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Hi, I just wanted to know, doesn't the timeline of Gorgeous seem a little off to you? By the line of "And I got a boyfriend, he's older than us. He's in the club doing, I don't know what" you can tell that this is most likely Calvin Harris, however, her next boyfriend after him was Tom Hiddleston and not Joe, so I don't see how this song could be about him? Especially since she met Tom when she was with Calvin and Joe came along months after both of these relationships?! I'm confused.

look I’m not gonna lie I completely forgot she dated tom between calvin and joe…….. but yeah know that u mention it it sounds a bit odd

i honestly don’t know what to think like it’s definitely 100% about joe, but the club line is also about calvin so??? who knows… 

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Hey the piercing tag hasn't been updated in a year, is there any chance we could get an update? If not, understandable. If so, thank you!!

as long as the latest post hits three months, we will update it!

Brain.Brawn.Heart. by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle (6/? | 19,112 | NC17)

Derek Hale didn’t want to be an alpha. But after a short, and brutal civil war, he became one. Now, there’s visiting dignitaries visiting from the kingdom to the south. As a prince, he is expected to attend the meeting. What he wasn’t expecting was the southern kingdom’s prince, Stiles, to be so charming. He also didn’t expect that he’d be marrying him. Life was funny that way.

The One with the Crop top by AnEqualOpportunist (1/1 | 655 | NC17)

Who knew fucking crop tops could be so damn erotic? Not Derek. That’s who. Then this fucker walks in wearing a crop top with fucking painted on skinny jeans and chucks and Derek’s just supposed to sit there not consumed by lust?

Double Dog Dare by stilinskisderek (1/1 | 3,703 | NC17)

Stiles comes back home from college with a cock piercing (because of Erica, of course, it’s always Erica) and Derek… Derek might just have to send Erica a thank you card.

Chemistry by DarkAlpha67 (1/1 | 2,492 |  PG13)

Following the music, Derek stops outside the door of the dance studio, his eyes lands on a bare tattooed back. Derek watches as his pale, mole dotted, lean form twists and turns to the beat of Pony, which seriously, that song has gotten a reputation for thanks to Channing Tatum.

Surrender With Ease by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle (1/1 | 4,113 | R)

Derek wasn’t above a good one night stand. He just hadn’t had one in a while. And he certainly wasn’t expecting to hook up with the second of his beta’s alpha boyfriend. Then again, the night was full of surprises. Stiles was just one of them.

Reflecting on Grief

Forwards or Backwards? Earth, or an alien planet? Or somewhere entirely outside of time and space as we know it?

That’s part of the thrill of watching Doctor Who. Step inside that blue box, and you could be taken anywhere. And every fan has wondered, at some point, where they would go if they were given that chance.

Peter Capaldi was asked where he would want to go at Calgary Expo earlier this year. He gave a few lighthearted answers about seeing the Beatles or the pyramids, before eventually saying: "I think I’d go see my folks, who aren’t here anymore.”

I used to have wild dreams about where I might go too, but since my I lost my dad, grandpa, and uncle this year, my heart has been right with Peter. 

Hand on the lever, with all of time and space before me, all I would want to do is go home.

Doctor Who has always been comfort food for me. No matter how confused or messed up this world could be, it gave me hope that there was something I could do to get through it. Evil could be defeated, justice could be found, and loss – while painful – could be overcome.

But after everything that happened, I was reluctant to come backWith my own pain so fresh, even Doctor Who could be too much. There are too many painful losses. There’s too much to dwell on. There are too many girls with dead and dying fathers. 

I did come back to watch Series 10, thinking I might be safe from those painful feelings. And then along came Bill Potts, who lost her mother when she was a baby and had almost no photographs of her to keep her memory alive.

At the time “The Pilot” premiered my family was preparing for my father’s funeral, and I was in charge of collecting photographs from family and friends. It was a heartbreaking task. I marked out the whole path of his life, from childhood to adulthood, documenting the things he loved to do and his relationships with the family and friends he left behind. There were official photographs with his sarcastic smiles, and candid pictures capturing small tics of his personality that we’d never see again.

Bill asked the Doctor if pictures could really help after someone’s gone, and my immediate, bitter thought was that they don’t help nearly as much as you want them to. 

But then the Doctor traveled back in time to capture new photos of Bill’s mother for her. The dam burst and I cried through that scene as Bill did. Pictures aren’t nearly good enough, but when they’re all you have, they help more than you could imagine.

