this damn screen is killing me

what i thought when i watched  “ a date with markiplier “ video

  • wait … we can choose our story 
  • wow … i actually have a valentine date this year 
  • that chef does not look friendly 
  • romance or horror ? you mean love or death right 
  •  looks like i am gonna spend the rest of the day finding all the endings
  • oops i accidentally killed mark
  • well looks like dark is my date now
  • wait .. is that Tyler with mark on his face ? 
  • wait whAt ?!? nooo i wanted to marry mark for real 
  • could you imagine dating mark ? 
  • nice pony tail mark 
  • LET . HIM . DIG . THE . GOD . DAMN . HOLE 
  • it litterily 10 min of this , help 
  • “ let me see what in your pants “ “ excuse me ? “ 
  • wow i actually killed someone 
  • “ looks like you choose wrong “  “ naaah i’m good “ 
  • sooooo are we gonna talk about tyler’s ass ? 
  • oops killed mark again 
  • FIRST RULE OF HORROR MOVIES : never . split . up 
  • am i the only one who tapped the screen like an idiot 
  • did i mention i killed mark 
  • wait , i am  allergic to peanut butter AND tuna , HEELP 
  • DAMN IT ! i knew i was a dog all along 
  • *sigh* what the hell was in that dinner 
“Listen, Brat!” Levi X Reader

Pairing: Levi X Reader

Words: 1847

Genre: Action, fluff(?)

Originally posted by nikiforv

              He was the very first one to ever call me a brat! Can you believe his nerve? But I need to learn to ignore him. There is no way I’d quit or let him kick me out – not after what happened.

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The One

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N) -off screen lol

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean gets nervous when talking to the Reader over the phone.

Word Count: 1k-ish

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys!! This is my entry for Shannon’s aka @splendidcas  Birthday Fic Challenge!! Prompt is bolded!!  I hope you guys like it!! I literally typed it up this morning so I’m kinda proud!! Feedback is always welcomed!! Also, watch out for a second part!!! *wink*

P.S. thank you to Arie and Ree for convincing me to post it, even if I was losing hope!!! *hugs*

The One - Part One

My finger hovered over the call button, my heart racing. It shouldn’t be this hard, right? Since when did I get nervous when calling a girl up? It wasn’t like me.

But here’s the thing.

This wasn’t just a girl. It was the girl.

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My thoughts on SPN episode 12x23:

  • Yeeeeeah, God legit doesn’t care about you Kelly. Not one bit.
  • LOLOLOL Cas saying he’s good at following instructions… like that’s actually what he’s worst at. Like. Cas, babe, I love you, but no. 
  • FINALLY we all can be on the same page about Crowley not being dead.
  • Wait wait wait. Did they seriously kill off Rowena off screen? Are we doing this AGAIN spn writers??? WHAT THE DAMN HELL!?
  • As much as I adore dad!Cas, I’m not loving this weird dedicated to Lucifer’s unborn child Cas. 
  • So Cas has been transported to… Mount Doom????
  • Kelly. I just can’t with you. You slept with the fucking president and accidentally got preggo with Lucifer’s baby and now you’ve stolen Cas and I just CANNOT WITH YOU OKAY!?!
  • Dean punching Crowley YAAASSSSSSSS I’m still laughing.
  • Crowley calling the Winchesters “large piles of flannel” gives me life.
  • Not taking Crowley seems like a mistake to me, but okay.
  • Team Free Will together again is my happy place.
  • I’M STILL SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • *screaming with rage until hiatus is over when they better bring CAS THE FUCK BACK TO LIFE*

In conclusion: The writers couldn’t decide who to kill/get rid of this season so instead they killed/got rid of everyone. 

