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Hey Jude

A/N: This is my really late submission for @percussiongirl2017 ‘s birthday challenge! Hopefully it was worth the wait. I had the prompt, “You can’t tell me how to live my life. You’re not my mother.” & my song is “Hey Jude” – The Beatles. The pairing is Dean x Sister!Reader however there is some Sam in there as well. The reader is the oldest sibling.

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader

“Take care of Sam and Dean.”

That was your motto. You were eight years old when your mother died in the fire that turned your life upside down. You could remember the heat, the fear you felt, and how you had never gripped Dean’s hand or held onto Sammy so tightly then you did that night when you brought them out of the burning house.

Ever since then your father gave you one task, to take care of Sam and Dean. It wasn’t something that was foreign to you; it was something that you had loved helping your mother do. She had always lovingly referred to you as the mini mama because you enjoyed it so much.

So that’s what you did.

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“Sunday night I was taking a flight back from San Francisco to Toronto and was stopped by security and ordered into additional screening. Now this is nothing new to me, as I’m a brown dude who flies quite often and these types of extra screening and searchings are regular occurrences. In this specific case however I was asked to remove my turban so it could go through an additional extra check. my first inclination was to say nah, I had a flight to catch and taking off a turban and tying it back on before a flight would be inconvenient. I asked to have a pat down instead (i get my clothes patted down, and those too are made of cloth, never asked to remove those) the manager insisted that either I would take off my turban and or I would be escorted back into the public area and I could book a flight with a different airline or airport.

They provided a private screening room, and after they had done a complete body search and scanned my turban through another x-ray… they came back and told me I was good to go.

It was at this point I asked for a mirror to retie my turban again, because unlike a hat or a shoe, tying a turban back on takes time and skill (great skill, only the manliest of men know) plus I gotta make sure i look extra crispy and good ALWAYS (my motto in life, most of the time when I’m not lazy of course) The officials responded that they don’t provide mirrors and one of them had even told me to walk down the nearest bathroom at the other end of the terminal, in public, without my turban on. Which completely defeats the purpose of being in a private room in the first place… why “undress” me and then tell me to walk out “undressed” to the nearest bathroom to retie my turban again? The turban is a sign of royalty, respect, dignity, courage and has a huge significance for my people.

I followed all the security protocols, asked whatever they wanted me to do, the issue isn’t JUST with the fact that I was asked to remove the turban (however silly it still is) but with the lack of respect and insensitivity when I asked for a simple request like a mirror to tie it back on again.

Also fun fact: no one has ever found anything dangerous in a turban… ever.”

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Which symbol is each member? Sorry I'm a new IGOT7!

no need to be sorry! feel free to ask anything you don’t know about them yet!

ok so

Jaebum - This is Paradise’s crew logo (I don’t really know if they’re producers or just independent musicians but anyways they make music)

Mark - it’s 93 in the Roman alphabet (he was born in 1993)

Jackson - This is Wang ( 王 ), his surname

Jinyoung - “Can’t take it when I’m gone” it’s a quote from his favorite actor that is also one of his two life mottos (the other is “Only when your dream is destroyed once could you reach the true dream of yours” said by his mother)

Youngjae - it’s his logo

Bambam - It’s a snake because in Korean, Bambam is 뱀뱀 and snake is 뱀 (they use the snake emoji it all the time when referring to him)

Yugyeom - this is also his logo, a dandelion (and his tattoo?)

I hope this post smh helped you!

AoT and Friends Quotes

I thought that I should combine my faves together <3 

Eren: “I just shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions anymore.”

Mikasa: “I have to go before I put your head through a wall.”

Armin: “You could not be any more wrong. You could try, but you would not be successful.” 

Jean: “Someone ate the only good thing going on in my life.”

Marco: “Is it like I have a beacon that only dogs and men with severe emotional problems can hear?”

Sasha: “That’s a great story. Can I eat it?”

Connie: “It’s a moo point. It’s like a cows opinion; It doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”


Someone: “ Wow, you guys sure have a lot of books about being a lesbian.” Historia: “Well, you know, you have to take a course. Otherwise they don’t let you do it.”


Someone: “My motto is get out before they go down.”

Ymir: “That is so not my motto.”

Reiner: “How you doin’?” 