It was little moments like this that brought me back to Doctor Who while I grieved each of my losses. So much of grief is wrapped up in time – time borrowed and lost, regretted and re-lived, stolen and reclaimed. You spend far too much time reliving each terrible moment of your loss, pulling it apart piece by piece to figure out where everything went wrong. You regret the moments you didn’t take advantage of – the conversations you never had, the questions you never got answered. And you’re haunted by the future you were supposed to have with that person in your life. 

Friends and family and a good therapist will tell you that you have to accept that there’s nothing you can do to change what happened. That’s true and good advice, but not always advice we’re ready to act on when our pain is fresh. Doctor Who gives you space to say to hell with that. Every impossible scenario ever dreamed up in grief is possible in a show where time and space aren’t boundaries any more. We’re free to imagine the impossible and indulge in denial and bargaining for just a little while longer. We can imagine going back in time to see the people we loved one last time. We might even imagine going back in time to save their life.

When my dad was in the hospital, I kept going back again and again to “Father’s Day,” the story from Series 1 where Rose goes back in time and tries to save her dad from being killed in a car accident. I’d only ever seen it once, and it shook me so much that I never wanted to watch it again. It wasn’t just the thought that one day I would also lose my dad – that just seemed like an inevitable fact of life. I was terrified by the thought that maybe I’d know his death was coming, and still be powerless to stop it. That I could only sit there and watch it happen. 

The moment where Rose finally says goodbye to her dad tormented me while my dad was dying. All I wanted to do was go back in time and just fix it. I knew exactly what I would say and do, but instead I was stuck waiting for the inevitable to happen. But when all I wanted to do was run away and hide from it all, I reminded myself that I wouldn’t get any do-overs. 

I stayed, and I held his hand.

Grief, like time, doesn’t move in a straight line. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance don’t pass one after the other in a neat, predictable order. You swing back and forth between each emotion, sometimes going around and around in circles. 

If you want to know what grief looks like, watch “Heaven Sent.” Grief is our own bespoke torture chamber, a hell of our own making. It has a way of bringing out all of our deepest regrets and fears. And every time you think you’ve found a way out, you’re dumped back in again.

Until one day, you’re free.

I finally went back to watch “Father’s Day” a few months ago. It was painful, but unexpectedly easier to watch this time around. After all, my worst fear had already been realized. There was nothing it could scare me with anymore. Yet strangely, I felt comforted afterwards too. It felt like exorcising a bad dream. 

After a loss, it’s normal to obsess over what you or anyone else could’ve done differently. It’s not entirely rational – even if you did think of something that could’ve been done differently, you can’t change what happened – but that doesn’t stop the thoughts of “if only…” from keeping you up at night. 

Knowing you can’t change anything is very different from accepting it. And somehow it was easier to get that message from a science-fiction show where everything might be possible. Doctor Who doesn’t answer phrases like “If only I could have done this differently" with “You can’t.” It says, “Let’s try.” There’s space to release every grief-driven fantasy that’s trapped and clawing at your chest and tormenting you in nightmares.

But Doctor Who rarely provides pure wish fulfillment. The Doctor and his companions can’t always save everyone. Rose doesn’t get to save her dad. He was always going to die. And as awful as it sounds, it was comforting to see the Doctor and his companions fail. Even with hindsight and a time machine, they can’t change everything. 

It took all the power out of thoughts of “if only…” Somehow I needed to go to the most absurd, impossible scenario to accept that there was really, truly, nothing I could change that would bring my loved ones back. Because no matter what I could go back and change, it still might not have been enough. Seeing the Doctor and Rose and Bill and Clara and so many others discover the limits to their own abilities helped me accept how limited my own actions were. 

The thoughts of “if only…” won’t go away, not entirely. But they can’t hurt me anymore.

Life moves on, and I get a little closer to acceptance and something almost like being okay. It doesn’t help that this year manages to exceptionally suck even beyond my own family’s grief.

After Deborah Watling passed away in July, I went back and watched “The Tomb of the Cybermen” again. It’s one of my favorite stories, but I’d been avoiding it this year. At the start of this story, Victoria has just lost her father, but the poor girl doesn’t get much time to grieve. Instead, she’s rushed in and out of the TARDIS with barely enough time to change into a short dress before she’s thrown back into another terrifying adventure. 

But midway through the story, we pause for one of the most heartfelt scenes in the whole history of the show. As the rest of their companions sleep, the Doctor and Victoria sit together and talk about their families. Victoria confesses that although she enjoys being with the Doctor and Jamie, she still misses her father. She’s convinced that her memories of him will always be sad, tainted by the memory of his death. When the Doctor tries to convince her they won’t, she says that he probably can’t even remember his family, considering how old he must be.

