this dark season

The Flash producers at Comic Con: Yeah, last year got a bit dark.  So this year we’re keeping it nice and light and fun!

Flash fans: *rejoice*

The Arrow producers at Comic Con: Yeah, last year got a bit dark. So this year we’re keeping it nice and dark and gritty!

Arrow fans: *rejoice*

I thought the picture of Lili and Cole kissing Doug the Pug was soooo flippin cute!! A follower suggested I make dark Betty and Serpent Jughead kissing a snake, and I thought /that/ was super cute so it had to happen! (also that little South Side Serpent knit sweater for mr snake. lol)


Castlevania S01 (2017) : 

favourite aesthetic shots 

Samurai Jack Premier

Absolutely outstanding. I loved all the information we were given in this episode with minimal dialogue and exposition:

The most powerful of the daughters of Aku has a latent weakness. Both Aku and Jack have been absent from the public eye for an unknown amount of time. Aku doesn’t know Jack has lost his sword. And Jack’s growing apathy for the wellbeing of the innocent is tearing his moral sensibilities, and mind, apart.

Calling it now:


…Is what Jack is afraid of becoming.

He can’t return to the past. He can’t defeat Aku in the future. He can’t age. And he doesn’t want to die. Barring eternal flight and struggle against an immortal, all powerful enemy, he fears his only option may be to stop fighting against Aku and join his evil ranks.

This final season is going to be exhilarating. 

Episode 2 Update

Just further confirmation for me.

On the right we have the old Jack, the one who would have rather died before ever joining Aku or giving up his ideals (literally.) And on the left, we have what Jack has become over the years. Rejecting his past self, and opting for survival at any cost:

Outstanding imagery that what he must become, what he previously ran from and feared, is now showing him the path to survival:

And then we have him realizing what that will ultimately cost him: