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20 Years Challenge - Day 10: Favourite tweet by Tessa

The Great Wall of China, posted August 2, 2015

Everything about this tweet was wonderful.  The randomness of it (because she didn’t have to share but chose to), VM exploring a new location together, they look happy (and they look good!), and of course, in retrospect, the story that VM came to the decision to come back to competition during this trip.


I may or may not have fallen in love with characters that we never see

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Scepter4 and Homra get turned into cats by Cat Strain (actual cat, like Basashi the horse Strain). What is life like? Anyone being a specific breed for cat? Computers at Scepter4, Izumo's bar, the only thing that does change is Mikoto's napping. Which actually improves!

Scepter 4 probably gets hit when Benzai innocently brings the cat home, thinking it’s a stray. Akiyama’s used to Benzai bringing in stray cats every now and again, usually they take care of it for a couple days and then find someone to adopt it. Except this time the next day the two of them don’t show up for work, naturally everyone is worried because Akiyama and Benzai never skip work. Hidaka is sent to check on them and finds a pair of tabby cats sleeping under a kotatsu in their room, attempting to move the cats nearly gets his hand bitten off by the smaller of the two. He’s very confused as to why Akiyama-san and Benzai-san seem to have disappeared and where the cats came from, which is when he hears a meow behind him and moments later Hidaka is turned into a tall and very friendly brown cat.

Cat Strain proceeds to make the rounds around the building and soon Scepter 4 is cat heaven. In the library Zenjou is this huge three legged cat that looks almost like some kind of wild bobcat while Yayoi is a tiny cute ragdoll or something and she’s all curled up next to him. Munakata is probably a very fancy Persian and sits on his desk grooming himself all day until he sparkles. Awashima is a very strict kitty who keeps having to step on any of the alphabet squad cats who get out of line. Doumyouji is a super hyperactive cat who keeps bouncing off the walls and Kamo has to grab him by the scruff of the neck and sit on him to keep him down. Meanwhile Fushimi is the gloomiest cat, he’s this adorable grumpy Siamese who glares at everyone and hisses at any other cats that come near him. He probably curls up on his desk chair and defends his computer with his life, anyone who comes near it gets scratched to within an inch of their life. The only one who can get close to him is Munakata, who probably shows up periodically to hold Fushimi down and groom him while Fushimi just stares off into space with the most angry cat face ever.

Having finished its job, the cat Strain saunters out of Scepter 4 and is eventually picked up and taken to Bar Homra by Fujishima. Kusanagi figures at least this better than a horse, he’s proven wrong when Homra soon becomes home to a pile of rowdy cats. I imagine Kusanagi being this really gorgeous tan cat who sits on the bar counter all day, maybe sometimes jumping on the shelves and hiding between wine bottles. Super active tiny cat Yata keeps running around and meowing insistently for attention, a couple times he almost knocks some wine glasses down and Kusanagi just cuffs his head and pushes him off the bar. Fujishima’s all calm in the corner and quietly grooming a slightly sullen Eric. Anna is a tiny white kitten and Kusanagi keeps grooming her and nuzzling her and being a total mom. Mikoto meanwhile is this big tawny red cat who promptly jumps up onto the couch and falls asleep, scrawny friendly cat Totsuka hops up next to him and paws at him a few times, probably wanting to be played with. Kamamoto’s a big pudgy cuddly cat and Anna curls right up next to him because he’s so warm and fluffy. Mikoto takes advantage of his new cat form to find new and more interesting places to nap, like he naps on the couch and on the bar and under the stools and between the wine bottles and inside an empty wine box and possibly even attempts to sleep in a beer stein but it’s too small and he’s half in and half out of it.


We’re making a show, We’re giving television the kick in the ass that it needs that’s what we’re doing here, We’re challenging people to get up and stand for something.

oh my god the genres to be expected on this album:  tropical house, alternative rock, trap, R&B, Funk, New jack swing