The Doctor responds:

Oh yes, I can when I want to. And that’s the point, really. I have to really want to, to bring them back in front of my eyes. The rest of the time they sleep in my mind, and I forget. And so will you. Oh yes, you will. You’ll find there’s so much else to think about. 

The first time I watched this story, the Doctor’s comment felt unnecessarily cruel. After all, Victoria’s still coping with her father’s death. The last thing she wants to be told is that one day she’ll forget him.

But now I realize that’s not what the Doctor is saying at all. Victoria will always carry her memories of her father. But at that moment, they’re looming over everything else in her life. She can’t enjoy her time with the Doctor and Jamie without thinking about how her father isn’t there to enjoy it with her. But in time, they won’t overwhelm her. That grief and pain and sadness will fade. And Victoria will eventually be able to move forward with her life.

This, I think, is the hardest part of grief. Building a life without your loved one is a way of acknowledging that they are gone. It feels like we are leaving them behind. It feels wrong to imagine a future where my grandfather and uncle won’t get to tease my partner, where my father won’t walk me down the aisle, where none of them will meet or help me raise my children. 

But as another dearly missed companion once said, everything has its time. I wish we had more together, but I’ll treasure every moment that I had. 

do you ever think about how nadia woke up without any memories of the past several years and had to rule alone, about how much courage she has to face that and try to get answers when it physically causes her pain?

do you think about how intelligent she is to have in only a few months figured out important details surrounding lucio’s death without revealing her memory loss?

or about how she tries to provide the apprentice with whatever they could want while they’re at the palace, how she wants to share her love of fashion and help the apprentice look nice? and how if they prefer their old clothes, she’s receptive to their preferences because she really wants to make sure they’re comfortable?

or about how she loves to tease? how she admires the apprentice when they’re being bold or defiant and appreciates them treating her like they would anyone else?

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I work stocking grocery at a Market full of Walls, and I have for about 5 months now. Mind you, in those 5 months the shelving for most items has not changed. Regardless, I have customers CONSTANTLY ask me if we have "moved the thing again", and insist that they are a regular shopper. If you're such a regular shopper, then you should have noticed the aisles have not changed in five whole months. I wish customers could use their goddamn brains for once in their life.

this is a picture that i personally think sums up my life with adhd.

to back up the truck a bit, hi! my name’s carley, i’m 18, a freshman in college, and was diagnosed with adhd-pi this past summer.

my journey with adhd has been waaaay longer than i realized until i got a diagnosis. all throughout school i was that “gifted kid who didn’t try hard enough.” teachers, friends, parents, everyone told me how smart i was, but they didn’t understand why i wouldn’t just apply myself. so my whole life i just thought i was lazy, a bad student, and a whole list of other things a lot of us adhd-ers end up believing. of course, this caused a lot of emotional grief and mental health problems that could’ve been avoided had anyone suggested that i might have adhd.

as you might expect, high school was the worst four years of my life. being the smart kid, i always took advanced classes, which means more work that i couldn’t handle, and it wasn’t like middle school anymore where i could just coast by with good test/project grades and completely ignore my homework. every few months when my parents would check my grades, we would end up getting into heated arguments where i would beg and plead them to listen to me, that it’s really that hard for me, that it’s not just laziness. but no, in the end i always ended up being labelled lazy, apathetic, and a liar.

this went all the way up until i graduated from high school, and now i had plans to go to university. i was over the moon about the freedom, and i didn’t even think to consider that school is school and i don’t exactly have the best track record. i’d been seeing a therapist, and one session i vented to her about how i’ve always struggled with schoolwork, base my self-worth completely on my academic performance (hence why i had such low self-esteem), etc. and for the first time in my life i heard, “hmm… maybe you have adhd.” if it hadn’t been for that therapist, i wouldn’t have made the effort to get in touch with my doctor and get tested. and guess what? i have adhd!

now that i’m medicated, my life is so much better. maybe it’s not perfect, and adhd is still a struggle, but it’s so much better than it used to be. my depression and anxiety have become way smaller problems than they were, school is a lot easier for me (but it’s still hard…), and i just feel a lot better about myself. i’m still the quirky oddball i always have been, and i own my adhd very proudly because it makes me who i am, and i’m lucky to have friends and family who support me and love me for who i am. of course, my parents (dad and stepmom, the ones i always fought with) don’t believe me, but i don’t let that stop me from getting the help i know i need. 

i could write a book and a half more, but i think i’ll stop it here since i know how difficult it is to read something longer than a paragraph sometimes.

happy adhd awareness month, and best of luck to everyone diagnosed or undiagnosed! your experiences matter and i’m proud of the progress you make every day!


This is the final chapter of a Sam x Reader mini-series I Found You (Masterlist).

