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The Start of Something New Chapter 6 (Jughead x Reader)

Chapter 1
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In which even more important questions are asked.

Listen to: “The Book of Love”, Gavin James

(Y/N) wandered the dusty shelves of the library, briefly recalling her text message conversation with Jughead earlier that day.

Jughead: Hey (Y/N). Pretty sick today so I can’t come. But I need a book for the research project in history due tomorrow. Can you check it out for me and bring it after school?

That was weird. Jughead was always at least a week ahead of the course schedule.

Y/N: Yeah sure, what’s the title?

Jughead: Mr. Andersen said the book lost its dust cover so it’s just blank and red with gold bindings. Here’s the dewey decimal number. I think you can figure it out.

Y/N: Why don’t you just ask Archie? You guys live together anyways.

Jughead: And let him into our place? No chance.

(Y/N) had grinned at that, and headed off in search of this prodigal history tome. What Jughead had asked for was deep in the stacks and took quite a while to find. The fact that it didn’t have a cover made it easy to spot among the spines with words, surprisingly.

She slid the red book with gold binding off of the shelf. Out of curiosity, she turned to the first page in an attempt to find the title.

The Start of Something New, it read in a bold font. (Y/N) became confused. This seemed more like a piece of fiction than a historical text. Maybe it was a historical narrative and Jughead was supposed to compare and contrast the story with real life? They were in different history classes and she had no idea what Mr. Andersen had assigned.

(Y/N) glanced at her phone; she had half an hour until next period. She brought the book to her and Jughead’s table, opened it, and began to read.

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Restraining (Jungkook)

Wolf Au
5098 Words

Summary: A week before the full moon, Jungkook becomes an untamed beast. He hides in fear that he’ll hurt her but this time he caves in…

“You know I can drive myself right?” Jungkook snapped as he slammed the car door. “Like I trust you to do anything at this time,” Namjoon muttered and started the engine, “Also could you like not destroy my car please?” Jungkook ignored him and leaned back against the passenger chair, sighing loudly as if to showcase his displeasure. The full moon was arriving in a week making Jungkook’s senses more heightened, his ache for power more desirable and his lust for her uncontrollable. And that was just this week leading up to the full moon.

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What’s the Scoop?

Based on this list of Celebrity AU Ideas. I thought this fit Alyadrien perfectly.

Prompt:  “you’re the photographer who’s been camped in front of my penthouse apartment for two weeks and i finally got lonely enough to come downstairs and share my leftovers with you” au

Adrien was used to stubborn reporters. He considered it a part of the job, something off camera he’d have to deal with that many people didn’t talk about. Still, he had to admit this one was especially persistent. She’d been there, night and day, rain or shine, for the past two weeks, and frankly Adrien was impressed and maybe a little concerned.

Not to mention, his house was feeling especially empty tonight, and he wouldn’t mind some company.

She was scribbling notes when he approached her, and she jumped to her feet when she saw that he wasn’t accompanied by his typical bodyguard. “Mr. Agreste! I just have a few questions-”

He held up a hand. “It’s, uh, Ms. Cesaire, isn’t it?”

She nodded. “I’m with the-”

“Do you want to come in for some dinner?”

This was probably the first time he’d ever seen her at a loss for words. “Uh… Dinner?” she asked, slowly lowering her notepad.

“Yeah, I’ve got enough leftovers to feed a dozen people by now if you want to come in and see what I have. Or I can order something-”

“No, no! Leftovers is great!” She beamed. “Can I ask you a few questions?”

He shrugged. “Why not?”

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My Decomp Pot Guide!

I wanted to make a little guide to show everyone how I clean fresh or mummified animals using the flower pot burial method. This is a great way to clean skeletons in a more domestic environment (the city, or a more conservative household) without dealing with smells or fresh bodies, while keeping the whole skeleton fairly intact. Lots of pictures under the cut!

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Doing last minute work

So you procastinated waaaay to much and you now have to do all your work in few hours. It’s okay. We’ve all being there. We all procastinate and probably will procastinate all our life. It’s part of human nature.

That doesn’t mean procastinating is okay. It causes unnecessary stress we could perfectly avoid by sticking to organisation plans. Procastination is not extra free time. It’s wasted time. Because let’s be honest, it’s not like we are writing Shakeaspere instead of doing calculus homework.

