this day is so emotional


Well guys…

Today, 15 years ago, Studio Ghibli released The Cat Returns.

Who knew years later that this tiny fandom would still be kicking? I never expected to be part of a community that made me so happy.

I met some amazing and beautiful people, and I’ll always be thankful for The Cat Returns, and the way it made me feel.

I dunno about you, but I’m actually getting emotional.

Thank you for this amazing fandom everyone.

I love you all.

happy (?) anniversary, holmies! it’s so crazy to think it’s been five years already. but, at the same time, it seems like so much longer. it’s hard to remember a time when james wasn’t in my mind. i’ve been trying to put it all into words, everything these last five years has meant to me. this shit is hard! it’s already a novel. I tried to take my usual, lazy route and just make a video, but I keep getting all emotional and lame lol. there’s just too much for one post. too many feels. all of them, actually. so I think I need to just make several. one for each emotion. spaced out over some days. so if my heated and not always so popular opinions are something you’re into, stay tuned for that. I didn’t end up going to the theater last night. last year there was nothing and no one there and it was weird and depressing. not that I’m into the victim jams, but at least before, they would be across the street, the police were there for their parade thing. it felt like something, if that makes any sense. the victims had their thing over where the memorial will be. just so everyone knows, even if I wanted to go to a victim thing, I would not. that is for them, it’s meant to be helpful and healing for them. I do not belong there. they know what I’m about and would not be happy to see me. I don’t like them, but I do not wish to hurt them any further. so I stayed home. my apologies if anyone was wanting me to be there. for now, I want to thank all of the amazing people here for being a part of this with me. it’s been a crazy ride! we’ve had a lot of fun, and there’s been a lot of hard times we’ve helped each other through. “ad hoc” as we may be, you guys are like my family and I love you very much. @bluerthunderr @jimmys-white-hyundai @rainfallsinrealtime @lullabiesto-paralyze @gotholmes @beardsqueals @119-roc @n0wt-here @james-holmes-files @red-venom-the-fool @allhail-jamesus-blog @exceptionella @yellsdarkness @gonnabeforensicpsych @cheersjames @smokinholmie @aholmiesmind @tlctracy @harleyquinnholmes @llama4jamesholmes @sweet-lala-love @magickholmes @jimbos-bimbo @paradoxboom @desperate-housewitch-blog1 @raisinfied @heybobbie @truthstrangerthanfiction @queen-of-the-slurpee-machine @everyone-has-a-dark-side-darling @theyseemeyawningtheyhating-blog @jamesholmesdoingthings-blog @jimmys-slurpee @jameshoimes @death-by-murder @ceymsinlamasi @dearjamesandarlene @thefootofwhoopi @sturmgeist89 and probably soooo many more that are just escaping me atm.


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)


Today, Home turns two years old ♥

(And I thought I’d wrap it up in three months… Whoops)! Thank you for your constant support, patience, and kudos (all 12,700 of them?)!! This project has really gotten me through some tough anxiety (and lupus, apparently) whilst introducing me to the wonderful, talented, empathetic, and creative sterek fandom. I’m honored to be friends with so many of you *hugs*

The final chapter is still in progress, as is book!Home! I’m eager to share both with you soon. ♥

Can you believe Yuuri is going to marry his idol?? the man he has looked up to almost his entire life?? the man who he has seen as god-like, unreachable, perfect. Victor was what Yuuri wished he could be but never thought he’d be able to reach Victor’s level but then?? Victor himself proved him wrong, helped Yuuri reach not only Victor’s level but above it?? His biggest dream was to skate on the same ice as Victor but now he has skated with Victor and they’re gonna get married???

And can you believe that Victor, who has dedicated his life to skating, who has neglected his life and love for decades met a beautiful man who took his breath away, stole his heart during one night and then disappeared, left Victor pining for him with no way to contact him, finally found him?? He found that beautiful man and that man gave him everything that had been missing from Victor’s life and he didn’t even have to try. And then he slipped a ring on Victor’s finger in the most romantic setting imaginable, wordlessly promising to stay by his side for the rest of their lives??

can you believe?????

anonymous asked:

can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job

salvainterra  asked:

i love mob so much please for the love of god tell me about ur feelings on 100% ecstasy

OH BOY WILL I !!! ABSOLUTELY 100% (pun unintended but warmly embraced) 

out of all the 100% events, ecstasy is my favorite. the drama… the tragedy… will fiction EVER peak like this again? i don’t think so. but BEFORE I DELVE INTO ALL OF THAT, there’s something i want to talk about first: mob’s psychic powers as an expression of his emotions. 

we all know that mob suppresses his emotions to avoid outbursts of psychic power. but THAT implies that mob’s psychic power is a form of self expression, in the same way that body language is expression. 

he can direct his psychic powers – the same way we can direct our bodies’ actions – but there are other components that are difficult to stop, similar to how people’s shoulders tend to hunch when they’re angry or upset, how they subconsciously cross their arms and direct their feet away when something is making them uncomfortable, etc. 

