this couple is just so perfect i can't


Wiishu’s new video with Jack was the best thing ever! I’m so happy :3 I just had to screenshot them <3

This is what I named the folder :3





But seriously though, they seem so happy together which is lovely to see and it makes me happy! <3

And when I heard “we should record more together” I was like AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS! :D I can’t wait to see more of them :3

Ho Ho Hold On A Damn Minute
  • Harry was alone on Christmas Eve, with Eggsy off to Mass with his mother. Trying to be on the protective mother's good-side, especially when he was a sugar-daddy caricature, Harry hadn't complained. He woke up late today and was making brunch when Eggsy bursts in through the front door.
  • Eggsy: I'm leaving the Church. Converting to Tolkienism or something.
  • Harry: *flips a pancake*....did Mass not go well?
  • Eggsy: *hugs Harry from behind, buries his face in Harry's back*
  • Eggsy: Harry, let's elope.
  • Harry: Absolutely not. *sets aside a perfect pancake and pours more batter into the pan*
  • Eggsy: *pulls away from Harry, genuinely horrified* Why not?!
  • Harry: Because, Eggsy, weddings aren't optional. Marriage is for the couple, but weddings are for the family. It binds them together with each other, with us, so we become one family. It's always been that way. I won't take you from your mother like a thief in the night, it's disrespectful. Can't have her thinking she's not integral in our family.
  • Harry: *Flips another pancake*
  • Harry: We'll make a day of it with everyone there and it will be a proper wedding. With dancing and embarrassing stories of us and celebration. Two families becoming one.
  • Harry: *sets aside another perfect pancake while Eggsy stares agape*
  • Eggsy: Hold on a minute, did you just propose to me?
  • Harry: *Pauses and turns to Eggsy* Well, you did, actually. You suggested elopement.
  • Eggsy: I was joking, because I was mad at this woman at church.
  • Harry: *hesitant* Do you....not want to get-
  • Eggsy: Shut up, I'll marry you tomorrow. It'll be a Christmas wedding! We'll do it at the church. It'll piss off that bitch sooooo much!
  • Harry: Eggsy, no.
  • Eggsy: Eggsy, yes. It'll be great! Daisy can be the flower girl, we can-
  • Harry: The rings aren't even ready yet!
  • Eggsy: - get Merlin to-....Ready? Yet?
  • They stare each other down for a moment, before Harry sighs and grabs his plate of pancakes.
  • Harry: I want a May wedding. No compromise. *walks off towards the dining room*
  • Eggsy stares into space for a moment, before snapping out of it and shouting after Harry as he moves towards the dining room.
  • Eggsy: Hold on a damn minute, Harry Hart. You have this planned. You have this planned?
  • Eggsy: Harry.
  • Eggsy: Harry!
  • For some reason he can't explain, Eggsy can't stop smiling.

This TVFanatic article annoys me to no end.

Barry’s only serious slip up was the whole proposal issue, and even then he was misguided in his desperation to protect her.

That boy bends over backward to make sure she’s safe & happy & feels loved. He supports her in her career & never ceases gushing abt how much he loves her & how amazing she is. He does things like turning their kitchen into iHop & making her name in flowers & speeding them out to a romantic dinner in a gazebo on the waterfront.


That boy KNOWS he’s lucky to have her. He worships the ground she walks on. His one desire when leaving her to go into the SF was to keep living her life, keep being the amazing, fierce ray of sunshine that she is & keep RUNNING.

Iris is a saint & that whole proposal business was screwy, but he’s MORE than made up for it since then. Let’s not pretend like Iris isn’t just as lucky to have Barry as he is to have her. Barry is more than his screw ups, and he’s made up for them every time. Devoting his year to saving her life and then sacrificing the life they’d hoped to have together to save the world and her??? You can’t get much more selfless than that.

Plz stop hating on Barry for being human in the face of tragedy. Not everyone can be as perfect as Iris West.

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Lqbsoqhsiw OMG Victor's Fantasy with Yuuri, oh god, he imagine themselves like a newly couple 😂😂 and they're like in that phase when they have sex for breakfast, lunch & Dinner. Yuuri in that apron 👌👌 he looks so cute but then it's all like: "do u wanna have me for dinner? 😏😏" I just can't get enough of your Au!! Perfect like always I'm looking forward the rest 💕✌

Like, just, ultimate honeymoon period X3
And Victor is correct in assuming that Yuri has both a sexy and cute side to him X3
I’m so happy that you are enjoying the AU ;A;

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dear caretaker, as of about 3 weeks ago i am dating a girl. i really like her. most people see me as a girl (i'm not, i'm a trans/nb boi). i'm kind of worried about a couple things: first, she's polysexual and likes girls/nb people- would she still like me if i came out as binary trans? second, how do i go on dates w/ her without telling my parents? i offer the feel of holding hands with someone you trust, so much laughter you can't hold it in, and the perfect glittery eyeshadow she wears.