Anyways, we procastinated and forgot we had stuff to do. So now, what? How am I going to be able to do this? Don’t worry guys, I got you. This advices are from a master in procastination, aka me :)

  • Quick organisation. Take 10 minutes to organise and sort out everything you have to do. Start by the things that are due the next day and are harder to do. Don’t start an essay for next week if you have an assingment due tomorrow.
  • Be effective. Do what you are supposed to do. Don’t wonder arround trying to make your notes look pretty, or adding a beautiful cover page to your project. You don’t have the time. Stick to what you have to do and add the extra things when you have the time.
  • Take breaks. Not very long ones, but five ten minutes each half an hour is pretty reasonable. If you do all your work load without taking deep breaths in between, your study will not be as accurate as you wish it to be. But be careful, taking a break is an easy way to fall into procastination again.
  • And last, DO NOT PANIC. Panic is not going to help you. Take a deep breath and think about all the things you CAN do, not the things you won’t be able to do. Everything can be fixed, and you are going to make it through this school year with amazing grades and feeling super proud of yourself. WE CAN DO THIS GUYS.

Been making a lot of art lately, usually during night sessions after I make myself a decadent dinner and have a drink or two. I have also stepped back into swapping, because hey, it makes me happy. 

I swapped some great postcards with my mail friend Met this week. She had posted some weird postcards that caught my eye, especially one covered in tea tags. I personally have a tiny stash of these from my old pal Carrie and some random ones I keep for sketchbooks. Met actually took them and glued them down in a rainbow gradient. Of course, I haven’t taken a pic of them yet, but I will. So anyway, she sent me a notecard with this pretty red bug on the front. You know me! I circle cut the little guy out and added to the return card I made original for her. I also sent her an oldie but goodie. I hope she gets them soon and likes them both! I was so surprised about how similar the colors and style was. Looks like I haven’t changed much! 

I am also still working away on #cutpastejuly! I don’t post it daily because I have been skipping around, going back, and adding to some pages. Once it’s all done, I might do flip through or post a collage here on the blog. Really enjoying using my epic magazine collection to cut and paste. So rewarding to turn these crappy, glossy mags into great art that I can use for reference, zines, or even future collages! I love me some photocopies

Puppy Love : Zelo X Reader Scenario

     You were walking your puppy, Domo, through the park when you saw the most gorgeous, white-haired boy you could have ever imagined.  You didn’t even realize that you had stopped to stare at him until your furry companion tugged on his leash, signaling that he wanted to keep going.  You quickly moved along, hoping that the guy didn’t notice.  


     Junhong looked down at his phone and sighed.  I should probably get back to the dorm…he thought.   He dropped his skateboard on the ground, but before he could place his foot on it, he felt something grab his pants leg and tug on it.  Startled, he ripped his headphones off and looked down, only to chuckle at the tiny yapping dog pulling his leg.  The puppy made an attempt at growling but it sounded more cute than intimidating.  Junhong knelt down and scooped up the little fur ball.  "Hey there, little-“ he paused for a second, holding the puppy up to look under its stomach.  ”-guy,“ he finished with a smile.  The small dog barked in approval.  The teen idol looked for any identification and found a collar with a tag.  "Domo…” he read aloud. The puppy barked again and wagged its tail.  Junhong looked around again, seeing that the park was basically empty.  "…Well, how’d you end up here…? “ 


     You frantically looked around, hoping that Domo couldn’t have gotten too far.  Your attempts at calming down failed as your mind was flooded with the worst possible scenarios.  "He’ll be fine…Who am I kidding?!  He’s barely one year old; he’ll be dead by tomorrow!” you exclaimed, rummaging through a nearby cluster of bushes.


      Junhong tilted his head in confusion, but quickly concluded that maybe Domo’s owner had been somewhere around there.  "How about I take you home with me for the night and we’ll come back to look for your owner tomorrow?“  Domo happily licked his cheek to show his approval and gratitude.


