this damn song i swear

oh god, im honestly loving my only love song so damn much!

SOO JUNG IS MY LOVE - i swear, every episode i just have to take a moment because i love her so much 

i haven’t laughed this much watching a drama in forever!

only complaint is the length of the episodes AND HOW MUCH TIME GETS WASTED ON FLASHBACKS FROM PREVIOUS EPISODES!


🎃 Halloween HCs - Paladins 🎃


• loves dressing up - even as an adult

• has a soft spot for teenage trick or treaters and will gladly give them candy

• loves haunted houses, even though he scares easily

• likes candy corn (Lance roasts him)

• hates those wax candy lips, “why would you ever enjoy having your teeth coated in wax?”

• trick or treated until he was 19

• invites the group (Coran + Allura, too) over to carve pumpkins so he can cook the seeds

• has won like three costume contests

• loves decorating

• decided to dress up as Maui this year

• “Lance, I swear to God, if you sing that damn song one more time-”

• “What can I say except, you’re welcome~”

• “I’m gonna murder you with my hook.”

• (Lance is dressing as Tamatoa)


• didn’t dress up as a kid

• he likes candy corn, and eats it with Hunk

• thinks haunted houses aren’t scary, but goes anyways

• is that person that runs out of candy too early

• or makes sure his lights are off so he doesn’t even have to hand out candy

• only goes to parties because of Pidge and Shiro

• will never admit that he actually enjoys them

• only ever dressed up, like twice total - because of Lance

• “It’s a costume party, Keith.”

• “Yeah, and?”

• ended up going as Wednesday Addams

• he won the costume contest

• spent his childhood Halloweens watching scary movies with Shiro


• costume king

• has literally dressed up every year since he was born

• makes a lot of his own costumes

• has won a total of 13 costume contests

• worked in a haunted house once

• hates candy corn

• treat or treated until he was 19 so he could bring his younger siblings

• group costumes are his favorite

• once wrote a letter of thanks to the old lady that was handing out full sizes candy bars

• throws the coolest Halloween parties

• he and Hunk walk around the children’s hospital every year, handing out candy to sick kids

• this year he’s dressed and Tamatoa and Hunk as Maui

• the kids were in awe

• he sang Shiny

• he got Hunk to sing You’re Welcome and also Where You Are


• always did a costume collaboration with Matt when she was a kid

• still does sometimes

• also hates candy corn

• “It tastes like sadness.”

• has a collection of colored contacts that she uses

• likes haunted houses, even though they don’t scare her

• she still dresses up

• stopped treat or treating when she was 14, but kept going because of Matt

• likes haunted hay rides

• watches the Corpse Bride every Halloween

• rates kids costumes and gives different amounts of candy depending on her ratings


• always dressed up as a Power Ranger when he was a kid

• when he met Keith , he stopped going out on Halloween

• they stayed in and watched scary movies until they passed out

• doesn’t like candy corn

• “Pidge is right, it just tastes so…”

• “Sad?”

• “Yeah.”

• worked at a haunted house with Lance once, he loved it

• doesn’t mind dressing up, but he doesn’t do it often

• let’s Lance pick out his costume for parties

• accidentally won a costume contest

• “Oh, no, this-this isn’t a costume-”

• “Sir, please step up to claim your prize!”

• “Alright then.”

• “Great Bucky Barnes costume, by the way.”

• “That’s just my arm, but okay.”

Come on, Eileen

Summary: Dean ships Sam and Eileen. He decides not-so-subtly to let them know.

Characters: Sam x Eileen, Dean

Word Count: 1,141

Warnings: None, really. Slight crack, some fluff.

Author’s Note: It is my personal headcannon that Dean ships Saileen just as hard as the rest of us. So I wrote that. Enjoy!

Eileen doesn’t move into the bunker on purpose. In fact, she is all set to leave and head back to Ireland so she can battle her private demons while facing literal ones. But then Sam’s arms are so warm and he is so kind. And Dean is so protective, sitting up in the war room all night after the incident with Renny Rawlings, class valedictorian of Kendrick’s.  He catches her as she tries to sneak out.

“It’s safer if you stay,” he insists. “You never know with those British douchebags.”

“They might hurt you,” she says, intent on keeping her friends safe, even if they didn’t want her attempt at protection. “Or I might hurt you.”

Dean rises from his chair. “I’m not worried about it. Not to mention, Sam would worry about you. I need his head in the game.”

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Analysis of Character Songs

okay so like I LOVE England’s character song, “In the Bluebell Woods” and for the first time I looked at the English translation for the lyrics and I just–

“I can see the Arch of Triumph”. Okay to be honest I did not know that that structure was called that BUT when I read the lyrics I instantly knew exactly what he was talking about!

This is the Arc of Triumph in France, the only one England would be able see from his coast. 

Don’t play coy England you know DAMN WELL IT IS. “HIS” AS IF IT WASN’T ALREADY OBVIOUS.