Bert: “We swallow our feelings, even if we’re unhappy forever. Sound good?”

Annie: “I wish I could help you but I don’t want to.”

Hanji: “Sure I peed on her. And if I had to, I’d pee on any one of you.”

Levi: “One really does have a stick up one’s ass. Doesn’t one?” 

Erwin: *talking to a door* “Funniest guy she’s ever met. I’m funny, right? What do you know? You’re a door. You only like knock-knock jokes.” *laughs at his own joke*

Oruou: “Unagi is a state of total awareness. Only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you.”

ID #98993

Name: Brandon
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hi, my name is Brandon and I am just passionate about meeting all kinds of people around the world. Can you believe how far we’ve come that it is so easy to contact someone across the entire planet in less than a second? Anyway, I was born and grew up in Honduras my entire life. I finally moved to America 6 years ago and I’ve been loving it every since, well except since November 9, 2016.
I love DOCTOR WHO, Sherlock, and Harry Potter
I enjoy watching anything about space, the universe fascinates me and I love thinking how small we are yet how big we are.
I love recording memories and always going back to them. My motto is, The best thing about Memories is Making Them.
I also love the weather, to forecast, to know how it changes and how it could change and that is why I am majoring in Atmospheric Sciences in college right now to become a meteorologist.
Lastly, I love traveling and any kinds of adventures because that’s what life is all about, exploring and learning about the world around us in the limited time we get here on Earth, on this unique and beautiful universe. But the very best thing of all, is to be able to share all those experiences with other people. In this case, I would love to share my thoughts with anyone and just talk about anything.

Preferences: Any age, any gender, anyone. My only request is that you are willing to share your passions.

RP Connections - Istolin de Saillonaux

Name: Istolin de Saillonaux

Race: Half Duskwight, half Wildwood. Born and raised in Ishgard.

Sex: Male.

Occupation: Formerly a knight in the service of House Fortemps, before abandoning Ishgard and coming to Eorzea just prior to the Calamity. Until the events of Heavensward, Istolin spent some time as an adventurer having been unable to return to his homeland. Since the final battle at the Steps of Faith, he has taken his family name once more, assisting in the management of the Saillonaux Tea Trade Co., volunteering some time to aid in the restoration of Ishgard, and more recently, pursuing his musical hobbies.

Personality Type (laid back, militant, high strung, etc.): The Istolin of today is far less rigid and aloof than his past self. While always carrying himself with warmth and charm, it had been nothing but a mask he wore when in the presence of his peers in the Pillars. Though he still retains that same level of grace and dignity (and quiet air of judgement) about him, there is a genuine warmth and light about him these days.

What does your character look like?: Immaculately styled snow-white hair, a long fringe brushed delicately over to the right, partially obscuring an eye. His handsome features are sharp and angled; high cheekbones, a slender nose, narrow jaw. Almond-shaped eyes almost seem to capture the colors of his surroundings, but are in reality a pale blue. He has long, snowy lashes, and a small dark beauty mark gracing his left cheek, just below the corner of his eye. Istolin’s ears are relatively short by Elezen standards, the left always adorned with some sort of dangle earring; nothing loud or tacky, just a tasteful bit of sparkle. As his eyesight is not quite perfect up close, he often wears spectacles of an elegant gold filigree frame around the arms and bridge, the lenses left unadorned.

Istolin is just over six feet, six inches of lean muscle. Though no longer a knight, his vanity demands that he keep maintain his body through daily exercise and balanced diet (though he does indulge in sweets, particularly should someone tempt him with a blood currant tart). He is never without his gloves, slender pianist’s fingers and palms uncalloused despite previous years of rigorous arms training.

As for his attire, Istolin wears nothing but the best. Exquisitely tailored garments from head to toe, elegant jewelry (usually rings; always his House ring, sometimes others. Left earring. Sapphire pendant. Occasionally wrist adornments as well), heeled boots either at knee or thigh length.

Favorite Hobby: Music, whether it be playing or composing his own, or listening to another’s performance or orchestrion roll. Under the tutelage of a prestigious teacher from the age of five, Istolin is skilled playing most stringed instruments (particularly the harp or lyre), the violin, and the harpsichord, as well as an impressive vocal range. It is likely that his musical talents may have caught the eye of a few in the Pillars, having performed at the occasional salon from time to time.

