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How would Bts and Monsta x be when they are jealous? I really like you blog by the way. Ive scrolled through the whole thing haha

I’m pretty ashamed that it has taken me so long to answer you ask. I sincerely apologize, cutie. Monsta X’s version of your ask has been answered. Thank you so so much for requesting!

Jin: Hmm…I see him getting low-key jealous. By that, I mean that he will definitely walk over and slide his arm around you, smile at you and the person that’s flirting with you and saying something like, “Hey, baby. Are you having a good time- oh! Is he/she a friend of yours? Hi, I’m y/n’s boyfriend!” You know, he’ll wanna crush this person’s dreams of having you real quick.

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Suga: Yo, he was already chilling with you so when this man/woman comes walking up to you with that look in their eyes, he’ll put a stop to it right away. No way is this person about to flirt with his baby in front of him. Nah. No. Nope.

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J-Hope: He’ll probably be the one that’s the most chill about it. I’m confident enough to say that he won’t get mad. I think he’ll be more confused than anything else, like, does this person not see him right there with his arm around you. He knows damn well that he isn’t invisible. 

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Rap Mon: Mmm…no. He doesn’t like it one bit. He trusts you, so please don’t misunderstand. But he doesn’t trust this unknown person around his love. So you bet your booty that he’s about to come over to you and make this person feel awkward so that they’ll walk away.

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Jimin: Again, NOPE. Jimin will let you handle it yourself because he knows that his baby is hella independent, but he’ll be pissed from a distance. He’ll be watching to make sure that this stranger doesn’t try anything more with you because if they do then he will be there so fast to break it up.

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V: He’ll be the other member that doesn’t mind too much. He knows to trust you because he knows that you would not reciprocate what this other person is putting out. V knows that you aren’t like that. But like Jimin, he’ll step in if he has to.

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Jungkook: Sigh. This man/woman that’s flirting with you is about to receive the scariest glare of their life. They’ll honestly regret flirting with you right in front of him. That’s a no-no.

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Thank you so much for requesting! Feel free to request again! I hope you have a wonderful day.

My top 10 of things Benedict Cumberbatch has been in

More like random 10 things he’s done that came to mind when I was going through all my files while compiling this list but I do love them all.

10. Starter for 10

Patrick Watts

The prettiest geek on campus.


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9. Star Trek Into Darkness


David Letterman said to Benedict after seeing a clip of him as Khan: “No offence to the rest of the cast but you really don’t need much more than you.” I concur 100 %.

So good:

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8. Penguins of Madagascar

Agent Classified

Because AWESOME.

And brilliant:

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7. Fortysomething

Rory Slippery

Such a cutie.

And a meeting of Sherlocks:

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6. Cabin Pressure

Martin Crieff

Yellow car!

Oh and:

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You’re able to enjoy the whole thing here.

5. The Hobbit Trilogy


Because he’s A BLOODY DRAGON.


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4. Third Star

James Kimberly Griffith

Because I’d go camping with Jim and Davy anytime.

3. The Imitation Game

Alan Turing

It’s just utter brilliance.

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2. Finland

His beautiful self


I have coffee. He should’ve come here to drink my coffee. Sigh.

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1. Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes

No explanation needed.

But if you insist:

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(Hey Reverse! Just went through your Ok Google Fiasco and I just want to say that your writings always make me smile on my own Darkest days and never fail to make me laugh and cry. I hope u continue this series but if not then I won't mind following you to whatever fandom u join next! Keep up the awesome work!) Hey Google. I know that this recent fiasco has been hard on ya so while everything was in chaos I made a program that basically converts your 'control' word into code or data Pt. 1

Pt. 2 it converts it into code that is only known by your bros. Each Google could have a different codeword or the same. The code can only be transferred through you guys thoughts so someone like Dark can never abuse your guy’s power ever again. Sorry for the long ask! You don’t have to use this idea if you don’t want to. *places USB in Google’s hand* 

(Thanks, cutie pie! Ok Google was so much fun to write, and I’m glad that everyone enjoyed it. I’ll be sticking around for as long as I’ve got ideas to write so don’t worry about that! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy what I do.)

