this damn song i swear

That moment when you’re up at your university library before your alarm to wake up, and BTS decides to start serenading everyone in the silent section with ‘Run’ because you forgot to turn the damn thing off.
Kill me. Kill me now.

Analysis of Character Songs

okay so like I LOVE England’s character song, “In the Bluebell Woods” and for the first time I looked at the English translation for the lyrics and I just–

“I can see the Arch of Triumph”. Okay to be honest I did not know that that structure was called that BUT when I read the lyrics I instantly knew exactly what he was talking about!

This is the Arc of Triumph in France, the only one England would be able see from his coast. 

Don’t play coy England you know DAMN WELL IT IS. “HIS” AS IF IT WASN’T ALREADY OBVIOUS.


That got me to thinking….What are the lyrics to France’s character song, Bon Bon C’est Bon? And I just–

“Enjoying the end of the week with someone important to you, weekend with lots of lemon… (hm?) “It’s not English! Don’t put me together with that Eyebrows!”

I’m going to avoid the obvious joke about lemons.


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as we laid there listening to one of his favorite songs, i swear i tried so damn hard to listen, but all i could hear was the beat of his heart and how it was in sync with mine. i tried to pay attention to every lyric and every note, but the only thing i could hear was the sound of my heart screaming “i love you” while i tried to keep my mouth closed so the words wouldn’t escape because the moment i said it, i was making myself vulnerable to him breaking my heart.

my friend linked me this i just thought i’d share with you all



Imagine hugging Markiplier after his ‘Needs to be said’ vlog.


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