this creepy guy at work xd

honestly the argument that ace people are lgbt because their attraction is “different” somehow from normal cishets is gross like… insinuating that being lgbtpn is just for “weird” or “different” people undermines so much work the community has gone through and it’s the same ideology that allows kinksters to think they can call themselves “queer” because they’re “different” like i still have to remind myself that its okay, its natural, im not creepy or weird when i find a girl attractive and you guys are trying to say you’re anything less than our oppressors just bc you’re cishet AND ace, and isn’t that so weird and different? cuz that’s what lgbt is right? just a bunch of uwu quirky weirdos xD

Kouri rewatches Sense8, episode 2.09

  • Nomi’s story about her surgery confuses me. She says she forged her mother’s signature on the medical consent forms … but she would only need those if she was under eighteen, and literally nobody that I know of does transgender surgery on anyone that age, with or without parental consent. It’s just not done as far as I know.
  • “let us remember that cancer is also natural” thank you Kala XD
  • “We’re heading into a creepy house and you’re talking about a guy named Whispers?” ilusm Diego
  • So did Jonas kill the Assistant or did she kill herself? Was he Bolgering her? I still don’t understand how that works. *splat*
  • “Who starts a wedding on the dot?” Uh, who shows up exactly on time for a wedding when they’re in the wedding party? I hate to tell you guys, but you’re the weird ones here. You shoulda been there hours ago LOL.
  • Sun hurting the transphobic groomsman XD
  • Everything about Teagan’s wedding is gold. Such a fantastic scene.
  • The 58 Minutes scene is so amazing, too! Ahhhhhh Dani is awesome and Lito and Hernando are so cute!
  • Okay, I understand that everyone has things going on, but Will is crying in a shack in London, couldn’t at least a couple of you go give him a hug or something for God’s sake

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I've made it a quest to go through every post you guys and Jess have made while I'm bored at work, all the way from the beginning. So far I'm on page 427 of this blog. That's about 7 pages read XD gosh i really hope this isn't as creepy as it sounds, i swear i just have nothing better to do! Not even classwork 😝😝😝

Haha that’s so much ramble reading! Are you sure you’re prepared?

I’d be interested to know of your reflections from 400+ pages ago until now - has much changed? Have we changed from all those years ago?

Let us know your findings? 😃

New stuff

So, SSAS will be in the past now, let’s look at the future~

I manage to find an awesome programmer to help me with the next otome project. We got the scripts out, but there’s still a lot to be done. I’m hoping some wonderful TRANSLATORS and PROOFREADERS will want to join us on this journey of patching *LOL*

Spread the word, let everyone know~!

For what project, please take a look :D The name is 剣が君 (google it if you don’t know the game)

Skills needed:

Translator: Historical knowledge (words, references) ‘cuz the game is in the old Japan period with samurai and all. And of course you have to know Japanese, not fluently but at least at good level, right?

Proofreader: Be fluent in English of course. Can check typos, grammar, etc…


- We’re a team, and that means cooperation and communication. If there’s anything you don’t know or want to discuss, just say it.

- I know you’re volunteering to do this for free, but that doesn’t mean doing whatever you want however you like, be responsible. It’ll affect the progress of the whole team ^^“

- Please send me an update about progress once a week (even if it’s "I was busy so haven’t got time to work on it” update, it’s fine too. This is just to make sure you’re alive. SSAS project already taught me too many lessons about people disappearing and it’s creepy.)

- If you’re busy or will be away for some time, please tell me as well.

- Please fill in this form if you’d like to join ^^!

+ More to come… but that’s about it, I’m pretty friendly and easy-going (if I do say so myself), so I’ll look forward to working with you guys XD +

Thank you~

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Do you have any tips/strategies to get better at art? Especially to gain a certain wanted style? Because your art is amazing and I love it so much. Literally look up to it. And I feel so discouraged sometimes because I can barely draw anatomy and I don't even have a style. And when I want to draw a certain thing, it never comes out right.... Just bleh. BUT YOUR ART IS SPECTACULAR AND GAH SO BEAUTIFUL

Okay I am the worst person to ask for tips but I always do this creepy thing that helps me draw. So I always commute to work, I take the train for an hour and then walk home for about 30 minutes everyday. I pass by four malls every day to go home so basically, many people to see. The thing is… I stare. I STARE A LOT especially at someone in front of me. It’s usually a guy so that’s even better since I always draw guys. 

So yesterday, a guy was in front of me with really nice hairless legs (dafaq how), holding hands with his girlfriend. I have photographic memory so I tried to memorize his outfit–how his cargo shorts fold and the way his broad shoulders looks so good with that raglan shirt he wore (yes, that’s how creepy I am). So the thing is, I WANT TO DRAW HIS LEGS AND HIS SHOES (i actually sketched it when i got home XD) and that’s where all these drawings of mine usually originate from. From everyday people. 

I know it’s not much of an advice but that’s how it had always worked for me. I see someone doing a great pose/wearing something great, I usually try to remember it. I also look around the display mannequins from clothing stores for outfits to draw (or I sometimes draw my shirts which often happens in my fanarts you guys just dunno but it’s easier that way since I actually get a reference of the folds and stuff) SO. REFERENCE IS GOOD. Better have someone to do it for you, or well, you could do it yourself too if you want! I suck at anatomy back then but making someone model for you HELPS SO MUCH!

It’s hard finding your own art style, I know. It takes a lot of trial and error until you find what you really think fits you best. You should see my previous art which I will shamelessly show. If this thing can turn into this for me… then there is hope. This was four years ago.

I hope you don’t get discouraged because I know that feeling very well, too. Just keep on practicing and say “I’m so gonna be better than them.”  and you friggin will. Even I still have a long way to go. SO. KEEP DRAWING.

Also thank you for loving my art <3 Honestly, i think it’s not really a talent, it’s more like, you’re sharpening something that you’re so passionate about.