relatable lines from great comet

“i wish i were there, with death at my heels”
“i disgust myself”
“it doesn’t matter, i don’t give a damn. just as a duck was made to swim in water, god has made me as i am”
“i sit at home and read. hours at a time, hours at my screen. anything, anything, abandoned to distraction”
“oh, this is horribly stupid”
“when will i die?”
“i have no friends, never go anywhere, never invited”
“fierce, but not too important”
“i will kill him someday. he is not a great man. none of us are great men.”
“i never said i was able to forgive”
“i see nothing but the candle in the mirror, no visions of the future, so lost and alone”
“i pity you, i pity me, i pity you”
“my conscience gnaws away at my heart”
“that’s a true sage, living in the moment.”
“i’ll go to hell now, i’m a clutching my hair”
“i don’t know what deprives me of the pleasure of smashing your head in with this”
“time is moving, it’s now or never, my fate is slipping past me”

All that Glitters is Gold(ilocks)

Genre: humor, smut (literally a pwp), emphasis on H U M O R ☀️


characters based on the Goldilocks series

Warnings: oral sex, penetration, also some shenanigans with a window

Word Count: 4.2k

Originally posted by taehyungsource

“Harder, Taehyung,” your voice is shaky with effort. “Push harder.”

“Baby, I’m trying okay?”

“It’s not going in. Obviously you’re not trying hard enough.”

He pouts, sweat building on his hairline, “It’s not my fault the hole is so small. Wah. N-now it’s stuck.”

Letting out a loud puff, you lean against the window frame, “I just want to know why the hell you popped the damn screen but didn’t even consider figuring out how to put it back in first.”

Taehyung laughs breathily, “I didn’t think it’d be this difficult.”

“What were you even doing?” you ask, amused.

Taehyung jiggles the window screen, dislodging it and setting it on the ground outside. He takes a deep breath, “You want the truth?”

“No. I asked so you’d lie to me.”

He smirks, but then giggles, “I was letting out a bee.”

You deadpan, “Letting out… a what?

“A bee. It was stuck in the window.”

Already knowing he wouldn’t have killed it, you run your fingers through your hair, reach through the gaping hole that is now the window frame, and give Taehyung a playful shove, “You couldn’t grab a cup or something?”

“I’m sorry, baby,” he gives you a guilty, boxy smile. “I guess I didn’t think about it.”

You tap the tip of his nose, “No, you didn’t. And now we’ve broken the window.”

“It’s not broken. Just disassembled. Besides, we can always ask Jimin to fix it when he gets home.”

“Speaking of which, we should totally drink the last of the marshmallow hot chocolate before he does so we don’t have to share.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“No occasion.”

Taehyung arches an eyebrow, voice getting mischievously quiet, “Oh, so we’re treating ourselves?”

You lean forward on the windowsill, folding your arms on it. It’s overcast, just a few vividly visible rays of sunshine break through the blanket of clouds. One of these beams of soft light would ideally land on Taehyung, making his golden, rosy cheeks glow, and a gust of wind would thread through his hair, guiding that familiar musky pine scent to your olfactory system.

But no. The air is heavy with a potential storm on the horizon and everything around you is cast in a muted grayscale. Good thing you don’t actually care.

“Sure, we’ll be home alone for a while…”

Taehyung leans against the windowsill so that he’s eye level with you, arms brushing yours, tongue teasingly flicking across his lips, “So we could drink marshmallow hot chocolate… snuggle into some blankets… get each other off… watch a movie- I mean the possibilities are endless.”

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‘That was an awesome red carpet. Did you do it?’

ok hi guys

for those asking for it, this is a post about 7x10

but please keep in mind these are my own opinions and feelings and I don’t mean to influence anyone with them whatsoever

I do also have a theory which I’ll be including at the bottom because reasons

click the cut if you feel like listening to me ramble

(and also beware of possible spoilers)

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I’m equipped with a selective attention span and a moderate understanding of Japanese, TIME TO LAY OUT MY THOUGHTS ABOUT CHAPTER 49

Obviously: spoiler alert, I won’t try being vague either. Screenshots included, along with some minor translations that are more paraphrasing than actual translations. 

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Bring him back

Title: Bring him back

Author: @spn-imagines-nation ; Eirin

Pairing & Characters: MoC!Dean X Reader, Cas

Word Count: 2,392

Warnings: Angst, smut (a little at least but yeah…), language, violence (well, we’re talking about MoC!Dean so…), some fluff at the end, 10x22 & 10x23 spoilers

A/N: Requested by Anon. That was hard to write, especially because, welle, MoC!Dean is pretty hard himself. But I hope you’ll like it anyway !

