this crappy gif is my gift to you

Boyking!Sam Edit - Personal Headcanon
→ for @rdshepard​ (who encouraged me to not give up on it ♥)



hi @byunlucid, I came off my long hiatus (not even a hiatus, I have intended to never really come back) just to give you this gifset as a birthday gift! the video was crappy in quality and I haven’t touched photoshop in like 3 months or so, so I’m sorry about it being a little bad haha. happy birthday! I hope your birthday has been great so far! you’re 21 now, how does it feel lmao. let’s meet up again soon, I do miss your sarcastic comments and funny judgemental stares, but also your eternal baekhyun-l mood. you’re one of my favorite moshis after baekhyun tbh. I love you, have a great birthday!! ❤

Merry Christmas @philta-tos , here’s my @hannigramholidayexchange gift for you.

I went through many of your posts to search for ideas and figured you may enjoy a ravenstag christmas tree with some cute hannigram themed decorations.

Hope you’ll like this and have a wonderful holiday <3


✧ God of Calamity  | YATO | Happy Birthday to my fab Yumii~ (๑♡3♡๑)ノ♪

Hey everyone! It is finally the end of a crazy long year and the start of another ahhh I cannot believe that a whole damn year has passed and a brand new one is starting! This year has been one of the hardest year for me to deal with on so many levels and I’m really really glad that it is finally over. For all the bad times and servings of crappy days and weeks on end, the best thing I’ve gotten is the gift of tumblr and all the friends I’ve made and the amazing and talented people that fill my dash and make this my happy place; i can never thank you enough <3 So with everything ending, I thought hmmm why not do my first ever follow forever! Hover on the crown before your name for a short msg :>

♔ mutuals | ♕ non-mutals 

the most amazing people i hold close & dear;
you guys have made my time here the most amazing and happiest and by now it’s gonna be forever or it’s gonna go down in flames i’d follow you guys to the ends of the world, or time <3

 deadeight |  gabrielightwoood |  iswearonemmaswan | keepcalmwearetimeless mockingswan ofpiratesandsaviors | oncepromised |  quitetheteam

more awesome people i’ve met;

 captainswansource capttainhook defenderofthetardis emmafoundtallahassee effulgentcolors firnickodair |  itsalostgirlthing killians-jello lieutenantswan |  margaerhy quaterquells |  snowychanoeys

more fab people that light up my dash;

 221cumberbatches |  a-world-of-our-very-own |  adorableswans | 
 allisonslaheys | allons-youwish |  aneklusmos |  ayymitchh | 
 blowmiakisscolin |  captainswanouat | carmi-believes-in-love | demonwolfalpha |  doomsdayy | dorcasmedowes |  emmashero |  emmaswn 

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  thereichenbachqueen |  wedlakeserenities | wetcolinoliferuiner | 

I hope everyone has the most amazing year ahead, thanks for everything in 2014, I’m really stoked for this new year :)