Motto they live by: “Never mistake my kindness for weakness, nor my calmness for acceptance.”

Favorite type of Environment: Istolin prefers moderate to cool climates, having lived in Ishgard most of his life, which was never too warm even before the Calamity. Cities are where he feels most at home, though appreciates the beauty nature can afford. Just not the muck.

Friends: He has met too many he cares about to even begin to list them. Despite his Ishgardian heritage, Istolin holds no racial prejudices, and could easily consider any of the six races worthy of friendship. Provided they are well-mannered and observe proper hygiene.

Who They Admire: Ser Aymeric de Borel. To see a man elevated from knight to Lord Commander, to ostensibly leading the nation itself, and remaining kind despite suffering the slings and arrows of circumstance, war, betrayal, and tragedy that has befallen Ishgard, he is truly filled with inspiration and no small amount of respect.

What they hope to do 10 years from now: Perhaps opening a small tea shop of his own, or persuing his music as a career.

Are they single? If not, who is their spouse/partner/life mate?: Recently single.

What do they look for in friends?: Istolin is not above judging others by their appearance, more likely to seek out those who appear in a similar station to him, or are otherwise well groomed and well dressed. Beyond that, those who seek his friendship find success if they’re well mannered, honest, and have a pleasant temperment. He prefers neither of the six races, though is a little more wary of Au Ra than he would like to admit, and tends to keep his guard up when discussing business with lalafell, particularly in Ul'Dah.


Usual Playtime: Thursday - Monday after 10pm PST. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually open.

Server: Balmung/Siren.

FC/Guild: None ICly

Looking for (friends, ships, hate ships, shady connections, etc.): Anything.

Question for budoblr:

If you ran a school, what would its motto be?

My college instructor runs a club with the motto “Ratio vincit furor,” which means “Reason overcomes fury” in Latin. 

The HEMA club I attend in Philly has the motto “Rejoice, your life is in your hands!” 

And personally I’ve always liked the Hebrew phrase “Tzedek tzedek tirdof,” which is usually translated “Justice, justice you shall pursue” but could also mean “Righteousness, righteousness you shall pursue.”

I fell asleep thinking to this last night and I just– live for your life like greed in fma. I mean, he was the real deal. look at the stats:

  • surround yourself with positive relationships and friends
  • cut out toxic and unhealthy relationships from your life
  • if you let people in you’re never truly alone
  • sometimes water is thicker than blood aka friends become family
  • wear whatever the fuck you want and accept your body who gives a shit
  • know in your heart that you deserve the best
  • because YOU’RE WORTH IT you go you
  • also know that you’re both good and bad and accept that you’re HUMAN
  • no one is perfect but be YOU and LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST
  • work as hard as you can to get what you want
  • you want that $300 purse? fucking WORK for it you DESERVE IT
  • know that materialistic stuff is great and totally awesome
  • but it’s the relationships you build that last lifetimes
  • never lie UNLESS it’s to protect someone
  • remember to laugh and be loose even when you’re broken
  • wear a sleeveless shirt fuck anyone that says otherwise
  • fighting for what YOU WANT doesn’t always mean you’re selfish
  • protect others and fight for what’s right
  • sometimes the greater good is YOUR good
  • believe in yourself believe in others believe in humanity

so for real. i could go on and on about how we should basically live our lives according to greed tbh. fma greed is a role model. wwgd am i right? that’s my motto and i’m going to start living by it.


Request :  Can you do an Enzo imagine where you knew each other when you were humans and thought each other were dead? I absolutely adore your imagines love !

Imagine : Being in love with Enzo when you were humans, but being separated when you turn into vampires and thinking the other dead. Then, you are reunited with the help of your mutual friend, Damon.

Originally posted by bonnieslorenzo

“I love you, you know that, right?” Enzo asked as he looked into you eyes. 

“Of course,” you mumbled. “You are mine, and I am yours, for all of eternity.”

Although in this moment, you didn’t know that you had eternity. You thought you just had one life, and you were more than willing to spend it with Enzo, no matter that the two of you might get sick and die at any moment. You loved him, and would do anything for him.

And the way that he looked at you, then the way he kissed you proved to you everything you needed to know. Enzo was more than willing to do the same for you.


It was a century later. A mysterious woman by the name of Lily had separated you and your love, Enzo. She had turned both of you, but the shortly after, she had killed Enzo. You were distraught, spending centuries alone with only the thoughts of the love of your life. 

Then, you stumbled upon a little town named Mystic Falls. It was beautiful, and you soon made friends with many of the supernatural residents. Your best friend by far, however, was Damon Salvatore.

Normally, you spoke to no one about Enzo. The subject had always been too touchy for you to talk of. But with Damon, you told him all about your human love, how you loved him and missed him even in death. 

Damon listened without complaints, gladly giving you advice. But there was something off in his tone as he told you to go out for the day, to pamper yourself.

“What are you up to, Damon?” you asked as he shoved you out of the door. “Seriously, this is annoying and confusing.”

“I’m just considered about your wellbeing. All you do is talk about Enzo, and honestly, I want you to pamper yourself the way that I know you should, you know you should, and the way that Enzo would want you to. Come on.”

Shrugging you nodded as Damon handed you the keys to his car. “Go nuts,” he encouraged. “Just don’t crash my car.”

“I make no promises.”


When Enzo entered the house, he was immediately met by Damon. “What is going on?” the vampire asked. “What is so important you had to get me to come back?”

“You know that irl you used to talk about?” Damon asked. “Y/N Y/L/N?”

“Yes?” Enzo said. “What about her? She’s been dead for over a century now.”

“Yes, but I’m just interested in hearing how you felt about her again,” Damon said. “I mean, you said it was true love, I think I might be feeling the same thing, so I thought I should consult the professional.”

“If you’re only trying to pain me with the memory of her, I will hurt you Damon.”

“Honest!” Damon said, holding up his hands. “Come on, you want a bourbon?”

Enzo sighed, rubbing his face quickly. He then nodded. “She was amazing,” Enzo said softly. “In Europe, the plague was horrible. We could have died any minute. But we never cared about that. Her motto had been to live life with the time that was given to you. She spent her time loving me. And I spend my time still loving her. She was my girl, Damon. She is my girl.”

In his rant and his thoughts being occupied by the girl he had once known and loved so dearly still, he didn’t notice the door being slammed shut, and footsteps into the sitting room where him and Damon were.

“Enzo,” Damon said. “You mind turning around for a second?”

Enzo rolled his eyes, turning around. But when he saw you, he took a step back, horrified. “Y-Y/N?” he whispered. You had changed so much, but it was still your soft eyes that stared back at him, your fragile hands that shook when you saw him, your full lips quivering as you saw him.

“Enzo?” you whispered. It was like a magnet had been placed in the both of you, pulling each other closer, because you both began to walk towards each other until you were less than an arms length away.

You jaw dropped, tears already dropping from your eyes as your brought your hand to his chest. “You, you’re alive,” you whispered. “Please tell me this isn’t some sick dream?”

“I’m here,” Enzo whispered, placing his hand over top of yours, placing his other on your cheek. “I, I thought you were dead.”

“I thought you were dead!” You cried back. “I thought I had lost you!”

Enzo let his tears slip down as he leaned down, connecting your lips perfectly. You both clung to each other, like he was about to slip through your fingers again. You never wanted to let him go again.

“How?” you whispered when he pulled away.

“She only broke my neck,” he whispered. “When I woke up, you were gone. Lily told me that you had died.”

“If I ever see her again, I’ll kill her,” you managed out, before you embraced Enzo, sobbing into his chest. “I don’t know how I did it, Enzo, without you by my side.”

“I always thought of you,” he said, gripping you tightly. “I never stopped loving you. That’s how I did it.”

You nodded your agreement, kissing him passionately again. “I love you,” you whispered. “Now, then and forever.”

“I love you too.Forever and always.”

Glad we met (Dan Howell imagine) Part 1

Here is the new series of writing on this blog! So just like Psycho Dan, there will be more parts for this, so if this ends on a cliffhanger don’t worry!

Y/l/n= Your last name      



“Aren’t you excited?” Louise squealed, as me, Zoe and Carrie bundled into the lift. Today was Vidcon 2017 and to answer Louise’s question, I was so excited, I generally felt like the excitement was going to ooze out of me like syrup on a pancake. This was my second Vidcon so I knew how things worked and what was happening throughout the day. 