A fic for my A/B/O Bingo Card, the Mating Bites square.  @spnabobingo

Summary: When he meets you at a bar after a weird hunt, Sam feels calm immediately.  Does that instant connection mean something deeper than just comfort?

warnings: A/B/O dynamics, Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Omega!Reader, implied true mate, mating, Alpha/Omega sex, Omega in heat, mating bites

word count: ~1025

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A blog but it's just Henry posting pictures of his art and then vague posting about weird shit, like Joey wishes he could shitpost like Henry. (Also there are selfies of him and Boris and pictures of him and Linda (plus fam if they had one) with just a smile emoji as the caption)

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{Really unique and fluid character design sketches]

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you think ink has feelings

Nct 127- S/O Is A Member Of A Rookie Idol Group

Request: Hi sweetie! 💕 Can you do a react about Nct127 girlfriend in a new girl group of SM, please?

Hello lovely! I altered the request slightly so that it can apply to anyone! hope you don’t mind :) It’s my birthday tomorrow so here’s a little early present from me to youuuou :) Feedback is always appreciated so let me know what you think! (requests are open too!)

solar :) 


In all honesty I think he;d be slightly worried about you becoming an idol, he knows from experience how tough training and really long days can be and was worried about it taking a toll on your health, so just expect a few more daily texts from him checking in to see how you were. Apart from that he’d respect your decision and support you as much as he could. 


omg this binch would be sO EXTRA, your number one fan,already coming up with lightstick ideas and merch designs, anytime he gets asked what his current favourite song/album is on a variety show it would be your debut album/title track. You’d probably have to come out to the public as a couple three months after debuting because he was making it so damn obvious.


I think he would have a similar reaction to Taeil, he was worried about the possibility of you injuring yourself or hate, but if it was something you were set on doing then he’d always be supporting you, helping you with choreography when he had spare time and giving you tips for your first variety show. ( maybe forgetting to tell you he was a surprise guest on it too? fhfhdjdhdhds) 


(Is it bad I had Yuta’s planned as soon as this request came through? lmao) 

He’d stay up all night the night before your music show debut, making posters for you and the rest of your members. He dragged the rest of nct to the seated area with masks on to disguise themselves while holding up the posters he made, recording the whole thing which he showed to you when you asked if he had watched it. 


Would be so happy for you that your talent was finally being recognised! Honestly your biggest fan ever, as soon as you debuted he showed his managers a video of you singing and said he wanted to record a song with you for smstation to give you even more exposure as a rookie that would hopefully branch off into more opportunities for you, and he’d be rooting for you always.


Was mainly happy because this meant he could see you a lot more at work and honestly what more could he ask for?? Behind the stage before your live debut he was holding your hand until you were called to perform, he’d watch at the side with the biggest grin as you perfected the choreography that he knew you had cried and gotten frustrated over and took you out for dinner afterwards as a celebration. 


I think he’d be quite chill when he finds out in all honesty, to him it’s just kind of another everyday job for him (not in a cold way!!) and whatever you did as a profession he’d still love you anyway!! Though he may have put in a word to his managers that he wanted to do a dance collab with you at some point ;)


Knows how gruelling being an idol can be so he was kind of worried but so happy that he was able to see you more because of work! One time the little shit even snuck himself into a fanmeet and you swear you almost fell out of your chair and choked on your water, though you were always grateful for the amount of support you received from him. 


Basically your personal  hype-man, he’d literally do all he could to somehow tie your group to every sentence in an interview to harbour attention for you and if he had to dance to a song that he liked it would always be your group, and every time you finished recording for music bank, walking backstage he’d kiss you on the head before taking his position on stage.  

Warmth. (Chapter 1)

Summary: long distance reddie fic based on my headcanons posted here.

a/n: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL FEEDBACK! i decided to actually write the fic! so without further ado, here’s chapter 1~

Eddie Kaspbrak could honestly say that college sucked.

He’d been there and done that all in about three months of freshman year. The party scene was definitely not for him. Eddie would much rather prefer actually learning. And you know, passing his classes so he wouldn’t have to be in college any longer than he should be.

It was a shocker, to say the least when Eddie’s mom even allowed him to go to school. Sure, his mom wanted the best for him, but she would much rather have Eddie stay at home with her. And part of Eddie resented his mom for that. She was always so… overbearing. It was annoying, but finally, he was free.

Free from Derry, Maine.

Now that he was in New York, he could finally learn the ways to become a successful business operator, and he wasn’t about to screw it up.