Reminder Ficlet 2!

One more week! One more week! Wooo! Find the post -> HERE <- Woooo~

Lance watched Kolivan with a keen eye. Everything had to be perfect, absolutely perfect. It’s why Lance had taken over their costumes; there was no way anyone would top their couple outfit! It’s also why Lance was making Kolivan hang up the decorations now. He had done the costumes, so Kolivan had to do the decorations.

If he spent a few moments checking Kolivan out as he hung things up then… no one had to know.

“Are you sure all of these are necessary?” Kolivan asked as he hung up another stream of paper bats they had bought a few hours prior.

“Koli, honey, love of my life,” Lance moved closer as he talked, giving Kolivan a chaste kiss on the lips before answering, “yes.” He moved back, gesturing around their decorated living room, “Since we’re hosting the party that means we have to go all out. If we don’t then that means we’ve failed, and I refuse to let Keith’s party last year seem even remotely better than ours.”

Kolivan watched Lance gesture around the space with a fond smile. “If I recall, we were the ones that decorated his apartment, and the year before that we decorated Pidge and Matt’s, and the year before that Shiro’s-”

“Sh!” Lance whirled on Kolivan, a finger to his lips. “Those are unimportant details. We still have to beat them, so get back to decorating, Mister. I didn’t hire you to stand around and look pretty.”

Kolivan couldn’t help but snort at that. “I don’t remember signing a contract.”

Lance grinned, “You signed over your services when you signed our marriage contract.”

If Kolivan’s deep blush was anything to go by, and the way he turned to get back to work, Lance had won that “argument.” The marriage card always worked.

Wooo! I can’t wait to see everything you guys create! Remember to check out the post/page  -> HERE <- if you’re interested! Love you guys!

  • Antis: Jon and Daenerys shippers are disgusting! He's her nephew! Gross... incest!
  • Jonerys shippers: The Targaryen family practiced incest to keep the bloodlines pure and to ride dragons. Dany's parents and grandparents were brother and sister.
  • Antis: Jon and Daenerys are so vanilla and boring. They have no chemistry. Just another White cishet couple.
  • Jonerys shippers: Jon and Dany's chemistry is so off the charts that casual viewers and non-fans are noticing it. And by the way, Dany is not heterosexual, so nice way to engage in bi erasure.
  • Antis: Jon and Daenerys are like Disney. They can't be endgame. GRRM says the ending would be bittersweet; they're too perfect!
  • Jonerys shippers: MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MINDS

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Do you have any advice or encouragement for someone who's still new to Loki and struggling with feeling worthy? I never intended to involve deity when I came back to my craft this year after a long time of not practicing, but he turned up a couple of months ago and stuck around. I just can't shake this helpless sense of "why me? I'm nothing special."

(Sorry, I wanted to clarify part of my previous ask: I know that there is no inherent link between religion/deity and witchcraft, but I feel a strong tie between my spiritual life and my craft, so a divine presence in my life feels to me to be part of that, as well.)            

So, one of the beautiful things about Loki is that he’s aggressively imperfect. None of the Norse gods are perfect, which is one of the major underlying themes of the surviving myths. Loki’s mistakes in particular are often showcased front and center. And in the end, they aren’t a bad thing, because he turns them into opportunities to build something better.

The Mother of Monsters has very different ideas of success and beauty and worth than the ones most of us were raised to accept.

Nonetheless, it can be very difficult not to project our own cultural hangups onto him. It’s a constant struggle even for those who have been walking the path for years, because it flies in the face of what society expects of us. Embracing your monstrosity is one of the hardest and most rewarding things you’ll ever do.

But fortunately, we have him here to help teach us. Start small. Read and analyze the myths. Learn to appreciate Loki for who and what he is. And maybe, eventually, you’ll be able to see a little bit of yourself in him, and appreciate those qualities you possess too. Even if the world doesn’t.

- Mod E

I miss the way you smell. I miss the way you do that biting lip roll without thinking about it. I miss how you pick the skin off around your fingers the way that I do too. I miss when you’d stare at me until I noticed & then we’d both smile big. I miss the feel of your skin on mine. I miss the way your heart sounds when I lay on your chest. I miss your laugh, I haven’t forgotten it. I miss your kisses. I miss rubbing my hand along your back. And I miss the way your spine isn’t straight, although I’m sure you wish it was. I miss the color of your hair, and the way it smells too. I miss the shine in your eyes. They sparkle so beautifully. I miss your tallness. I miss the way you hold me. I miss bopping your nose. I miss you bopping mine back. I miss the way we hold hands when I drive, there’s no good way to do it when you drive a stick. I miss your chipped nail polish. I miss the freckles or beauty marks on your face, let’s go with beauty marks because you’re beautiful. I miss touching your butt in public. Especially when you tell me to stop, because I wanna touch it so much more then. Even though I hate when you say uhuh, I miss the way you exaggerate it. I miss the way you’d put lotion on my face after we shower. And the way you brush my hair, because apparently my parents never taught me right. I miss the way you hug me. I miss the way you get sad, and bury your head into my neck. Though I dislike when you’re sad. I miss kissing you, not just when you kiss me. I miss the way we walk in sync. Baby, I just miss you. I’ll come home soon.
—  callmesmallz94 (a letter to my girlfriend wavecrestvibe)
  • M/F: Oh they're so cute! They match so well! They'd make a perfect couple! Meant for each other! Yadayadayada...
  • M/M: No that's just wrong! You can't ship real life people because that's not right. It's not your choice for who they like. Stop shipping them!
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Bitch?
  • Honestly, I'm so tired of this stupid "stop shipping" BS. I mean, I'm more of like the, " STOP FORCING YOUR SHIP DOWN THEIR THROATS", campaign. But the anti-shippers.. You don't like ships? Okay.. Sorry bae. You think it's wrong? Okay.. Sorry bae. But then, I've noticed that when hetero ships come into the picture, people who don't approve of shipping all of a sudden approve of that ship? Why?
  • I ship my ship. I'm a shipper. But I would never, ever force my ship for reality. I will respect whatever relationship that they will have.
  • I also respect /your/ opinion of ships. So it's about time your ass did the same of my shipping ass.
  • Anyways, time to address those shippers who take shit too damn far.
  • Calm the hell down child. You seriously take this shipping business way too damn far. To the point where you push it and force it and it gives the rest of us bad reputations. Not to mention our fandom as well. You ship them so badly that you become delusional. And you're going to deny this fact. I know you are because, like i said, delusional. But, snap out of it. You can ship them. Yes, but please respect their wishes. Don't bring down a member for your petty wants. Doing this makes you selfish and inconsiderate because you're doing all this with not even half ofa mind and you're NOT thinking about the consequences or the feelings of the poor guy. So stop the ship wars. Let other people ship whoever the hell they wanna ship. Keep your fucked up opinions to yourself. Bottle up all that negative shit and launch it into space because humanity is already as fucked up as it can possibly be without the added negativity. Thanks.

thinking about nadia and cesario playing chess and talking about fashion and composing music together. they’re so perfect… vesuvia’s new power couple coming through

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In "det beste fra Islam" Yousef first says that Sana have bad reaction and can't handle the ball and then in the end he gives her a scilla which means "You're not so bad" and a blue flower means "I want to be by your side until death" and I think he gives her five flowers which mean "I'll do anything for you" and that with the song and everything is just perfect and then at the end you can see an old couple walking home between them. The flower language is some serious stuff ;)

efjwenfiuewnfuew these two? D O R K S

ALSO the old couple thing, 100% intentional


zade: every episode in season 3

‘I know that you believe that we don’t have a future together. But Wade Kinsella you are just so wrong, and I’m going to prove it. As long as it takes, I’m not giving up’

I wish you’d just wake up, open those big brown eyes of yours and realise you and I would be so damn good together. We wouldn’t be perfect, but we could be happy and that’s so much more than can be said for most couples. 

I want to be your one and only, too bad you’ll never feel the same. 

this might honestly be the best pic of all time

like honestly what is even going on

this is the most perfect summary of the relationship i’m sorry

Haruka: trying 2 be srs while getting in some physical contact Michiru: 2 fabulous 4 u

i like how usagi’s in the back just wtfing and Mamoru LOOKS SO JUdGEMENTAL LIKE “ARe U SRS RIGHT NOW” (but is clearly jealous he didn’t get to do it first

 - go forth and have no fear |x|

ALRIGHT. I highly recommend commissioning @dalishwolfhound, because they did a fantasterrific job drawing Darth Serenus (Sith Qui-Gon) from my Frisson AU for me.

I mean, just look at him? He’s perfect. I’m only crying alot. They also did this in only a couple days, so you get great quality with a great turnaround time for a great price. You can’t lose. Just look at him.

Thank you, Dalish!