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in the middle of hell week at the garrison

matt: bruh. bruh, you know what i was thinking bruh?

shiro: hm?

matt: if your leg get cut off… would it hurt?

shiro: …DUH.

matt: how, though?

shiro: ‘cause your leg got cut off fool!

matt: where you gonna feel the pain?

shiro: in your… leg……

matt: EXACTLY BRUH. how you gonna feel the pain in your leg when-

shiro and matt at the same time: -your LEG IS GONE?

matt: bruh. bruh i’ve been thinking about this shit all day, bruh.

shiro: (visibly disturbed) ….where would you put the pain in?

matt: that’s the point, there aint no pain. once your leg gone, your pain gone along with it.

shiro: (thinking hard)

matt: where you gonna feel the pain if your shit gone, bruh? i’m telling you bruh, we be smoking bruh, we be smo—


Watching Superstore and noticed this could about be a scene from Sunny.

The casualness “We’ve been dating” “Right, yeah, we’ve been banging”

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Bunbun~ You already know who I ship you with in BTS so I have a reaction request~ For when they come home to find their gf baking cookies and dancing in the kitchen lol. I surprised my mom like that the other day so I thought it'd be either funny or cute

(I hope I did this one okay! ♥)

Jin: Would probably find it the most amusing but could go two ways. He’s either the type to sneak over just to join in or just start laughing to ask what you’re doing. It depends on his mood tbh

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Yoongi: Honestly he’d find it cute, taking out his phone to secretly record it (Kinda how he did with Jimin and V in that bts gayo ep.) to tease you later but not one to stop you from what you’re doing. He’s just happy that you seem happy.

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Namjoon: The smell of the cookies as soon as he came into the doorway caught his immediate interest since the last time he smelled someone makes him cookies when he used to live in the dorms with the boys.When he walked in to see you dancing all by yourself he’d laugh and come over to hug you.

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Hoseok: He’s 100% drop everything he’s holding to hug you because you’re so cute. Would also probably cover your cheek in kisses until you were both laughing over his cheesiness. 

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Jimin: You wouldn’t even hear him come home when you were so into listening to the music, dancing away. You’d freeze instantly when you hear your boyfriends high pitched laugh from behind you. After you finally get him to stop laughing he’ll tell you you’re the best girlfriend he could have asked for.

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Taehyung: Would walk over to you as he’s dancing along, taking one of the cookie’s off the hot tray. He’d give you a wink as he bit into the cookie not realize how hot they still were. In the end you’d be laughing at him for being so clumsily cute himself as he fans his mouth.

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Jungkook: He’d just be hella excited you made cookies for him (The boy loves snacks) but when you make a pun about the whole “Kookie is eating a cookie” thing he’d pretend to leave the house again until you jokingly chase him to come back.

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Sorting The Avengers in Hogwarts houses!

Note: This is the first time i’ve sorted anyone! I might get a few wrong, and we may think differently. That’s okay! These are just my thoughts, and you are more than free to give yours too. 

Tony Stark: This… Could go either way for me. I think Tony has both Ravenclaw and Slytherin traits. Though overall i think he is Slytherin.

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Steve Rogers: Completely a  Gryffindor. He has every single trait the Brave house shares. And frankly i don’t know what other house would suit him more.

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Bruce Banner: Ravenclaw! This one was pretty obvious. Bruce is extremely smart and wise, and would for sure do very well in this house.

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Natasha Romanoff: Slytherin! She is very Cunning and has a fire inside her, just like most of her housemates.

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Clint Barton: Hufflepuff! Loyal, kind, and sticks to his friends sides, he is truly a cute lil’ huffpuff.

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Thor: He cares about his friends and would always stick by their side. Not to mention all the gifts he gives to his roommate (Aka his presence). I think Thor is a Hufflepuff!

Rhodey: Without a question, Gryffindor! He risks his life constantly for his job, and puts nerve over all. 

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Scott Lang: Hufflepuff! Our Scott is very genuine and kind, and really i think he’s a very very good example of a pure Hufflepuff.

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Peter Parker: Ravenclaw! Though i do think he would be good in Hufflepuff, his wit, mind, and wisdom are his true traits. (In my sorting hat book)

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T’challaGryffindor! He’s brave, chivalrous, and daring, which is why i put him in there!

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Sam Wilson: Honestly, this one is a little hard. Though i know him for his kindness and loyalty to Steve, others could say his willingness to save people tops it all, but i think he’d do well in Hufflepuff.

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Bucky/ Winter solider: Bucky is Hufflepuff, since he always makes sure Steve is happy,  and stays by his side forever. The winter solider is  Gryffindor.

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Wanda: I feel like through she could be a Gryffindor, she would do much better in  Slytherin. Since she’s a very ambitious and now mostly cares about herself and only herself. 

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Pietro:  Gryffindor! It’s a little hard to place him, since he wasn’t in the movie all that much (ow) but i think the way he saved Clint was brave and daring. Which seems to be his main traits.

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Vision: He does have a almost limitless amount of information at his hands, and is very accepting, so really, what other house than Ravenclaw! 

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Though he likes to be a tough little cinnamon roll, I think Ardyn is almost always on the edge of a breakdown that could go either way. If someone showed him genuine affection he might just ugly cry.

Alright, I’m finally ready to tackle this one.

One particular scene I think about a lot is when Luna tries to heal him after he stabbed her. The way he lowers his hand and extends his fingers after Luna holds onto his arm. I’m like… the fuck is going through your head, dude?

Well… first… maybe he’s intrigued. This woman, who is now bleeding to death because he’s a world class piece of fucking shit (seriously I was so goddamn angry when he did that), is fucking….trying….to help him. And if he’d let her… well… perhaps he’d be a normal man again? 

And we all know where that went…

Originally posted by moonwhisperer

Fuck you Ardyn if you ever lay a hand on Luna again I will fucking rip your beautiful face off and shove it up your glorious ass. ...I have a lot of feelings about Luna, too. Anyway…

As he’s leaving, he stops and stares at his hand for a moment…

Okay bud…what are you thinking there? What if he thought something like “Fuck I’m going to have to think about this later and I’m gonna hate it”

Just staring at his hands…like… Yeah, he had to kill Luna. All part of the Plan™. But why… god fuck WHY did she have to do that? Why’d she have to go and see something worth saving? What could she have POSSIBLY been able to surmise about him that made her do that?

I like to think that sometimes he has a bit of an “inner dialogue” with the daemons within him, and he can see the monstrous form of himself before him. That, even after all these years, they enjoy taunting him. Even though he’s working with the power they give him. Daemons are just…dicks like that.

“Are you regretting it now? After everything we’ve done?” They flash a grin at him and he glares in wordless response. Of course he doesn’t regret it… It’s just…

They’re right, of course. They usually are. But he swears he can still feel her there, holding onto him, trying to save him… And he really could have allowed that to be the end of it. He shouldn’t dwell on that. But…

Well.. it’s a lot to think about….

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Hello! Do you have happy and functional family headcanons for the Amis? ^_^

  • Musichetta bursting into Feuilly’s apartment every so often with 50 tupperwares of food because that boy insists on feeding himself cheap crap to save money and she’s having none of that
  • Joly sending “Get well” cards to his friends everytime one of them gets sick. He sends music cards specifically, to bring them a bit of joy, and it’s always exciting to get mail that’s not your electricity bill
  • Jehan always brings out beauty in people, either internal or external. They could draw poetry from a pimple and make you feel good about it
  • Enjolras is the best at organising stuff, so he makes sure everything’s okay and that everyone has what they need, whether it be suncream, meds, extra jumpers, you name it
  • Bossuet and Grantaire bring the cheer whenever one of them feels down. Mostly in dancing form. And making people laugh makes Grantaire feel better about himself, so it’s a win-win
  • Courfeyrac makes his friends playlists with upbeat tracks, because they deserve a pumped day, ya know?
  • Combeferre will talk about absolutely anything at anytime, and he’s okay with people texting him at night if they’re not feeling so well. He’ll distract them about brand new stuff he’s been interested in lately
  • Bahorel is a rock and perfect to go to on bad days, he’ll take you to the gym and make you burn all that negative energy. “It’s like punching people, but you don’t get sued, it’s great!”
Skinny dipping in Sweetwater River- An Archie Andrews imagine

anon asked “Could you write a fic where it’s the Riverdale group and there playing truth or dare at night time by the river or at a beach or something and the reader gets dared to skinny dip with Archie”

Warnings: nudity but nothing overly descriptive

The Riverdale five, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, and Y/N L/N. They could always be found in the same places either the blue and gold room or their booth at Pops. However to celebrate Archie getting added to the Varsity team and Mrs. Grundy’s departure they decided to spend a night by the river playing games. Well playing truth or dare to be exact.

