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Granada Holmes weekly watch parties

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So the New Russian Holmes streams are coming to an end (boo) and seeing as I enjoyed them so much, how about we indulge in my childhood fave together once a week?

Starting Friday 30th June, I’ll be watching two episodes of Granada per week (they’re about 50 mins each) for as long as it takes to get through the whole lot. The long eps will be one per week though. 

No crappy youtube quality either, I’ll be uploading the Good Shit to google drive so we can watch it on in decent quality.

We’ll be starting with A Scandal in Bohemia/The Dancing Men at  11pm BST/GMT+1 (6pm EDT/ 3pm PDT) on Friday 30th June.

If you fancy joining in and want to be tagged when I do the first post then reply to this post or shoot me a message and I’ll add you to my list. Or just turn up! All welcome.

Cheers! :)

I think I see why her friends keep crushing on her…



Adrien: Has she always been this cute?  Why didn’t you tell me?!

The Pharaoh / Le Pharaon

If you ever see a bad picture of yourself just think about sunsets

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a sunset with a crappy camera? It turns out like shit. I mean that could be the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen in your life and the photo looks gross.

That doesn’t mean the sunset isn’t breathtaking, it just means the camera can’t contain its beauty.

You are a gorgeous motherfucking sunset never forget that

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy