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171122 BTS Karaoke

Another video to add to the list of “If someone asks who BTS is, show them this”. LOL. This fanart took too long (blames my OC-ness) because I had a job in between haha. Also, I am fairly pleased with the growth of TaeGi and the boys showing their inner weeb with that Naruto song.

yoongi’s “we became a couple on that blind date show” needs to be tattooed on my forehead

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How do you feel about Shawn now since all this Hailey stuff? I’ve seen so many peoples opinions of him drastically change. I know you think he’s being dumb and it doesn’t make sense but you’re still posting him and seem fine so i was curious. Love your blog, Bee. 💕

At first, I felt pretty heated over it. I know too much about Hailey and she’s basically the last person I ever wanted any of my faves associating with. But after a couple days, it felt stupid to care. Because he’s a 19 year old guy at the end of the day. Everybody I knew and who I was at 19, did not have the best social judgement and did things and hung out with people they shouldn’t have. We all learn as we grow up and he’s still growing up. This person will definitely fall into the category of people who teach him a lesson about the wrong kind of people.

At the end of the day, I’m not going to judge him for this. He’s still the guy who brings his grandma to award shows. Who sets alarms to make sure he never forgets to call his sister. Who openly and lovingly supports his trans friend through their transition. Do you have any idea how many 19 year old boys would NEVER post hearts and “I love you” on a trans persons social media because of their own toxic ass masculinity? He doesn’t give a shit about that and that’s amazing. He still the kid who has all of his childhood friends and barely any Hollywood friends. He’s still a good guy and to decide he’s a piece of shit or he doesn’t deserve respect or he isn’t who he says he is because of ONE person in his life that is very very good at being deceptively nice is really over the top to me. Maybe if it were a few years ago I would have been more aggressive in my opinion but I’m just not that emotionally invested in who his friends are. I may have negative opinions on it here and there but not enough to care that deeply. I’ve done that in the past and it’s toxic and you spend so much time so angry and so focused on people you don’t like it’s exhausting and does nothing for you so why do it?

My opinion of Shawn hasn’t changed. He’s a 19 year old who deserves the space to live and learn just like the rest of us have and it’s sad to see fans turn on him and not give him the same courtesy we all got. Nobody at 19 had a perfect friend group and made perfect choices. He’s no different.

I don’t like the girl whatsoever so she won’t be on my blog. I dig Shawn so he will be. That’s all there is to it.


And if you’re gonna do this rip the plaster. If you’re gonna hit me, hit me harder than this.


“The bromance. The captivating couple”

Dong Wook. It was so nice working with you.I hope we can work in another drama again. I miss you.
- Mr Goblin, Gong Yoo hyung. We had beautiful days. I wasn’t lonely, thanks to you. If we could work together again. I think we can have more fun.

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