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some things about Anabasis 'verse

lightningandstarlight sent me some thoughts/questions on Anabasis, and I decided to make them a separate post for my own tagging purposes.

Do some of the Jedi who want to execute Anakin want to because he’s a Sith or because of his role in Palpatine’s regime?

I imagine Anakin would be so grumpy about his ultimate revenge plan against Palpatine is making the Senate questioning his status. He probably pouts to Padme about it (“I’m not doing this to be a good guy, Padme! I just want to burn everything Palpatine every cared about to the ground”) and then decides to creep Obi-Wan and the other Jedi out (like in your drabble) to make himself feel better.

And wow, I can imagine Padme and everyone else shock when they find out Anakin’s only about 20/23. And then have the horrifying realization that Anakin has spent the majority of his life being Palpatine’s slave/ child soldier. And you’re right, what would the Republic do? Can they charge him with war crimes or whatever if it can be reasonably argued that Anakin had no choice? How guilty is Anakin for what happened then? Plus it links back to how the Jedi let young padawans fight in the Clone Wars and essentially turned them into child soldiers.

Random thought that just occurred to me, is Anakin the last Sith with Palpatine dead? Because if he is, all I can imagine is Jocasta Nu interrogating him about all of the Sith practices 24/7. When the council questions why she’s spending so much time with the prisoner, she probably gives them the death glare and tells them that this is an unprecedented opportunity to gain more knowledge about the Sith. I wonder how it would effect the Sith lineage, for lack of a better word, if Anakin is the last Sith. Does this mean that Anakin has inadvertently wiped out the Sith?

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