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Hey :3 Do you think the De-aged pack tag is ready it's been (9 months (: ) If not can we have the Scott is a bad friend or the Issac Brotp tag :3 thank you i love your blog <3333

teenagerunawayss said: Hey! Could you update de-aged pack? i think it’s been awhile since it’s been updated. Thanks for all the hard work y'all put into this blog! wouldn’t know where i’d be without it xx

Baby Face by Eldamistx (1/1 | 933 | G)

Stiles gets a call from Derek telling him to come to the loft. When stiles gets there he’s in for a big surprise.

Not what I’d expected by RougueShadowWolf (1/1 | 3,492 | NR)

Stiles had no idea that ditching her date for Derek Hale would end with her lactating. 

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okay so i like all the other Kevin Price is bi, pan etc. but do you have any head canons where he is FULLY GAY for Elder McKinley????

  • Kevin, who as a teen was always teased by his friends when he was seen talking to his best friend, Molly
  • He agreed with them that she was attractive and how they hung out after school, but didn’t completely get why they all flipped out, clapping him on the back
  • Because it was just Molly
  • But then one night when they were studying like usual she leaned over and kissed him 
  • And he didn’t feel anything
  • He felt so bad about it he did the most rational thing he could think of 
  • He leant in to kiss her back 
  • They ‘dated’ for months because Kevin felt like they should you know? That was what was supposed to happen? 
  • They broke up when they were 16 after Molly moved to New York and it was tearful and heartbreaking because even if he wasn’t attracted to her, she was still his best friend and he loved her 
  • But he wasn’t in love with her
  • As he entered high school he started to feel this empty feeling a lot more commonly, especially now that his height had tipped over 6ft and his cheeks had hollowed a bit to show some structure to his face
  • Girls seem to be flirting and asking him out left and right 
  • But when they would brush against him, or touch his arm, or bite their lips he just?? Didn’t understand why he didn’t react particularly when his friends were practically drooling over every girl that looked at them 
  • So he ignored it 
  • And ignored it 
  • And ignored it 
  • He pinned it down to being a ‘late bloomer’ that he would be normal soon he just had to wait it out, keep it to himself 
  • And then, of course, he goes on his mission and suddenly everything changes 
  • Because there he meets Connor McKinley 
  • The boy who had soft red hair, and nice eyes, and a smile that made his stomach flutter, and a laugh that made his breath hitch, in fact, everything he did somehow had him blushing and stuttering over his words 
  • But this was just like his feelings for Molly right? Just a bit stronger? He’d talked with Connor with a lot more personal issues and interests, so maybe their friendship was just stronger than with his 13-year-old ‘crush’ 
  • Until one day when he was sat casually on a chair in the kitchen away from the dining table as he had pulled it out to sit behind Nabulungi as she made Luwombo, spooning him food occasionally to taste
  • She was stirring at Connor wandered into the kitchen and he was wearing his dancing clothes - shorts and t-shirt. Kevin was too used to the pounding in his chest when he saw him in them so ignored it, repressing back into I’m straight, I just love my friends so much I feel a little uncomfortable sometimes, but that’s normal right? place in his brain
  • He shimmies between them, apologising politely, but then Nabulungi jumps and curses as she burns her finger on the stove and bumps into Connor so he’s spiralling forwards- 
  • And lands directly on Kevin’s lap 
  • His thighs were gripped onto him and his hands were pressed against his shoulders as the steady himself, and his mouth was moving as he apologised but Kevin couldn’t wasn’t listening
  • He was too busy internally screaming, eyes blown as his hands gravitated to his thighs automatically to steady Connor’s momentum, but he ripped them away went an honest to god jolt shocked through him 
  • For a second Connors, face was a breathe away from his and he got a sudden memory of when he grabbed his face after the general had shot that man in the village and how could he have ignored how world-changing it was to have a boy’s face so close to him 
  • Later that night, the weight of Connors hands against his shoulder, the tickling of his breath against his cheek, the pressure of his thighs squeezing his all felt like they were going to permanently be there 
  • Maybe his feelings weren’t like his one’s for Molly
  • At all 
  • f u c k 
Sebastian Stan Request

Hi friend!! Could you maybe write a Sebastian Stan imagine where him and the reader (who’s a marvel actress) are married and they find out that she’s pregnant a few days before the infinity war premiere, so when they’re there they get kinda emotional because she had been pregnant at the civil war premiere, so they accidentally let the fact that she’s pregnant slip during an interview?

AN: I made it a few months just to go with the story! Hope that’s ok

*2 month ago*

The nausea you had been feeling over the last few days soared when you looked down at the white stick in your hand and it’s two blue lines. In a trance you walked out of the bathroom and into the living room where your husband had just sat down. “Just got Finn down for his nap,” the smile he shot up at you stopped when he saw your blank face. “Babe, what’s wrong,” he sat towards the end of the couch.

You held the stick up in your hand and looked at him. “I’m pregnant.”

“You’re pregnant,” he stood up quickly and his eyes went wide.

Your trance finally broke and a smile spread across your face. “I’m pregnant!”

“We’re having a baby!” You nodded and Sebastian ran forward, hugging and spinning you around.


You looked at yourself in the mirror and rubbed your hand over the fabric of your dress, trying to highlight the bump that hadn’t really yet grown. There was a slight bump but one you could only see if you looked for it. That’s how you knew you were having a girl, because with Finn you showed almost right away and with this one you were impatiently waiting. “Y/N,” Sebastian poked his head into the hotel bathroom, “we got to go babe. What are you doing?”

“Trying to get this baby bump to get bigger. Remember how big I was with Finn when I was 3 months?”

“Remember how you were 8 months pregnant at the last Marvel red carpet?” You nodded, “There was a poll to see if he’d be seen in Iron Man or Captain America clothes first.” You felt a tear hit your cheek and started fanning your eyes to dry them before they could ruin your makeup.

“Hey, what’s wrong,” Seb laughed.

“Just hormones,” you hiccuped a laugh. “I’m fine. Come on, let’s go.”


The two of you hit the red carpet and Sebastian’s hand was tightly wrapped around your waist. You heard a mix of everyone’s voice as they reported that you and Sebastian, aka the Winter Soldier and the Scarlet Witch, had arrived and were mingling with their fellow cast.

After taking pictures and mingling with everyone you two were called over to do a quick interview. They asked questions on the movie and the cast, and how you thought the fans would react to it. After talking about your character’s role in the movie they finally asked, “What do you guys plan to do after the two parts of Infinity War are done? You two have spent so many years playing these characters, what do you think you’ll shift your focus on?”

“Well,” Sebastian took the question, “I think it’ll be a nice wrap up of our time with Marvel. We’ve spent a lot of time on it and have reached a lot of people with our roles so I hope that at the end of this they are happy. But, ultimately, I think after all this work it will be nice to spend some time with the kids and take time as a family.” Your eyes went a little wide as you caught his small slip up.

“You said ‘kids’ but you two only have one son,” they interviewer grinned as she said it.

“Um…” Sebastian looked at you trying to figure out what to do and you just shrugged. “We are…having another baby.” Chris Evans was walking behind you with Mark and Scarlett when they heard you and stopped in their tracks.

“You’re having another baby,” they exclaimed!

“We were going to tell you at the afterparty,” you promised. You all left the interviewer and they bombarded you with attention.

“Hey,” Evans yelled to the other group of the cast a few feet away on the carpet, “they’re having a baby!”

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Related to NaNoWriMo prep: complications that might later arise from a healed neck wound from a giant snake (yes this is fantasy but pretend it's not. I'm ignoring that entirely aside from a couple of presuppositions) are there things someone who had major trauma to their neck could anticipate becoming an issue down the road - whether 6 months or 6 years or 20 years. Either chronic ongoing issues or risk for a later occurrence of some type. Thanks again for all your help you give us all!

Hey there nonny! Lots of things can go wrong with necks. 

First, I’m assuming your character has no spinal cord damage. But the neck is an incredibly complex structure of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Punctures could cause: 

  • Numbness or tingling in one or both arms. 
  • Weakness in one or both arms. 
  • Difficulty turning the head in one or both directions. 
  • Difficulty chewing. 
  • Difficulty swallowing. 
  • Difficulty speaking. 
  • Abnormal tension on the jaw due to scar tissue. 
  • Thyroid problems due to trauma. 
  • Altered voice sounds due to puncture / crushing damage 

I can’t think of anything they’re at risk of developing months or years after the trauma, though, other than difficulty moving due to skin tension from scars. But I’m tired and it’s late here, so there’s that. 

I hope this helps get your NaNo going! I’m rooting for you <3 

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A Reflection and a Thank You

So, I’ve been an Overwatch player for the entirety of its existence - a year and six months (time flies wow). And during this time, I’ve noticed many things about the fandom, some good and some bad. Are we allowed to critique the game? Fuck yeah! I could go on all day about how absurd it was that OW didn’t have a proper discipline system in place upon release (consoles had NOTHING AT ALL for months). I could tell you how I feel the writing is disorganised and how they release character lore in a messy way or that their balancing of characters play wise could be so much better. There is much that you can critique.

But today, I’m not going to do that.

