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hi anna! how did you actually find a good therapist that you trust and can talk openly to? i feel like going to therapy would help me a lot but i don't know where/how to start. (and also there's the money problem but let's keep that aside for a moment)

I actually had to go through a couple therapists before I found the best one for me! And I knew he was awesome because he guides me through my thoughts and shows me different perspectives. I could be confident and trust him about anything

The 100 Hellatus Survival Kit

Since I know all of us will be in various stages of mourning and death over the next 9ish months, here’s some fandoms to fling yourselves into to cope! (WARNING: There’s a lot of books..)

* = (post) apocalypse / dystopia setting
** = relationship dynamic reminiscent of bellarke
*** = both


**The Expanse

Want to fantasize about the delinquents in space? This is basically the S5 au you need.

  • kick ass space opera
  • diverse af cast
  • Nolden = Space Blarke (not kidding, this is what would’ve happened if she went to space)

**The X-Files

I know I never shut up about this show, but it’s for a good reason. Are you sad about Bellarke and need a long ass show to invest yourself in? With a slow burn couple, built on trust and respect and support? LOOK NO FURTHER!

  • government conspiracies
  • sad space parents
  • the longest slow burn that will renew your faith in blarke (its literally 7 years)
  • 10 seasons worth of content so you won’t run dry


Looking for another “diverse group of misfits that create their own family” to cry over?

  • 8 people share a psychic link
  • the bad government want to experiment on them
  • the most diverse cast i stg (gay ships! trans characters! poc!)
  • ships that will make you cry for 17 days 
  • so many people sleep on this so and i not qu(white) understand

***The Walking Dead

How about another power couple leading a rag tag group of peeps through the apocalypse? (Yeah I’m talking about Richonne)

  • zombie apocalypse
  • i don’t think i really need to explain this
  • but ana would literally kill me if i didn’t include them on this list
  • richonne = bellarke material


You can thank Mik and April for this one. In case you’re wondering what’s in store for blarke next season, or if you’re wanting to imagine that reunion.

  • bunch a strangers plane crash on a magic island
  • it’ll melt your brains (I’ve watched it twice and I’m still not sure i completely understand everything)
  • but seriously ask mik about desmond x penny because she’ll make you cry about s5 blarke


Just want a cute feel good show with just enough angst and a ship that will cause you only minor pain?

  • girl with a made up brain condition “stitches” into the minds of dead people to solve murders
  • camsten gives me butterflies
  • its just really cute

Honorable Mentions: *Attack on Titan, *Psycho Pass, The OA, ***Battlestar Galactica (I’m still crying about lee and starbuck ok?) *Firefly, Teen Wolf, Glitch, Agents of SHIELD, Roswell, *3%, *Falling Skies, American Gods (SUPPORT RICKY)


***Pacific Rim

Stay with me here. How about a visually stunning movie about the people fighting monsters in giant robots? But with important character backstories, diversity, and Idris Elba?

  • giant godzilla like monsters crawl out of the ocean and terrorize the world
  • special pilots operate huge transformer like robots to fight them
  • watch and just imagine blarke isn’t drift compatible (can’t relate)
  • a sequel starring John Boyega

*Goodbye World

Still feeling that apocalypse vibe?

  • group of old college friends try to ride out the apocalypse in a cabin
  • its simple but dramatic

*Tomorrow, When the War Began (also a tv show and book series)

How about some Australian teenagers fighting back against a country on the brink of war and chillin’ in the outback?

  • its basically Red Dawn in Australia
  • its v dramatic 
  • based on the book series by John Marsden

*The Stand

I mean technically it was a mini series, but whatever. Down for the film version of Stephen King’s greatest work about the battle between good an evil across a pandemic ridden America?

  • a virus kills almost everyone in literally a couple days
  • survivors are called from all over to join either the good guys or the bad guys
  • its much cooler than it sounds
  • I’d recommend the book but its 1200 pages and I know y'all don’t have that motivation

*How I Live Now

Have a need for even more teenagers at the end of the world? 

  • political / nuclear apocalypse
  • group of kids try to survive in the english hills or whatever
  • ft. baby tom holland and a weird cousin relationship that i don’t get
  • its still good though

Honorable Mentions: Ginger Snaps, *Resident Evil (but just the first one), Electrick Children, *The Matrix, 28 Days Later, Children of Men

Books (this is gonna be a long one)

lets get the obvious ones out of the way…

**Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo

If y'all haven’t heard of this yet between me, Ana, and Delaney in the past month where have you been?

  • ragtag (diverse) group of criminals misfits band together to pull of the ultimate heist
  • lgbtq+ characters! characters oaf color! disabled characters!
  • the ships will literally tear your actual heart out (*whispers* kanej)

A Darker Shade of Magic (and sequels) by VE Schwab

pretend to be shocked for a minute… are you in the market for a soul crushing series, with morally grey, but entirely lovable characters, and relationships (romantic and platonic) that make you cry?

  • parallel londons, blood magic, pirates, and princes
  • lila bard
  • bisexual prince and his pirate privateer lover
  • lila bard
  • otp thats meets when person a robs person b and leaves them bleeding in an alley 
  • seriously if you take one recommendation from this list make it this one

ok on to the ones i haven’t spent the last month yelling about

Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

book hangover after you’ve finished the first 2 books? well here comes the perfect combo of both!

