this day in columbine


Movies About Mass Murder

Zero Hour: A Columbine reenactment

Zero Day: Based on the basement tapes filmed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, two boys document their lives as they plan a school massacre

The Only Way: After being bullied and having a death in his family, a student wants revenge

Elephant: A pair of shooters attack their high school

Rampage: A man living with his parents secretly plans a massacre against his town

We Need To Talk About Kevin: The aftermath of a mother’s son after he does the unthinkable

Bang Bang You’re Dead: A student with a troubling reputation is chosen to star as a shooter in a local play

Blackbird: A teenager posts threats against his town online causing panic

Klass: Students get bullied severely and decide it has to stop

Polytechnique: A recreation of a massacre against female engineers

April Showers: Following the life of a survivor of a deadly massacre