this damn tragedy

Aah, I was going through my screenshot folder on fb and came across this.. so let me tell you about this tragic story(?) :’)

About a year ago, I was drawing out scenes from the first two Drama CDs (like I did with the Spring CD), and I have this ugly habit of making a lot of drawings in the same canvas/file. One night, my computer crashed right when I was saving the file. I’ve experienced this at least 5 times before, so I knew what was going to happen. The file gets corrupted :’) Technically, the information is not lost, but when you open the file, the program can read it correctly and it opens up a horrible black canvas with red noise (looks like a murder scene, I swear to god…). A file in that condition is impossible to recover <I tried A LOT of stuff, but gave up at the end>

I like to take screenshots while working, and I share them in my personal fb (for no particular reason), so this screenshot, taken probably the previous day, is the only visual left of those drawings I lost. This particular drawing was from that part where Licht and Lawless are about to fight -both naked- in the hot springs :‘DD

I can say without a doubt that losing files (or even progress) like that is the most HORRIBLE feeling ever. I was frustrated for weeks, sob.

So what’s the moral of this story? Backup your files, kids. And don’t have a million drawings in the same canvas. Also, Windows sucks. <But I don’t like Apple so I have to stick with Windows lol>. No but srsly, hope this never happens to anyone :'3

What a god damn tragedy it is to lose somebody who cares so much they would move mountains for you, simply because you’re too scared to feel something.
—  your loss babe
Snoke’s Influence on Ben Solo

The big meta I just wrote about Bloodline, Ben’s fall, and mystery boxes left a few little metas trailing in its wake; ideas that I couldn’t fit into the larger thing I was working on, or that I thought about afterward. Here’s one:

If, as I argue in the big meta, Snoke’s influence on Ben was subtle enough that his mother was not able to detect it until after the fact, and may have been ‘quiet’ enough that Luke didn’t catch on until it was too late either -

Is it possible that Ben himself doesn’t realize Snoke has been influencing him? 

Can this be? What are the ramifications? What might Ben do if when he discovers that decisions he thought he was making independently were actually being manipulated by Snoke?

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I think it suggests that the displays of anger we saw in The Force Awakens may be nothing compared to the rage this would unleash.

If we want to continue to examine the new Star Wars trilogy through a lens which seeks parallels in ancient Greek tragedy, this kind of plot development would uncannily mirror Ajax’ berserk rage after his betrayal by the generals at Troy.

@englishable, what do you think? You know this material better than I do.


iris in every episode 
1.01: city of heroes

There is nothing that I want more than for you to meet the right person that totally loves and adores you for the amazing guy that you are.

its a damn tragedy how podcasts with incredible characters (COUGH TAAKO COUGH) with no explicit appearances described in canon are then headcanoned by fans as white. blonde. skinny. etc etc. its a god damn shame.

In the eye of the storm # Dash&Rowan

Too much was happening all at once. Rowans mind was spinning, spinning like it had never done before. He could’t quite decide what was up or down, right or left, all he knew was that he had to keep moving, even if each step sent fresh waves of pain to register in his overloaded brain. “The graveyard makes the most sense. Wouldn’t a witch have more power there, be connected to the spirits and the ancestors?” He said, half asking a question, half directing. Advising really. Watching his brother, he had a fairly giid guess at what was about to happen. Not that anything about this was good. This was chaos. This was another damned tragedy, and inwardly he cursed the world for forcing this on them, for forcing this on Dash. It was bloody unfair, so much so that Rowan was unusually quiet and had run out of words. Cause what could he say? What could he do? Besides what he was already doing.. which was moving trough the snow at the highest speed possible, yelling over the wind when needed, and trying not to pass out from worry. Why did it have to be Rose.. And why the hell wasn’t he healing faster!? The frustration would only grow. He was slowing Dash down.. but there was no chance that he would turn around. He didn’t care what it cost in form of energy and strength. They’d find the Cresswell girls. They had to.