this couple gives me feels


Evak + Oh Wonder: Ultralife

Take a look at me now: I’m young, forever in the sun; ever since you came I’m living ultralife

I swear this fanfiction gives me so much life. 

Fic- I’ll Protect You link:

flashback to chapter 1! I love this story @lattemika, I hope you update soon!

Choh my gosh what is this?? Over 100 followers already? I’ve only had this account for two and a half weeks! Thanks so much you guys!! Hopefully I can keep it up…lol

Soooo in other news….I’ve just started drawing some anime (obvi hxh because is there anything else worthwhile like killugon? No.) and want to know if you guys would be interested in seeing it? Maybe give me a couple helpful tips?

Hear me out: Roy with his hair parted and styled. We all love the hair swept back but just think…

(I’m making this digital as soon as I get a new charger for my drawing tablet)


What’s up, Adrian? You been competing? Must be why we haven’t seen you.