Summary: Can I request a MoC!Dean/Reader oneshot that takes place in 10x22? like the reader walked in after Dean beat up Cas and she bursts out in tears of what Dean has become and he hurts her too (not as bad as Cas though) and regrets it after but the reader is afraid of him? kinda angst and fluff pls? :) sorry if this is too much lol

Feedback is always appreciated ! ❤ English isn’t our first language, sorry for that !

When she ran into the bunker, she saw him. Dean killed this boy, this kid who seemed so afraid and disgusted by what his family did. The older Winchester looked merciless and so cold. She screamed out his name, deseperate. Charlie was gone because of them, but she couldn’t bear to see Dean acting like a monster, that same monsters he hunted to save people. And he shooted. The teen fell on the bunker’s ground and his murderer seemed calm. Y/N was afraid. Castiel pushed her away a little.

“Go hide yourself.
_ Castiel, this man… That isn’t Dean.
_ I know. Go hide yourself, I’ll try to talk to him.”

The angel perfectly knew that wouldn’t work, but he wanted to try anyway.

“And when you finally turn, and you will turn, Sam, Y/N, everyone you know, everyone you love, they could be long dead. Everyone except me. The mark changed you Dean. The Dean I know would have never killed this kid.” 

His old him, the one he called a fool, was the one she loved. This man who seemed so strong and flirty, this same man who, right after he closed the door of their shared room, let his mask falling and became a broken man, she needed to help by just hugging him for hours, talking about a dream life they both wanted, just being here and cuddling. When she knew him, she hated him. But with so many hunts with the brothers, she learned how he was : afraid, guilty. And now, she was just able to see a monster, cold and soulless. Castiel tried to convice him that he has gone mad, but the hunter was stubborn. She wasn’t aware of the book at the first time, and when she was, she tried to stop Sam, knowing that the cost would be huge. The Mark of Cain, the oldest curse in this world, couldn’t be defeated without a bloody price. 

Even with that, she couldn’t imagine herself without Dean. She already seen him sinking, becoming a demon, dying, sacrifying himself for other’s sake or the world’s.

She knew it. They were hunters, not a really long life, but with the mark, Dean could suffer for centuries. He became a servant of the mark, killed himself step by step, slowly, if he had not already died inside. She heard Castiel’s being hardly punched, supplicating his friend to stop. The huntress couldn’t stop crying, hearing her friend and her beloved fighting. She was here, powerless, just the witness of Dean’s perdition. 

Castiel was bleeding hard, and Dean took his angel blade. Y/N got out of her hide but the marked one stood up before she could scream a word. 

“You and Sam better stay the hell away from me.
_ Wait a minute Dean.
_ Really ? You ? Put this gun down, we both know you wouldn’t shoot me.
_ Try me Winchester.”

She contained her tears, a serious and resolved gaze on her face. She couldn’t let him out, and if she had to shoot him, then she was prepared. She took a look on Castiel then on the Styne kid’s corpse.

“That’s not you Dean. You can’t let this shit taking you down ! Fuck the book and fuck the mark, if you don’t fight you’ll loose !
_ You know nothing. Do you even know what it is ? C’mon Sweetheart, don’t make me hurt you too.
_ Screw you.

His eyes became lifeless after she said that with a hard ton, as if he didn’t care anymore about anything. He came in front of her, taking the gun and twisting her wrist. The young woman grunted heavily but lost nothing of her desire to keep Dean locked until they could find out how to get him out of this fucking ordeal. She lifted her leg violently, giving him a stroke in the stomach and right after a nudge at the level of the jaw, forcing him to let go his hold on her. She wasn’t huntress for nothing, she was talented, both with her weapons or her fists, which had surprised - and bewitched - the older Winchester at the beggining. He glared at her. She didn’t like to defend herself against Dean, but she didn’t have a choice. 

She had known the brothers during a ghost hunt in her hometown. Her parents were both hunters and both were extinct as they had lived. She knew the ropes of the job and the reputation of the two brothers, but she ended up working with them and even falling in love with Dean. It had been 3 years since they had decided to give themselves a chance as a couple after nothing more than sex between them in the first place. Sadly, that didn’t prevent him from striking her as hard as he did to Castiel. 

