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More Than What You Thought...

A/N: This was from supernatural imagines: Imagine Gabriel Letting you groom his wings frequently, but when you accidently let it slip, Castiel tells you that Gabriel is trying to court you.


You relished these moments. Your hands were currently buried in Gabriel’s wings, smoothing the feathers and making sure they looked perfect. The angel didn’t look too upset about it either, his eyes closed and mouth slightly agape in relaxation. You chuckled under your breath at the silly face he was making and Gabriel lazily opened one eye.

“what’s so funny” he muttered, you felt him tense up. You grin widened at his question.
“ Just you,” you answered leaning over his shoulder. You loved these moments with him, it was the only time you got to spend one on one time with the arch angel. You had feelings for him, but you wouldn’t tell him. He was an angel, way out of your league. So you just enjoyed the time you could spend with him. This probably meant little to him, he got a pair of clean wings out of it and that was about it. It still made you happy nonetheless.
The Archangel looked a bit flustered by your closeness and turned away from you. You shrugged and continued to  preen his feathers. You felt him relax  again in front of your bed and you gave a silent smile, not wanting to disturb him.

“(Y/N)” you heard Cass’s voice through the door. Gabriel shot to his feet to your surprise.
“I’m in here Cas” you called.  Gabriel looked back at you with what you thought was longing but you assumed your brain was playing tricks on you. The day Gabriel longed for you, was the day hell froze over.
He pushed past Castiel as he walked into the room. Cas looked at you with confusion. “What’s wrong with him?”
You shrugged. “What’s up Cas.”
“oh.” Cas walked towards your bed, “me and Dean were discussing-.” Suddenly Castiel stopped talking and stared at your bed. You glanced at where he was looking and remembered the small pile of downy feathers and dust bits sitting on your comforter. “what is this?” he asked suspiciously.
“uh… they’re stuff from Gabe’s wings” you answered casually, “he asked me to clean them, Sorry, are you grossed out, I thought you’d be used to it.”
“I-I’m sorry for interrupting,” he said a bit embarrassed.
“It’s no big deal,  we do it all the time, he’ll ask me to do it again in a couple days” you said shrugging once again.
“I didn’t know you two were so… serious” Cas said, “ I didn’t even know you had confessed your feelings to him”
You stared at him confused, “what are you talking about Cas?”
“Our wings are our most prized possession, so when we allow another to clean them it shows we are trying to court them,” he explains.
“Gabriel is trying to… court me?” You stared at him totally stunned, “that must be a mistake, Gabe doesn’t have feelings for me.” You brushed off Castiel’s revelation.
“ I shall be going, let you and Gabriel get back to your…courting” Castiel said, you could have sworn he was teasing you. He disappeared before you could retort and left you to find the arch angel and explain himself