this couldve gone better


prompt: artwork!au! where theyre at a museum, and one tells the other to stop taking pictures of the artwork while they take selfies.

Pairing: Peter Parker X The Reader

Warnings: some flirting

Words: 703

Y/N followed her teacher, as they were lead through an art museum in New York. She was pretty bored since none of her friends had come on this trip, since they thought it would be boring, and they were right. Y/N sighed, reading the description of one of the paintings.

She pulled out her phone, going on instagram, looking at all the fun things her friends were doing. Instead of being there, she couldve gone to the beach or something else, anything else would be better. As much as Y/N loved art, she thought this was the worst thing to ever experience.

She decided to go on snapchat, and us the filters. Taking a picture of herself, she used the flower crown filter, smiling.

“You cant take pictures of the art..” Someone spoke to Y/N, tapping on her shoulder.

Y/N turned around coming face to face with a pair of brown eyes. She looked at the persons face, seeing that it was some kid in her algebra class, but she couldnt really remember his name, all she knew was that he was one of the smarter kids in the class.

“I wasnt taking a picture of the art though,” Y/N gave him a confused look. “I was taking a selfie…” Y/N wasnt sure what was happening at all.

“I know.” He winked at Y/N, before walking away.

Y/N looked at him, shocked. Her?? Art?? What?? She blushed, thinking about someone calling her art. Following the direction of the person who called her art, she tapped his shoulder, making him turn around.

“You’re Parker right..?” He shook his head, giving Y/N a small smile.

“Im Peter, Peter Parker.” Y/N nodded, walking along his side.

“Y/N. You into art?” Y/N asked him, while looking at a sculpture that she had seen so many times already.

“Yeah, art with a pretty smile and glasses too big for her face."  Y/N giggled as Peter winked at her. "No, but seriously, i do like art, i think its neat.” Peter nodded at a painting, Y/N reading the description of it.

“I like art, but this is so boring.” Y/N sighed, following Peter to another sculpture.

“Wanna ditch this place and maybe grab some lunch?” Y/N smiled, nodding.

“Sure thing, Mr. Smooth.” Peter laughed at her as she called him Mr. Smooth

When the teacher in charge of their group wasnt paying attention, they slipped away from their group, and out the doors. They decided to eat at a burger place, and ordered their food. They both got a burger, some fries, and a shake.

“You dip your fries into your shake?” Peter asked, amused, watching Y/N eat her food.

“Uhm.. Yeah??” Her answer wasnt confident, since she felt slightly embarrassed.

“Is that good..?” Y/N nodded, slowly dipping another fry into her shake, before eating it.

Peter followed her, and dipped a fry into his shake, and once he ate it, he smiled. Y/N was relieved that he didnt think it was weird. She had weird eating habits, but she wasnt sure why she had them.

“We should probably get back so they dont worry about their missing children.” Y/N agreed, nodding her head.

“I had fun, thanks.” Y/N gave peter a smile, which he returned.

“Hope we can do this again sometime soon,” Y/N nodded im agreement. “But if you ever wanna look at some art, call me.” Y/N laughed, but nodded, not sure if he was implying that he was art or not.

They walked back to the museum, which wasnt too far. They made it in time before the teacher gathered everyone up and loaded them onto the bus. Coincidentally, Peter and Y/N were on the same bus and they didnt even know it. They sat next to each other on the ride home, the both of them listening to Y/N’s music. When they got back, they parted their ways, but continued to text each other.


I am absolutely terrified of dogs and you just moved in next door and your dog is huge and it seems to like me a lot more than I like it please send help’ AU

She should’ve known something was up when the movers starting pulling a dog bed and two boxes full of chew toys into the house next door, but she decided to be naïve because surely her new next door neighbours got the memo that she hated dogs (she didn’t send one, but that’s beside the point). And, okay, to be fair she doesn’t hate dogs, but this one time when she was six? Seven? She went to stroke her friend’s dog, and ended up getting stitches in her cheek. And yeah, she probably shouldn’t have stolen his favourite toy but she hasn’t recovered since.