  • fantasy dystopia? basically a fantasy world if the dark lord had won
  • alchemy magic!
  • group of misfits come together to perform a heist

***The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

Does the absence of blarke have you longing for an angsty, enemies to friends to lovers ship?

  • dystopia where some people have super powers
  • girl who can kill people by touching them (she’s basically Rogue)
  • aaron warner <3
  • the angstiest shit i stg
  • its a romance hiding behind a dystopian storyline
  • i think warner has elements of S1 bellamy so I’m considering a similar dynamic, deal with it

*This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

I couldn’t not include more from my queen. Looking for a book about monsters, and music, and the end of the world?

  • a future where  every violent act a human commits manifests an actual living breathing monster
  • the city of verity is controlled by 2 warring families, (August’s and Kate’s)
  • Kate and August come together to battle the big bad that’s threatening their town
  • the writing is so. fucking. poetic.
  • also no romance!

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

do you love witches? and kickass female friendship? and love interests that stab each other in the heart?

  • witch best friends (aka threadsisters) on the run
  • a complex af magic system (truthwitch-sense lies, windwitch-control wind/air, you get the idea)
  • seriously the female friendship tho
  • angsty ships that try to kill each other!!!
  • ongoing, but book 2 just came out

*On the Beach by Nevil Shute

Can’t get enough of people dealing with the impending end of the world?

  • last survivors of a nuclear apocalypse sit on an australian beach and wait for their death basically
  • how people handle knowing they’re about to be wiped out
  • be prepared to cry

***The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

More. Space. Stuff???

  • fairytale retellings in space??
  • cinder(ella) with a cyborg arm
  • + red riding hood, rapunzel, snow white
  • its been 84 years since i read, but i think cinder/kai reminded me vaguely of blarke so I’m counting it

*The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

I actually haven’t read this one so I don’t know if there’s a Blarke-esque relationship, but are you on the market for a book about gays and aliens in space??

  • space opera
  • introspective look at humanity and alien shit
  • some AI drama
  • f/f relationship (party!)

The Wrath and the Dawn (and sequel) by Renee Ahdieh

How do I open this one? Maybe you’re down for a retelling of 1001 Arabian nights?

  • such poetic writing
  • as i mentioned, retelling of 1001 Arabian Nights where this dude takes a new wife every night and kills her every morning
  • but then our salty heroin marries him and because she’s amazing she tricks him into keeping her alive through stories
  • and the romance is so angsty
  • i just started this so idk much else

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Looking to find a book basically about all of our lives?

  • fan fiction writer goes to college 
  • social anxiety is a bitch
  • theres a cute boy
  • its so fluffy it’ll make you smile

**Saga by Brian K. Vaugh and Fiona Stable

how about a few comic books? maybe one about a man and a woman from 2 warring intergalactic species on the run from their people?

  • forbidden romance between a bad ass black woman with wings and her kick ass asian husband with horns
  • running from both their governments that want their “abomination” baby dead (not a spoiler the first panel is literally her giving birth)
  • theres people with robot heads and alien orgies
  • its so fucking good
  • i feel like this is how 30 yo blarke would handle this situation

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns

On the look out for a superhero comic? Maybe, oh, ANOTHER ragtag group of misfits?

  • I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite iteration, but it’s mine and I love beast boy and raven so deal with it
  • robin, beast boy, raven, cyborg, etc.
  • just read it

Honorable Mentions: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova, The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Steivfater, Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee, The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare (listen, she’s trash, but Jem is my son and I love him), An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, ***Red Rising by Pierce Brown,

I hope this helps everyone out! I tried to think of as many similarities as I could and then threw in some that are worth the interest! Happy Hellatus lovelies!

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Hi Lovelies, I was wondering if you could update the presidents son tag please. I don't mind if it's Stiles or Derek, I am just craving it at the moment. Thanks


i grew up in your white house by tryslora (1/1 | 2,309 | G)

Derek sneaks away from the tour at the White House. He’s looking for one thing, and finds something else entirely.

Complicated Is An Understatement by stilinski_wolf (1/1 | 2,431 | NC17)

Stiles is the 17-year-old son of the POTUS, and Derek is his bodyguard. For the past few months they’ve been together in private, and only in the last few weeks did they take it all the way.

And it isn’t just sex between them, they’re in love. Which makes their situation a whole lot more complicated.

protect what you love by haleofStilesheart (1/1 | 804 | PG13)

A scream wakes Derek up in the middle of the night. So goes the life of a Secret Service agent.

For the ❄ prompt: 66. “I had a nightmare.”

Heart’s on Fire by julietangel (1/1 | 6,696 | NC17)

Stiles should have known it was him, but he blames the games for distracting him from his soulmate.

Jealousy, Turning Saints into the Sea by Irresponsible_Bear (1/1 | 1,552 | NR)

The first son goes missing. Derek finds him. 

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A sweet, older lady came through my line one day, and was distraught because she was a few dollars shy, and couldn't afford her purchase. I felt so bad that I gave her a damage discount (10%) on an item for a tiny spot needing mended. You could barely see the spot, but it was there, so I did the discount, making it affordable for her. She thanked me many times over. It was several months ago, and the ONLY time I've ever done that. I won't do it again, but I don't regret doing it that day.

I’ve done that. I’ve also had items that for whatever reason didn’t ring and I couldn’t find the price so I just handed it to the customer and said “Merry Christmas”. If customers are nice so am I.