It started off simple enough “Tell us your actual name Jughead,” followed by laughs and hoots when he did. Betty and Jughead got dared to kiss, the quick peck making a red blush go up both teenagers necks and faces. Things started to slowly heat up, as they usually do with teenagers. It moved into the question of who did you lose your virginity to or what’s the most risque thing you’ve done.

Veronica looking back at the river got the idea, to dare Y/N and Archie to skinny dip as the rest of them went into town to get food from Pops. Ronnie knew about the crushes they had on each other and thought this the perfect opportunity to play match maker.

“So me, Betty, and Juggie are gonna go get some food and bring back from Pops.” The raven-haired girl said leaving the other two confused.

“Okay what are me and Archie supposed to do?” Y/N asked her voice laced with both confusion and a hint of excitement at spending time alone with her crush. She pushed her hair out of her face the bonfire showing off her features and Archie looked at her the same confusion and excitement welling up in him.

“Oh did I forget to say it? Well as it was my turn for truth or dare and you two both promised no more boring truths, my dare is that both of you skinny dip in the river while we are gone. A dare is a dare guys!” With that comment the Lodge girl tossed her hair over her shoulder grabbed both of the other two to pull them along. Jughead was trying not to laugh at this point looking at the shocked expression on his best friends face. Betty had an almost apologetic look aimed at Y/N.

As they left Y/N looked down at her feet not wanting to see Archies reaction. “We can just not do it Archie it’s okay.”

“Well a dare is a dare Y/N, and we shouldn’t lie to Ronnie so…” Archie let the last part of the sentence die off not quite knowing how to express the next part and Y/N looked over and just saw that annoying little smirk. He is a teenage boy honestly what did Ronnie expect.

“Fine just….turn around while I get undressed and get into the water.” She conceded as she could already feel a blush on her cheeks and neck.

Archie did as he was told turning his back towards their makeshift camp and waiting for a cue to turn around. Y/N undressed quickly and jumped into the water of the river. She had been swimming in the river a ton of times since she was a kid but this time the fear and excitement wasn’t for the rolling current it was for the redhead a few feet away.

When he heard the splash of her jumping in the water Archie turned around his eyes meeting her figure as she rose to the surface pushing her hair back out of her face and covering her upper half with her arms. He couldn’t help but let his jaw drop. She was attractive he already knew that but now she was standing in the water in front of him looking at him expectantly and he just seemed to lose his breath.

“Well Andrews I am not going to be the only one naked right now are you gonna strip or not?” Y/N joked as the original fear had given way to now a more lighthearted atmosphere.

Archie pulled his shirt over his head followed by his jeans leaving him in his underwear as he approached the water. Now it was Y/N turn to stare. She turned her head for a few seconds so Archie could kick off his boxers and climb into the rushing river. When she turned back she saw his eyes were still on her.

There was a comfortable moment of silence and then Archie was the first to speak asking the question Y/N actually hoped he wasn’t going to. “Why do you think Ronnie picked us for this?”

Y/N wasn’t sure if it was the fact she was already feeling vulnerable or the cold touch of the water on her skin reminding her she was alive but something gave her a boost of confidence. Enough to look the cute boy in the eye and just flat out say, “My crush on you.”

The sound of Betty’s car driving towards the camp seemed to bring the two teenagers back to reality as Archie climbed out of the river and onto the rocks getting the towels they had brought for after swimming, though to be fair they did figure all five people would be swimming. Both quickly dried off and changed back into their clothes, the idea of fear or hiding out the window. Glances were stolen from both of them as a blush was also mirrored.

When they were all dressed they sat by the fire and Archie placed his letter jacket on Y/N shoulders as she still seemed chilled from the water. “When we get back to town how about I take you out on a date okay?” Archie asked with the cute smile he has often.

“It’s a date.”

Veronica, Betty and Jughead walked back onto the campsite and seeing Archies jacket around Y/N shoulders all began to smile or smirk knowing the plan had worked.

“Well how much fun did you two have while we were gone?”

