this could be the start of a beautiful romance

Assorted Love Song Lyrics

In honor of Valentines Day, we present to you a list of assorted song lyrics to use for starters! Enjoy! ♥

“How many lovers would stay just to put up with this shit day after day?”
“What’s the problem? I don’t know - maybe I’m in love!”
“We’re accidentally in love.”
“Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love.”
“I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you love me.”
“My wildest dreamings could not foresee lying beside you, with you wanting me.”
“When I lost hope, you were there to remind me this is the start.”
“In the end, I want to be standing at the beginning with you.”
“You and me could write a bad romance.”
“I don’t want another pretty face, I don’t want just anyone to hold, I don’t want my love to go to waste. I want your and your beautiful soul.”
“I’m everything I am because you loved me.”
“This is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart.”
“You’re so damn beautiful.”
“Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe?”
“Can you feel the love tonight?”
“If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?”
“And when the daylight comes, I’ll have to go, but tonight I’m gonna hold you so close.”
“Don’t say you love me, you don’t even know me!”
“There ain’t no reason you and me should be alone tonight.”
“Let’s just admit we all want to make it to ever ever after.”
“Just let me hold you while you’re falling apart.”
“I think I’m falling for you.”
“Even after all these years, we just now got the feeling that we’re meeting for the first time.”
“All the broken hearts in the world still beat, let’s not make it harder than it has to be.”
“I wasn’t even gonna go out, but I never would’ve had a doubt if I’d known where I’d be now.”
“I knew I loved you before I met you.”
“I love you, always forever…”
“It’s too cliche, I won’t say I’m in love!”
“It’s our godforsaken right to be loved!”
“You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be, and I don’t want to go home right now.”
“Hold me, feel my heart beat, put your arms around me, and kiss me again.”
“Say goodbye to the pain of the past, we don’t have to feel it anymore.”
“Everybody’s gonna love today!”
“My life would suck without you.”
“It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone, and I need you now.”
“I said I wouldn’t call, but I’m a little drunk, and I need you now.”
“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.”
“You’re the best thing I never knew I needed.”
“I’m only one call away, I’ll be there to save the day. Superman got nothing on me.”
“Darling, you are the only exception.”
“When you and I are alone, I’ve never felt so at home.”
“Shut up and dance with me.”
“If you change your mind, I’m the first in line.“
“If you’re lost, you can look, and you will find me, time after time.”
“The stars lean down to kiss you, and I lie awake and miss you.”
“If only you saw what I could see, you’ll understand why I want you so desperately.”
“I’m so glad I found you, I love being around you.”
“So here’s another day I’ll spend away from you.”
“Kiss me just once for luck.”
“I’m just suggesting, you and I might just be the best thing.”
“I just can’t stand leaving you alone tonight.”
“I like to think that we had it all.”
“I could fall in love tonight.”
“I just wanna be with you.”
“You’re driving me wild but baby don’t stop.”
“You’re all I ever think about.”
“Love’s a game, wanna play?”
“’Cause we’re young and we’re reckless, we’ll take this way too far.”
“Know that these emotions won’t last forever.”
“Will you show me you care if I fall apart?”
“I don’t wanna live a day without you.”

demisexualemmaswan  asked:

If you're still up to doing CS Scene Meta, would you consider looking at the scene in 4x02 when they pull Emma out of the ice wall?

I need to talk about this screencap first of all cos I was laughing my ass off when I saw it



Let’s begin.

Look how he goes from complete despair to happy elated bunny at the first glimpse of his Swan.

I’m honestly surprised homeskillet didn’t climb through the hole to go get her. 

Well… he almost did…

Why has it taken me 4 years to realise the pirate coat has a giant slit up the back?? I should hand in my fan membership for this outrageous blunder. Such shame on me. 

Emma… what happened to your face?

Poor baby can’t even stand, and both guys are going above and beyond to get her up. 




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paigemarie007  asked:

Inhated climon in the books, I didn't like the fact that she basically used him and was still all about Jace. I don't know if it's different in the show though.

Basically, SH have set up this BS love triangle sitch that nobody wants or is impressed with. It's so tired and cliche the promos are literally like Who will she choose?  As if our asses are actually over here trying to guess like it’s not obvious.

A quarter of the fandom are like: If it’s not Izzy I literally could not care less.

A quarter are like: Who gives af about Clary and her pasty ass love life give us malec

A quarter are, die hard clace shippers who are not giving up (not my cup of tea but they have chemistry at least and make far more logical sense than Cl*mon)

And the other quarter want: Jimon, Sizzy, Jaia, and/or Simaia 

either way everyone could care less about the love triangle.

Basically, cl*mon sucks because

1. They set up an adorable brotp/potentially romance situation with Maia a beautiful, funny, multi-layered, badass biracial girl and made Simon reject her for Clary

2. Clary literally had no interest in Simon until like two episodes before they started dating

3. It makes a large portion of Simon’s arc all about Clary and, not important things like, him being a vampire/a daylighter/Jewish/ or his relationship with Jace/Maia/Magnus/Luke/Raphael or Izzy.

4. Cl*mon just adds to SH being all about Clary

5. An abundance of cl*mon but other longer standing ships get hardly any screen time

6. *sighs* We all know, inevitably Clace is going to happen like it’s so obvious

7. Simon is going to get hurt. He has had a crush on Clary since he was a child, she’s is his best friend, this is what he’s wanted his whole life, he’s literally put all his eggs in one basket with her and it’s all gonna crumble in his face and I’m pissed cus how dare they hurt my son.

8. Clary wouldn’t have blinked twice if it hadn’t been revealed that Jace was her brother and we all know it.

9. SH have just set up this cute brotp/potential romantic situation with Jace and Maia and even though they only had anger sex and Maia said it was nothing,  we all know that’s a lie and Jace is going to end up rejecting her for Clary, thus getting Maia hurt; do you see a pattern here?

10. It’s gross ?? They’re like brother and sister, they even share the same surrogate dad.

11. The ‘nerdy boy has an unrequited crush on girl best friend for years only to have it finally returned randomly after years of pining’ is overused and super early 2000s.

I could go on. To answer your question they’ve made the whole Clary using Simon less overt in the TV show and I really don’t think they’re trying to make it come off that way. I think Clary does care about him but I ultimately, think all the emotions she’s cultivated for Jace will overpower that affection and then.. blah… you get it..


Word count: 3306

Kai kills Jo and you find him, a big fight between you coming right after. After an accident, you get amnesia and don’t remember  who Kai is

‘So, you’re planning on laying low for a while? You’re just going to stay in the house and do nothing?’ You asked Kai, crossing your legs and leaning back on the couch.

'Sort of, yeah. I won’t show myself after Bonnie left me in 1903 prison world. I’ll just stay here with my girl… doing nothing.’ He planted a swift kiss on your forehead beefore plopping himself on the couch next to you, his feet placed firmly on the ground while his eyes were looking deeply into yours.

'Really? No dramatic show ups or no I’m going to get my revenge for being left behind?’ You asked him and furrowed your eyebrows, a bit of nervousness running through your body.

'Yes! Is that so hard to believe?’ Kai muttered and ran his fingers through his hair and showed you a big smile as if he was actually telling the truth.

'No, it’s just… that doesn’t sound like you. Kai that I knew before would rip everyone’s heads off for treating him like that, but apparently, not this Kai right here.’ You showed towards him and smiled as he pulled himself closer to you, wrapping his arms around your body tightly and pressed a kiss on the top of your head.

'I’m good now, remember? I don’t do that kinda stuff anymore. I have you.’

'Wow. New Malachai Parker. I like him, but I also liked that sexy, bad guy that made your blood boil and body shake from fear.’ You chuckled, your fingers tracing invisible circles on his chest.

'Hey, hey. I can still be that guy, just, maybe not the killing part but, torturing is not off the table.’ He trailed off, making you laugh.

'I still have to go to the wedding, you know that?’

'Yes. And have fun. I bet my sister is really happy with her twinsies on the way.’ He said and rubbed his forehead before letting his hand fall down on the couch next to him, making a thump noise. He sighed heavily and you could hear his calm heartbeat, the sound of it calming you down.

'Somehow,  I think that was sarcasm.’

'Maybe it was, I- you can see I’m not totally ok with being thrown away again, right?’ He said with a bit of anger in his voice.

'You’re not being thrown away. You still have me, unless you think that isn’t enough.’

'Hey-’ he cupped your face, forcing you to look at him in the eyes. 'you’re everything I need. When I have you I’m completely fine and don’t need anyone else. I love you.’

'Love you.’ You muttered as he pulled you closer and kissed you gently before bringing you closer to his body again, his arms wrapping around your body as you continued to listen to his calm heartbeat.


Screaming. People running. And then it all stopped. You were late for the Jo and Alaric’s wedding. Even though it was only a few couple of minutes that you missed, you still felt bad because you had promised you would be there. You were standing a few feet away from where the ceremony had to be, noticing it had somehow gotten a lot darker. There were no lights shining as they were before. It was darker and as if there was noone alive out there. You took off your heels and held them with your one hand as you started running as fast as you could to see what was going on. You removed a transparent curtain that was placed just above the doors and slowly walked in. Chandeliers that used to hang off the ceiling were broken. Flowers crushed, as they lost their natural and beautiful form, adding just a dash of romance to the room. There were people laying on the floor, covered in blood. Every single one of them. Your lips parted in shock, your hand finding its way to your face, covering your mouth. Some of them were your friends that you had know for a very long time and now they were gone. Caroline and Stefan were laying on the floor, with their necks broken. As you looked around, glancing at what the beautiful ceremony has turned into, your eyes landed on one person that you had never thought you would see here. Person who was your whole world and who meant so much to you, was right there, standing just a few feet away from you, covered in blood. A werewolf bit was showing on his neck, the wound deep and looking like he hadn’t had much time left. Worry took over your body, wanting to help him somehow even though you ad no idea what to do. He looked at you sympathetically, lips parting as if he wanted to say something, but he closed them again, unable to collect the words and put them to a normal sentence. Tears were forming in your eyes as you started putting the pieces together, realizing who has done such a terrible thing.

'Did- Did you do this?’ You asked him, your voice shaky and when there was only silence, no words from him, your whole world came crashing down. 'How could you do that?’ you cried out, your whole body shaking. You hadn’t been able to control your emotions or the words that had been coming out of your mouth.

'I’m sorry, I- I wasn’t thinking. I just wanted to show them that-’ Kai started, but he never had the chance to finish or justify his actions. He was desperate to explain himself to you, but right at that moment you didn’t care. You wanted to take out all of your anger and pain on him and that’s exactly what you did.

