this counts as a theory

I have no idea why I am thinking this (Spoilers for Legion if you count theories)

Seriously I’ve been thinking this since I saw Chapter 7 for the first time. THIS SERIES SERIOUSLY IS MAKING ME QUESTION EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!
I JUST LOVE DAVID SO MUCH 😂 (I know that can change in the matter of 48 hours when chapter 8 airs here but I probably will still love him even if he becomes anti-heroish 😂😂)

okay so here goes

in the episode “adventures in light distortion” we see examples for stereotypical body types of various gems. the first are for rubies, the second, jaspers/amethysts

and then the third-

now i don’t know about you, but at first, i thought they kind of looked like onion

but then we see how small they are

i want to see these super smol gems

i don’t know what gemstone they are but i need them in my life right now

Theory about the Red Army Symbol

So the Red Army 

Its possibly run by Tord and it has this symbol

It just some vague symbol 

seems kinda like it was painted in blood of all things

with the drippy end

and it has two spikes in the same direction

Two spikes in the same direction …..

In summary the Red army Symbol is based off of Tord’s hair

it cannon guys

Ain has been with us all this time

Elsword, Aisha and Rena began their journey in Ruben at the same time. Then they found Raven on the Blackcrow Airship on their way to Altera, and they found Eve in the Altera Core.

Elesis joins them in Velder (cinematic), Chung joins their journey in the beginning of Hamel, and Ara joins them at the end of Hamel as she tried to save her now-demon half-brother from being killed. 

Add joins them at the end of Sander (he joins them back in Hamel, between Chung and Ara’s addition in the Epic Quest) by saving Eve.

Lu and Ciel joins them in Lanox.

Rose shows up in Elysion.

All of the characters’ inclusion to the El Seach Party fits with their release date. New characters were announced when there were (more or less) new areas.

But lo and behold, our Ain joins them in Ruben.

As if he’s been there all along.

What if Ain has been with us all this time? 

What if he was the one who brought the team all the way up to Elysion? 
But we just don’t remember?

Remember all those times you were confused by the green lights that appear in town…? What if we used to know them but we don’t remember anymore…?

The last chapter is called Intervention.

Divine intervention is a term for a miracle caused by a deity’s active involvement in the human world.

It is often unexplained… and we don’t understand.. but the purpose of intervention from a deity figure (or the messenger of a deity figure) is to lead the humans to the right direction, without being the center of the cause.

“He is the one who walks two memories, right? Maybe that means he walks a memory where El Search Party remembers Ain and he walks another memory where he doesn’t exist… and they don’t remember him.”

Sang Woo stated in chapter 14 that he is 20 years old. Now I don’t think this is true. He also claims he have not been in the military yet. But yet the police officer talks about him being back from the army. This man knows Sang Woo.

So, what could Sang Woo’s real age be?

In South Korea you finish high school when you’re 19. Yoon Bum must have known Sang Woo at university, otherwise, where would he have gotten his name and image from?

Sang Woo must have been over 19 at this point in the story, perhaps he had even done his military training as it seems odd to spend a couple of months at university before being conscripted. But perhaps this is common? If not, he would have been 21 in the first scenes, and with two years of military service at the same time as Yoon Bum, he would be 23 years old. I am not at all sure if I mean not sure if that is Korean age, or Western though.

Sang Woo’s age feel like such a mess! But what about Yoon Bum?

(Yoon Bum talking about when he first saw Sang Woo, from chapter 1)

Yoon Bum entered college four years late. Like I mentioned; in South Korea you graduate high school at 19, and if it is common to go straight to college after high school that mean that Yoon Bum is 23 when he enters college “four years late”.
He also attends college for 1 year (he sees Sang Woo in his second semester) before his conscription, making him 24 before going into the military. The military is 2 years, so he should be around 26? 

And he probably don’t start stalking Sang Woo the moment he gets out of college, so maybe one can add one year to them both? But this is my theory about their ages!

(pardon any mistakes, please correct me if I got any information wrong!)

Theory: Count Olaf is, in fact, an old Barney Stinson. He has become jealous of the lives his friends now lead, having also lost everything when he got back into gambling. He sets out to regain his fortune and he decides to do that by stealing the money from the very woman who scorned him. The characters he now becomes - Olaf, Stephano, Captain Sham, etc, are all characters he had come up with years before to impress women.

Dating Thomas would involve...

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- Him falling for you on his first day in the glade (literally)

- You thinking he doesn’t like you because he avoids you and keeps silent around you

- Which actually means he likes you a lot but his awkward turtle mode is switched on

- Eventually getting together through Minho’s (un)necessary comments

- “The only thing that’s uglier than you is the kid you’re gonna have with Y/N”

- Being afraid he’ll leave you for Teresa

- Him telling you that that’s complete bullshit 

- Talking about his memories/dreams of WCKD

- Comforting him after a nightmare

- Piggy back rides 



- Worrying about him all the time when he’s in the maze

- Counting his moles

- Making theories about the true origin of Gally’s eyebrows

- “Hey there, pretty boy.”

