this could be it!

So there’s a theory about Shinsou having his Provisional Hero License Exam at the same time as Todoroki and Bakugou, and that we might see him in the next chapters to come. Let me tell ya: 

I’m 100% sure that it will happen. 

No. It’s not just because I love this character to death, but because this return would make PERFECT logical sense. And to those you will say that he wouldn’t be able to participate in the exam because he is in the general department, well… You’re wrong. First: It has never been said that only students in hero department could participate. Second: It has been said that the government made that exam “ with the goal of selecting the most capable students ”. As far as I know, Shinsou is a student. So he can participate. 

Okay, back to the explaining.

So everyone knows that UA has a traitor or traitors among its members. But how can the teachers find who it is? With the help of Shinsou of course! He would just need to brainwash students one by one and ask them “ Answer truthfully: Are you a traitor? ” and BAM. Done and done. 

But why have they not done that yet? Or why can’t they do that yet? Well… Because Shinsou is not a hero, and he’s not even in the hero course! Using him in such a serious case would be considered illegal. So, their plan: Train Shinsou and give him his provisional hero License asap, so he can legally help with the UA traitor case. This is why Aizawa would be training him. 

It has been very explicitly shown that Shinsou had gained muscles. And for him to go from Deku’s shoulder throws victim to big buff boy, he needs to have very intense training sessions ( And I’m very sure that training with Aizawa has to be the farthest thing from “relaxing and easy” )

And this fact would explain another thing:

So vulgar wow..
At first, I never really understood what this clearly meant. But now, I think I do. 

Don’t show me anymore of that lame ass shit ” or any other translation of this would mean something like “ I’m not the same guy that you saw in the sport festival. Don’t understimate me or make me waste my time, because now, I’m ready to beat your ass. ”. This is what he was truly saying, I believe.

And now that he has been trained by Aizawa, knows how to fight and surely how to make a better use of his quirk, Shinsou can participate to the provisional hero license exam with Todoroki and Bakugou. And once he gets his license, he would be able to work on the Traitor case along with the teachers, bringing the “ Traitor Arc” along. 

This is a simple, logical and clever way to bring him back into the story without it feeling forced ( Because let’s be honest, I’d rather not see him at all than seeing him being forced into the story. This would just be sad. ). Shinsou has just so much potential, but it’s up to Horikoshi to decide of what he’ll do with it.

But let me remind you….


with each passing day, intelligent systems’ grasp on the concept of “armor” grows weaker. soon the word will fade from their consciousness entirely and they’ll be unable to even read it