'To show them what? That you are the same psycopath that kills people and that you are incapable of changing? Is that what you wanted to show them? If it is, then congratulations. You did it. You showed everyone what a monster you are and how you don’t deserve anything good in this world.’ You trailed off, your words hurting him more than anything out there. You believed in him. You believed that he had good intentions and that he actually wanted to change. There was good in him and you knew it, but those worse parts of him had flown to the surface and deep down you knew he didn’t want to stop himself from doing such a thing. It hurt you more than anything, because you actually trusted him. You couldn’t help but keep looking around the room, still seeing everyone laying on the cold floor as none of them remained alive.

'I’m so sorry you feel that way, but it was your choice to stand beside me and to be with me. You knew what kind of person I am and what I could do but you were still there. No one forced you to stay. You could have walked away any day you wanted.’ Kai stepped closer but still not enough to be as close to you as he wanted. He wanted to hold you in his arms and calm you down and apologize for whatever hurt you the most, but even though he has been your whole life for such a long time, him touching you was the last thing you wanted at that moment. You wanted him to stay away from you as much as possible. Every time he stepped closer, it felt like someone had kicked the air out of your lungs.

'Is that what you wanted? For me to leave?’ You asked him, knowing the answer from the moment those words left your body.

'Of course not. You know that that’s the last thing I want. Screw it, it’s not the last thing I want. I don’t want it. I want you to stay with me… because I can’t do this without you.’ He breathed out and stepped closer again, your breath hitching in your throat and your heart, beating as if it was ready to run away from your body and hide somewhere else.

'It’s a little bit late to want something like that, don’t you think?’ You hadn’t even noticed that he’s reached the spot where you were standing, your bodies only a few inches apart. You had a perfect view on the werewolf bite on his neck, black veins spreading from his wound on onto his jawline, the flesh on his neck refusing to heal. He looked desperate, as if he was afraid that he would lose you because of that big mistake that had just happened.

'Too late?’ He whispered, sounding like there was a lot of pain in his voice. His face expression had changed completely, looking at you sympathetically, his body moving even closer to yours. You knew exactly what he wanted to do. He was dying to put his arms around and pull you close. He was even ready to beg you not to leave him because he really did need you, but what he did had crossed every line.

'Yes! Look around you, Kai! You killed your whole coven. Your family. You killed my friends and look at yourself! A werewolf bite? You’re ready to die? Of course not. I’m sure you have a great plan that will help you heal and you’ll just continue with your life like nothing happened. It’s what you always do!’ You shouted, unable to control the volume of your voice or your emotions. You weren’t sad anymore. You were mad at him. Mad at him because even though he did such a thing, you still loved him more than your own life. He was everything to you and for sure, yoiu weren’t ready to lose him in any way, let alone like this, but you couldn’t forgive him what he did.

'Please listen to me. Please. Look at me.’ He begged you and desperately wanted to look you in the eyes, to see them once again before he lost you for good. You tried to ignore his gaze as long as possible, but you soon gave in, unable to look away from his beautiful blue eyes that have always looked at you with nothing but love and adoration. 'Please!’ He shouted, making your body jerk at his voice as he grabbed your arms with his hands, forcing your body to come closer to him. You tried with everything in you to get away from his grip, trying to move his hands off you, but he was too strong. It looked like being a heretic had it’s perks. You tried to pull your body back from him, his touch feeling like it would sting your skin. 'Hey, stop it. Stop. I said stop!’ He yelled at you, making you stop and look at him directly into his eyes. You breathed out heavily and closed your eyes for a split second, before opening them again and met Kai’s face again. For a few moments, you kept staring at him, watching his every action and how he was looking at you, his fingers slowly brushing against your exposed arms. A weak smile flashed across his face, but then it quickly disappeared.

'I wish I had never met you. If you had never walked into my life and I wish I had never fallen in love with you because it was the biggest mistake in my life. ’ You said abruptly, your own words cutting through you like knives. Kai’s grip suddenly loosened on your arms, letting them fall back beside his body, his gaze falling down on the floor. He looked around and brushed his hair with his fingers, wincing at the pain on his neck. When he turned around, his eyes were filled with tears, his vision blury but somehow he saw you perfectly.

'You- Do you really mean that?’ He chocked out, his voice breaking at the last few words. He was a heretic, a powerful siphon and a vampire, but somehow he had managed to feel like the weakest man in the world. He felt as if his knees would give up on him any second and as if he would drop down in front of you, with his heart broken into million pieces.

'I did. Every. Word.’ You leaned forward and whispered on his ear, your words once again, hurting him deep down inside his body. A single tear rolled down your cheek and dropped down between you and Kai, but you qickly wiped the rest of your tears, refusing to show how weak and hurt you felt. Not even a single world had left his mouth after those four words. You shook your head and snorted, throwing your hands in the air, completely giving up on everything. You turned around and walked away from him, leaving the place and walked outside, warm air splashing your face as you were finally able to take a deep breath, feeling relieved but also crushed and broken from the inside. You felt as if someone had ripped out a part of your body and that there was a big whole in your chest that nothing could fill up. Tears had finally started falling down your cheeks, your pain and cries filling up the silence surrounding you. You continued walking barefoot on the wet grass, you long dress dragging across the cold floor. You have finally reached the street but there was no one around. You have never felt more alone in your life than you did at that moment. You stopped in the middle of the street to lift your dress up a little bit, just above your knees, but when you looked up, you were faced with something else. A car was driving full speed towards you and had no intention in stopping. You froze, unable to move as the last thing that you felt was that same car hitting you, your body falling down onto the cold street. Everything went black. There was no sound, no faces, no one. You were all alone and in excruciating pain. After some time, you felt someone picking you up but you couldn’t find yourself to open your eyes and to show them that you’re alive and that you can hear them. Suddenly, there was a lot of voices. Yelling. Panic. You felt like you were dying, your whole body in pain as you were unable to move, a single tear streamed down your cheek and fell down on the pillow under your head. You somehow realized that you were on the bed, covered with something that was keeping you warm, but still not completely aware of your surroundings.

'Is she going to be ok?’ Someone spoke up, their voice unfamiliar to you. You heard footsteps all around you, guessing a lot of people have come to visit you but none of their voice sound familiar to you. You somehow managed to fall asleep again, a car coming towards you keep appearing in front of your eyes, the feeling of hitting you constantly going through your body. You wanted to scream your lungs out, but you couldn’t find yourself to let your voice leave your body. As if there was a lump in your throat, not letting you to let out a sound as you started panicking, your eyes shoting open in a second, a bright light in the room blinding you for a few moments. You took a deep breath, fear leaving your body for a moment and was replaced with relief and safeness once you figure where you were. You looked around as much as you could, taking in all the faces of people who were beside you, not recognizing anyone.

'Hey! How are you feeling?’ A girl with long brown hair approached you and whispered gently, placing her hand on top of yours, a small smile appearing on her face. You furrowed your brows and just shrugged your shoulders, still finding it frustrating why those people even came to see you.

'I- I don’t- know you. Any of you.’ You said abruptly, your voice cracking as the girl looked at one of the guys thatcwas standing on the other side of the room. Everyone looked worried, but you didn’t understand why. You couldn’t move your hand because it was broken, but you were desperate for the girl to let you go.

'It’s me.. Elena. I’m your friend.’ She muttered softly.

'I- I’m sorry, but I still don’t know who you are.’

The girl suddenly walked out of the room, two guys following her and closing the doors behind them. You sighed and shifted in your seat, wincing at the pain that stroke your body everything you moved.

'What do you mean I can’t see her? She’s my damn girlfriend!!’ A guy said loudly, groaning in frustration.

'You really have the guts to show up here after what you did at the wedding? You killed my best friend’s fiance in front of everyone and then your entire coven. I don’t see how a psychopath like should go in there and interact with the girl that is like family to me.’ The other guy said, his voice loud, even though it sounded more like he wanted to whisper.

'Please, Damon! I need to see her- I- I need to talk to her. I have to make things right.’ Damon? Never heard that before.

'No! Get out of here before I rip your freaking head off in the middle of this hallway!’ -Damon- said through gritted teeth as you heard a loud punch outside the room. Kai punched the wall in frustration, making a small hole inside and then walked out of the hospital, his blood boiling with anger. The only thing he wanted to do was to see you and tell you how sorry he was about everything.

Two weeks went by and you were still stuck in a hospital bed with a lot of unfamiliar people surrounding you. Even though you felt like they have been your friends for a while, it still felt as if you were all alone in this. You weren’t.

You were reading a magazine when the doors suddenly opened wide and a man walked inside, dressed all in black with blak trench coat on. He was beautiful and his eyes too your breath away from the moment you had managed to lay your eyes on them. He sat down on the chair next to you, pulling it closer as his hand found yours in a few second, holding on it tightly.

'Hey! I’m so glad you’re ok. I- i couldn’t get to you earlier because, well, Damon didn’t let me.’ He smiled shortly before he spoke up again. 'As if I needed his permission, right?’ He looked at you with hope in his eyes, but the only look you had given him was the look of confusion. You nodded, unsure what else to do.

'I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry and that I hope you will forgive me one day. I can’t- when I thought that I lost you, I was completely lost. You keep me going and I’m really hoping you can forgive me for everything I have done in the past and now.’ He trailed off and planted a gentle kiss on the back od your hand before rubbing it with his thumb gently. He leaned in and looked deeply into your eyes, biting his bottom lip. 'I love you. Always remember that.’ Silence filled the room as you pulled your hand away from Kai, bringing it closer to your body. Kai looked at you confused and swallowed hard, his hands shaking a little bit. You ran your fingers gently through your hair, placing a small lock behind your ear before you finally managed to speak up.

'Who are you?’



GUYS. This is a long post, but please read it if you are in the yoi fandom!

Anyway, a lot of us heard about the movie “Love on Ice” made by the Hallmark Channel, and noticed the ressemblance with “Yuri On Ice”
If you haven’t seen my post about it, a few days ago, I wrote to Hallmark on their facebook page about it (I was really salty when I wrote it so..)

This is the message I sent them:

Hello! If you’re not aware, there has been some controversy about a new movie you’re going to air on your channel soon. Im not trying to start anything here, but here’s a question I think a lot of people are asking themselves right now.
Can any of you guys explain the really supspicious ressemblance between your new movie “Love On Ice” and the japanese animated series “Yuri On Ice” (who was released before)? Im not necesserely saying that you (or the producers of said movie) copied this amazing show (and of course changing the beautiful gay romance for a straight one, but that’s not surprising), but if you did a little research, you have to admit that it’s weird. It could be a total coincidence, and im not trying to be rude, im just looking for answers about the situation. Thank you for your time.