Zoe laughed “Quiet chummy, there’s other people in this hotel you know!” we all burst out laughing while Louise went red. “Sorry, I’m just so excited!” 

“Don’t worry, we all are!” Carrie joined in. “I mean imagine how I feel, it’s only my first!” I put my hand on her shoulder. “You have nothing to worry about, I remember my first and it turned out to be the best experience of my life!”

Before Carrie could respond, the ding of the lift interrupted us, sliding the doors open at the same time. We all rushed out into the lobby where Alfie, Caspar, Jack, Dean, Jim, Marcus, Tanya, Naomi and Joe were waiting for us. 

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The Types + Immortality

ENFJ: Like, of all the ridiculous things I’ve made into a fucking Types As post, this is surprisingly the least outrageous in terms of possibility for you guys… like i mean….. yeahhh immortality is kind of….not real…..but like, have you seen the amount of water ENFJs drink on a daily basis? It’s like…. statistically likely that ENFJs have caused literally every drought known to man. More power to them, though. They’re probably already fuckin immortal

ENFP: Lol I know /exactly/ why you guys would want to be immortal, like imagine how many times you can change your personal philosophy in three weeks… imagine that for eternity,,,it’s just like a never ending daisy chain, as more buds are added, the old wilt and disintegrate into the mossy earth– feeding the soil from which they initially came. Forever and ever adding on into infinity. I’m talking quite literally here. I’m saying that if ENFPs were given eternity, they’d spend their idle time building really fucking long daisy chains.

ESFJ: fuuuck literally every ESFJ i’ve seen seems to still be dealing with the bellowing aftershocks of the fucking Big Bang, like I tried to google how hot Stellar Nucleosynthesis is, but this is a shitpost so i’m just gonna tell you that it’s pretty fucking intense – and like That, on top of Yesterday’s Double Texting Nightmare is like??????? K so you know stepping on a lego? Multiply by the fucking sun. just let them r e s t  damn it

ESFP: idek if they’d want immortality, like it might just kind of fucking destroy their will to do shit but like??? ESFPs would age so gracefully, like…. they’d still be getting carded at bars and like they’d be 405…like, i mean, it’d be a bit of a hassle for them but like, then again? Kinda never gonna die? like

 ‘’how old are you?’’



INFJ: Like Edward Cullen Teen Vampire Disaster ™, immortal INFJs are probably sulky, have been 17 for way too  long, and drink deer blood for fun

unlike Edward Cullen Teen Vampire Disaster ™,

i got nothing

INFP: ‘’’’’’’’’‘’Wait….’’ *author spins wheel* ‘’ Fallout Three Linkin Park Days Grace Boys isn’t gonna be here in 4000 years???????


ISFJ: of all of the ISFJs i’ve met 10/10 of them strike me as having been on the titanic at some point in their lives so like?????? coincidence???? i think not. Also, (if you happen to know an ISFJ) (i have several pressing questions about Leo Dicaprio and I’d be very happy to have a primary resource if u get what i mean) (I want to sell his hair on eBay) (help a guy out here)

ISFP: I’m not even gonna lie, ISFPs are a fucking mystery to me, but I respect them. I feel the same way about a lot of things, particularly Life and also corn chips….so like Life = neverending life = immortality + cornchips = double immortality, so like True?

Look, I’m like 67% sure i already made a post about ISFPs climbing inside of deer carcasses (which is what i was thinking of now) and Not Even I Could Stoop So Low as to repeat my own jokes so i’m just going to be completely honest here and say that i did not plan this out ahead of time

and if that’s not the spirit of a 6000 year old ISFP then i don’t know what is

ENTJ:   okay…….me and ENTJs……

It will be a very quick engagement and wedding ceremony, we’ll only invite maybe a few close friends and relatives (very secretive). The police will find me in my private jet 3 days after the funeral, drinking scotch and staring blankly into the horizon – just a few miles off of my private island. ‘’He was an old man…. his heart was failing,’’ I’ll sob into my silk smoking jacket, ‘’it was only a matter of time….’’

immortality would fucking ruin this for me

ENTP: k so i feel like if I, personally, ever got to be immortal, it’d be that fucking immortality that has like this catch where  ‘’you’ll live forever… long as you’re  not killed’’ and i’ll be like ‘’well fuck, that rules out all of the enemies i was planning on making now that there was no consequences’’ and then i’d have to live my careful (boring) life as full as i could make it without accidentally dying and then bam 

i’d step on a poisonous jellyfish

but it’d be in some weird way like i’d be walking down the street in chicago or something and smack in the middle of the sidewalk: jellyfish

and like, i wouldn’t even be mad tbh

ESTJ: Read the ESFJ description from this post (i linked to it here) multiply THAT by the sun. Divide by 3.