Could I ask you guys to pray for me? I’ve lost over 20 pounds since November, four in the last month, and ten ounces in the last week (which was with a concerted effort to eat more than usual) and I don’t know why. Nothing in my diet has changed, I certainly don’t exercise, so this sudden and rapid weight loss being completely unexplained is definitely concerning. All the blood work my doctor ordered to try and figure it out came back negative, and we’re stumped. It’s a little scary, so please pray that my family and I will have faith to trust that God is in control, and that He is good, because I’m definitely struggling to see that right now

Please read

I didn’t want to do this unless I didn’t have a choice I….im unable to currently afford living in my apartment and I could really use any help anyone has to offer with paying my rent due by the 3rd of the month. Reasons I really didn’t want to get into but to put it simply I kicked out my last roommate from the past 7 months because of abuse. Mainly mental and verbal, I won’t name drop and I won’t say some of it wasn’t my own fault, but living with them was driving me to a place I couldn’t stand anymore and I’d rather struggle than be even more depressed than usual and deal with someone that made me very uncomfortable.

My rent is over $1,000 and I only get paid every two weeks and my checks are hardly $600 on a good week. I’m trying hard to find a better paying job, I have a degree and even that’s not helping. It’s tough. I also have my cat and honestly I’d rather starve before I let anything happen to her because she’s all I have. She’s taken care of just fine but I’m really stressed out about rent and upcoming bills. Honestly if everyone donated a dollar I’d actually have enough to cover the other half of rent for the next 2 months at least which would help tremendously. I can draw things to help with donations, I don’t believe my art work is amazing or anything and it’s traditional but I’d appreciate any help I can get so my cat and I don’t get evicted. My PayPal is I’m doing it this way instead of typing out a gofundme. Please please help if you can, thank you.

Dibs (MET x FemReader) drabble

Originally posted by markimooappreciation

(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): you voted for this story

Request:  Hi!! Me again. (I’ll probably send you 80000 requests) I was wondering if I could get a story where femreader lives with Ethan, Tyler, and Mark and is a youtube gamer. She dyes her hair (purple or pink probably), and the boys fangirl over her. There can be romance, if ya want. Thank you so much!! <3

Warnings: I don’t even know guys


Finally- god, finally you got it done.

The colour you have seriously wanted for so many months finally became a reality and fuck were you bloody happy about it. It wasn’t for a stream- or a bet. It was because you could.

You fucking loved purple.

Couldn’t have looked better, if you were blunt. It complimented everything about you to a T.

In fact, you had just left the salon that made it possible. A smile bannered across your face and your hands ruffling non-stop through your hair.

The drive home almost became impossible with how much you checked yourself out in the mirror. You really couldn’t get over the flattering style. Even more so, you were fidgeting with anticipation for the boys to see it.

That was something to look forward to.

Keep reading

Hope ( Older!Damian Wayne x Reader)

Requested: No
Prompt(s): None
Plot(s): You and Damian have been trying for a while to get pregnant but with no success. But after six months you and Damian might finally be getting the answer you wanted.
Word count: 1397
Pairing(s):Older!Damian Wayne x Reader
Warning(s): None
A/N: Okay so I had this random idea at 3 a.m this morning and decided to write it. This is going to be the first part of I don’t know how many, but this is definitely not the last of this story. I really hope you all enjoy it!

You and Damian had been happily married for 4 years. So happy in fact that you and him decided that you guys were ready for kids. You had been trying for 6 months to no avail. You had lost hope and while Damian constantly spoke words of encouragement you could see that he was losing hope too with every negative pregnancy test.

You both had went to the doctor before you started trying. The doctor said that were both healthy and should have no trouble having kids, but now you couldn’t help but think there had been a mistake.

You sat quietly on the couch, in you and Damian’s living room, going through websites on your laptop that gave advice for ways to get pregnant. Damian was in the bedroom getting ready for work at the animal clinic. You guys had already prepared and eaten breakfast, so now you were just patiently waiting for him to leave so you can go to the doctors.

You were two weeks late for your period and were desperately hoping that you were pregnant. You didn’t want to tell Damian because this wouldn’t have been your first pregnancy scare and you couldn’t watch his heart break anymore if it turned out that you weren’t.

“Alright beloved I’m off to work.” He called out as he walked from the bedroom to the couch to kiss you goodbye. You put laptop down and stood up to meet him. You hugged him tightly as he kissed your forehead. When you finally released him from you tight grip you fixed his tie and gave a sweet yet quick kiss on the lips. He grabbed the rest of his things and walked out the door while saying that he loved you and should be home on time.

As soon as the door closed you went to get dressed so that you can go to the doctors. You wore a royal blue blouse with a black and white horizontal striped maxi skirt. When you were done getting ready you grabbed your bag and keys and began to make your way out of the apartment and to your obgyn’s.

You made an appointment a few days ago so you sighed in and waited for the nurse to call your name. You sat in the waiting room anxiously tapping your foot, hoping that you would hear your name any minute and thankfully you did.

“Y/N the doctor is ready for you now.” The nurse spoke. You grabbed your belongs and made your way to the nurse so he could take your vitals and guide you to your doctor’s office. You had been here many times before and could find the room simply on your own but it was procedure that he escorted you there.

When you finally made it to the opened door you were greeted by your doctor Karen Stone. She was an old friend and smiled proudly when she saw you approaching.

“ Y/N it’s so good to see you!” She says as she quickly wraps her arms around you for a friendly hug. “Hey Karen.” You reply returning the hug. She let you go and you walked into the office to take a seat as she closed the door.