They later answered by telling me that “They would pass along my comments”

Finally, today, they wrote to me again:

Hello again, (my name). I wanted to share with you a statement from the writer of “Love on Ice”:

“Love on Ice script was conceptualized, pitched and commissioned in March of 2015 and written and delivered in March of 2016 – 8 months before the anime project. Many sports films in history are about overcoming odds and triumph. Almost every romance film is about people connecting on an intimate level and falling in love. These are broad, universal themes none of us has a trademark on. I hope the audience will tune in to Love On Ice on Hallmark Channel, Saturday, January 7.” Writer, Matt Coppola

Yes, at first I was mad at them, but I don’t think that they deserve it anymore. They took the time to answer my questions and were polite about it. We need to acknowledge that this movie was just a coincidence. Yuri On Ice fandom, I think it’s time to stop the shit that we started. Thanks for reading.

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite kabby fanfics?

Hey, nonny! This took me forever to answer, and I’m really sorry about that. I have a lot of favorite fics, so I’ll limit this list to my top ten favorites. This only features fics on AO3, but I know there are plenty of amazing ones to be found on Tumblr that I can’t locate right now (or can’t locate on AO3). If you want, you can check out my fic rec tag to find some that are Tumblr-bound! 

In no particular order, here are the ones to which I return over and over again:

1. The Life You Make in the Ruins by @kane-and-griffin - this is the fic that got me started writing fanfiction. Honestly, this was a life-changing experience for me, and I have reread it at LEAST five or six times. It’s beautiful. Modern AU where Jake and Callie die in a car crash and Marcus and Abby are left to raise their kids; Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia. 

2. A Flower in Autumn by @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower - OH MY GOD, I can’t even describe the amount of feelings I have regarding this fic. I’mma start crying, no joke. Period/regency era AU isn’t usually my thing, but this is beautifully written, perfectly in-character (Alice’s Abby Griffin could literally have walked off the show and into this fic, and as Abby trash, this delights me) and the romance is dazzling. 

3. Through the Wire by noblydonedonnadoble - another of my earlier reads in the Kabby fandom that stuck with me for over a year. The writing strikes a delicate balance between comedy and drama, and it rises above the simple “fake dating AU” trope. Of course, I’m trash for fake dating AU, so…I was destined to love this. Modern/fake dating AU where Abby needs a date for her brother’s wedding, and Marcus Kane is the solution to that problem.

4. Everyone Can See It by @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower - look, I’m just trash for everything Alice writes. But this I especially love because it shows other people’s perspectives on Marcus and Abby’s relationship, something I haven’t often seen in this fandom. Not to mention that, as before, every character is perfectly translated from screen to page. While it’s not completed, the status doesn’t affect the rest of the piece because they’re a series of interconnected one-shots. It’s amazing.

5. I Need You So Much Closer by @skaihefamarcus - if you want good smut, this is some Grade A smut. I recommend everything of Kate’s, even though there are a few things of hers that I think live only on Tumblr? If you search her blog, you can probably find them. Written for a Valentine’s exchange, this fic takes place after Marcus returns from Polis in S4. AU in which Marcus and Abby are actually reunited instead of remaining separated forever, and Abby is…well, really happy to see him. *wink*

6. Haiplana by @kane-and-griffin - the fic that makes everyone’s rec lists, and for good reason. I mean, it has everything. Abby wearing a gorgeous grounder dress? Check. Actual interaction between Marcus and Lexa, of which we were so horribly deprived on the show? Check. Epic, sizzling sexual tension? CHECK. Canon-compliant S3 oneshot where Abby and Marcus attend a grounder feast in Polis. 

7. Wonderwall by @fandammit - I LOVE. THIS FIC. Well really I love anything Lelanie writes, but this fic especially. It does a spectacular job of not only building an entire modern AU backstory between Marcus and Abby, but in explaining why they hated each other, slowly brings them back together. Not to mention that Lelanie is literally #writergoals and I constantly have to restrain myself from yelling at her to explain her witchcraft secrets for writing so beautifully. :P Modern AU where Marcus and Abby meet at their high school reunion. 

8. Femme Aux Phlox by @brittanias - another amazingly well-written fic that made me cry. An amazing storyline (better than what we got on the show, tbh) and utterly, amazingly beautiful. Canon-compliant S3 fic that addresses Abby losing the Chancellorship and what that does to their relationship. Hint: Abby needs somewhere to live, and Marcus Kane’s door is open. 

9. There Will Be Time by @shefollowedfires - another beautiful canon-compliant fic. Emily’s characterization is on-point, and the language she uses is just beautiful. I swear, I’m a little jealous of the precision of her words and the loveliness of her writing. (Also, she’s one of the coolest people on the planet and makes lovely gifsets. Besides the point). Canon-compliant, Marcus and Abby find a cute little cottage in the woods and have some much-needed alone time.

10. We Had It Good There For Awhile by @kane-and-griffin - I have never seen The West Wing, but that didn’t stop me from reading this at 4 a.m. the night it was posted and then crying my eyes out over it. You really don’t have to know the show to read and love it - I mean, it probably helps if you know the background - but it’s by no means necessary to appreciate the amazingness of this storyline. West Wing/Political AU where Abby is the White House Press Secretary and Marcus is the White House Communications Director.

…so, there you go! Emily’s long, rambly list of favorite fics. Hope I helped you out, nonny! Like I said, these are only the ones I’ve bookmarked/read a thousand times on AO3, and I know there are many awesome ones here that are in my tag or I forgot to mention. All the writers in this fandom are extremely talented, and I’m thankful and honored to be part of it. 

anonymous asked:

Would the Inquisition take time to celebrate Feast Day (which I think is their version of Christmas??) and what would the companions (and Advisors) say to the Inquisitor giving them gifts?

I think Satinalia is the closest equivalent, so here you go. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all!

–Mod Sarah

Cassandra: She likes the decorations and everything, but she’s usually too busy to really consider the holiday, and she doesn’t exactly want to go visit her family. She’s shocked as the Herald presents to her a first edition copy of the first Swords and Shields, and her heart swells with affection. She stammers awkwardly at first, trying to find the proper words, before finally just beaming at them. “Thank you! Thank you so much… this is so thoughtful of you, Inquisitor.” She tries to look in the market for something in return. If in a romance, he puts a rose in the cover of the book, and she’s blushing so much as she pulls him aside for kissing.

Iron Bull: He had never really participated in any of the holidays in Thedas, which he never grew up with on Par Vollen, but he likes the decorations and food. The Herald presents to him a dawnstone great axe for the holiday, and he almost weeps at its beautiful. “You’re the best, Boss!” he says cheerfully. “I can’t wait to kick some ass with it!” He hears what Blackwall’s up to, and the Chargers come the morning of Satinalia to help deliver all the toys. If in a romance, they give him that plus half another dragon tooth with the base covered in dawnstone. He responds by carrying them up to the bedroom.

Blackwall: He decorates a little tree or a little bush (whatever he could find) and decorates it modestly on his workbench. He starts carving a lot of little wooden toys for the kids in the refugee camps, and works for hours. He only pauses when the Herald drops by with a gift, a scarf with a griffin sewn on it, and he beams and laughs and thanks them. Dennet sees him later at work in the early morning hours, breath visible but the scarf around his neck. He gets Sera’s help on the actual holiday and delivers the toys to the refugees. If in a romance, the Herald helps him make the toys, and he instead wraps the scarf around her neck.

Sera: She starts tacking mistletoe on every precarious spot of the ceiling and giggles as flustered passersby realize what they’re standing under. When she hears about what Blackwall’s up to, she starts dropping by with little toys or materials for his work. She also spends time helping him by painting some of them. The Herald drops by and, although uncertain as to what to give her, they present her with a new quiver, and inside is a stuffed plushie of a honey bee. She drops the quiver and squeezes the plushie tight, and hugs the Herald just as tight (with a kiss as well, if in a romance. And time on the roof if it’s not too cold).

Cole: He’s not sure how to feel about the holiday– most people are happier and cheerful, but there’s a few with the blues, for various reasons, be it loss or disdain for the holiday. He does his best to make those who are sad feel a little happier, and he tries to help Blackwall with his little project. Come the morning of, all the refugee children are happy, and it makes him happy. The Herald gives him a new hat with less holes in the brim, and while he still likes his old hat better, he’s thrilled because they want him to be happy and they care.

Varric: He likes Satinalia well enough, he supposes, though he gets tired of the same holiday songs being sung in the tavern. When he hears what Blackwall’s up to, he buys numerous toys to donate and feels pleased with his work as he sends along gifts to a few of his friends. The Inquisitor drops by with a fancy new quill and ink set and a pair of socks, because they weren’t certain what to get for him, but he seems happy and thanks them. He’s surprisingly more excited by the socks than the quill and ink set.

Solas: He observes it all from the sidelines and views past celebrations to get some idea of what Satinalia is like, nowadays. He otherwise keeps to himself and comments little on all the decorations and hubbub. The Herald surprises him with a bunch of new paints for his art, and considering how expensive materials are, he’s actually very happy. “Thank you, Inquisitor.” he says brightly. If in a romance, he kisses Lavellan (who probably doesn’t celebrate the holiday but gave out gifts anyways) to thank her. Maybe this holiday is a good thing that should be one of the few things kept…

Dorian: He doesn’t really care much for Satinalia– it meant cold and gaudy decorations and the same songs sung for too long. This year, it was more bitter, trying to reconcile fond memories of the holiday as a child with his family with the reality of his relationship to them now. Though, the others are having fun, so he leaves it be. The Herald drops by with a surprise– an expensive bottle of wine he had been eyeing for months but never obtained, until now. He grins and thanks them profusely, and offers to share it with them. Maybe the holiday wasn’t so bad after all. If in a romance, he giggles. “Oh, amatus, you know me so well… come, let’s go to your chambers and share this, shall we?”

Vivienne: Skyhold does well enough decorating, but she has seen the splendors of the Winter Palace this time of year, done up in reds and greens and silvers and golds with the likes of which you’ve never seen. She uses her magic to levitate various decorations onto the massive tree brought into the hall, which now sits where the Inquisitor’s throne usually is. She hears what Blackwall’s up to and orders many toys to be delivered to his stockpile, though she doesn’t comment on it. The Herald gives her a mask inlaid with opals– the newest in Orlesian fashion– and she is thrilled. “Thank you so much, Darling,” she says warmly, “I can’t wait to wear it to the next ball!”

Josephine: She’s very busy this time of year; she organizes gifts to be delivered to households who support the Inquisition, sends toys to Blackwall’s little project once she hears about it, gifts to those in the Inquisition, decorations around the keep. That’s not even the start of it; there’s also parties to arrange and attend, ordering the tree to be delivered, and all along with her normal duties. She insists she loves the holiday, and that it is, in fact, her favorite. If not in a romance, the Inquisitor finds her a copy of her original family crest, which makes her so, so happy, and she thanks the Herald. If in a romance, the Inquisitor (who already gave her that) instead gives her a porcelain doll she had been eyeing now and then in a catalog but was too embarrassed to order. The doll holds a rose as they give it to her, and she squeals and blushes and kisses them.

Cullen: He’s too busy to really think much about Satinalia or celebrate, but he does smile a little to see all the decorations when he goes about the keep. He has no idea how Josephine manages to do all of this with a smile. The Herald distracts him one day and sends a crew to quickly as possible fix the hole in his roof, which genuinely surprises him when they get back. They also give him a tin full of shortbread cookies, and he’s a happy man. “Thank you.” he says, genuinely pleased. If in a romance, he smiles warmly and kisses her, and they hang out on his bed and eat the shortbread cookies together. He doesn’t even mind the crumbs.

Leliana: She actually helps the Herald with gift advice if they need it, and assigns an agent to make sure no one steals any of the gifts Blackwall’s going to hand out, but doesn’t comment on it. The Inquisitor gifts her a fancy pair of red shoes for the holiday, and she smiles and thanks them. If they have a party later, she can be seen wearing them.

BONUS: Dragon Age 2 and Origins. Enjoy!

Aveline: She’s busy as ever trying, organizing patrols and schedules– ‘tis the season for pickpockets and robberies abound. Nevertheless, she tries to dole out some time to spend with Hawke, who throws a party in their mansion, and she brings Donnic. Hawke gifts her a new shield, which she rather likes, and she thanks them. And they also get a box of condoms from Isabela, which she’s less thankful for.

Carver: He visits for the holiday from whatever he’s doing, and he enjoys his time with his sibling in the mansion. They bicker, as always, but it’s affectionate bickering, or at least some of it is. The day of the holiday, he finds a long box addressed to him, and he opens it to find a brand new sword, shiny and sharp. He goes a bit red in the face and thanks his sibling.

Fenris: He’s never had much time to celebrate Satinalia, always too busy doing work for Danarius, but the last few years in Kirkwall have given him more time. He attends the party Hawke throws, and they surprise him with a bottle of red wine. He grins. “Ah, just what I’ve always wanted. Thank you, Hawke.” If in a romance, he accompanies the thank you with a kiss.

Varric: The last few holidays have been a bit bitter without his brother, but he attends the party Hawke throws. He ends up enjoying spending time with his friends, who end up exchanging gifts and playing Wicked Grace and eating snacks and getting drunk. Hawke just gives him a big bottle of whiskey, which he’s pretty pleased about. “Thanks, Hawke. Come on, it’s worth sharing.”

Isabela: She thinks that Satinalia is fun only when accompanied by partying, and so she is pleased to hear of a party for the holiday at Hawke’s house. It comes closest to a family holiday party, and she ends up really enjoying herself with her friends. Hawke gives him a fancy new hat from the hat shop she loves, and she grins. “Oh, Hawke, you shouldn’t have! Thank you, sweetness.” She kisses them, on the cheek if not in a romance, on the lips and other places if in a romance, though she waits for the others to go before the kisses those other parts.

Sebastian: “Keep Andraste in your hearts this Satinalia!” he says time and again, but the others mostly ignore him. Still, he attends the party and has a good time, as good a time he’s had since his family was murdered– they’re like family enough. Hawke gives him his helmet that looks like this. Then they assure him that they’re joking and actually give him a little statuette of Andraste, which he’s actually happy about. If in a romance, he actually gives them a betrayed look when they give him the helmet, but he does laugh about it.

Bethany: If a Grey Warden, she managed to get some time off to spend with Hawke. If a Circle Mage, Hawke had to bribe numerous templars to get her just for a few days. In either case, she enjoys the time at home, and Hawke takes her all over Kirkwall to go shopping. Hawke presents to her a new gown, much to her delight, and she hugs her big sibling happily. It’s just like how it was before everything…

Anders: He shows up to the party, and tries his best to not delve into talking about the plight of mages, at least for the evening, though he does shove his little pamphlets into various nooks and crannies of the house. Hawke shocks him by giving him a tabby kitten for the holiday, and he almost starts crying, he’s so happy. “Thank you! Oh, he’s so cute!” he gushes. “I’m going to name you… hmm… Sir Pounce-a-Lot II!” He proceeds to spend the rest of the party cuddling his new kitten and babying it. If in a romance, he keeps showing the kitten to Hawke even though they’re the one who bought the cat in the first place. “Look, love, can you believe it? We have a new member of the family!”

Merrill: She’s never really celebrated this holiday before, but she enjoys the party Hawke throws and thinks it’s great fun as she ignores Sebastian trying to tell her about its meaning. Hawke gives her a basket of all sorts of colors of yarn, and she gasps and beams. “Oh, it’s so pretty!” she squeals. “I’ll never lose my way around Kirkwall again! Ma serannas, Hawke!” she cries as she hugs Hawke tight. If in a romance, she squeals and kisses them and tries to make them a hat or something with the yarn.

Alistair: They don’t really have time to spend on the road celebrating Satinalia, but the Warden surprises him with a holiday gift they bought from the last town they passed. It’s a variety of Ferelden cheeses in a tin, and he grins. “Oh, wow! Thank you! This is perfect!” he exclaims happily. If in a romance, he beams even brighter. “Cheese and a wonderful woman. I couldn’t ask for better gifts.”

Oghren: He’s doesn’t really care about Satinalia one way or the other, but the Warden brings him a big bottle of booze as a present anyways. He grins and cradles the bottle. “Well, now. I like this holiday now. Thanks, Warden. Come on, share a drink with me.”

Sten: He doesn’t care about or think about Satinalia at all until the Warden gives him a plate of cookies as a gift. He stares at them for a moment before taking it. “Thank you.” he finally says. “It is a good gift.”

Shale: She’s seen the holiday many times before, and she hates it because villagers would put ugly decorations on her or get drunk and piss on her. She is baffled when the Warden approaches her with a big, remarkable diamond. “It… is trying to give me a present for the holiday?” she asks. They nod and confirm it. “I still despise the holiday, but thank you.” she says, taking it happily.

Loghain: He enjoyed Satinalia when Anora was younger– seeing her eyes light up at all the gifts was a sight to see, and made all the work worth it. The last few years haven’t quite been the same, but he pauses when the Warden brings him a botanist’s map of Thedas. Finally, he smiles and thanks them.

Dog: He gets a big beef bone and thanks the Warden by giving them numerous slobbery kisses.

Leliana: She loves Satinalia, from the decor to the music to the goodwill. The Warden gives her a Chantry Amulet, and she responds by grinning ear-to-ear and hugging the Warden– and kissing, if in a romance. She then grabs her lute and proceeds to sing a holiday song for the party by the fire.

Zevran: He hasn’t celebrated the holiday for years, not since before he joined the Crows. As a result, he doesn’t have any particularly strong feelings about it, but he does crack a wide smile when the Warden gives him a bronze bar. “Why, what’s this? A gift for me? Really?” he asks, sounding incredulous. Finally he settles for giving them a kiss on the cheek (or the lips, if in the romance, and sex) in thanks.

Wynne: The mages of the Circle would usually decorate for the holiday, and the templars would allow them a tree to decorate and a feast. She misses it as they’re out in camp, but doesn’t mention it to the Warden– they have enough to worry about as it is. They surprise her with a brand new book to read, and she smiles. “Oh, this is so sweet of you. Thank you.”

Morrigan: She has never celebrated Satinalia, and finds it a waste of time and resources, and mentions it as such when they pass through a village all spruced up and ready. She and Alistair proceed to snark back and forth at each other about it, but she loses interest rapidly. Later, however, she is surprised with a golden necklace inlaid with amethyst that the Herald presents to her. “I am… grateful. Thank you.” she finally utters. “I understand this is for the holiday…? Well, then. ‘Tis a fine gift, and you have my thanks.” If in a romance, she sighs and shakes her head at him. “A hopeless romantic, you are. Nevertheless… thank you.” she says with a kiss.

Nathaniel: He enjoyed the holiday as a boy with his family, but it always seemed a bit off, somehow. He tries to ignore the tree in Vigil’s Keep, and doesn’t comment much on the day, at least until the Warden presents him a new set of locksmith’s tools. He’s silent for a moment before thanking the Warden and smiling slightly.

Sigrun: She oohs and aahs at all the decorations and food and music and stories. She likes it quite a lot, and likes it even more when the Warden gives her a gift of a snowglobe. “Oh, it’s so pretty! Thank you!” she says cheerfully.

Velanna: She spends most of her time shitting on the shemlen holiday when she sees all the decor, but she’s suddenly silent as the Warden gives her a gift of an elven runestone. “I hope you know this doesn’t mean I like the holiday,” she says finally, “but thank you. It is a good gift.”

Anders: He would like Satinalia if all his memories weren’t of it being spent in the Circle. He’s not sure what to make of it now that he’s free, but he decides he likes it as he sits in a comfy chair in the keep, cuddling Ser Pounce-a-Lot in his lap. The Warden gives him a knitted scarf, and he grins. “Oh, thank you! It’s perfect.” Instead of putting it around his neck, he puts it around his cat and smiles.

Justice: He’s baffled that people are busy celebrating instead of trying to correct the injustices still left, but he does feel that Kristoff loved this holiday, spending it with his wife– so it can’t be all bad, he reasons. The Warden even gives him a gift, a book titled Verses of Dreams, which he likes. He thanks them and takes to reading the book with gusto to give justice to the Warden who bought the gift.

A guide to Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series

Immortals After Dark is a popular paranormal romance series full of sex and violence. It’s fantastic. There are ass-kicking Valkyries, hot-as-hell vampires, even hotter werewolves, and sexy-as-fuck demons. Plus a few other supernatural beings here and there. These immortal creatures, all part of the Lore, fight, fuck, and fall in love while hurtling toward the Ascension, a battle for dominance between immortal factions that occurs roughly every 500 years. 

Warning: This is a violent series. The bad guys and girls in one book often become the “good guys” in the next. Not for those who need clear black-and-white morality tales. Also contains a fair amount of dubious consent and non-consent, especially in the early books.

