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(I don't know if you take asks like this, if not sorry) do you have any jastavian Headcanons you could share?

Ahh I would’ve answered this sooner but I had to do my homework and algebra kills but yeah I do lots of fluff because I live for Tavi being happy

  • Their first ‘date’ is Jason asking Octavian out for coffee and breakfast one morning
  • Since he never clearly stated it was a date, the whole time Octavian was like ???!!?! Is this a date?!?! Does he actually like me???!!?
  • They go on ‘dates’ like that a lot. Restaurants, arcades, that one really strange play that neither of them really understood what it was about
  • Their first kiss was after a game of capture the flag
  • Octavian led their team and they ended up winning
  • Excited about their victory Octavian runs up to Jason and is like “I did it!!! I won!!!”
  • And Jason kisses him and is like “Yeah!! You did!!”
  • Just imagine how much they both were blushing when they realized that majority of the two camps were watching
  • They’re both hopelessly in love it’s ridiculous
  • One time when Reyna and Octavian were talking Jason walked past and Tavi just stared at him because that’s his boyfriend!! Whom he loves
  • When they’re not busy doing camp stuff they spend majority of their time cuddling
  • They watch a lot of movies because Octavian never had much of a childhood and he enjoys watching them
  • Also because Jase just can’t believe??? Octavian’s never seen a mcu movie??? And barely any Disney movies???? What does he mean he’s never watched The Never Ending Story??
  • Octavian dances and sings a lot when he’s alone what a fucking cutie
  • Jason walked in on this once and Octavian was so embarrassed but he thought it was the cutest thing which it is
  • They go to restaurants to eat a lot because neither of them can do anything but bake
  • Neck!!! Kisses!!!
  • Octavian has paranoia and insomnia and when he can’t sleep Jason stays up to talk with and comfort him
  • Their house is very neat and organized like I even bet their clothes are sorted by color
  • Except for stuffed animals which are everywhere especially on their bed because Octavian, unlike most think, actually really likes them
  • His favourite one is an eagle plushie that Jason got him for his birthday when they were kids named Skylar
  • They both love it when it rains because they get to cuddle together and talk with the sound of thunder and the scent of petrichor
  • Like I’ve said before I just find this adorable Octavian steals Jason’s clothes and Jase is just in awe of how cute his boyfriend is
  • They have an annual tradition during the holidays to get peppermint hot chocolate that this one coffee shop and stroll around New Rome looking at the lights
  • Octavian wears cardigans a lot and that’s why Jason is as pan as he is
  • Jason is really supportive of Octavian and tries his best to help him cope with all the problems he has because I doubt his backstory is a happy one