Tbh they’d probably enjoy their time as long as people BACKED OFF, MAN

ESTP: tbh i feel like immortality would kind of undermine an ESTPs entire life motto at first, like…..their time isn’t limited anymore….they no longer have to absorb as much input from every situation ever….they’d probably be reduced to like an emo mess for like the first 3000 years, but then they’d probably develop their Se-Ni so well that they like transcend the physical plane and exist everywhere and nowhere at once, and it’d be horrifying….and then they’d become this badass traveling conman with like mystical powers and everyone kind of thinks their like….some mythological figure but in reality, they’re just immortal and bored.

INTJ: I feel like they’d just be generally pissed about it? Like??? This isn’t what they asked for when they said they wanted a sustainable future??? This is too much, it’s like the industrial size bag of Lucky Charms cereal, put it back

INTP: Okay, like on a scale from one to ten they’d be like 8/10 as an immortal like…..yeahhh they’d be pretty chill for most of the time, yeahh they’d probably find things to do with their time…..but like…..when are they gonna hang out with their mortal friends????? probably never??? text me back man

ISTJ: Like, 2nd most likely type to become immortal (first being ENFJs) cuz like…..i’m pretty sure you can leave a pack of ISTJs alone on a deserted island and come back, and they’d be sitting there…no one will have killed and eaten anyone…..they’d just be chilling, surviving…??? like??? what the fuck kind of person kills and eats another human being like lol? calm down hannibal lecter

ISTP: welp, looks like another millenia of staring into the abyss, my friends. 

I’m so sorry. 


Daisuke, 30 VII 1978 — 15 VII 2010

★ Le:cheri [drummer 199? - 1997]
★ Fatima [drummer 1998 - 1999]
★ 蜉蝣 [vocalist 1999 - 2007]
★ the studs [vocalist 2007 - hiatus]
★ 大佑と黒の隠者達 [vocalist 2010 - ]

Amazing voice. Astounding energy. Incredible lyrics. Born 3o VII 1978 in Tokio, both writer and a composer, says that if you want to gain insight into his soul, lyrics are the best source. Based on his own experiences his lyrics are emotional, intense and painfully truthful. Emphasized by a unique, strong and captivating voice which turns into a cry as often as it does into a whisper; his words come alive because of him. Mirroring him. His motto? “Live your every minute as if it were your last, not scared but filled with the most joyous moments.” Though he is fragile due to his heart problems, Daisuke has chosen not to allow this to hinder this aspirations. Like the name “kagerou” was supposed to represent a short-lived insect, whose life is concentrated on proctreation. Fortunately for his many fans, Daisuke instead focuses his energy on creating new songs and lyrics, so he is a “father” to many wonderful “children” and his emotions are born in us, his fans. Becaue Daisuke always wanted to live. He wanted to live intensely, the fastest as he could and doing his utmost. His motto was “live your every day as if it was your last”. He died on 15.07.2010. In our memory - he will stay alive forever.

vulpecula-97  asked:

Could you please do a friendship scenario with female istp, male esfp and female isfp? Btw thank you for reblogging this post about hammered dulcimer. Very peaceful ! I sleep faster at night thanks to this melody ^ ^

ISTP: My new motto in life is “what would ESFP do?”

ISFP: That is a very good way to get you arrested.

*whilst playing Pictionary: countries*

ESFP: *draws 4 penguins to indicate country of Madagascar*

Remaining 2: *complete silence*

ESFP: … Come on guys it’s 4 fucking penguins!