Want to get started with the series? Here’s a spoiler-free overview. 

Book 1: The Warlord Wants Forever
Nikolai Wroth (vampire) and Myst the Coveted (Valkyrie). Introduces the series. Originally a story within the Playing Easy to Get anthology, it has been recast as the first “book” in the series. After Myst leaves Nikokai suffering from potentially the world’s worst case of blue balls, he vows and takes his revenge against her.
Book 2: A Hunger Like No Other
Lachlain MacRieve (Lykae) and Emmaline Troy (Valkyrie-vampire). First full-length book. After a century of torture, crazed Lachlain takes delicate Emma captive.
Book 3: No Rest for the Wicked
Sebastian Wroth (vampire) and Kaderin the Cold Hearted (Valkyrie). Introduces the Talisman’s Hie, a dangerous contest to please a goddess that requires participants to travel the world completing life-threatening tasks. Kaderin intends to win in order to right an ancient wrong.
Book 4: Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night
Bowen MacRieve (Lykae) and Mariketa the Awaited (witch). Also set during the Hie. Bowen abandons vulnerable Mari in a cave – if he doesn’t save her in days, it’s war.
Book 5: Dark Needs at Night’s Edge
Conrad Wroth (vampire) and Naomi Laress (ghost). Blood-crazed Conrad is locked up in an abandoned mansion by his desperate brothers. A mansion haunted by the ghost of a murdered ballerina.
Book 6: Dark Desires After Dusk
Cadeon Woede (demon) and Holly Ashwin (human). Cade knows Holly is his mate. One problem: She’s human. Another problem: Everyone is trying to kill her.
Book 7: Kiss of a Demon King
Rydstrom Woede (demon) and Sabine (sorceress). Sabine, the Queen of Illusions, tricks and locks up powerful Rydstrom in another plane.
Book 8: “Untouchable” in Deep Kiss of Winter
Murdoch Wroth (vampire) and Daniela (Valkyrie). Story in a duology with Gena Showalter. Ice-queen Daniela experiences incredible pain when touched, which complicates things for her mate Murdoch.
Book 9: Pleasure of a Dark Prince
Garreth MacRieve (Lykae) and Lucia the Huntress (Valkyrie). Lucia takes off on a world-saving quest – which has the side benefit of helping her escape her new mate Garreth. Then he goes after her.
Book 10: Demon from the Dark
Malkom Slaine (demon-vampire) and Carrow Graie (witch). Carrow is captured by an anti-immortal human agency called the Order along with a beloved child. In order to save themselves, Carrow agrees to seduce Malkom, a target living on a demon hell plane wanted by the Order .
Book 11: Dreams of a Dark Warrior
Declan Chase (human) and Regin the Radiant (Valkyrie). Regin is trapped in a cursed cycle with the reincarnations of an ancient berserker. His latest incarnation happens to be in the form of Declan, a leader in the Order who hates all immortals and has just captured Regin.
Book 12: Lothaire
Lothaire (vampire) and Elizabeth Peirce (human). When a being intent on murdering… everyone possesses her, poor and kind Ellie thinks her life is over. Then the morally complicated Lothaire saves her. Now she’ll need to save him back.
Book 13: Shadow’s Claim
Trehan Daciano (vampire) and Princess Bettina (demon-sorceress). First book in The Dacians off-shoot. Trehan, a master assassin, knows he’s meant to be with Bettina, even if she thinks she’s in love with her best friend. He intends to win her hand the old-fashioned way: in a tournament to the death.
Book 14: MacRieve
Uilleam MacRieve (Lykae) and Chloe Todd (human). Chloe is having a bad day. After learning some startling secrets from her father, who then disappears, she ends up kidnapped and on the auction block to be sold off to the highest bidder and tortured and killed for her father’s crimes. Until Uilleam, extremely depressed following horrific torture at the hands of the Order, learns Chloe is his mate…
Book 15: Dark Skye
Thronos (winged demon) and Melanthe (sorceress). As children, Thronos and Lanthe were friends. That changed when Melanthe cripples Thronos. As adults, Thronos saves Lanthe from the Order… in order to take his revenge.
Book 16: Sweet Ruin
Rune the Baneblood (fey-demon) and Josephine (vampire hybrid). Separated from her brother after a troubled childhood, Josephine is left alone and confused about herself. When she encounters Rune rutting on some nymphs in a field, she might have found someone who can give her answers.

Upcoming books:
Book 17: Shadow’s Seduction
Prince Mirceo Daciano (vampire) and Caspion the Tracker (demon). Projected release date: January 30th, 2017. Cole’s first m/m romance, also the second book in The Dacians spin-off. This is being published by Cole’s Valkyrie Press rather than her normal IAD publisher.
Book 18: Wicked Abyss
Abyssian Infernas (demon) and Liliana Barbot (fey). Expected release date: April 25th, 2017. Looks like this one will be a Beauty and the Beast-type story. Hello, catnip!

I could get deep into the mythology of the Lore but I promised a quick overview. So there’s just one last thing you need to know…

Nïx the Ever-Knowing
Nïx is with you from the start. She’s the proto-Valkyrie, the first of her kind. Gifted or cursed with foresight, Nïx weaves – sometimes lucidly – in and out of the lives of those in the Lore, perhaps helping them, perhaps not. Considered so powerful that she may be attaining goddess status, Nïx is thought by some to be actively steering the events of the Ascension. To know her is to love her. Yes, Cole has promised that she will be writing Nïx’s story. No, you’re not getting it anytime soon.

If you’ve read the series and are wondering why I categorized certain characters as I did or stated things the way I did, please assume it was because I’m avoiding spoilers, not because I screwed up.

That’s it (for this guide, at least). Happy reading!

We are always fascinated with stories of vampires and werewolves falling in love with humans, or with Hades falling in love with Persephone, or with a fallen angel falling in love with the most ordinary girl, maybe because deep in our hearts we believe that love is both a weakness and a strength, that even the darkest of the darkest of us can still get knee weak with love, that even amidst inhuman strengths, amidst problems, darkness, and strife, love could still get in. That love, and only love, could both weaken someone and at the same time, be the driving force of their life. That it was always love, it is always love, and it will always be love, and every change always starts with love. Because love, that’s how the light gets in.
—  cynthia go // Love, that’s how the light gets in [76/365]
Queen Of Hearts: Jerome x Reader (Fluff/Angst)

So an anonymous requested: “Hey Gorgeous! Are you still taking requests? Hope you do. Could you please do one with Jerome when he met reader thanks to circus and she is psycho too. They fall in love and have plans to rule the Gotham as King and Queen and then Jerome goes to Arkham. And he misses her so much. One day he finds Queen of Hearts card. And then his lover epic entry on scene. And then LOT of crazy fluff 💓.. and maybe smutty ending (as you want). Hope it’s not to much details. Thanks, have good day :)”

Contains violence and implied smut. Hope you enjoy it!


You watched as a child was gripping their parents coat as they yelled for cotton candy.
You chuckled thinking, “Kids are the worst.”
Your so called friends had tagged you along to this Haly’s circus, and you didn’t really get why teenagers these days were so interested and marveled by some guy pulling a rabbit out of a hat. They went off into the big tent without you, so you roamed the grounds.

A month ago, you would have felt joy and excitement if you had been brought here.
Now it’s just boring and tame. You see, one night you were walking home from school, and some mugger pulled you into an alleyway. You should’ve been scared, no, you were pissed off. You were already having a bad day, so you grabbed the muggers knife and killed him. When you dropped his lifeless body onto the ground, you laughed wickedly.

Taking someone’s life was a thrill! You finally found a new hobby!
Going home, you made sure to wash the blood off your clothes, and you kept the knife in a safe place. To remind you of your first kill.

That was two weeks ago, and now you were starting to get on edge. Not from getting caught, no, you were on edge because you wanted to choke the life out of something.
This ache that you needed to fill. Your eyes went to the clearly drunk woman yelling at a red headed boy, who was glaring daggers at her. That’s the one, this woman was no doubt an nuisance to him. You smirked as you saw her walking away from him, so you stalked her until she passed out on the ground. You decided to play the part of a helpful person and pretend that you were dragging her to safety, when really you were dragging her near the river that was conveniently by the circus.

Half way, you felt someone was watching you. Stopping, you let go of the body and looked around, only to widen your eyes when you saw the boy from before had been watching you.
He was behind a tree. He skipped his way over to you and had a straight face as he calmly asked, “What are you doing with my Mom?”

Mom? Oh shit, you decided to cough and shrug, “You’re funny looking! Are you her boyfriend!”
You gave a light hiccup as you fell over and started laughing.
Raising an eyebrow he sighed, “Drunk?”
“I’m a wee bit drunk!” You wheezed.
The boy then went away, and you furrowed your eyebrows, he’s not gonna care about his mom then? Standing up, you continued to drag her around in a zig zag motion. You did that because you didn’t know if he was going to come back or not.

When he did, he watched from afar as he saw the sliver blade from your knife glistening in the moonlight. He snuck up behind you and pulled you back, his arms wrapping around your waist as he whispered, “Boo.”
Eyes widening, you dropped the knife and gasped, “I-I was just..”
“You’re not drunk are you? Why kill my whore of a Mom?” He demanded.
You locked eyes with him and spoke the truth, “It’s been two weeks since I’ve killed someone and I need that thrill again. I’m not skilled, but I picked her because she was a bitch when I saw her yelling at you.”

He chuckled at that, then unwrapped from you. Getting up, he held out his hand for you to take.
“She’s my kill gorgeous. Sorry. I have to finish her off, but not now. When the time is right.”
Taking his hand you get up and give a sigh of relief, “Okay then, um..I don’t know your name.”
The boy laughs wildly, causing you to laugh as well. Laughter is contagious after all.
“Name’s Jerome Valeska, and what’s your name?”
“(Y/n) (L/n).”
“Beautiful name, tell me (Y/n), have you ever been in a relationship?”
Your eyes widened and you shook your head, was he implying that he wanted to date you?
“Well, how would you like to be my girl? You and I together, we could rule this city of criminals!”
Jerome wrapped an arm around your shoulder, “That sounds fun! Let’s do it!”
He laughed wickedly, “Dollface, this is going to be the start of a beautiful romance, wanna seal the deal by getting freaky in the trailer I live in?”

For the next few hours after that you were laughing and thrusting to meet his rhythmic moves.
He was like a salsa dancer with those hips. You couldn’t even walk right for a week! That was the best day of your life. At the end of it all, he told you that he would kill his mother.

