this could be like the future



Meanwhile Watanuki is accidentally purchasing people’s dreams and making them real with the small price of a few baked goods. 

WHICH, I know they’re not going to explore beyond this one plot arc, BUT THAT WOULD BE A REALLY AMAZING CONCEPT FOR AN ENTIRE STORY?


I have a lot of dreams that I would kill to have come true, and you’re saying that a few madeleines in the right hands could make them blossom to life? 


The Difference Between Them

One difference between the twins was that real!Ciel had his future mapped out before him, while our!Ciel’s future was much more open. I’ve actually written about this before. At first glance, real!Ciel might seem like he has the brighter future. He’s going to inherit the title, the land, etc. He doesn’t have to worry.

But he has no choice in the matter.

Assume for a moment that he didn’t want to be the watchdog. When you stop to consider it, it’s not really a desirable job, and there’s a good chance it will lead you to an early grave. This was real!Ciel’s destined path, however, and it had been predetermined for him.

Our!Ciel’s future was open to him. Showing optimism, he even says how he’d like open a toy shop.

Of course, we know that our!Ciel does sell toys now, but the point of all this is that our!Ciel had a choice. He could have dreamed of any sort of future career for himself with one exception. He should have never been able to become the watchdog as even Frances thought he wouldn’t be able to take on the burden.

This might be part of the reason that real!Ciel wanted his brother to pick a future profession that would keep him closer - like a vicar or doctor. Real!Ciel knew precisely what his his future was supposed to hold and where he would be one day. (At least, what everyone expected.) Our!Ciel could dream big. RealCiel had little reason to dream.

This even goes back to Undertaker referring to the

It doesn’t only ‘bind’ its wearer to the queen, but also to a certain future. Real!Ciel was chained to this future, and he was chained alone. His brother could escape it all.

Of course, that was before their parents were killed the cult kidnapped the boys.

While our!Ciel thinks of his brother as the lucky one…

…it’s quite possible that real!Ciel thinks the same about his younger twin.

After all, our!Ciel was the one that had the choice as to whether or not he wanted to leave.

He simply chose not to.

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this is really specific asssahfhs im sorry but i was thinking of one of my fav songs and realized hey i know most of the words for one of these lyrics in japanese!! but i know SHIT about japanese grammar. here's the sentence: 僕のお父さんが愛は世界できいれい物一番言う. i was trying to say "my father says that love is the most beautiful thing in the world" and idk if i got the order of nouns right. would it be ok to ask if u could point out my mistakes and rewrite it correctly for my future reference? :> ty..

to express someone saying something, there’s a grammatical structure for quoting. i dunno how to properly explain it (& also im by no means fluent) but i think it’d be better written something like this:


its been ages since i lived there so like, my sense of natural flow is a little rusty & my textbook knowledge is fuckall, but it’s at least something like that.

Here’s Aawari with her friend and future master, master Shoban who belongs to @rakiah :D Aawari loves how colorful Shoban always is, she probably timidly asked her if she could wear robes like hers one day… and who can resist this baby Nautolan’s sad puppy eyes? ;^) 

I actually don’t think that Thiam is going to be canon in 6x20 just because Jeff is not only kinda known for queer baiting but also because despite their chemistry being insane, it actually hasn’t been that long since Liam brought Theo back from Hell so there really hasn’t been a lot of time for the two of them to develop ESTABLISHED romantic feelings (even though I’d like to believe at this point that Theo has a crush on Liam). All I really want from 6x20 is Theo taking Liam’s pain and ending it off in a way that could be perceived as either platonic or romantic and hinting at a possible relationship in the future. But even Jeff Davis himself said that the finale wasn’t about giving the fans what they want so it’s not like I actually have much hope.

Mabon Soup Recipe
This is a simple soup that I made for Mabon! Mine is made in a slow cooker but you could also do it in a pot on the stove! I made mine with full moon water to enhance its magical properties and give us good blessings for the future!

But when fall comes, kicking summer out on its treacherous ass as it always does one day sometime after the midpoint of September, it stays awhile like an old friend that you have missed. It settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favorite chair and take out his pipe and light it and then fill the afternoon with stories of places he has been and things he has done since last he saw you.

         - Stephen King

Recipe is below the cut!

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Hi there, love your blog💖 can you write a hadcanon for the rfa+v+saran halping an mc that is terrified from injections and needles and will not allow anyone to get near her with a syringe.