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Your "kindness" feels SOO fake lolol

I’ve been ignoring the anons that I don’t care to answer because they’re too rude, but I feel inclined to answer this one.
My “kindness” is never fake! As someone with medicated depression and anxiety, I know the world can be a very lonely place. So I make it a motto of mine to care about every single person I meet unless they give me a reason not to, whether it be in real life or on the internet. I care about all of my followers and I want tumblr to be a safe and happy place for everyone.
I remember when I was in high school, a single, hateful anon could ruin my day and make me depressed enough to do things I regret now. I don’t want anyone to go through that so I try my best to spread positivity through my Tumblr. Please don’t call that “fake”.

My life Motto is… Stop doing and start being. When I had my six-year-old daughter Rose it made me realise that children live in the present, and the best thing you can do is to focus on enjoying the here and now with them and try not to allow other distractions to dilute that time together. i wish… I could rewind the clock 10 years and tell myself to travel more, live in different countries, take more risks and live on the edge. My biggest regret is… Giving up studying medicine while I was in Silent Witness. I’d have a medical degree by now, it’s one of the many things I wish I’d achieved in my life so far. i’ve learnt to… Accept that happiness comes in the simplest ways. I try to find the extraordinary in the very ordinary and celebrate it, whether that’s with family, friends or working hard.

Closer (UK),18 Jul 2017
It can only get better

Things were hard back then, but it’s true that I could’ve tried a little harder. I just need to learn to say no and be more assertive because I don’t want to waste my time. I only give in because a part of me wants to improve my relationships but a relationship is mutual so I must communicate my own needs clearly.

Anyway, you were counting on me, so I don’t want to let you down. My motto in life after all is to keep trying. I’ll try to make the impossible possible. If I fail, I’ll just cry it out with sad optimism because I had exercised my drive to its limit and it can only get better.

Life motto - 200 Followers Celebration

This is from my 200 followers celebration.

Prompt: 9. A quote you try and live by. // “Your life motto sucks.”

Characters: Dean x reader.

Word count: 1,215

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is fluffy in ways that shouldn’t be fluffy, and I like it. I hope you do too. Enjoy!

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“You realize this is suicide, right?” (Y/N) commented as Dean drove Baby as fast as possible.

“I’m fully aware, sweetheart.” Dean replied calmly. How can he be that freaking calm? There were demons chasing after them and Dean had figured he could drive like some Fast & Furious reject, not really caring that the drive way had all kinds of curves and the biggest accident statistics in town.

“It doesn’t seem to concern you as much as it concerns me.” She mumbled, gripping tightly to her seat belt.

“We always come back, so whatever happens… We’ll be back.” Dean assured her with a warm smirk.

“You mean the Winchesters always come back, not us mortals.” Dean chuckled.

“You’re a Winchester now, sweetheart.”

“What if we don’t come back?” She inquired as the end of the room became visible.

“As I always say: You either die a hero or live enough to see yourself become a villain.” Dean recited with his best philosopher voice.

“Isn’t that a quote from Batman?” She shivered.

“A quote from Batman AND my life motto.” Dean grinned cockily.

Your life motto sucks.” She breathed out, making Dean laugh slightly. “How can you be laughing when we’re about to die?!”

“I’d like to die laughing. Think my body will look hotter with a smile rather than a frown.” Dean mocked her, even though he hadn’t moved his gaze from the road.

“Dean, it’s close.”

“I know.” He stepped deeper on the gas pedal. Baby’s motor roared as he moved the gear lever to the higher speed. “Just trust me.”

The ‘Dead end’ sign disappeared under Baby. Dean had actually crashed against it without even flinching, which made (Y/N)’s heart beat louder. Her hands were sweating and her breath was faster.

The demons that were chasing them finally stopped, leaving them to die. Perhaps they were thinking of possessing their empty bodies once they were gone.

“Dean, you can stop now.” (Y/N) begged.

“Not yet.”

“Are you trying to get us killed?!” She hissed.

“No, I’m trying to lose those demons.” Dean corrected her, “If we can see them, they can see us.”

In fact, the demons were still visible. They were using a bright red car, which stood out among the darkness of the road.

“Dean.” She sighed. The end of the road was so close, and the demons were still on sight. How would they get untouched from that?

Just as Baby’s hood touched the end, (Y/N) shut her eyes tightly, as her arms wrapped around Dean. He managed to let go one hand of the wheel to hold her tight against him while Baby fell.