     Junhong quietly walked into the dorms, hoping to go unnoticed.  He looked down at his duffle bag and put a finger to his lips, signaling for the tiny stowaway to keep quiet.  He was almost at his and Jongup’s shared room when he was stopped by Yongguk.  "Where have you been all day?”  "I-i uh…“  Suddenly, Domo started to move inside the bag, but Junhong quickly covered it up by coughing loudly.  "I just– needed some- air—-I haven’t been feeling too well- lately.”  He stuttered out between fake, yet slightly convincing coughs.  "Alright, well…drink some tea or something. It might make you feel better,“ Yongguk replied, unsure if he really believed the younger boy’s act.  "Thank you, hyung.  I will.  Excuse me for now,” he slightly bowed to the older male and hastily made his way into his room. 

     As soon as the door closed, Domo started to whine, wanting to released from the gym bag.  "Shhh, Domo! I-“ "Zelo? What’s in your bag?,” Jongup asked, approaching the startled boy.  "It’s um…uh….Okay, I can’t come up with a good lie. It’s a puppy,“ he gave up, carefully taking the dog out of the back and setting it on his bed.  "Why would you bring a dog here?!  You know pets aren’t allowed in the dorms.  Remember what happened to your frog?”  Junhong quickly grabbed Domo and held him close to his chest with a shocked expression.  "They wouldn’t do that to a puppy would they?!“  Jongup was about to say something, but paused and walked into the bathroom.  He came back out shortly after and assured Zelo, "Nah, he’d just get stuck if they tried to flush him.”


     You laid down on your bed, still worried to death about Domo.  I’ll just look for him in the park again tomorrow… Turning over and hugging your pillow, you slowly drifted off to sleep.  

     The next morning you got up at the same time you usually did and went on with your daily schedule, beginning with taking Domo for a walk.  Maybe if you showed up at the park the same time you always did, he would be there waiting for you.  


    Junhong smiled in his sleep as he felt slim fingers trailing up his chest and kisses being placed on his cheek.  "Heh heh…That tickles…“  He opened his eyes, expecting to see that beautiful (h/c)-haired girl from the park, but was met with Domo’s furry face and wet nose.  "Ahh!” he yelled, shooting up and clutching his chest.  Domo squeaked as he fell into a pile of sheets.  Running a hand through his hair, Junhong looked over at his alarm clock.  "Domo, it’s 5:30 AM!“  The tiny puppy barked at him, wanting him to get out of bed.  "Zelo, he can’t tell time; he’s a dog.  I promised I wouldn’t tell the hyungs as long as you kept him in order, now shut him up!” Jongup threw a pillow at him.   Junhong glared at his roommate, but did what he asked, telling Domo to keep quiet before plopping back down on the bed.  Despite not being able to tell time, the little rascal did have your daily schedule memorized and he knew that right now was walk time and you were probably wandering through the park at that very moment.  He tugged at his caretaker’s shirt sleeve and growled. Jonhong reluctantly dragged himself out of bed and reached into his duffle bag.  "Hyung…Where’s that red plastic container I had? Domo’s treats are in there…“  Jongup’s only reply was loud snoring.  

     Junhong sleepily got dressed and carried Domo out of the room in his bag, only to be stopped by Yongguk.  "Where are you going so early in the morning?  You never get up this early, especially not on our days off.  What’s moving in that bag? And why the hell is Daehyun sitting in the kitchen having dog food for breakfast?” he asked in monotone.  The extremely tired maknae blinked multiple times before replying with, “…So that’s where it went…”  Yongguk rolled his eyes and unzipped the bag, carefully pulling Domo out.  "I’m sorry hyung, but I couldn’t just leave him in the park alone.  He lost his owner and he’s just a baby and-“  "It’s okay….But you know we can’t keep him, right?”  Daehyun interrupted the two when he approached them with a red plastic container, saying, “Sorry I ate your snacks, Zelo, but they’re really good and-”  "You’re eating dog food,“ Junhong and Yongguk said in unison.  Daehyun’s eyes widened once he noticed the puppy in his hyung’s hand and he immediately started coughing, gagging, and yelling at his fellow members for neglecting to warn him.

     That day, Yongguk decided to accompany Junhong and Domo on their walk to help find the rightful owner.  They had no such luck.  However, they did find a lost flyer with Domo’s name and picture on it.  They called the number on the bottom of the paper and were greeted by a female who agreed to meet them in the park in an hour.