Recently, there has been an absence of thanks. The players and fandom alike have made many posts and words complaining about many things, but two words seem the hardest to type. I’m writing this because this thank you is a personal one. Some may scoff, but you’re welcome to - it won’t deter me in the slightest.

I’m on the autistic spectrum (diagnosed with Asperger’s, before the change of the DSM IV into the DSM V, by a private clinical psychologist because the local councils couldn’t be bothered with me, but I disgress) and, as many of us know all too well, we don’t get looked at much. We have a presence in this world that is often unfavourable to lots of people - but the times ARE changing, even if those are small changes.

One of these changes happened last year - and for me, it’s one of the most hardhitting. It was a huge thing that happened so quickly, I’m not sure people really understood WHAT had happened.

Symmetra appeared in my life.

“Wait, what?”

I know, I know. This is probably a strange statement to make, and possibly an overdramatic one, but please read. I’ll do my best to explain.

Symmetra is a support character in Overwatch, one often criticised for being too powerful or not really a support character etc. She basically lasers people to death and is a highly accomplished architect working for a morally corrupt company in the OW lore. She’s very beautiful (personal opinion there, lol).

And she’s like me.

She’s autistic.

To understand this a little better, you must realise that autistic people have little exposure in the media. There are a few story books about us, some TV shows and movies with us in, I guess. But many of these are often riddled with dramatic stereotypes, played up into almost a Greek tragedy. You know, the usual Hollywood touch. And video games…Christ, I’ve NEVER played a game with an autistic character. I may have missed one or two, it’s true.

But Symmetra appeared.

Symmetra - in one of the most popular video games on the planet as I speak. The Overwatch team, without prompting, without complaining, delivered to me (to US) one of the best autistic characters I have ever witnessed. You can call me biased, that’s cool. But she is.

She’s not a stereotype. She’s not an “autistic baby uwu” or an “emotionless robot who will never feel love”. She’s not a “burden”.

She’s a human being. She’s someone you could talk to at work or in the street. She’s a successful (famous even, if you are eagle-eyed like me and saw her on a magazine cover in Reflections), compassionate human being who is morally complex and in a human dilemma. She’s not perfect, she’s even morally flawed herself.

And God, I adore her. I could have cried the moment she was confirmed for sure as autistic.

I imagine some people will say “pfft, pandering at work”. I suppose if you’re used to seeing yourself in a positive light in media, then you don’t really think about those who aren’t. You don’t think about those you never see, or rarely see.

I had no idea this was coming. Many in my position will confirm this. The Overwatch team decided this on their own and handed her to us on a golden platter with all the grace they could - and it shows. Even now, I have tears in my eyes, because they treated this so well. They write her far better than the actual fandom do - that’s astonishing (and frustrating at times too). She is fun for me to play too (again, personal opinion as I understand people have their likes and dislikes).

And you want to know the funny thing? For a fandom to claims to love and want more diversity, I barely saw ANYTHING about this. I saw at most three or four things here about this mark in history. The fandom just…ignored it. And for the most part, they still do. I don’t really have any grudge against this, but it made me wonder.

I’m overjoyed though.

I’m delighted that they wrote her as a human being. I’m delighted she is fun to play and that she exists at all. This means the world to me and more - I can’t say everything in my heart and mind, because I’m not sure I can describe it all.

But I can say two words.

Thank you.

Thank you, Overwatch, for caring when so few people did (and presently don’t). Thank you for looking me dead in the eye, pointing to Symmetra and saying “You are here. You are human and you are worthy of existence.” Thank you for giving me some courage and compassion when I was having a rough time. Thank you for showing me my struggle with the world and with my Asperger’s has been worth it.

And I hope I’m saying this on behalf of others like me too.

Thank you - thank you for doing this. You’ve made a difference.

I hope people realise just how much.

Thank you for Symmetra.

She’s beautiful.

petty little homophobe who once came for me : why won’t taylor notice me?? why won’t she invite me to secret sessions? why won’t she like my posts when i’ve tagged her 289546565 times??? ALL I WANT IS TO SHOW TAYLOR HOW MUCH SHE MEANS TO ME 😭😭

me: gee i wonder. i wonder what is the one thing you do that makes her uncomfortable. i wonder what it could be 🤔

Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Helping Puerto Rico & Notching First Top 40 Hit

After embarking on an all-encompassing media tour of NYC Tuesday (Oct. 17), Hamilton director Lin-Manuel Miranda’s night culminated at the TIDAL X concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to continue his non-stop relief efforts for Puerto Rico.

Billboard caught up with Miranda on the red carpet prior to the star-studded event where he continued to advocate for the people of Puerto Rico as he has since day one of the post-hurricane crisis. Those efforts have included penning a heartfelt letter to the American people in The Hollywood Reporter last month, pleading citizens to help Puerto Rico with whatever they could.