“ What brings you by today?” She ask while going behind her desk to take a seat herself.
“ I was hoping that you could give me a pregnancy test”
“ Of course I can. Will Damian be attending this as well?” She asked. You nervously looked down and played with your fingers. You felt a little guilty that you didn’t tell Damian, but at the same time you felt like this was something you had to alone.

Karen knew by your silence the reason why he wasn’t there and understood. She slid over a small cup for you to pee in and you began to make your way to the bathroom. After you finished you gave the urine sample to the nurse who began running test. You made your way back to Karen’s office to wait for the results which shouldn’t take long.

You wanted nothing more than for test to come back positive and part of you had a small feeling that it would. But you couldn’t help the other part of you that felt like it would come back negative and that you would never get pregnant.

When you made your way back to her office you and returned to your seat. Karen was still there going through your chart and reading over vitals.

“How’s everything looking Doc?” You ask.
“Great your vitals are looking excellent” she replied setting down the clipboard. She got up from her seat to sit down next to you in the empty chair. She wore a look of worry on her face and you could feel your heart begin to beat faster.

“Y/N I knew it’s only been 6 months but if this test comes back negative I would like for both you and Damian to come in for more test.” You nodded slowly and looked down. She reached over to give your hand a friendly squeeze as she smiled.

You heard a knock on the door as the nurse came in with the test results. Karen quickly to retrieve them then made her way back to her seat behind her desk. She looked at the results and suddenly a huge smile appeared on her face.

“Congratulations Y/N you’re pregnant!” She says with a smile still plastered on her face. Your jaw drops and you swear everything stops moving. This is what you wanted for six months and while you wanted to just be happy you also felt extremely guilty for not telling Damian about your appointment. You smiled none the less. This was the moment you’ve been waiting for.

“Okay well now that we know you’re going to be have a little baby I would like to give you an ultrasound to see how far along you are.” She said standing up and opening the door to take you to a room for the ultrasound. You gathered you things and followed her to the room.

You saw the ultrasound machine and the screen where you would soon see the image of your very tiny fetus. Everything was starting to feel so real and you couldn’t believe it. You knew Damian would be upset that you didn’t tell him about the appointment so that he could be there with you but you were already coming up with ideas on how to make it up to him.

You lay down on the exam table as Karen sets everything up. You lift up your shirt and pull down your pants a little that way she can rub the gel on your lower abdomen. She squirted a warm gel on your tummy and began to move it around with what looked like a wand.

You look at the monitor but you’re not sure what it is your suppose to be looking for. “Okay well it looks like you’re about 4 weeks pregnant. Your baby is around the size of a poppy seed.” She spoke as she continued to move the wand around. You just sat silently taking in all the information while recovering from shock.

After the ultrasound she gave you a paper towel to wipe up the gel and began to write out a prescription of prenatal vitamins for you. You were able to leave soon after, but instead of going home you went to the grocery store and pharmacy. To make it up to Damian for not inviting him to the doctors you decided you would make him his favorite dinner as you shared the news.

The doctor also gave you the paper confirming your pregnancy for you to show to Damian. You were going to show it to him during dinner but to prevent him from finding it before you hid it in you favorite book when you made it home. Damian said he’d be home on time so you knew you had a few hours to prepare everything.

You began cooking and thinking about the reaction your husband would give you once he found out the news. You were so caught up in cooking and day dreaming that you didn’t hear someone sneak up behind until they pulled a bag over your head and started to drag you away.

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Hi! Do you have any tips for dealing with people that just put you down / make you feel worse about yourself? It's cutting into my motivation and I really want it to stop.

Unfortunately we all have those people in our lives, but they are also probably dealing with their own problems as well. You can always try addressing it with them and being honest about how their negativity is affecting you, and if there is an underlying issue they’ve been dealing with, you guys could maybe talk out? If they persist even after, maybe they’re not really your friends and don’t have your best interests and should distance yourself.

Dead. E.D

Originally posted by thedolangifs

Warnings: Sexual mentions, Alcohol, Swearing. Requested. Based off of Dead by, Madison Beer.