   A gigantic wave of relief washed over you once you heard that someone had found your beloved Domo and that he was safe.   You quickly grabbed your things and ran out of your house, eager to meet his rescuer at the park.


     Junhong’s mouth dropped open in shock when he recognized a girl with familiar shiny (h/c) hair walking towards him.  When she was close enough, Domo jumped out of his arms and ran to her.  The platinum haired boy thought their tiny reunion was adorable and had to fight the urge to say "awwww”.  Yongguk noticed the love-struck look on Junhong’s face and smiled, patting him on the back.  "I think you can take it from here,“ he winked at him before walking further down the stone path to leave the two teenagers alone.  


     You had been so excited to see Domo that you didn’t even notice the person who saved him.   After clipping a leash onto his collar, you looked up and had to stop your jaw from dropping in shock.  It was the incredibly handsome boy that you had your eye on.  The two of you walked towards each other and you immediately started to thank him and apologize for any trouble Domo might have caused. "He was no trouble at all….Well, maybe a little,” he chuckled.  You giggled, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear.  "Yeah, he can be quite a handful sometimes…Oh, I’m ______, by the way; _______ ________ (l/n),“ you said nervously, making a face at how you awkwardly added in your last name.  The boy smiled, happy that you were just as nervous as him.  "Choi Junhong,” he replied. The two of you didn’t notice, but Domo had been circling you, dragging the leash along with him around your legs.  "I don’t have much money, but I want to repay you.  How about I-“ you were cut off by Domo tugging his leash, causing the two of you to fall against each other.  The both of you laughed at the awkwardly pleasing position and tried not to blush too much.


     "Maybe, uh…You could repay me by going out with me for ice cream…?” Junhong hesitantly asked.  "I’d like that.“  A voice called out from across the path behind a few bushes, "That’s my boy!”.  The couple turned around to see Himchan with his fist in the air.  Untangling himself from the leash, Junhong yelled, “What are you even doing here?!”  Daehyun, Yongguk, Youngjae, and Jongup popped out of the bushes.  "We wanted to see the pretty girl!“ Daehyun exclaimed.  ______ giggled, covering her mouth and Domo let out a happy bark, knowing that his little game of matchmaker actually worked.

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long! It was only supposed to take a few hours and it took a few days…Well more like a week.  But my mom was all "blah do your homework” “blah clean your room”  "blah do your chores" “blah you need to get off your computer” But yeah, I have less work to do now, so I’ll be updating at my normal pace now.  Thanks for reading, guys!!!


i finally finished this one and i am hoping that the wait was worth it. im sorry yall

I giggled as Matt started placing light kisses all over my face, he was making a snapchat video. “Matt- Stop.” I laughed trying to push him away, he stopped and layed on top of me still recording, he placed his face in the crevace of my neck.

“I love you.” He said before placing a peck on my lips, ending the video.

I looked at him, pulling out my phone. Matt looks at me as I start recording, zooming in closer to his face, “Y/N, what are you doing?” He ask as I burst out laughing right before the video ends.

“You’re a jerk, Y/L/N” He smiled, shaking his head.

I kiss him, “Mm, but I’m your jerk.” With that, I crawl onto Matt, smashing my lips onto his, he slowly placed me down on his bed crawling on top of me, deepening the kiss. God, I love this boy.

1 hr later

“Matthew.” I said, lifting my head off his lap looking at him.

“Y/N.” He mocked, glancing up from his phone smiling.

“Let’s be productive.”

“Well, what do you have in mind babe.” He winked.

I playing hit his arm, causing him to laugh, “Not that, Espinosa! We should film some videos, I mean I need to post and you definitley need to post considering you never do.”

“Fineeee.” Matt agreed. I’m a youtuber, that’s how Matt and I met. We went to the same digitour about a year and a half ago and we just hit it off. Now we’re both living in L.A and it’s perfect

“Wait. What did you have in mind, Y/N?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“I wanna do the makeup tag.”

“No. No way, Y/N.”

“Matt pleeeeaaassseee?” I ask pouting. He takes out his phone and takes a picture of me to post on twitter saying: about to film with this dork I look at him, “Okay I’ll film that video if you come and give me a kiss, you cute goof.” I smiled so big and pounced on him making him fall backwards, kissing lips while he was laughing.