Me: *plans out a vmin hogwarts!au with slytherin!tae and hufflepuff!jimin*

Me: *see Namjoon’s post it where he put the members in hogwarts houses, with tae in hufflepuff and jimin in slytherin*

*sweats nervously* S-should I change…? OTL

quick thoughts on TGre 114
(bc have to study for exams):

Kinda expected the stabbing since Mutsuki is a wild cards it could go either way. Also the Mutsuki in love with Haise thing was half expected. - But definitely didn’t think we’d get both… Well, the latter case was very twisted (but like, half the loving affections in TG are twisted someho jfc). But then again, makes sense after what she’s been through, especially bc Torso. Just picking up his habits there… (but did we really have to go that extra mile with what Mutsuki did/was about to do afterwards?)

Not so worried about Uta. Pretty sure he just let’s Mutsuki do it bc creating chaos is their highest priority and he’s probably enjoying how this will utterly disrupt their lifes afterwards (yes, it’s very twisted but that’s TG for ya).
But did master troll Uta actually see that one coming?
If he did, he really is formidable in gathering informations like holy cow brace yourselves folks, Uta knows every little secret about you. And even more amazing if he also included Aura into the calculation.
If he didn’t, well, pls excuse me as I know it’s not the right situation to laugh at this. But the irony tho… if he just wanted to have the easy way out with the help of his sneaky lil trick but instead gets stabbed until his fake face is half falling apart and then gets mounted by a psychotic person. (But either way, in the end he’s really just benefiting from this in the clowns own twisted way).
The clowns are destroying the Qs from the inside out basically. (why the Qs? Because they might pose a much greater threat in the future?)
Is it just me or do you guys also see a chance that she’d want to silence Aura?
And yes, I’ll use the female pronoun on Mutsuki now. I think this is enough confirmation on this topic that it should be fine to adress her that way.

Oh and that foreshadowing that she might try something on Touka and/or :re…

While I’m very exited to see where this will take the characters I’m also not sure if I like these complicated relationships. Always been a little skeptical of love triangles and that just turned into more than a triangle with (nico)-matsuri-urie-mutsuki-haise/kaneki-touka (jk with nico). It depends on how Ishida will proceed to use this “trope” tho.

I’m grateful we got to see Haise’s face tho. And some Touken^^

Not much to say about the lab fight. (the Akiramon feels tho bc Amon thoughts are full of Mado. Interesting how he’s also thinking about Donato…)
Amon is super strong but the teamwork between Seidou and Kurona was great and I really like that they’re able to work together and actually watch each others back!
For Seidou to choose to turn into kakuja I’m guessing he’s rather confident in his control over himself. They could possibly end this quickly if Seidou can hold Amon off enough for Kurona to inject the RC repressant in him. “I’m gonna paint the walls with him” hell yeah I’m hyped.

Gabriel Drabble Request

This was requested by @castielhasthetardis: Could I maybe get #3 “Either you’re coming with me or I’m coming with you.” With Gabriel please? *cue the puppy eyes*

***Edit: I didn’t notice this at first, but I also included @girl-next-door-writes‘s request that only added the quote 58. “I can be your hero baby.”***

Word count: 343

Warnings: none?

Your body hit the wall as Sam kicked you backwards.  You caught your breath after standing still for a few seconds.  These damn Winchesters had always been a problem for you.  Now they were trying to kill you and it was hard to fight two obviously trained men at once.

“I guess I popped in at the right time [Y/N],” Gabriel mused, smiling brightly at you.  “I can be your hero baby, but-.”

“Trickster,” Sam and Dean growled in sync.  

Gabriel glared at the Winchesters, fury quickly washing over his face.  He extended his hand outwards, pushing them against the wall behind them.  “You two,” Gabriel seethed.  “You leave [Y/N] alone.  I’d hate to have to pull another mystery spot prank on you.  Maybe this time I’ll kill Sam.”

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Could I please request a boondock saints smut where either or maybe both the brothers use the 'stupid rope' for bondage? Thank you so much for sharing your stories with all of us.

Haha yes you may! I actually think I already have a similar request for the infamous rope smut. I will see if I can work both brothers in, maybe with two different women. Anyway yes it is coming have to have the rope smut! 😉😉

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Hello and good evening, I have a question about Bucky Barnes; if his mother were a Romanian Jewish immigrant, and spoke Yiddish with her husband until she had a better grasp on English, is it likely that Buck would grow up speaking it as well? Thanks!