 “You could be here but you’re there, you could be anywhere. And these day’s I don’t even care. No more.” Ethan, your ever so loving Ex Boyfriend which, honestly, felt like you were still together sometimes. Yes, you had spent days, weeks, months even trying to get over him. But everything leads back to him, no matter how hard you’ve tried. The relationship, was toxic. Ethan being the ticking time bomb waiting to explode. It had started, well because of you. He had never been much of a partier, nor drinker until he had met you. Personally thinking a couple parties, and maybe a few too many drinks would have an effect, well this bad. You, one night had the “genius” idea, as he was stressed one night. Dragging him along despite his protests, wanted him to have a good time. And honestly, maybe, just maybe if you had let him win. And not introduce him to his current lifestyle. He’d still be your Ethan. I’d be lying if I said I hated him. I wanted to. All he did during the end of our relationship is cheat, lie, and abandon me. Did I care? Yes, but not any more. I’ve changed since six months ago. Six months ago when I couldn’t stand the lying, deceit, constant fast pace of what is now Ethan Dolan. “You only be showing me love, whenever you’ve had too much. Whatever’s been filling your cup. No more.” Tonight, had been one of the weakest moments you’ve had so far, He, as in Ethan, who else. Showed up, first. It was innocent, until Ethan had started drinking. When doesn’t he drink these days. He had offered you some, and well, Ethan could tell you to jump off of a bridge, And you probably would. He just had that affect. Maybe it was his sultry charm he possessed, his eyes, could honestly melt just about anyone. Those hazel eyes, often glazed. Often as in daily. I don’t think there’s been a day in this past year, where he has been sober. “Baby, please. One more night. I promise, this is the last one. I’m just lonely” he said as he gently stroked your shoulder. And that, that was your breaking point. Now, you were laid, naked beside the drunken boy. Feeling the intense guilt flood through your veins. “Ethan, we can’t do this any more.” You said. Looking at him, as he laid next to you. The once innocent boy. The, caring, funny, perfect well once, the man you were lucky enough to at one time call yours. Laid next to you, sweaty, and influenced by too much liquor. “I don’t get why, you always seem to enjoy it.” He stated with a smirk. “Last time, E.” you spoke, guilt coating your words like sugar. “No more showing up when you’re not sober, at my front door. Just to say you’re alone tonight. Tryna fuck me and me and my mind up, but reminder you’re a liar and you know I’m right. Why do you say that?” Here he was, exactly a week after, well fucking, to put it lightly. Here he was, same sly smile, glazed eyes. Perfect features, but tonight. You were done, done with him toying with you for cheap love. Something you gave to him at full price, a short six months ago. A love you still had, but now. I think it’s starting to disappear. He was at the front door. Full knowing what he wanted, I decided it was now time. To end it, Yes we ended months ago, but end my pain, my suffering. Just to feel loved by Ethan. Which I knew he didn’t love me, in the slightest. But here he was, the same old story “But y/n, I’m lonely.” Or his most popular reason, “I miss you.” Which, you knew wasn’t true. You wanted it to be, God you would probably give everything up for him to love you back at one point. But he was a liar, a good one at that. He would say just about anything, for a fuck. He knew, just by saying he missed you, you would hop on him. Clinging to him like it was your last moment on this planet. No more, you vowed to yourself, he wasn’t going to fuck you, or your mind any more. “You could be here but you’re not, I give what ever you want. But you just take it and run. But I gave you so many shots, But you’re just drinking them all and you never give it a thought.” You, for once, had forgot all about Ethan. For a while actually, since you denied him the “love” he wanted, he hadn’t showed up. But, deep down, yes you missed him. You’ve given him so many shots. All he does is drink them, and run. All you want is the old Ethan. Hoping, praying, all of the pain he causes you. He will return to normal. You’ve even talked to him about it once. All he did was just say, “The old Ethan’s dead.” And not give it a thought. You were tired, of running, chasing, loving. Didn’t you deserve love, instead of giving, and giving all of the love you possessed. Giving one boy, plethora’s of shots. He didn’t care, he just wanted, not you, just you’re body. “No more showing up when you’re not sober, at my front door. Just to say you’re alone tonight. Tryna fuck me and me and my mind up, but reminder you’re a liar and you know I’m right.” Once again, he was here. It just took a little longer than expected. Two months to be exact. And you knew two things, he was wasted, and “lonely”. “Y/n? Please. I love you, please. Just let me show you how much!” He said, knowing he was full lying, now. “Ethan, stop. You don’t love me. You just want me.” You said. Knowing it was true, but never saying it aloud. As you knew it was true, but didn’t want to face it. “Ethan, last time. I told you, that was it. No more showing up here when you’re not sober.” You spoke, the pain obvious. “Baby don’t say that, what about us.” He pleaded. “Ethan, there is no us.” “Y/n, I cant live without you!” he yelled, and that. Just about made you break. “You say you can’t live without me, then why aren’t you dead yet. Why you still breathing?” “Then why aren’t you dead yet?” you asked. “If you say you can’t live without me why are you still breathing.” You added. Knowing this was one of his games, a game he played well. He knew the exact words to say, the exact words to make you cave. Not anymore, they now had no visible effect. All you wanted to do internally, was kick, scream, kiss him, love him. Just, all of the emotions, Ethan could instantly cause. He knew it, you knew it. And you both knew how it would end, but never again. You weren’t going to be toyed with ever again. “Be careful what you say. Say only what you mean, Mean to me.” You spoke, wanting the truth from him. “You know I love you, I need you, I can’t live without you, without us!” he protested once more. Using the line “I cant live without you.” What a fucking liar. “You’re nice, you’re nice. It’s nice to know you now. Now that it all went down, down on your knees you cry.” “Y/n please! I’ll do anything, for you, for us!” He pleaded, cried almost. This would have made you break, just two months ago. But time changes people, even if it is just a short amount. He cried, pleaded. And you now knew it was all lies, the many lies of Ethan Dolan. “Ethan, we’re done, whatever this is. I’m over you. Now go find someone else to fuck up, because you sure did that to me.” You admitted. And, with that, he lost the battle. And he knew it, well. And with that, he left. He left the house, where many words have been spoke, many memories made. And now, now you have the memory. The memory of you finally getting over Ethan.

Hope you all enjoyed! Requests still open! Thank you guy’s for helping me hit 100! It means a lot!

Every Me And Every You - Six

Pacing your apartment you could feel your heart racing. You were nervous. Very nervous.

Spencer was due to arrive in three minutes exactly, and he was always on time.

He’d texted you earlier telling you to wear the same dress you’d worn to Penelope’s birthday two months ago, a purple skater style dress that stopped a few inches above your knees. He asked for a black lace bra and black french knickers. Black heels were required and your hair was to be worn loose.

When you’d messaged back saying you didn’t own any french knickers, you’d gotten a reply stating that stores were open until 6pm and that he was expecting you to be in them. He was starting already.

You weren’t going to lie, it turned you on.


7PM, bang on the dot.

You opened the door, seeing that your hand was shaking slightly. Calm down Y/N, it’s just Spencer. You’ve been out with him before, tons of times. Admittedly you’d only seen him by himself a few times and never in this situation but still. It was just Spencer.

Pulling the door open you greeted him with a smile.

“Hi!” You hoped your voice wouldn’t convey your nerves.

“Hello Y/N. Can I come in for a second?”

You opened your door for him and stepped back, allowing him in.

“Remember Y/N, red and yellow. Okay?”

You nodded and he smiled.

“Now lift your dress and spin around slowly for me please. I want to check if you’ve followed my instructions.”

Okay, this wasn’t too bad. You pulled on the hem of your skirt and raised it, turning on the spot and showing him the french style underwear you’d rushed out and spent thirty dollars on.

“Good girl. I’m glad to see you made the effort. I’ll trust that the bra is the same?”

It was. You nodded to confirm.

“Excellent. I look forward to seeing that later. Shall we go?”

Picking up your bag, along with the overnight bag he’d instructed you to pack, you followed him out of the door and into his car.

You always forgot that Spencer actually drove, it was rare that you saw him in his car. For some reason he preferred to use public transport to get to and from work, or at least he had until you joined the BAU. Maybe it was because his brain always seemed to be working overtime and concentrating on driving took him away from thinking of other things. The first time you’d seen his car, you’d laughed. He had a Beetle. At 6ft 1, watching him fold himself into a tiny Beetle had tickled you, but then he’d started to ramble on about the workmanship of Volkswagons… You’d stopped listening.

He placed your overnight bag into the trunk and held the passenger side door open for you like a true gentleman.

The drive to the restaurant was quiet, you sitting nervously with your hands folded in your lap. This felt like an awkward first date. But it wasn’t. It was far from it.

Spencer kept looking over at you, sensing the tension.

“Y/N, you’re over thinking things again. This isn’t a date. We’re two friends, out for dinner. Just, talk to me like you normally would. Don’t make this awkward. It really shouldn’t be.”

Okay. Friends. You could do this.

Dinner had been interesting. It was just like the other times you’d been out with him, except you weren’t with the other members of the team.

For the most part at least. They’re had been times when it very much wasn’t like being out with Dr Spencer Reid at all.

When the waiter had come over to take your drinks order, you’d gone to open your mouth to order a glass of wine and Spencer had cut you off.

“She’ll have sparkling water, thank you.”

Will she? Apparently she would.

He’d ordered a bottle of water for the table, watching for your reaction. You didn’t comment and went back to talking to him about a new book you’d been reading. When the waiter had returned with the bottle, Spencer had taken it out of his hands, pouring it for you. You sipped it slowly, looking at him carefully from under lowered eyelids.

When the waiter came back to collect the food menu’s and to take your order, Spencer had cut you off again.

“My companion will have the lamb, as will I. Followed by the Lemon Torte. No starters, thank you.”

“Very good sir.” He collected the menu’s from you both and disappeared to put your orders in.

“Was there any point in even letting me read the menu? Is this how it will be? You making my food and drink choices for me?” you’d asked dryly.

“That’s how some of it will be, yes. Do you have a problem with that?” His voice was different. Not friendly and soft, with a slight tinge of awkwardness like it normally was. It was more like it was when he was interrogating an unsub. Not quite cold, but almost. And there was a hint of amusement to it, like he was mocking you.

“No problem. I just wanted to check.”

He steered the conversation back to literature and resumed his normal banter. The switch in his demeanor was astounding to you. And very intriguing.

When your dinner was served, you sat back, not touching it initially.

“Are you not hungry?” he asked, pausing his knife and fork.

“I just wasn’t sure whether you were going to cut my meat for me or not.” You raised an eyebrow at him.

The look he gave you could have frozen hell. “Don’t be ridiculous Y/N. You’re not a fucking invalid. And I don’t particularly like your tone of voice. Check your attitude please, or I’ll take this as sign of disobedience.”

The fuck…..

Dare you ask?

Screw it.

“What happens if I disobey you?” you whispered.

“What happens if you disobey me, Y/N? I’ll take you over my knee when we get home, that’s what will happen.”

“And?” you breathed out, eyes focusing on his lips as he spoke.

“And I’ll be forced to reprimand you with my hand.”

“You mean you’ll spank me?”

“Yes. Five times. On your backside.”

Oh god. Heat was pooling between your legs and you shifted uncomfortably on the chair.

“And there’s that tell tale flush again Y/N. Does the thought of me doing that to you make you wet?” He ran his tongue across his bottom lip slowly.

You didn’t speak, you couldn’t.

“Not answering a question I ask will go down as a mark of disobedience. Answer the question please. Does the thought of me taking you over my knee, pulling your dress up and turning your backside red, make you wet?”

You looked around, sure that other people could hear the conversation you were having. No one had even batted an eyelid.

“Y/N? I’m waiting for an answer. It almost seems like you want me to do it.”

Oh christ… You did. But you didn’t. Yet, you did.

He took a sip of his water, his eyes never leaving your face.

