this damn editor

anders & meredith

so i mentioned earlier that meredith and anders have really similar character arcs, and i guess i’ll back that up now

i didn’t MEAN to write this much but oh well #yolo?

we don’t get any info about meredith’s childhood in-game, and we get precious little about anders’, so i’ll lay out the basic points for ‘em here (all of which comes from either World of Thedas or Anders’ short story):

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“Can you please draw a baby version of all six sakamaki brothers (merman AU) cuddling on some soft corals ((idk about sea life •__•))”

But my! If the babies, so smols just look at Teddy’s size to theirs were in such a place, they’d be spotted and attacked immediately!
They were kept hidden in a small cave day and night, sleeping in the soft sand.
The surprising thing is, even if they went to sleep separated, they always woke up nestled up to each other…

Vices and Virtues - Chapter Five

I was running late, I was always running late damn it! My editor had a real issue with it so I practically pushing my way past the people exiting the elevator to run into her office. “You’re late Charlie!” She snapped as I slammed the door closed. “Im sorry Elaine, the traffic and my uber driver got lost…” I said fumbling for excuses. The real excuse was I had been having trouble sleeping, Jared, thoughts of him were keeping me awake. Last night was no different, I’d spent half the night thinking of him, then I slept through my alarm! She waved her hand dismissing my bullshit, “yeah, yeah, whatever, well never mind, you’re here now and I have a way for you to make it up to me” she said with a smile. I rolled my eyes, it was her, I’m about to screw you over smile. “What do I have to do?” I sighed sitting down. “Nothing terrible, don’t worry, I know you’re meant to be heading off to Germany but I want you to do a shoot for me first” she said shuffling through some papers. “Now it’s important, I’ve been trying to get this story for ages” she said finally finding what she was looking for, she waved it around. “Okay so be at the Chateau Marmont tomorrow at 1.00 Jason will be there before you doing the interview then you’ll do the photos” she said giving me the piece of paper. It was a privacy waiver, I quickly signed it and slid it back to her. “Who is it?” I asked curiously. “Can’t say they don’t want to risk it getting out that they are in town, they said, need to know, well you’ll know once you get there” she said with a firm nod. “Fine, just the regular, casual interview type shoot, or do you want something a bit more posed?” I asked. “A bit of both I think” she said, “now get out, I’ve got things to do” she said dismissing me. I grabbed my stuff and got the hell out of there. Who the hell was this, I wondered. I figured they were some precious boy band, who thought they were rock Gods. Oh well, I’d find out soon enough. I spent the day getting my gear ready. I heard my phone signal a text. I picked it up, it was from Jared, smiling to myself I slid it across eagerly to read it. He’d been texting me often in the few days he’d been away, sometimes innocent messages just to see how I was doing. Then ones laced with innuendo, telling me he can’t wait to see me again, one of them asked, would I invite him up for a coffee on our next date. He’d sent me a few selfies, the last one was half his face with his tongue poking out licking his bottom lip, Jesus I got wet just looking at that one.

~what are you doing? I’m back in town

~welcome back, I’m getting my gear ready, I’ve got a job tomorrow

~doing what?

~photos for an interview with some asshole

~who is it?

~don’t know they insisted on keeping it a secret.

~yeah sounds like an asshole, got time for dinner tonight ?

~ah I don’t, I’ve got an early start and I’ve still got a ton of stuff to do. - Which was true.

~fair enough, maybe tomorrow?

~sure, it shouldn’t take long, I’ll be free afterward

~great I’ll be in touch ;)

I put my phone down, I couldn’t help feeling excited at the thought of seeing him again. Ut for now I put all thoughts of Jared aside for now and kept working.

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Damn you got roasted are you okay

im assuming this is about the covfefe post so let me be completely blunt here: i made that post in under a minute, i didnt research it, and its good that someone with more information than i cared to collect proved it empirically wrong for the sake of accuracy. its also worth noting that my blog title is “HORNY OBAMA” and my url is “targuzzler” and most of my popular posts are stupid jokes so if anyone comes to me and tries to shame me for not being entirely informed and tapped into the political landscape like im a god damn editor for the wall street journal, they’re a fucking moron and im genuinely not bothered

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Hmmm, what was your first edit you made on MMD/pmd editor???

