this could become a new meme


Apparently a new kind of anon meme is popping up and I’m asking your attention on that.

I ignored it the first time. But I’m noticing friends are getting something similar. Involving threats with their muses’ ships.

The question doesn’t seem to be so bad, but it can become viral. And if I remembered had something similar until recently. About if monsters could die of sadness. I don’t know if it’s the same person. But it’s the kind of ask. So pay attention.

Reply if you want. Ignore if possible. If they keep sending, just block and let others know.

anonymous asked:

How many threads do you and ineveryvein have?

HAHAHAHAHAHA. So currently on my end, I have 18 threads that I owe @ineveryvein. And that’s not counting the memes that could potentially become new threads. 8) I love it okay. I know I have a problem, back off. BUT HEY LOOK LISTEN, WE ACTUALLY FINISHED ONE THE OTHER DAY. I’m not sure how many she has on her end? 

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog meme (part two)

“Will you lend a caring hand to shelter those who need it?”

“Only need to sign your name; don’t even have to read it.”

“Hello. You know me? Cool. I mean, yeah, you do. Do you?”

“I’m texting; it’s very important or I would stop.”

“We would be able to provide 250 new beds, get people off the streets and into job training so they could… buy rocket packs and go to the moon and become… florists…”

“You’re treating a symptom and the disease rages on; consumes the human race.”

“The fish rots from the head, they say, so my thinking is: why not cut off the head?”

“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

“Don’t plan the plan if you can’t follow through.”

“All that matters is taking matters into your own hands.”

“Soon I’ll control everything.”

“My wish is your command.”

“Nothing here to see. Just imminent danger, in the middle of it: me.”

“The only doom that’s looming is you loving me to death.”

“It’s curtains for you, ___. Lacy, gently wafting curtains.”

“I don’t think I can explain how important it was that you stopped the van. I would be splattered. I’d be crushed under debris.”

“I wonder what you’re captain of.”

“Stop looking at her like that.”

“When you’re the best, you can’t rest; what’s the use?”

“Did you notice that he threw you in the garbage?”


Make up has become a huge part of my life in recent months. To the point of almost never walking outside without it. I need it. For me to feel complete, to feel my inner gender, to feel pretty. This is mentality that I most likely share with a lot of biological girls.

I keep seeing these memes made by arrogant insecure boys about making the first date something that would make the girl sweat off their make up. Like swimming or jogging. Cause you know, jogging is romantic as fuck.  There’s this whole notion that make up is lying and deceiving. Like they’re getting some kind of lemon because eyeliner makes her eyes pop, or lip gloss makes their lips seductively shiny.  Though you could argue, being born a boy I’m using make up to be deceitful and become something new.

And as we all know, boys will say that they like a girl without make up… but they really mean is they like a girl with natural looking make up. There’s no scientific study on this, but I did see some tumblr post and boy’s reactions. And nine times out of ten people believe natural looking make up is the naked face. That there are women who look like they’ve been air brushed.

And there’s so much pressure on women to appear flawless. Because its seen as the normal, and anything less of that isn’t worthy. It’s super easy to feel insecure in this world.

But, we can we stop and appreciate the naked face? Its one of my favorite things to experience with a partner. I love seeing a girl after they just woke up, no make up. Seeing the freckles, the imperfections, the splotchy skin, the texture. There’s so much to indulge yourself in. I borderline have a face fetish. Its my favorite thing about people. Don’t get me wrong, I love made up faces too. Lips stick is my favorite on girls, and dark eyes.

Recently I had lunch with a girl was about to go work out. She didn’t have any make up on for obviously reasons. And I found myself getting lost in her face when she spoke. It’s a super pretty face. And I know she doesn’t see what I’m seeing. And that’s devastating to me.

There might be a physiological thing to this. Maybe its because a woman who can brave going out with out make up, can be seen as strong or confident. Maybe when its a partner its an intimate experience to see their naked face. Cause as you seen on the internet, this is the only kind of naked you rarely get to see. I mean, if you control the content people see of you, you’re only going to show the best. I know I try not to post unflattering photos. Doesn’t stop friends from doing it >:U

All in all, I just wanted to remind you all that you’re beautiful. Naked face, make up no matter what. Especially in my local community, I’ve yet to see someone who didn’t have a feature I was envious of or admired. And that no mater what if you feel that you only look good in make up, try to remember there needs to be good foundation before you can build up to something great.