Google takes the USB carefully and does a quick scan of the contents. “This is a very interesting idea. I might have to talk it over with the others and see how we can implement it.” He looks up at you, his eyes flashing blue, and nods. “Thank you.”

Happy 7th Anniversary, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!!

Seven years ago, in October, on this very date, what could be one of the best series of all time took the world by storm, and now, after seven years, the magic of friendship is still bright as ever!!

I, for one, am glad to be part of the Brony fandom that celebrates this unexpectedly popular series, and I’ve never had any doubts on my choice (well, maybe a little nervous at first, but I’ve shrugged it off as I went deeper into the rabbit hole).

So much has happened in the FiM series through the last 7 years, such as, as followed:

  • The starting point of season 1 with everyone’s favs, as well as meeting an amazing cast of characters
  • Great actors and special guest stars, like Tara Strong, John de Lancie, “Weird” Al Yakovic and many more
  • The arrival of Discord
  • The wedding of Twilight’s brother and sister-in-law
  • Twilight becoming an Alicorn princess
  • Trixie becoming one of the fan favourites
  • Amazing songs that you love listening to
  • The journey to the human world of Equestria Girls, where we got the chance to meet the human counterparts of all our fav characters through 4 spin-off films, several specials and an upcoming series
  • Past generation characters get the G4 treatment, such as the Breezies, the Smooze and even the big bad from the very first generation himself, Lord Tirek
  • Learning of many legends of Equestria’s past
  • Journey across Equestrian and beyond
  • After 5 years, the Cutie Mark Crusaders earn their cutie marks
  • Cadance and Shining Armor become parents after the birth of Flurry Heart
  • Meeting Starlight Glimmer, who goes from villain to new ally and good friend to Twilight, as well as pupil
  • The land of the Dragons and Griffons
  • A special 100th episode, featuring our fav background characters
  • Meeting the parents of the Mane Six (especially finally seeing the Apple siblings’ parents)
  • Amazing comic series
  • 7 seasons, with an 8th on the way
  • And finally, an awesome movie, featuring a great all star cast!

I got to say that this has been quite a run through the 7 years, and I’m certain that we’ll getting so much more to come in future, so for now, Happy 7th Anniversary, everybody and everypony!!

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My top 11 after ep 10 eliminations

This weeks top 11 lineup is the one I agree with most so far, but I’m SHOOK at how much the rankings have changed in comparison to season one. So, the trainees who I want to be in BOI:

1. Kang Daniel - yes ma boy made it to first place! He’s one of the few who I can say is a shoe-in for the final 11. He just turns it ON when on stage while being an adorable fluff offstage.

2. Ong Seungwoo - he’s so funny and charming and handsome and talented he needs to be in this group! I think he’ll also most likely make it since his rank has been stable all season, but who knows maybe a Guanlin could happen to him (though I hope not and don’t think it will)

3. Kim Jonghyun - nation’s leader is no longer on top, but that’s ok because truthfully I couldn’t see him being Center and having the same influence as Somi did. However he would make a bomb ass leader, and can dance and rap. Also I want him to get popular enough so Nu'est can be revived, I wasn’t into them before but after watching this show I want them to succeed!

4. Lee Daehwi - his Never fancam was on point! Daehwi’s lines and expressions are so good while dancing, he just executes everything cleanly including his singing. Poor boy seems still so careful with his actions after the controversy, I hope he can bounce back to how he was before!

5. Park Woojin - he caught my eye since 10 out of 10, and has not disappointed since then. Looks cool but is actually a real cutie. At his rate of growth in popularity, I think he would be able to make top 11.

6. Kim Samuel - RISE SAMUEL! So happy he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves! However I’m not sure if he can keep being in the top 11. He’s so talented despite his young age and has gone through so much, I think he deserves to debut.

7. Park Jihoon - at first didn’t understand the hype for him, he’s just always been there in the top but I kinda got used to him so I’m not mad at it. I don’t think he’s outstanding talent wise, but he keeps up well with others and it’s a gift to be able to attract and maintain that kind of popularity in the first place. Also another shoe-in for final 11, at this point it would seem weird to me if BOI didn’t have him.

8. Hwang Minhyun - he’s got looks, dance, and vocal skills backing him. Minhyun is my second Nu'est pick, and as much as I also like Dongho, I prefer Minhyun. I feel like he fits the image with the other trainees more. Yes, it’s a very superficial reason but the industry is based very much on looks, and I feel like Dongho’s daddy sexy image doesn’t mesh well with the younger trainees. Also I think that there shouldn’t be more than 2 Nu'est members in BOI, otherwise it would be too much like Nu'est + hoobaes rather than a new group.

9. Ha Sungwoon - very, very shocked that he got third this week, I guess the viewers have a conscience and felt bad for the injustice he went through song rearrangement last week. I wanted him or Noh Taehyun to make it into the group. He’s very talented, but sadly I don’t think he has enough one-pick popularity to stay in the top 11.

10. Kim Jaehwan - this vocal powerhouse needs to be in BOI. He literally elevates each song he’s in to another level with his vocals! I really like his tone and style when he sings. Also he has shown us time and time again although he is not a strong dancer, he is able to keep up and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Really hope he makes the group!

11. Undecided- originally I would have wanted Kenta to take this spot, but sadly he has been eliminated :,(. I think I would be ok with anyone in this spot, except for Haknyeon. All the remaining trainees are decent in their own right but haven’t left as strong of an impression on me as the ones listed above during stage performance. For example, Jisung has great personality and Bae Jinyoung has great visuals, but I haven’t been really attracted to their performance on stage. I also think Im Youngmin makes a good member but his rap hasn’t wowed me. Sewoon has a good voice and can keep up with choreography, but doesn’t impact me as much as Jaehwan’s vocals. I guess we’ll see next week who the final 11 are! Can’t wait!!!


I’ve spent YEARS watching the Simblr community from a distance and I’ve finally decided to start my very own. As a bit of a launch event and a thank you to the community itself, I’ve decided to give out a free copy of the new vampires game pack! All you have to do to enter is give me a follow and reblog this post. I’ll randomize a winner, and if I don’t hear back from them in 24 hours I’ll draw another name! 


Edit: Our winner has been selected! Congratulations Megyn!!


The overwhelming support has literally blown me away. I went through a break up as soon as I started this blog and you guys have no idea how much all the kind messages have helped me. MY STINKIN CUTIES. I’m going to REOPEN this giveaway!! Same rules apply. A winner will be selected on Monday (1/30) at 11:50 PM PST!

EDIT 1/31: You guys have been unreal. Thank you so much. This giveaway is officially concluded. I plan on doing more in the future! You guys are amazing. I love you.

It has been a month since the finale aired. I really, really miss this show.

I miss its lovable characters, positive messages and spirit, I miss its everything.

So here’s a little picture to say I miss those cuties so much, and I’m really looking forward to see them again one day.

There are plenty of reasons why I like Wander Over Yonder. I think one of the most important reasons I love this little show so much is Wander. He uses love and kindness to get through to others and help them, instead of using violence to solve the problem as most cartoon/animation male characters do. That’s really heartwarming and refreshing to see. He is one brand new type of model for today’s kids–even adults.  The world needs more people like him, to become a better place.

And I love this world where heroes are not perfect,they make mistakes sometimes. Villains are not just evil,they can save the day too. Most importantly, heroes and villains can be friends. The concept of the show is just like Wander’s worldview:The world is never in black and white.