I pulled away, looking at him. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, “God, how did I get so lucky?” He said, I looked away blushing. I kissed his nose and mouthed ’ I love you’ before getting up to go set up for the video.

“Hey guys, It’s Matt and today I am joined here with my beautiful dork of a girlfriend, Y/N.” He said, placing a kiss on the side of my mouth. I wave and smile, “Hi Guys. Just to let you know, Matthew sucks.” I joke, looking at him.

“Anyway, today I am letting her do what I swore I wouldn’t let anyone do, but she wouldn’t stop pouting. Plus it helps she’s really cute.. but I am going to hate this.” He stated looking into the camera.

“Y/N, why don’t you tell them what you are about to do to me.” He sighs wiping his face with his hands in nervousness.

I chuckle, “Today, I am going to be doing Matt’s makeup and turn him into a pretty girl.” I squeal, pinching the frowning boys cheeks. “Let’s just get this over with.” Matt groans as I smile.

“OH MY GOD.” Matt yells, examining every inch of his freshly done face, “Y/N?!? WHAT DID YOU DO?” He screams, starting to freak out. Which ends up me having a laugh attack every time I make eye contact with the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen.

“Well, that is it for this video. If you want to see how Y/N’s face turns out, then I’ll leave a link below to her channel. I love you guys so much and I’ll see you next week!” He says.

“Or whenever he decides to upload again because his schedules suck.” I joke, sticking my tongue out at him.

“Bye guys.” He says before leaning in to kiss me, right before our lips touch, he turns to the camera and smirks before covering the lens and placing a kiss on my lips.

“You know, you are a really pretty boy.”

“Stop, Y/N I’m going to take this shit off my face and then you’re getting payback.” He smirks walking to the bathroom.

“Matthew Lee Espinosa. I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” I scream as I put the mirror down to look at a giggling Matt. He just finished doing my makeup for the video and I look like a clown.

“Isn’t my girl a stunner?” Matt says laughing squishing my cheeks together.

“SO I am going to go attempt to get this all off my face. We did the same video on Matt’s channel so I will link it below along with all the basic links to my social media. But I will see you next week looking like a normal human. Bye Guys!” I say kissing my hand before covering the camera.

“Hey, Y/N after you get my masterpiece off your face, we should do a younow.” Matt called from the living room.

“Sounds good, my laptop is in your room. You can start and I’ll join in when I finish getting your work of art off my face.” I yelled back.

“Okay!” He yelled back, he smirked at me as he walked by the bathroom, he poked his head back in, “By the way, Y/N.” He said walking into the bathroom wrapping his arms around my waist as I finished getting off the last spot of makeup, “YOU are my work of art.” He smiled, placing a long kiss on my lips before walking out.

“You’re such a dork, Matthew!” I giggled, shutting off the light in the bathoom before running to the couch and flopping on top of Matt.

“Y/N Get your butt off of me!” I laugh and kiss his cheek before sitting beside him. I see that Matt had YouNow already set up, so I waved.

“Babe, they say we’re trending on twitter.” He laughed. I pull out my phone to check the trends.

“Matt, they’re not joking. Y/S/N is trending number one!!” I squealed showing Matt my phone.

“Thank you guys so much for your support!! I love you so so so much. ” I say to YouNow blowing a kiss.

“Ayyye, where’s my kiss? I also helped get it trending, you bumhole.” he faked pouted.

“Oh, baby. Here you go.” I gave him a quick peck on the cheek before turning my attention back to reading the comments flooding in on our broadcast. I laughed at some of them. Some were freaking out that their OTP just had a moment before her own eyes. One girl asked when our videos will be up.

“My video will be up Monday, but who knows when Matthews will be because he is kinda lazy.” I joke.

“ I can hear, Miss Y/L/N” Matt said sassily.

I smiled and read a question out loud, “Matt, what are your nicknames for Y/N.”

He smirked and slung his arm around me pulling close, “It depends, usually it’s Babe or her last name. But I like to annoy her and call her muffin and honeysuckle.” He said piching my cheeks.

“I like to call him Dork because he is one.” I joke sticking my tongue out to Matt. “But I can be sweet and call him Babe.” I say still looking at him before pressing a kiss on his cheek.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, dork.”