In addition to offering up his own money and time, Miranda is using the power of music to help those in need, “Anytime you get to talk hip-hop the conversation gets very real. It was a wonderful day of talking about ‘Almost Like Praying,’ the song we put out for Puerto Rico relief,” he said of the track that hit iTunes nearly two weeks ago (Oct. 6).

Artists have more influence than ever today, which is something the Tony Award-Winning star doesn’t take for granted. It’s a beautiful sight to witness when musicians help each other by collaborating on something bigger than themselves.

“I’ve been working with HispanicFederation.Org. Tonight’s TIDAL X concert has a host of great causes, everything from the earthquake in Mexico to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and really the Caribbean. I’m thrilled to be a part of it. It’s amazing to see all hands on deck with these artists helping each other, whether it’s a re-tweet or hopping on each other’s song like Beyonce joining “Mi Gente,” said the Wesleyan University graduate.

Miranda assembled a superstar lineup on his Puerto Rico relief single, titled “Almost Like Praying,” which sold 111,000 downloads in its first week, according to Nielsen Music, and debuts at No. 1 on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart. The prideful anthem also gave Miranda his first top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, launching at No. 20.

When asked about how the inspiring tune came together, he said, “By saying it’s for Puerto Rico, that’s all I had to do and everyone said yes without even hearing the song. I’m really proud that the lyrics are nothing more than the 78 towns of Puerto Rico. When Puerto Ricans hear this song I want them to say ‘Camila Cabello or Jennifer Lopez sang my town.’ That’s a different level of pride and engagement that comes from seeing that these artists are here and making noise.”

The 37-year-old has been critical of Pres. Trump and the government’s handling of Puerto Rico, making it all the more crucial for celebrities to use their platform to spread awareness and invest resources in contributing to disaster relief. Miranda went as far as to say his faith in humanity is at an all-time high with the positive response from Americans.

“I have more hope than ever before. Every day on my Twitter feed is like the last scene in It’s a Wonderful Life,“ he said. "If the government was commensurate with the response of the American people we would be on the road to recovery. I’ve got little kids breaking their piggy banks or family’s delaying their vacations because their donating money, or even people saying instead of presents for my birthday send them to Puerto Rico. My faith in our country is stronger than ever despite our challenges.”


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Summary: There’s a reason they’re bad luck.

Warnings: slight horror, death, kidnapping

Word Count: 1.9k

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Everything in TG could've been avoided if Hide just called it straight and said, "Kaneki, my dude, that chick is way out of your league. So don't do this. It will only lead to embarrassment and a month of you texting me about camels [Camus] or something. Let's instead go to arcade or karaoke or something. I'll bring my shitty senpai over for the lulz." FIN.

Well Hide was all ‘she’s probably out of your league’ until he saw it was Rize and then he went “ah…. you know what? You never know until you try”. We can’t fault Hide for being a friend. He’s right! I would’ve taken Rejection Moping over Never Tried Moping, too. 

We can fault him for being a shifty motherfucker who has an official CCG Designated Rank as a ghoul (I mean, it’s a C, but it’s still a ghoul rank… some investigator seems to have been pretty sure Scarecrow is a ghoul).

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do you have any good dark era or kid skk fics you could recommend??

My Beloved Son by doubleblack | Teen | 7k | WIP

This is a story about an adult Ozaki Kouyou finding Chuuya and raising him as her son. And how there life was together as Chuuya grew up and how she watched Chuuya and Dazai’s friendship develop over time.

Tender Love & Care by doubleblack | Mature | 21k

“It’s a 5 year old little boy. There was a call a couple months ago about the parents being abusive but the other agency didn’t take it too serious. Last report here says he was always covered in bruises, dirty, malnourished.. some of the witnesses said they assumed he was only 3 given the poor condition he was in. They say he’s with drawn, no friends, and that they never see him outside. People claimed they don’t see him with his parents at all and when they do he’s being scolded for something.”

“And the other agency just ignored all this?” Kouyou said with anger in her eyes.

“Apparently they didn’t think it was serious enough. Just took it as normal discipline. Said he looked okay.”

“Did they even talk to the boy?”


Kouyou shook her head. “Half assed social workers I see. I’ll handle it. Thank you.”


Right and Smile | Mature | 10k

Dazai was intrigued by Kouyou’s new disciple. Fascinaton grew into fondness, friendship, trust.

Chuuya was his, ever since they were children Dazai owned him after all. At least for one night.

Soukoku throughout the years.

Also I wrote this and people think it’s cute