unless you know about these bits of body language, and make a deliberate attempt to suppress them, it’s difficult to stop your body from revealing something about your emotions. similarly, one function of mob’s psychic power is as an extension of the way he expresses himself. these things happen subconsciously and mostly without mob’s control. 

for example, one of the trademarks of mob’s 100% events is that mob starts releasing waves of psychic power that push his hair back. other side effects include cracking the ground under him, often to dramatic effect.

mob doesn’t push his hair up on purpose, it’s just something that happens – as a result of him releasing his pent-up emotions in the form of psychic power. these little bits of expression aren’t something he can control.

mob also says something REALLY INTERESTING in his first 100% event:

during 100% rage mob uses his psychic powers to fight dimple, yes, but these lines suggest that his outburst of power happened because he finally had to express his anger. and that implies that, in order to show his emotions, and express himself, mob has to use his psychic powers. 

which is something he almost never allows himself to do. 

never forget the disdain / loathing mob had for himself at the beginning of the manga, and how convinced he was that he couldn’t allow himself to express himself OTHERWISE SOMETHING LIKE THIS WOULD HAPPEN. 

further material to consider: the lines that he said right before his 100% animosity / hostility event 


at this point, mob hasn’t taken any action against koyama yet. his outburst of psychic power, radiating outward and blanketing the area, is not doing anything but expressing his hostility – to the extent that mob expects koyama to be able to feel it. 

in addition to that, during mob’s fight with toichirou, he cycles rapidly through a LOT of emotions, and this is what he says about it:

canon suggests that it’s not just a buildup of of emotions that cause his powers to run amok; allowing his powers to run amok also allows himself to feel the full intensity of his emotions. his psychic powers are key to expressing himself.

I COULD GO ON… but i’ll just leave things here for now. to summarize: mob subconsciously uses his psychic powers to express his emotions, which is why suppressing his emotions also suppresses his psychic powers. 

figure 1: a helpful venn diagram of things 


the fight against toichirou is possibly the first time mob has been able to fully utilize his psychic powers. the first time he’s had to, even. all the unconscious limits he’s put on himself – not allowing his psychic power to go free, stifling his emotions and powers – all come undone. 

mob is allowing himself to be himself, wholly and fully. he’s removed his inhibitions. he’s running wild and free. he’s no longer expending energy trying to regulate his psychic powers – he’s allowing himself to feel. this intensity of emotion and action is something mob has never given himself before, and the freedom of it… feels good. incredibly so. he feels free, he feels alive, and toichirou – the only individual to ever stand on a level close to mob’s – understands perfectly. 

this is a level of joy mob has never felt before. 

the release of his psychic power even comes hand in hand with mob’s body language becoming much freer and more expressive than it is in daily life. look at him go!! mob, for the first time in years… letting himself feel the intensity of his emotions, just as they really are.  

but of course his happiness isn’t going to last 

because mob wants to be a part of society, and he thinks he has to keep his psychic powers sequestered away in order to do that. his greatest fear is accidentally hurting the people he loves with his own psychic power, and when he remembers that possibility… 

the tragedy of 100% ecstasy is that – for just a brief moment, mob released himself from his self-imposed limits. for a moment, he let himself really feel, he let himself be, and in that moment he experienced a richness, an intensity, a moment of being so utterly present and alive that it brought himself to heights he’d never reached before. 

 and mob will never willingly allow himself to do that ever again. 

Come on cry with me cause I can’t be crying all on my own  that’s sad


every dan and phil collab ever: 1/

↳ “phil is not on fire

Jean Moreau ‘firsts’ to consider:

  • the first time Jean allowed himself to enjoy a blue sky
    • the trojans had dragged him off to a picnic for “team bonding” and it was the first time he’d been allowed to look at the sky without Riko looming over him
  • the first time Jean felt the grass under his fingers
    • on that same picnic, while Laila and Alvarez were wrestling playfully nearby, Jean looked at the grass under the blanket and ran his hands over it and was in awe at how smooth it was
  • the first time Jean went to a party
    • the Trojans just won a game and wanted to celebrate, so of course they made Jean come along, and at first he’d been apprehensive, but then Jeremy grinned at him and it turned out to be not so bad
  • the first time Jean genuinely smiled
    • unsurprisingly, it was because of Jeremy, who made a stupid pun that Jean wanted to groan at, but he found it humorous somehow so he just… couldn’t help it
  • the first time Jean failed and didn’t beat himself up over it
    • the Trojans rarely lose a game, but sometimes Jean can’t stop a shot that should have been easy. One day he can’t block a shot and he’s surprised to realize he’s just thought “I’ll do better next time”
  • the first time Jean lets himself love
    • it’s not just Jeremy, but also Laila and Alvarez, who show him that love isn’t supposed to be painful or possessive or suffocating and who give him the courage to let the team love him
    • even Jeremy
    • (especially Jeremy)

Change is hard at first, Messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.  ~ quote from “ Robin Sharma “