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JB Imagine - College AU (Part 6)

A/N - Part 6 to this little series is here! An anon asked about when this part would be uploaded so I made sure to get it done quickly ready for them so as not to disappoint! I hope you all enjoy~

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Being with JB was a weird experience for you. It felt like both nothing had changed and that everything had changed. You’d still go out for coffee like you always did before and you’d both sit together in lectures and seminars, which you often did anyway. It seemed like the only thing that had changed was that you’d kiss each other every time you met or had to say goodbye. It was so clear that not much had changed when you told some of the people in your seminar and they had said, “Wait, you weren’t dating before?” Practically everyone knew the two of your were together and they shipped you both so much. A few of the girls on campus who found JB attractive weren’t too happy about it since you had ‘stolen’ their man when in reality, he had never shown any interest in them whatsoever. But even they couldn’t deny the literal heart eyes JB had when he looked at you. He would look at you as if you were the most precious thing on Earth. He adored you so much, and you adored him just as much. 

It was a common occurrence for you and JB to be sat in a cafe, drinking coffee and sharing a cookie while you chatted only to be interrupted by someone, usually Bambam or Jackson. 
“Ah look at the lovebirds! How cute are they?” Jackson said loudly as he sat beside you, his own coffee in hand. Bambam and Yugyeom, a dance student who was close with Bambam, sat on either side of JB. 
“Such couple goals! I can’t handle how cute they look,” Bambam said dramatically as he grabbed his camera and tried to take a cute aesthetic shot of the coffee cups. JB looked at you apologetically, worried you’d be annoyed that they were interrupting another one of your dates. You didn’t mind though, they were all nice lads and you enjoyed their company. Even if it wasn’t at the best of times. You couldn’t count the number of times someone had come over to visit JB’s flat while the two of you were having alone time. They were even worse when that happened. This was nothing compared to that.

As the five of you sat and talked, Jinyoung then came to join you all. Over the time you had known him, Jinyoung had quickly become one of your closest friends. He sat beside you and joined in the conversation, glad the attention was on yours and JB’s relationship rather than his own. Noticing how happy he was to discuss your relationship, you made sure not to leave him out. 
“So Jinyoung, how’s everything going with Mina?” You asked, sipping on your coffee as you looked at him innocently.
“Fine,” he responded, looking at you with an evil glare as he prayed none of the others would add on to the conversation. 
“Oh, Jinyoung do tell us all about Mina,” JB then said, grinning at you as he realised that you had planned the subject change in his favour.
“I don’t have much to tell really so I’d appreciate it if you dropped the subject.”
“Aw, come on! Just tell us something!” Yugyeom begged him. 
“Yeah, like have you got it in yet?” Bambam asked, winking at him. Under the table, you kicked Bambam’s leg and scowled. 
“That’s my roommate you’re talking about there. And I was thinking more along the lines of, have you asked her out yet?”
“Yeah, we’re going out together at the weekend. I won’t tell you any more than that since i know this lot will try and find us to tease us or something.”
“I totally understand. Interrupted dates are the last thing you want,” you replied, looking around the table at the four boys who had all done the exact thing you described. 
“Oh, (Y/N), our lecture on Victorian poetry is starting in about 20 minutes,” JB said as he saw the alert on his phone. 
“We better go then. I’ll see you all later,” you said as you left the table, JB’s hand in yours.

Even if they could be annoying by crashing your dates, you did love being friends with all of them. They really did care for you and liked having you around too. They especially like the fact that JB had softened up ever since dating you. He’d always be intent on keeping up his ‘chic and sexy’ persona but hadn’t cared about that reputation as much ever since you started dating him and had told him you much preferred his softer side. Despite his appearance, JB really was a total softie. There’d be nights where he was staying over at your flat for the night and he’d be sat on your bed cuddling you as you typed up an essay, his chin resting on your shoulder. He would watch you type and come up with new points to write about and would often kiss your cheek softly as a form of encouragement. Then, as soon as you typed the last word and clicked save, he’d be pulling you down onto the bed for a proper cuddling session. The first time he had done it, you were in total shock because of how soft he was being. But now that you had gotten used to it, you would be more surprised if he didn’t do it. Even though he was soft as anything, there’d still be many nights where he couldn’t keep his hands to himself and would be constantly feeling you up while you wrote your essay, waiting for you to be done so he could finally get what he wanted. Those nights were just as fun since JB always knew how to get you feeling just as needy as he was with only a few simple touches. You always knew you were in for a good night when JB was staying over and neither of you had any morning lectures to go to.