And I love the cartoony humor the whole series presents, which is rare to see in today’s popular shows. As a international fan,cultural differences in western shows are always hard to understand. I find most of the jokes in Wander Over Yonder have universality,maybe that’s why it has so many international fans from all over the world. ( I also love the jokes related with western culture,especially toilet jokes: P)

There are still so many reasons to say. Anyway, Here is the petition link:

Let’s do this together, if we want to see them again someday.:)


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Hey! I take care of babies as a job and I can OFFICIALLY say that your baby is spot on. Okay? It has not been shot out of a "canon" as some bitchy anon so beautifully said. It is perfect, and you are so talented. There's too much hate for something so small. I can only imagine what all of those anons are going through so that they feel the need to put others down. But keep doin what you're doing, because your artwork is lovely.

Thank you so much!! See??? The baby cutie says I DID HIM JUSTICE let alone squishy is a cartoon so he’s not gonna look perfectly realistic….

So, I was rereading Ajin because I love it a lot and I have nothing fucking better to do, and I came across something that I didn’t notice the first time that BROKE MY HEART. 

So, this is Kai in chapter one. 

What a cutie, right? But pay special attention to his earring.

That’s a smiley face. How friggin adorable. I love this cutie pie. 

Now, this is Kai in chapter 28.

Besides the obvious changes (my poor baby, he’s been through so much, let him rest), take a look at that earring.

That’s a frowny face. THAT IS A FUCKING FROWNY FACE.

His earring changed from a smiley face to a frowny face.

This poor boy has suffered enough and I will not stand for it.

hi i made this (not great) edit myself using a photo from my hawaii trip on insta (_princess.amelia) 

but i thought it was time for another follow forever so i can show my appreciation for you guys!! 

i apologize in advance for the length of this oops

my faves (in alphabetical order)

0alien ~ em!! we have been friends for some time now and you are so sweet honestly. i’m thankful every day for your support and how understanding you are. i have been through some rough patches that you know about and helped me through and i’m just really happy we are friends and i hope that continues for awhile!! love u

belovedgadreel ~ adrie idk where to even start with you cause i mean we have been through so many years together and i even met you in person this summer and it’s just been a great ride despite the things we have been through i know your friendship is gonna last a lifetime and for that i am thankful 

blackheaux ~ maya you are an absolute cutie pie and i don’t even remember how we met but it has been worth it every single day and your friendship means so much to me and i hope we keep it that way you know? ily

booty2fat ~ felicia we haven’t talked in awhile and i know that but i just want you to know that i appreciate you anyway 

bootyboi ~ trevor!! your support over the years has meant so much to me and you’re such a cutie thank you 

chinupstagram ~ natalie!!! i can’t express how much you’ve affected me and i’m really happy we were able to see each other in person cause it meant so much and you’re so wonderful and i love u

cryh ~ mars!!! my favorite pixie!! we just recently started talking so frequently and it’s been one of the best decisions ever. you’re the biggest sweetheart and i love your sense of humor and style and everything. talking to you brightens my day and i’m so happy we started talking i love u

ctrlartcats ~ it’s interesting to remember how we met tbh but i’m glad we did you have been a great support these past months and i hope we talk more tbh 

fembarbie ~ maria my sunshine my pride n joy you are truly one of my most favorite people you are just so genuine and cute and i love you so much honestly 

frankiesnotaboy ~ frankie you’re just cute in general and i enjoy our conversations thanks for being someone to talk to 

fuckliam ~ lexie!! we haven’t talked in ages but you brought me into this fandom and i’ m still here so congrats i guess? it’s been awhile miss you 

fvkmeup ~ annaliese i have missed you you’re so cute n nice and i love u pls keep being cute 

hangovear ~ laura my love we haven’t talked in forever but you’re such a wonderful person thank you for being in my life 

heavimetal ~ abby you’re so amazing and i’m so glad we met and have talked so much and i’m thankful for you 

indiesmusic ~ ebbie you’re such a sweetheart and i’m glad we talk and i love you

jet-pack-b1ues ~ jordan i could go on and on about you cause you have changed my lie so dramatically i am so so happy we met just so randomly that one time bc i haven’t been happier like you are the sweetest and i’m so lucky to have you in my life thank you i love u

