this day in 3 weeks i'll have school

  • 2 weeks to due date: Na, that's heaps of time. I'll start it later
  • 1 week to due date: I should probably get started on that assessment... na I still have ages
  • 3 days to due date: okay I'm going to start it now... oh look a new fanfiction.
  • Night before due date: I have approximately 5 hours to finish this, get a good nights sleep if I plan this right... but first let me scroll through Tumblr

i wanna try something.

send me a sonic game and i’ll (try) to do a little doodle based on it !

knock-knock it’s knuckles !

unlike sonic… uh., he chuckles.

*cries because school gets in the way of the one thing I actually care about right now: dan and phil*


Today has been the first school day in 3 or 4 weeks in which we were both at school but didn’t talk. I’ve seen her tho, but since I had an R-overload yesterday I purposely didn’t talk to her.

Tomorrow, since I have a free period, I’m joining when she teaches the other 12th grade.. I really miss being in her class but I’m kind of nervous because I’m afraid it might be a bit awkward since I haven’t spoken to her since we made the doctors appointment, and I will be sitting with my friend so she can’t say anything about it.. I’ll see how that goes.

Part 3 Delay

Hey everyone, I hate to say this but I’m going to have to delay part three for a couple of days. This week and next week are gonna be full of mid terms so I haven’t been able to get to my drawings as much as I would like and I hadn’t been able to finish part three yet, since I have to study and all that. That and this part is a lot longer than the last two. So I won’t be publishing part 3 till ether Sunday or Monday once this weeks tests are over. I hope you all understand and again I’m so sorry about that I promise I’ll make it up to you guys!

A Night Under the Stars (Chapter 4)

Requested by ohshititsvoldemort
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Character: Castiel

Reader gender: female

Warnings: cussing, sexual references, fluff


‘Hey, Castiel. I have to go to yearbook everyday after school for the next two weeks so we can finish up and send it in. So I’m not sure when we can meet except for in the evening.’ You texted.

'Okay. I guess we can just meet up on the weekends.’

'Okay. Tomorrow work for you?’

'Yeah. Where and when?’

'Your place at 1. I’ll bring lunch.’ You smirked at your phone, mimicking what he did to you a few days ago.

'Haha. Sounds good. See you tomorrow.’

'See ya.’



You walked up to his door, bucket of chicken in hand, and knocked.

Oh goodness. You were at his house. You were at Castiel Novak’s house.

“Hey. Come in.” Castiel answered the door.

Who you assumed was his mom came from down the hall to shake your hand. “Hi, I’m Castiel’s mom.” She smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Novak.” You nodded.

“Oh, darling. It’s Ms. Novak now.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Anyways…” Castiel said. “We should get started. I have a date tonight.”

Your heart sunk, shattered and caught on fire at the word 'date’.

You tried not to let it show, but you were dying inside.

You smiled. “Yeah. Well I could’ve come over another day if you had a date to get ready for.”

“Nah. It’s fine. It’s not like we were gonna go as late as last time.”

“Yeah.” You said, walking into his living room. He had a really nice place. Oak hardwood floors, granite counter tops, a freaking marble fireplace, a chandelier in the entry way… Who does his mom work for?!

“Nice place.” You breathed, setting the chicken and your backpack down.

“Thanks. Your place wasn’t bad either.”

“Thanks.” You turned to him, smiling.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled. God, his smile would kill you. “Have you read since Tuesday?”

“Uh not really. I think we’re both on the same page.” You lied.

“Yeah. Okay.” Castiel sat down on the couch and you sat in a glider you’d been eyeing since you got in. It was more comfortable than you imagined.

You leaned into it and opened your book, but quickly noticing you had a great view of Castiel from here.

'No. Don’t stare. Don’t do it. Read.’ You thought.

You sighed as you started to read, already bored with it. When an important line came up, you said something to Castiel but he didn’t see it.

You walked over and stood in front of him, leaning over the book to point at the line. You were wearing a bit of a low cut shirt today and you caught Castiel glance at your cleavage for a moment, but you didn’t say anything.