Jerome stayed true to his word, and when he did, you were so happy that bitch finally got it!
Then the cops looked into the case, and they took him away, you weren’t very happy about that. So why not show your anger by causing a little anarchy? You started to graffiti some of the abandoned train carts, then it went to exploding a giant building. People were starting to call you the “Queen Of Hearts” because of the dress and mask you wore with your red jacket that adorned hearts.

You started to even get some henchmen, and so you got someone to deliver something to Jerome. Soon, you would break him out of there, then all hell would break loose!

A week later, Jerome was sitting in his cell that day when someone slid an envelope under the locked door. Jerome picked it up, opening it, he saw a bloodied Queen of hearts card with a sticky note attached that wrote,
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll get you out of there. After all, a Queen needs her King! - (Y/n)”

Jerome smiled happily, “Oh you little minx, I can’t wait to see you again.”
Suddenly, gunshots were heard throughout the air, so Jerome scrambled to the door to see what was the commotion. Down the hallway, he saw his girl. His queen. She was carrying an assault rifle, and was wearing a black and red tiara with a dress that adorned said colors, along with the infamous mask.
“Alright boys! Where’s my King?!” She roared.

The men (Y/n) was with moved into separate wings of the asylum. Staying put, she scanned the area before her eyes locked on a cell door that was being pounded from inside.
Running over she quickly unlocks it and squeals into Jerome’s arms.
“Jerome! I missed you so much!”
“I missed you too gorgeous! You make me so proud!” He praised.
Taking his hand in yours, the two if you skipped out and into the waiting vehicle.
Ramming the gas pedal, you drove off. The two of you laughing like wild hyenas.

Rewatching ASIB this morning, because apparently I like pain, and could they have made Jeanette more of a Sherlock stand-in if they tried? Long face with those cheekbones, dark curly hair swooped back dramatically, long black coat with the collars half-turned up.

It’s moments like this that make me more convinced than ever that once upon a time they really were writing a romance here. I’m not sure what changed, and I don’t care to delve into that deep well. But once upon a time, it was beauty, and it was pain.

ETA: And please don’t get me started about her not having a dog, because we will be here all day

they say ‘stydia is fanservice’

y’all believe it’s true but let’s clear something up ladies and gentlemen

That’s what teen wolf gave us
from the start Stiles was in love(he still is) with Lydia

Lydia, I’ve had a crush on you since the third grade’ - Stiles Stilinski 1x11

I’m in lоve with a nut job’ - Stiles Stilinski

and then other charactes mentioned it for several times as well

’He likes you a lot, doesnt he?’ - Aiden

’He’s had a crush on her since, like, third grade, so’- Allison

’He still likes her, doesnt he?’- Kira

’And Lydia would never run and hide’ - ‘Because of Stiles?”- Derek and Aiden

And those two theyre pretty good together’- Scott

‘It need to be someone who can pull you back, someone who has a strong connection to you, a kind of emotional tether. Lydia, you go with Stiles’ - Deaton

The stydia development is breathtaking. We went from Lydia ignoring Stiles to Lydia refusing to leave Stiles one. Lydia grew up and realised her feelings for Stiles. She won’t ignor him anymore, she won’t forget him.

What’s more, we have a lot of confirmations that stydia has been developing for years from Dylan, Holland and Jeff Davis as well, Let’s see. darlings.

‘He’s comfortable having Lydia in his heart’ -
Dylan O'Brien 

‘He’s taken with Lydia, he loves Lydia’ -  Dylan  O'Brien

‘He will always love Lydia. I mean she’s, she’s like his love’ -  Dylan  O'Brien

The moment with Lydia and him is very sweet and everyone is gonna love that moment. I loved it so much when I read it and shooting it too’ -  Dylan  O'Brien about Stydia kiss.

Even if he does move on, he will always love her. Not matter what. He will always take care for her in that way’ - Dylan  O'Brien

‘It will happen, one day’ -  Dylan  O'Brien

I think Stiles and Lydia are soulmates’ - Holland Roden

Lydia went from not knowing Stiles to them having a close relationship’ - Holland Roden

‘It’s like looking through a time lapse of any relationship between two people, where it can drastically change, based on their years in high school. She went from not knowing who he is to having this connection,some of it unspoken, but also there’s this energy between them. I’ve always said they’re two side of the same coin. One comes off maybe slightly more elegant in her speech and the other one is slightly more spastic but equally intelligent. So I think they make a great team. In what capacity, I don’t know. I cannot say’ - Holland Roden.

They have something special. We decided that this is the place to show that they’ve gone from a simple crush to friends to something deeper’ - Jeff Davis,September 7, 2016

I love Stiles and Lydia’s relationship particularly for the fact that we’re trying to tell a story of boyhood crush turning into possibly adult love. Stiles must see Lydia as more than just a beautiful girl before he could actually love her. And Lydia has to see Stiles as more than just a dumb kid chasing after her. It’s interesting to try to craft growing, maturing relationships’ -  Jeff Davis,July 28, 2013

‘We’re building the romances we’ve been concentrating on in Season 5 and throughout the seasons’ -  Jeff Davis

This episode starts two characters down a path that’s been building for years’ -  Jeff Davis about 5x16

‘But also, they’re great together. Stiles and Lydia are Maddie and David, they’re the Mulder and Scully of our show - they’re always just good together. So it’ll be fun’ -  Jeff Davis

‘I always imagined the very last scene very specifically. It would be Scott, Allison, Stiles and Lydia. The original four, and it would show them many years later, they would think back to the battes they fought, the friends they lost, and the journey they won. And Stiles and Lydia would watch their children as the play with Scott and Allison’s children in a peaceful place, where everyone can just take on big breathe’ -  Jeff Davis on Allison’s death.

That’s all we have, but yeah, keep saying Stydia is fanservice, you are absolutely right

Prompt #91 “Tell me you need me.” - Sheamus.

wwefangirl69 requested #91 Sheamus.

A/N\: Holly hell this seemed long :O but OOOO so much drama….should I do a part 2?

Everyone kept telling you that your whirlwind romance with Sheamus wasn’t going to last long but that didnt stop either of you. You and Sheamus could be fantastic, as loved up as could be and the next minute you could be oppisite ends of the room having a screaming match at one another. Today was going to be one of those days where you started together and ended apart.

You woke up cuddled in Sheamus’ side, as you woke up you gave him a slight squeeze.

“Mornin’ beautiful.” He leaned down to place a sweet kiss to your lips.

“Go’mornin’.” You sleepily mumbled into the kiss before pressing your face into the crook of his neck, he chuckled and rolled you over so you were lying on your back and he was hovering above you.

“Come on Love we gotta get ready.” Sheamus leaned down and started to pepper kisses all over your face and neck causing you to giggle.

“Okay fiiiiinnneeee. I’m up. I’m up.” Sheamus gave you one last kiss to your lips before rolling off you and heading to the bathroom. You couldn’t help but admire his figure as he made his way across the room, the way the light hit his skin giving it a warm glow and how his sweatpants hugged his hips just right.

“Ya know if ya quit stairing you could join me?” He gave you a smirk before steping in and turning on the shower, chuckling as he heard your footsteps follow behind.

  That day at work was pretty tough when you arrived your boss notified you that you’d have to do double the work because someone had phoned in sick and you were sure the whole city knew because you were rushed off your feet all day. Especially when one customer managed to knock over the stand that held all the sugar and your boss made you clean it up. On the way home your bus was an hour late, and when you got to your stop it had started to rain and you being clever this morning had forgot a coat. All you wanted to do was to go home, shower and cuddle Sheamus. Making your way down the street you pull out your phone to see Sheamus has replied to none of your texts.

“Great. No cuddles for me.” Sighing you arrived at your front door, puting the key in the lock you opened the door calling out to Sheamus. “Sheamus? Babe? You home?” No response. You looked all over the house but no sign of him. Sending him a quick text you put your phone on the bedside table figuring he’d just gone out for some shopping. You reach the bathroom and turn the shower on hoping the hot water would make you feel better. It had been a few hours since you texted Sheamus and still no reply, now you were starting to get worried, grabbing your phone you dial Cesaro hoping he can shine some light on the situation.

“Hey (Y/N)! How are you?” Cesaro’s cheery voice was just audible over some booming music.

“I’m alright….Say you haven’t heard from Sheamus have you? He hasnt replied to any of my texts or calls?”

“Sheamus? Yeah! He’s right here? I thought you knew? He said you couldnt make it?”

“Make it to what?”

“To our get together tonight. We invted you but he said you couldn’t make it.” Your face fell. Sheamus had said nothing to you about a get together, that’ll explain the music you could hear.

“Oh…that…yeah… ..I..umm..I had work.” You could tell by the sound Cesaro made that he didn’t believe you, after dating Sheamus for a couple of years you and Cesaro had formed a close friendship.

“Right okay…I’ll tell him you called.” You quickly thanked Cesaro and slammed your phone onto the bedside table.

You woke a few hours later to hear crashing downstairs and someone “Shushing” themselves. Getting up you walked downstairs to find a drunk Sheamus struggling with his Jacket.

“Baaabbbbeeeee I missed you!”

“Oh really? You missed me huh?”

“Yeah you should have come tonight it was awesoooooommmme! Could have worn that sexy little dress you know I like”

“Well I would have only someone didn’t invite me!” You put as much venom into the word as you possibly could.

“Who? Tell me who the asshole is and I’ll beat them up!” Sheamus was looking around as if someone was going to pop out of the woodwork.

“You! You were the asshole!” You poked your finger into his chest emphasising your point. His face fell slightly looking at you confused. “I had had the worst day at work, my boss made me do pretty much everything while she sat chatting up guys. My bus was late and I got soaked on the way home. I thought I’d come home and spend some time with you before you leave. But no, I come home and find you’re not here! You haven’t responded to any of my texts or calls….I had to phone Cesaro to find out where you were! Turns out you were at a gathering I didnt even know I’d been invited to!” You were now pacing around the front room, fists clenching and unclenching with anger.

“Well I’m sorryyy you’ve had a bad day but the world doesn’t revolve around you! I have a social life too sweatheart!” Sheamus’ slightly playful demeanor now compleatly gone, his tone matching yours. “Sorry that I can’t answer all your clingy calls and texts 24hrs a day!”

“Clingy texts?! Sheamus! I hadn’t heard from you all day! I thought something bad had happened!”

“Well maybe it should have! At least I’d be away from you!” You were slightly taken back by that comment, yes you and Sheamus would fight but he’d never said anything like that.

“Well if you wanted to be away from me so much why don’t we break up!” You screamed.

“Fine maybe we should!”