“I think you’ve had long enough to answer Y/N. Not that I need your answer, flushing of the skin, your pupils dilating and your breathing is shallower.”

You’ve had too long? Fuck. Shit.

“Yes! Yes it does… Okay,” you blurted out.

“I know. Like I said, your body language is giving it away. I thank you for confirming it though. And for that, I’ll deduct two strikes. Now eat. Your food is getting cold.”

What had just happened? Had you somehow earnt yourself a spanking later? Crap.

“Eat, Y/N. Seriously, it’s getting cold.” Warmth was back in his voice again.

This was getting confusing.

You tucked into your food, the lamb almost falling apart in your mouth it was so tender, normal conversation resuming between bites.

When you’d finished, you downed your cutlery feeling the familiar sensation in your tummy. You needed to pee.

“Spencer. Don’t laugh. But, do I have to get your permission to go to the bathroom?”

He smiled, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

“No you don’t. And I won’t laugh at you. Not cruelly at least. If you need to ask something please, don’t be scared to ask me. I’m not going to judge you at all. I want you to be comfortable here. So please, go to the bathroom. I’m not into stopping people doing that.”

“Good, I’ll be right back okay.”

“Y/N. Whilst you’re in there, remove your underwear.” Said soo casually you weren’t sure if you’d misheard.


“You heard. And drop them into my lap when you return. I’d like to feel how wet you’ve been this evening.”

You’d never wanted to fuck someone so much, than you did at that moment then. You pushed your chair back and hurried off to the bathroom.

As you pulled your underwear down in the cubicle, you could see how turned on you were. That silky fluid that signified that you were excited, coating the fabric of your panties. You finished your business and slid the panties off your legs, balling them up tightly and pushing them into your bag.

You washed your hands and strode back to the table, trying to be confident but sure that everyone could tell you were no longer wearing underwear. They couldn’t, of course they couldn’t. But it didn’t stop your paranoia. Which at the same time, made you even more excited.

Ugh. Please don’t leave a wet patch. The material of this dress was thin.

You stood next to Spencer before sitting down, him looking at you expectantly.

Trying to be inconspicuous, you tugged the black fabric out of your bag and dropped them into his waiting hands.

“Good girl.” He smirked at you.

You turned to move back to your seat but felt him tug on your wrist lightly.

“Y/N. You okay?” His normal, warm tone. Concerned. The Spencer you were used too.

“I’m fine. Thank you for checking though. But honestly, I’ll tell you.”

“Okay. Good. Now sit back down and be careful how you sit. The fabric of that dress will stain easily… ”

He didn’t need to say with what. You knew what his implication was.

Dessert was served shortly afterwards, the Lemon Torte to die for.

When you’d both finished Spencer paid the bill and helped you into your coat, taking your hand and leading you outside and back into his car.

“Spencer? Are you really going to strike me when we get back to your apartment?”

You just wanted to make sure.

“Unless you call a safe word then yes.”


“Y/N. Honest question. Is this weird for you?”

You thought about his question carefully, wondering why he was asking.

“Honestly? Yes. Because it’s new to me and because I never expected this from you.”

“Because I’m so awkward right?” he asked.

“Pretty much. But seeing you like this, I don’t understand the awkwardness. You’re confident like this and it’s sexy. It’s like the tables have been flipped. I’m the one who’s feeling awkward and out of their comfort zone, not that I’m complaining here. Far from it. Is it weird for you?”

“A little bit, yes. But because it’s you. My friend and coworker. I think we were probably as surprised as each other about this aspect of our personalities.”

“You can say that again,“ you commented.

He chuckled and glanced in his rear view mirror, adjusting it slightly.

“Y/N, you know. If you push your seat back, hike your skirt up and spread your legs, I’ll have a perfect view of your pussy.”

Fuuck. His voice when he talked like that. 
“Is that an order Dr Reid?”

“It definitely is.” He grinned at you.

You reached under the seat and pulled on the lever, your seat sliding backwards.

Spreading your legs, you hitched your dress up.

“Do you want me to… Erm…. ”

“Not tonight Y/N. But that will definitely be something I’ll have you do for me. Just sit back and relax until we get back to mine. And let me look at that beautiful slit of yours.”

Fuck. Fuckity fuck.

You couldn’t wait to get back to his.

In the absence of you.


Iris stared down at the offensive mark on the stick and felt frustration and anger well up in her instead of the usual familiar overwhelming despair.

She was pushing her luck, and she knew it. Well over a month had passed since she and Barry had last had sex. His absence in her life left her aching with no apparent relief in sight. Holding onto memories, reminding herself she should be grateful for the time they did have together, and plunging ahead with her job and assisting her brother as the new Flash of the city didn’t fill the hole she felt growing deeper inside her. She knew it would never.

She needed Barry. She missed him desperately. His arms around her, his kiss on her lips, his body wrapped around her while they lay quietly sleeping in bed, his whispers of I love you’s murmured her ear, the tickle of his breath on her neck. She missed all of it. She wore his shirt to bed every night. She never washed it. She knew she’d have to eventually. It hardly smelled of him anymore. Just her and the cold sweats she woke up with when the nightmares became too real, the memory of that night.

Her last hope was the possibility of their child growing inside her. Because then at least she’d have a piece of him. A piece of her Barry to carry with her all the days of the rest of her life.

She’d tested herself every day for the last couple weeks and come up negative every time. The cramps she’d woken up with that morning made her hopelessly wish they were a sign of vomiting to come, but deep down she knew better.

She was late. She wasn’t pregnant. In a few days or maybe even later today, there would be proof of that.

She clenched her fist, dropped the stick into the trash, and not for the first time cursed her every reminder to Barry that despite being on birth control, they should use condoms too. Just to be safe.

Just to be safe, she mocked her past self scathingly.

They were always so desperate for each other, but they never were unsafe. Except that once. But that was months ago. And quite obviously, she hadn’t been pregnant.

Her anger dissolved as the tears ran down her cheeks and she rubbed her hand over her flat belly.

“I just want a little piece of you, Bear.”

She went and sat on the closed toilet, ran a hand through her hair and propped her elbow on the counter.

“Just one little piece of you to get me through the rest of my life.”

Tyler Seguin- I’m going to pin you down

Request: Your first time with segs and you’re really wanting and he keeps teasing you about how horny you are and you lie and say you aren’t but he starts seducing you and whispering and stuff

Author’s note: Wow this didn’t turn out how I wanted and I’m sorry.

Warnings: Dirty dirty lol

Up next: Andre Burakovsky

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anonymous asked:

Could you do some class 1-B romantic headcanons please!!! specifically Kuroiro, Honenuki and Monoma. Thank you either way and I just wanted to say how much I love your writing!

Oh boi is this a hard one. I hope they’re alright.


  • Surprisingly good at wooing people. Not in a try hard way either. He just has a natural gift for making a person feel special. He puts it all on his good listening skills.
  • The type of guy that functions really well when he’s in a group and talking with his crush but the second it’s one on one he forgets how to human.
  • Makes you laugh with his puns.
  • Forgets when the last date you two had so you could either get 5 in a month or 2 in one month.
  • Genuinely tries to get involved in the things you like.
  • It’s hard to read him seen as he has a slight resting bitch face but oh lord does that smile shine like the sun when it comes out. 


  • Soft boy with a soft heart.
  • Looks terrifying but he picked you some flowers and got chocolate because that’s what romance is right????
  • Even if you ain’t a thing he picks out a really sweet birthday present for you.
  • Rather quiet until he feels like being chatty but it’s never an uncomfortable sort of silence. He’d rather listen to you talking all day.
  • Gets nervous that people find him scary because of his face.
  • Kiss his cheeks! He likes that!
  • He’s got this jealous streak in him, there’s nothing actually harmful about it, but he tends to get competitive when he sees other people making you happy and wants to make sure he’s living up to his title as boyfriend.


  • Thinks he’s a casanova but he sexts like a straight white boy and calls it romance.
  • Uses the word thrussy.
  • A certain someone has to smack him around the head when they find out about his awful misadventures in flirting.
  • But when he stops trying to be something he’s not he’s quite irresistibly charming. Smug in the way where you don’t know if you want to kiss him or punch him.
  • Goes to great lengths to convince you that the three course meal he just made you was no biggie. He totally didn’t spend hours sneaking around after you to try and pick up on any types of food you hate. Ofc not.
  • Sends you selfies nearly everyday. 
  • Sends you selfies pulling silly faces when he thinks your texts sound weird.

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could you do steve and short skirts

Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

You decided you were in a bit of teasing mood as you pulled out your short plaid skirt from your dresser and slipped it on. It had been a few months since you had gotten any action so you decided to mess with Steve a little. Nat had told you a few days ago about his crush on you, not that he had been particularly good at hiding it in the first place.

His eyes went wide as you sauntered past the couch and into the kitchen. His head spun around like a swivel as his eyes followed your swaying hips across the room. He licked his lips and swallowed hard as you bent over, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Um, w-where are you going?” Steve asked, his head peaking over the top of the couch.

“Just to the store why do you ask?” You asked taking a sip of water.

“Well, uh, it’s just, that skirt, I’ve never seen you wear it before so I thought maybe you had a date or something.” He looked you up and down biting his lower lip.

“Nope, just doing some grocery shopping. Wanna come?” You giggled.

“Oh god do I.” He sighed.


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Hey do you ship to Canada? :)

I used to! But i’ve stopped for now because there’s a thing going on with Canada post which affects low cost small packet postage from Asia. Currently, mail from Asia could take upwards of 2 months to arrive (when it used to take 3-4 weeks). I don’t want people to wait that long in uncertainty if their item is on the way or just simply lost so i’ve decided to stop shipping to Canada, at least until im sure that everything i’ve mailed in the past arrives.

The other option is using express mail (DHL, FEDex, etc). Packages will surely arrive within a couple of days but it’ll also cost at least 25USD for a small zine so… i think maybe not… 

(here’s more info on the canada post thing if you’re interested!)

Sweet, sweet vindication
  • Boss at last job: Give me your keys. I want you out in 15 min.
  • Me: I haven't yet finished my transition memo. Can I have another hour? I don't want to leave anyone in the lurch. [The memo was already 20 pages long but she didn't know that.]
  • Boss: There's literally nothing you could write in that transition memo that would contribute to the institutional knowledge here. Here is your termination letter.
  • ...Ten months later, I now hold the same title as her but at a different organization...
  • Me: [at a lunch meeting of the professional association--my old boss is present]
  • Text from my former admin assistant from old job: That memo you left last year has been immensely helpful. We've been using it for months.
  • Text: I have one question about a pressing issue, though. Can I call you?
  • Me: [steps out to call the employee of my former boss to offer him some useful institutional knowledge]
  • Me: 😈