Although they weren’t falling.

It was some kind of car slide. The road didn’t end, it was just pitched enough to look like a dead end. Of course, (Y/N) was too much into the dying thing to even notice and it wasn’t until Baby was safe and sound at the end of the inclination that she opened her eyes.

“Are we alive?”

“I told you trust me.” Dean gave her a smug smirk. The huntress pulled away from Dean and looked around.

“Where are we? How…?”

“A shortcut to the bunker… Those Men of Letters were smart as Hell.” (Y/N) gave him a death glare, punching his arm angrily.

“You knew it all along and didn’t tell me a thing?!” She roared, “How dare you? You freaking Winchester!” She was far too frustrated to think of a nice insult; therefore she decided to let out the rest of her tantrum with physical violence.

She punched him multiple times, and Dean didn’t even flinch. She was obviously not as strong as him, but she wanted to at least make a point.

“Are you done?” Dean asked as (Y/N) slowed down her impacts.

“No!” She fumed. Dean sighed, holding her hands as they punched him again, keeping them still. (Y/N) looked at him angrily and tried to move, but Dean was far stronger.

“Hear me out.” Dean begged, pinning her hands behind her – like criminals when they get arrested.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You think it’s funny?” She roared. Dean could see the fear on her face, and he couldn’t blame her. Dying had been scary the first few times for him as well.

“I asked you to trust me.” Dean repeated.

“How can I trust you if you don’t even tell me when…?” Dean pulled her closer, capturing her lips in his. She tried to pull away at first, but Dean was still holding her and she couldn’t fight him, hence she melted onto the kiss.

Her anger got poured into the kiss, biting his lower lip until it bled. Dean moaned on her lips, letting go off her hands. But she didn’t stop the kiss.

A full, heated make-out session was held at the front seat of the Impala. The got handsy, and even a bit rough considering the many marks they would wear for the rest of the week; but it didn’t matter because they were really enjoying it and it wasn’t until they were suffering the lack of air that they split out.

“I thought you would confess your feelings for me if you thought we were going to die.” Dean confessed, breathing heavily.

“That’s the stupidest idea in the world.” She stated.

“I know, it didn’t work.” Dean chuckled.

“Since when do you know?”

“A few weeks now, when you were talking to Sam about how jealous you were of the bartender in Kentucky.”

“I wasn’t jealous.” She defended herself.

“Yes you were.” Dean smiled widely.

“I wasn’t.” She stated, “And there are far better ways to make me spill the soup. I could’ve had a heart attack or something.”

“You’re overreacting.” Dean joked, cupping her cheek with a hand.

“Doesn’t matter, the point is that you could’ve gotten me drunk and I would’ve enjoyed it better.”

“I wanted you to be sober.” Dean explained.

“Why didn’t you just confront me about it, then?” Dean sighed, staring deeply into her eyes.

“Because that would’ve been more difficult.”

“How so?”

“I would’ve had to confess my feelings first.” He spoke honestly.

“You like me too?” She asked with wide eyes.

“I’ve liked you from the moment I saw you… Saving our asses from that huge pack of werewolves.”

“Covered in blood, yeah, that’s so hot.” She joked sarcastically, making Dean giggle.

“For a hunter, it is.” He looked at her lovingly.

“So what’s next?” She asked, biting her lower lip in anticipation.

“It depends.”

“On what?”

“On whether you want to date this lame-ass hunter or not.” Dean winked at her.

“Is this your way of asking me to be your girl?” She breathed out a laugh.

“Don’t judge me.” Dean tried to pretend to be offended, but the smile on his face made it impossible. “So?”


“You sure?” (Y/N) gave him a side-smile.

“Only if you promise not to make me think we’re going to die again.” Dean laughed loudly.

“Fine.” He smiled, leaning closer to her.

“Also, I get to drive Baby back to the bunker.”

“No way that’s going to happen.” Dean shook his head.

“But it’s so clooose.” She whined.

“Still no.” Dean still had the smile plastered on his face.

“I hate you.” She said jokingly.

“I hate you too.” Dean replied, kissing her yet again before driving back to the bunker.

A quote I try and live by: I have a lot TBH but at the moment it is: “Be the hero you need.