- Him acting like he’s annoyed of the nickname but he secretly loves it

- Always supporting him no matter what

- Tight hugs

- Followed by make-out sessions

- Not being aware of how much he actually loves you

- Spooning 

- Even if you’re angry at him for risking his life

- You end up curling around him like an angry cat and hissing “Goodnight”

- Making it up because he finds angry little cat Y/N really cute

- Him being serious all the time around the others

- But when it comes to you he’s just such a DORK

- Wearing his shirt

- Having hot sex because you wore his shirt

- That’s some good shit bc Tommy knows what he wants

- Cuddling and falling asleep on each other

- Round 2 after you woke up because his morning voice turns you on a lot

- Getting up extremely early since he has to get ready for the maze

- Sweet morning kisses

- Followed by round 3 in the shower

- The others being jealous of him because he got the girl

- Him being protective af

- “Are you okay baby?”

- “Thomas, I literally just stumbled over a fucking stone!”

- Leaving hickies on his neck

- Also on his jaw and collarbone

- The others teasing him for them

- But he realizes it’s a great way to show you’re his


- Waking up with a necklace of hickies

- “Really?”

- “I’m sorry babe”


- Getting to touch his hair

- Him moaning softly because your touch is so relaxing

- The gladers being annoyed of your PDA

- Thomas intensifying the PDA

- Being locked in the slammer for it

- You visiting him

- The slammer losing its virginity that night

- Gally using you as a threat against Thomas

- Actually becoming good friends with Teresa


- Being good friends with Newt & Minho

- Especially Newt though because his accent is so cute and you like to hear him talk

- Thomas getting jealous of Newt

- Him making you more than just talk when his jealousy sets in

- Hugs from behind

- Massaging him after an especially stressful day

- It’s relaxing but your touch also gets him all worked up

- Y’all know what happens then

- “Thomas?”

- “Yeah?”

- “Stop staring”

- Him totally losing his shit when someone tries to take you away from him

- Holding his hand all the time

- Forehead kisses

- “I love you so much”

- “I love you more”

- Having a relationship way too mature for your age

- Most of the time

- “If I was a Griever, would you still-”

- “Babe, we’ve had this before, you’re not turning into a Griever”

- Him wrapping a scarf over your whole face so the sand of the scorch won’t hit you

- Being jealous of Brenda

- “Thomas, we need to talk

- Extremely vocal sex that night

- “Good one Y/N, claim your man”

- “Go away Minho”

- Him randomly scooping you into his arms because he needs to be close to you

- Letting him play with your hair at night when he can’t sleep

- Being so fucking scared that you’ll lose each other somehow


anonymous asked:

So do you think Shiro is just ... dead in canon? Because I am stressed af about this. (sorta looking for reassurance that we didn't just lose Space Dad because if so I am DONE with the show.)

Absolutely not.

First of all, narratively that makes no sense.  There are SO many unanswered questions they’ve set up about Shiro, like the arm and what happened to him in his year of captivity.

Secondly, it also makes no sense from a story standpoint: Shiro would be the first big death from the team.  That would be a big deal.  They spent two seasons building up his relationship with Black and the team and he just disappears and that’s it?  Nah.  Naaaah.  That’s not how a TV Show works.

Thirdly, there’s a few pieces of secondary material that talk about Black’s ability to phase through matter/teleport.  Sounds like something they had in mind going into S2.

Fourth, this isn’t the kind of show that kills off it’s main cast.  They want us to FEAR they will but also Dreamworks Marketing is notorious for this shit so meh.  S2 didn’t end up being about Shiro dying like we thought so w/e w/e.

Whenever the teaser comes out, don’t trust it.  FYI.  


I’ve noticed so many theories about how our dear Herbert came to be but they all have to do with Krolock meeting some woman and falling love or whatever. But I KNOW who Herbert is. I figured it out! (And have never seen a theory like this one but that does not mean I’m the first to come up with this, I’ve just never seen one)

Die Unstillbare Gier

Throughout this song the audience learns about Krolock’s background, the countless people her fell for, how he always killed them in the end. This song is the key to who Herbert is. 

Und des Kaisers Page aus Napoleons Tross…

When I first heard this song I always assumed that it was actually talking about Napoleon, because I never really listening to the lyrics, but then I looked at it and realised Krolock wasn’t fucking an emporer (which was much funnier than the truth), but one of his court entourage dudes (not necessarily fucking, though). His page, meaning a young male servant.

The only others mentioned in the song are a young girl and a pastor’s daughter, but he also mentions the page, a young boy. He doesn’t actually tell us the boy dies.

Stand er vor dem Schloss.
Dass seine Trauer
mir das Herz nicht brach,
kann ich mir nicht verzeihn.