She was suffering, but she needed to fight for her survival. He was so violent, she couldn’t recognize him like this. He punched her face, her stomach, her leg, twisted again her wrist, before pushing her against the wall, her wrists jailed into his large hand. He continued to punch. Her breast was barely denuded because of the fight. He looked so scary, she was looking him with fear and sadness. He passed his hand under her shirt, making her move in objection before pressing violently back on her stomach, making her scream in pain. He had a sadistic look on his lips, as if he was going to devour her.

“Dean, stop !
_ You provoked me Y/N. And if you want to get hurt, then i will make your wish come true.
_ Dean no, not that, I beg you…!
_ Shut up.

She tried to struggle, not wanting this from him. She refused to allow Dean using herself like this, and Castiel was dying not far away. But he seemed determined when he went to hardly bite her neck. She screamed, him punching her to keep her silent. She started crying as he played with his hand on her breast before going on her ass, forcing a kiss. She didn’t risk to bite him, she was more than afraid. Her tears flowed down her cheeks while she struggled, one last desesperate time. She felt like an idiot by being so weak against him, feeling her body loving his touch, even if it was a violent one, even when he played with her sensitive part. She cried, screamed a little, trying to stop him, begging him to stop. But the more she struggled, the more he went far. Between rough kisses and fierce bites, she heard him laughing. He was torturing her with his fingers between her legs, even inserting two of them in her. She froze again, powerless because of his strengh. Her vision troubled because of her tears. He stopped and stared at her, a victorious gaze on his face.

“You see ? You enjoyed it. You’re loving it. Why don’t you stay calm and just let go ?
_ Screw you… I want him back, I want my man back ! 
_ It’s me Sweetheart, just a little bit more free. You better remember it.
_ No, you’re not Dean. Dean would never try to kill his best friend or try to rape his girlfriend. Bring him back you bastard !”

She screamed again and hit him with her legs with a last push after he killed her last forces, pushing him away and falling violently on the ground, her body injured as never before. She felt dirty and mostly nasty, wanting him so bad but not at all at the same time. She was defenseless, Castiel trying to call him out to stop him. He stood up and sneered while he wiped a blood net of his lips.

“You bitch, good kick. But not enough.”

She received a last kick much more violent than the others in the belly, causing her to spit blood on the floor. She looked at him, barely awake. 

“Kill me…
_ What ?
_ Then kill me ! I won’t loose someone else because of this madness. And especially not you. So kill me now !”

At her words, her trembling voice, which suggested suffering, he remained motionless for a long time. He remembered all they had been through, all she endured for him, for them. He remembered their long conversations too, their applepie dream life with two kids and some hunting, at least advices for hunters, because they couldn’t just stop like that. He realized what he just did to her, his hand going under her shirt, even her underwear, just in order to see her tortured face. 

She saw his lost face, this one she knew better than anyone. She tried to move back but she was too injured. He looked sadly at her before just going out without another word.

After that, even if that was hard for Cas and Sam too, she was loosing her mind. her best friend was gone because she helped Sammy and Rowena and know she was loosing the man she loved because he wanted to save the world alone, as always, as his shoulders were the only ones able to do this. She didn’t go on hunt, she stayed at the bunker, doing research with Castiel. She was lost, physically and mentally. She was exhausted. How could she save people if she couldn’t save the ones she called family ? She let Dean down, she was tortured by a thing which used his body. She felt raped, at least not entirely, thanks God. But her injuries were huge, Castiel took a long moment to heal them all.

One day, she heard her phone ringing. She thought about Sam, again calling her to be sure she didn’t kill herself. She sighed before staying frozen when she saw the name on the screen. She picked up, afraid, upset and worried at the same time.

