to get a little grin onto your lips.
It got silent again as you looked at your hands fumbling onto your tissue before you raised your voice.
“I left my husband”, you said before you looked once again up to him.
“Understandable…shit sorry, its just.. I just heard that fucker scream every damn day”, he said slightly huffing.
“Our marriage didn’t really consisted of more than that”, you quietly said.
You couldn’t open up completely to him now about everything, that just weren’t the way you were but he was caring about you right now, more than anyone in a goddamn long time and you felt like he kinda deserved to know at least the most important things.
“Just caught him in bed with another woman and acted like I was the guilty one.. to be honest that didn’t really surprise me, that’s what he always did”, you quietly said while you had to chuckle bitterly.
“Fucking asshole”, you heard Negan scoff before he raised his voice again.
”Always asked myself how you could keep on staying with that prick. Can’t tell you how often I was shortly before going over to your house when he was yelling again. Thats just not the fucking way you treat your wife”, he said with a growling undertone.
“Shit, you deserve something a whole fucking lot better”, you heard him growl before your head snapped up by the sound of his bell.
Negan looked irritated up before walking over.
As you saw him opening the door, all you saw were the gleaming eyes of your husband that focused on you while you felt your heart beginning to pump harder against your chest again.
“I knew it, god I knew that you’re just a slut. So if you don’t want to make things even worse come back”, your husband hissed while Negan kept standing before him not letting him just a step in.
“You do not fucking threat her”, Negan growled glaring at him.
“I won’t say it again, you come back now or you’ll wish-”, he said while trying to enter the house.
“Hey!”, Negan yelled pushing your husband back before he raised his voice.
“Listen Asshole, this woman left you. It’s fucking over, she doesn’t want to come back and I won’t let you fucking force her to. So get your crappy ass over to your house and leave her the fuck alone or I’ll make you do it”, Negan growled loudly but still calm with a dangerous undertone before you saw your hopefully soon to be ex-husband glaring and scoffing at him before he finally cursing left.
“I’m sorry about that shit. Fuck, he’s not ever gonna do some shit like that again, not when I’m around, I fucking promise”, you heard Negan say as he closed the door again and walked back over to you.
“Thank you”, you almost breathed swallowing as Negan sat down next to you and captured you with his glance.
“Anytime”, he said with a smile on his lips and that glance in his eyes that made some warmth come up in you, the kind of warmth you had missed for a long time and in this moment you didn’t want to ever let go of it again.
You knew that the time that laid before you would be hard for sure, but something told you that you wouldn’t have to go through that alone.

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❤️The Valentine’s Day Fic ❤️

Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day, and things go a little differently for Dan

Word Count: 2,057

Warnings: Is extreme fluffiness one? 

Authors Note: I haven’t seen any cute Valentine’s Day fics yet, so here is my take on one! It’s still Valentine’s Day where I live so this counts! I hope this is extremely fluffy and cute and makes everyone day! Happy reading! 

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An Unorthodox Proposal

Written for OTP Idea #370 on @otpismsYour OTP only getting married for tax benefits. Also inspired by the story hoʻokāne by Siria (which is great and everyone should go read).

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: T (only for language)
Word Count: 1520
Notes: Set after 7.18, so some spoilers for the latest episode. For the purposes of this story, Steve and Danny are conveniently single.

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pairing: hamilcast x reader angst

word count: 1700

warnings: death

prompt/request: “I wanted to request a platonic cast fix! Could you please do one where you play Angelica/Alex and you find out just before you go on for It’s Quiet Uptown that a family member has passed away? And after the cast help you out maybe xx 😘” from an anon!

a/n: i tried really hard, anon, i did, but i struggled a lot writing this one. i did want to get it out for you, though, so this is it - i really hope that it doesn’t disappoint. enjoy!  

Text from Mom, 9:12 pm

Your dad passed.

He had been sick for years, your dad; always in the hospital, always plugged into one machine or another, almost always asleep. You visited him as often as you could, but with a life as hectic and as busy as yours, how could you find the time? This is what you told him when he first got sick, you said, “Dad, I won’t be able to see you when I’m working all the time.” You had even tried convincing him to let you quit your jobs and spend every day with him. You said he mattered more to you than any role. But, as always, he fought back, saying that you had dreamed of being on Broadway your entire life and your happiness mattered more to him than his own. You argued for three whole days until eventually you gave in. 

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Sleep - pt 9

Originally posted by jminies

Jimin was surrounded by girls tonight. You picked up the plates from the tables and brought them back to kitchen.

A few minutes later, you felt someone pull a headphone out of your ear. You turned off the water and spun around to looked at him.

“These are the last ones.” He said, bringing a handful of cups and plates. “Can you close up and call Hobi to pick you up? Here are the keys.”

“Where are you going?” You asked as he stuffed them into your pocket.

He was breaking the routine of going home together on the bus. You liked seeing the empty streets at night and listening to anything funny he experienced at work that day.

“Out with some friends. I’ll see you tomorrow morning okay?” He smiled charmingly.

You nodded and he ruffled your hair before jumping away. You watched as he burst through the door like a giddy teenager and walked back to the small group of girls who seemed to be waiting for him.

He threw arm around around two of their shoulders they walked out with him excitedly.

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Naruto fans that can’t deal with this fandom’s shit anymore

Reblog if you just can’t deal with anymore stupid ship war nonsense, even from the side that supports your ship. If you just want to like or dislike the ending but don’t hold it against another person if they do the opposite, and that if any disagreements about the validity of said do happen, both sides are civil and understand that the other’s thoughts on a fictional series don’t define them or their relationship with the other person.

Reblog if you’re ungodly tired of all the shit-slinging, venom spewing, rubbing in people’s faces, that all occurs non-stop every day from both sides, and only gets worse when new Naruto content comes out. If you’re frustrated by the fact that we’re coming up on three years (at the time of this post) since the manga ended and people both pro and anti still act as volatile as they always have.

Reblog if it’s exhausting when you realize that the negative attributes of this fandom haven’t changed or changed very little since it began all those years ago. 