Hey everyone!! Today I’m leaving for LA! I’ve qued up some things I didn’t get around to posting from the last couple of months to cover the week I’m gone.

I hope you will enjoy it! ❤❤

While I’m away, I’ll probably be posting to my twitter, so if you’d like to keep up with me while I’m gone, please check it out. I will post pictures from my trip here when I get back~

NGL though I’m pretty nervous about AX, I hope I make it in time and I don’t get lost haha. See you guys soon!

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The Plan - Chapter One (Misplaced Trust and Golden Archangels)


(   the-bitch-to-your-jerk)

Angel(s): Gabriel

Reader: Gender is not specified but will move to female in later chapters

Words: 2,113

Author: Sammy

Warnings: Mentions of the Twilight series. Swearing. No smut but there will be in part two.

Authors Notes: Basically this series is going to be me mashing in as many requests as I possibly can together. I actually proofread this one! A second chapter will be made whether you want it or not.

Summary: “Hey, chin up cupcake. The brothers aren’t the only ones with solutions to the worlds greatest problems.” He paused and dropped his gaze from yours, “I have a plan that might work. I mean, depending on how you felt about it.” You could tell as soon as he dropped your gaze and his usual bubbly visage that there was either something very problematic about his plan, or something very risky about it that you were sure to disagree with.

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This is How We'll Dance (Part 2) - Bucky Barnes


Part 1

Summary: This is set in the period of World War II, when Steve and Bucky were still in the Howling Commandos. (the plot is in my head, but I don’t know what exactly to put here without ending up telling something important. help)

N/A: I’m getting really excited about doing this, I hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: a little bit fluffy but a little bit angst.

From an early age you were raised to be a lady of high society, your mother made sure that you learned some idioms and other arts to be the perfect wife. But when your mother fell ill, you became interested in medicine and started to read your father’s books during the waiting hours at the hospital. And then your mother died of leukemia, making your life change radically with your brother and your father. You didn’t want to be a housewife, and your father agreed to support you in your decision to study medicine, unfortunately the only way you could work was as a nurse. This, of course, didn’t stop you.

Now, four years later, you were in the war. You had the intention of helping your father in the hospital that he had been called up, you thought that you would have more opportunities to make a difference with your knowledge acquired from your father and your studies, but in the end you realized you were completely in the wrong place.

The war, you couldn’t imagine anything worse than all this destruction and cruelty on the battlefield. And, when you lost your brother, you were in your fifth month as part of the Howling Commandos. You refused to cry in front of your teammates. You refused to grieve. But your team noticed your change in spirit, your behavior was more radical, your fight was more violent. You became darker… Until the day Bucky Barnes decided it was time for you to pour out your pain. 

You seemed completely out of control, punching the sergeant with a mixture of anger and pain, Bucky didn’t retaliate and didn’t let the rest of the guys stop you. Then you fell to your knees when the wave of crying finally reached you, making you cry your grief in Bucky’s arms before falling asleep in a quiet sleep for the first time in weeks.

“So tell me, Miracle, what’s going on in that pretty little head?“ Falsworth asked, taking you from your own thoughts.

The Howling Commandos were preparing for another mission, amid the European winter, if it wasn’t for all that war you could consider the snow-covered landscape that you watched from the mountain something out of a dream. You sighed heavy, looking away toward the British soldier and shrugged a little. You had so many things on your mind at the moment, you didn’t even know where to begin talking.

“You’ve set up the things?” you spoke finally, eliciting a smile from him. “What?”

“Rogers will not let you go first, Louise. It’s something kinda dangerous.” he frowned, abusing his accent, making you laugh and joining you soon after. “Come on.”

You two stood up from where you were and approached the rest of the group, getting close to the edge you heard to the conversation between Steve and Bucky, smiling alone with the strong friendship that the two had.

“This isn’t payback is it?“ Bucky looked over the edge again, leery. 

“Now why would I do a thing like that?” Steve looked up at him with a grin.

“Okay, sunshines of my life, we need to go!” 

You patted your hands, trying to warm them and place an order in the group. Smirking when you saw the soldiers stared at you with raised eyebrows and listening Dugan laugh. You didn’t think twice, looking at Gabe and Jim to confirm what you were going to do and then holding the apparatus of the tyrolean traverse, you got impulse and jumped before Steve and Bucky could hold you.

