this counts for poke ask blogs too

1000 Followers? Time for a group drawing!

First of all, thank you all so much for supporting this blog! Creating things for others to enjoy is what I love doing the most, so this really means a lot to me! I was trying to come up with something I could do, but a pokemon giveaway wasn’t personal enough in my opinion, while an art giveaway was way too personal cause only like 3 people would really get anything out of it. Soooo… a group picture it is!

How to join :
- be a pokemon ask/ dailyblog
- Reblog or comment on this post with a ref of your character. If you don’t include a ref and you have one on your blog you’re still good to go, including it just makes things easier for me.
- Likes do not count
- I will not include pokes from NSFW-heavy blogs
- Mutuals/ blogs I follow are slightly more likely to be included since I already know and like their characters. I try to fit in as many characters as possible, but I too have some real life things to worry about so there’s always a chance that I gotta leave some characters out.

That’s all for now. I know I’m repeating myself but thank you guys so much :D


Charmy is recruiting pokemon from all over the region, so any pokemon that hear this call will be able to participate!

This is going to be a “sort of” giveaway. With the usual rules of “reblogs count”.

But the prize is something completely different!

If you win, you´ll get any pokemon character (except legendaries, because… welp, they´re too strong…) to join the story as a partner for with Charmy!

And there are going to be 3 winners! To make an exploration team of 4! mystery dungeon style! I´ll share the story with the winners and see what we´ll do for the story! ^^

I hope a lot of pokemon enter! I wish you luck!

And happy blogging!))