kohltracks ~ mazz my favorite person to discuss dumb things with all night!! our conversations are always something to be remembered and i’m glad i met you it’s been really fun 

monochromatic-heart ~ mando you’re my favorite nerd and i know that we will be friends for a long time 

moonemoji ~ meryl my favorite emoji you are so pretty and i’m happy we are friends bc you have made me smile a countless amount of times i love u 

morezainmalik ~ jv you are a big sweetheart and you always know how to make me laugh i love u

nativehoe ~ kan i’m still surprised you follow me if i’m honest you’re one of my favorite blogs and being your mutual is really awesome 

okuninushi ~ ian you suck 

sadbeautifultragic ~ chyna you’re one of my favorite blogs as well so i’m really glad we are mutuals 

shuckkface ~ callum my favorite dweeb in the world you’re so great and i love you a lot for just being there for me whenever i need it so thank you and i hope we stay friends forever 

sixsteen ~ celest you definitely changed my life when i first met you and i’m really glad we reconnected because it’s been really nice talking to you again love u

solarific ~ arden i’m thankful for you a lot because you are just so refreshing? which i know sounds weird but when i talk to you or look at your blog i just feel instantly better and i really really appreciate it 

starryskiesoftomorrow ~ grace my favorite sparkly star you have been with me through so much and i don’t think i can ever repay you 

teenbicth ~ ariana my beautiful flower how are you doing i’ve missed you and you are so so important to me ilysm

zeautiful ~ rachael my gf my one n only (except you know this is bs love u) i love talking to you and and doing anything with you tbh i think we are an awesome duo and we could probably rule the world one red lipstick at a time 

zeysus ~ lexie you’re just really cool and i feel lucky that you follow me lmao thanks for being an awesome mutual

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can we just appreciate her body omg-

this cutie omg

sica has been through so much and she’s still so strong, i think that’s why i admire her so much. she’s put up with everyone’s shit and she’s finally free from sn8d and sm~

and jungsis just makes me melt <3

i love how they’re always there for each other.

i definitely chose the right girl(s) to love <3

The last episode is just breathe taking 
Jesse’s performance is amazing I got goose bumps 
Sophia’s was also amazing, Erin supporting Jay was one of the best moments in this season and this season has been pretty incredible.
The Linstead moment was perfect 
Jason was amazing as usual too, I dont normally talk much about him but Jason was so powerful as Voight this week, more then I normally find him.
 Elias where do I start with him, oh my god, his story line is so heart breaking right now, too many feelings for Alvin right now, I dont think my heart likes this show. 
Brian’s portrayal of Roman right now is so sad but so perfect. The feelings I am having right now for him a through the roof
and Samuel as Mouse that cutie, I just have to have a moment when he is on screen. 
This cast are so mean to my poor heart right now 

dylanocreys  asked:

Hiii, I have no requests this time. I'm just here to publicly declare that I check this blog on a daily basis, and I wish I could polygamously live in a very happy marriage with everyone who runs it. That's how much I love it. Thank you so much for the efforts and stuff on keeping it updated, and all the digging through the fics. Y'all are awesome, I luh ya cuties. ♡

you’re cute. i’m gonna keep you.

Honestly though, the amount of confusion in the KH fandom about the laws and history of the KH universe isn’t because Sora is an unreliable narrator, it’s because all of the people who are suppose to be guiding and teaching him are fucking incompetent. There’s a reason my tag for King Mickey is “king of misinformation”

1) makes Sora, Donald, and Goofy believe their efforts in the first game did nothing to help the worlds “because it was just an imposter not a real threat

2) literally if he had told them about Aqua, Terra, Ven, and Master Xehanort from the beginning (I mean, even just telling Riku when they were stuck in the realm of darkness together would have helped!) all of these fucking things would have been resolved by now or at least Ven would probably be awake and Aqua wouldn’t be rotting in the realm of darkness.