Forever And Always | chris evans

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Imagine: Can you please do a Chris Evans imagine inspired by the song ‘say you won’t let go’ by James Arthur. Please and Thank You.

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Warning(s): Fluff

 You’ve been with Chris for seven years now and you couldn’t be anymore thankful for someone like him to be in your life. You two have been best friends ever since you two were little kids. Your mothers were best friends and you two lived in the same neighborhood. You were born one day after Chris and that was always a good thing because Chris would throw a humongous birthday party and you would be the first one he’d invite. And when you arrived, there would always be two cakes, one for you and one for him.

 Although it seemed a little cheesy at first, it started to gradually grow something special. On his sixteenth birthday, you were the only one to show up to his birthday party because he wasn’t the most popular type in school. Even though you were the only one to show up to the party, it was still one of the best days of your entire life. Because that night, was the night that he confessed his feelings for you and gave you your first kiss.

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Guess who’s back, back again, Little’s back, tell a friend🍬

I’m sorry I’ve been inactive for a while but it’s just been super busy with moving into my apartment and school starting again😥 I promise to start posting again more often now that I’m getting back into the grove of things
Super late but shout out to @babyyourdoll for the most adorable onsie and bow on earth 😻🦄

Dating Suho
  • Him waking up before you
  • Him watching your sleeping figure 
  • Him smiling like an idiot
  • Him waking you up with neck kisses
  • “Did you watch me sleep again?”
  • “No… why would you think that?”
  • Showering together
  • Holding hands
  • Small pecks
  • Him kissing & playing with your fingers 
  • Baking cakes together
  • “Why don’t you let me mix the dough? Haven’t you seen my broadcast? It got millions of views, I’m master chef Kim Junmyeon.”
  • You visiting the dorm
  • The boys teasing your relationship with Junmyeon
  • “Is he really daddy in bed?”
  • “Shut up Jongdae”
  • Him making lame jokes
  • Him making you laugh at his jokes
  • Sehun coming to visit you when Junmyeon’s over
  • Sehun sleeping in, sometimes next to Junmyeon on the couch
  • “Why are you taking my boyfriend away from me?”
  • we are roommates for life
  • Him teasing you a lot
  • Him walking around your house only in his boxer
  • “Wear something, you’re distracting me”
  • Him taking you out to fancy dinners
  • Shopping sprees
  • “Anything for my baby girl”
  • You squeezing his cheeks
  • And kissing his nose
  • Him making you wear couple tshirts
  • “What do you mean they’re ugly? But peanut butter & jelly concepts are always cute…”
  • You showing him off of course you’re going to kim junmyeon is a greek god
  • “Yeah but does your boyfriend have a face like his? Or a smile like his? Or a body like his? Or a voice like-”
  • “I think she got it sweetheart.”
  • You making him blush 
  • Him making you blush
  • You just like to complement each other
  • “You guys are the most disgusting couple i’ve ever seen, you’re too adorable for my liking.”
  • “who asked Sehun?”
  • Him talking about you to the boys
  • “When will he shut up?”
  • “I don’t know it’s been 2 hours and he keeps going.”
  • Spooning
  • Or cuddling
  • “Can you sing for me”
  • “I’ll sing for you, did you get it? haha! Sing for you…”
  • Junmyeon having a thing for you butt
  • “Stop touching my ass”
  • “But your butt is so cute and soft, i always want to squeeze it”
  • To sum everything up, you and Junmyeon are the cutest couple on earth, he likes to spoil you and kiss you also tease you wink wink, his favourite thing in the world is your smile, you’re the most precious thing he has ever seen, please love and take care of this cute baby, he deserves to be loved

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Downton Abbey / Gran Hotel

Are you looking for something to watch during the Downton hiatus?

I recommend “Gran Hotel” which is also called the “Spanish Downton Abbey”, which is not really true. There are some similarities, but Grand Hotel has much more twists and turns and suspense etc.