“Right there. You see it?” You said.

“Y- yeah.” He said nervously, blushing. He probably knew that you caught him staring.

“Good.” You smirked, walking back to the glider, grabbing a piece of chicken on the way.

Castiel also grabbed a piece, he’d kinda forgotten it was there.


“Shit.” Castiel breathed.


“I forgot about my date. I should probably start getting ready… You know, I don’t even really wanna go anymore. You wanna stay for awhile and play video games or something?”

“Yes!” You answered too quickly. “I mean, yeah. Sure.”

Castiel laughed at how to tried to save yourself.

“Cool. I’m gonna call her and tell her it’s off.”

“Okay.” You started putting your stuff in your bag.

'Oh God. Castiel asked me to stay over and play video games for awhile. At his house. With him.’ You thought. You were ecstatic.

You got out your phone as Castiel walked to the other room to call off his date.

'Hey mom. Castiel asked me to stay for awhile and play video games. Is that okay?’

'Yes! Of course! I love you sweetie!’

'Don’t get any ideas mom. I love you too.’

“Okay. We’re good.” Castiel came back into the room and he put his phone in his pocket.

“Same here. I let my parents know.”

“Great. The Xbox is downstairs.” He reached out a hand to help you up and you took it gladly.

Of course, he let go when you were standing, it’s not like he was gonna hold your hand.

“Hey, kids!” Castiel’s mother called from the other room.

“Yeah, mom?”

“Is (y/n) staying for dinner?”

Castiel looked to you for a second, you whispered “I don’t wanna impose.”

“Yeah!” He laughed lightly with a half smile and his mom said “Okay!” as you and Castiel went downstairs.

When you got down there, you saw a long leather couch and a flat screen tv in front of it with a couple game consoles and a long row of movies.

“Wow.” You breathed.

“Yeah. I kinda got this room as my 16th birthday present a couple years ago. I can’t imagine what I’ll get for graduation in few months. But I’m not getting my hopes up.” He popped a disc into the Xbox and sat on the couch. You plopped down next to him as he handed you a controller.

“What game did you put in?” You asked.

“Left 4 Dead. Ever heard of it?” He asked.

“Uh, maybe.” Lie. You owned it and played it pretty often.

“Do you play video games very much? Like, are you good?” Castiel looked at you while the familiar loading screen appeared on the tv.

“Uh when I was twelve I had a Nintendo. But I sold it when I was 14. Does that count?” Lie. You still had it. And you had an Xbox too, which you rocked at. First person shooter games were your specialty.

Castiel laughed softly. “Well, do you know which buttons to press?”

“Um. Does this make me jump?” You clicked the right trigger a couple times and shot another player in the foot.

“Haha, uhm no. That shoots. Here,” he put his hands over yours and showed you which buttons did what, guiding your fingers to each one.

You had to summon everything in you not to melt right then and there. But you weren’t gonna lie, him touching you was making you feel on fire and even get a little wet.

Your breathing shallowed as you carefully watched his hands like this was the first time you’d ever held a controller.

“This…” He pressed A, “makes you jump.”

After another long minute his hands left yours and were back on his controller. “Got it?”

You nodded, unable to say anything.

“Okay. You ready?”

You nodded again.

He continued the game and you totally kicked ass. In just one round you killed over 200 zombies and he only killed 128.

“You little liar.” He smirked over at you. “You totally know how to play.”

“Well…” You laughed nervously.

“Alright. I see how it is.” He laughed.

Next few rounds of the campaign he would “accidentally” shoot you and go ahead so you couldn’t kill any special zombies or get extra supplies.

When the campaign was over, you ended up in second on most of the categories in the credits.

“Hmm.” He smiled at you.

“Yeah alright. You win.” You laughed.

“Hey, dinner!” His mom called from upstairs.

“Coming!” He yelled back and you both went upstairs.

The food was great and you decided to leave after dinner. He gave you a warm smile when you left and that was definitely a great night.

A quick drawing for MakoHaru day ahh sorry it’s so late. Happy belated MakoHaru day everybody! <3