“Dean ?
_ Y/N…
_ Why are you calling ? 
_ Look I know I fucked up, but just… Listen. I don’t want you to talk.
_ Fine, because I don’t want to. 
_ I’m done. The mark is killing me. I tried to hunt, I tried to do what I do the best but it didn’t work. I even saw those damn black eyes on the miror. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry, even more than sorry. I love you, hell I do. But I almost raped you, killed you and… I can’t forgive myself for that babe, neither do you I think. 
_ … You’re not going to kill yourself, don’t you ? 
_ You know that fucking mark wouldn’t allow it. But I’ll die somehow.
_ You called me for saying goodbye ? You better be joking Winchester, you can’t do that. We will cure you.
_ I’m done sweetheart, and I hurted you. Don’t worry, just know that… I love you. And don’t try to follow my signal. I know you’re tryin’.”

He was right, she was trying to track his number. She holded back her tears, angry as hell.

“Dean, you jerk, I want you back, not dead ! You better not hanging !
_ Goodbye babe. Love ya. I mean it.”

He hanged up, letting her screaming out of rage. She called Sam, hoping he could find him with what she had got. The fear was strong in her but she couldn’t dare loosing him, whatever he did or he was.

“Sammy, bring him back. Please.
_ I’ll try.”

She was waiting, suffocating alone down there, even if Cas tried to reassure her. She went outside for some fresh air when she saw all these black cloud on the sky. She knew that was real bad. And she suspected Rowena and the book of the Damned for this. But if that was that, then that significated that Dean was free. Now she was afraid. And if he was dead ? She couldn’t stay calm in her room or in the library. But when she saw the boys, she froze. Sam and Dean were here. She didn’t care about Cas’ questions or Sam. She went in front of Dean and slapped him.

“Yeah, I deserved that.
_ You think ?! You deserve more than just that ! I couldn’t sleep ‘cause of freaking nightmares ! You know what you did to me, and looking at Sam, you fucked up  with your brother too ! And you called me for a goodbye ?! You’re a fucking bastard Winchester !”

Silence. She sighed, unable to look at him. But she saw his arm.

“The mark…?
_ Gone. All gone.
_ So it’s really you ? I mean … Not this demon ?
_ Yeah. Y/N, I’m sorry about all that crap, I didn’t wante-
_ I don’t care now.”

She was afraid of him, on what he was capable of. However, she could see guilt in his beautiful green eyes. The same eyes she loved so much, his eyes. She felt her heart beating hardly, her entire body feeling warn and relieved and a little afraid at the same time.

“We will fight this crap thing. Just… Let me find you again. My stupid and childish jerk.
_ Would you forgive me one day ?
_ Maybe. I want it. I told you, I wanted you back. That demon wasn’t you. I prefer to think like this to move on but… It will be hard Dean.
_ Yeah. We will talk babe, I promise ya. I love you, you need to know that. And even if you need to g-
_ Don’t finish your sentence Winchester, I plan to stay here. I just… need time.”

Sam told her what Dean tried to do with Death and what he did to him. She was shocked to heard that her boyfriend killed Death but at least the boys are alive. She also heard all the stuff about the woman on the smoke, the Darkness. She knew that will be hard. But this time, she will be ready. She won’t let Dean alone, she won’t allow it. She knew that things will be hard, but again they will save the world, whatever she has to do to help - or save - her family.

anonymous asked:

Omg did you see Newsies in Leicester Square because if yes then we totally went to the same screening :') -ITH fact anon, hello I have returned!

i did! the 4:30 showing at the vue??? ahh that would be so cool,, maybe i saw you, who knows, maybe you saw ME :O

it was funny, i walked out of the cinema behind these three girls who were talking about ITH and it was killing me not to be like “I KNOW EVERYTHING TALK TO ME”

have this doodle of what i thought was a real highlight of the movie, spot conlon’s arms

I’m so proud of you, I love you

u can read it on AO3 

They had been dating for three months now, him and Hunk, and it was good- no, great, and Keith knew Hunk was an amazing person, probably one of the best people in the world. But that didn’t stop Keith from worrying about coming out to him. He wanted to come out to him, he wanted his wonderful boyfriend to know. Keith was proud of being a trans boy. He was just scared.

But why?

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(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, smut (just at the begining), violence, angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff.