Reblog if you just can’t take this pointlessness anymore. If everything has just… gotten out of hand.

My Tera-fic Skeleton Pt. 1

***Author Note***

Writing something a little different, but I’m excited about it! This story is set Aboveground and will be a Papyrus x Reader. The human has grown up hearing so many stories of terrifying monsters that they can’t help feeling a little uneasy with finding out they’re real and how many there are. As time passes, sans and Papyrus help them overcome their fears and even find love in unexpected places.

***End Note***


“I can take the next guest in line~” someone called, and everyone shuffled forward.

Your eyes darted side to side, keeping your head down as you waited for your turn, sandwiched between others and keeping your basket close to your body to avoid taking up too much space. It was just easier that way. Stay small, stay hidden. Don’t make eye contact and avoid conversation. You focused on the mother in front of you, her baby held in her arms and gazing at you with sleepy eyes.

Why… why did you feel this way?

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saying i love you: over a cup of tea

series based on this post

as a hello
with a hoarse voice, beneath the blankets
a scream

Isak was harshly pulled from his slumber by loud coughs and a body shaking against his side. He sat up blearily, hands automatically finding Even’s back and rubbing before his eyes were even properly open.

“Baby?” He croaked, pulling Even toward him once the coughing fit had stopped. Even’s head fell against Isak’s bare chest and he felt wetness. He looked down, his heart breaking at the sight of tears on Even’s cheeks. “Hey, what’s hurting?”

Even’s eyes were closed, eyebrows furrowed. “Everything.”

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chocolates and roses — justin foley

prompt: justin comes to your house with your favourite goodies in attempt to make you feel better.

request: you have a bad/stressing day and justin tries to make you feel better?

warnings: justin’s cuteness

today has been very tiring, you have been given stacks of homework and you spilt your coffee all down your white shirt which you were certain that won’t come off in a hurry.

all of these things were fogging up your mind, you couldn’t even think clearly. your most craved action was to go home and unwind, perhaps run yourself a bath with one of your favourite lush bath bombs.

you had just finished your shift at monet’s as you begin to walk home and just your luck, it had began to rain. you rolled your eyes before hurrying home, your clothes became soaked and your hair was wet too.

can this day get any worse?

you attended to your phone, your boyfriend justin had texted you asking if your day had gone okay and you of course replied ranting about how bad it was.

justin: how was your day, baby?

you: terrible, i spilt coffee all over my favourite shirt and i have so much homework to do and my clothes are soaking because i had to walk home in the rain and i am just so stressed. :(

within seconds he replied with the most mood lifting text ever.

justin: i’ll be there soon princess:)

you walked into your bedroom and got changed into some more comfortable clothing, the doorbell rang as you skipped towards the door to reveal justin holding multiple bags of food and some chocolates with a bunch of roses.

“justin…” you squealed, peppering his face with kisses as he laughs.

“i couldn’t stand knowing that you were sad.” he grins as you engulfed him into a bear hug, you collect some of the food and lead him into the living room where to put on netflix and slumped down onto the couch.

justin sits down next to you as you tear open a bag of chips, you both share the bag and then begin feasting on the chocolates that he had bought.

“honestly, i don’t think that caroline should’ve married stefan. she’s better off with klaus and stefan deserves a happier ending.” you protested as justin chuckles, he looks at you the way every girl wants to be looked at —it was sometimes so surreal that justin was actually yours.

“aww, you’re so adorable.” he pinches your cheeks as you giggled, he begins to tickle your sides as you let out uncontrollable laughter.

“justin, stop!” you whined as he eventually stops, your head was resting in his lap as he begins to play with your hair which you loved.

“i love you justin foley.” you whispered as he leans down and pecks your lips, your eyelids became heavy as he continues playing with your soft locks.

“i love you too y/n y/l/n.” he replies as you smiled slightly.

you couldn’t imagine being with anyone else other than justin, he was your everything and you wouldn’t change that for the world…

My first house

threshthewarden Submitted:

I’ve always loved reading peoples ghost stories about extreme encounters they’ve had, just to give myself chills. However I never expected to be the one writing about it. I’ve had countless paranormal things happen throughout my life, most were minor though. Near the end of my senior year in high school I started messing around with Ouija boards and other stuff as well. Most of my paranormal experiences after this were more serious, a lot more terrifying. After my freshman year in college I started working at the local grocery store, and started looking for a place to rent with my cousin. Well it just so happened that an old family friend had lost a loved one a few months ago and inherited the house. They had no plan on using the house for anything, so I decided to ask if we could rent it. We worked out a payment agreement and began cleaning up the house within weeks to move in.

At first everything was great, it was a whole new chapter in my life. So I decided to invite some friends over to chill. We went to town that night and got back around 12AM. I had to work the next morning so we all decided to call it a night. The next day my friends went home before nightfall and I found myself alone in the house as my cousin stayed out late most nights. As I was sitting on my computer that night I felt uneasy, almost like someone was standing over my shoulder. I shook it off as exhaustion as it was getting late and I had worked nine hours that day. The bedroom had a mini hallway and the door to the bathroom was directly across from it, about two steps away if you were at the bedroom door. As I tried to sleep that night I felt a presence just standing at the bathroom door.

A month had passed and I would almost feel the presence every night. I was getting home from another afternoon shift at work, so it was already dark outside. I decided to just brush my teeth and go to bed. I wish I hadn’t. We had two mirrors in the bathroom angled in a way that you could see the side mirror from the main one, if that makes any sense. Anyways I started brushing my teeth looking into the main mirror of course, when something catches my eye. The reflection of myself in the side mirror was just staring at me, not moving. I leaned in all kinds of awkward positions trying to get it to move, to convince myself I was just seeing things, but I wasn’t. 

A few days after the mirror event I was talking to one of my friends who had spent the night at my house. I told him what happened and he stopped for a moment. He then began to tell me that he and my other friend had felt the presence of someone standing at the bathroom door that night. I normally tried to ignore it, but I think it just made it angrier in the end.

