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I know that I’m the new admin around here but I would just like to say something.

the HATE that alanah is getting is just unnecessary. to the anon that sent those plain rude messages…. no offence but find something better to do with your life. you’re literally sitting behind a screen and sending these unwanted comments without showing who u really are….. for what reason? what do u gain out of making someone feel like actual crap? does it make u happy to know that you’ve wrecked someone’s day? she doesn’t deserve it. no one does, so stop.

I just want people to understand that everyone is human, even us, and when rude comments are made it’s going to hurt someone’s feelings. don’t do something hurtful to someone if u know that u would be hurt if it was done to u. think before u act.

we love u guys and thank you the people who are sending lovely messages for alanah, if she doesn’t see them, i’ll let her know, and know that we really do appreciate all of u 💓💓💓💓💓💓

its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

Top 5 sickfic tropes

Thanks for asking! In no particular order 

1. The very cliche getting sick from “being cold” (rain, cold wind, whatever) trope that is highly scientifically inaccurate but one of my favs

2. Character trying to push through/ignore an illness until they collapse or an incredibly worried S/O intervenes

3. I don’t know if this is considered a trope, but I really like A being sick and coming home from wherever early and B getting home later to find A already there and super sick 

4. Sickie unintentionally “ruining” some important invent bc their immune system hates them 

5. Sickie starting off with only a small case of the sniffles or something but the next day they are completely wrecked with nausea, high fever, chills, bad cough, etc. 

rospeaks  asked:


Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in


a) cute

“Are you sick?” Steve says, kneeling down and touching Bucky’s forehead, brow furrowed because he’s, he’s. Steve is. Steve.

(Bucky Barnes Needs a Hug WIP)

b) sad

It’s too easy to disappear into [the familiar place in the back of his mind] and not be able to stand the thought of anything ever touching him—of ever having to touch anything—ever again.

(Winter Falcon WIP)

c) filthy

He’s lost track of how many different hands have already touched him, how many different dicks have already filled him up tonight.


“This was the only thing I could think of to surprise you more than you’ve surprised me.”

RIP me 11/16/2016

People Solas should fear more than the Inquisitor: 

  • 1. Hawke’s love interest if Hawke was left in the Fade. 
  • 2. The Warden Commander if Alistair was left in the Fade. 

-Like dude steps out of a mirror trying to recruit Merrill to his cause to “bring back what was ours” and Merrill just turns to him and says “you took Hawke from me” before slicing her palm and oh shit, girl’s blood magic game is strong.

-Anders shows up in the Fade, more Justice than man, his voice as loud as thunder when he says “you have taken the one mortal who mattered most. For that you shall perish”

-Fenris, leaving a slave rebellion, is greeted by Solas asking for his help to “bring the elves to freedom” and then Solas finds a hand through his chest, green eyes full of rage, and a voice that says “you”  

-Solas’ agents are found slaughtered one after the other with a gold coin on each of their corpses. A warning. The pirate queen is coming for you. 

-The Warden is ripping their way through each of Solas’ outposts, and while Solas thought he could fear no mortal, he starts to when they keep getting closer and closer. 

Castiel didn’t meant to say it.
His angel blade gripped tightly between white knuckles as he gulped at the air. His lungs were heaving, his eyes stinging with each blink, and his heart was thudding so loud for a second he feared it might suddenly stop.
The reaper corpse at his feet was nothing but a testament to how bottled his feelings have been, how naive he once was in thinking that he could deny it.
He loved these three people. Loved them more than his so-called family up in heaven, more than the whole of humankind that he once swore he would cherish above all else. He loved them, gave everything for them, and yet… yet he still couldn’t believe he admitted it.
‘You mean too much to me..’
His mind came back to this moment, halted by the reality of this statement. He found Mary’s eyes first. Hers were that of shock, or care, of a mother’s understanding and warmth.
Sam’s eyes were almost heartbroken. They reached out to Cas, reached into the deepest parts of Cas’ falling grace as if to convey the brotherly love that wasn’t forced, wasn’t faked or staged. There was love in their eyes, both of them, that made it easier to finally look into Dean’s eyes.
The green, perpetually keeping Castiel grounded to this earth, were misted. They were barely recognizable as tears filled then flowed over the brim. The Righteous Man was crying and Cas couldn’t for the life of him not mirror the sentiment.
The four of them stood there, the reaper forgotten, as Cas’ words hung in the air like stale crisp sheets strung up to dry in the wind.
His heart was out there, his intentions in the clear so everyone finally acknowledged it.
“I will kill a hundred more to make sure the world never sees a day without a Winchester.” And that was his final statement before the angel blade slipped from his fingers.
The clank echoed for a few wayward seconds before the eldest brother moved. It was lightning fast, almost too quick for Sam and Mary to react to right away. Not a minute passed between Cas’ lips closing and Dean’s full weight being shoved against his chest.
Embraced in that hold, the one they’ve been dancing around since the barn all those years ago, Castiel breathed in the reassurance that he was wanted.
“We love you, too.” Dean’s rough voice whispered against the side of his neck. “And we will never stop needing you.”
That night, as Cas fell asleep in arms he never thought would hold unto him so steadily, he closed his eyes in the safety of the family that would always love him.

Hey, I call everyone “my dudes” but you can bet that if someone asks me not to call them that, I’ll respect their wishes and switch to their preference.

Because if I didn’t, they would be completely justified in calling me an asshole and I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if I asked them to stop.