A/N; that’s why I can’t have nice things :/

Tags;  @bexboo616 @minaphobia @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x  @hollycornish  @jenn0755  @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes  @cry-me-a-fkin-river  @starstar1012  @okayish-url  @imsunnysu  (tags are open!)

Chapter1   Chapter2   Chapter3  Chapter4  Chapter5  Chapter6  Chapter7

Chapter 8

- Where do you think you’re going? - you giggle when Bucky rounds your waist with his arm and throw you back to the bed, where you have been for the last hours.

- Jaaaames - you playfully try to broke the seal that he has made with his arms, of course, in vain - I need to put some clothes on

- Oh? Is James now? - he turns you so you are facing him and ducks his head to kiss softly your collarbone - I don’t understand the necessity of clothes, doll

You surprise yourself when a rush of arousal runs your body feeling his scrub burning your skin. You are surprised because you two have spent the last hours having sex, you can’t believe the stamina of that man, but, of course, you have to remind yourself that you are not dealing with a man. After the first time, you have decided that you need a shower to process all the issue with Steve and the dog tags, but Bucky didn’t help at all when he irrupted in the bathroom utterly naked and helped you discover the multiple uses of a shower head. 

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How to spent a not so quiet night with your boyfriend.

day 4 of Malecweek  Greek Mythology 

Having very little knowledge of today’s prompt I had to think outside the box a bit for this one. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it, anyway!

It was a quiet night for Magnus and Alec. Neither of them felt like going out anywhere so after some thought Alec suggested for them just to chill out on the sofa and watch a movie.

“Sounds like a plan, but let me just add something to make it a little more fun.” Magnus said, with a cheeky grin.

He went over to the front of the sofa and with a click of his fingers and a wave of his hand, the coffee table disappeared and a mattress appeared, covered in various soft looking blankets and piles of pillows. When he saw Alec’s nod of approval, he clicked his fingers again, spreading a variety of flickering candles around the room and turning off the lights to give the room a welcoming glow.

“Wow, okay, I would have been happy with just curling up on the sofa but this is good too. Shall I make popcorn?” He asked.

“”OH, but I haven’t finished yet.” Magnus waved a hand over the front of his body before walking back to Alec and doing the same to him, replacing their clothes with satin pyjama pants and silky robes. Alec startled at the sudden change of clothes but had to admit they felt great against his skin.

One more finger click later and there was a large bowl of popcorn on the floor beside the mattress.

“When you do something, you do it properly, Babe.” Alec said with a slow smile, taking Magnus’ hand and leading him over to the inviting bed.

“Only the best for you my love.” Magnus crooned to him, putting a soft kiss on his lips.

“Now, let’s see what movies are on.” Alec picked up the remote and turned on the large flat screen TV while Magnus was curling into his side, one hand disappearing into the opening of the robe so he could thread his fingers through Alec’s soft chest hair.

“Hey, this one’s good, Clash of the Titans” Alec said and settled himself to watch it.

“Really? You can’t find something better?” Magnus gave him a questioning look.

“No, I like this movie. It’s really good.” Alec assured him.

Magnus started nuzzling his neck, rubbing his nose against his deflect rune.

“I think I prefer watching the way your skin gets pink when I kiss it.” He murmured, and he started putting tiny kisses over its surface. Alec let a giggle escape him and scrunched up his shoulder.

“Hey that tickles. You should be watching this. There’s lots of hot guys in it.” Alec said, trying to refocus Magnus’ attention. Magnus raised his head and looked at the screen, raising an eyebrow.

“Humm, I think you’re right. Especially him, who is that?”

“That’s Perseus, he’s the hero.”

“I have to say, the man has spectacular legs, look at those calves, yummy.”

“Yeah if you like that muscle bound look.” Magnus gave him a look.

“I don’t actually. You can’t snuggle into someone like that comfortably, it’s like hugging a rock. That’s why I love your body, it’s still muscled but just right for this.” Magnus wrapped an arm and a leg around him, holding him tight.

“I’m not even going to ask how you came to the conclusion about hard muscled bodies. I really don’t want to know.”

“Who’s the old guy with the long hair and beard?”

