this could probably be better but it's good enough


against my better judgment I bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. I had heard that for the first time I could go through the entirety of the Campaign as a woman and well apparently that’s good enough for me to buy a game.

But the point is that the game does not change the character interactions or relationships regardless of your gender. Some people view this as lazy writing and that’s probably true but it has resulted in something I view as a plus.

There is a romance in this game. Its pretty contrived and you’ve seen it a hundred times before, BUT because the character interactions/relationships are the same regardless of gender; PLAYING AS A WOMAN MAKES THE STORY ABOUT LESBIANS.

CoD: Black Ops 3 managed, through straight up laziness, to give create a B-movie, action-flick ABOUT LESBIANS.

A game I expected NOTHING from has made me happier than Rise of the Tomb Raider, which I had high hopes for.

What upside-down world is this?


Stiles gets over Lydia the day he meets Veronica Mars. He feels really, really bad about that, because he’s always thought his thing for Lydia was more than just a thing, but he can’t help it. The heart has its reasons, of which the mind could probably know quite a bit if it took a good long honest look at its track record, but hey, Stiles is still young enough that he can pretend he doesn’t know any better.

Here’s how he meets Veronica:

“No, okay, imagine a bus,” Stiles is saying into his phone. “The seats are in rows of two, and everybody wants to sit near the front, but nobody wants to sit next to somebody else. So the first electron sits in one of the seats at the front, and then the next electron sits in the next one, and then when all the rows have at least one person in them, then the next electron gets on the bus and it’s like, shit, no window seats, so it sits down next to the first electron. ‘Cause if it can’t have a row to itself, at least it can sit at the front, right?”

Someone starts jimmying open the window. Stiles is in a corner of the room where he can’t see more than a flash of fingers through the pane, but it’s obviously just Derek, so he doesn’t pay much attention. He should probably start leaving it open to cut down on wear and tear to the lock, but at least this way he gets half a second of warning to minimize his RPG forums or stick his dick back in his pants or whatever.

“So lithium is this tiny little bus with two rows of seats, and it has two electrons sitting in the front seat and one electron in the back seat. And then beryllium has another electron in the back seat. And boron–”

A hot blonde slithers into the room, glances at him, and says, “Oh. Hi.”

“Hi,” says Stiles. “Scott, stay on the line for a sec and if you hear me screaming, call Dad. Who the fuck are you?”