The actual German translation really doesn’t translate well to English, 

his state before whom castle
that his sorrow/grief
the heart of mine did not break
can not be condoned

and in the Broadway translation the line is changed completely, but the literal translation is best defined as “seeing him before the castle in a state of sorrow did not break my heart, which I cannot condone”

The lyrics say nothing of the boy being dead. Actually, there isn’t even a lie showing a really relation between the two. The boy is sad. Why is he sad? Two reasons come to mind: either it’s Krolock’s fault someone died (like his mother) or he was so attached to Krolock he felt betrayed. So if the boy didn’t die, what happened? He was turned into a vampire!

I think this page is Herbert.

Further proof: 

1. There are numerous times during the musical where Herbert uses the phrase ‘mon Chéri’ which is French for ‘my darling’. Either he is french, or he finds speaking french fashionable

2. Alfred, Sarah, and Herbert are all presented to the audience as young beings. We’re never given a direct age, but the assumption is around 18ish at most I think? Which is a typical male servant age, especially for French circa 1800s, though the ages could go into like the mid twenties.

3. Herbert dresses like a French nobleman in most productions (I cannot speak for all), He’s got the silk shirts, and the lace, and the tight pants

I feel like this needs to be addressed to the fandom. Yes, Neo used signs in RWBY Chibi, but as we see in the pic above, (provided by RWBY Wiki) Gray Haddock, lead producer for RWBY, confirmed that Neo does indeed have a Voice Actress. For reasons unknown, she has yet to say any real lines. (grunts and gasps do not count as real lines). My only theory is that the voice actress could be famous and RT is just saving her for later.

I can understand if many of the fandom wants Neo to be mute, but unfortunately that’s not the case. The signs in Chibi were only meant to be a joke to the fandom’s reaction to claiming Neo was a mute. This is typical Rooster Teeth hijinks as they LOVE to mess with their fans this way.
Chaos Theory
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: tessacrowley | Word Count: 102,700 | Rating: M

Summary: Chaos: when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. One gene varies, one neuron fires, one butterfly flaps its wings, and Draco Malfoy’s life is completely different. Draco has always found a certain comfort in chaos. Perhaps he shouldn’t.

Review: This is… a whole new level of drarry fanfiction, you just have to read it

Draco is a child genius, and get’s sorted into Ravenclaw and there are a lot more changes besides - but Draco’s voice, his mind, his personality, his actions and the relationship he forms with Harry (and how it affects both of them)… they’re all so unique and real and perfectly understood and written by the author.

Despite the difficult content and the length, the writing and flow of the plot makes it so easy to read and devour, with just enough lightness and humour to balance the dark and serious portions. It’s so crazy, and definitely AU right from the beginning of the Harry Potter series, but there’s no feeling of wrongness at all because it’s its own story - like a retelling. 

I promise you that despite how strange and “not-worth-it” it feels to read an AU (at least that’s how I usually feel), this is one fic worth reading. This fic seriously got me good.

Content/Warnings: AU - Canon divergence, Science, Humour, Torture, Violence, Disability, Mentions of rape

Mood Music: Worth The Fight - BROODS

Did Lemony stalk the Baudelaire orphans from his taxi?

The very first discovery readers make about the mythology of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” is, naturally, the purpose of its semi-fictional narrator:

  • Who is he?
  • What does he want?
  • When did he start recording the lives of the Baudelaire orphans?
  • Why do they matter to him?

We do get an answer to all of these mysteries, in “The End”.

But these are all the wrong questions.

The real question is: “Can we, as a reader, trust the benevolent image he tries to project?”

There is indeed a difference between giving the facts and telling the truth. And when it comes down to it, there is something unseemly about the idea of a grown man exposing these children’s darkest turmoils for the benefit of complete strangers. Without apparent consent, no less.

Let’s embark together on a troubling journey and retrace Lemony’s investigation, step by step. We will analyze his methods; we will question his motives. And we will paint a very different picture of Mr Snicket’s works than the one he wants us to believe… after the cut.

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Alright, so we should all know by now that in The Bubbler, all adults are sent to space in bubbles, except for Hawkmoth. Now, people have pointed out that you never see Gabriel in a bubble, yadda yadda yadda, that’s not what I’m getting at. I’m sure you’re thinking “Hon, The Bubbler wouldn’t send Hawkmoth to space for obvious reasons, I mean, come on…” BUT NO, I believe the reason Hawkmoth was never sent to space as an adult is because…

Hawkmoth is actually a toddler with freakishly long arms standing on the shoulders of a toddler with freakishly long legs

You’re welcome for figuring out the real identity of Hawkmoth

exo teaser theory: if you count the letters of call me baby and times it with tao’s gucci bags, multiply it with junmyeon’s credit cards, minus it with kyungsoo’s hatred towards baekhyun, and divide it by chanyeol’s posts on instagram, then you will understand what this comeback is all about!
exo-l: wow… exo fans are the best. how did they even come up with this. super smart.
sm: what in the fuck