OOOO damn ur like making me go through my dark days of life

but i recall vividly, my first ever “edit” was a recolour of miku into zatsune LMAOO HAHAHA but!!!! it was LAT miku and, it was someone else’s edit of LAT miku in kanihira’s Rhea’s clothes??? i didn’t understand the concept of rules bc i was like probs 11 and so that was pretty dang illegal and probably the most illegal thing ive done in my life except drink before i turned 18 and jaywalking

the thing is, like when u recolour something u’d normally edit the textures but i recoloured the materials bro HAHAHAHA, just changed the colours of the subset over the greens of miku omg what a challenge who was i

and then after that my “official” first edit that i uploaded to deviantart for the first time ever was a download set LMAO branding myself as an editor-w-downloadables from the very beginning and it was a set of all the female animasa models (and some i edited i.e. teto who i put gross 3DCG hair on giza’s animasa rin model) in these yukatas that i cut just mid-thigh and recoloured the textures for hHAAH sik man…………….. just to give u an idea this is teto from the set bc i no longer have that entire set anymore, just all my tetos for some reason

ye good times, i didn’t even know what headswapping was bc i literally tried to find bases and put the yukatas on every base so they were all funky in terms of rigging full 10/10

i was so good once what happened 2 me


This is the conversation we all thought never happened! this is episode 10 when Cait here was kidnapped. It always bothered me as to why there wasn’t a conversation between Barry and Caitlin after she was kidnapped, Barry was such a great “friend” of hers and she was willing to die for him, so there has to be some sort of connection, but apparently there was and the flash writers/editors have the guts to chop it off. yup i am pissed!

Street Noise

You want to be louder, don’t you?
Float or press on, stop or stare
or work, or love, or tear your hair out -      
strength stays out of reach. You teach
your weakness-alphabet, bemoan
the aptness of the herd
to follow brute strength’s bluster -
what a crime. They must be wrong,
killing so much
to keep the rest in line.

And what’s enshrined is
ill-writ confidence in twisting canon,
growing denser,
editor be damned – no! censored!
We write words worth holding on.
Along these sheets, blood-tainted,
runs a thread of gold the sainted
fought to smelt to make a shrine
of what was dealt – in power.

All my life now
dwindles into dust,
built up for years (like trust)
what seconds can disarm.
Cold first impressions render harm
and blinders to the worldly
drifters over light.
Where might the might make right
when what we see is wrong?
Criminals party long
o’er Downtown’s high-stacked bones
of bankruptcy and loans
from screw-you-overs, hoarding more
than labor ever will.
Are you after loudness still?

spiletta42 replied to your post: What are your top 5 most unpopular Gilmore Girls…

Rory was more suited to fiction imho. And she needed thicker skin, of course. What is it with tv characters being terrible journalists anyway? Kara Danvers is cringeworthy in that regard too.

I think Rory would be amazing in fiction. She also has the organizing and perfection skills to be a damn fine editor as well. She would do a fantastic job as an editor for a publisher. She knows her books, knows what people would like to read, and I could see her nurturing new talent. 

When it comes down to it, journalism isn’t that sexy of a job. But if you want a good take on the crazy that’s a newsroom, check out “Murphy Brown.” Murphy’s a damn good journalist, and really most of the FYI team is. 

this is a shoutout post to all the amv editors

cause in the vast swarm of appreciation for fanartists and fanfic writers there never seems to be any for amvers (or at least none i’ve seen) 

so here’s to the editors that work for hours on manips that only are shown for a few seconds

here’s to the editors that hunt through dozens of covers of songs to try and avoid copyright claims (special shout out to all the editors that lost their accounts filled with years of love and hard work BECAUSE of copyright claims. it’s a hard feeling to accept)

here’s to the editors who deal with project file corruptions, programs that crash on you, files that just will not cooperate no matter how many times you convert them, and the times when you spend rendering a video for a long period of time only to notice the slightest of faults and end up re-rendering them

here’s to the editors who are just starting out with simple programs, growing at their own pace, and just wanting to make videos of the things they love most (you might not know it, but every experienced amver is rooting for you every step of the way) 

and here’s to the editors that have to put up with stupid comments, people mocking hours and hours of work just because its a silly concept, and people taking their work and claiming it was theirs

amv editors work DAMN HARD and deserve to know they are respected

damn editor back at it again with the eruri

thanks to the wonderful @waytooemilywho super generously translated this!! go shower her with love!! (& go look at her stunning artworks & cry) gonna add this to the eruri receipts post too

from this month’s bessatsu fanart submissions page!

“Levi has made his ultimate decision! With his thoughts to Erwin within his chest, Levi still continues to fight hereafter!”

My weekly fanart got delayed due to me being sick.