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Potential animation commissions in the future

Sorry to bother you all but I’d be grateful if you could read this.

I didn’t want to have to resort to this but I would like gauge how interested you would all be if I was to start animating whatever you’d like (if I can) for a fair price. Being able to do this would be a dream come true and I hope you understand.

If you’d be interested, even slightly, please like this post or send me an ask and let me know. I’m uncomfortable having to do this but I want to make sure there’s people interested. If enough people show interest I’ll get to working on making this happen!

Please let me know if you have anything you’d like to say!

The Importance of Time Travel in Gravity Falls

We get some bits of time travel here and there in the show. First we got those little background “easter eggs” in the first three episodes of the series, then in Time Traveler’s Pig we discover Blendin time traveled to clean anomalies. In that same episode, we get a peak at what I assume is a distant future?

(It looks like a rather futuristic city that’s in ruins and futuristic weapon wielders run by in the scene, so I’m not 100% sure how it could be the near future or apocalypse like some have theorized? Is there more evidence to back either? Also, those two moons for this “future of earth” are strange. I wrote about that before.)

Could it also be an alternate timeline? Who knows?

For a while, it seemed we weren’t getting more time travel shinanigans yet. Then Blendin is spotted in Gideon Rises, and makes a non-background reappearance in Blendin’s Game: an episode that was heavily focused on the distant future that Time Baby reigns. We also see “Blendin was here” written on some wood boards that little Stanley punched through in AToTS.

Speaking of Time Baby, he’s worried about Bill. Why could that be?

While time travel thus far has been rather subtle and minimally presented compared to other scenes and themes of the show, I believe it’ll be of less subtle importance very soon in this season. How?

Well… First I want to get into some time travel that’s seen in the Gravity Falls book: Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun.

What I read there before didn’t make much sense. I couldn’t stop thinking and wondering about it since then! However, tonight I gave the pages another read. Looking into it, I think I’ve got some interpretations on it!

What even happened here? All I know is that Blendin sure is kept busy with his job.

Sooo… Let’s look back at the first two pages before this, shall we? And consider some timeline stuff which hopefully won’t confuse me and give me a headache later. (Or do the same to you guys…)

Examination and analysis time! One paragraph at a time.

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The Vampire Diaries season 7: Ian Somerhalder teases Damon and Bonnie romance
Somerhalder says his character will be super-volatile and very unpredictable.

Parts I liked:

While many fans have wondered about Damon Salvatore’s future in the supernatural series by CW, Somerhalder says his character will be super-volatile and very unpredictable.

“We want to go back to that simple type of storytelling, where it’s sexy, dark, and funny,” the 36-year-old actor told Pop Sugar.

He also teased that after Elena, the elder Salvatore could hold on to only one person and that is the Bennett witch.

“Bonnie is truly one of the only people Damon would go to bat for,” the actor told Pop Sugar, adding, “There are very few people that he would do this for, but he loves Bonnie.”

He also teased some ‘great scenes’ of the popular characters in TVD season 7. “There are actually a couple of really great scenes coming up.”

Hang in there Bamonators!  

Noragami Ask Meme

Hiyori Iki: Do you have your future planned out? What do you hope to do?

Yato: Who makes you happy?

Yukine: What do you fear?

Bishamon: Do you have somebody that you can talk to about anything?

Kazuma: Is there somebody you’re willing to give everything up for to protect?

Kofuku: Are you in love? What is this person like?

Daikoku: Do you want children in the future?

Fujisaki Kouto: Have you had your first kiss? Was it enjoyable?

Nora: Do you have any siblings?

Ebisu: Do you have any hobbies?

Aiha: What would you say your style of clothing is? What do you enjoy wearing?

Inazami: What do you do to cope with loneliness?

Kugaha: Has there been anybody who’s hurt you?

Kuraha: Do you have any pets? If not is there a pet you’d like to own one day?

Mayu: Are you an honest person? Are you able to speak up when necessary?

Tenjin: What is/was your favorite school subject?

Sakura: Is there somebody who’s helped you grow into a better person?

Rabo: Are you a cautious person? Do you think before you act?

Mahakala: If you were rich what you spend your money on?

Iki Masaomi: Who is your favorite artist? (And it could be of any kind, painting, music, etc. whatever you consider to be art)

Tsuyu: Do you enjoy nature? Any places you’d like to visit?

Phantom: What do you do to cheer yourself up?

Shinki: Do you believe there is an afterlife?

One day I want to meet all my idols even if I don’t like them as much in the future and I want to tell them how much they meant to me and how much they helped me when I was at the lowest points of my life. It’s because of the videos/vines/gifs/pictures I saw of them that I could come out of the dark whole that I got trapped in. I want them to know that if it wasn’t for them I maybe not be alive at this moment in time.

Classic Movies Ask Meme
  • Annie Hall:Have you ever been in love?
  • The Avengers:What superpower would you most like to have?
  • Back to the Future:If you could meet the kid-version of one adult in your life, who would you pick?
  • Carrie:What is your most embarrassing moment?
  • Citizen Kane:What do you think your last words will be?
  • A Clockwork Orange:Is violence ever the answer?
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind:Do you believe there is intelligent life in outer space?
  • Dog Day Afternoon:How far would you go to save a loved one?
  • The Graduate:Does age matter in a relationship?
  • How to Train Your Dragon:Do you try more to fit in or stand out?
  • Inception:Do you remember your dreams?
  • Inherit the Wind:What is your stance on separation of church and state?
  • It's a Wonderful Life:How would other peoples' lives be different if you weren't around?
  • The King's Speech:Do you get stage fright?
  • The Lion King:Are you a good leader?
  • The Maltese Falcon:What is your most treasured possession?
  • Monsters Inc.:What is your biggest fear?
  • Murder on the Orient Express:If you could kill one person, with no consequences, who would it be?
  • Night of the Living Dead:How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse?
  • The Producers:Do you enjoy "so bad it's good" movies?
  • Rear Window:What is your relationship like with your neighbors?
  • The Room:What is your biggest regret?
  • The Sound of Music:What is your relationship like with your family?
  • Spirited Away:Do you think you grew up too fast?
  • Sunset Boulevard:If you were famous, what would you be famous for?
  • Toy Story:What was your favorite pastime as a child?
  • The Truman Show:What sort of reality show would you do best on?
  • 12 Angry Men:Are you good at arguing?
  • Up:What location would you most like to move to?
  • The Wizard of Oz:Where do you feel most at home?

My future puppy breeder has helped me with a lot of things. She signed me and Aska up for an obedience test trial and paid for it, knowing my anxiety could stop me from being able to actually do the trial, only because she knew it would help me prepare for future trials. And she was there the whole time.

She drove to me, she lives an hour away, to give my dog (a dog she didn’t breed!) spray thing to treat her yeast infection.

She is -always- there if I need advice. I could call her in the middle of the night if I need to… I don’t even have a dog bred by her yet.

She’s always there for the owners of her puppies. She’d help if one of the dogs bred by her would get lost in the middle of the night. Once when I was at her place someone who has a dog from her called because her other dog (not bred by her) got injured… and she helped her.

She dedicates her life to her dogs. She works hard, her dogs get the best care they could possibly get. Her dogs are functional, healthy and have solid temperaments.

… and people dare to shame and guilt trip me for supporting such a “monster”???

Caryl is not a sibling relationship and never will be

Based on what’s canon on screen, Caryl is not a brother-sister bond in any way, shape, or form.  It just isn’t. If you binge-watch all the Caryl scenes from the very beginning, you can clearly see that a strong friendship is there and that it could potentially turn into something more. You don’t even need to ship Caryl to at least acknowledge this possibility. There are hints everywhere that their relationship could shift into a romantic one in the future and the writers have been adding those scenes on purpose. You don’t throw lines like “I liked you first/Pookie” or “Wanna screw around?” if you don’t intent the viewers to catch the hint that something might be going on there. You don’t do that if it’s clear that you want to portray a sibling relationship just like Tyreese and Sasha had through the series.

A sibling bond doesn’t involve awkward flirting like we have been getting for a few seasons now. Even if it was just joking, why bother adding those scenes to begin with? Well, it is to create interest in the pairing because there is this chance that it might go romantic down the line. That’s it. If it’s not important to the story, the writers will not go out of their way to write a random scene that doesn’t fit their overall plan. If it’s there, it has a meaning. And there are just too many scenes like that at this point to simply overlook the possibility that a romantic relationship might be in the cards for them. And when I say romantic, I just mean that a physical connection would be added to their present relationship. There’s no need for them to go all lovey-dovey like Glenn and Maggie. We already know that they aren’t like them and the relationship they share is also entirely different.

Anyway, if the writers really wanted it, they could have made Caryl into some kind of realistic sibling bond but you know what? They just didn’t. Instead, they gave us an emotional hug that a brother surely wouldn’t give to his sister, an awkward scene with Daryl trying to be a gentleman to Carol, a forehead kiss that is a little too intimate to be shared between a sister and a brother, an entire episode where their entire dynamic doesn’t resonate as a sibling one, etc. Why give us all those scenes if we are supposed to believe it’s just a regular brother-sister bond? They could have done very different things to portray it that way if that was the original goal. But like I said, they didn’t because they want us to ship them. Yes, I said it, they want all of us to ship them and wonder what’s gonna happen next. They know the appeal in Caryl and how popular it is with the general audience. Just look at the publicity, the merchandise, Talking Dead promoting it, etc. It’s there and Gimple is completely aware of it. It’s just a question of timing and making it realistic at this point. The truth is that Caryl is a slow-burn. It’s not just a platonic bond. It’s not just a normal friendship. It’s not a brother-sister bond. And it’s certainly not a mother-son relationship. It’s a slow-burn because the writers made it that way since the very beginning by what’s canon on our screen. It’s really as simple as that.

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Is it strange, as an INFJ, that I often really respect "traditional" ways of doing things? Like, baking from scratch instead of mix, or the idea of creating something with raw materials taking more skill than making a 3D-printer design? I mean, I'm still VERY big-picture and future-focused in how I think about things and idea and concepts, but there are certain things that I feel shouldn't be overwritten just because "we have the technology!" Is that weird for an INFJ?

[con’t: I just finished sending you that ask that I realized I like putting things in order and I have “my way” of doing things, even eating. So I thought it could be Te but then I thought that “my way” could be a Ti assumption not a NiTe one. I don’t know if it counts for INFJs NiTi. Also I thought about routine and I panicked because Si came to my mind. Also I saw mbti forums and there’s nothing useful there, just people babbling nonsense about profiles that are maybe even wrong xP]

I sense your confusion! “Traditional” ways of doing things is often associated with the Si function but this is an oversimplified view of Si. Wanting to do things a particular way is not necessarily Si. This behavior can appear in different types but the underlying motivation will be different:

  • Ni: “This is the genuine/real/authentic way to do it.”
  • Si: “This is the proper way to do it.”
  • Ti: “This is the sensible way to do it.”
  • Fi: “This is the right way to do it.”
  • Ne: “This is the best/cleverest way to do it.”
  • Se: “This is the fastest way to do it.”
  • Te: “This is the most effective way to do it.”
  • Fe: “This is the most balanced way to do it.”

Let’s say you follow a routine. Why? What’s the motivation behind the routine? E.g. I like routine because it regulates my body/emotions, which makes my brain function better - I believe this is true (Ni) and it seems sensible to me (Ti) and it makes me predictable to others (Fe). My mom likes routine because she needs to achieve goals on time (Te) in order to feel like a responsible person (Si). My brother hates routine but tries to follow one because he eventually figured out that it’s the best way to keep his job and prevent conflicts (Ti-Ne). Motivation is not something we’re always aware of until we’re forced to express it in words…

edit: good point from lophiusdragon about “favorite way to do it” for Fi; but “favorite” can be vague in that it could apply to Si as well.

Clamp Labor

Some future. First, they warned us that we were running out of jobs, because labor was too expensive and machines always did it better. Then, the government stepped in and mandated universal job-having. Everyone has a job. Everyone must have a job.

So how did the corporations respond to this? Poorly. What could they do? Innovate. So they innovated something called the labor clamp. A little device that they slap on the cerebellum of any non-smarts worker to essentially turn them into a robot during the nine to five. Or if you’re like me, the midnight to eight. ‘Reduced liability, which saves us money,’ or some shit like that.

That’s enough griping for today, time to buckle down and clamp on. Good night and good luck, I’ve heard them say. Dream pleasant thoughts and hope you have all of your fingers in the morning.

The clamp goes on and I get to work.

Sometimes, if I had a really rough day, I pony up the extra ten bucks it costs to tailor your labor dreams. Your body does not like to move around too much when it is asleep so it puts you in lockdown. The clamp gets around that, and the body hates this. While the clamp makes your limbs spin about, flipping burgers, or frying fries; there are a lot of signals going straight to the mind that it cannot make sense of. If you have the money, you can boot up a simulation where your deluded dreams of working a spatula turn into the swing of a tennis racket or, as I am fond of, the swish of a blade. Sometimes, you get lucky and have an aftershock of the paid-per-dream and experience it the next night, free of charge.

Tonight is one of those nights.

I’m on the high seas swashbuckling with some furious pirate, then I’m fight some star lord with laser swords. The quality in this aftershock is shit, but it beats flipping a billion psychedelic chicken patties.

Each dream flashes by like slides of an ancient projector. Scenic views of luxurious places I only get to touch once before being whisked off to some other faraway land.

The dreams slow, there’s a knife in my hand, and I’m holding it in someone’s gut. Their shocked face mirrored mine. You sometimes get a bad dream every now and again, but it only lasts a few seconds, or if you’re unlucky and the clamp’s workplace stress reduction algorithm doesn’t kick in, the duration of your shift. A few seconds later, I feel a sizzle on my neck and I’m sent off on to another adventure.

I feel like a pirate tv signal, what with this constant flipping through different channels, it is exhausting but so rewarding when you catch a glimpse of one of those ‘premium’ shows that you normally have to pay $9.99 to watch.

Until it stops, and you wake up. Your shift is over, and you should be back in the break room, ready to go home. Except, shift’s over, but I don’t know where I am. I don’t need to leave the restaurant to do my job, but yet, here I am in an ally with the morning sun hot in the sky.

I’ve always heard rumors about clamps going haywire. So while I’m glad this blood coating my arms and chest is not my own, I’m a little scared about what I may have done.

So I run. I take off the clamp and toss it in the trash, and I don’t. Stop. Running.

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anonymous asked:

Could you give some links that explain the symptoms (hopefully in detail) for Generalized Anxiety Disorder? Thanks💞

From :

Emotional symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder                        

  • Constant worries running through your head
  • Feeling like your anxiety is uncontrollable; there is nothing you can do to stop the worrying
  • Intrusive thoughts about things that make you anxious; you try to avoid thinking about them, but you can’t
  • An inability to tolerate uncertainty; you need to know what’s going to happen in the future
  • A pervasive feeling of apprehension or dread

                       Behavioral symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder                        

  • Inability to relax, enjoy quiet time, or be by yourself
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing on things
  • Putting things off because you feel overwhelmed
  • Avoiding situations that make you anxious

                       Physical symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder                        

  • Feeling tense; having muscle tightness or body aches
  • Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because your mind won’t quit
  • Feeling edgy, restless, or jumpy
  • Stomach problems, nausea, diarrhea

This is also quite comprehensive and helpful:



Why your brain acts like a jazz band - Futurity

See on - The future of medicine and health

The human brain improvises while its rhythm section keeps up a steady beat. But when it comes to taking on intellectually challenging tasks, groups of neurons tune in to one another for a fraction of a second and harmonize, then go back to improvising, according to new research.

These findings, reported in the journal Nature Neuroscience, could pave the way for more targeted treatments for people with brain disorders marked by fast, slow, or chaotic brain waves, also known as neural oscillations.

Tracking the changing rhythms of the healthy human brain at work advances our understanding of such disorders as Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, and even autism, which are characterized in part by offbeat brain rhythms. In jazz lingo, for example, bands of neurons in certain mental illnesses may be malfunctioning because they’re tuning in to blue notes, or playing double time or half time.
“The human brain has 86 billion or so neurons all trying to talk to each other in this incredibly messy, noisy, and electrochemical soup,” says study lead author Bradley Voytek. “Our results help explain the mechanism for how brain networks quickly come together and break apart as needed.”

See on
2p!Canada helping s/o at vet clinic!:

“Matthew, grab him!” You directed while snatching a fleeing kitten. He obediently captured the rouge pup and kept him in place. He was a good little helper, that much you could say. Well, except that he’d on occasion snapped at a toddler or two.
“Thank you.” You gave him a quick peck as you left the room to return the small feline. He waited patiently for you to get back, allowing his mind to wonder. He thought about you owning your own business one day. Maybe even working in the more rural parts of town. That way you two could have a country home, like he always wanted. Matt shook his head to push the thought away. Had he really just been daydreaming about  the future? As you returned he went silent.
“I really appreciate you-”
“I love you.”
“What?” You glared at him, surprised to hear the words so…randomly.
“I said I love you.” And again, he actually said it again. You couldn’t help but smile now.
“I love you too, Mattie.”

chez-pezeater asked:

AGSZ + dresses (either would they wear and what type, or their reactions to Cloud in one)

I can honestly only see Cloud as the cross-dresser

  • Genesis sees it first. He came over to Cloud’s place unannounced and saw him trying on a dress. Cloud spluttered and tried to explain himself. “It’s just…I wanted to see what it was like. It felt nice wearing one.” Genesis stared at Cloud for a few long, and very awkward moment, then he started searching Cloud’s apartment for measuring tape. “That thing simply does not compliment your figure, precious.” Gen makes plans to take Cloud dress shopping in the future. 
  • Cloud had asked Genesis to let him tell the others about his little…habit. Genesis agrees to hush up, but only if he could help Cloud plan for his debuts. Genesis plans his wardrobe and helps him learn how to use eyeliner and stuff. Cloud wants each reveal to be private. 
  • Angeal was first. Cloud said he wanted to show Angeal something, and came out wearing a very pretty blue dress. Angeal said he looked very cute in it. Cloud tries to explain himself again, but Angeal understands. He remembers Genesis’s punk phase well enough. 
  • At Zack’s turn, Cloud wore a sundress. Zack had to take a peek through Cloud’s new wardrobe. He may have stolen one of the mini-dresses Genesis made Cloud get. “It’s comfy!” Zack said, “plus it makes my ass look good in these pants. 
  • Genesis picked out a little black dress for Sephiroth’s turn. Sephiroth was surprised, but also very appreciative. A little too appreciative. “You have very nice legs, Cloud,” Sephiroth said. Cloud definitely modeled a few more, but the little black one is Sephiroth’s favorite. 

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Get to know the SPInterns!

Name // Year in school // School
Paul // Junior // Yale University

In my spare time I like to _______.
Seek out quiet spaces to think and write.

The world needs more ________.
People who care for others all the time, not just when it’s convenient.

In 10 years I want to see myself ________.
Owning a pet pug named Susan or Steve.

My plans to make the world a better place include ________.
Teaching kids to love stories, because stories are an awesome way to build understanding and compassion.

If I could ask my future self a question, it would be _________.
Have I figured out the secret recipe for balancing my own happiness with the happiness of others?

porcelain-sparrow asked:

Hello! I've only recently gotten into "death witchery" qnd I'm interested in getting into contact with some spirits. I have at least one negative spirit in my home, however. Are there any ways to contact spirits but protect myself from it?

Hello! I apologize for being so late with this response!! Things have been hectic lately.

You can absolutely protect yourself from harmful spirits when trying to contact them.
To banish the one that you already have, burn some purifying/cleansing herbs like sage and rosemary and tell them to leave.

In order to protect yourself in the future, theres a lot of things you can do. You can ward your walls to protect your house from harmful entities, you can sprinkle salt on doorways and windows, you can charge wind chimes and hang them around your door, smoke cleanse when you feel that it needs it, you can charge a reflective surface (like mirror pieces or tinfoil) and put them facing outwards in your windows, you could seal your mirrors, you can create a protection sachet to keep near the place you do the most spirit work, you can create a thoughtform and channel that into an object to guard over you, you can use sigils and place them whereever you think they are needed, there are endless ways.

I’m kind of lazy myself, so all I do is say “i will not allow any harmful spirits in my house, you are not welcome. Only spirits that want to visit that won’t harm me are allowed here” then go about my spirit work. I wouldn’t recommend just saying something when you first start, use some other method of protection on top of that.




I was tagged by the wonderful blakesmilitia <33

1. Dogs or cats?
both!!! i hate when people ask me this cause i can never choose lmao

2. Do you like your handwriting?
sometimes i do, sometimes i don’t. it’s weird but there are certain pens and notebooks/pieces of paper that make it nicer to write in and then make my handwriting look a lot more sophisticated, idk it just happens.

3. If you could live in an era but this one, which would you pick?
damn, that’s really difficult… i’d choose somewhere in the future, but i don’t know exactly what that would be like so i’d be going in completely blind… honestly idk lol

4. Names of your hypothetical future children?
hmmm… i like loads of names, but i guess rn i would choose Ava for a girl and James for a boy.

5. Your middle name(s)?
i don’t have one!! and i’m pretty sure i’ve told this story before, but i think it’s funny, so here’s why: when i was born, the hospital told my mum that she had to choose a middle name for me during my christening, but then during my christening, they said she was supposed to do it in the hospital… so yeah, it was too late.

6. Favourite writer?
i honestly don’t know? i usually just say j.k. rowling when i’m asked this, but i’m also sort of leaning towards maggie stiefvater… but i don’t think i’ve read enough books by any writer to really choose one.

7. Worst ever character death? (I’m sorry come cry to me if you want)
there are way too many!! the usual from harry potter (fred, remus, tonks, sirius, etc. cause i’m missing quite a few i bet), allison from teen wolf, chris from skins (i recently finished season 2 and now the song ‘seven nation army’ will never be the same for me :)))))) most of the starks from game of thrones, aRTHUR + gwaine from merlin…… you know what, i could go on and on tbh

8. Have you ever broken a bone?
nooo, thank god. although when i was a baby, i was sitting on a chair and i fell off and hit my head on the floor haha

9. Do you play any musical instruments?
i started to learn the guitar a few years ago, but then gave it up cause i was going into secondary school but i kinda wanna learn again? and i used to be able to play a bit on the piano/keyboard, especially ‘take a bow’ by rihanna, and the recorder, cause we had to learn in school. basically i don’t really play anything anymore, but i wish i did.

10. Are you religious?
i grew up in a roman catholic family (although not really strict or anything, we hardly ever went to church on sundays lmao) but once i started forming my own opinions and stuff, i decided that i was agnostic.

11. Favourite fairytale character?
i don’t know…. i’ve got loads. i always loved aladdin (as in all the characters from aladdin) and the lion king when i was small, but also mulan and pocahontas. i feel like identify the most with belle though?? (also do the characters from shrek count??) so idk


1. How did you meet your best friend?
2. If you were allowed to play one superhero or villain, regardless of race/physical appearance/gender/etc., who would you choose to portray?
3. If you had to get a tattoo of some lyrics, which would you choose?
4. Mermaids or witches?
5. Is there a fictional character who, if they were to show up at your door right now, you would immediately go on an adventure with?
6. This is very important: do you know all the words to ‘Hakuna Matata’?
7. What do you think makes an ideal road trip?
8. Is there something you’re really looking forward to?
9. Would you rather go on a day trip to the seaside or the forest?
10. Do you prefer the well known, romanticised versions of fairytales, or the earlier, more gory versions?
11. What song makes you feel most sentimental?

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seventhfracture asked:

Yugi took a deep breath and fetched his journal up from the nightstand. Raynard had said he wanted to see him in a few days and so Yugi would toddle off to see him as commanded. It was important he kept his appointments.

It was very important. Raynard had a strict policy against those who decided not to show. It was a different circumstance if they changed the date of their future visitation with a phone call, going through the proper steps of alerting those behind the lines of the conflicting issue to arise so they could pass along the message.  For him, it wasn’t about the money. It was about the legitimacy of the treatment sought. There was an unfortunate truth to stand prominent for those like Yugi. If he didn’t truly want help for himself, he would not respond to anything that was given to him. 

There were, of course, other circumstances were such an idea did not hold true, but for the vast majority of the populace, it did. If they did not truly want help, if they were only going through the motions to please someone else in their lives, they would not hold to the routine placed upon them, whether that be medication or the request of journaling he made of Yugi, to focus his mind on more productive tasks, to become aware of the thoughts that circulated in mind.

It was quite a bizarre thing to consider he may not even realize what he suffered internally…. that quiet voice risen to torture him outside the range of his control. A personal cruelty far more damaging than anything the world could bestow upon him. He could reject the influence of the world with but a few easy steps taken. He could not turn away from himself. 

Raynard gave a free pass when he felt it appropriate, but he did not coddle those clients who were inspired to shrug off their responsibilities whenever the voice inside commanded them to do so. Surely there were more important things to tend? Was anything more important than preserving the integrity of the self?

“Good morning, Mister Mutou.” The girls at the desk merrily greeted, used to seeing him now well enough to offer a more personalized salutation. “The door is open.”