RFA + Searan with a MC who is afraid of injections and needles and hates syringes

That´s a nice idea! Thank you! Sorry that you had to wait so long! Here you are! And thank you for loving my page!!!! (P.s. If you would like, for example, a V reaction for this, just tell me! I have no time right now but I will do it later in the future. But if you tell me now, I will do it now…)


  • You and Jumin weren´t sure but you thought that Elisabeth the 3rd had the Rabies 
  • The vet told you, that it could be very dangerous for you so you both had to go to the doctor to go sure 
  • the doctor told you, that you were both healthy 
  • but for your healthy you should come and get a syringe regularly 
  • Jumin wasn´t interested in his healthy but he was really concerned about yours
  • he could only nod while you got pale 
  • very pale 
  • Jumin was the first one who gor the injection and then it was your turn 
  • but you really refused it telling him, that you were fine 
  • and so he got a little bit angry and told you, everything was fine
  • but he soon noticed, that you were really afraid 
  • you got pale and trembled 
  • that´s when he told them to stop and he talked to you 
  • you cried in his arms telling him that you were afraid 
  • but he calmed you, hugged you and kissed you 
  • everything was fine and he loved you 
  • you hold hands while the doctor made the injections 
  • you cried a lot but Jumin was there for you and calmed you with sweet words and a lot of kisses


  • It was really bad but his costume was torn 
  • somebody had to sew it 
  • in five minutes he had to go stage and he knew nobody who could help him 
  • but he was sure that you, his girlfriend, could help him and so he asked you 
  • and you told him no..
  • wait, no?! 
  • he was shocked but you looked really serious about that 
  • you told a colleagues to do this 
  • but your Zenny wanted to talk with you about this 
  • he was… sad, disappointed and curious 
  • you saw his look and tried to explain….
  • to tell him, that you were really afraid of everything with needles and that you just couldn´t 
  • he was so sorry and told you, that it was okay if you were afraid 
  • you were so happy that he understood and kissed him 
  • but when you wanted to kiss him, he had to go on stage…. yeah that was mean XD


  • because of his job he had to go to the doctor regularly 
  • animals could transport a lot of sickness and he really wanted to stay healthy 
  • so he also took regularly a injection 
  • one day he asked himself when you were taking an injection for the last time and asked you 
  • but you just lied 
  • he found out very fast and it was a really bad discussion 
  • until you cried and told him, that you were just too afraid 
  • he reget his word really fast and comforted you 
  • until you both sat on the couch with a lot of tears 
  • when you finally stopped with sobbing he told you, that it would have been easier if you had told him 
  • you understood 
  • since that day he always hold your hand for the injections and never let you skip one appointment


  • Jaehee knew everything about you
  • your nightmares, your dreams
  • your wishes, your fears 
  • but  she never knew, that you were afraid of needles 
  • she saw a really really sweet hedgehog from porcelain and just had to buy it for you 
  • she gave you the porcelain hedgehog as present and expected you to be really happy 
  • but the only thing you did was crying 
  • she got so afraid that she did something wrong and throw the thing away 
  • when you were calm again you told her about your fear 
  • you couldn´t see anything with needles and also the hedgehog 
  • since that day Jaehee searched out everything about Trypanophobia to help you out


  • everyone knews 
  • Seayoung loved still MEMES 
  • and even if he was Seayoung, in his heart he was still 707, Seven and Luciel 
  • one day he  really wanted to make a joke and so he told you to go out for shopping 
  • in the whole time you were out, he dispersed needles in the whole house so that you were unable to walk 
  • the problem was, that he never knew, that you were afraid of needles 
  • so when you came home the first thing you did  was shouting, crying and freaking out 
  • he had to laugh but when he saw that you cried really, he cleaned everything and hugged you 
  • he was soooo sorry and was so sad about your fear 
  • since that day every joke was without any needles 
  • but still he told you doctor and injections jokes


  • Searan got really ill and so he had to go to the doctor to take a blood sample 
  • it was really bad and you were sooo worried 
  • since that day you took him away his ice cream
  • he was so sad but he couldn´t do anything about it 
  • you cooked really healthy food for him and you were so happy 
  • but then he checked out your last visit at the doctor 
  • one day he told you, that he wanted to took you somewhere when 
  • you stood in a room in white. the medical room 
  • you got scared and couldn´t breath 
  • but Searan helped you to go through like you helped him 
  • you were angry at him but you were also grateful 
  • the next two weeks you ate his whole ice cream in front of him 

Trolls Week 2017 Day 6: Favorite Background Troll.

I have like 3 fav background trolls, but I think my fav of those has definitely got to be the cute time traveling Broppy child from the future, and my crazy tinfoil hat theory that comes with her, so I made a meme thing too. I’ve always liked the fact that this kid looks like she could be a Broppy kid, and she’s always near Poppy. However I’ve recently discovered that she’s also in the film 20 years before the Bergen escape, and is almost always asking about Poppy or next to Poppy, she’s also the troll child that Poppy comforts in the Bergen pot. What if she’s from the future and periodically checks on her parents or needed to see something specific from the past.