Besides, the guys next door moved in a few days ago now, the moving truck gone, and she hasn’t seen a dog yet. So, she’s hopeful. Probably a little too hopeful for someone who could hear faint barking last night.

She opened her front door, bending down to slip into her shoes and grab her bag and shopping list, turning around in time to see a huge fucking dog bounding over, running up the few steps to her door and jumping up playfully.

“Shit, no, get off. Oh my god,” She whined, pushing at her paws, ignoring the killer puppy eyes and adorable tongue lolling out of the side of its mouth. And, okay, she was pretty cute but she was also fucking massive, thanks, “Where the fuck did you come from, huh?”

“Uh, yeah – sorry about that,” A voice spoke and she looked up, catching her breath in her throat at the guy standing on her front lawn, before grimacing as the dog tried to lick at her arm, “Lola, c’mere,”

She watched as he knelt to the floor, patting his leg and the dog, Lola, went bounding towards him, knocking him over and pawing at him enthusiastically. He giggled, and she all but fucking melted at the sound as Lola rolled over for him to rub at her tummy and coo at her. Which, shit, because she can already feel a crush forming. He stood up, and smiled at her, eyes crinkling and oh god,

“Hey, sorry about that, we’re still tryna’ teach her. She likes you though,” He grinned, and she pulled a face.

“I, uh, don’t like dogs much.”

He raised his eyebrows,

“You don’t like dogs? How can you not like dogs?”

“They scare me, and they’re big and they jump at me –“

“Come here,” He demanded, kneeling down and patting the grass next to him, “C’mon.”

She hesitated, before closing the door and kneeling down next to him, hovering on her heels so she could jump back. But the deep, warm brown to his eyes made her want to trust him,

“Stroke her, she won’t bite, promise,” He said, voice encouraging and sweet. She reached forward nervously, fingers brushing at her light coat, smiling as Lola pushed her head further into her palm. He beamed, “See!”

“She’s okay,” She admitted, before pulling back and glancing at him, “Did you just move next door?”

He nodded, “Yeah, m’Calum,”

But before she could respond, tell Calum that the slight lisp to his words was adorable as shit, Lola jumped up from where she was lying to paw at her again, tail wagging excitedly and she really doesn’t like dogs.

“Help me,” She whined, standing up quickly to hide behind him, her head only just reaching between his shoulder blades, “Caluuuuum,”

He was chuckling, and he looked up as his door opened, “Ash, get Lola to go back inside, will you? Alright, you can stop trying hiding from my puppy now,” He grinned, and she looked up sheepishly.


“No problem, where’re you headed, anyway?”

“Oh, just gonna get some shopping, my fridge is depressingly empty. D’you, uh, wanna tag along? I could show you around or something,”

He beamed, “Sure, lemme just grab my wallet. Did you wanna come in?” He asked, fingers winding around her wrist to tug her across the front lawn to his door, “I won’t let her get you,” He chuckled, “Promise.”



Open your Gifs Folder

Use every 3rd Gif

No skipping!!!

1. Your feelings about the game coming today

so far so good

2. You dealing with your Sylladex



3. You dealing with your Guardian

i am a fucking rebel 

4. Your server player:



5. Your Sprite’s first prototype

I truthfully have no idea what to say to this besides that i am screwed if that is all he decides to do ;-;

6. Entering the Medium

Oh hell yes XD

7. Your Land

The land of sugoi and poles

i can live here forever

8. Your Sprite’s second prototype


9. You fighting

this is actually accurate 

10. Your Patron Troll


11. How you spend the game dicking around

I definitely believe this

12. Your Client Player

*dies of diabetes* 

13. Your Romantic Interest

….i suppose this will do

14. Your death


15. God Tier


16. Your other death


17. How you spend the next three years waiting to get to the Scratched Session


18. Your Post-Scratch self


19. Your Post-Scratch Guardian


20. Your Patron Troll’s Ancestor

i can deal with this

21. How you defeat Lord English


22. How you win SBURB

so i dont win…?

23. Your new Universe

i need a adult