Another month had passed and things grew even worse, loud banging at night, doors opening and closing, and to me the scariest of all was the face with no eyes that would appear behind the locked door.(It had a single rectangular window in the middle of the door) As I said previously, I have had many encounters, more than just normal ones, but this has been the scariest moment of my life to this very day. I went to bed with an uneasy feeling, the presence was standing right beside my bed, which it had never done before. I eventually fell asleep only to wake up at 6AM to hear the sound of my cousin leaving for work. I normally don’t wake up that early so I was about to get a few more hours of sleep before I left for work myself. That’s when my chest started to go numb, all of a sudden I was flipped over onto my back. Then it pushed me off of the bed, but not onto the floor. I was floating about an inch or two off of the ground, my body was still on its back, completely straight, and the only body part I could move was my head, everything else was being held down. Then it started to drag me,slowly out of the bedroom, down the hall, and into the living room where it started to place me in the center. I was looking around frantically, I didn’t normally pray but I was trying anything to save myself. Just as it stopped moving me, I heard the front door open. It moved me with haste this time, back into the bedroom and threw me back into the bed. Still in shock I was trying to comprehend why it brought me back when I realized that my cousin had came back in. He must have found what he came back for because he was leaving out the front door almost instantly. After he left my chest started to go numb again, I jumped out of the bed, grabbed my work clothes(which I had set out previously) and scrambled out of that house as fast as I could. 

I moved out shortly after that, although I had not had time to gather all of my belongings yet. Shortly after some friends and I were eating at a local restaurant when I got a phone call, the house was on fire. We jumped into my truck and went to the house immediately. I watched the house burn to ashes, the fire department later informed me that it was an electrical fire, but deep down I don’t believe that was the truth. It happened to burn down near the same time my cousin and I would be asleep before work the next day. To this day I believe whatever was in that house tried to burn us with it.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Moderator Gracie:10/10 Seeing that face with no eyes,Being dragged and then the house burning down…Wow…Thanks for the chills and scares!

I Can See It In Your Eyes.

Originally posted by steverogiers

Pairing: Bones x reader 

Titled: ‘I Can See It In Your Eyes’ 

A/N: This was also a request from @girl-next-door-writes ! I hope you like this! 

Warnings: Jealousy, Angst, Fluff 

Tagging:  @aprofoundbondwithdean @bkwrm523 @feelmyroarrrr @imaginestartrek @ladyxdezi @bgarrow1013 @unsinkthetitanic @stargirlhorse @mysupernaturalfics @ivvitm1109 @blacktithe7 @sincerelysaraahh @mysteriouslyme81 @my-amazing-nerdyness @stargirlhorse @uss-lesbian

You know that moment when you feel all else fails and you put yourself down and think that you’ll never get together with your crush. That’s exactly how Bones felt every time he saw you. You could be a distance away, and he could see in his sights  through one of the windows in the Med Bay walking down the hallway, talking to somebody else, and he would stare at you love in his eyes thinking of you as the most beautiful woman in the universe. 

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Bruce Banner (Hulk): Heartbreak (Part II of II)


“Shit! Shit!” I mumbled to myself glancing down at my leg, he shot my leg. This was not going to be pretty. I ran into the forest until my leg needed a break. Why did I accept this mission? I wondered as I slid down a tree truck to rest my leg.

I closed my eyes and counted two minutes out because that was the longest I could sit here without probably being captured. I stood up from the ground wincing. This was the second time I got shot in the last three months and this time I was on my own. I winced as I put pressure back on to my leg I should have went with my guy and passed, but no I had to be an idiot and take the mission just to get away from Bruce. I studied my surroundings for a moment before glancing down at my leg it wasn’t fatal, not close enough to a vein, it was just going to hurt like a son of bitch.
I took a deep breath and began walking without limping as much as possible. I needed to get off the grid now before they found me and killed me or worse tortured me. I began make my way back to my emergency stash I hid five days ago. It was going to take me a while to get stateside undiscovered. I sighed and headed three clicks to my right to where my stash was hidden. As I approached my bag I looked around to make sure I had time to clean up my wounds. I closed my eyes listening for any disrupting noise but heard nothing but forest life, which was a good sign it means they only detected me.

I bend at the waist and pull my duffle bag out of hiding and quickly unzip it. Pulling out the medical supplies I toss them on the ground next to the bag. I lean to my left and reach out with both hands and gently bring myself to the ground. I extended my leg and inspected it the bullet was luckily lodge still so I could pull it out and stitch myself up. I reach in my bag and grab my knife kit and make work of cutting off my pants. I opened up the medical kit and pull out a suture kit. I used my knife to pull out the bullet quickly and then user the alcohol bottle from my bag to clean out my wound before beginning to stitch myself up as neatly as possible. After ten minutes I was completely stitched up. I sighed and reached into the duffle bag and grabbed my cargo pants out. I unbuttoned the pants I was wearing and stripped them off before standing up to slip the clean pants on. I carefully stripped off my shirt and inspected my torso. I winced it was black and blue already from being beaten up before I could escape. Definitely have a broken rib along with a bunch of deep cuts that wouldn’t need stitches. I sighed and bent down and picked up my clean shirt and put it on. Taking a deep breath I grabbed the back pack that was inside of the duffle bag and slipped it onto my back. I retrieved the matched and lighter fluid and quickly stuffed everything back into the bag before dosing it the lighter fluid and striking a match. I watched as the flames engulfed the bag. I headed off in the direction of town. I was going to hotwire a car and get the hell out of Germany. I sighed it was going to take me a long time to get back stateside, considering that HYDRA was after me. “Just how I wanted to spend the next week,” I grumble out to myself.

Bruce POV

A Week Later
I watched as Director Coulson stepped off the elevator into the lab. That was odd he hasn’t been back since Y/N was here. I looked around half expecting to see her glaring at me to see that Coulson was actually alone, which was also odd.

“Where’s Stark?” Coulson said looking around.

I shrugged. “Not really sure.”

“Look Dr. Banner I need to talk to him.” He says urgently.

I turned back to my work station. “You should have called him.”

“Banner, I need his help it is an emergency.”

“Lose someone?” I said swiveling around in my chair to face him.