Yeah sure.. It’s probably an editing mistake, (I myself have seen the same red troll child get it’s colors back at least twice, during the true colors scene) but I like my tinfoil hat better ;)

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the story of Fates and trying to think how it could be improved based on what the story we got is (since I don’t have the creative energy dedicated to this for a total rehaul). These are just the basic ideas I have right now and I’m open to criticism and ideas (especially ideas for an outfit for Kamui). I plan on maybe fleshing out the idea after I finish replaying Awakening so that I can replay Fates so my mind is fresh. Though I’d also like to know if anyone would be interested in this in the future if I do end up doing this.

Books and Keys

A Tony Stark x reader bookstore au

Header aesthetic made by the brilliant @quilliamfears

 Written for @yourtropegirl Alternate coffeeshop au challenge

Tags at the bottom, send me an ASK if you’d like to be tagged in stuff in the future- either everything, a specific fandom, a specific character, etc. just let me know!

This is unbeta’d so mistakes are mine.

A/N: I was stuck on this for so long and then I thought it was due today so I worked on an ending and then realized it’s not due until next week… But here we are anyways. I’m happy with it. Feedback would be great!

You’d always been the type of girl who would live in a bookstore, if you could. And when you’d moved to New York to try your hand at being an author, you scoured the city for weeks before you found the right bookstore to make your base camp.

You know the type of store, that one that’s cozy and comfy and gives you such a sense of home, of right, that you really can’t explain to anyone who doesn’t get it. That’s the kind of bookstore you find.

Barely anyone else comes into the store, ever, and you and the owner, a sweet old lady named Mabel, become quick friends. She’s always waiting with a cup of tea and a short story when you arrive, usually of her childhood or her late husband, Ben. Stories of him are secretly your favorite, because you’re a hopeless romantic at heart, and hearing how sweet and chivalrous he was makes you practically swoon. If only men today were like that. Of course, as your mother says, thinking like that is why you’re single. Not that you really care; you prefer your book boyfriends anyways.

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I heard gay dragon girl and came as fast as I could

i would have never guess that youd have a thing for gay dragon girls based on your icon 

uhh like i said theyre all named after flowers, the gay dragon girls name is Huernia (i may change her name but the flower shes named after is also known as the “red dragon flower”), she was raised by dragons in a Cool Volcano Zone, and she joined a highly prestigious magical school with the help of her best childhood friend (and love interest) whos the future viceroy of the fairy land, her name is Magnolia and she also joined the school because she didn’t wanna be away from Huernia. Huernia isn’t big on all the big fancy rich kid stuff that goes on in the school, the only reason she joined is because she wants to protect her family, and all dragons in general, from people who hunt them for sport, so she’ll become a great wizard to do that.

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Who are your favorite blogs???

sorry, i took some time to answer this so i could write sappy things about some of my mutuals 

@lady-lavandula - probably my favourite person/blog, future life-partner, partner in witchery, confidant, best friend! i love her so much and you couldn’t follow a better or funnier person.

@aviya i’ve been following emilia for what feels like forever. i love her blog so much and love talking to her so much (even though i always take so long to reply) she’s incredibly knowledgeable on so many things! and a real comfort in times of need and on our journey through our faith that we take (sort of) side by side. i love you!! 

@velvetfruit - ella! who i haven’t been speaking to for so long but she is honestly the sweetest person and she and her blog are so comforting and warm. i hope our friendship will continue!!

@francoiseabernathy - i’m not sure what to say. i’ve loved her blog forever and we’ve only really been friends for a short amount of time but it feels like so much longer.. ella is the least judgemental, yet the most honest person i’ve met. i trust her with most of my personal things and she probably knows more about me than anybody else. one of the best blogs you could follow, i love her

some other blogs that i love but maybe don’t interact with so much on a personal level: @riverselkie @violets @novacaeli @juniperswood @new-england-witch-aesthetic @fruitskies @tired98 @mushroompicking @briarangel @mushroominmyheart @honeyangelbaby @mudfeast @forestfog @sleepingdove 

all blogs i recommend following! 

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God point about the possible interaction between muse and aqours let see what the future have prepared for that cause muse still live in everyone hearts and that could be bad for aqours in the popularity cause i like aqours and i wish the best for the nine of them


Thanks for your ask/submission.

Well that probably sums up what all of us, as both u’s and aqours fan can do.

All I hope, wish and pray for is that there won’t be any hostility between the two group of fans. Supporting a group isn’t a popularity contest after all, it’s not like supporting Aqours more than u’s would get the other group disbanded.

This isn’t an Idol Death Game guys, girls, ladies and gentleman, by supporting them we are supporting LoveLive! and if there are certain individuals you like more, please go ahead and support them more, there isn’t any reason for individuals to criticize other members or groups.

Actually I still can’t find a reason why people try to criticize other individuals, is there really a need to say harmful things? Would saying harmful things benefit them? Would it hurt them to not be negative?

Actually, would it amuse them if they hurt others or to get others riled up?

If so, then I guess we know who they really are, and they aren’t really part of the community, not that we need them there anyway.

I hope they would reflect on my questions.

My apologies for going on a slight tangent, but let’s all do our part and send our best wishes to both aqours and u’s, whatever step and their paths would lead them in the future.

You can be certain I’ll be there trying to support them within my means.

Warmest Regards and my sincere thanks for your ask and support. You allowed me to get things off my chest as well.


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I think family guy is really ugly, like it is styalized but its just ugly. Like they dont put any thought into colors or backgrounds or anything. Its the most generic of cartoon style and thats why there are so many clones now of it.

Art anon here. One more thing, i went from watching futurama to seeing a clip of family guy and i actually got angry at how lazy and formulaic their camera angles and backgrounds are.

it’s so true..

that’s actually part of why i don’t consider south park on the same level as family guy- if nothing else, they’re stylized an ENTIRELY different and unique way. the paper cut-out appearance is something that everyone can pretty uniformly identify as south park, while… if you take certain characters and draw them in family guy style, it’s… still difficult to tell what style you’re using.

like, i’ve seen a bunch of those “art style challenges” around, and i’ve noticed quite frequently that if you don’t use a pretty generic face while working with the family guy style (the main differences like… chin type, hair type, and appearance of lips), it looks Wrong and unfitting for the series.

like… did you see the episode where peter griffin meets homer simpson? they swap cartoon styles for a bit and it’s like..

tbh if i didn’t know the context to this picture i’d be hella confused who these mfers are. (and that’s kind of a commentary towards simpsons, too, but you can at least immediately tell one of the characters is IN simpsons style, while… the family guy style is very… ???? ? is that even a style?)

THOUGH i’m somewhat happy of the clones- there’s a in-episode joke that bob’s burgers is a simpsons/family guy clone, and i’m pretty glad that’s a show. 

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Everyone seems so unhappy about the arcs being so rushed. The only way I'm going to be okay with it is if Candy gets her own arc. She's been there for everyone, it's time they did the same for the sake of her mental health.

yeah!!! im sure a Candy arc could be interesting !

if she keeps helping everyone like that, she’ll be so exhausted she’ll collapse in the hallway lol im glad Faraize noticed that something was wrong with her and her mom did too. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to see her asking for help not only from her friends, but also from the adults…?

On The Ashton Locklear Situation

I haven’t been a fan of Ashton since 2014. I was putting other people on my team predictions because of that.But I fully understand USAG’s reasoning for sending her. The only person who could have realistically challenged her for the bars/beam spot was Riley. Riley is injured. Ashton makes the team.

Please don’t talk to me about Alyona or Jordan or Trinity either because investing in the future makes no sense unless you have no one else to send. That’s what meets like Jesolo are for, not worlds.

Also, bars and beam aren’t even what you would EVER send Jordan or Trinity to worlds for tbh

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself defending Ashton but seriously yall, it’s going to be okay.

Ok so now that I finished the S2 I’m really confused why people disliked it? Like, really confused? I mean, yeah, I think I liked S1 better, but it was really good?

Cause, alright, there were few things I didn’t like, but they were very minor?

  • Slav’s treatment after the Beta Traz episode. I mean, I get why the rest reacted to him like that, but it still wasn’t great to watch. Maybe they’ll do something about in the future, I don’t know.
  • Why all cool Galra have to die
  • I guess I could mention Hunk’s jokes with food there, but I didn’t see them as “haha, fat people like food, right?” but more like some kind of passion and outlet for his worries. Also created few headcanons, though I’m not sure how right I’m with them. Nah, the problem is that Hunk is one of the funniest characters and he could have mentioned something else, but, for what we got it was still funny.

And… yeah, I think that’s it. There was so much good stuff that oveshadowed these nitpicks of mine that I still don’t understand why people would dislike or even outright hate the season? I’m just really curious, could please tell me why the fans were not pleased?

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I know this pregnancy has been awful for you but the chances of you having another kid and having ANOTHER awful pregnancy is slim to none. You just got bad luck of the draw :(

I’ve given this some thought anon. My husband and I can’t go through another pregnancy like this. The thing is, no doctor can guarantee me it won’t be like this the next time. That’s just not a gamble I could take. We always wanted to have a lot of babies, and maybe in 5 or 10 years I will change my mind. But we have also come to terms with the fact that our son might be our only baby and that’s okay! We are also considering adoption and fostering in the future if we want to expand our family. I just don’t like being pregnant. I actually hate being pregnant and don’t see myself doing it again.

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Have you ever thought about getting your pussy molded and have it made into a pocket pussy so everyone can feel how tight it is if you ever do that I want the first one you make lol

hmmmm I’ve never thought about doing that but this could be a thing in the near future. Like this if u would buy my pocket pussy~