Your chest was now heaving from all the emotions. If you had time to stop you would have swore the walls were closing in on you. You needed to get away. Pushing past Sheamus you made your way upstairs and started packing a bag with essentials, you were to busy trying to hold back the tears to notice that Sheamus had followed you up.

“Wait (Y/N) stop.” But you didn’t, you threw your phone charger in the bag and zipped it up moving passed him once more. “Please stop.” You turned to see Sheamus looking worried, seeming to have sobered up during the fight.

“No Sheamus. We do this to often, we fight, we make up, all for what?! for us to have a few amazing months together only to repeat the whole cycle all over again. I can’t keep doing this. I need to leave and find someone who won’t be an ass to me.” You saw him flich at the last part.

“Just…. tell me you need me and I’ll do everthing I can to be a better boyfriend.” He was pleading with you, almost kneeling on your hallway floor.

“I…..I can’t. I’m sorry.” You turned finally letting the tears fall, as you shut the door behind you you hear some glass break and Sheamus letting a sob that broke your heart all over again.

Promt from this list.


zheawesomeamy  asked:

2p's reaction to getting asked out by their crush? Idk I can't picture myself getting asked out by a guy. .-.

Hush baby, you’re perfect, and sooner or later, a nice person will realize that and ask you out

Hnnnnnnnn I feel like such a hypocrite now because I also could never picture someone asking me out

2P Italy: Oh… Why, of course I’d like to go out with you, sweetheart~! *holds their hand and kisses their cheek…tbh he would be a little disappointed that they asked him out before he could ask them out, but he would still be immensely happy*

2P Germany: FUCK YEAH I WANNA GO OUT WITH YOU OMFG BEST DAY EVER *he fucking loses it and starts screaming about how great they are and about how he had liked them for a while*

2P Japan: eh…fine, I guess. *he seems reluctant to accept their offer, but on the inside, he’s experiencing beautiful floaty fuzzy fluttery romance feelings. As soon as they’re out of sight, he’ll have a major fangirl attack.*

2P Romano: Awh sweetie, of course! *kisses both of their cheeks…starts talking about where their first date will be and what they should wear*

2P Prussia: *stares at them for a moment, then blushes wicked hard and looks down at the ground* uh uh uh UH o-okay??!?!?!

2P France: fine *looks completely emotionless but is lowkey imagining their wedding*

2P America: awhhhh babe fuck yeah FUCK YEAH….I’ve been thinking of asking you out for a while, you know……hnnnnnn you’re so cute come here coME HERE—- *lifts them up and squeezes them while mumbling about how attractive they are….if they try to escape, he’ll just sQuEeZe tHeM HaRdEr*

2P Canada: *blushes and looks away* uh, yeah, okay, yes, I mean, that would be nice, cool, uh, heh…. *happy but nervous…. He continues to say “yes” in dozens of different ways for 20 minutes*

2P England: *dainty little gasp* awh, how sweet! I would love to go out with you, poppet! I, uh, I must admit, I actually kind of have a crush on you?? Yes so uh uh uh here’s a cupcake *nervous in an adorable way….he’s unbelievably happy but tbh knows nothing about dating*

2P China: *iNHALES* Wh— Did you— I— *pauses to recover* I mean, heh, I would love to go out with you, babe~! *tries to play it cool by casually flirting but on the inside his heart is racing and his mind is pretty much blank*

2P Russia: Oh. Excellent. That speeds things along nicely. *acts all professional and calm….actually smiles for once*

bayaningbituon replied to your post: Why do you want to fight Nicholas Sparks? And how…

I agree!!! Any romance authors you’d recommend that aren’t like him at all?

Oh, absolutely!

As a preamble, my romance reading tends to sway heavily to the side of historicals, but these are all romance novels that believe in hope and optimism even when things are hard.

Jennifer Crusie is my go-to contemporary romance author rec. She hasn’t had a release in quite some time, fair warning, but she’s got a bit of back catalog (some far back enough that it uses tropes and moments jarring to the modern sensibility, I’d give “Crazy for You” a skip) to go through. My entry rec for her is “Bet Me.”

Jill Shalvis is an author I’ve just discovered recently. Her writing isn’t stellar, but the characters feel like people you’d actually meet, and she avoids one of the major problems I have with contemporaries, which is that they feel very conservative to me. You see contemporary romances and if they’re not New York City or sometimes Chicago or LA (the homes of steamier romance or “chick lit,” which is a genre I hate as a concept but for the sake of ease let’s use it), they’re set in Idyllic Small Town, Somewhere In The South, and they, ah. Read like it. Not that people in the small town south can’t be progressive, but I’ve found very few romances set there that feel like it. Shalvis has the “Heartbreaker Bay” series set in, if I recall correctly, San Fransisco, and they don’t have that conservative feel to them.

My off-the-bat historical rec is always Mary Balogh. She tackles tough issues with hope and love and characters you actually like. Try the Survivors’ Club series first. Her new series, about the Westcotts, is good too–I didn’t like the first novel all that well, but the second one got me in the gut a few times.

Julia Quinn is another historical author, she’s great for fluff and banter.

I hear good things about KJ Charles for M/M historical romance featuring POC leads, if you REALLY want to give Nicholas Sparks one in the eye.

Courtney Milan writes some historicals and some contemporaries (though I have not yet begun her contemporary series, I just finished the Brothers Sinister a few weeks ago) and has great characters and a clear commitment to making romance novels that are progressive.

In YA, Sarah Dessen deals with difficult things (her books have made me outright sob multiple times) but again, always with hope and healing. She’s less romance-focused than some of the others, but she always does have a romance.

Eva Ibbotson’s YAs are, I believe, a few decades old now, but they tell absolutely beautiful love stories.

There are, of course, single title recs I could do, but those are some author recs to get you started.

I was tagged by a couple of wonderful people for this meme. Thank you! 

What is your favorite scene in MEA? Drack’s scene in the medbay. That scene affected me a lot. And it cemented Drack as one of my all time favorite ME characters.

What is your favorite quest? I really loved the final quest, especially once they drop the Mako on Ilos the Nomad on Meridian. Seeing some consequences to my choices, even just cosmetic ones, was fantastic.

What is your favorite weapon? Carnifax 4 lyfe.

What is your favorite armor? I really didn’t explore armor that much. It’s a tie between the armor you start the game with and the armor that has an antena on the back.

What is your favorite power ability? INCINERATE! I, um, really like setting things on fire.

What is your favorite planet? Aya! It’s beautiful and I hope one day we can explore the volcano part of the planet, too.

What is your favorite addition to MEA that wasn’t in the original trilogy? Jump jets! I love them. They really are so much fun.  

Who is your favorite non-romanced (one you didn’t romance but could be) character? (can be NPC or squadmate) I refuse to pick just one. Drack, Kesh, and Vorn. They are all so wonderful. I love how Andromeda gave the krogan so much more depth. It gives me a little hope that once we get more races, volus will be more than merchants and hanar will be more than religious fanatics. Fingers crossed.

Favorite squad/party combo? Jaal and Drack if Ryder is a biotic. Cora and Vetra if Ryder is an engineer.

Favorite non-bipedal animal on Andromeda? Honestly, those all sort of difted together for me. I didn’t pay much attention.

What surprised you most when you first played MEA? That asari all have the same face. That turian females all have the same face. That turian males all have the same face. That salarians all have the same face. This was not a good surprise.

What is your favorite quote? I’ve got two and they’re both from Drack. The first is about parents being the starting line. The second is during his loyalty mission when he’s like ‘so a lot of things are getting destroyed today and all of them are yours!’

zourry2k17  asked:

I'm hitting you up for that gay book rec fam

You’re on!

Okay, first and most important rec is the fandom that brought me to Tumblr, Cut & Run.  I recommend the whole Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux plus the offshoot featuring some of the side characters The Sidewinder Series.  Cut & Run is finished (8 books) but Sidewinder only is 2 books in and will probably keep going for a while.  Former Marine now in the FBI falls in love with his partner, later you meet his Marine buddies and they’re just as wonderful. SUCH a well-written series and fantastic characters.

All of Abi’s books are terrific and she writes in different genres, my other favorite of hers is the western According to Hoyle. Minimal sex, lots of emotional bonding, humor, and adventure.

Next… how about the epic fantasy series, The Rifter by Ginn Hale, which is gorgeous and complex and the kind of series that once you finish and figure everything out, you have to go back and read it again with an understanding of what happened?

Or Ginn Hale’s other epic Lord of the White Hell  Set in a mystical boarding school that’s quite a bit more mature than Harry Potter, but just as engaging and epic.

What? You don’t like fantasy?  Then let me introduce you to Harper Fox and Brothers of the Wild North Sea - set in barely post-Christianity Scotland, a monk loses his lover in a Viking raid and is torn between the earth religion of his upbringing and the harsh Christianity of the new abbot (and a new attraction to the captured Viking left for dead in a raid).

Also, any book by Harper Fox is worth your time and money, she is AMAZING!

Like modern day mysteries?  Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English Mysteries are literal must reads. They are the classics of m/m romance and a love story that spans all five books and will break your heart and knit it back together.

For a grittier mystery series, set in the 80′s in Chicago at the beginning of the AIDS crisis, you should definitely check out Marshall Thornton’s Boystown series.  More mystery, more angst, less romance, but one of the best series I’ve ever read.

Want some modern gay literature with a side of romance?  Ben Monopoli’s The Cranberry Hush is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read in any genre.  It’s a love story, but more about friendships than romance with the best, most unexpected ending ever. This is one that’s great for a major cryfest but leaves you feeling good, not sad.

I’m also a huge fan of Jordan L. Hawk.  Her urban gay fantasy series SPECTR is just wonderful.  All of her books are, but that’s my favorite.

Tamara Allen writes beautiful historicals, as does Bonnie Dee.

T.J. Klune writes modern comedic romance with a large dollop of angst between the laughs.  His Bear, Otter, and The Kid is a classic. For those of you that love the movie Shelter, there are some similarities, but TJ’s story is based on his own life (and personality, he’s so Bear).

Eric Arvin writes really beautiful, soulful romance from a spiritual perspective. His book Woke Up in a Strange Place has a lovely What Dreams May Come vibe if you like that movie.

I could keep going, but I’ll stop here. Except to quickly recommend authors Sam McAuley, who has a beautiful way with words and her Border series is extremely popular and Damon Suede’s book Hot Head about firefighters doing porn is hilarious and surprisingly touching.

That should get anyone interested in published books started down the road to ruin :)  Also if it’s a matter of money, do click the links, a couple of the books I linked showed up as free or super cheap on Kindle.

