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THE RFA BREAK UP POST AH MY HEART!!! Okay. So. What about the MC moving on and finding someone else? And RFA+V+Saeran realize that they still had feelings for her, but it's been a long time(like maybe a year or two) and MC's finally moved on and they just... Don't have a chance? Why am I like this. Why do I want this. I'm awful. (PS I didn't cry when I read the breakup one, no sir, I did not.)

hey i just read your breaking up headcanon and can i ask for rfa+v+saeran regreting their decision but idk maybe its too late or not its up to you

hi can i ask for a sequel of your break up hc like they regretting their choice and trying to get you back

aah these were similar so I figured I could do them all together! hope you like it. A sort of sequel to this


  • It took 14 months for Yoosung to regret everything
  • 14 whole months
  • Once he realises that he does in fact still love you with every ounce of his being, he starts getting weird
  • Like Yandere Mode™ is activated 
  • It starts off with the usual social media stalking, and he even has Seven helping him find out things about your life via what you post online
  • But soon enough he’s becoming obsessive, and Seven stops helping so not to let it get worse
  • But it does
  • Not being able to investigate everything he can about you online makes him jealous of anyone you’re in contact with
  • Talking to the guys in the messenger? Not on his watch
  • He becomes insufferable, constantly inserting himself into your conversations, commenting on everything you post online
  • You’re almost certain you’ve seen him in the corner of your eye whilst out and about a few times
  • But that’s just you being paranoid, right?
  • Either way it eventually reaches a point where he’s on your doorstep, begging you to take him back
  • He’s crying and rambling, and he’s quite possibly has something to drink
  • But you don’t love him anymore
  • In fact you’re unsure if you could ever love him again 
  • So you tell him this, and it sure as hell is not what he wants to here
  • You’re stuck with a blubbering mess at your door, and have to call Seven to come and retrieve him
  • After this things change drastically
  • He knows he doesn’t have a chance with you, you made that extremely clear
  • He stops stalking your online presence, instead turning to the one comfort he has - his games
  • All he ever does is sit at his computer, playing his games, isolating himself from the outside world
  • Because he doesn’t want to be a part of the outside world if he doesn’t have you.


  • It really didn’t take long for Zen to regret his decision
  • Like it was probably about 5 months, if that
  • Even the first night when he went to bed alone he had the seeds of doubt growing within him
  • Unfortunately for him, those 5 months were all it took for you to move on
  • You knew it was all for the best, things just didn’t work out
  • But he didn’t think like that, and he wanted you back
  • He tried to be romantic, turning up at your door with flowers, dedicating his performances to you, leaving you voicemails of him singing love songs
  • But you ignored everything
  • You felt guilty ignoring his efforts so much, but it was the only way you would get him to move on like you had
  • How would he let it go if you let him think he was getting somewhere with you?
  • His attempts start getting more desperate, with more and more drunk voicemails being left throughout the nights
  • One of these nights you hear a thump by your front door, opening it cautiously only to find a passed out Zen on the floor
  • You debate just bringing him in until morning, but that would probably give him false hope, so you grab your phone and call Seven to come and help you
  • The two of you manage to get Zen into the car, and you go with Seven to take him home
  • Once there you take Zen inside, helping him to his bed
  • After fetching a glass of water for him, you see he has start to wake up a little
  • Still drunk and groggy from passing out, he thinks he’s dreaming
  • Crying a little, he reaches his hand out to hold yours
  • I love you so much, please just come back to me
  • But his begging still does nothing for you, so you tell him that things will never go back to how they were, and you quietly turn around and leave to go home
  • The next day is surprisingly peaceful, no calls, no visits, no voicemails
  • This continues for weeks, and althought you don’t hear from him you think he’s moving on
  • But you soon find out that isn’t the case
  • Jumin informs you that Zen is drinking much heavier and earlier than he had been previously, and the reason he hasn’t been contacting you is because he’s usually too drunk to even move, that is of course if he hasn’t passed out
  • You lose count of times you wake up to find him passed out on your doorstep, because no matter what happens or how much time passes, he always finds his way back to you, even when you don’t want him to
  • You are after all the love of his life, and he doesn’t know any different than to go to you.


  • She thought she was doing the right thing
  • She thought she had made the right decision
  • But one night whilst watching Zen’s latest romance film for the 100th time she realises it would have been your 5 year anniversary
  • Had you not broken up two years ago that is
  • She’s been so damn busy with work, she’s barely had time to think about how she feels
  • But here she is, suddenly swimming in memories of the two of you 
  • It doesn’t take long for her to realise she’s full of regret
  • How could she let you go?????
  • It’s late now, so she decides to just sleep on it
  • Waking up she’s hopeful it was just a night of reminiscing 
  • It wasn’t
  • If anything, she feels even stronger
  • She suddenly can’t stop thinking about running her hands through your hair, the glimmer in your eyes, the way your hand fits perfectly into hers
  • Every little detail she overlooked before were now screaming to be seen
  • It also just so happened this was the day of the RFA meeting, and she was going to have to see you
  • She got lost in your eyes as you spoke to the group about the guests for this particular party
  • She doesn’t even know what was said
  • After the meeting she casually makes comment to Jumin about how happy you looked
  • That’s when he says the one thing she never wanted to hear
  • Well it’s probably because of the new girl they’re seeing
  • Her heart literally shatters as he says the words
  • Jaehee doesn’t really know how to handle this??
  • Why at the same time she realised what a monumental mistake she made by ending things with you, did she have to find out there was someone else making you happy
  • Her way of dealing with it is pretending everything is normal
  • Not you or anyone else ever notices, she hides it so well
  • If you had known, maybe you would realised you felt the same
  • But you never find out, so you never reflect on how you feel about her
  • She supports you in your relationship, and seems to get on really well with your girlfriend
  • But when no one is looking, her eyes well up, and the occasional one escapes
  • She cries herself to sleep more often than she’d ever be willing to admit
  • Seeing you and your new girlfriend happy together breaks her heart over and over again
  • She would kill to be the one making you smile like that, just like she used to.


  • He’s always prided himself on his ability to ‘kill his feelings’
  • And when he ended your relationship, he did this easily
  • It didn’t take long for him to revert to his old ways, being stiff and generally unwelcoming 
  • He was civil to talk to, but he was so different to the person who had you inside his head for three years
  • The breakup felt like it had almost killed you
  • It took you a very long time to get over it, because you never had any closure
  • But then you met someone, someone who let you in from the start, who treated you like you were the single greatest thing on earth
  • You still had a lot of hurt in you from Jumin, but this new person was like a breath of fresh air
  • As things get more serious, you start bringing them around the group more
  • Up until the first time Jumin meets them, he had no idea you were even considering dating other people, let alone be in a serious relationship with someone
  • He’s polite, but doesn’t make much of an effort with them
  • He ??? doesn’t ??? know ??? what ??? this ??? feeling ??? is ???
  • It feels like his heart is actually aching, but that’s just illogical, surely?
  • That night he sits with Elizabeth, drinking his wine and trying to figure out what is going on with him
  • The best thing he can think to do is call up the person who knows him better than himself, and he does so, explaining these strange feelings to his best friend
  • V chuckles softly, a hint of sorrow in his voice as he tells Jumin what it is
  • Jealousy
  • He hangs up, shifting Elizabeth and walks over to his penthouse windows, looking out at the night sky
  • V is right, and Jumin knows it, but there’s nothing he can do
  • He is the one who ended things after all
  • He can’t swoop in now and hope to have you back
  • His solution is to obviously stomp out the feelings, but it doesn’t work
  • He cant get you out of his head, you even haunt his dreams now
  • So instead he distances himself from the RFA more and more, only speaking with V on a regular basis
  • RFA parties can’t be avoided, so when the winter party finally arrives, he doesn’t have a choice but to go
  • Seeing you hurts him, but no one could have prepared him for what happened
  • Your significant other proposed, in front of everyone, right in the middle of the room
  • You were so happy and excited you didn’t see Jumin’s tall figure quietly leaving the building
  • But V did, and for a brief second, he almost thought he saw a glistening tear making it’s way down Jumin’s face.


  • About 6 months after that party, you started to feel better
  • To say you were completely over him would be a stretch, but it didn’t feel like the world was crashing around you whenever you saw him
  • As you started accepting the relationship was over and letting go of it, Seven slowly started joining back in with the RFA more
  • It doesn’t take long for the two of you to become relatively close again
  • But it’s different 
  • You still love him, but it just feels platonic now
  • It didn’t seem possible that you would ever get to a place where you could be happy in his presence again, yet here you are
  • The pair of you spend a lot of time together, but you still manage to start dating again
  • A lot of people are uncomfortable with how close you are to your ex, except one
  • They’re so perfect ???
  • You can’t believe it ???
  • If you thought you were happy when you were with Seven, you were wrong, this was genuinely the happiest you had ever been
  • Little did you know that during those months where you were rebuilding your friendship with Seven, it was bringing back more than just platonic love for him
  • Without even realsing he found himself madly in love with you again all of a sudden
  • He just wanted to have you at his side all the time
  • And whilst you did spend a lot of time together, it wasn’t how he wanted it
  • He stalked your new significant other online within an inch of their life
  • Everything they ever posted or was posted about them he found
  • But there was nothing in there to use to get rid of them
  • They were a good person
  • But even so, everday before he went to sleep, he would check again
  • One day he would find something, to keep this person away from you
  • He had to find something
  • Slowly as your relationship progressed, Seven started holding himself back, once again isolating himself from everyone but V
  • He didn’t know how he was supposed to live a life where someone else made you smile the way he used to.


  • A little part of him always harboured some feelings for you still
  • He knew he would never completely move on, but he didn’t expect this
  • It had been a little over a year since he broke off your relationship
  • You were less bitter, so he saw this as a sign of you having moved on
  • But something about that just didn’t sit well with him
  • Had you really let it go?? Did you really no longer have those feelings for him??
  • For a long time it seemed like you would never move on
  • So now that you had, he hated it
  • It didn’t take long for him to realise
  • He was still in love with you
  • The second it was clear to him, he wanted to drop everything and run to you, just to plead for a second chance and tell you how much he loved you, how he had been so stupid to give up such a perfect person like yourself
  • But he didn’t
  • You finally looked happy
  • And if that didn’t make his heart feel light and airy, he didn’t know what would
  • He knew how much he had hurt you, and he didn’t believe he deserved a second chance no matter how much he wanted it
  • So he chose to keep his feelings to himself, never telling a living soul about how much he craved curling up with you every night 
  • How he craved to feel your hot breath on his lips again
  • How he craved to see you smile because of him again
  • He spends his time pretending he doesn’t love you
  • Just seeing you happy and healthy is enough for him
  • Even if not having you by his side physically hurts him
  • Whenever he hears you laugh he has to actively stop himself from daydreaming about a life where you were his once more
  • Unlike the others, it’s not because you’ve moved on that he never gets you back
  • He just thinks it’s for the best
  • But if he had told you how he felt, he would have found out you were still in love with him too
  • Instead you both continue to hurt, both wishing the other would reach out
  • But neither of you ever do, and neither of you ever get over the other.


  • He was wrong
  • He was so fucking wrong
  • He doesn’t even know why he said it
  • Of course he loved you, of course he still loved you
  • But he had said it, and he had shattered your heart into so many pieces he could never fix it
  • So he never tried
  • It took a long time for you to get over it, at least 3 years to be specific 
  • But you got there eventually
  • Looking at him didn’t hurt
  • Being in his presence didn’t make you nauseous 
  • Hearing his voice didn’t make you want to scream
  • What you didn’t know is that it was the other way around now
  • Looking at you hurt 
  • Being in your presence made him nauseous 
  • Hearing your voice made him want to scream
  • He knew he had left it far too long now, and you were finally happy
  • There hadn’t been much if any relationship between you since the breakup, so when he started isolating himself you didn’t even notice
  • It was Seven who reached out to you, telling you something was wrong with his twin but he didn’t know what and he didn’t know how to help
  • So being the person you are, you went over there to try and speak to him
  • It was awkward at first, you had barely spoken in 3 whole years
  • But you wanted to help him so you pushed and pushed
  • Eventually he snapped and and blurts out that he can’t handle his feelings for you anymore
  • You’re taken aback by his confession, which is followed up by a question you dreaded answering
  • With what almost seemed like tears in his eyes, he quietly begged for you to just tell him you still loved him too
  • The only thing he wanted to hear, you couldn’t say
  • He asked you to leave after you told him you didn’t, and you did so without putting up a fight
  • The last thing you wanted to do was make the situation worse
  • For the first time in a long time, Saeran cried himself to sleep
  • He distanced himself from the group slowly, only speaking via Seven
  • But he always kept an eye on you, because even if you didn’t love him, he wanted to keep you safe and happy
  • You were the first person he truly loved, and you would also be the last.