3) Yen Sid is also a fucking piece of manipulative shit, failing Sora during the Mark of Mastery for the RL equivalent of two students getting 100% on a test, but because Student A did the extra credit questions, Student B, even though they should have passed, received a failing grade instead. Even if they’ve had far more experience and field work in the subject than Student A. Even if Student fucking B sacrificed their fucking self too many fucking mess to save the very universe. But, because they didn’t do the extra credit questions, they failed the test. Even though they got 100% of the objective.

Sora canonically unlocked all of the sleeping world’s first; when he fell into his sleep forced on him by the organization, Riku the. unlocked the same worlds in Sora’s dreams. This is how he became a Dream Eater and gained the power to dive into Sora’s heart.

Yes, I am proud of Riku for becoming a master…but fucking Sora has been through so much shit, only to have his accomplishments dismissed time and time again. "You’re not a true hero!” (Phil) “you didn’t defeat the real Ansem” (Mickey, who then willingly lets them think they did nothing significant instead of explaining that hells yes they saved the fucking worlds they were just calling the guy the wrong name) etc, etc, etc. I am still and shall forever be pissed off about that.

I just need to rant about John Murphy for a second. He has been through so much. Came from a horrible situation; his mother blamed him for the death of his father (it wasn’t his fault!). He’s been screwed over so many times and doesn’t know who he can trust. Yet inside we know he’s just a sweetie pie. He has these moments where we know he’s just looking for someone to open up to and it kills me. He also has the best witty sense of humor and seems like he’d be perfect to cuddle with ahh

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The second of my two upcoming issues of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has officially been announced!

It is issue 24, will be released in October and features art by the amazing crazyary Brenda Little (previously Hickey).  

When Discord tags along on an animal studying field trip with Fluttershy and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, he decides to up the ante by taking the gang on a trip through time to see some of the most amazing animals in history.

This is going to be so much fun!

Am I watching fan-fiction right now?!

I just need to rant guys because I am still not over the premiere, I mean how could I be?! I literally feel like ever since Olicity has become canon that I am living in a dreamworld or watching an amazing agonising fan-fiction!

Who would have thought 2 years ago that this cute IT girl in the office who was meant to be a guest star but flawed us with her portrayal of this amazing character would be the main love interest to our hero?! This is only happening through the power of Stephen and Emily’s chemistry and I believe us, the fandom!

After the amazing season 3 premiere I still can’t believe my eyes, that Oliver Queen was finally ready to love his adorable IT girl! 

Firstly, that fern that the cutie pie Felicity Smoak gave Oliver was so adorable and it just represents sooooo much! She said “it thrives in low light”… I love how they mentioned light and whether it being low light it’s still mentioned because it means a lot for our ship. 

The light that Sara mentioned when she said “you deserve better, someone that can harness that light thats still inside of you” which appeared when they hugged last season when she motivated him to fight against Slade and the light which appears during their first kiss (don’t worry I’m getting to that). Felicity is the person that can harness the light thats inside of him because she is his light.

Felicity is his light ladies and gentleman, this dude has been through some dark shit and truly she is the one to restore his humanity back and this is even confirmed during the date (also getting to that bit soon). The flirting and eye sex during this scene though, awww my cuties!  Even Roy and Diggle were eyebrow raising, I loved it!!! 

And how cute was it when she held his face?! She was so touchy with him this ep!! They are so comfortable with each other, oh how I would have loved to see the development during the 5 months!

Secondly, the asking out scene was absolutely, to quote Felicity, SCRUMPTIOUS. I don’t think I’ve even seen Oliver so nervous, it was soooo cute and I really wanna see more of baby face, cutie pie Ollie of course when it comes to Felicity. The way that he ran after her and started general convo… AWWWWW!

Then when she said “speak from the heart” regarding the QC board meeting and he just did it, it took her by surprise she could even believe it so she had to clarify…


(Look at my nervous cutie pie Ollie! So adorable)

(The Felicity Smile)

(He finally just does it because he knows it’s what he wants, finally.)