The cold wind blew against your face as you came down quickly, causing you a little shiver before having to drop and roll in the snow to land without end up hurting yourself. Knowing that the area was safe, you got up without worrying and wiped the snow from your uniform. 

“What do you think you’re doing, Louise? My God, you’ll be the death of me!” Bucky muttered as soon as he was beside you, running a hand through his hair showing concern. 

“James…” you rolled your eyes before turning on your heels to face him, he promptly pulled you by your waist and stared you in your eyes. 

“I’m serious, doll, how many times I have to tell you that?“ Bucky practically whispered, even though his teammates and Steve were still on the other side waiting for you two to talk.

You shift your eyes to the ground, feeling your face flush, you bit your lower lip for a moment. Bucky watched you carefully, he knew you well enough to understand what was going on in your mind, then he sighed heavy before holding your cheek with one of his hands and kissing your forehead. Suddenly you felt a strange sensation, making you have a strong shiver, you held  yourself against Bucky’s body, trying to warm up and feel his scent. 

“All right, I love you too, James Barnes.” your voice was a whisper, the bad feeling not disappearing, making your chest beat worried. “Now kiss me already.”

Bucky smiled that adorable smile you loved so much, leaning to finally seal your lips to his in a passionate kiss. And when you broke loose by lack of air in the lungs, the whole team was already around, smiling while watching the scene. But why you still had this feeling that something bad was going to happen?

“I think all this is very beautiful, but I need to take this jerk. I’m sorry, doll.” you heard Steve’s voice behind you and you knew he must be smiling, yet your heart was still uneasy.

Why is it taking so long?

You and a part of the Howling Commandos had returned to the meeting point, waiting for Steve, Gabe and Bucky return from the mission. You felt that there was something very wrong involving that HYDRA’s train, nothing would be easier if the train was carrying one of HYDRA’s top scientists, Arnim Zola.

Then you saw Peggy’s jeep appear with only Steve and Gabe. And you noticed that Captain America was crying. Your heart sank with all your strength and you lost air, Dugan promptly held you tight in his arms noticing what was going on. The two soldiers approached heartbroken, Steve was being practically supported by the small stature of Peggy who tried to calm him down. He couldn’t look in your direction.

“Where is he?”

You murmured looking at the three people standing in front of you, trying to take back control of your own legs and out of Dugan’s arms. But he held you even stronger against himself while Falsworth rested a hand on your shoulder.

“Miracle… Louise…” Peggy said in a firm tone despite being unsure what to say.

“Where. Is. He.” you grunted, almost screaming at the end.

“Louise, my dear… Bucky… He’s dead.”

And then you felt yourself losing the ground and the world went black for once.

This can only be a nightmare.

Part 3

WestAllen Appreciation Week Day 7: Free choice

Barry being in awe of Iris’ beauty

storyinmyeyes requested a WestAllen fic based on “Never Seen Anything Quite Like You” by the Script, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. Hope you like this!

When they start junior high school, Iris takes to pressing and straightening her hair and wearing lots of floral dresses and putting on makeup. Beyond a disastrous first attempt at putting on eyeliner–in which she nearly poked her own eye out and then gave Barry raccoon eyes when she wanted to practice on someone else–she gets the hang of the whole makeup thing pretty quickly.

Barry doesn’t really understand the whole makeup thing all that well, but he thinks Iris looks pretty with it and he thinks she looks pretty without it and really Iris is just pretty in general. She could probably wear a trash bag and she’d still be the prettiest girl he knows.

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hi, this is squid. this lil guy showed up on my back porch a few weeks ago, covered in fleas but not too terrified. he camped out in a box for the night and then we got him cleaned up, de-flea’d, and fed. now he’s a healthy, playful, but relatively chill lil dude and I’d love to find him a nice home that is not mine because, while he is really cute and so far pretty well behaved, I really, really do not want to live with a cat, like, at all, ever again. I am even willing to drive him a reasonable distance if you are not in philadelphia.

please, if you know of anyone looking to adopt a cat in the area, let them know about squid. I have a feeling he’s a good one (or, as good as a cat can be)


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