Say You Like Me- Calum Hood

“She’s the girl that no one ever knows. And I say hi, but she’s too shy to say hello.

She’s just waiting for that one to take her hand And shake her up.

I bet I could.”  -Say You Like Me, We The Kings

Love this song…listen to it!!! Hope you like it anon and sorry it took so long. Thanks for reading!!!

Originally posted by raspy-calum

“So how long have you guys been together?” One of Calum’s friends asked, you couldn’t remember their name.

“Almost 3 months now” Calum said behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your cheek.

“Yup” You said, giving him a tight smile, and pulling back from his embrace.

You never were a touchy-feely person, especially not around other people. I mean when it was just you and Calum, that was a different story, but even then you didn’t randomly grab his hand or anything. It felt awkward to you, and you were kinda shy, so you didn’t do the whole overly-affectionate thing. Calum on the other hand was more of the affectionate type. He often grabbed your hand, and pulled you against him, and it wasn’t terrible, just weird. You weren’t sure if he did it for his own benefit or yours, but you tended to shy away from him in public despite trying your best to go along with it.

“You want something to drink?” Calum asked you, shrugging off your latest attempt to brush him off. Something was different this time though.

“Sure. Babe will you get me a coke?” You asked, throwing in the pet name to try to make him feel a bit better

“Ya. Be right back”

When he returned with the soda, everyone was crowded in the living room watching Ashton and Michael put on a show for the small party. Ashton banging away on his drums, Michael strumming his guitar…they were great. But there was no surprise there.

“Whooo!” Calum cheered when their song was over, as you clapped.

“Calum why don’t you come over here and provide some vocals? I would ask Luke but he’s not here tonight…so it’s up to you” Michael asked.

“Oh no, I don’t-” Calum begin to protest, holding up his hands.

“Oh come on! Calum! Calum! Calum!” Ashton chanted, gesturing everyone else to join in.

Before long everyone in the room was chanting Calum’s name, even you.

When he saw you chanting, he smiled and rolled his eyes. It was then you realized he had given up.

“Fine!! What are we singing?” Calum said, walking over to stand next to Michael.

Instead of answering, Michael played the intro to Don’t Stop and laughed.

Calum laughed too, rolling his eyes at both his best friends. Nevertheless he sang…

“This goes out to my beautiful girlfriend Y/n over there! And babe, You’re like perfection, some kind of holiday…

(Calum demo came on…had to do it….omg so beautiful)

You blushed at his words, knowing that for a moment there everyone’s attention was on you. You bit your lip, and played with the soda can in your hands, trying to forget about everyone around you and focus on the music. You loved the sound of Calum’s voice, you could listen to it all day long and often encouraged him to sing.

When the song was over, Calum did an obnoxious bow and waved goodbye.

“We should be leaving,  bye everyone!” Calum said, grabbing your arm. You waved goodbye as you were led out the door.

When you got back to the apartment you shared, Calum was in a mood that could only be described as, well, silly.

“You loved me singing didn’t you?” Calum teased, knowing how much you loved his voice.

“Well I didn’t dislike it” You winked.

“Oh you loved it” Calum said, wrapping you into a bear hug.

“Yes you caught me, now stop I have to start dinner” You laughed, pushing his chest so he’d let go of you.

He did as you asked but his expression afterward looked…troubled.

“Y/n? What is it? Is it me? Do you not wanna be here, is that it? Because all you do is say the word” Calum said, voice mixed with pain and anger.  

“Cal? What are you talking about?” You asked, completely confused as to where he was getting all this from.

“3 months Y/n. 3 months and you still push me away. I try to give you hugs, and kisses, and just grab your hand to show you that I care and all you do is throw me off of you! I even sang for you tonight, and you looked as if you’d rather disappear”


“No what is it Y/n? Because I love you, yeah I said it. I love you Y/n. You’re beautiful and smart, and you can deal with all the drama that is my life, and I don’t want any other girl standing in front of me right now. But you know what if you don’t love me then fine. I-”

“Calum…” You said, placing you hand on his check, then taking it off, grabbing his hands instead. “Calum I love you too…I love you so much you don’t even know. And I’m not pushing you away, at least I don’t mean to…I didn’t really know how to tell you and thought you’d kinda get the hint. I don’t like being the center of attention, and I’m not really a touchy feely person, I never have been. And it’s not that I don’t like you holding my hand, or pulling me close to you, it just feels weird, and awkward to me. I’m not really used to it, and I know that’s not fair to you-”

You were interrupted by him pulling your lips to his, kissing you so tenderly and so full of love, a kiss like none of the many kisses before.

“I don’t care Y/n…you love me that’s all that matters…I should have seen that, that was stupid of me. I’m sorry”

“No I’m sorry Cal…and I’m really trying ok? But I’ll try even harder for you alright?”

“Mmmmm” He said, pulling you to him once more.


Author’s note: So it’s official. Gonna try to post every Monday k? Thank you guys for everything. Requests are always open. Love you guys -Lydia

  • Aaron: Stop shoving me, I've just woke up.
  • Robert: Yeah, but you're supposed to be catching up with Adam.
  • Aaron: Not until later. Especially when we could be catching up more in bed.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, I'm later than late, so...
  • Aaron: Come on, work can wait. You'll have no distractions for months while I'm banged up.
  • Robert: It's gonna be weeks, not months.
  • Aaron: Let's just enjoy my last day, come on. (KISS)
  • Adam: Yo, let's go!
  • Aaron: Go where?
  • Adam: Er... for a ride! Oh, come on. You said we could hang out.
  • Aaron: No, I said I'd see you tomorrow.
  • Robert: Go on. I'm off out anyway.
  • Aaron: Well, I'll just stay here with my mum and Liv.
  • Chas: No. Go on, Adam, tell him the truth. You need a hand.
  • Adam: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
  • Chas: Yeah, Moira's down a couple of workers and she's sitting Jack later, so she really needs the help. Go on. Go and be Moira's hero. But make sure you are back in time for your dinner.
  • Robert: Yeah, 2:30 sharp.
  • Aaron: Are you sure you can't ditch work?
  • Robert: I swear I'm gonna make it up to you. I'll see you at dinner. And don't be late.
BTS - picking you up at airpoirt.

Request: Could you please do a Bangtan reaction to them picking you up at the airport after a long time apart?


He would try to be the most romantic of them all. He bought you a bouquet of flowers and waited for you to leave the flight. As soon as he saw you, he opened the biggest smile he could give.
“My beautiful princess!” He hugged you tightly. “How I missed you, my baby.” You said smiling.


He would be so happy and smiling. He’ve been waiting all week for that day to come. You stayed about two months apart, you stayed in your home country for a while, now you’re back in Seoul. “Oh, baby, I can’t believe you’re back.” He said with a big smile. “Are you that happy because of me?” “Yes, you make me be like this.” Now, let’s go home and make out. “


He was going to cry a lot. Even though you were only a month apart, he missed you a lot. As soon as he saw you, he started crying too much. "Babyyyy.” He would say like a child and hug you. “Oh, my sunshine. Don’t cry, I’m here.” “I know, I’m so so so happy.” “Okay, okay. Kiss me now.”


He was extremely happy. He ran up to you, bumping into some people on the way. He picked you up and hugged you like never before. “Oh, I miss you.” “I miss you too, Joon!”


After two long months, you returned to Seoul. Your boyfriend, Jimin, was picking you up at the airport. He was nervous to see you. But as soon as he saw you running up to him, he felt a immense happiness. “God, i miss you so much, baby.” He said hugging you and then giving you a passionate kiss.


When you entered the airport, you saw Tae immediately. He was talking to two children. You came near him and the two little kids looked at you. “Oh, this is my princess that I told you would come.” He stood up and smiled. “Can I have a hug from my Prince Taetae?” You said laughing and he hugged you tight.


Jeon missed you so much, he’s such a cutie. It was almost 3am, he would normally be sleeping, but he wanted to pick you up and take you to bed with him. He saw you coming in with a sleepy face and messy hair. “Oh, my little baby.” He said hugging you tightly. “How are you?” “I’m sleepy, can we go home and sleep?” You asked yawning. “Of course, princess.” He laughed.

requests are open, feel free to ask.

3 am Showers

pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

summary: your next door neighbor won’t stop taking loud showers at 3 am, and you finally get fed up enough to say something. But its just your luck that it turns out to be an avenger

warnings: none

It was like clockwork every night, the person in the apartment next door would take a long shower at 3 am and drop everything they possibly could. You didn’t know if they were just a class A klutz, or if they were purposely trying to wake everyone up in the damn building. Occasionally you could hear them singing along to whatever music was playing in their bathroom as well. Although you hadn’t met the man living there, you saw the luxurious furniture the movers brought in just a few months prior when he first moved there. You were lucky enough that your parents owned the apartment before you did, or else the rent would have been through the roof. Being pretty close to times square, you knew it could be anyone from a college student with rich parents or a celebrity that had moved in next door.

So instead out out-right confronting the person next door in fear of whoever it was living there; you tried everything from banging on the wall while they were showering, to dropping your own things while they were doing the same next door. Nothing worked. But you were damned if you let this 3 am shower thing go on for any longer. So instead of making yourself look decent, you stomped right over to your neighbor’s apartment once you heard the shower shut off. Considering the fact that it was the middle of the night, you didn’t bother changing from your tee shirt and workout shorts. So it was an interesting picture of you angrily walking towards your neighbor’s front door, and with the messiest hair possible.

After a few sturdy raps on the wooden door, it swung open. As soon as you saw your neighbor standing there, you regretted coming over looking as crazy as you did.

Steve Rogers stood there, towel clinging onto his hips for dear life, and nothing else on him but droplets of water from the shower. He had a few scrapes on his chest, and a small bruise on the left side of his face. It took a moment to remember why you were there in the first place, but then you hardened your face, “Listen, I think it’s great you’re an avenger, but you need to stop showering at 3 am.” You said and pretended to rub your face from being sleepy, but you were really trying not to look at his abs. He seemed shocked that you were standing in front of him, but it quickly turned to laughter from the man in front of you. “Why are you laughing?” You practically growled back at him.

“Sorry,” Steve had just a smile left on his face, “I’ve never actually had anyone besides the team tell me what to do, everyone just tiptoes.” He paused for a moment, “Do you want to come in, and maybe have some tea? I can explain all the noise while we’re at it.” Something about the offer from Steve Rogers was too good to ever turn down.

You hesitated for a moment out of politeness, but it was not like you were going to be able to get any more sleep once you returned to your own apartment. So you nodded, “Sure.” Steve let you in, and you sat on the leather couch in the front while you waited for him to get dressed. As you waited, you looked around at the simplistic apartment that he lived in. Everything was dark mahogany wood apart from the TV and kitchen appliances, and it seemed to fit him for some odd reason. Steve reappeared rather fast, and was now wearing basketball shorts and a loose tank-top. You had to admit, all you could think about was how hot he looked when he came and sat down next to you on the couch.

“So what is the problem, Miss neighbor?” Steve asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, which seemed like a rare thing for spangly-pants Captain America. You’d only ever seen interviews of his on tv, and it kind of felt like a dream sitting in front of him in his own apartment at that moment. But you were still there for a purpose.

You sat up straight and hugged your knees to your chest, attempting to get comfortable, “Well, I enjoy my sleep and you tend to always wake me up.” You paused, and tilted your head, “Do you even know how much stuff you drop?”

Steve let out a hearty laugh once again, which made you smile as well. He lifted his head back up, “I’m sorry I’m little shaky when I get home from training, Natasha tends to kick my ass full size. Our training tends to run a little late when we have a mission coming up.”  You yawned while you nodded, letting him know you were listening. “I’ve seen you around here, why haven’t you said anything before?”

You perked up, “Well I had been trying other methods but they didn’t really work, but I’ve been a little curious as to who lived over here.” You said with a faint smile still on your face. It was good that you got your thoughts out, and you hoped that Steve would chill with the late showers now. You couldn’t help but notice how similar the layout of Steve’s apartment was to yours, except his was way more cleaner than yours. It also made you wonder why he didn’t have his apartment in the avengers tower like the rest of them. But, you didn’t want to stay past your welcome, “I think it’s past my bedtime, it was nice meeting you Steve.”

So with those thoughts in mind you made your way towards the front door, but Steve’s hand caught your elbow before you could leave, “Hey, maybe I can take you to dinner to make up for all the times I disturbed your sleep,” he stuttered for a moment, “Or maybe even to meet the Avengers.” Steve looked at you with hope in his eyes. It was rare for him to ever ask anyone out, and you knew this was his special way of doing so.