Haikyuu!! X Proposals
  • DaiSuga: cute and simple Daichi takes Suga on a date to the aquarium and gets proposed to he's a little embarrassed because he also has a ring for Suga
  • Bokuaka: it's raining hard on date night Akaashi gets sick Bokuto helps finish the chores making Keiji sit in the couch all day (literally) by the end of the day Bokuto makes him hot coco and tells him to drink it slowly and very carefully Akaashi feels something weird hit his teeth he pulls out his mouth a ring
  • Kurotsuki: ah romance Kuroo takes Tsuki out to the movies and then dinner he just keeps spoiling the boy he even bought him a cute whale shark plushy He buys Tsuki shortcake from a popular bakery but unlike cute romance movies Kuroo nearly kills Tsuki because he hid the ring in the cake he thought he made it visible but before he could freak out about probably forgetting it Tsuki starts choking luckily he saves his boyfriend and surprisingly he says yes
  • Kenhina: Kenma tries to cook for Hinata but he just can't make anything right Hinata wakes up by the smell of burnt food he helps Kenma cook a meal it's cute Hinata leaves to get changed and when he comes back all he sees is the table beautiful set up and Kenma on one knee cue the tears

I fell in love. 

I fell in love so hard, with eight different characters, their stories, their lives, their pain and their triumphs. Usually whenever I start a show I always have a favorite, two or three max. All of the sensates are my favorites. I couldn’t possibly choose one. 

I loved the romance as well, though it wasn’t the focus at all. Will and Riley, Nomi and Amanita, Kala and Wolfgang, Lito and Hernando, I loved the different types of eros these four pairs could show us, and all the different types of love the show did. I only hope that they’ll be happy in the end. 

I highly recommend this show to anyone. Though it might start slow at first, stick with it because it’s definitely worth it. The series is like one whole tumblr aesthetic in 12 episodes. It’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous, it’s stunning, emotional and impactful. It awakens the senses. 

#Sanvers and what it’s like to actually see you and your relationship represented, correctly, onscreen

This past Monday night was the first episode of Supergirl since their midseason finale back in November. I’ve only recently started watching the show, so the hiatus felt like this gift I’d been given to catch up on storylines, characters, and, to be totally honest, Alex/Maggie. I know, I know, there are already several articles written about the impact of her coming out / relationship this season, but I’d like to add another. After all, when representation this good comes around, you can’t take it for granted. Who knows when we’ll get something even remotely close to this again?

During this time without the show, I’ve learned a few things. The most obvious one is that I am such actual trash (lovable, gay trash, hopefully) when it comes to Alex and Maggie’s relationship, otherwise known as #Sanvers. I’ve rewatched every single scene they have together and any they have with other characters where they talk about each other. Everything about those moments is memorized, from the words they say down to their body language. I’m constantly checking the #Sanvers / #Alex Danvers #Maggie Sawyer #Supergirl (also #Supercorp – why isn’t that happening yet??) tags on Twitter and Tumblr for any spoilers / insights from fellow fans. There aren’t too many people in my life who I can talk to about this so excitedly with which is why when I found this devoted fanbase on these sites, talking, discussing, deconstructing what this fictional relationship meant, it felt more like finding a community. It was so inspiring reading @sapphicgeek’s tweets about her day at work talking / comforting the girl who came in looking for Supergirl comics. It was equally frustrating and refreshing reading about the story of @hajabeg on the flight where they encountered a hugely bigoted person and wonderfully supportive people all within a few hours. I loved that people made gif sets showcasing Maggie’s adorable dimples or the way she cocks her head to the side or the photos of Alex overlaid with text teasing how poorly she tries to hide her “gay” or the puppy-like way she holds the door open for Maggie in 2x09’s “Supergirl Lives”, ready to apologize to the girl she loves, I mean, likes. 

What I appreciated most, though, was reading how many lives this relationship, this show, and these characters have touched, which led me to think about how it had impacted my own. Here I was, with practically a quarter century’s worth of life experience under my belt, semi-obsessively watching and rewatching scenes from a show I hadn’t even seen all the episodes of yet (as a note of reference, this also happened several months ago when I found out about the pairing of Waverly / Nicole on Syfy’s Wynona Earp otherwise known as #WayHaught, last summer with SoSo / Poussey on Orange is the New Black, of course Lexa / Clarke on The 100, Elena on One Day at a Time, Carmen / Shane on The L Word, and Root / Shaw on Person of Interest). Why?

So much of my answer came from finally being at a place in my life where I felt happy with who I was. I finally “got me” as Alex said to Maggie in 2x08’s “Medusa”. My coming out process wasn’t of my own choosing, and it’s taken me a long time to feel proud of who I am. My parents found out that I had feelings for my now-girlfriend and confronted me about them on the phone while we were hundreds of miles apart. They were furious, but there was a reason I hadn’t told them yet. I wanted to do this on my terms, I wanted to figure out who I was, work through the other problems in my life, in hopes of not getting the reaction I ended up eliciting.

I mean, earlier that year was the first time I had even started seriously confronting the fact that I was attracted to and liked girls. There were so many signs, hundreds, thousands of them from my life growing up that became clearer but I wasn’t thinking of those yet. No, what pushed me towards this realization was my burgeoning friendship with this girl. There was always some curiosity about her on my part, something that drew me in, made me kind of afraid of her, in a way, before, but when we started talking, getting to know each other, building our relationship, that’s when everything started unraveling. I couldn’t stop myself, or the feelings, any longer, which meant I also couldn’t stop the dismantling of the dam that kept my problems stocked inside. 

So when I decided to fully recognize that I had feelings for this girl, I also had to confront a whole host of problems that included, but were not limited to, an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, insecurity, and years upon years of shame and guilt for not being who I thought I was supposed to be. For disappointing my parents, my family, my culture more than I already had. For being such a failure in every aspect of my life.

After that came a long summer, and subsequent semester, where I tried to find the pieces of who I was amongst the destruction of this person I tried to be for the last, almost twenty-two years. I shaved away a lot of who people thought I was, including me, in the hopes that who I’d be left with would be my true self. I thought it’d be easy to do this after being forcibly shoved out of the closet. I thought I’d feel this great weight lift off of my chest, but instead there was months of guilt and carnage to deal with. I struggled with a lot of internalized homophobia, prejudice, initially coming out as bisexual because I was afraid of what it meant to be a lesbian, of disappointing my parents further. When Alex told Maggie that she’d tried dating men in the past as she first comes out, in 2x05’s “Crossfire”, I felt her with every word she could and couldn’t bring herself to say. I’d dated a bunch, myself, but in every relationship, there was something missing. Something wasn’t there. Something had to be forced. The intimacy was never authentic, just like Alex, and I always felt some sort of emptiness from pushing down those feelings and thoughts and dreams I’d had.

Because of all this, I saw Alex’s story as something of my own. While we were in different stages of our lives, her character nearing her 30s, me just entering my 20s, we were both adults who were supposed to have at least figured things out a little bit. Friends of mine were engaged, some married, others pregnant. What was I doing? Where was I going? I felt as if my life was just beginning when I, almost a year later, was able to say aloud, with pride, that I was gay, a lesbian. Being in this relationship with my girlfriend, living out who I was, changed the clarity with which I saw the world.

To draw on another epic speech on television, Dr. Erica Hahn’s realization that she was gay after she slept with Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy for the first time rung in my head as well:

“When I was a kid, I would get these headaches, and I went to the doctor, and they said that I needed glasses. I get the glasses, and I put them on, and I’m in the car on the way home, and suddenly I yell. Because the big green blobs that I had been staring at my whole life, they weren’t big green blobs. They were leaves on trees. And I didn’t even know I was missing the leaves. I didn’t even know that leaves existed, and then…leaves! You, [Callie Torres] are glasses.”

Unlike on Grey’s, though, what Supergirl gets and showcases is the uncertainty of where you go from there. I wasn’t a teenager anymore. I was on my own, living in a new city, working a new job, surrounded by people who had their lives figured out years prior, and yet, I just felt like such a kid again, as did Alex. Everything was heightened, the world’s color seemed to glow. 

When Alex decided, at the suggestion of Maggie, that it was time to come out to Kara in 2x06’s “Changing”, I was touched by everything from the words semi-tumbling out of her mouth to the way her face expressed every emotion from “oh fuck, how do I do this?” to “fuck, is she disappointed in me?”. Watching her semi-panic in front of Kara, afraid that she’d lost the person she was closest to, afraid that she’d done something wrong by simply being her, it pulled on the strings in my heart. Listening as Kara comforts Alex, reiterating how while their situations are different, she understands and Alex does not have to go through this alone because she isn’t, it was something out of a dream I wished for everyone going through something like this. When I saw Alex tearfully explain why she likes Maggie, “I uh, I just like her so much you know she’s smart and she’s tough and she’s just… beautiful, she’s so beautiful”, it brought me to tears as well. How fucking crazy is this? The world is literally burning to pieces around me, but this, this show is creating something so vivid and real. They are creating so much more than art and entertainment, they are creating hope and inspiration and a new reality within this world of Supergirl.

Alex struggled afterwards, first dealing with a rejection after putting herself so far out there, then trying to explain her heartbreak to the person who crushed her, proceeding to rebuild that relationship, coming out to her mom, and then starting this beautiful romance with Maggie. And I watched each moment, so rarely explored, with baited breath. A relationship and dynamic that’s never told. Layers never seen. People talk about representation all the time now, but it could never be overstated just how important it is for people to see themselves in strong, empowered, independent women like them, finding love with each other so organically and honestly.

Maybe if I had seen a show like this years prior, things would have turned out differently, I’m not sure, but what I do know is that thanks to Alex and Maggie, thanks to the fantastic writers on Supergirl, there are millions of people watching a character finally come into her own. There are people seeing what love looks like outside of the boundaries and norms they’re used to seeing. There are people who look to this couple with hope that it means opening a door of new w|w relationships on television like this one. There are people, like me, who revel in the scenes on YouTube, because it reminds us of ourselves, and gives us hope that happiness so pure but so raw and flawed yet, somehow, perfectly imperfect, is out there. It gives us, or at least me, so much happiness to see myself on screen, to see my relationship explored without being over sexualized, without being stereotyped (or killed off).

As I continue to watch everything unfold, I will undoubtedly laugh, cry, and feel so deeply for a couple so closely intertwined with myself. And then I’ll get on Twitter / Tumblr / YouTube, and feel everything over and over again with everyone around the world as we rejoice in a show that finally gets us right.

Thank you. To the creators, writers, crew, actors, and everyone who works on Supergirl for this. For everything you’re doing with these characters. I can’t say that enough.