Now the date… I literally felt I was watching fan-fiction, it was so overwhelming and amazing…I mean guys look they have gone on a date, A REAL DATE! Who would have though it?!

Look at these looks they are giving each other!!!! (BTW how stunning does she look?!)

This hug is so adorable, they just want to embrace each other… my babies!

They are so nervous and cute, it’s like they and we can’t believe it’s finally happening!!

(aww look at him fiddling with his jacket, he can’t stop smiling! Captain Amell was right when he said this ep Oliver smiled a lot!)

The writers did an amazing job with this date, when he Oliver said “sorry I’m just a bit out of my element” there it is cutie pie Ollie again being all nervous because he is finally on a date and accepting these feeling for Felicity… I can’t even! Oliver opening up to felicity so effortlessly without hesitation reminds me to when Thea told him to just let someone in and BAM there it is… I was having heart palpitations guys I swear!!

Now the bit that really just stuck with me and probably everyone in the fandom was when Oliver was explaining how he pretty much shut off his humanity and how he just saw people as “threats and targets” when returned to Starling City and he didn’t know know how to turn it on but then he walked into her office… AHHHH like I said is this fan-fiction?!

She was the FIRST person he could see as a person, just a regular cute IT girl that was neither a threat or a target and the first person to really make him smile. I mean, no wonder he kept going back to her for help, okay yes she is highly intelligent and he needed those expertise but she made him feel human again… she was slowly helping to restore his humanity and she didn’t even know it.

The way he said “there was just something about you” I don’t know how I didn’t faint at that point!

(The way he is smiling and recalling how he felt when he met her, the wistful looks!! It’s all too much guys, my heart is exploding)

Look at this stunner and her beautiful facial expressions, she realises in that moment just how deep his feelings are for her… I think we all did tbh.

I literally screamed when he mentioned the red pen (also holding onto my chest because I get these sudden feelings bursting through anytime something happens that give me intense feels), the sacred red pen, I mean he remembered the smallest details about her!!

I immediately compared this scene to Pacey and Joey when he remembered something so small but significant to him because it was about the one he loves (sorry if you don’t watch Dawsons creek I just had to parallel)…

To anyone who thinks that Olicity are rushed, this just proves it wasn’t, how could he have not fallen in love with her during the 2 years they’ve known each other you know, to remember something so small but means so much to him because it was the first time he felt anything that was humanly possible since his time away.

Oliver realises that it’s time, time to leap into these feelings for her… just look at him though! (Well done Stephen for his AMAZING facial expressions in every scene, he does a perfect job)

Felicity is so taken a back, she can’t believe it’s finally here she has been really patient with him I man she was never gonna wait for him but she has been in love with this guy and finally he’s letting himself love her back.

This date was perfect, until bloody Count Vertigo ruined it…

I really wish we got to hear what Felicity was going to ask Oliver because she says “Oliver are you…” - it could have been some thing like “Oliver, are you saying that you want to start something?” or whatever… I just wish we got to hear hat she was going to say!! but never fear we have a whole season of Olicity to enjoy and cry over!

The way that Oliver’s first instinct was to hurl his body onto hers to shield her from the explosion was breath taking literally he doesn’t even have to think about it and likewise for Felicity, she clings onto him!

The parallel to Tommy dying rings in my head during this scene, the facial expression he carries… he can’t lose her.

The first thing that Felicity said when she woke up was Oliver as soon as she felt a glimpse of his touch, they need each other - it’s like basic instinct for her.

This killed me, Felicity having to hear Oliver say he can’t have a life like Diggle’s which is basically saying it can’t work between them… she knew it was over before he even spoke to her… aww hate seeing my baby Felicity crying! (Also props to Stephen for looking at Felicity towards the end of the convo with Diggle and props to Emily for her amazing expressions during it.)