He gave me a sharp look. “Not exactly Banner. Mission went sour a week ago and we have no word from our agent. Our intel points at the fact the agent might be dead. So if you wouldn’t mind Banner I need Stark to help.

I nodded. The agent must be pretty special if Coulson was desperate enough to need Stark. “JARVIS call Tony.”

“Yes sir.”

“Banner did you have another episode?” Tony snickered through the system.

I rolled my eyes. “Coulson needs you to locate someone using your system.”

“S.H.I.E.L.D still needs assistance from the Stark family?” Tony says as the elevator doors open.

“As funny as that was Stark I really don’t have time for jokes. I have an agent I need to locate. I have the last coordinates.” Coulson says hurriedly.

I exchanged a look with Tony. Who was this agent? Why were they so important to Coulson?

Tony grabbed the coordinates from Coulson’s outstretched arm and headed to the computer next to me.

“How long ago?”

Coulson looked between us uneasily, “Have not heard from them in a week.”

“Maybe they do not want to be found.” Tony suggested as he typed in the coordinates before lowering his voice. “Do you know who?”

I shook my head and stared at Coulson.

“Unlikely my agent is either dead or on the run.” Coulson says crossing his arms across his chest.

“When did they get there?”

“Agent has been missing for a week but arrived five days prior to that. However there was a body found two days ago matching the agents description. I need to know if there’s a chance the agent is alive.” Coulson said.

I narrowed my eyes at him. Why was he hiding the gender of the agent? Did we know them? I swallowed dear god do not let it be Y/N.

Tony glanced at me and was unconvinced by Coulson’s story as well.

“Why is the agent so important?” I questioned crossing my own arms over my chest.

“That’s not someth-”

“You either let us know all of what’s going on or I clear the search and you find them the good ol’ fashion way.” Tony says turning around to face Coulson.

Coulson shook his head and ran his hands through his hair. “I’m not sure that is a good idea Stark.”

I glanced at the screen which should Tony was searching Germany. “What the hell is he hiding?”

“I know.” Tony says to me before projecting his voice so Coulson could hear him. “Then I am not sure that I can help.”

Coulson took a deep breath. “The agent is Y/N.” Coulson announced cautiously.

I jerked away from staring at the screen to look at Coulson. “Are you shi-“

“She volunteered for the mission. It was supposed to be difficult but nothing she was not qualified to handle. Like I said before I need to know if there is a possibility that she lived.”

I felt my whole body freeze. After everything, me leaving her numerous times, she may have died half way around the world. “How could you allow her t-“

“Like I said Dr. Banner she volunteered. She knew the risks and possibility of not coming back.” Coulson said cutting me off.

I took a considerable amount of deep breaths. I could not afford to change and let him come out at this point. She knew the possibility rang in my head over and over again. I turned back to the computer screen as it dinged. I narrowed my eyes it was no longer in Germany but in Brooklyn.

“Well good thing I know her specific heat signature. She’s alive, and in Brooklyn.” Tony says jotting down the coordinates before looking at me. “You good?”

I nodded I was going to have words with her.

Coulson snatched the coordinates out of Tony’s hands and headed for the elevator.

“Bring her here when you find her.” Tony says worriedly.

I’m not sure who he was worried for more Y/N’s safety or everyone else if she wasn’t okay.

“I’m coming with you” I said picking up my medical bag from under my desk and striding towards the elevator door.

“Dr. Banner th-“

“You’ll need a doctor.” I said climbing into the elevator with him.

Coulson nods. “If she shoots you then it is on you.”

Half an hour later we arrived at an abandoned warehouse outside Brooklyn. I stayed behind Coulson in case it was a trap. Please dear god let her live so I can yell at her.

I heard her voice, she sounded exhausted.

“About time.” She said.

“Well you could have called.”

She let out a breathy laugh. “I had to make sure I had no tail.”

I still couldn’t see her.

“You good?” Coulson asked her.

“I’m fine. Just in need of a shower.” She says staying to the shadows.

“Whose body did we find then?” Coulson asked.

“Honestly I don’t know. I incinerated my clothes and I don’t think that I was followed.”

“You hurt?”

“I got shot but I’m fine. I bruised rib, a few scratches here and there.” She said emerging from the shadows. I watched as her eyes widened upon seeing me. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Coulson shrugged. “You need a medical evaluation, he’s a doctor.”

“I don’t recall asking for one.”

“Procedure.” Coulson said.

“I’m not getting one from him. I’ll-“

“You’re not getting a choice agent. We are going to Stark Tower and Dr. Banner here is going to evaluate you.” Coulson said turning to head back to the car.

“You can’t be serious.” She said as she glared at me.

“I am and sense it is an order you will not be able to object.” Coulson said continuing his way out.

“Fine I’ll do the evaluation but with another doctor.”

“Not enough time. I need a debrief and he’s not going to ask to many questions.” Coulson said exiting the warehouse.

She let out a dark laugh. “Obviously we know two different versions of Dr. Banner.”

I swallowed not saying a word in case I yelled at her. She looked like hell. She looked worse than when I saw her months ago in the hospital.

We drove back to the tower in silence. Y/N refused to acknowledge me anymore. As we entered the medical floor I stopped only allowing Y/N to enter the floor.

“I think it would be best if I did this alone. You can debrief her later.” I say pushing the lobby button on the elevator. Coulson looked like he was going to protest but decided it was best not to.

I watched as she sat down on one of the beds. She looked so worn.

“Are you just going to stare at me or can we get this over with?” She asked.

I sighed. “Y/N…”

“Just hurry up I have to get back to work.” She mumbles under her breath.

I grabbed a pair of gloves and retrieved a stethoscope. “You might not be able to.”

“Well then I guess I just won’t turn in the note then.” She says.

I walk up to her after putting the gloves on. “I’ll tell Coulson myself then.”

She sighed. “Just hurry up.”

“Remove your shirt.” I said walking up to her.

“The hell I will. This isn’t some kinky lets play doctor time Banner.” She says crossing her arms around her torso and then wincing.

“As much fun as that sounds that’s not why you need to.”

She closes her eyes. “Don’t. Just don’t.”

I step up to her and put my hands on her thighs before she screams in pain. “Shit.”

“If this is pay back from the last time I saw you then please tell me your done.”

I lowered my eyes. “Clothes now.”


“Now, or I’ll do it myself.”

She nods reluctantly and winces as she pulls of her shirt. I inspect her she had a lot of bruises that were still ugly purple and also a severely bruised rib. I cocked my head to the side and noticed she had a bunch of scabbed over cuts that were deep.

“How are you still functioning?” I asked stepping towards her to better inspect her wounds.

“I’m used to it.” She says staring straight ahead at the wall.

“You have a bruised rib and a lot of cuts.”

“No shit.”

I sighed. This was what I deserved for trying to get her out of my life. “I don’t see were you got sh-“ I stopped talking recalling her recoil when I touched her leg. “Pants Y/N.”

The confidence that she had once had on her face was gone. “Don’t. Please Bruce just let it go.”

“I can’t honey. Show me.” I said stepping away so she could take them off.

She closes her eyes and shakes her head but still does what I asked. As they slid down he thigh I noticed a neat set of stitches. I inwardly winced. That must have hurt a hell of a lot to do to herself.

“That looks pretty clean. Not a bad job.”

She shrugged. “I’m used to it. It’s a part of my job.”

I nodded as I heard the elevator doors open to reveal Tony. Great, I was already walking on fragile ground now I had to deal with Mr. Insensitive on top of that.

Tony rushed towards Y/N and I waited for the dirty joke about catching her in her underwear. However Tony didn’t speak and just walked to Y/N and wrapped her in a hug. I closed my eyes. Tony, the pervert, could touch her but I couldn’t? I took deep breaths to keep the jealousy at bay.

Tony pulled away to inspect her. “Jesus Y/N. You should have called me I would’ve came and got you.”

She smiled at him. “I know Tony.”

He shook his head and turned to me. “You take care of her Banner or I’ll kick your ass.” He says before striding out just as fast as he came in.

I glared down at my hands.

I heard shuffling and looked up to see Y/N getting dressed. “So am I cleared Doc?”

I glared at the back of her head. “No.”

She sighed. “I really have no energy to do this with you today Bruce.” She says turning to look at me.

I shrugged. “I didn’t know you and Tony had gotten so close.”

She scoffed. “Kind of hard not to when I saw him every day when I was with you.”

“Are you sure it wa-“

“Don’t even imply that. You know better. You wanted to be done you now have no rights on the jealousy card.” She says standing up wincing.

I pinched the bridge of my nose. “It isn’t like I want to feel this way.” I say to her.

She stops moving. “I’m sorry, for the things I said the last time I saw you and for what I just said now. It was out of line.” She says tiredly.

I shake my head. “Doesn’t loving you still count for something?” I beg for her to understand it was out of love. God she had to understand I made a mistake.

But my announcement of loving her only seemed to piss her off.

“No! Not when you through it around like it’s nothing! You don’t get to feel sorry for yourself! You wanted to leave me well congrats you left.” Y/Nsaid harshly. “But, hate to break it to youBanner you do not get to come back!”


I watched as tears fell from her eyes. “You don’t get to walk back into my life! You wanted out! You wanted this!”

I shook my head and stepped towards her, “Not like this.” I was not going to let her walk I realized that I needed her. I would find another way to protect her.

She let out a dark laugh “Yes like this!”

“No dammit! I messed up okay? I wanted to protect you but I can’t I get that.” Please dear god understand. It shouldn’t have overreacted.

She shook her head, “Today you might but what about tomorrow? Or after you have an ‘episode’? I’m not a yo-yo Banner. The feeling of whiplash has lost its appeal.”

I shake my head at what happened and stared at her. “I still meant what I said.”

She sits back down and puts her face in her hands. “That does not matter.” She says tiredly.

“It does Y/N. Because seeing you like this and knowing it is because of me sucks. I can’t protect you I understand that now. I just want you to be okay.”

“It was my choice I knew the risks.” She says without acknowledging anything else that I said.

“Because you wanted to escape me.”

She shakes her head and stares at me. “This isn’t on you. I made my own choice, it was a stupid choice, but it was mine.”

I nodded. “Y/N…”

I watch her carefully.

“I hate you.” She says as she stares at her hands.

“I know. “ I said waiting to hear what else she had to say.

She laughs bitterly. “It sucks. Because hating you still means that I love you.”

I nodded in understanding. “Well I feel like that is a good thing.”

She shakes her head. “It isn’t because we aren’t together.”

I walk up to her and grab her chin forcing her to stare up at me. “I made a mistake.”


“I know whiplash, but it is the truth. I messed up because I was afraid of you being terrified of me. I know it is irrational. I can’t lose you because of me.”

She stared back at me. “But I did didn’t I?”

I moved my hands to the back of her head to place them on the nape of her neck. “I want to fix all of it Y/N. No more whiplash, I promise.”

She closes her eyes and leans her forehead against mine. “Please don’t do this to me.”

“I love you.” I said staring at her closed eyes.

I watch her visibly swallow. “I love you too but-“

“That’s enough I can work with that for now.” I said leaning to press a kiss on her forehead.

She opened her eyes to stare back at me. “Bruce…”

“We’re going to be all right.” I said pulling her into a hug. Everything was gong to be okay.

All I Want for Christmas (Part 1/5)

Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You’ve put your career ahead of everything else in life. Then you meet a guy that makes you want to believe in love again, but he’s not interested in you.  What happens when Fate decides you deserve a second chance?  

Warnings – Robbery and death (This sounds bad, but I promise it’s going to get fluffy!!)

Word Count – 3,000

Notes –   This was supposed to have been my 1,500 Followers Celebration Fic, but I hit that milestone over a month ago (you guys are awesome, yay!).  I hit 2,000 last week, so this is still a Followers Celebration Fic!  There will be 5 parts, each part will post every day from now until Christmas Eve.  I’m basing this fic off of a TV Christmas movie, 12 Dates of Christmas.  I hope you enjoy!  Merry Christmas!!  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5


Christmas Fic Masterlist

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I don’t want a lot for Christmas
This is all I’m asking for
I just wanna see my baby
Standing right outside my door

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is you

All I want for Christmas is you, baby

You awoke to the radio playing Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas.  Your friends thought you were crazy for still using a clock radio for an alarm, but there was something soothing about waking up to music instead of a blaring alarm.  You also loved to listen to Rick and Lola in the Morning.  They were a husband and wife DJ team and they always made you laugh.  You waited for the song to end before getting up and making the bed.

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There’s something about the way you laugh, the way you smile,that just make me feel like everything is okay.
I thought love like this didn’t happen to people like me, I thought I would be doomed to bad relationship after bad relationship.
But then one day you showed up, and just like that it was like a light went on, my life got brighter and suddenly everything wasn't so bad. When I found you I was at my worse, I was scared of loving again, I was hating myself for who I was, I felt like nothing would get better. You began to love me then, you saw past all the bad and you just saw
me and you wouldn't let me question it. For the first time in my life, I feel like maybe I am beautiful, maybe I am a good person, no one else has ever so easily made me feel that.
No matter how hard everything gets, I know that you are here to
stay, you have loved me at my worse and you have loved me at my best, you have never judged me for the way I look or the
way I act.
For the first time in my life I actually know what it is like to love and to be loved unconditionally, finally
I can see a future, a bright future of waking up every morning with my best friend, with the love of my life, with the
person who saved me from me.
—  for him
Heart Broken


Requested by @mrshemmings26 

 Y/n was a musician like Luke but due to various reasons they didn’t click anymore as a couple. Regardless of fans wishes this was a reality and was difficult for the both of them to process, but on a night out when y/n is seen with someone else things get complicated.

 If you have a request do ask! :) 

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 We were called ‘The Dandelions’ as we were seen as light, sweet and can make dreams come true, since we are a primary example. Two years ago we were not well known, there was simply me and my three friends forming a band and recording covers for YouTube, trying to get by or known by any means. Then we got an email from a company who were interested in our music, instantly we agreed and it was an almost overnight success. A few videos later we were nominated for a teen choice award, that was when I had first met him.

 We were on the red carpet having photos taken and I looked past the flashing cameras to see a group of guys, most of them were talking but one was looking at us, observing our movements and once I smiled to him he turned away quickly. Once we had gotten past the photos and were onto the interview stage I asked an interviewer who the group were, she started to gush on about them and that they were this Australian group '5 Seconds Of Summer’ if only then I had known how much of an impact that name would have had on me. I remember the interviewers then directed questions about the guys onto us, then I heard his name, Luke Hemmings; the first time I had heard his name and it stuck to me. Eventually the interviewer stopped talking about the guys and about our music, about how I felt about singing and playing the piano and how I learnt, all of it was fascinating being the first time we had been put in that environment. 

 Once we had been seated inside I glanced around for these four guys, trying not to look like a desperate fan girl I spotted him, again he was looking back at me. Now it was my turn to dart my head away but y/f/n noticed and waved to them instead. It was after winning the award one of the other guys came up to me to congratulate us on the award, that was when I was given his number. That was the night it all started. 

 When speculation came out about the two of us talking all the time on social media, interview topics began to turn away from our music and to dating rumours except neither of us had made anything official, that was until Mikey had made a comment in an interview about us dating and since then it seems that the fans had made it official for us. 

We met up whenever we could, talked all the time and slowly but surely fell in love with each other. Fans of both the bands loved the idea of us being together, that it was the perfect combination of people and music genres. So many of them wanted us to tour together but then things began to get complicated as both our bands rised and blossomed. 

 We were touring at different times, we found we were never in the same time zone anymore and when we did have time for each other we were exhausted. Two solid years of being loved up began to crumble beneath our feet, articles and social media began to tear us apart. They created lies upon lies about Luke seeing someone else, about me moving on or about both of us being miserable or avoiding each other. 

 The truth of the matter was we just couldn’t click, no matter how hard we had attempted to keep it alive and make it work we no longer had the same excitement we had when we first met. Me and Luke broke up five months ago officially, yet the fans still ask about us and about the two of us being the ultimate couple. How we were goals and everyone loved us together, that whenever we were seen with other people of the opposite gender not only us but they would receive mass amounts of hatred or abuse for being seen. On many occasions I tried and tried to bring myself to talk to Luke, but the endless amounts of touring got in the way and I couldn’t bring myself to calling him.

 The last time I saw him was when we ended it, it wasn’t exactly the prettiest of break ups but then again when are they? Luke was never there completely for a few months prior, neither of us spoke much and I found myself bottling it inside. Then I burst into tears one evening and the yelling, the screaming, the cries began to get worse. Then came the fatal words, 'why don’t we just end it.’ I remember how he yelled them in the heat of the argument, how I stood up and quietly walked past him refusing to say a single word whilst I packed a bag of belongings, enough for a few days. He didn’t follow me, nor try and hold me back as I walked out of that door that night and I never looked back. For a while I was radio silent, y/f/n got my belongings and I moved in with her just to keep myself secure. As soon as we were touring again I got back to my old self, questions about relationships were no longer aimed at me which I was thankful for. 

 Now I spend most of my time touring, writing, sleeping and partying. Initially I mostly partied a bit too hard and managed to get myself a bit of a state but part of my inspiration to write these songs came from that, my attempt to make something good from a bad situation. 

 I get messages from fans everyday asking what I’m doing or how I feel, you know being indirect about Luke but I usually I just answer those that I find more funny, sometimes I check up on Lukes Twitter or Instagram to see how he’s been, what he’s up to. It makes me glad that he is happy, that he has these chances like me to go to unique events or just chill with your friends. Except I try to not let the inner bitch get wound up when I see the same girl frequently in his photos, if he’s moved on its good for him. Maybe it’s just taking me longer since I keep it bottled inside.

 'You tore it up, what I believed you could treasure. Guess that goes to show how nothing can last forever’ I wrote down the odd lyric that came to mind, occasionally I would go to the studio and test it out, experiment with it and the keys of the piano. 

 "Y/n?!“ I placed my pen down and closed my notebook, getting down from my bunk to see y/o/f/n stood before me, dressed in less than usual. "You coming to the club or what?” She asked, seeming inpatient with my current appearance being my pyjamas. 

 Wondering up and down I negotiated with myself on going out for one night, it had been a while since I allowed myself to let loose. All I have to do is be moderate with myself, not be excessive like the last time. Letting out a sigh I turn to face her and nod, she squeals before calling the others.

 "Yo Dandos! We got y/n back! Let’s hit The Nice Guy!“ She yelled as I quickly found something to wear before changing and leaving the bus. 

 As soon as we got inside of the club I was greeted by fond memories, coming here with Luke and dancing, drinking and letting ourselves go for a few hours or all night on many occasions.

 I felt someone tap my shoulder and as I turned y/f/n stood there holding a shot glass. "Oh come on, you know you love them.” She egged me on and I didn’t oblige, knocking back the shot before she had considered hers. “Shit, I forgot how much you liked them.” She joked and I shrugged my shoulders, now taking hers. 

 "I just needed to take the edge off of being here that’s all.“ I yelled to her and she nodded, knowing exactly what to do. 

 "Let’s party!” She yelled as we made our way to the crowded dance floor. 

 After a while of dancing and grinding I went to sit down for a few minutes, just to regain some sort of sense. Whilst I kept my head down I heard a shuffle and as I glanced up a stranger smiled to me. He had light brown hair that was swept back out of his face allowing me to fall for his dark green eyes and small smile. "Y/n, right?“ He asked with a now wide smile. 

 "That’s right.” I giggled and played with my hair, unsure of why I was doing either.

 "Can I get you a drink gorgeous?“ He now smirked and placed his hand on my thigh, as his hand continued to move up I went to stop it but someone had beaten me to it. 

 "I’d watch where you put your hand mate, it’s not something you get a choice in without consent.” His hand was torn off of my thigh and the voice was rough.

 "Chill dude, it was harmless.“ He said scoffing and walked away, leaving me with the all too familiar voice.

 "So, you’re here? Of all places.” He jokes and I tut, wanting to go back to my friends. As I stand up he places a hand on my shoulder, being gentle as he always was not wanting to inflict any form of force. Even in the dark lighting I could see the sorrow in his eyes, the glistened look he had when he was upset. 

“Look, I’m over you and it’s obvious you are over me so why interfere? I could’ve handled that.” I state crossing my arms, trying to appear more certain that I was. 

He rolled his eyes and sat down, “Sure you were.” I turned my face away from him, since I couldn’t leave as my balance had not been on my side it didn’t mean I had to talk to him. “Why can’t we just talk this out?” His tone changed, it was less sarcastic and more sincere. I slowly turned to face him to see he had his hands, shaking his head. 

I cautiously reached my hand out to his knee, and immediately he cocked his head back up. “I got jealous.” He mumbled. “I don’t know what it is y/n, you just remain a constant on my mind. No matter how often I convince myself that we weren’t good together I contradict myself.” He huffs and raises his arms in annoyance whilst I sit in silence, I focus less on the music and more on his mannerisms. 

How he would run his hand over his stubble and sigh, bring his hand around the back of his neck before placing it on his lap. How his eyes would glance around trying to avoid observing me in a less than discreet manner, and that he didn’t want to seem shy or lacked confidence so he sat up right, trying to reinforce his manliness. 

 "Luke, things are different now.“ I told him, trying not to focus on him as I spoke knowing he would be a clear distraction. "The way things ended I, I can’t risk going back to that.” Abruptly I stood up, before collapsing back into the chair with a thud. 

“For Christ’s sake.” He muttered under his breath as he picked me up, regardless of my protests and lead the two of us out of the club. Once we got outside immediately we were greeted by flashing lights and noise. I shut my eyes and wrapped my arms around Luke’s neck, burying my head in his chest to block them all out. 

“What happened to y/n, Luke?" 

"Did someone drug her?" 

"Is she completely wasted?" 

"Looks like someone can’t handle their drink." 

"Are you two together again?" 

 Various questions and statements were shouted towards us as Luke kept walking until we were far enough away to get into a car for privacy. As Luke set me down he shut the door and got in the other side. I closed my eyes and rested my head on Luke’s shoulder, tiredness overtaking me. "Can I go to sleep?” I yawn as I close my eyes. 

 "Of course y/n.“ He mumbled into my hair as I shuffle next to him and drift off. "I’ll always be here for you.” He kissed the top of my head as I shut my mind off for a little while longer.

Didn’t Have to Know (Nalu)



Rated: T
Pairing: NALU
Summary: Things just didn’t seem to be going Lucy’s way today. Around every corner something just had to happen to her, but of course it only took some intervention from her favorite dragon slayer to make it all better.

Didn’t Have to Know

Large brown eyes moved side to side while glancing at a note; words mumbled in soft whispers from a small pink mouth as they read the contents of said note. The blonde, who sat at her desk, felt almost anxious as she continued to further read the messy writing. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she looked up looking towards her bed where Happy sat happily nibbling at his fish.

“Do you know something about this, Happy?” the blonde questioned as the feline’s eyes looked at her in slight confusion. His head tilted to the side as she waved the note in her hand, an indication that she was referring to the paper in her hand. As he noticed the badly written name of the send he gulped heavily.

He looked away and chuckled nervously. “I have no idea, Lushy”, he mumbled as he looked anywhere but at her. Lucy frowned heavily, he was obviously hiding something from her. However, she knew that Happy was loyal to Natsu and knew she wouldn’t be able to pry anything out of him any time soon. She leaned her elbows at her desk as she looked over the note again.

“We need to talk. I think it’s about time. Meet me at the park in an hour…Natsu”, she muttered once more to herself. That was never a good sign. ‘We need to talk’ only ever meant one thing. She tried to stop her overthinking the situation knowing who Natsu was, but she wasn’t fast enough to stop a scary thought from reaching her mind from the depths of her consciousness.

Was he going to break up with her?

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I clung to the cool pillow underneath my head, watching as a slither of light began to show on the wall opposite of where I lay. He did this every night and I always remained as still as possible, regulating my breathing to a dramatic level where my body would heave up and down as if I was sleeping. I didn’t dare turn around as I knew he would view it as an invitation to invite himself further inside.

Mats and I had been living like this for two weeks. Two grueling weeks and every night I found myself in this guest room crying myself to sleep only to be woken up a few hours later with thoughts of my reality. I didn’t know how long I could survive like this. I didn’t know how long I could go on hating the man that I loved but the way my heart twisted in my chest, I had a fear it could go on forever.

The rage I felt when he broke the news to me was enough to get me to do some drastic things like maybe setting our dream home ablaze or crashing my car into the nearest brick wall. It hurt that bad and I don’t think he understood that.

Because every night I insisted on retiring to a room alone, he suggested that maybe we talk. What was there to talk about? For me there was nothing. Nothing could be said to repair the feelings I was feeling right now. Nothing he said could make me see him the same way again.

A baby.

A baby? That was the news he delivered to me as we sat at the dining room table, his eyes bloodshot red and his hair a mess as he clung to the dark strands with those dirty, ragged finger nails. A baby!

An affair.

An affair? That was what he had admitted to me that morning in stutters and amidst sobs. My beloved husband had cheated on me and if he needed any sort of reminder of his infidelity, he now had a living, breathing baby to showcase that mistake.

I was still surprised the press hadn’t got a hold of this story, that this mysterious woman who had forever staked a claim into my husband’s life hadn’t run off to scream from the mountain tops that she had a baby with the loveable Mats Hummels while his wife lay alone those nights wondering where he was.

I should have known better. I should have known that no man could be so perfect, that no man should be able to gain my trust as quickly as Mats did. Now here he was twisting that trust in his hands and letting the burning embers fall to our feet.

That trust didn’t seem to mean much. That love didn’t seem to mean much. I didn’t seem to mean much.

There were so many things I shared with Mats. How could I just let all of that go? He had a name in my business, a stake in my business. We shared a home, we shared cars, we shared love, we shared memories. We shared a life!

How was it possible to separate that in court proceedings?

I used to be the sort of woman that vowed I would never think twice of remaining with a significant other if they cheated yet here I was, lying awake every night trying to picture a life with Mats where we were ourselves again, happy, in love and flaw-free with this little itty bitty other human being in the picture frame now as well. It was awfully hard to imagine.

My eyes followed the light that didn’t disappear from the wall. It only grew larger as Mats pushed the door open a little more and I could hear his footsteps come a bit closer. I pretended to sleep but that didn’t deter him as he moved even closer until he was near the edge of the bed and then walking around it until he was opposite me and staring down at me.

He knew I wasn’t asleep now, my eyes looking up at him. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days and I wouldn’t be surprised if in the nights I left him in the hall, he retired to the master bedroom but lay awake rather than resting. He didn’t look like the man I was in love with.

“You’re awake.”

“I am.” Even in the slight darkness I could make out his chiseled features, his mouth slightly hanging agape before he gulped and nervously crawled into the space next to me.

“I called your mother.”


He scratched at the scruff on his cheek before he looked towards me. “To tell her. I figured you hadn’t.”

I had been too embarrassed to tell anyone that my husband, the man they all seemed to love, had cheated on me and had a child with another woman before he even had one with me. That wasn’t something you boasted proudly. “And?”

His words got caught in his throat before he forced them out. “She told me you should get a divorce…”

“She’s probably right,” I mumbled.

“I don’t know what I was thinking. I was just…being stupid and careless and—“

“Mats.” I interrupted him before he could continue, not wanting to bother to have to hear those excuses he poured out of his mouth so easily over the past few weeks. They were one after the other, uttered in soft, apologetic tones but yet none of them made me feel any better. Nothing could soothe the pain I was feeling. “Please.”

“Is this it? Is this how all of this ends?”

I wanted to cry no. I wanted to shake my head and insist that this was just a little road bump we could get over but that would have been a lie. Almost as big of a lie as the one he had hidden from me. I sunk further under the covers, temporarily wanting to bury my head there and scream out all of my frustrations but I barely had the energy for it. I barely had the voice for it. “I don’t know, Mats.”

“I met him,” he blurted. My head quickly twisted in his direction, his eyes staring forward and straight into the space in front of him. He hadn’t told me this. All he had let me know was that this baby boy existed but not that he had seen him with his very own eyes. “He looks just like me. The nose, the hair, the eyes…” I could see that one lone tear quickly cascade down his cheek. “How can I look at him and not be reminded of what I’ve done?”

The tone in his voice was painful, so painful that I wanted to hug him to my chest and assure him that everything would be all right but I knew that was a filthy lie too.

He continued speaking. “I thought seeing him would make me feel better but it didn’t. It just made me feel worse because I want him and I want you and…” He began to shake his head. “I don’t think there’s any way for me to have both.” The tears were now streaming down his cheeks more prominently and he didn’t bother to try and wipe them away. He looked…vulnerable. More vulnerable than I had ever seen him.

“You do realize this all has to come out one day, right? People will see you and him and question—“

“I’m not worried about anyone else right now. I just…want to get us straight first.”

I grew silent then. I didn’t want to break Mats even more than he was already broken but I had to do what was right for me. “I don’t think you should focus on me. I think you should focus on your son.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” He didn’t give me time to respond before he was cradling my face in his hands, his eyes staring down into mine as he spoke. “I love you. Please, just let me make this right. You mean everything in this world to me and I don’t know how I can function without you especially with all of this going on. I get it. I get that I fucked up but I can’t go through this alone.”

I could taste the salt of my tears as they fell into the corner of my mouth. “You’ll just have to. Mats…I’m done.”

Vibrations of tremors that shook long ago tear holes in the fabric of all that we know. Can’t survive with the secrets we have. All that we have is a lie. Hold the line ‘til the thread comes undone. If you’re thinking of letting me go then it’s time that you do…

gif credit to chrisze