“That’d be nice, Steve Rogers.” You did a mock salute, which earned a hearty laugh from him. Turning away on your heel, you headed back to your own apartment, but before you got inside you yelled out, “I can’t wait to meet Black Widow!”

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evak tangled au for your prompts?

this is probably not what you wanted but a proper au would take me forever so instead i wrote you a small snippet of what could be an evak tangled au, somewhere in the universe

“You said there’s a lost prince,” Even looks at Isak. “Was he handsome?”

“He was a baby,” Isak blinks. “There was no way to tell.”

Even thinks on this for a moment.

“Do you think he’d be handsome, now?”

Isak looks at Even, disbelieving. “Even, I don’t know, why would I know—why would I think about—”

Even interrupts him. “Do you find men attractive?”

Isak chokes on his fish. “Jesus.”

“Is that a man?” Even furrows his brows. “Is Jesus a man you find attractive?”

“Not unless I want to go to hell,” Isak quips. Even looks at him, expression more perplexed than before. Isak sighs loudly, eyes cast towards the night sky. Their surroundings are illuminated only by the light of the stars and the moon and the fire before them, one Isak had started expertly, after years of living on the run. “No, that’s not – it’s a form of expression,” he shifts his gaze downwards again, meets Even’s stunning blue. He still hasn’t gotten used to the intensity of them.

Even bites his bottom lip. Isak is careful to not follow the movement. “I think that I might be,” Even begins slowly. “I think that might be – wrong,” he finishes, looks at Isak in earnest.

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Cling (Hyungwon)

Originally posted by wonho-shin

Type: Fluff

Request: Can you make a Hyungwon scenario where his baby is very clingy and like his wife encourages it? That one episode of Monsta X X-Ray messed me up

Sangjo looked at you with heavy eyes as his father held him, bouncing him lightly trying to get him to get him go take a nap before he left for the day. “I gotta get to practice” he told you as he looked at the clock on wall seeing it was nearly 11. “Are you sure you have to go today. I don’t think Sangjo wants to be held by me” you say as you watched your son lay his head down on Hyungwon’s shoulder.

He gave you a small smile as he looked down at your son “I wish I could but I missed a practice last week because he kept me up all night” he said as you nodded sticking your arms out. He slowly pulled his son from his shoulder hearing the 7 month old let out a whine. “I know buddy I wish I could stay” he whispers as his son held on to him “Sangjo please” he says as Sangjo lets out a cry as he was pulled more away from Hyungwon. He listened to his son crying as Sangjo was attempting to make sure his father kept him in his arms.

“Sangjo please I have to go” he said as he patted his son’s little back as instant guilt filled him for trying to leave. “Call off one more day. It would be the best” you tell him as he gave you a look. “I love our son, I do but I still have a career to worry about as well” he said as you were quickly passed your son. Hoping he wasn’t going to cry as his father headed to grab his things to leave. Almost instantly Sangjo bursted into tears finding his father had left him. You patted his back as he reached out desperately to be taken back by his father.

Hyungwon looked up at Sangjo for only a second but it was enough and was quickly back to holding his son. He felt so guilty when he saw his son’s face in a panicked state as it was. He smiled as the tears seemed to stop right away. “I know I’m sorry. I’m sorry I tried to leave you” he whispered as he watched his son smile and cuddle into him. He laid his head down lightly onto his son’s as Sanjo’s rested on his shoulder. “Can you text Shownu” he said as you took his phone from him. “This is the right thing to do” you tell him as he bounced Sangjo. He gave you a look which had a smile “next time he gets like this he’ll jsut have to come with me” he told you as you nodded. “I bet the boys will love that” you tell him as he lifted his head so he could look down at Sangjo and saw that Sangjo was already out cold.

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9+41 moriel pls bless us w an angsty fic about my two loves and break my heart

Hi nonnie, I decided to split these two up rather than do them together, though who knows WHY, considering the angst is killing me. The other will be along shortly. I took inspiration from the time that Mor tells Feyre she could peel off her clothes in front of Azriel and he would do nothing. I always wondered how she would know… well, here it is. Also, everyone blame nonnie, not me, okay?

Prompt: “screw you”


When Morrigan wanders into Azriel’s room, she is at the end of her tether. She has been thinking of this moment for months, longer, and she has finally decided that she is tired of waiting for him. She considers knocking on the door, but her courage will only last for so long, so she accepts that this will be a dramatic entrance. As she enters his room unannounced, she hopes it will be a fitting beginning, rather than an awkward footnote in their long, complicated history.

Azriel is walking out of his bathroom, clearly getting ready for bed when she bursts in. He looks up at her, startled to see her in his room.

“Mor, is something wrong?” He looks at her flushed face and steps towards her, reaching for her to guide her to a seat.

“Hi, Az. Nothing is wrong,” she says, slipping out of his grip. She begins pacing across his floor but stops herself. He looks at her, questioning. She is wearing a different dress from the one she’d had on at dinner, and he wonders why she changed before coming to see him. This is one of his favorites, though he doesn’t think he has ever told her that. The blue makes her hair look nearly gold, and as she moves the fabric swishes around her long legs.

She takes a breath, calming herself before she speaks or takes another step. Mor has been thinking about this moment for so long that her muscles are taut, her movements sharp yet barely controlled.

When she begins speaking, she has to begin again, her voice catching in her throat. “Az, I need to say some things to you.” He sits on the bed and, taking that as a sign of acquiescence, she continues. “Azriel, I think you have feelings for me. And I have feelings for you. It has been ages since…” she pauses, unsure of how to bring up the weeks after they met, after she had been with Cassian and then Azriel had found her in the Autumn Court. It has been 100 years, although sometimes the wounds feel fresh.

She gestures behind herself impatiently, and he nods, letting her sidestep discussion that she is not here for, that they have already had a dozen times. In the months after, while she healed with him by her side, she had explained everything to him. He had already known, of course - there were few in the Night Court or the Court of Nightmares who didn’t know what had been done to Morrigan, and why - but it had taken him a while to accept her choice. Even if he lives with the consequences of her choice, continues to help her heal, every day.

Now that they are at a place of relative peace, she has decided to see if they could work, if he could accept her after everything. But there are factors she hasn’t counted on, old wounds that have nothing to do with her. These wounds will eat away at her, though they aren’t hers, because they are a part of him.

“Azriel, I just want… I want to be with you.” She has finally stopped fidgeting and looks him in the eye with her last words, something like hope and fear mixed in her expression.

He stares at her, sitting across the room in nothing but a towel around his waist, and he feels exposed in a way that he hadn’t when she walked in.

She removes the top of her dress, pulling her arms through the straps while he watches. His breath hitches audibly and he remains where he is, across the room from her. She can sense that he wants her, wants her to continue, and she maintains eye contact with him while she pushes the dress over her hips, leaving her in scraps of lace that leave nothing to the imagination.

She is making a choice now; not only to be with him, but to give him everything. They have seen each other through what are surely the worst moments of their lives, and she is hoping to be with him for the best. If only he would stop staring at her like that, if only he would move…

“Mor, I can’t,” he finally manages to get out. She freezes, horrified that he waited so long, that he has let her get this far without saying anything, without stopping her. She is standing in front of him with 100 years of history and heartbreak and joy, and while he looks for all the world like he wants her, he is saying no.

“Mor, I’m so sorry.” He is trying to find words, and he is afraid that the suddenness of her actions has prompted an uncharacteristic spontaneity in himself that he wants to control. “You’re right. I do care for you. More than you will probably ever know.”

He stands and moves towards her. Mistaking his intentions she reaches for him, but he holds her at arm’s length.

“Don’t be angry, Mor. I will always want you. But I can’t. You don’t understand what I am, who I am…” he trails off helplessly, wishing she would understand without him having to explain it.

She knows about his family, what they did to him. But he can’t help but wonder if she refuses to see what they turned him into. He saved her because he loved her, because he was raging that someone could lay their hands on her in that way. He thinks that might be the extent of goodness in him, that everything decent and worthy in him comes from her. And he can’t drag her into the darkness that makes up his dreams, his nightmares.

She searches his face, looking for clues that he will change his mind, that he hasn’t just watched her strip and bare her soul, only to reject her. When she sees no sign that he will move, her expression becomes hard. Shame and anger and heartbreak are creating a reservoir in her, one she doesn’t see the bottom of.

“Spare me the excuses, Az. I’ve known you for a long time. I know you better than anyone. If you don’t really want me, please tell me. Please, just… tell me.” Her chin has begun quivering with the effort of maintaining her composure and he stops himself from reaching for her.

“I love you, Mor. But you don’t want me,” he says, wishing he could say something, anything, to keep from hurting her. “There are things about me that you don’t see. You think you see all of me, but you can’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be asking me this right now.”

“Don’t tell me what I want. You want to act like I don’t know, like you’ve really managed to keep yourself hidden from me all these years… like I don’t know who you are? What you are? I told you, I know better than anyone.” She wipes at her cheek angrily as tears begin to fall uncontrollably. She isn’t even sobbing, her breath is even, but somehow the tears keep coming.

He reaches up to brush her cheek, but she pulls away with a jerk.

“Screw you, Azriel,” she whispers, leaving the door open as she goes back to her own room.

She has left her dress on the floor of his room, and he waits a moment before he leans to pick it up. He pulls at the fabric between his hands, the beading catching on his callouses. He runs his fingers over the material as if he could recall the woman who had just been in it, bring her back to him and make it right.

With a sigh, he closes his bedroom door.


Prompt requests - as you can tell, I am quite busy. Any requests coming in these days will probably take a good couple of weeks, tbh.

Puppy love

“Put it in your mouth”

“No, Sirius. That’s disgusting.”

“Just do it”

“I’m not going to have a mandrake leaf in my mouth for a month”

“Do you want to become an animagus, or not?”

You sighed but put the leaf on the inside of your cheek.

“This is going to get annoying after a few hours”

“You have no idea”

**********One month later**********

“Just concentrate really hard” Sirius spoke Seriously. He stood right behind you with his arm around your waist and you could feel his hot breath fanning your neck. It was just supposed to be a friendly gesture , but it made your heart skip a beat. He had no idea of your feelings toward him, so he treated you like just a friend. You were stuck in the friend zone, and it broke your heart. James had hinted towards Sirius liking you, but you knew it was just to make you feel better. And whenever Sirius was this close to you, it was just so damn hard to concentrate. You couldn’t tell if it was the wind in the forbidden forest, or Sirius who made a shiver creep up your spine.


Sirius looked at you and there was a smile on his face instantly. Your eyes were closed and your nose scrunched up from trying to concentrate. Your lips were pressed in a tight line, but to Sirius they still looked just as kissable as always. His crush on you started in his second year, and by now he would almost call it love. It felt weird thinking the he was in love, yet there was no other way to describe his feelings towards you. James often teased him calling it “puppy love”, which he thought was the cleverest joke ever.

Sirius head snapped in your direction when you let out a small yelp. Your eyes were wide open and you looked terrified. A wave of concern washed over him, if something went wrong it would be his fault. He was the one whom had volunteered to teach you after all.

Suddenly, something nudged his foot. He looked down to see a black dog slightly smaller than his animagus form. The grin on his face was blinding as he realized the fact that your animagus forms matched. This couldn’t be a coincidence, it had to mean that you shared some of his feelings, right?

You nudged his leg again in hopes of getting his attention. He looked down at you again, and if you hadn’t been a dog at that moment, you would have blushed from the intensity of his starts. Before you could register what had happened, Sirius had turned into a dog too.

He rubbed his nose against yours in an affectionate way, before running away from you. He let out a bark that sounded much like his laughter. You ended up running around the forest for hours, playing tag and such.


“Where are they?” Remus sighed frustrated. His best friends had been out in the woods for hours, and he was getting worried.

“What if they were eaten by the Giant squid?” James wondered out loud. Peter, whom was walking right behind James, let out a snort of some sort. James was just trying to lighten the mood, but judging by the look on Remus’ face it didn’t help much.

“Or maybe not”

“I see something” Peter exclaimed.

“Oh joy” Remus replied drily as he didn’t see any sign of them.

“No, I really do see something” Peter said whilst running towards what looked like a rock. When James and Remus got there they saw something completely adorable. You and Sirius laid cuddled up in a pile of leaves. In animagus for of course, to this James let out a laugh and joked;

“It really is puppy love”

This is for the anon who requested this imagine. I hope you like it. xxx Request are open ;))

How the Hell are You(r Feelings) this High?!

Member: Joshua

Genre: Angst, some fluff, suggestive themes

Word Count: 11,072

Part 2 to How the Hell are You(r Grades) this High?!

It’s been three months. Three. Whole. Months. Joshua wasn’t sure how he managed to do it, but he did. The inside of his car was cold as he rubbed his hands together and waited for the heater to pick up. Where were you? The snow was coming down heavier, and you were still nowhere in sight. Joshua shook his head and gripped tightly onto the steering wheel to keep his cool. You’ve been dating him for three months- surprisingly- but you’re still you. Wild. Bold. Blunt. Who knows what trouble you could be getting into?

Joshua tapped his fingers on the leather as his imagination ran wild. As long as you weren’t doing anything to get yourself expelled, that was fine. It wasn’t until another fifteen minutes later when you came out of the school that he finally let himself relax. Instead of your usual hurrying to his car to escape the cold, you were trudging through the snow with your head down and Joshua immediately could tell that something was up. When you got into his car and slammed the door shut did he figure out that he was correct. “What’s wrong?” were the first words to come out of his mouth.

You sighed and looked out the passenger window. “Some girls cornered me and called me a bitch.”

“And? That got to you?”

“Oh hell no. I’m not a little girl like that,” you replied with a roll of the eyes.

“Then what did you tell them?” Joshua continued, ignoring your comment. The small smirk he got in return made his grip on the wheel tighten. “Oh God, what did you do?”

“Nothing, nothing! I don’t know what’s got you so worked up, sweet cheeks. I simply told them that they just needed a good, hot dicking and maybe that would make them less bitchy.”

Joshua groaned and set his face against his hands. “Why…?”

“Because they obviously do! When a girl acts like that, she’s either a bitch, on her period, or she needs to get some.”

“But what if she’s genuinely angry?”

“She still needs dick. Or vagina, whatever her preference is. I don’t judge.”

Joshua lifted his head and regarded you with tired eyes. “So that’s why you’re late? You were too busy picking a fight and telling them that they need… you know… that?”

You snorted at his choice of words and punched his shoulder. “You still can’t say ‘sex’? What are you, five?”

“No! The word just makes me uncomfortable, and you know that.”

“Right, right. Sweet cheeks, you’re going to die a virgin if you keep that kind of crap up.”

“You’re also going to burn in Hell if you don’t filter your words.”

You flashed him a toothy smile and leaned over into his space. Joshua tensed up at the closeness; he was used to it already before he even started to date you, but the twinkle in your eye put him off. “Tell you what, you can help me filter my words and I can take care of your virginity problem for ya, deal? That sounds too good of an offer to reject. But if you let me do that, I’ll still swear a bit then, but I’ll get it under control afterwards, okay?” You were dangerously close to his ear now, and Joshua could feel himself slightly shaking.

“No,” he croaked.

You faked a pout and brushed your lips against his ear, your hand shamelessly landing on his thigh and gripping it. “Then can we at least make out before you take me home? No one else is here, so nobody will see us.” Joshua wasn’t sure what made him say yes. It was either the offer of you wrecking his mind with your tongue or how you showed consideration for his social standing and didn’t want to jeopardize it. Either way, your lips were finding purchase on his and his fingers were buried in your hair way before the fog lifted from his thoughts and let him think clearly again.

The next morning was probably one of the worst that Joshua was ever going to have in his lifetime: he was having a wardrobe malfunction. It wasn’t that the clothing wasn’t good anymore, it was just that they were too short, at least for the collar. Even his turtlenecks couldn’t hide the bright purple mark that blossomed right below his jaw. He examined himself in the bathroom mirror and brought up a hand to graze the mark. He winced slightly, as it was still a bit tender. “I can’t believe she bit me…” he murmured.

It was really hot when it was happening, yes, but now it was more bothersome than anything. If his mother saw this, she was going to flip. She was already wary that he was dating possibly the worst person in the entire school district, but she kept her mouth shut for her son’s happiness. Plus, she was impressed with your academic abilities, so she couldn’t really complain, even if she wanted to.

Joshua contemplated if he should snatch some of his mother’s makeup to try and cover the monstrosity that was on his neck. It’d be risky to get it, but what if it didn’t work? “Maybe I should use a scarf…” Joshua pressed his lips together and decided that that was probably the easiest route to take. And so, only after a few minutes and a quick goodbye to his parents, a red and black scarf and a bottle of water was in his hands and he was out to his car.

He didn’t waste a moment in getting to your house, and in turn he was earlier than usual. But, surprisingly enough, you were already outside, sitting on the front steps leading up to your front door. You perked up when you saw his car pull up and you quickly got up from your spot and hurried over to the passenger side of his car.

“You’re going to get a hemorrhoid if you keep sitting on cold concrete like that,” Joshua said as he accepted your greeting kiss. His lips pulled away in a sweet smile and he pecked your forehead. “Somebody’s in a good mood this morning. What’s up?”

“What, can’t I be happy to see you for once? And for your information, if I get a hemorrhoid, you’re applying the cream, sweet cheeks,” you replied and smacked his arm.

Joshua’s eyes widened. “You’re happy to see me?” He gave a dramatic gasp and pressed a hand to his chest. “Why, how could you do such a thing? What have you done with the real (y/n)?” Another blow to the arm was the response.

“Shut it, Hong. I just… I had a dream where you were making me breakfast, okay? You were wearing a frilly apron and your hair was slicked to the side like they did back in the old days and– Get that fucking smirk off your face before I punch it off!

Joshua avoided your flying hands and his smirk cracked wider into a grin. “So, you were dreaming about me? How cute. I didn’t know you were into that kind of stuff. Tell me, were you wearing a dress and had a string of pearls around your neck?”

You sucked in a sharp breath and glared at him. “I wouldn’t talk. The only thing I see on your neck is my brand. So suck it.”

“Wait, what?!” Joshua hastily pulled the sun visor down and looked at his neck in the small mirror. “Aw, man! I thought for sure the scarf was going to cover it!”

You shook your head and whipped it back with a cackle. “That’s what you get!” You continued to laugh and tease about the ‘giant fucking purple dot’- that was how you liked to put it- and pulled out a bag of makeup from your backpack. “Now, if you shut up and drive, I’ll fix your little boo boo and kiss it all better, okay?”

“That’s how I got it in the first place!”

School was, surprisingly, school. The day was going how it usually does; people were complaining about the cold weather or about an upcoming test, the hallways were loud and busy, and Joshua was in the office, working on some papers for Student Council. He dared not touch the makeup that laid underneath his scarf, nor did he look up when you waltzed right into the office.

“Sup, sweet cheeks,” you said nonchalantly as you sat in one of the overstuffed chairs and waited to see the principal for God knows what.

“Don’t call me that,” he replied without missing a beat. These types of conversation were also part of a normal school day; you would continue to act like you always did, and so did he. That way, nobody would get suspicious. And it’s been working for three months.

You raised your hands in mock surrender, an impish grin stretched out on your features. “No need to get offended, sweet cheeks. I was just being friendly.”

“No, you’re just being annoying. Why are you in here anyway?”

“I told some girls yesterday that they needed a good, hot dicking. They decided that the principal could wash out my mouth with soap,” you told him with a wink. Joshua bit his lip to keep from smiling. “So what’s got you so busy?”

Joshua wiped off all traces of amusement from his face and finally looked up at you, a happy twinkle in his eye. “There’s a new student coming in today. I’m helping with some of the paperwork and his scheduling.”

You scoffed and ran a hand through your hair. “I thought that was for, I don’t know, the guidance counselor? The actual staff?”

“Well, seeing that you’re in here on a daily basis, they can’t even get their work done, can they?”

You snickered and narrowed your eyes playfully at him. “Jesus, you kiss ass so much that you must be blind. How’s the view from down there?”

Joshua opened his mouth to answer, but he was cut off by the secretary coming out of the principal’s office and telling you to go in. You hopped up from the seat and gave Joshua a small salute before going in and closing the door behind you. He sighed and looked down at the papers in front of him. Wherever this new student was, he better get in before first bell sounded or he was going to get into trouble the first day.

It wasn’t until about ten minutes later when an unfamiliar male opened the door to the office and stepped in. The first thing Joshua noticed was the lollipop wedged in the side of the guy’s mouth and the disinterested look on his face. He was wearing a leather jacket and his jeans had holes at the knees, and Joshua instantly knew what kind of guy he was. The pen in his hand threatened to snap if Joshua held it any tighter. He watched the guy walk up to the front desk, lean over, take out the lollipop, and smiled at the secretary like he was a fox who just caught a chicken.

“Hello,” he stated in a low voice. “I came to get my schedule and such.”

The secretary nodded and pointed to Joshua. “He’s got everything you need. Have a nice first day.” The guy’s gaze followed her finger and his smile fell off of his face. He cleared his throat and walked over.

“So. You got my papers mister? Aren’t you a bit young to be teaching?”

Joshua straightened up and set down the pen. “No, I’m the president of the Student Council, Hong Joshua.” He offered a hand for the guy to shake, but all he did was glance at it. Joshua let his hand fall and the guy’s rudeness slip. He instead grabbed the papers and looked down at them. His heart squeezed at both the numbers for the new guy’s homeroom and locker. Turns out his locker was only a couple away from yours and shared your homeroom. He pressed them into the guy’s hands and forced a smile. “You’re in homeroom C116 and your locker is S60. Your schedule and locker combination are with the rest of these papers. Do you need someone to show you around?”

“No,” the guy grunted as he squinted at the papers. An outburst of laughter made both him and Joshua look up and see you coming out of the principal’s office.

“Hey, hey, sweet cheeks! Only two hours of detention! Told him the entire story and made the old man laugh! Who knew?” you said cheerfully. You then stopped in your tracks when you saw the new guy. Joshua noticed that the guy was smiling again, and an unnerving feeling settled in the bottom of his stomach. “Hey, you the new kid?”

The guy chuckled. “I got a name better than that, baby doll. I’m Choi Seungcheol. Nice to meet you.” Joshua inhaled sharply and bit down on his tongue. Baby doll? Who the fuck does this Seungcheol guy think he is?

As one of your eyebrows went up your forehead, Joshua could tell that you weren’t impressed with the nickname either. “Seungcheol? What kind of name is that? And for the record, dollface, I’m not your property, so don’t call me that. And if you do, don’t be surprised if I punch you in the throat or the dick first.”

Seungcheol’s grin was predatory. “You’ve got some attitude for saying that, little girl. I like it. Would you mind showing me where room C116 is? Maybe then I can learn you’re real name and call you that. Unless, you like baby doll.”

You were grinding your teeth, Joshua could tell. A fight was going to start if this continued. “Sure,” you said, which startled Joshua. “But pull anything funny and my boot’s gonna disappear up your ass.”

“Oho, I wouldn’t dream of it. Lollipop?”

Seungcheol was really starting to grate on Joshua’s nerves. For one, he was a total player, and two, he was bad. His attitude matched yours so much that it was actually terrifying. He already had to deal with you before, but now he had to deal with this? No way! Fate wasn’t being fair to him. What really pissed off Joshua the most was that Seungcheol had his eyes locked on you constantly and was undeniably drawn to you. Joshua couldn’t decide whether he wanted to dig himself a hole and curl up in it or chew off the bastard’s head.

He was fuming, and by the way the tips of his ears were turning red, you could tell he was. The library was usually empty except for a loner here or there, so it made the perfect place for you to meet up with him during classes. He got special privilege to go about the school whenever, and you just skip whenever you feel like it. The librarian understood the relationship you shared with him, much like the rest of the school, so she said that it was alright to blow steam off at each other or talk things out as long as you keep it quiet. Joshua couldn’t understand why someone in their right mind would let that happen during school hours, especially in a library, but he guessed it was because there was better drama there than in the romance books she constantly read. And today, he was grateful for the quiet space.

“I don’t like him,” Joshua whispered angrily as he sat on a sofa. The sofa was far enough from the librarian so she couldn’t hear, but still clearly see facial expressions.

“That Seungcheol kid? He’s cool and all, but he is a serious fuckboy,” you said and crossed your legs. “He wears genuine leather, got good looks, a bike, a killer body, and he’s got a bad attitude. But he’s not impressing me.”

Joshua snorted and rested his elbows on his knees. “He sounds like the type of guy that you’d be into.”

“Like I said: fuckboy. He’s even got a tongue piercing. Must eat out a lot of girls or sucks dick to get one of those.”

Joshua cringed and gave you a disgusted look. “Must you be so vulgar? Seriously, that’s just nasty.”

“I wonder if he wears chokers. You know, the black belts of sucking dick.”

“Stop! Ew. Then what about yourself? I’ve seen you wear chokers before.”

You snickered and leaned back against the sofa and crossed your arms over your chest. “Excuse you, but the only things I blow are kisses. Well, unless you want to drop trowel right now and let me give it a go-”

No! Please, (y/n), just stop. I don’t need that kind of thought right now. I’m trying to be angry and say stay away from that guy, not get aroused.”

“Haha! So I am getting to you! Victory!” Joshua watched as you burst out laughing and throw your head back. “Oh, sweet cheeks! I’m just pulling your leg! Or whatever you want me to pull, your choice,” you said with a wink.

Joshua sighed. “Just be careful of what you say to him, alright? I don’t like how attracted to you he is already. It makes me mad to think of him pulling a move and doing something that neither you or I would like.”

“Oh, please,” you huffed with an eye roll. “I wouldn’t even let his hands or his lips near me. I’m not into him that way. What I am into, though, is how territorial you’re getting. It’s really hot to see you get so dark like this. Are you sure you’re Joshua? ‘Cause I don’t want him to come in and see what I’m going to do with his doppelganger.” You licked your lips and leaned in so that your chest touched his.

“What are you doing?”

“Hush, baby, the librarian’s gone. We’re all alone.” Joshua sent a nervous glance up to the front desk and saw that the librarian was indeed gone. “Just relax a bit, okay? I don’t want anything to do with Seungcheol; I just want you.”

Joshua’s attention was solely fixated on your lips as you talked to him about not wanting Seungcheol. Good. That’s what he wanted to hear. Maybe it was the more protective, territorial side of him coming out whenever he wrapped his arms around your waist and began to kiss you. Maybe it was his sense of vision being cut off when he shut his eyes did he realize how hot your mouth really was. Maybe it was imagination that you were climbing up onto his lap and pressing your tongue in past his lips. He imagined what it would be like if you were to get a tongue piercing, and how stark the difference would be between hot muscle and cold metal.

Joshua remembered the one and only time that you and him had gotten dangerously close to actually sleeping with each other. His parents weren’t home and you were over at his house naturally. Some cuddling turned into kissing and that turned into a heated make out session right there on the couch. His shirt had come off at the time and he was shaking from both anticipation and nervousness. But you were gentle and graceful with your movements, and the image of your bottom lip tucked between your teeth as your fingertips grazed his chest and sides had left an imprint on his brain.

“God, you’re absolutely beautiful,” you murmured as you pressed your forehead against his. The close proximity and the twinkle in your eyes had his heart beating a million times a minute. He honestly felt like he was going to have a heart attack, and his mouth was too dry to warn you. Your fingers sent electric shocks throughout his entire being, and your smile made him believe that an angel was gracing him with her touch instead of a demon tempting him with hers. He saw a softer side of you that he came to fall in love with quickly.

At a time like this, and in school for God’s sake, he was remembering of how he almost got laid? It would’ve happened too if his parents didn’t unexpectedly pull into the driveway. The bubbly feeling was again forming in his chest, but now wasn’t the time or place to do it. Joshua pulled away reluctantly and you chased after him with those soft lips of yours. So feather light were they, just like an angel’s wings, yet they said such sinful things.

“Wait, wait, not now. We’re in school, Numnums,” Joshua said with a chuckle when you whined and gripped onto his shoulders.

“Fuck that,” you mumbled and moved aside his scarf and the collar of his turtleneck. “And stop calling me Numnums. It makes me sound like I’m your fucking cat.” You pressed your lips to the side of his neck and started to work on another mark. Numnums was a dumb name used when Joshua was feeling extremely cuddly or intimate, and that only happened when you were alone with him. It was a silly name, but a name you loved no less.

At the end of the day, Joshua was feeling light on his feet and he couldn’t control a piece of hair that stubbornly stuck up ever since you messed with it earlier. Whatever happened in that library was magical, and it would’ve been even better if it wasn’t in the school. If he was at his house, it would have been perfect. He was even tempted to move it to his car. But, being himself, Joshua had already decided that if he slept with you then you were to be pampered and be as comfortable as possible. He smiled to himself and spun his key ring around his finger joyfully as he casually walked to your locker. Only a few people were left hanging around, so he didn’t mind if anyone saw him talking to you or not.

Joshua turned the corner and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw you and Seungcheol. Together. At your locker. What? Seungcheol had his arm resting on the wall above your head and his face was too close to yours for comfort.

“How could such a fine woman like yourself be single? I heard a lot of guys talking about how much they want you, but you’re just too wild to tame,” Seungcheol was slurring. His lips were drawn back in a smile, and Joshua had the sudden desire to make them bleed.

“Oh, and where’d you here that one? The jocks? They know just as well as you do that I can easily kick their asses. I’m nobody’s, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna be one of yours,” you hissed right back him.

Seungcheol pursed his lips and cocked his head to the side. “Do you tell that to everybody? Come on, let me give you a ride home.”

“On a bike when it’s fucking freezing outside? No thanks.”

Seungcheol chuckled, the noise sounding deep and playful. “You must have your daddy’s tongue. That could get you in a lot of trouble, baby doll. You’re cute.”

“I’ll cut your dick off and shove it down your throat if you keep calling me that. Or would you enjoy that too much?”

As much as Joshua wanted to watch you standing up for yourself, enough was enough. “(y/n),” he called out and started to walk to you, “you ready to go home?” Both you and Seungcheol looked over to him. Seungcheol clucked his tongue and cursed softly before pushing himself away from you.

“What do you want, Hong? Can’t you see that we’re talking here? Get lost.”

“After I get (y/n). I need to take her home.”

Seungcheol sucked in his cheeks and glanced back at you before taking a step closer to Joshua. “Really now? From what I hear, you two hate each other’s guts because she beats you at academics. Why would you feel the need to give her a ride when I can do so myself?”

“Because a man doesn’t take a girl out on a bike in the cold. Besides, I pass her house on the way home everyday so I give her rides. It’s kind of like a therapy session where we get to yell at each other, you know?”

Seungcheol snickered and stuffed his hands in the front pockets of his jeans. Considering how tight they were and how much space his muscular thigh took up, Joshua was mildly surprised of how he managed to do such a thing. “You’re a horrible liar, Hong. You got to be better than that if you want people to believe you.” Seungcheol then leaned in close and seemed to examine Joshua’s neck. Immediately, Joshua’s hand flew up and covered the bit of the new mark that was showing. It was already too late; Seungcheol was already howling with laughter. “And you got hickies! You sly dog! That looks like a fresh one! Did you do it during school? Oh man, wait until everybody hears about this!”

“Like hell you will!” Joshua shouted, panic starting to leak into his voice.

The smirk on Seungcheol’s face was way too evil for Joshua to believe that was safe. “Alright, I won’t tell anybody, but on one condition. You tell me the real reason as to why you take baby doll home when you clearly hate her. And, you tell me who gave you that hickey because damn, that is dark!”

“It’s nobody of your concern, you ass,” you snapped. Seungcheol swung his head around and gave you a confused look.

“Excuse me? Why are you defending this little runt? I thought you hated his guts!” He shook his head and pointed a finger at you while he looked back to Joshua. “It’s her, isn’t it? She’s the one who gave you the hickey! Wait, does that mean you two are dating?” The silence that followed was enough of an answer for Seungcheol. “Holy shit! You are! I was wondering why you stuck around, but now I get it. Good job, man. I don’t know how you managed to snag a babe like her, but seriously? You two are fucking dating? I’m the only one that knows, right? Because you two “hate” each other!” Seungcheol cackled and went to poke your cheek. “It’s alright, baby doll. I getcha. Don’t worry about the big reveal; I’ll take care of it for you.”

Joshua stared, his eyes wide in alarm. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh? And I thought you were smart, Hong. It’s nothing much, really. It’s just that everybody is going to know the truth. They deserve to know, you know. Man, I can’t believe this. I’m gonna go, so I’ll see you two later!” With another evil grin, Seungcheol turned on his heel and left.

Joshua turned to you with a slack jaw. You, however, were completely silent and continued to stare straight at the opposite wall. It wasn’t until Seungcheol was out of sight that you crouched down to the floor and screamed.

“Son of a fucking bitch!!”

In one day, Joshua’s whole life was turned upside down. And it was because of him. The moment Joshua stepped inside the school, his reputation was destroyed. When he walked in through those doors, he was met with instant silence and critical eyes. He licked his lips nervously and made way to the office like he always did, but the gazes of other students were heavy on his back. Even the secretary looked at him in complete and utter shock when he went in. That only made him think of the field day that the librarian must be having. He shook his head at her and ran a hand over his face. Good God, this was worse than he was expecting.

Then, all of a sudden, a shout of “Whore!” echoed through the windows and Joshua was honestly scared to look. To say the scene was horrible was an understatement; it was a fucking car wreck. It was something you didn’t want to see, but your eyes were drawn to it no matter what. You just came into the school, your head down and feet dragging. A group of guys were shouting obscene words and throwing whatever they could get their hands on. Other students thought that that was a good idea, so they joined in and threw objects at you as well. Joshua watched in horror as a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird collided with your head, but yet you did nothing to retaliate.

He couldn’t bare to watch what he was seeing, so he pried open the door and called out your name. You turned your head to look at him, and he finally got a clear look of your face. Dark half circles were under your eyes and your eyes themselves looked glassy. “Dear God,” he whispered.

“Why’d you have to go and do that to Hong, you skank?!”

“Go back to your gross men on the streets!”



“Die in a fucking hole! You don’t deserve him!”

Joshua gaped at the students in the hall. What has gotten into their minds?! He desperately looked back at you, but your face was a solid stone wall. You turned your head back and continued to go down the hall, everybody’s insults and classroom objects bouncing off painfully. What hurt worse, he wasn’t sure. All he knew was that Seungcheol was a dead man.

As the day continued to go by, the remarks got worse. Some people took advantage of your detached attitude and shoved you into the lockers, and someone tried to trip you while you were going down the stairs. When you got the library, you were ready to just walk out the door and never come back. The librarian stared at you with absolutely no shame, and you glared back at her. You found Joshua sitting on the usual sofa and went over to join him. He stood up, a pained expression taking over his features. You remained silent and wrapped your arms around him.

“This school is full of petty little fuckers,” you grumbled into his shoulder. Joshua’s body was warm and his hug was very much needed. He ran his hand through your hair and pressed a kiss to your forehead. It was amazing to think that just yesterday he was kissing you on that very sofa. It felt like a different life somewhere far, far away.

“I know, I know, people have been giving me a rough time too,” Joshua replied as he stroked the back of your head. What he said was true; people have been hounding him left and right, wondering if he was going crazy or something. Luckily, they didn’t know how long he’s been dating you, so that was good. That didn’t mean that they didn’t know about the hickey though. Some guys asked how he did it, if he had sex yet, if the sex was great like they imagined, etc. It disgusted Joshua greatly to know that some guys thought about his girlfriend and used their hands for company.

“This is cute,” Seungcheol said as he strode into the library and made way for you and Joshua. “So this is where you too meet up. Interesting.”

“Fuck you, Choi! Ever since your ass came in yesterday, everything’s gone to hell! Why did you even do that? I’ve only known you a day and this is what I get? What the hell is wrong with you?!” you barked. You pulled away from Joshua and stepped forward to punch Seungcheol.

“Hey, hey, easy now,” Joshua said with a warning tone. The words were meant for you, but they were more directed towards Seungcheol. He gripped onto your arm to keep you in place. “Seriously, Seungcheol, what is even with you? Why did you even do that? I’d gladly punch you in the face, but I don’t want to wreck my reputation more as it already is.”

Seungcheol held up his hands in mock defense. “I just told a few kids that you were dating, that’s all. Everybody already had their rumors, so now they think that it’s all true. And seriously, Hong? In this situation, all you care about is your reputation? Wow, some great boyfriend you are.”

I want to get into a college and do something with my life, unlike you. And (y/n)’s right. Everything has gone to hell ever since you showed up.”

“Don’t be like that, Hong. I was just being honest with everyone. Besides, I wouldn’t have made a move on your girl if I knew she was yours. Am I right? And nobody else would have made a move either. And what was it that you told me, (y/n)? ‘Nobody owns me’? Guess again, baby doll. The whole student body just made you its bitch.”

“Call her that again, Seungcheol, and see what happens.”

“Actually, I’d watch what happens if I were you. She don’t look too good.” Joshua turned to you at Seungcheol’s words, and sure enough, you were glaring daggers.

Joshua’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “(y/n), what’s wrong?”

“You’re so full of you fucking self, Hong!” you snarled. “I’m leaving.” Joshua watched with a slack jaw as you left the library while Seungcheol stole a glance at your ass. He whistled.

“Good job, Hong. The domino effect is taking place.” He snickered and slapped Joshua’s back. “Good man,” he said with an evil smirk.

Joshua bit his lip. What now?

Joshua was quick to realize how bad the entire situation was until almost an entire week has passed ever since the news of him dating you had gotten out. Students were still harassing him, yes, but a majority of them (including the teachers) thought he was the victim. Nobody ever thought that he was the one to ask you out; they just assumed that you “seduced” him or whatever the rumor was. But that was the easy part. The hard part was that you cut off all communications with him, and he had no idea why. The morning after you and Joshua talked to Seungcheol, Joshua drove to your house like always to give you a ride.

He was right on time, but you were nowhere in sight. He sent a text telling you that he was there and waiting, but there was no response. His eyebrows knit together and his lips pressed into a flat line. Where were you? He glanced up at your front door. Maybe you were sleeping? Should he go to the front door? Joshua lingered in his car for a few moments before deciding that he should walk up and knock on the door. The weather outside was brutally cold, so he shoved his hands in his pockets and ducked his head down as he hurried to your front door. He gave some good, hard raps with his knuckles and rang the doorbell. Joshua stood shivering for a few minutes and tried the doorbell again. Seriously, what was going on?

He stepped off the front steps and stood in the front yard to look up at your bedroom window. If he had a pebble, he would throw it. Snow couldn’t do much, so that sucked. He didn’t want to call out your name and bother the neighbors, so he kept his mouth shut. And then he noticed. It was subtle, but it was a movement nonetheless. Your curtains moved. Joshua realized that you were watching him from your bedroom window. Were you pulling a prank with him? That seemed just the type of thing that you would do, but wasn’t this taking it a bit too far? He pulled out his phone and dialed your number and looked back up at your window. Surprisingly, you picked up.

“Hello?” you said in a slow, groggy voice. Joshua already knew that you were lying and had pretended that you were asleep.

“Hey, Numnums,” he said into the speaker and licked his dry lips. “Are you up? I’m waiting outside for you.” He figured he might as well play along with whatever you were doing.

“I just woke up. Why don’t you just go and leave without me? I don’t want you to be late for school.” Joshua clenched his free hand into a fist.

“No, I’ll give you a ride. I can wait a little longer. It’s too cold out here to walk to school. You might slip and fall.”

“You’re not in your car?” you asked with feigned shock. “You’re going to catch a cold if you stand outside, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s worth it if I get to see your sleepy face.” There was a slight chuckle on the other end of the line.

“I think I’ll skip today. I’m not in the mood to deal with people calling me a whore all day long and saying that I ruined you. Some guys even came up to me and asked for a free handjob since I seem pretty generous with my affection.”

Joshua inhaled sharply and kept watching your window for any signs of movement. “Can I ask you something?”

“It’s not if I can give you a blowjob, right? I’m telling you right now, the only thing I blow are kisses,” you replied with a weak laugh. The sound made Joshua’s heart clench.

“No, no, nothing like that. It’s just… Why have you been avoiding me?” Silence. Joshua gave a shaky breath and bit his cold lip.

“I… My phone died a few days ago and I lost my charger. I only found it last night. Sorry.”

Joshua shut his eyes and willed his breathing to remain steady. He remembered the time that you told him that being an asshole didn’t suit him. He wanted to say that being a liar didn’t suit you. He let the built up breath out slowly and opened his eyes. “That’s okay. I really wish you would come to school today.”

“I do too,” you said softly.

He swallowed the lump in his throat. “I’ll see you later then. Text me, okay? I’ll probably come around after school and we can hang out. How does that sound?”

“Sure. Bye.” You hung up. Joshua pressed the end button and let his arm fall limp. Your curtains moved again, and this time your face appeared. Joshua raised his hand in a small wave and saw your hand grip onto the curtain.

“Bye,” he whispered. He turned to leave your front yard and go back to his car. Maybe the heater could make his body and heart warm again.

The rumors got worse when you didn’t show up at school. Joshua heard loud whispering of you being too much of a pussy and couldn’t handle the truth, or how you were currently seeing one of your other “boyfriends”. Even some of the comments directed towards Joshua had gotten worse.

“Hey, Joshua!” a guy said as he strolled up to Joshua, his group of friends snickering behind him. “Did you do the hanky panky with (y/n)? Remember, no glove, no love!” He bust out laughing, and Joshua had the urge to punch him in the mouth. “She’s hot, yeah, but I wouldn’t tap that. Heard she might got an STD or something like that.”

“No,” Joshua said through clenched teeth. “I don’t think she does.” He sidestepped the fucking idiot and continued his way down the hall. He couldn’t believe his ears. You were once the most feared person in the entire school because you were bold and confident, but now you were no more than a virus that everyone wanted to get rid of. Joshua wanted to leave the place and all the “petty little fuckers” behind. It was bad enough that he was in a sour mood because of this morning, and with everyone continuing to say rude things about you made him want to snap.

It was a blessing when the final bell rang and everybody pooled out of the building and flooded the front entrance and parking lot. Joshua ran to his car, tired of all the bullshit and just wanting to return to the only stable thing in his life at the moment. At least, he thought it was stable. He wasn’t so sure anymore. The inside of his car was cold and felt lonely, like it knew that you weren’t going to be riding in it. Joshua slammed the door shut and rested his head on the steering wheel. When will this all be over?

He straightened up with a groan and scanned the parking lot. His eyes locked onto Seungcheol and his stupid freaking bike, along with the girl that appeared to be giggling and climbing on behind him. The idea of that girl being you ran through his mind, and he thought of how it could have been a possibility if you went home with Seungcheol instead. Or, in a worse scenario, didn’t even date Joshua at all. Seungcheol was just your type. Headstrong and hot, but a whole lot of trouble, just like you. The image he created in his head made him feel sick in the stomach.

Joshua clucked his tongue in disgust and turned his car on. He needed to see you, and he needed to see you quick. His mind was a blur as he pulled out of the parking lot and drove the three blocks to your house, a route that made him feel like he was going home. He didn’t waste time either as he sprang out the door and hurried up he sidewalk to your front door. He knocked two, three times and rang the doorbell several times before it opened.

The moment he saw you, he pulled you into his arms for a tight hug. You stared at his chest as you felt his hands caress your shoulders and back. You pulled him into the house and shut the door, but you weren’t sure if it was colder outside or in the house. “School sucked that much?” He nodded. “Can you see why I skipped today then?”

“I don’t get it,” Joshua muttered. “Everybody finds out we’re dating and everything goes to shit.”

“I know. Come on, let’s go upstairs. My parents aren’t home.” Joshua looked around and noticed that what you said was right; your parents weren’t home. He kicked off his shoes and let your hand take his and lead him down the familar hall and up the staircase. Joshua had only been in your room a few times because a.) your parents were usually home, or b.) he was just way too nervous.

The faces from the posters hanging on the wall greeted him like always, as did the photograph of you and him together. His lips were pulled back in a smile and you were laughing at something he said. The memory made him feel warm inside and he wished things were simple like that again. You let go of his hand and went to your stereo, turning it on and swaying your head and body to the music that poured out of the speakers.

“You’ve had such a rough day, baby. Sit down on the bed,” you told to him. Joshua did as told and took a seat on your bed. His fingers ran over the comforter and he let out a long sigh as he eased out onto his back.

“This past week’s been rough. I’m glad to see that you’re in a better mood,” Joshua stated as he watched you sway your hips invitingly.

“That’s because I’ve had a little help today. Not much, but a little,” you said as you gestured to your nightstand. Joshua turned his head and saw the glass bottle that you were talking about.

“You got drunk?”

“No, I just put it in a sippy cup and danced in my room all day. I had some me time, and the whole world can suck my dick for all I care.”

Joshua sighed and looked back over at you. “Is that why you’re not wearing pants?”

“Bingo,” you said, and you shot him with a finger gun. “I told you; this is a me day, so I can do whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want. And I chose not to wear pants. Or a bra.” Joshua sputtered. Your face cracked into a sly grin. “Does Joshy boy like that? You know, sometimes I don’t even remember that you have a horny side. It’s so well hidden under that good boy image you’ve got going. I wanna wreck it.”

Joshua stared up at the ceiling and put a hand over his face. “Please don’t. Are you sure you’re not drunk right now?”

“Nope, I’m clean. And watch me, baby.” The sudden feeling of your hands on his thighs made Joshua jump. He flashed you a warning look but still sat up straight.

“You’re horrible.”

“And that’s why you can’t resist me,” you replied with a cackle. “Now shut that trap of yours and relax. You need a bit of you time.” Joshua had no idea as of what you were even saying, but he kept his mouth shut and waited for whatever was about to happen. You pushed yourself away and started to rock again with the music, running your fingers through your hair and turning in slow circles. Joshua felt his chest swell and that fluttery feeling start in his heart. You were dancing for him. The action was so intimate that Joshua’s face was red in no time. Your bare thighs teased him from under the long shirt you were wearing, and he wondered if the comment you made about your bra was true.

Your movements mesmerized him in every single possible way, and Joshua soon felt his bottom lip quivering. God, he must be so tightly wrapped around your finger to feel like this so easily. His hands moved on their own accord, for he was reaching out towards you and taking hold of your wonderful, wonderful hips. You moved in at his touch and straddled his thighs, which made him choke on his own breath.

A literal goddess. How he was blessed to have Aphrodite literally sitting in his lap, he had no idea. He was shaking again, but it wasn’t violent. Your fingers brushed over his shoulders and down his chest, unbuttoning his coat as they went along. Warm hands were soon being pressed against his chest and pushing up back at his shoulders and bringing the coat down so that it pooled around his waist. His eyes never stopped wandering over your hidden body, his tongue never stopped licking at his dry lips.

“Baby,” you said in a low voice, and Joshua instantly knew that he was (literally) screwed. “Choke me.”

He had to fight hard against the cotton in his mouth. “I-I, I’m not choking you with my hands-”

“I didn’t say with your hands,” you said huskily. Joshua’s throat made a noise that he wasn’t sure he was even capable of doing. Your mouth found his in a searing kiss and your hands found his shoulders in a tight hold. Joshua’s eyes fell shut as you leaned into his body and your fingers moved into his hair. It took little time for you to dominate the kiss and slip your tongue into his mouth like you usually did. Once again, Joshua was teleported to another realm, away from all his troubles. Only two people existed in this world, and it was you and him. He smiled when your thumb brushed against his cheek and then you pulled away entirely. “Look,” you whispered. Joshua’s eyes snapped down to your hands clutching at the hem of your shirt. You lifted it up, and Joshua was greeted with the name of Lounge. The gray material covering your crotch looked sinful in his eyes. Your shirt framed your silky thighs and the lower half of your stomach, as did your underwear. Joshua had the desire to see it all. “Touch me,” you said to him, and he complied.

A small gasp left his mouth as his fingers dug in the flesh of your ass and your hands slipped down his back and pulled at his sweater. Your feathery lips felt hotter than ever, their taste intoxicating. People said you were poisonous, and they were right. You were poison and he was addicted. Goosebumps covered his entire body as you pulled the sweater up and over his head, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. You pressed your chest into his, the free breasts only covered by a thin layer. Your tongue still tasted of the alcohol you had drank earlier, both bitter and sweet at the same time.

“Jesus,” you murmured, your lips brushing against his and making his head spin. “Joshua, baby, you’re hard.” And indeed he was.

This was it. This was the moment he’s bracing himself for his entire life, even way before he knew what it was and what it could possibly mean. Joshua smiled and pulled at your bottom lip. He promised to himself before that you were going to get all of the attention that you deserved, and he was planning on making sure of that. But then the words hit. They were stashed away in the back of his mind, already forgotten, but they came back all of a sudden. He thought of all the insults directed towards you and the perverse questions that he had been asked. To say that he was reluctant to pull his mouth away from yours was an understatement. Your body and mind was perfectly ready for him, and he was chickening out over something somebody said.

“Baby, what’s the matter? You want to take your pants off?” you hummed, a blissful look taking over your features. Joshua couldn’t believe that he was going to throw this chance away.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too early for this?” he muttered.

You smirked and shook your head. “Fuck no,” you purred and placed your mouth on his earlobe.

“That’s not what I meant,” Joshua said, and he hated himself for it. “What I mean is that I can’t have sex with you.”

You drew away from his head and furrowed your brows. “What is that supposed to mean? You can’t have sex with me or you don’t want to have sex with me?”

“That’s not what I meant either-”

“Then what is it?” you snapped. “You said you can’t have sex with me. I’m giving you my consent, and he made it very clear about giving yours,” you continued and pointed down at his crotch. “Is this because of your ‘jeopardized reputation’? Are you seriously that fucking worried about it? It’s already bad enough that you’re dating me, so you can’t make it any worse unless you sleep with me, right? Oh my God, I can’t believe you.” You slid off of Joshua’s lap and looked down at your body in disgust.

“No! I do want this to happen! I don’t care about that-”

“Like hell you don’t! You even said it yourself! You said to Seungcheol that you would have punched him in the fucking face if your reputation wasn’t wrecked enough as it is! You’re so full of yourself, you damn bastard!”


“Get out. Just… Get out.” Joshua blinked hard and glanced down at his bare chest. He knew he was going to fuck it up, and he did. He silently pulled on his sweater and coat, the urge to start crying strong. He took a shaky breath and dared to look at you, but you were already glaring out the window, arms folded tightly across your chest. Joshua heaved a sigh, knowing that nothing he would say would help. He left your house without another word being exchanged, and when he looked up at your window, you weren’t there.

It didn’t take a fool to know that Joshua had screwed up big time. For the next week, all contact had been cut off again and you didn’t even bother to show up for school. Fortunately, the student body seemed to have gotten over the shock that came with the news of Joshua being with you. Now they just hung on a thread like an itsy, bitsy spider, dangling and waiting for the newly found drama that was to be its prey. He’s also noticed that Seungcheol has become exceedingly popular, even if he was silent and spoke only when he wanted to. He flirted all the time and slyly showed off the piercing in his tongue, but that was for the females. He merely grunted at the guys.

School had returned to normal, and Joshua was thankful for the most part. A few people here and there asked of your whereabouts and if you were possibly alive, but all Joshua could do was shrug in response. He had no idea as to where you were or what you were doing, and he didn’t want to lie. A big enough problem had already come from that, hadn’t it? He didn’t want to live through that ever again for as long as he lived.

Some girls pitied Joshua for being tempted by such a bad person and shamelessly flirted by pretending to be cuter or sweeter than what they really were. Since he started to date you, he no longer had his nose shoved in a book and became aware of his surroundings. For example, the amount of the opposite sex saying things with double meanings or playing with their hair when they talked to him. It truly was a mysterious wonder. The girls were pretty, sure, and if he was the type, he could have picked any one of them like a flower and discarded it when it became wilted. But he wasn’t like that, and there was you, a weed with a pretty blossom but truly dangerous.

School was boring, to say the least. His car was forever cold in the mornings and in the afternoons. There were no “therapy sessions” in the library. There were no good morning or goodbye kisses. There was just nothing but despair and anxiety. Joshua’s once black and white world became a muddled gray.

It was snowing out, the fat flakes coming down with a silent grace. Joshua shivered in his coat, but the promise of a heated car made it bearable. He walked slowly on the icy sidewalk, lost deep in his thoughts and trying not to slip and fall. But when he looked up, all those thoughts flew out the window. There was his car, parked in the same spot as always, but with you now sitting on the front hood. He instantly thought back to the first time you rode in his car and how you sat on the hood, waiting for him.

Joshua trekked carefully over the frozen asphalt and felt his lips stretching out in a smile. It died down when he noticed that you weren’t smiling at him. “Hey,” he said uneasily.

“Sup, sweet cheeks.” Okay, good. He didn’t mess up too bad. “We need to talk.” Take that back.

His hands fidgeted in his coat pockets. “Okay… What about?”

You bit your lip and looked away, and Joshua became scared of what you had to say. “I can’t stand it anymore.” Your voice sounded like it was forced.

Joshua chose his words carefully. “Are people still harassing you?”

“They did, but then they stopped when they came to my house and I kicked their asses,” you said bluntly. Your eyes flickered back to his. “But that’s not what I meant.”

“Oh. Then, uh, what is it?”

“I can’t stand us anymore. I’m sick of the fighting and the pathetic silent treatment. I’m sick of the feelings.”

Joshua’s hands clenched into fists. A lump was starting to grow in his throat. “You’re sick of us? Are you… Are you saying you want to break up?” He couldn’t help his voice from cracking.

Pain flashed in your eyes. “I guess I am. Look, none of this would have happened if I agreed to go out with you. And see what happened? The whole world came crumbling apart.”

Joshua’s eyes shut tight. “Don’t say that.”

“Joshua, look at me, please. You and I both know that this wasn’t made to last. Even if Seungcheol were to deal with it or not, I was bound to hurt you. I’m just a bad idea.”

“I like bad ideas,” he said through clenched teeth. You shook your head.

“No, you don’t. I’m not the kind of person that people fall in love with. I mean, look at me. I’m a fucking mess. I’ve started drinking and smoking in this past week. I wouldn’t fall for me either.” You cleared your throat then, and Joshua noticed how your eyes were clouding up. “I’ve been called a whore, Joshua. Guys have asked for free handouts. Ever since I got with you, these new feelings have grown and I’ve gone soft. I can’t break your heart, Joshua. I just can’t.”

“(y/n), please. Don’t listen to them. You were never breaking my heart,” he denied desperately.

“Well, I’m doing it now.” Your voice went weak and tears started to slide down your cheeks. Never in his entire time knowing or being with you has Joshua seen you cry. Silent sobs wracked your body as you bent your head down. Joshua’s heart was beating erratically in his chest and he felt like he wanted to scream. He quickly took your face in his hands and kissed you, hard. He could taste the saltiness of your tears and the familiar sweetness of your lips. He didn’t want to let go, not now, not ever. He hadn’t realized that he himself was crying until you pushed him away by the shoulders. “I can’t do this anymore,” you whispered. You hopped off the hood and clutched onto the front of his coat. “Goodbye, sweet cheeks.” And with those final words, your hands slipped away and you hurried away. Joshua sat against the hood and stared up at the gray sky. When you left, you had taken his heart with you.

Life was hell. Studying and maybe the chance of going off to college were all he had left. In a short amount of time, Joshua’s gray world became fuzzy and he felt like he was the walking dead. The things he went through now were much worse than what happened when other students harassed him and proceeded to make your life a living hell. He’s been stuck in his room, staring at the wall and willing his mind to go blank. He’d never admit it to anybody, but his pillows were stained with tears. When his mother saw and asked, he looked her straight in the eye and remained silent. She found out soon enough.

Over the past month, Joshua closed himself off inside his own little bubble and barely interacted with the human race anymore. Like his mom, everyone at the school soon found out about the breakup. People tried to comfort him, saying that it wasn’t meant to be or that dating you was a bad idea in the first place. He didn’t listen to them. He couldn’t bring himself to.

On the other hand, students have also stopped harassing you and became more scared than ever. You were bad before, but now you have gotten worse. One little thing could make you go off like a bomb. You were constantly being called down to the office for either fighting someone or smoking in the girls’ bathroom and blowing smoke in some of their faces. And you would do this all with your signature smirk. It’s like nothing ever even happened. Seungcheol was called down to the office too, so that could only mean that you became best buddies with him and you ruled over the school with him. You were the queen that ruled by  Seungcheol’s side, but what gave away the bad intentions was the crown of thorns that laid on top of your head.

Joshua hated it. He eavesdropped on conversations as soon as your name was brought up and heard all kinds of horrible things: you were at a party and made out with so and so, you were caught behind the school drinking, and the most dreadful one was that you had started to date him. Joshua watched the one time as you walked down the hall, Seungcheol’s arm wrapped around your waist and a smug smirk on his face. Joshua couldn’t believe what he saw, no matter how many times he pinched himself and made his arm turn scarlet.

He couldn’t stand up to Seungcheol. That just wasn’t his thing. He was just the Student Council president with a bright future ahead of him and a heart that was constantly sitting in his stomach. Seungcheol was all muscles and dark features; Joshua wasn’t. Seungcheol had a tongue piercing and skills that could probably make girls and guys alike cry out; Joshua didn’t. Seungcheol could kiss and squeeze and love you all he wanted to; Joshua couldn’t.

One night was worse than the others because Joshua dreamed of you. He dreamed of you constantly, but this one made him sick in the stomach and his heart clench. In his dream, he had woken up from a long, peaceful sleep, turned onto his side, and there you were. Your bare back was facing him, the morning light cracking in through the curtains and illuminating your skin like you were an angel. His mouth had gone dry at the mere beauty of it. He ducked his head down and nuzzled the back of your neck and gingerly laid kisses on your shoulders. He felt you stirring awake and you turned your head back, both your eyes and smile sleepy. You reached your left hand back to him and Joshua took note of the glistening band around your ring finger. Joshua woke up then, drenched in cold sweat and probably some of his own tears. He glanced to the side, hoping that his dream would come true. But alas, the other side of his bed was empty.

The days were long and full of wanting to see you again, but he knew all that would do was break his heart even more. Joshua heaved a sigh as he pushed the door to the boys’ bathroom open and the memory of you jumping out at him from one of the stalls pained him. He heard a small grunt and thought it to be someone else in there. His face scrunched up the slightest bit but he still went to the sinks and splashed some water in his face. Another grunt, but louder this time. Joshua looked up into the mirror and saw somebody’s hand gripping the top of the stall door behind him. There was a hiss and a whisper of a curse word. Joshua turned the faucet off and slowly turned around to face the stall. He knew that it was none of his business, he didn’t want it to be his business, but the goodness of his heart came out and he wondered if that person was okay. “Um, are you alright in there?” he asked softly. There was no response. Whoever it must be either didn’t hear him or was too embarrassed to respond. But then he heard it.

“Aw, fuck, baby, just like that.” Joshua’s eyebrows shot up his forehead. Seungcheol? What was he doing in here, making noises like that? It dawned upon Joshua that Seungcheol was cheating on you. Joshua started to silently fume. “Fuck, baby doll.” Joshua’s heart dropped and his anger instantly melted away. The only person he called ‘baby doll’ was… you. You were giving Seungcheol head. In school. Right here. Right now. Right in front of Joshua. Joshua choked on a gasp and threw his hand over his mouth and ran out the door. He wasn’t sure how, but he managed to make it out of the school before dropping to his knees and threw up.

Why, why, why, why, WHY?!

His heart was beating erratically inside his chest and his head was swimming. Joshua blinked slowly at the dirty snow in front of him, but the tears still sprung and slid down his cheeks. He never wanted to cry in front of anyone. He never wanted to cry at school. The snow was starting to burn his hands, but he didn’t care. You took his heart when you left him and threw it away. Now all that you took was Seungcheol’s dick inside your mouth. Joshua’s vision started to become black and fuzzy at the edges. He threw up again. He laid over onto his side and welcomed the burning cold. He didn’t want to be here anymore, all he wanted to do was go home and curl up and die, but he could barely make himself move.

Joshua squeezed his eyes shut. There was no way of getting you back now, especially if you were conducting in sexual activities with  Seungcheol. Joshua couldn’t stand up to Seungcheol. Seungcheol had you; Joshua didn’t. He remembered the time when you told him that you would never be with a guy like Seungcheol, but that turned out to be a complete lie. Seungcheol was the kind of guy that you wanted and would suit your lifestyle. Joshua could never be like that. Maybe it was the cold getting to him or when a teacher finally came out to find him almost passed out on the ground, but Joshua finally realized something. You liked a certain type of guy, but Seungcheol was dumb. He didn’t know how to do things the right way. Joshua did.

It’s been one month. One. Whole. Month. Joshua wasn’t sure how he was going to manage it, but he was going to get you back.


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do you think all the ytbers who are making vids might have problems? or are they just seeing their normal behavior as a problem when its not? where do you draw the line between behaviors being a product of society and an actual alcohol problem? some of the things they say could be applied to literally 99.9% of students at my uni but surely that doesnt make them all alcoholics/have alcohol problems? thats like saying everyone who has bad body image bc of the media now has an eating disorder?

I think this shows that we don’t have enough vocabulary to describe the many issues that people struggle with when it comes to alcohol/dependency. Over the past couple of months I’ve realised that in society we basically only distinguish between alcoholics and completely normal drinkers - and the only label is the one that describes a severe extreme. There doesn’t seem to be any language to describe those who have specific issues, or are somewhere in the middle. Considering alcohol has been around for so long, I am amazed that the dialogue on alcohol issues is so lacking in nuance.

My husband’s friend/coworker is coming to stay with us. My husband works during the night so he hasn’t known what’s been going on, but basically she was about to get fired because everyone thought she was on cocaine. You know, because she’s constantly on edge and in survival mode since she works with her abuser and he’s the type to make really intense and fucked up threats casually and then gaslight her about it. My husband ended up laying down every single bit of information to their boss over the phone to save her job (she was too scared too) and he was just like “Well fuck, I could have fixed this months ago if I had any idea, but now it’s way more complex because of the claims (name omitted) has made.”

So the deal is, she stays with us because it’s a safe place to sleep, and even though the guy knows where our house is, he wouldn’t dare fuck with us because of my husband. His goal is to keep his job and fucking with his manager or his manager’s family is not the best way to do it, plus we aren’t telling anyone so hopefully he just doesn’t find out. She’s being moved to a different shift, the same one that their boss works daily and that her abuser is unavailable for. Hopefully between both of these, things will calm down enough that he won’t have to fire her because of everyone else in the building causing drama.

If anyone would like to send healing spells our way for her, it’d be appreciated. Her childhood was shitty and she’s essentially been on the run in survival mode her whole existence. We’re going to help her get on her feet and some life skills her parents failed to teach her, but this kind of stuff is really hard, so support is good.

Another day, another Jacksepticeye video.

“AHHHH- nooo! I died again!… No problem, calm down Jackaboy- I know we can do this!” You smiled, Jack had been at this game for a while now, but had kept failing at one especially frustrating part. “We’ll get through this together; maybe you guys can help me!”

You chuckled, amused and curious for how you could help Jack with such a thing. After all, he was playing the game, you could only watch.

But Jack made no move to restart the level again, and instead kept staring at his screen, a confused expression on his face. A small but noticeable glitch appeared on his webcam, and you leaned forward eagerly, knowing who was coming.

He turned to his camera, in a small voice he slowly asked “Why didn’t you help me? I called out for help, months ago…” You sat up in surprise, not expecting this. You knew what he was talking about, from last Halloween, but why was he bringing it up now?

More glitches took up the screen; the colors in the webcam were slowly turning darker. Jack narrowed his eyes. “I waited for so long, never giving up- because I know you would never give up on me… But no one did anything.” 

He brought himself closer to the camera, and you flinched away, wondering why you were nervous, but still impressed by Jack’s acting and Robin’s editing effects.

“Didn’t any of you even realize I was gone?!” Jack snarled. What? Your hands felt clammy with sweat, and you anxiously tried to dry them off. A heavy scent of iron filled the air, and you looked down to see that your hands weren’t covered in sweat, but blood. Static and glitches from the computer flashed and increased with intensity.

Suddenly Jack’s face took up the entire screen, his neck was once again sliced open; fresh blood was pouring from the open wound. Perhaps it was always there, and you never noticed it. Jack spoke one final time, his voice was filled with pain and accusation.

“Why didn’t you help me?!”

Just a little something-something I had to get down, based on a recent dream and theory I had, and I decided to combine the two together. I’m not the best writer/ short-story maker, so take it as you will.

As you see me

Mercy76 week - day 1: Firsts

This is my first, rushed and unrefined, contribute to Mercy76 week!

I hope you enjoy the week!

Jack Morrison was nervously walking back and forth in front of the Medical bay’s main door. He felt like he had been doing it for ages. He, after all, was waiting for a special announcement: Dr. Angela Ziegler, the girl he was lucky enough to call his girlfriend, agreed to show him her secret project at precisely 11:30 AM that day.

She has been working on that for months, and she never told him a thing about it. The only bit of intel he could gather from her was that it was something to aid her in her job and that it was a surprise, so he was not allowed in her lab for the time being. Over the past weeks, she requested some assets to be assigned to her project, mainly engineering personnel. She specifically requested Torbjörn Lindholm, and Jack, being the Strike-Commander, had to approve his transfer to Angela’s lab. He gladly signed the papers and his curiosity grew. He could have used is top-level clearance to find out what the project was about, but he trusted Angela, and wanted to preserve the secret. However the more he waited, the more it became difficult to hold back; especially after Jack started seeing Gabriel Reyes spending more time with Dr. Ziegler and going with her inside the Med Bay, his patience was reaching the limit. After much insistence, Angela agreed to show him her pet project and told him a date and an hour to come to her Laboratory.

Jack checked his wristwatch one more time. 11:25. It was almost time.

The light near the lock of the door turned form red to green and the door slowly opened.

“Please come in!”

Angela’s voice was coming from the internal speaker system.

“Angela, what’s the meaning of this? Are you ok?” he asked

“I’m fine, Jack! Come in and wait for me! I’ll be there in a moment!”

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Hi hi! I am a member of team delusional! How many are even left!? Anyway, I left twd fandom after Beth was "killed" because of how horrible it was during that time! I have wandered back in to all these new theories that have been speculated since. I wanted to ask what the flash in the credits has to do with Beth? Is it hope for her return? Also, if you could help me find the top theories to keep my hope for Beth alive? Thanks so much!

Hello love. It’s hard to say how many members Team Delusional has. One blog, @bgd-society, keeps a list of over four hundred members I believe. Though their list hasn’t been updated in several months, so it’s hard to say how accurate it is. There are also TD members who aren’t on Tumblr. @bethgreenewarriorprincess and I run a Facebook public page called the Greene Effect which has over 500 followers, and we also have a private version of GE with over fifty members. Overall, I would estimate around one thousand, if I were to focus on people who actively believed/researched Beth’s survival. Because there are people out there who would probably be TD if they knew there was a chance.

The flash at the beginning of the opening credits is a clip of four people running.   Beth is one of the four people. You can see her yellow polo and ponytail. The clip has been there since 5x01, long before Beth’s “death”, and it is an original scene. It had to have been filmed specifically for the opening credits. It appears that she’s running with Edwards and two other people from Grady. TPTB hid this egg in plain sight. This clip should never have existed, as Beth never supposedly made it out of Grady, and on TPTB also update the credits as the episodes progress anyway. For example, TPTB removed Glenn/Steven’s slide after the season seven premiere. Not only has the flash stayed, but so has Emily’s tunnel slide.

(gif credit to @emilysnorman)

  • Beth (yellow polo, blonde hair, and bloody arm)
  • Edwards (plaid shirt)
  • Grady cop or Andrews (black T-shirt) (X)
  • Grady patient (hospital robe and shorts) (X)

You can read more about the flash here: X. (@crazybeautifuladdicted)

Regarding theories and evidence, I archive all of them here (X). I would recommend starting with my summaries tag (X). Here is a good summary post on large pieces of evidence and the accepted theory regarding what happened to Beth’s body: X.

OK but Albus x Grindel!Graves

I really do love the idea of Gellert approaching Albus again in the stolen face of Percival Graves, because that is all sorts fucked up and delicious

Cause can you imagine the emotional shitstorm afterwards

Albus, who has been trying so hard to distance himself from his emotions for Gellert, thinking that he could finally move past it all when Graves comes on some diplomatic meeting or other, showing interest in the professor, honest to god being not subtle about his intentions, and Albus is wary, cautious, but flattered.

And then the horrible news from America after whatever they had been having, about Gellert having impersonated Graves for months , months, and Albus is so furious and numb, clawing through every moment and feeling so stupid and played because of course, of fucking course he should have seen it, the way Graves seemed always so impossible to read but charming, disarming in his seeming sincerity, smiling like he didn’t know the stir of heat low in Albus’s belly until Albus was kissing him, familiar and alien and Merlin he should have known

He almost fights to be included in the delegation that is to be sent by the Ministry to deal with retrieving Gellert from MACUSA, but Theseus Scamander comes to visit him, to talk about Gellert and Newt, who had the misfortune of stumbling into the middle of the mess and unveiling the scheme to all, and Theseus telling him, hair windblown, eyes sharp and knowing, that the Ministry will like his help when the time came to scramble Gellert’s brain to pieces to find out just how far reaching his operations are. Albus won’t, declines outright with a blank face and an even voice. Theseus doesn’t fight him on it, he knew, already, that the professor would decline.

But then he asks Albus if he has an idea of where Grindelwald could be keeping Percival Graves prisoner.

Albus feels—he hadn’t actually thought about the real Graves until that point. He’d been so full of contained rage at having been violated that he didn’t even think to care about the man that Gellert had stolen that handsome face from. ‘Dead’, is Albus’s gut response, but he says, simply, that he doesn’t know.

Theseus accepts that answer too, except perhaps more agitated, more resigned than the first. Percival Graves was—is—a dear friend. Albus wonders just how dear, with the way Theseus goes tired and lonely-looking.

Albus, of course, hears about Grindelwald’s escape. He also hears about the Director of Magical Security being found, but he doesn’t think to do anything about it. No, no, he’ll do something about it, just, not now.

Except things don’t go Albus’s way, it never has when it concerned Gellert, so Percival Graves, the real one this time, comes to see him.

He still cuts an impressive figure, clothes sharp and neat, but there is something ragged about him. He’s grown a bit of beard, although Albus can see the gauntness of his face, the hollows of his cheeks and his worn, sleepless eyes. The wand he has is new, not the sleek simplicity of what Gellert had had, but wholly organic, pale and rough enough to get splinters from. He slips it into the sleeve of his coat as Albus approaches.

“Is Newton Scamander here?” Graves asks, simple, clipped, entirely different from Gellert’s version of the man’s voice that had been curling, beckoning.

Albus bites the inside of his lip for that thought, tries to stamp out the sudden ugliness that wells up in his lungs–he wants, very much, for this man to go away, even though what had happened wasn’t anybody’s fault but Gellert’s.

(and Albus’s. Merlin, how his gaze flicks from the real Grave’s mouth to the line of his throat, down to his hands which are pale and scarred. A terrible moment of déjà vu, of kissing that mouth, nibbling down that throat, sucking on those finger, he barely resists the urge to wonder if the real Graves groans and keens as Gellert did wearing the man’s face–)

“No,” Albus says, carefully, because Newt had come by just a week or two ago, a young man with dark, dark eyes trailing after him. Newt explained in his elusive way, stumbling but quick, I got an assistant, Professor, and I need, I need just a bit of your help if you—I know this is asking a lot, even more than before, but I, I need to keep him safe Professor–

Graves looks at him, sharp and assessing, and Albus does not shiver, does not straighten in rigid attention, he is a stone beneath this man’s gaze because a fool he maybe but never again to this face, this face that he thought he could love more than his first, terrible feelings for Gellert, and it’s not Graves’s fault it isn’t but Albus feels caged and vicious all the same, as if his own misery somehow equaled the violation Graves no doubt feels from Gellert stealing his face, his identity, doing whatever he wanted for months and months

But suddenly Graves looks tired, just for a moment, before his expression turns into one of spite, grinding out the words with barely checked fury, “Did he fuck you with my face?”

Albus falters, goes rigid trying not to suck in a sharp breath because he hadn’t expected Graves to, to ask, and he wonders for a terrified moment that the man had found the letters he had sent to Gellert-as-Graves, the easy, flirtatious correspondence that no doubt revealed Albus’s careful affections.

He doesn’t know what to say because he’s torn between his own guilt and the contained wrath sliding off the real Graves. There’s the right things to say, which is yes, yes he did, but there is shame thickening along Albus’s tongue and he finds he cannot do anything but pretend offense and curiosity, “Mr. Graves, I assure you I—has he been going around doing that?”

Graves eyes darken, mouth twisting into a snarl to reveal sharp teeth, so unlike the prim and properness of what Gellert had presented that Albus is stunned, just a bit jolted from his memories, the struggle he’s been having trying to separate them–they are truly nothing alike at all.

Graves watches him for another moment before he seems to decide that he won’t get anything from Albus, and that he’d rather not go through the trouble of forcing it out. He doesn’t say anything as he simply inclines his head and apparates away in a blur of white and black.

Albus stands there for a moment before he goes back inside, feeling somehow jilted, and decides that the memories are better in a pensieve.

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could you imagine H being insecure about his pudgy tummy?

Oh, my goodness. Yes, for sure. 

During the first few months of being with the missus, he’d get all flustered every time she saw him without a shirt on when he walked out of his shower or when he was by a pool or when he was frantically running around the house to get ready, and, he’d try to keep his tummy hidden away when he could and when it was necessary because he didn’t want her to stare and see him shirtless.

But, after a while of being with her and going through different experiences, he’d forget all about his tummy insecurities and he’d let her see him shirtless more often and they’d share showers together and bathe together and he’d walk naked around her and keep his torso shirt free. He’d let her nuzzle against his flesh and blow gentle raspberries against his skin and she’d just be very cuddly against him and promise him that she loved his love handles and she loves his adorable little belly and that no matter what, he was always very attractive to her. xx

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Idk if it's the same for others but I feel a bit deflated today not because of the Caryl scenes which were amazing but because you know with gimple's pacing it could be months before we get new ones and three weeks to more Carol, it's frustrating that we wait a year for 5 minutes of screentime and then another separation, over and over is tiring even though their moments are getting bigger and better each time

After you see the scenes you’re happy but you get to think you only get it once a year. It’s like Christmas lol. I think that’s why maybe some are a bit down today.

It’s always a downer that Carol only has scenes every few weeks when the show is even on.

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hello! i was just wondering if you'd read any yoonkook fics recently that you could rec? i've run out of reading material :(

i have a couple new ones that i’ve read recently!

birthday gift | breathless | cake stopper | the castle on the hill | the collection (ch 29-33) | this feels like the first time | you stir up a mcflurry in my heart | your smile is my happiness

some of these might not be necessary new, but like posted last month or so. but i technically count it as new still