That got me to thinking….What are the lyrics to France’s character song, Bon Bon C’est Bon? And I just–

“Enjoying the end of the week with someone important to you, weekend with lots of lemon… (hm?) “It’s not English! Don’t put me together with that Eyebrows!”

I’m going to avoid the obvious joke about lemons.


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Hayes Grier - Muffins

Request:  Could you do a Hayes imagine where you guys are dating and it’s just really cute and everything thank you!!

“Hayes, if you keep eating all the ingredients, we can’t make those muffins” I scolded him while he was eating the chocolate I bought for the muffins.

“I’m sorry baby, but you left it there, it was an open invitation!”

“I just put them on the counter, Hayes” I rolled my eyes putting the bowl on the counter.

“Okay, sorry. So, what’s first?” He clapped his hands and then waited for my order like a little child.

It was summer and luckily Hayes was home, so we could spent a lot of time together. We had been living in a kinda long distance relationship since he travelled a lot with Nash and the other boys, but he promised me he would stay at home to be with me this summer.

We were chilling at his place when he started to whine that he wants muffins, so we ended up at the store buying everything we needed and here we were, ready to bake.

“Can you get some eggs please?” I asked him.

“Eggs, bacon, grits, SAUSAGE!” he started to rap for like the fifteenth time that day. He had a damn song for every situation, I swear.

“No, not again, Hayes!” I begged him. He didn’t continue it luckily.

“There you go baby, the eggs!” He put the box down with the eggs in it and just watched what I was doing.

“Can you give me a spoon?”

“A spoon for my princess!” he announced and took one from the drawer.

“Thank you.”

“Can I do something?” he asked with hands behind his back, like a good little kid.

“Sure. Measure some flour, check how much we need, the recipe is on the table.

He unwrap the flour, while I was measuring the milk, I wasn’t paying attention what he was doing, I just noticed that he was oddly silent.

I turned to check out what he was up to, but then I was attacked. A handful of flour landed right in my face, which was followed by Hayes’s laughter.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked wiping the flour out of my face.

“You look a little pale, baby, are you okay?” he asked still enjoying his little prank. But two can play this game. I grabbed an egg when he wasn’t listening and stepped closer to him.

“Alright, come and give me a kiss baby” I said innocently. He grinned down at me not knowing what was coming next.

When our lips was about to meet I slapped his head with the egg in my hand and it spread all over his hair and face.

He wiped out as mush as he could and looked at me with dark eyes.

“Now this is a war, baby girl, and you asked for it.” His voice was deep and sexy as hell.

“Me? You spread flour all over me, that’s not fait!” I protested starting to back, but I reached the counter so I didn’t have any space left. He started to step closer and closer with an evil smirk on his face.

“I don’t care, baby” he said and then spilled the milk all over me.

I started to run and grabbed some tomatoes and threw them at him.

“No, Hayes, stop!” I screamed as he grabbed my hips and tried to drag me closer to the counter so he could reach something to pour on me.

“You need to be punished, you can’t get me all dirty and then get away with it!” he laughed while I was trying to escape him.

“No! Let me go!” I screamed and grabbed another egg and slapped it onto his legs.

A second later he slipped on the milk on the floor and both of us ended up on the floor with all the ingredients on us.

“I hate you Hayes!” I yelled but I was laughing just as much as he was.

“No you don’t, you love me” he said leaning closer kissing my lips. He tasted like raw eggs and milk, it was disgusting, but I didn’t complain.

“Now we can’t make those damn muffins, are you happy?” I asked smiling with my lips still touching his.

“I don’t want muffins anymore. Let’s order pizza” he grinned at me pecking me on the lips and then he got up and helped me to stand up.

“Okay, but we need to clean this mess up.”

“Alright, baby, but first, what if we had a quick shower together?” He hugged me from behind and started to kiss down my neck.

“If we shower together we will never clean this up” I sighed but I enjoyed so much what he was doing.

“Don’t worry about it, baby, we will deal with it later.” And with that, he picked me up in his arms and went straight to the bathroom.

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alksalkskasasjsj that was unexpected lmao



Imagine hugging Markiplier after his ‘Needs to be said’ vlog.


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as we laid there listening to one of his favorite songs, i swear i tried so damn hard to listen, but all i could hear was the beat of his heart and how it was in sync with mine. i tried to pay attention to every lyric and every note, but the only thing i could hear was the sound of my heart screaming “i love you” while i tried to keep my mouth closed so the words wouldn’t escape because the moment i said it, i was making myself vulnerable to him breaking my heart.

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The song Wake Up by EDEN reminds me of Rain - birdboy-stan

i swear… i don’t know any damn songs. what a shame. i swear i’ll give this a listen! i actually get a bunch of asks abt this so i think i might make a playlist for rain based on all the song recs i’ve gotten that relates to the fic. love you! <3


my friend linked me this i just thought i’d share with you all