Hello and good evening to you also!

This could go either way, I think. Yiddish was very commonly spoken among Jewish New Yorkers of the time period (and also non-Jewish New Yorkers like James Cagney!), and it’s reasonable that if his parents were immigrants, they would speak their native language at home and around their children. However, there was a huge push for in the Jewish community at the time for English fluency. Speaking English was considered key for economic advancement in America, and Bucky’s generation was particularly assimilationist. 

It could be that Bucky learned Yiddish as his first language, but grew up mostly speaking English (which would explain his lack of accent). In which case, he could have an underdeveloped vocabulary, or not be completely fluent - but still be able to have a basic conversation. Or he could be fluent, depending on whether his parents continue to speak mainly Yiddish at home. I think you’ve got some leeway with this question.

Gabriel Drabble Request

This was requested by @profoundcheesecaketimemachine: Hi! Could you do #67 “I’m yours.” with either Gabriel or Castiel please? Thank you!!

Word Count: 204

Warnings: fluff-ish

You eyed the female God carefully.  You didn’t like the way her eyes were all over Gabriel.  She failed to even recognize you.  She even pushed you out of the way to get to Gabriel.  The longer you waited for her to look at you, the more irritated you became.

“Look Kali,” Gabriel spoke calmly.  “Things between us can’t happen.  I’m with someone else.”

“Excuse me,” Kali remarked with attitude, latching her hand onto Gabriel’s jacket sleeve.  “Who is she?”

Gabriel pulled his arm away from Kali and padded up to you.  He slid his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.  He smiled down at you and then turned to glance over at Kali.  “Her name is [Y/N],” Gabriel informed her.  “Yes, she’s human.  No I don’t care that she’s human.  And yes, I love her more than I ever loved you.”

Kali scoffed, turning away from the two of you and walking out of the room in a hurry.  A smile tugged at the edges of your lips as your eyes met his amber ones.  You pressed a chaste kiss against the archangel’s lips.

“I’m yours,” Gabriel whispered as he broke the kiss.  “Don’t you ever forget that sugar.”

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This will probably sound random, but why do you think fenris avoid alienages? he says "must we come here, I hate alienages"

I think there are a lot of factors that contribute to this.

For one thing, there is the simple matter of what the alienage stands for. Fenris is not, as Sera would say, “elfy” but he is still capable of seeing the situation his people are in. In an alienage, the elves are free, but still less, and it’s not easy to see how they suffer.

For another thing, Fenris knows he does not belong among other elves, and I think that he would be comfortable even in a “good” alienage. He has no background with other elves, either Dalish or city, no memories of any kind of a community. 

Has he tried to hide out in an alienage and had it go wrong? Is he simply scared to put himself out there, to be rejected by his own kind? I could see either, or both, being true. 

I do believe in time Fenris begins to visit the alienage on his own, to speak with the other elves and learn a little bit about them.


I don’t know if anyone has posted about what exactly he has in the free programme besides those 4 quads, but I’ve finally figured it out based on ten rewatches of the scene where he (and Yuuri) skates to Stay Close To Me.

Jumps (in order):

Quad Lutz/4Lz

Quad Flip/4F

Triple Axel/3A

Quad Sal/4S

Triple Axel Single Loop Triple Sal Combination/3A1Lo3S

Triple Lutz/3Lz

Triple Flip/3F

Quad Toe Triple Toe Combination/4T3T

Spin Levels (since Viktor did all 3 required spins according to ISU requirements)

First Spin: Level 4

Second Spin: unable to determine, does not look like a Level 4 to me however, could possibly be either Level 2 or 3. 

Third/Final Spin: Level 4

The step sequence comes in between the three jump combo and the triple lutz, and the choreographic sequence (here’s the thing: I really couldn’t find anything in the animation that showed any indication that it was a choreographic sequence unless the arms thing was part of that sequence) could either be right after the step sequence or after the triple flip.

So assuming Viktor somehow gets positive GOE on all his jumps, AND level 4s on two spins and a level 3 on the third spin (because thats really the absolute highest that sit spin can get if you look at it), AND positive GOE on his sequences, AND a reasonable but high PCS total, his score could pretty much be either AROUND or HIGHER than Nathan Chen’s US Nationals’ FS score. Meaning that Viktor received something lower but very close to Yuuri’s new record of 221.56, or something that would have brought his total score to something around the 330s (his GPF score was 335 point something.).

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I don't know if you're seen it, but there's been a post floating around abt someone who's therapist told them that they could say they haven't been employed because they were recovering from an illness (depression / anxiety). As helpful as it is for others, it's not for me. I'm not open about being autistic and I'm unwilling to disclose to random ppl that I have any cognitive issues. Do you have any ideas of what I could say to people who ask what I do for a living?

You could just say, “I’m unemployed,” and then either -

- leave it at that!
- immediately change the subject.
- talk about something else you do.
- explain in a vague way (”I’m unemployed due to personal reasons.”)

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:0 can a garter snake live in a 10 gallon? Someone told me that they can live in a 5, but that sounds super far fetched.

Well. Technically, I suppose it could live in either of those, but a better question is can it thrive.

A five is definitely too small for an adult garter snake. I think a ten is probably bare minimum, honestly. It can work, but it might not be the ideal. A lot of wether or not a ten gallon would work for an adult garter has to do with how the tank is set up; visual barriers, making use of the height of the tank, that sort of thing. The thin body structure of the snake helps to some degree also. But garters can be pretty lively little things, so I’d think they’d gladly make use of a larger enclosure size.

The general rule of thumb with snakes is that the total length of the snake should be equal or lesser to the length of the longest side of the enclosure. So if I have a five foot snake, my enclosure should be at least five feet long. 

A lot of people are given bad information about snakes and their required enclosure sizes though. It’s really sad how almost manipulative those who sell reptiles can be, just to make the sale. And when the snake is young, it’s hard to visualize just how big it will actually get, so it’s really hard to judge adult enclosure sizes when you first get a new snake. A ten gallon would have been a mansion to a baby garter haha

An effective, easy-on-the-wallet way to upgrade would be a modified plastic bin. The average ten gallon tank costs about $15. For that price, you can buy a 106 quart tub, which ends up being a little more than twice the space (it’s about 26 gallons). Or, if you live in the US and you prefer glass tanks, craigslist is great for getting secondhand tanks for a much cheaper price than buying them from a pet store.

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Do you have any head canons for Hiro from Big Hero 6, Bolt from Naruto or Lance and Keith from the newest Voltron (called Legendary Defender)?

Hmm this is a hard one to answer. So I’m only really going to give a little for each one, sorry.

Hiro I actually don’t have a lot of inspiration on? Though there is the new series coming so maybe that will help. But right off the bat, I could see Hiro being a champion ramen eater. Going out and either unexpectedly eating way more than he thought or just plain being SUPER good at eating ramen and taking on actual eating challenges.

Bolt…I’m not sure if you Boruto? I really am behind on Naruto so I’m not even close to getting to Boruto. 

Originally posted by shieni

Lance and Keith could be a whole separate thing on their own belly canon so it’s hard to say one way or another with both of them. However, I DO like both of them as possible belly targets.

I think my gut reaction is probably to have Keith be more the feedee with Lance being the feeder if in a relationship though I could see it the other way, though I’m not sure if that is what you were going for. 

The easiest thing would be is when they finally land on a world with actually good food, or they actually return to Earth. They are sick of space food, and are TOTALLY READY FOR DELICIOUS FOOD. I don’t know if it would be at a buffet or just pigging out at someone’s house or letting Hunk actually cook real Earth food for them all. But I could see them literally losing control and just pigging out, trying to eat as much as they can, all manners gone. It would only get worse if either of them noticed the other and how much they were eating or said something out loud because I could see it almost being a guarantee that they would get into an eating contest. Trying to match plates and seeing who gets bragging rights. 

It would be even worse if they had been bragging or talking up how much they would eat by the time they got back to earth because you know that as they were eating that they would bring it up. Keith: “I thought you said you could eat a horse?” Lance: “Shut up! I thought you said you’d eat until you were like a beached whale!”

It would definitely keep them going until they were truly stuffed and they couldn’t move with the rest of the team just shaking their heads that they ate themselves so round. We can only hope they weren’t in their uniforms because they look less than flexible and forgiving against their bellies. 

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I mean Keith is just begging to be fed am I right?