But the cute thing is:

Remember in Downton there’s that cute chauffeur?

In Gran Hotel we have Julio, the waiter.

Tom of Downton is in love with Sybil, the youngest, rebellious daughter of the house.

Julio falls for the - guess what - youngest, rebellious daughter of the house, Alicia.

Both, Sybil and Tom and Alicia and Julio become close friends first despite being from different classes.

Both couples are adorable, but the best thing about Alicia and Julio is: They’re the main couple. So they get LOADS of screen time, which is a definite advantage of Gran Hotel.

It’s a great show, very entertaining and exciting. There’s also a cute bromance. Remember Tom and Matthew?

In Gran Hotel it’s Julio and Andres. Andres is Julio’s best friend and also just the most honourable and best person on earth.

There’re a lot of bad guys, too and they’re much worse than on Downton. Some of them are really scary.

But the main reason for me loving both shows are these adorable couples.

lokiarmygeneral  asked:

I adore your blog so much! If I may ask for a scenario, how would Kagami react to telling his animal loving S/O about his fear of dogs? They show him nothing but understanding and love. Thank you ever so much!

“I-I’m not who you think I am.” Kagami struggled to find the words as he stared into your loving, unknowing eyes. He had spent the last couple months dating you pretending to be something he was not because you were one. 

An animal lover. 

Or rather, a dog lover. 

Because if there was one thing on this green Earth that Kagami could not stand, it was dogs, but not in a “I’m going to kill them” way.  His sentiment was more “They’re going kill me” crowd. So when you, the most adorable girl he had ever met, had turned out to be an animal lover, he played along. Kagami could pet cats, coo at the itty bitty hamsters, and tentatively pet snakes. 

He could not, for the life of him, sit down next to a dog and be chill. 

“It’s not like I hate animals,” he mumbled. “I just don’t do well with all of them.”

“Which ones?” you asked in all of your caring glory, as if you didn’t even care that he had pretended to like every creature in the world just to get you to like him. 

“Dogs.” He shuddered. “Small ones, big ones, ugly ones, they’re all terrifying.” He saw your lip twitch as you tried to muffle a grin. Blushing even more vibrantly, Kagami looked stubbornly at the ground. “It’s stupid isn’t it? I’m an idiot.”

“No, no,” you attempted to soothe his blistered pride and hide your grin. “It’s no big deal.”

“I just screamed at a yorkie,” Kagami said shamefully as you hugged him to your chest. “It crawled over my shoe and I screamed like a damn baby. I’m pathetic. You must think I’m stupid.”

“No I don’t,” you said. “We’ll start with something even smaller, a teacup dog to help you build a resistance.”

Kagami looked up at you balefully. “The only teacup here is me.”

Because I’m hopeless shipper trash who’s in love with abutterflyobsession‘s art school AU.
It has 2 of my favourite things, strange magic and art! I was already weak! D’:

Anyway, yeah. Bog & Marianne being an adorable Not A Couple Definitely Not No Way from art school AU. In a scene that’s never been in the actual fic. Because I wanted to avoid doing this properly by hiding most things in the dark.
Crappy drabble thing under the cut~

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(Are they really that peculiar? I’ve had people want to touch my dimples…I thought everyone had them until I was like twelve.)

APH Denmark/Mathias:

He would always be trying to get them to smile, telling them that he thought their dimples were adorable. He would always tell them that, unable to get over them because he thought that they were the most adorable things on earth!

APH Norway/Lukas:

He would keep poking their dimples whenever they laughed or smiled. He would tease them about it a bit, but it would all be in good fun. He would find them adorable as well. 

APH Iceland/Emil:

He has them to so they would both tease each other as well. He would smile every time that he saw their dimples. I don’t know how to explain it other than they’d be known as the couple that have adorable dimples. 

APH Finland/Tino:

He would think they were the most adorable thing on earth, fangirling about it a bit. He would constantly bug them about it whenever they smiled or laughed, getting a really goofy grin on his face as he told them how cute they looked. 

APH Sweden/Berwald:

He would get a little smile on his face every single time he saw them smile, getting their attention. He would feel a sudden need to hold them close to him whenever it happened, giving them a little kiss and smiling at them.