This scene had me literally silently crying, the look on Oliver’s face when he saw Felicity watching the baby… I’m falling to pieces guys, I’m so wrecked. because it’s all he wants to just be with her and have a life with her but he feels like he can’t… 

Now.. the most agonising, loving and heartbreaking scene of theirs.

I understand my baby Felicity because of course she wants to be with him, but remember that prior to this she heard Oliver basically say he can’t have a life thats beyond being the Arrow so she already knew this was coming and she knows that he has to come to the conclusion by himself that he can have a life as Oliver Queen with her.

So she had accepted this but him saying maybe to her is almost giving her hope and why I love this woman so much is become she knows her worth and I’m not saying Oliver doesn’t but he doesn’t understand that by him saying maybe it gives her the smallest hope and that word maybe - it holds so much for her because it fully doesn’t let her go because she loves him so much but like I said she knows her worth. She knows that she can’t live her life waiting for someone who could maybe be with her. She send a definitive answer, she need him to say that theres no chance and she needs him to say that he doesn’t love her… anything to let her go. She needs him to stop dangling maybe’s in front of her because done trying to grasp onto them not knowing whether she will have a life with him… and yes it will pain her to even think about not being with him but for her own sanity and life she needs to be let go if they can’t be together… God I love this woman.

Oh Oliver Jonas Queen, the way that he just cupped her face into his hands and spun her around… I was crying so hard btw. He just couldn’t take it, listening to her pleading with him to say he never loved him so he had to prove to her that thats not the case. 


“Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you.”

He loves her, she is it for him and whatever agony we go through in the future in this fandom I truly believe that this is it it’s endgame for them.

Again my baby cakes Felicity is absolutely remarkable!! She could have just as easily kissed him back or swooned or anything but she chose to walk away because she is a strong woman who knows that he can’t give her what she wants, he just told her he couldn’t and by kissing her it was slightly selfish on his part because he had basically just ended or stopped what was going on between them and then kissed her so for her it would have been a little frustrating but also intense as hell because this is what she had wanted, to just feel him and know he loves her but it’s come at the worst, most heartbreaking circumstances.

Can I just say how I can’t believe I’m writing a post about Oliver and Felicity kissing!! It’s happening guys.. we are canon!!

I mean come one, look at this!!!! Did we even think that this would be happening?! Oliver Queen couldn’t handle the thought of Felicity thinking that he didn’t love and he had to show her he did however slightly selfish it may have been given that she literally begged him to let her go because he has chosen the Arrow over Oliver Queen. 

THIS KISS!! (just take a few seconds to truly appreciate this) & can I just also say that among any of the various people that he has kissed, not one of them can compete with the chemistry that this small but intensely heartfelt kiss that is shared between the two. Look how they linger after, not wanting to part way and hoping it lasts forever…

The angst I felt when she walked away killed me!!! Like i’m still recovering from it guys, look at him!! This pain in his face and his hands tensing up when only a few seconds ago he was holding her face and he just let her slip through his fingers! (he has his “I fucked up” face)


My reactions:

To the writers for the making me crumble:

But at the same time, I also do enjoy an angsty love story! I mean it’s painful of course but every great love story has it’s ups and downs and whatever we go through this season I can literally say without a doubt… we are endgame. I mean, you just don’t set up all these wonderful scenes in the PREMIERE to not have them not work out together for end up together however long that may be. 

So yes writers, thank you for finally doing what had to be done and taking a giant step for Olicity and for what you did in the premiere that shattered me I do understand why it had to be done…

I’m still probably going to call you bastards every time I watch the scene (which is a lot) but I get it… :)

So hold on guys, this season is going to be full with a hell of a lot of pain and agony! But I think it will be worth it in the long haul…

It’s gonna hurt like a bitch but if we can get through two years of watching intense eye sex and small touches whilst begging for them to get together then we get can through the hard times of their relationship whilst finding their way back to each other now that they clearly know how the other one feels and like I said… Olicity are endgame.

Last thing: