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Hello! I was wanting some information on energy work (how to use it to create shields, etc...) could you help up?

sorry i don’t really work with energy that way, you might try someone else. 


Nature vs Nurture: Why Are You Introverted? | Psych2Go


happy birthday to my #1 boy, kozume kenma~! ♪ ♡ (16/10)

I’m just saying if companies want their skincare products to smell okay they could just use non-volatile oils like rose hip/mango/grapeseed etc. like it’s not that hard

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You're really good at drawing hands! If it's not too much trouble could you make a small tutorial, or just a bunch of hands in different poses that I can study from? If it's too troublesome don't worry about it.

i really think i shouldn’t make a hand tutorial seeing as how yolo all of them fdjgsdlfs but some tips i could give you:

- use refs!!! use your hand, pictures etc… ppl telling you that using refs is “cheating” are wrong
- don’t be afraid to make mistakes! trying new poses will help you get better at drawing hands!
- get inspired from things you watch! for example, the ojamajo doremi hands are a big inspiration for me ! <3

good luck !!! and sorry for the delay in answering TT

Short Update on Stuff

+ I am behind on mailing and doing art for other people. If I owe you something yell at me about it my memory is a trash can.

+if you sent an ask about whether you could use my art for your avatar/video/tumblr bg/etc I am 100% cool with it so go for it.

+I want to do more sketch diaries but I have said that in the past and not done it but it’s always in the back of my mind.

+there’s a chance Magic Forest will be 100% free and if you want to monetarily support it there will be merchandise you could get.

+I want to stream more but see #3 in this list.

+ (added this one after posting) I have no problem with people sending me requests just keep in mind there’s a long long list but if there’s something you want to see send it to me

+have a toothless

on the day of the inauguration, my boss agreed that we could turn our flag upside down in protest, and leave it that way. according to flag etiquette/protocol, this is an officially recognized sign of distress, only to be done in times of “dire distress” and in instances of extreme danger to life (or property). 

pretty sure a trump presidency counts as dire and dangerous.

we’re a fairly conservative town, and no doubt this will cause some local drama, but as my boss put it, “no more staying quiet”. we’re doing this. 

it would be really cool if other small businesses and individuals around the country, who are anti-trump, anti-alt-right, anti-kkk, etc., could join us in this small act of protest, but i realize most businesses need to hang on to their clientele without alienating even the assholes. but we’re a privately owned small business, staffed entirely by women (most of the time), and we’re too damn tired of this shit not to do something. so here it is. our quiet rebellion. if our customers have a problem with it, then we don’t need them as customers, plain and simple.

will keep y’all in the loop.

small town boredom, the acewanting is better than having, humans are flawedacademic athletemarried to the job, disappeared dad, stranger in a familiar land, living legend, estranged soap family, big man on campus, the unfettered, jerk ass realization, took a level in jerk ass, sharp dressed man, broken ace, only law firm in town, fond memories that could have been, must make amends

To any of my followers that live in America.. I wish that I could give you all some reassuring message for the future of this country, but I can’t. Truthfully, I’m sad and I’m scared, but there’s nothing we can do but grow from this and unite together. Love will always trump hate, so please spread love. I think we could all use some right now. I’ve seen it said before but I want to reiterate it: hug your LGTBQ friends, hug your friends that are POC, hug your friends that are women, etc. etc. I think we could all use a hug right now. If any of you need to vent or talk my inbox is always open. We will be okay as long as we are there to support each other.


>> At first, i’m brazilian so my english is not perfect, i did this tumblr so i could start writing in english, if something i wrote is not correct or if i could use another word etc, i will be very glad if you help me by sending a message, hope you enjoy it, thanks!! xxlaura 


Stiles Stilinski imagine: Phobia

“Oh God…” I jumped on the sofa, the popcorn fell from my hands. The movie I was watching was still playing on TV, horror movie, which I hate with all my heart. “Oh great Lord” I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think. It was moving, going towards my popcorn that was all over the carpet. I was at home alone, how could I get out of there? I started to feel tears in the back of my eyes, when I see spiders it is common for me to cry and freak out and pass out, it happened sometimes.

I heard the jeep parking in front of the house, I couldn’t thank God enough for that blessing, he went to the supermarket thirty minutes ago, so I watched the movie by myself, a horror movie, I’ve never done it before, and the first time I do it, a damn spider appears in front of the TV.

“STILES!” I screamed so he could come faster, but he didn’t hear me, he was slow as a turtle. “STILES COME HERE!” The keys were in the door lock, I could hear the keychains.

The spider passed the popcorns, now it was climbing the center table, it was closer to me and I was getting really desperate.

“STILES SERIOUSLY HURRY UP” Being on the sofa wasn’t enough anymore, I needed to get out of there, run away from that monster.

“What? What’s wrong?” He had at least three bags from the supermarket in his hands. He was so clumsy and so cute, everything was almost falling from his lap, but I couldn’t help, and I couldn’t laugh either, I was too scared to move.


“Where? I can’t see it” He came a little bit closer. “Oh… It’s big”





“I’M FREAKING OUT! THERE’S A SPIDER IN FRONT OF ME AND IT LOOKS LIKE A DRAGON” The movie was screaming as well, it was one of those scenes that you don’t have to watch the whole movie to know that it is scary as hell, so that was the worst nightmare ever, spiders and horror movies, all at the same time.

“OKAY… Ok, I’ll be right back” He let go of the supermarket stuff and ran to the back of the house.

“WHAT?! SERIOUSLY, ARE YOU LEAVING ME HERE?” I heard the door closing. “I can’t believe he’s leaving me here to die” I whispered to myself. “STILES I’LL KILL YOU FOR REAL”

I really hated that thing but nobody could understand that feeling, they say I overreact, or that I just do it so people pay attention on me… Bullshit. What I feel is called arachnophobia, and a lot of people have it, I used to go to those meetings where you say “Hi, my name is bla bla bla and I’m afraid of spiders”, it was boring, I hated it just like I hated spiders.

I heard the door opening and closing one more time, and then Stiles appeared with a bat on his hand, and it was like there was nothing to worry about anymore, there was no spider trying to kill me, there was no horror moving playing in the back, it was just me, him, and his bat, which means that he was trying to protect me, that was his way of solving problems, his way of taking care of people. That is wat I loved about him the most, he is genuine, and he never gives up, and he’s always there for you, no matter if you are close to death, or if you are afraid of some spider, he’ll always be there.

He killed the spider very quickly, I know that if it was some years ago he would take forever, but he grew up, evolved, and I liked it. He was the same Stiles as always but stronger than ever. Experiences give us courage.

“It’s okay, c’mon” I got out of the sofa and started to help him with the supermarket stuff.

“You look like a superhero with your bat running around killing spiders, saving the world” He laughed, his laugh was music.

“They call me Bat Man” He was my sun. And I stopped for a second, just to hear my heartbeat, it is always like that, when I’m with him, my hearts starts to beat really fast.

“Don’t leave” I said, but he obviously didn’t understand it, he looked at me, trying to figure it out. “Don’t leave me… I mean” I felt my cheeks getting blushed. He smiled at me.

“Why would I do that?” He stopped taking the supermarket stuff from the floor just to pay attention on what I was talking about. I stopped as well.

“I don’t know… I’m just saying that I don’t want you to leave”

“But I’m not leaving” He wasn’t understanding anything, to tell the truth, I wasn’t either. “You thought I was leaving?”

“No, I just… You are too special for me so don’t leave” He smiled. He grabbed my face, looked right into my eyes.

“I won’t” We didn’t kiss because we didn’t had to, we were a perfect combination of love and passion, he hugged me, and I hugged him back.

And that’s when I realized, he was really special, so special that I couldn’t think if it would be possible to live without him by my side, it would feel so empty, with no light. It would be sad. It turns out that I have another kind of phobia.

The phobia of losing him.

ofc we all know who the real human/robot MVPs are.
they’re leading the game. (except maybe in japan) what more do you want.

in little drabbles i’ve written and stuff, there’s like, this little running joke that’s basically “maybe in japan”. like whenever johnny & ginger hit a snag in their relationship (that has to do with their human/robot-ness), they’re like “well we don’t have any frame of reference for this because we’re probably the only actual real life committed robot/human couple” & then they have no choice but to add “except maybe in japan”

because who knows what’s going on over there

How to write a good TOK essay

·      Max 1600 words

·      Use knowledge from all subjects you take

·      Use knowledge from your life outside of school

·      Use knowledge from CAS experiences (could, but doesn’t necessarily, give a good example for your essay)

·      General and true questions (titles)

·      Get different perspectives in your essays (for example use parents, family, do research etc.) Religion, gender, age etc.

·      News and newspapers could be used to give different views

·      All claims should be connected or supported by examples, and all examples should be effective and varied

·      Don’t spend too many words explaining the example. Use 1-3 sentences to describe the example.

·      Link knowledge issues to areas of knowledge and ways of knowing

·      Step away from your essay to get a perspective on yourself

·      The title should be exactly as given (no number needed)

·      The title is the heading

·      Well presented

·      References are important

·      Bibliography is needed as well

·      Use personal example that other people will not be able to use

·      The word count does not include: title, bibliography, pictures, maps, charts, diagrams, tables, illustrations, references

·      Put word count in the end of the essay

·      Do not hand in a first draft with more than 1600 words

Structure of the essay:

Paragraph 1: 150-200

Paragraph 2 and 3: 400

Paragraph 4 and 5: 400

Paragraph 6 and 7: 400

Paragraph 8-9: 150-200

Paragraph 1:

·      Bring up knowledge question. Don’t state directly “my knowledge question is” or “KW =”. State it indirectly.

·      State your thesis (basically short answer to the knowledge question) i.e. your main claim

·      Present what you will bring up in the essay (to make it easier for readers to understand what you will talk about). Use one sentence do describe this. Basically bring up your main claims of each paragraph/perspective/view

·      Make the introduction interesting, something that makes them want to continue reading

Paragraph 2:

·      Start with a claim, which is connected to your knowledge question

·      Explain and elaborate, clarify your claim

·      Use an example to support your claim. Bring up persona examples that could perfectly support your claim. No fake examples.

Paragraph 3:

·      Bring up a counter claim to the claim in the second paragraph.

·      Explain and elaborate, clarify your counter claim

·      Use an example to support your counterclaim

·      Link this counter claim to your knowledge question. Sum up the insights quickly.

General tip:

Make sure your examples are open for people to understand. Don’t use complicated math, because the examiner might not understand it.

Paragraph 4:

·      Claim

·      Explain

·      Example


Paragraph 5:

·      Counterclaim

·      Example

·      Link to knowledge question

Paragraph 6 and 7 could look the same as 4 and 5.

Make it easy for the examiner to follow your ideas and understand what you are talking about.

Paragraph 8:

·      Implications and significance. Why is this important? So what?

·      Bring in perspectives. Explain a perspective that someone else would have. Only do this if you didn’t bring up perspectives in the pervious paragraphs.

·      Bring back the previous perspectives and discuss

Paragraph 9:

·      Sum up your arguments and conclude. State the thesis again, in short.

Let’s start another music festival called “Afro-Alternative (or some shit like that) so alternative black people can have their shit back.

Who would be interested in, for lack of better description, “astral blueprints”?

Ronan and I were talking, and the idea came up of creating what are effectively templates of things for people to build in the astral. It would be a very detailed description of structures, features, etc, that one could then use as a blueprint to build their own stuff in the astral or journeyspace. 

Ronan is an incredibly skilled writer and able to come up with wonderful settings (trust me, I’ve been writing/roleplaying with her for something like ten years now), so she could definitely create some really great descriptions for people to then build for themselves. Maybe places to go to meet with guides, gods, or companions, or just spaces to kick back and chill while traveling? 

What do you all think? Would this be something you’d be interested in–possibly something you’d want to purchase? 

(If it did go the route of selling stuff she–or we, if we work together–may also include a physical token as well, an object to hold while grounding.)

Exo Reaction: They hear stories about you from years before when you used to party, do drugs, etc.

Request:could you do an exo reaction to hearing stories about their girlfriend from years ago where she used to constantly get drunk, go to parties, use mild drugs, etc? Kinda like the show Skins

A/N: Being vaguely familiar with the show skins I can’t say I completely understand it, but I realize that while the characters on the show must have had moments where they are had a lot of fun, there was also a lot of emotional issues that go with living like that, so that’s what I’m basing this off of

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