“That’s Zeus, Perseus’ father.” Alec told him. He was beginning to think that distracting Magnus from his previous activities was a bad idea if he was going to talk all the way through the movie.

“He looks more like father Time.” Alec gave him a questioning look.

“Don’t tell me you know who that is? He’s not even real.” Magnus feigned a hurt look.

“I can assure you he was, not that I ever met him in person. It was only a painting I saw of him once.”

“Yeah, I thought as much.”

“It belonged to his five times great Grandson. He had it hanging in his mansion. That was a very interesting weekend.” Alec looked disbelievingly at his boyfriend, shaking his head.

Magnus was actually silent for a while and Alec settled back into the movie, taking handfuls of popcorn as he watched.

“Huh, Medusa, nasty piece of work that woman was.” Magnus suddenly said.

“Now, you can’t tell me you’ve seen her? Besides, if you looked at her you turned into a statue.”

“Don’t be silly Alexander, how old do you think I really am? Of course not. I did have a couple of those snake’s heads from that hair of hers, however.’

“Seriously?” Alec was never sure if Magnus was telling him the truth about that sort of thing or if he was just teasing.

“It was a long time ago and I got rid of them. They smelt disgusting.” Magnus scrunched his nose up.

“So who’s that? The creepy guy there.” Magnus pointed at the screen.

Alec was starting to lose patience with all these questions.

“That’s Hades.” He felt Magnus give a shiver beside him.

“Yes, well, that’s getting a bit too close to home for me. That guy looks familiar, what else has he been in?”

“He was Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies.” Magnus gave a laugh.

“That silly movie about the witches and wizards? They were hilarious.”

“I don’t think they were meant to be comedies, but yeah, I have to agree with you about that.”

“Wow, that’s a nasty looking monster they’re fighting.” Magnus said, sitting up a little straighter.

“Please, that’s a house pet, I’ve fought demons scarier than that.”

“Of course you have my love, I’ve seen you do it. I love watching you work.”

“Now that’s the best thing I’ve heard you say since the movie started.” Alec bent his head and brushed his lips to Magnus’. It had only been meant to brief but somehow it quickly grew into something more and the movie was quickly forgotten.

Sometime later when the credits were rolling down the screen, Alec and Magnus lay in each other’s arms.

“Damn, we missed the end when he kills the big titan on Pegasus.” Alec said, but he was far from being disappointed about it.

“He had a flying horse? Lucky him. They are such beautiful creatures but very easily spooked.” Magnus commented. Alec looked at him. He had to be kidding, right?

“You’re not going to tell me you had one, are you. Because I refuse to believe it. There’s no such thing.”

“Alright, I won’t but once upon a time they said a warlock couldn’t fall in love with a Shadow hunter either, but, here we are.” Alec smiled and Magnus reached up to kiss him tenderly.

“Okay, so if you had one, what happened to it?”

“I had to get rid of it, way too hard to look after. You might say he was too, flighty?” Magnus couldn’t help the chuckles from escaping him and Alec started playfully digging him in the ribs, joining in his laughter.

“Next time, I’m picking the movie.” Magnus told him, when he got his breath back.

“And next time, I’m getting you a gag.” Alec joked.

“Sounds like a party to me!” Magnus smirked, and this time, Alec silenced him with his kisses.

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Ayato Sakamaki [Maniac 8+CG1]  ~Translation-traducción~

*Sorry for the mistakes, my English is not very good… 
Correct me please~

-Yui’s monólogue-

After lunch time and back to the bedroom,

Ayato-kun has been silent all this time.

I thought that he was probably thinking about the Vibora king’s letter, Zweig-san.

-End of monologue-

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i know i’m reaching but i couldn’t help but take note of this panel of carrot’s face after chiffon was saying how big mom would beat her up and she thought she would kill her.  it’s a depressing topic obviously, but damn is that a serious expression for carrot, much more serious than nami’s.  and it’s screen-toned except for her eyes which usually lends intensity to a panel.

of course she’s probably just really sad and surprised bc it’s such an awful thing and she might not have known such terrible types of parents even existed, but it does make me wonder if there’s not a reason why chiffon’s words might resonate with carrot especially.